TS Pussy Hunters: Daisy Ducati & Salina Samone

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Daisy Ducati wants to having the world’s most coveted designer make her a dress for a big red carpet event. Salina Samone doesn’t have time for just anybody, but if someone has cute enough feet, she will make time for her. Daisy Ducati always gets what she wants and she wants a dress so she must her her hands, mouth, ass and feet to get it. Daisy gives Salina Samone a foot job a blow job, gets fucked in her pussy and in her ass. That’s the official set-up for this sizzling hot TS Pussy Hunters video. No synopsis could have successfully conveyed how much I’d love it, even my own. I don’t think there’s a Kink network website cisgender superstar hasn’t been on since her first performance back in April of 2015. She’d also been on this site twice before meeting the gorgeous new trans sensation Salina Samone who you may have seen here before or on TS Seduction. This is actually Salina’s first Kink shoot, however. Keep in mind that if you’re a kinkster who loves all sorts of D/s and BDSM regardless of gender or niche, it’s probably a better idea to subscribe to kinkondemand.com. But if you’re a TS/GG aficionado who can’t live without this site, you already know it begins with an Ariel X opening interview. Incidentally, I learned that Salina was more interested in giving head than receiving. She’s like a sexual holiday gift, but so is Daisy who goes into detail about her hot spots and likes. Skipping to the footage, it actually is footage in the beginning. If you happen to have a thing for sexy peds and haven’t seen Daisy in action before, be prepared to have your mind blown. As if I’m some kind of a novice to eating pussy, I think I may have learned some new techniques from Salina. The same goes for Daisy’s tremendous cock sucking skills. About the bareback fucking, Salina rails Daisy in every orifice with her 9″ cock until she can’t help but to release a big, creamy white cumshot. That about wraps up my mini-review of Daisy Ducati and Salina Samone on TS Pussy Hunters! For more information about Salina, she broadcasts LIVE frequently on TS Dreamland Cams in room salinasamone so you can interact with her.

Sexy Work And Play On Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!

No one sets up a Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl video or photo set as well as the gorgeous Pacific Northwest model/producer herself, so I’m not even going to try to.




“Ever have one of those days when you just don’t want to work? Looks like I’ve been doing some work on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl but end up getting too turned on by what I see… the perils of being a Tgirl Pornstar, I guess! There is always a little time to take a break from work and start rubbing my Tgirl cock through a silky smooth pair of pantyhose; and, who doesn’t crawl around under their desk every once in a while! I’m surprised these pantyhose made it through this entire Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl set without getting a run in them… can’t say I didn’t try! This was a fun little set to shoot and I hope you’ll come on by the site and check the whole gallery out for yourself. Take a little break from work today and come have a little sexy fun with me instead… you deserve it!”

Layla Bugatti on Pure-TS






Layla Bugatti plays a MILF on Pure-TS who has her eye on her neighbor Christian. She calls him over to help her with something around the house. She attempts to seduce him with a glass of wine, but he has to stay sober for some chores he must get done before his girlfriend gets home. Layla won’t take no for an answer. She begins to kiss him and grasps his crotch, insisting that she needs his help. He tries to resist, but she tells him she’s wanted his big white cock since he moved into the neighborhood. A a large bulge grows inside his jeans, Christian raises the hem of her dress above her waist while they kiss. Layla pushes Christian against the counter gently, sinks to her knees and unzips his jeans. Her pretty eyes widen upon first sight of his expanding prick and she gives it a lick. Christian moans as she takes the large head of his dick into her mouth and starts sucking away. Layla uses her fist the length of the now raging cock that she can’t engulf inside her mouth. When Layla stands up and turns around, Christian pulls her panties down, revealing her full, curvy ass. Soon she’s bent over the counter urging him to fuck her with his big dick. This bareback scene on Pure-TS doggy style railing evolves into a missionary banging. Layla’s cock gets extremely hard when Christian takes a break from his hard pounding to give her head. For me, the best part of the scene comes when Layla rides her mate’s massive member in the reverse cowgirl position with her erection bouncing and swinging. I was wondering why I didn’t know about gorgeous Layla Bugatti of Las Vegas before, but it’s because she’s new to the porn world. For a newbie to jump into the game on a high-caliber website like Pure-TS is a great way to start.

TS Kiersten Bunnz, Nikki Sinn & TS Vanessa Sky on TS Dreamland Cams


Did you happen to catch tskiersten Bunnz laying across the bed getting fucked by her genetic girlfriend Nikki Sinn’s omibod vibrator the other day? It was actually three as her TS friend Vanessa Sky made a cameo appearance shooting whipped cream on Nikki’s full, round bottom. She licked some off before Kiersten started finger banging her. While 400 or so viewers watched on Chaturbate, Kiersten and Nikki used the sex toy as a double dildo. I’ve never seen that done with an omibod before. They rode it cheek-to-cheek first, then Nikki straddled Kiersten with her legs wrapped around her. When Nikki hopped off for a moment, Kiersten grabbed her cock and began jerking off. But Nikki soon had her lips around the head and gave her what seemed to be an amazing handjob and blowjob. Nikki then went off-camera to adjust the harness of a strap-on to her hips. While Kiersten lay across the bed, Nikki railed Kiersten with the strap-on and Vanessa joined in again! Vanessa had her big breasts exposed as she stroked her own cock. The other two were too busy at the moment fucking. Kiersten gave Nikki a salad tossing and pussy licking when the GG grew tired of humping her. Then Kiersten toyed Nikki’s pretty pussy with the omibod.


About an hour and 45 minutes after I logged in, I should have known what would happen next. Nikki was reaching around to masturbate Kiersten in a sort of awkward position. This girl wanted to get laid and what’s a little awkward positioning for a horny young girl? The result was getting her trans mate’s cock raging hard for a tremendous doggy style and cowgirl fucking from tskierstenbunnz on TS Dreamland Cams. Apparently vanessasky88 likes the taste of pussy, too. It was so hot watching Nikki and Vanessa swirling their tongues around Kiersten’s cock at the same time.

TS Dreamland Cams
TS Dreamland Cams

Ted Cruz Fires Back At Caitlyn Jenner Over Transgender Fight

“It doesn’t make sense for grown adult men, strangers, to be alone in a restroom with a little girl.”

05/02/2016 09:38 am ET

Igor Bobic @igorbobic on Twitter
Associate Politics Editor, The Huffington Post

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at the California GOP convention in Burlingame, California, U.S., April 30, 2016. REUTERS/Stephen Lam
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at the California GOP convention in Burlingame, California, U.S., April 30, 2016. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) dismissed criticism of his stance on allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice, after Caitlyn Jenner, who came out as transgender last year, mocked him over the issue earlier this week.

“This is not a matter of right or left, or Democrat or Republican. This is common sense. It doesn’t make sense for grown adult men, strangers, to be alone in a restroom with a little girl,” Cruz said Sunday in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

“This is the height of political correctness,” Cruz added. “And frankly, the concern is not of the Caitlyn Jenners of the world, but if the law is such that any man, if he feels like it, can go in a woman’s restroom and you can’t ask him to leave, that opens the door for predators.”

On Thursday, the Olympian took GOP front-runner Donald Trump up on his offer and stopped by the Trump International Hotel in New York to use the ladies’ room. “By the way, Ted,” she said in a video posted to Facebook following her visit, “nobody got molested.”

Cruz is trailing Trump in Indiana, a state viewed as the last chance to deny the brash businessman delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination. The social conservative senator from Texas has seized on the issue of transgender rights in a last-minute bid to attack Trump, who has said states like North Carolina and Mississippi ought to leave the matter alone.

“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both agree that grown men should be allowed to use the little girls’ restroom,” Cruz said at a campaign rally earlier this week, arguing that allowing transgender people to use any restroom would encourage male “predators” to threaten women.

Chanel Santini BTS on Bob’s Tgirls


Before the behind-the-scenes set was released on Bob’s Tgirls came the Chanel Santini debut entitled Playing with all the Balls. Watching it is like getting into a car while it’s already speeding down the road. This stunning Las Vegas teen introduces herself saying, “I’m really in the mood. My dick is really hard right now,” and whips her erection out from her wrap skirt in the first few moments of the scene. She starts stroking it and it points to the ceiling when she lets it go. Then she asks if you want to play some pool, but she’s clearly joking around. The only game she plays is The Masturbation Game until she cums. That’s if you don’t include the glass toy fucking she gives herself while stroking her big lube-up cock. You’ve got to see Chanel’s pretty legs kicking and flexing as she brings herself to an almost violent climax. If you’re a creamy white cum shot lover, you’re probably going to play Chanel’s orgasm over and over a few times. But this video, complimented by an incredible photo set, is so damn sexy I don’t think you’ll get there the first time around. The new behind-the-scenes Workout In Pink set is more geared to those who are interested in production, plus Chanel of course. Bob Maverick shows us an example of how he directs a model while taking stills while his video camera films her. Chanel slowly strips while half working out and develops an erection simply from posing. She doesn’t even touch her cock until about five minutes into the video. She doesn’t cum either like in her mesmerizing debut, yet it’s magnificent to watch, or download as in my case. Bob’s Tgirls is the first adult website I’ve ever joined and that was years ago. Chanel Santini on Bob Maverick’s top shelf website reminds me of why this site was an instant hit when it first launched 707 models ago. I’ve launched my own niche specific sub domain for my favorite webcam site. If you’d like to see this fox performing live, follow her on TS Dreamland Cams in room chanelsantini.


This Photo Project Is Redefining What It Means to Be African and LGBTQ

Terna, A Bisexual Nigerian-Liberian living in the United States
Terna, A Bisexual Nigerian-Liberian living in the United States

04/27/2016 01:48 pm ET huffingtonpost.com by Journalist / Activist @JaimeeSwift on Twitter

A documentary photography series is de-limiting the pervasiveness of anti-LGBTQ African sentiments by giving a platform for gay African immigrants in the African Diaspora to fully express themselves. Highlighting the fashion and style of LGBTQ African immigrants, Limit(less), according to the project’s website, explores how African immigrants “navigate their identities and find ways to overcome the supposed ‘tension’ between their LGBTQ and African individualities.” The artistic, photographic manifesto of Mikael Owunna, a queer Nigerian-Swedish photographer and writer, Limit(less) also seeks to examine “the additional displacement that LGBTQ African immigrants on the continent and the Diaspora face due to homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia and discrimination in their respective communities.”

Click here to continue reading.

You Want to Put What Where? People Are Not Happy With Target’s Bathroom Policy


04/27/2016 03:49 pm ET huffingtonpost.com

Not one single person assaulted me. No one tried to molest me. No one was peeking under the stalls at me. And I know this for certain because I kept looking under the stalls to see if anyone was looking back at me. I didn’t even get hit on, let alone raped.

I think I have to start going to other Targets. Because by the sounds of the people up in arms over Target offering basic human rights to all of its customers, there seems to be trouble brewing everywhere except my very own Target. Just my luck.


“This is more about the fact that you should go to the bathroom that matches what is in your pants not what is in your head. I don’t care if a gay guy uses the ‘guy’ stall, I figure penis’s should stick together as well as the alternative. “

For your sake, Chris, I hope you have a helluva lot more in your pants than you do in your head. And I agree, penises should stick together. But I think the alternative would be penises not sticking together. So I’m a little confused. Anyway, I do think you should be careful about letting a gay guy use the ‘guy’ stall. Because I heard you could catch gay from a toilet seat.


“It should be based on current plumbing.”

Jeff needs to have the letters d and r before his name. It’s as simple as that. Dr. Jeff. Just telling it like it is. Using gender appropriate terms that we all understand. It’s all about the plumbing.


“Are you retarded? the argument was the fact that sexual predators will claim to be “trans” or something else to target children and woman.”

Oh Sean. If it’s one thing I love more than trans people being labeled as rapists, it’s a grown ass man calling another grown ass man the R word. You’re so classy you probably pronounce it Tar-zhay.

Kenny Ray

“Yes over half a million and counting that will never step foot in a Target again.”


“No problem for Target. You belong at Walmart anyway.”

Meow. And there it is. Someone had to say it. We all know this. It’s the unspoken hierarchy of big box stores. Target shoppers look down upon Walmart shoppers. But doesn’t mean it hurts any less to hear it. Thank you, Cari, for your brutal honesty.


“The bathroom still has a stall door- what worries me is the changing room. Women and children are undressing in an open space to try on clothes. A man can just walk in, strip, and put on a bikini? Why have a changing room- why not just strip in the aisles?”

Joanne, where in God’s name are you shopping? And what drugs are you on? And where can I get them?

Ricky Ricardo (I kid you not)

“Anyone who thinks this won’t hit their financials is sniffing glue.”

And guess where they purchased that glue, Ricky? Target. Aisle 5. On sale. And if it’s one thing I hate, it’s getting hit in the financials. Ouch. I think Target sells a cup for that.


“I for one will be standing guard outside the womens restroom while my daughter and wife are inside and if anything resembling a male tries to go in at the same time I’m beating the crap out of them. Case closed.”

Anything resembling a male? Uh oh. I hope I don’t run into Donald anytime soon.


“What if I told you that you could also get sexually assaulted by someone of the same gender as you?”

Mic drop.

Check out more of Eileen O’Connor’s musings at No Wire Hangers.

Follow Eileen O’Connor on Twitter @nowirehangersev.

Caramel’s Interview with Bailey Love

First let me warn you that this NSFW interview will redirect you to my not safe for work TS Dreamland site.


TS Bailey Love was an amateur adult actress about a week ago when our interview process began. With over 100 solo and hardcore films online, Bailey’s first major studio debut was released. This discussion will undoubtedly be fun for admirers, but helpful to young trans women hoping to break into the adult entertainment industry. If that’s you, be prepared to take mental notes. The link to my interview with Bailey Love is here.

School Board Blocks Transgender Kids From Choosing Restroom

Here’s what’s happening in my neck of the woods:


By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS OCALA, Fla. — Apr 27, 2016, 11:09 AM ET

A north Florida school board approved a measure on Tuesday that will limit restrooms to students based on their birth sex, not their gender identity.

The Marion County School Board approved the ban which took effect Wednesday morning.

The decision came despite a warning from the American Civil Liberties Union that the ban is unlawful, and could jeopardize federal funding for the district.

Board member Carol Ely says transgender students shouldn’t get to choose which restroom to use.

“I thought about it and that’s reverse discrimination,” she said.

Board Chairman Bobby James urged the board to hold off on creating an official resolution until further study could be done over the summer. His motion to delay the decision was not seconded, and died.

The district started allowing transgender students to choose their restroom two months ago. But a parent claimed his son’s privacy rights were being violated because he’s not comfortable sharing a restroom with a student who was born female but now identifies as male.

Roger Gannam, an attorney for the conservative legal group Liberty Counsel, is representing the parent of the student who complained. He argued that there is no legal mandate requiring the district to permit transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice.

“No school district has ever lost federal funding for maintaining gender-appropriate facilities, despite the claims of activists” he wrote to the board.

ACLU attorney Daniel Tilley tells The Ocala Star-Banner the group will represent any student needing assistance.

“When transgender students are required to use separate facilities, it does not go unnoticed by other students,” Tilley wrote in a letter to the board.

Don’t Tell Me Not to ‘Encourage’ My Trans Child

04/13/2016 05:05 pm ET

Michelle Spear – huffingtonpost.com/michelle-spear-/stop-encouraging-your-chi_b_9672668.htmlhuffingtonpost.com

Mother, educator and LGBTQ advocate

I took a series of photos for another photography project entitled Dress.  This is my sweet son, who loves dresses and fancy things. This photo means a lot to me, as it captured him as he wishes to be.  A princess.  My princess. My sweet, sweet princess.  Dream big, sweetie.
I took a series of photos for another photography project entitled Dress. This is my sweet son, who loves dresses and fancy things. This photo means a lot to me, as it captured him as he wishes to be. A princess. My princess. My sweet, sweet princess. Dream big, sweetie.

I wasn’t sure how to title this entry. The runner-up: “Stop Encouraging Your Trans Child,” but that would not capture the Trump-sized misconception that parents are encouraging their cis children to be trans. No need to reread that sentence, you read it correctly the first time.

A lot of negative comments I receive revolve around this notion; that parents, in some twisted, gender bending way, are molding their children to be trans. Here’s an example comment:

“Are you serious? You encourage this in a 7-year-old? This is insane.”

I would liken me “encouraging” my child to be trans to me encouraging my 5-year-old to have autism. The notion that I had a typically developing boy, who I then encouraged to be trans, or perhaps didn’t discourage enough to not be trans…that, my friend, is ludicrous.

Many families of trans children go through a harrowing process of understanding what is happening to their child, their family and their sense of normalcy. I will be the first to admit that early on we regrettably discouraged our child’s gender bending. What we initially labeled as a “phase” eventually took over our household with fights about clothes, clothes and more clothes. Every. Single. Day. Being the liberal-minded parents we like to think ourselves to be, we justified our gender limitations by taking a principled stand against feeding the corporate machine of brands, marketing and consumerism. Fast forward to present day; we didn’t know how the hell to navigate the social implications of our child’s gender identity and expression. What would people say? How would we explain this to Grandpa Joe? Will people think we’re insane? (I didn’t really think that but it fit really nicely with the gentleman’s comments above.)

I want to reiterate the reality of raising a transgender child. It’s a process. My child didn’t wake up one day and say, “Mom, I really dig the name Sally. And that dress you have on is dope. In summary, I’m a girl.” My child started identifying as female somewhere between the ages of 2 and 3. She transitioned publicly at the age of 6. All those years in between were filled with an assortment of family stressors (followed by tears), frantic web searches (followed by tears) and doctor visits (followed by tears); somewhere in between we shifted to boas (followed by laughter), strings of pearls (followed by laughter) and acceptance. And we never looked back.

No parent is going to sign their kid up for a hard life. Believe me, I’ve heard it all. Any suggestions you might have (hang around dad and his boys more, put him in sports, take away his girl clothes and toys) I’ve heard a hundred times before. And to some degree, we’ve tried it. We did not do this to deny our child her true identity, but to attempt to protect her from a life that was going to be harder, the statistics are loud and clear.

So, back to your questions:

Are you serious? As a heart attack.

You encourage this in a 7-year-old? Did I encourage my child to be trans? No. Did I encourage my child to censor herself? Well, before I understood what was going on, kind of. Now? No.

Michelle is a mother, educator and LGBTQ advocate. Her blog, Let The Boy(s) Be, chronicles her journey raising a transgender child and a child with autism. 

TwoTgirls.com: Mayumi Sparkles and Sativa


Here’s another scorching hot TwoTgirls.com scene with the website creator Mayumi Sparkles and Sativa. TGIF because the school week is over and it’s time for a weekend sleepover. Sativa, the brunette laments about a boy she likes as they sit on the bed sharing girl talk. Sativa confides that she’s never even kissed a boy before and has a crush on one at school. Mayumi is such a good friend. She suggests that they practice kissing Sativa will at least know what she’s doing when her comes with her new crush. Mayumi promises her sweet virgin friend that it won’t be weird or anything and pulls Sativa in for a kiss. A few pecks on the lips evolves into a bit of tongue kissing. When Mayumi encourages Sativa to take off her school uniform, her friend is a apprehensive about doing it at first, but then she complies anyway. Off comes Sativa’s top and she kneels up on the bed to get out of her skirt next. When Sativa is left only wearing her panties, she agrees that Mayumi should probably take her clothes off as well. Soon they’re kissing again, but this time in their undies, fondling each other’s breasts as they make out. When Mayumi reminds Sativa that boys really love having their cocks sucked, Sativa knows she ought to take off her panties so that her close friend can lead by example. Sativa’s girl cock is already erect from all that previous kissing. Sativa is a little worried that Mayumi’s hand stroking her boner feels so good. But everybody’s doing it, Mayumi insists and begins giving her head. Mayumi allows Sativa the opportunity to practice on her cock next and Sativa is so good at sucking cock for her first time! Both school girls are gloriously naked at this point and Mayumi guides Sativa’s fellatio with her pig tails while Sativa strokes her own cock. When Sativa is proud of the compliment she receives for doing such a fine job, she asks if there’s anything else she needs to learn. Mayumi informs her that some boys like being fucked. A lesson in fucking comes next. By the end of this TwoTgirls.com bedtime story, Sativa has learned how to pound a hot, tight ass like a veteran fucker and she ends up unleashing a torrent creamy white cum shot facial on Mayumi’s pretty face. Sativa is more than ready for her crush now.

North Carolina reels from business backlash to anti-LGBT law

Edward Helmore – theguardian.com
Friday April 15, 2016 08.36 EDT

People look at free T-shirts protesting against the statewide LGBT law at Lightning Bolt Ink in Asheville, North Carolina. Photograph: Katie Bailey for the Guardian
People look at free T-shirts protesting against the statewide LGBT law at Lightning Bolt Ink in Asheville, North Carolina. Photograph: Katie Bailey for the Guardian

Since North Carolina’s anti-LGBT so-called “bathroom bill” was signed into law, the Greater Raleigh Convention Center has lost six firm bookings worth an estimated $2.4m, according to its president and CEO, Denny Edwards. Another 16 bookings worth an estimated $44m are also in jeopardy.

“There’s going to be some long-term effect,” said Edwards, “and there’s a concern within North Carolina about the greater impact and how much damage this is doing to the wider economy.” For Raleigh’s conference business, he says, “it’s really causing chaos.”

The law signed by Governor Pat McCrory banned anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and required that, in public buildings and schools, transgender people use bathrooms corresponding to their gender as assigned at birth. The response was immediate and extreme, with businesses boycotting the state and entertainers cancelling planned performances.

On Tuesday, McCrory backpedalled slightly, calling for changes to the law and signing an order that gave state employees non-discrimination protections. But thus far, there’s little sign that McCrory’s tweak has changed the backlash to the law.

The events in North Carolina, where the internet commerce giant PayPal has already cancelled investment plans, illustrate how delicate the political dance has become for elected officials.

McCrory, widely perceived as centrist, probably anticipated that his support of HB2 would help him among evangelical voters in his re-election battle with the state’s Democratic attorney general, Roy Cooper, in November; instead, he has failed to please evangelicals and alienated centrists. But nor has appearing to soften his stance won over protesters.

While the bathroom law is controversial in itself, many express concern that the loss of the right to sue in state court for transgender discrimination is equally repugnant.

“The backlash continues because people understand the executive orders haven’t changed and have not addressed the problems with the legislation,” Sarah Preston of the North Carolina ACLU told the Guardian. She called it “a poor effort to save face”.

Deutsche Bank, which employs 900 people in Cary, announced this week its plans to hire a further 250 staff by 2017 were now on hold, while entertainers, including Ringo Starr, have been added to the list of boldface names cancelling plans to visit.

At the same time, Democratic governors in other southern states are looking to get out ahead of the south-focused values crisis.

In Louisiana, Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, signed an executive order on Wednesday barring discrimination against gay Louisianans, countering anti-LGBT orders introduced by his Republican predecessor Bobby Jindal. Edwards called that rule “bad for business, tourism and the Louisiana economy”.

Edwards says not only are conference holders wary of coming; they are hearing attendees do not want to come to North Carolina, and that sponsors are resistant. States such as New York and Washington have implemented bans on state employees travelling to North Carolina on state business.

“We try to stay out of politics but unfortunately tourism is an easy target,” he said. “Our city has always remained very open and welcoming and diverse. We’re not changing how we do business. We’re doing as much as we can. Our restrooms are family/gender neutral. We’re doing as much as we can legally but we’re really very concerned. We’re taking a big hit.”

Opposition to HB2 is not monolithic. While entertainers like Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams have been applauded for boycotting the state, others including Cyndi Lauper, have decided it’s better to engage directly. The singer will go ahead with her 4 June show in Raleigh and donate the proceeds to Equality North Carolina, a group seeking to repeal HB2.

“If we truly want an inclusive society, we all have to include ourselves in the effort to make that happen,” she said in a statement. “This is the best way I know how to include myself and urge you to join me in the best way you know how.”

Other upcoming events now in the political cross-hairs include Moogfest, dedicated to the keyboard pioneer Bob Moog, held in Durham in mid-May. The festival is due to include Gary Numan, Grimes, Miike Snow, the Black Madonna and transgender CEO Martine Rothblatt.

Moogfest’s Adam Katz said in a statement that while organisers are adamantly opposed to the law, the festival will proceed as “an inclusive environment where all people come together to explore big ideas for the future. We value diversity, self-expression and experimentation above all else.”

“The liberation of LGBTQ+ people is wired into the original components of electronic music culture and personally embodied in the deep, lifelong friendship between our godmother (and trans icon), Wendy Carlos and our godfather, Bob Moog,” Black Madonna said. She plans to join thousands of other people in #ILLGOWITHYOU protest.

Computer philosopher and virtual reality entrepreneur Jaron Lanier, a scheduled speaker at Moogfest, says he polled trans friends when the issue came up. “My conclusion was this: boycott is probably more effective for major institutions; for individuals, engagement is more effective. There’s no perfect answer. The best we can do is be as compassionate and focused as we can.”

The question of engagement or inclusion is not limited to North Carolina. In Mississippi, where a religious liberty bill signed into law now makes the state the least protective of LGBT rights, Sharon Stone cancelled plans to film a movie in the state, while Nissan, which has some 6,000 employees in the state, opted instead to boast the company’s diversity credentials.

In Tennessee and South Carolina, where religious freedom laws are also under consideration, country music stars including Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Billy Ray Cyrus and his pop star daughter Miley Cyrus are speaking out for LGBT rights.

But the country music industry, centred in Nashville, has yet to actively participate in the protest – a stance that contrasts with technology firms like Apple and Facebook, and finance firms, who are leading the corporate opposition.

“What is the option? Are we supposed to accept this kind of thing?” says Lanier. “We have to serve all our customers or we have nothing. There’s no option to buy into segregation and be at a tech company. There’s not much of a choice. We can’t redesign our approach to the world to fit in with people’s segregation schemes.”

Record labels are in a complicated position, says Louisville University gender studies professor Diane Pecknold. While it’s possible for Hollywood movie studios to refuse to film in certain states, Nashville is a brand.

“The record labels can’t threaten to pull out the way a film company can. They can’t pull their headquarters but they occasionally have to ask legislators for favours. But they do risk being harmed by consumer boycotts by not speaking out.” At the same time, Pecknold points out, the Country Music Academy, which relies heavily on tourism revenue, has said it supports inclusion.

It’s a complication, perhaps, of the libertarian leanings of country music that while an artist like Toby Keith is in favour of LGBT rights, he’s also playing the National Rifle Association convention this year. “It’s consistent with a libertarian position and longstanding philosophical thread of individuality in country music,” says Pecknold. “Artists’ protests and cultural resistance have long been a civil rights strategy so that kind of protest will proceed. We’re hoping, of course, they’ll be successful.”

Chanel Santini on YouTube

This gorgeous trans girl, who recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada from Texas takes things to a whole new level of naughtiness with the latest update on the Chanel Santini YouTube channel. I first learned about her when she entered the adult industry at 18 years old last year. I predict that she’s going to clean up with award nominations this coming Fall and I’ve raved about her scenes several times on TS Dreamland here. Her Chaturbate performances in room=chanelsantini are remarkable as well. If you’re an avid trans adult entertainment fan, I’m preaching to the choir.

Transformation Magazine Issue #97 Hits Shelves Today!

#TT #TFM97 #TheFutureOfGender Ladies and gentlemen, Transformation 97 hits shelves today!

Tara Emory of Tara-TS.com
Tara Emory of Tara-TS.com

I had the great honor of interviewing (on the cover) Tara Emory of Tara-TS.com and Mandy Mitchell of mandy-mitchell.com. My tremendous gratitude also goes out Centurian Publishing President and Editor of Transformation Magazine, Hanna Rodgers. If you’d like to know how her support and friendship literally changed my life, check out my November 9, 2015 interview with Hanna here on Caramel’s TGirls. Thanks to everyone for your continued kindness and support. This means you, too! For more information, you can visit the transformationonline.com/transformation-97 on the official website.  


TS Dreamland Interview with Adult Actress Jessica Fappit

On the #NSFW TS Dreamland website, PornOCD presents his interview with Jessica Fappit. This is the first tsdreamland.com interview ever with video responses from an adult actress. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

#NSFW PornOCD Interview with Jessica Fappit
#NSFW PornOCD Interview with Jessica Fappit

Savannah Jackson Aussie Millionaire Comes Out as Trans

WRITTEN BY // Cec Busby the news editor of SX and online editor of GayNewsNetwork.com.au


Australian multi-millionaire and financial wizard, Savannah Jackson, has come out as transgender on national television.

Jackson chose to go public with her transition on popular interview show, Sunday Night. The 43-year-old who runs the financial advisory firm, Trading Pursuits, with her former wife Julie, said she can now just be herself.

Savannah told Sunday Night getting to this point had taken years of counseling, surgeries and hormone treatments.

“It’s surreal that it’s here. Like it’s a dream, it’s a thought, it’s a hope and a wish that you have every single day of your life. And then, to actually be here in this moment now it’s just like every Christmas all come at once,” Savannah said.

“I can just be myself and that, to me, has been the greatest single gift that I have given myself is the freedom to be myself.”

Savannah told Sunday Night viewers that whilst she enjoyed doing ‘boy things’ whilst growing up, she never felt like a boy inside.

“I felt like a ghost. I have all these memories of growing up internally as a girl, but no one saw me as a girl.”

Savannah said she wanted to share her journey as she wanted people to have better understanding of trans people.

Click here to watch the interview.

Mayumi Sparkles Releases TwoTgirls.com in 4K!


Once upon a time, adult trans model / producer Mayumi Sparkles has a dream: To revolutionize the trans porn industry by producing ultra-HD 4K videos. It’s a plan she unveiled with her new website TwoTgirls.com. Named for its 4,000-pixel horizontal resolution (four times the resolution of regular 1080-pixel HD), 4K is considered by some to be the future of HD technology. Samsung Electronic and LG Electronics are already producing ultra-high-definition TVs, and Netflix and YouTube are announcing their plans to stream corresponding. There’s nothing more exciting than being closer to a TwoTgirls.com experience without actually having to put on a device or goggles. Mayumi Sparkles is in the business of helping trans porn fans find their fantasy, and her 4K content and extraordinarily gorgeous lineup of trans girls helps them do that. Not so long ago, the Wall Street Journal reported that 4K videos were too expensive to produce. Mayumi Sparkles proved otherwise and brings her closer to the fantasy. Considering the constant threat of loss of revenue posed by piracy, it makes a lot of sense to invest in ultra-HD technology. Due to the size of the 4K file, it’s far more difficult to pirate UHD content. The reactions to Mayumi’s announcement about her TwoTgirls.com website of her 111 thousand followers are very enthusiastic and Mayumi is very pleased by the amount of new subscriptions. As for myself, this is my ultimate favorite genre of content and with this unofficial review, I give Mayumi’s TwoTGirls.com website 5 stars.

International Transgender Day of Visibility

visibility infographic update 2015


What is the Transgender Day of Visibility?
TDOV is a day to show your support for the trans community. It aims to bring attention to the accomplishments of trans people around the globe while fighting cissexism and transphobia by spreading knowledge of the trans community. Unlike Transgender Day of Remembrance, this is not a day for mourning: this is a day of empowerment and getting the recognition we deserve!

When is TDOV?
TDoV is on March 31st every year!

Where is TDOV?
Everywhere! We encourage you to create panels, talk to friends, and spread knowledge about the trans community no matter where you are! You can also join our Facebook event and use hashtag #tdov on social media. We also have a list of events on our website.

What is this year’s theme?
More Than Visibility (#MoreThanVisibility). This recognizes that while visibility is important, we must take direct action against transphobia around the world. Visibility is not enough alone to bring transgender liberation. Some people experience violence due to their visibility and some others don’t want to be visible. However, we can use visibility as a vital tool for transgender justice.

Who started TDOV?
Rachel Crandall, the head of Transgender Michigan, created in TDoV in 2010 to celebrate the trans community in a positive light. Read more about it here. Since 2013, Trans Student Educational Resources has taken over most social media, promotion, and outreach for TDOV.

Who can I contact about TDOV?
or questions, comments, or media inquiries, you can contact us at TSER@transstudent.org.