Kayla Biggs Returns To TS Seduction

Kayla Biggs makes her third spectacular TS Seduction performance, this time as a vampiress with a new captive. Click on each image for video previews in four formats:





Kayla wakes at the midnight hour. Her slave boy Jimmy Bullet dangles in the sex swing. She unties him, takes him directly to her throne where she makes him suck her massive cock. It’s soon throbbing and tempted to shoot a thick load, but it’s too early in the evening for a climax. She resists the urge to climax just yet and pushes slowly into Jimmy as he tenses against the bondage. He’s unable to escape her, but not really interested in leaving anyway. The fucking is intense, his moans real, and her building load makes her thrust faster and faster until she lets go all over his waiting mouth. She milks his cock as a little thank you and leaves him in her chambers as she goes out for the night, hunting another willing slave. This TS Seduction video is just in time for Halloween. Have a great one!


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Sara Mendez on Trans500

When we see Trans500 webmaster Josh Stone meeting Sara Mendez on the street, she looks sweet enough to give you a toothache. Then, it’s off to the bedroom for a solo session where not a moment is wasted with a little smooth R&B playing in the background – great stereo and HD quality. This kind of special attention to detail goes a long way with me.




Sara is very quiet until she starts fucking herself with a gold vibrator. She moans seductively and a bit louder, then simmers down again until she explodes. Watch the video today in the “Trans At Play” section of Trans500.


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Hot Teeny Melany


You gotta see the new video with the bombshell Melany Vilena of São Paulo on Andrea Nobili Productions. Talk about explosive!


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Carmen Moore and Spencer – Awesome Sex


It looks like the 1st Native American transsexual porn star and Spencer Fox are up all night to get lucky, and I mean way up, in “A Toast to Awesome Sex” on TS Carmen Moore. ;)


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School Girl Danika Haze

Click on Brazilian-American babe Danika Haze for a sample photo gallery from Shemale Yum. The video pretty much starts out with Danika Haze posing the way she does in this photo, but a bit naughtier.


Upon seeing the photos first, I thought that Danika may have had her amazing body tilted upward when she shot a load of cum that spurted up high enough to land on her bottom lip. That was until I actually watched the amazing Shemale Yum video shot by Buddy Wood.


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Rocio Returns To Shemale Club

These 2 photos of 100+ photos of super cute Rocio pretty much sum up how her new Shemale Club video begins and ends. Just click on them if you’d like to see the Flash and WMV previews.



I remembered Rocio right away from her January solo set and a killer hardcore video from almost a year ago. When you see it, I’ll bet you won’t forget it either!




Watch Rocio in action on Shemale Club!


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Miran Returns To Shemale Japan

These photos will give you some idea of Shemale Japan photographer Hiro’s talent and with the beautiful solo and hardcore performer Miran, he couldn’t have found a better model. The short homepage video preview is a low res sample of the crystal clear Bikini Babe video. The full clip is one of the sharpest quality shoots I’ve seen on an adult site of any niche.

Don’t miss Miran’s Solo and Hardcore Performances on Shemale Japan.

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Mona Wales and Brenda Von Tease

@BrendaVonTease and @MonaWalesXXX are toe-tally convincing as foot fetishists on TsPussyHunters and the chemistry between them is as smooth as butter. I really enjoyed watching this hot pair interact as the plot unfolded. Mona is one of my favorite stars, so I already knew she could act incredibly well. Brenda was fantastic in her first fetish porn scene and there wasn’t a single awkward moment. Here are some video and photo galleries in 5 different formats:







“Shoe Ladies: Foot Fucking, Cock Sucking, Fingering, Squirting and Cumming” on TS Pussy Hunters – Mona Wales pounces on the new hire, Brenda and the two girls quickly take their love of shoes to the next level – and that level is full on fucking and foot jobs, cock sucking, fisting and both cumming – Mona from her wet squirting pussy and Brenda from her fired up hard cock! Brenda’s cum shoots Mona’s mouth in a fantastic pop shot!


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Aryanne Goulart on Brazilian Transsexuals

Top Brazilian Transsexuals photographer Louie Damazo describes Aryanne Goulart of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as “ativa e passiva” and presents the smoking hot new beauty in a dazzling indoor and outdoor cosplay and bed and bath fapping set.

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Delia TS – Daddy’s Naughty Pet


This GIF is from the hardcore video from Delia TS I keep watching over and over again. About the BDSM instant classic shot this summer by the Pacific Northwest beauty and her gorgeous longtime GG partner, Trixie Fontaine of Tasty Trixie, Delia DeLions said as a set-up, “I hate it when Daddy sits with his nose in a book and ignores me! I mean I should get his undivided attention ALL the time! I tried to remind him how bad I need petting and cuddling but it just seemed to make him mad. Finally he got fed up and made me get in my cage while he went out. He made me read this fascinating book while he was out but I got too sleepy and had to take a nap. He seemed a little upset when I didn’t know what the book was about. I got my ass spanked hard for that! Daddy sure was mad but he let me make it up to him with a nice wet blowjob! He plowed my ass good and hard and shot a big load of hot white gooey stuff all over my face. It was so yummy!” Daddy’s Naughty Pet is one of my favorite videos of 2014.


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Baitong and Spencer

Beautiful Thai Baitong is back on TS Playground with a stunning follow-up to her cumtastic solo performance getting railed by hung, handsome Spencer Fox! Click on each image for some Flash and WMV previews and a sample photo gallery.






Jay Sin’s TS Playground


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Ada Black and Damian Hardcore


Since the beginning of my Transformation Magazine interview with Ada Black, we’ve kept in touch and I could tell you a lot about good stuff her, but I’d rather you learn more about Ada for yourself. I’ll give you some of her links, but first, click on this photo from Ada’s 180+ image from the brand new Shemale Yum set.


Follow Ada Black on Twitter @AdaBlackXXX, on Tumblr, like her on Facebook and watch her on Streamate and on Tgirl Cams!

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Laverne Cox Presents The T Word

Laverne Cox Presents; “The T Word” Documentary Oct 17th On MTV And LOGO Laverne Cox; actress/activist presents a brand new documentary giving light to Trans Youth, and Trans People. It airs simultaneously on MTV and LOGO on Oct. 17th 2014 7/6 pm Central.


Laverne Cox had her break out role in Netflix’s “Orange Is The New Black” as Sophia a transwoman in prison, however she is no newbie when it comes to the screen. She came into prominence for many of us during the “I Want To Work For Diddy” series on VH1. Since then she has been seen speaking out against the degradation of Transpeople and many of the LGBTQ community and now she is taking it one step further and placing the truth into millions of homes with this new documentary.

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Bailey Jay and Alyssa

Alyssa Ion visits Bailey Jay to hang out as friends, but when Alyssa notices that Bailey has a serious boner in her panties, she makes her move.



The gender fucking footage of their kissing before the breast play, teabagging and cock sucking and mutual jacking session begins, informs you that you’re watching amazing transbian video you won’t want to end. Watch the full video on the official TS Bailey Jay website!


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Laela Knight and Eric Cooper on Shemale.XXX

How would you like it if Laela Knight were this happy to see you? Click on the photo for a Shemale.XXX sample gallery.


Laela told photographer Radius Dark at the end of the video that her favorite parts of the scene were swallowing Eric’s cum and having it shot all over her face. She’d also like to get banged by two guys sometime. I’ll be looking out for that too on Shemale.XXX!


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Tiffany Starr and Carissa Hennessey


Most of my youth was spent in northern New Jersey, 30 minutes from New York City. My friends and I went to the railroad tracks for one thing – to collect porn magazines married businessmen threw off the train before arriving home to their wives. You could say I got a lot of my sexual education on the tracks, but sadly, I never actually had sex on the tracks.

tiffanyclarissaoct16movEnter Tiffany Starr who made me think of something I’d like to try someday in a scorching hot scene with artist/performer and Boston, MA native Carissa Hennessy! This is yet another reason I love Tiffany. She lives out so many fantasies on my sexual bucket list. Watch the full video on Tiffany Starr XXX!


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Tara Emory – Victorian Steampunk

I didn’t know a lot about steampunk until I interviewed stunning Evie Eliot for Transformation Magazine. I hope you’ve subscribed to it. My education continues with TS adult star, fetish designer, artist, sex icon, humorist Tara Emory who says, “A while ago I expressed dissatisfaction with the shoot I did with the Jules Verne-ish fucking machine. Well, here’s the result of the re-shoot.”

“It’s almost two shoots in one as this is quite an elaborate Victorian get up over another outfit, the revised and tweaked “Brocade Burlesque” corset and hat from way back. But of course, the piece de’ resistance is the steampunk fucking machine, in all it’s brass and gold glory. And yes, it works (though the gears are for show, sadly they don’t all turn when it’s in motion. Can you imagine how horribly dangerous that would be, with nothing preventing my dress, or anything else from getting jammed in the machinery!).”

“This was the old pink bow-tie and tails corset from the “Birthday Girl” shoot (where I popped out of a birthday cake). I think that was the first shoot where I embraced my inner Barbie, though only now have I pushed it decidedly into Barbie territory. Plastic Barbie with a delicious surprise, of course. Big hats, feathers, pink sex toys, more pink, more pink. Even more pink. Pink cock, pink nipples, pink makeup. Pink pink pink.”

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