Introducing Beautiful Arianna Pipes

My first glimpse at Arianna Pipes made me think that this was a Louie Damazo Brazilian TGirls update. But it’s from Black TGirls (which features American and Brazilian trans beauties) and she’s presented by KilaKali. Arianna is from Cleveland, Ohio and she’s verse – both a top or bottom depending on her mood and partner.

When she’s the more passive partner, she prefers to be on her back. But when using her huge cock to fuck someone with, she prefers the doggy style position as it makes it easier for her to reach around. Arianna likes big masculine men so there have been lucky ones getting jerked off by her while being fucked. That I’d like to see sometime on

This is not only Arianna’s major studio porn shoot, but her first recorded session ever. She gets the most compliments on her figure and during the interview, her producer emphasizes how little she is. I’m thinking the size of her cock must look out of proportion to her petite frame in real life. If so, that’s not a bad thing at all.

When asked if size matters in a guy, Arianna takes a long pause to think about it. But as it turns out she doesn’t care about the size of a man’s dick. She sincerely replies that as long as he knows how to work it that’s fine. A few minutes into her scene, Arianna unzips her thigh high suede boots and removes them. She has dainty high-arched feet and fence net stocking legs that go on forever. She’s as fit as a fiddle and when she stands up from her seat, she reveals an ass in panties of an athlete. Arianna exposes her small hormone breasts with their tight black nipples and it’s a glorious sight when she strips down to her stockings and bends over against the chair.

Arianna’s uncut cock is long and thick and it’s not even raging hard yet. She has good rhythm and she can shake her bottom like a stripper and that makes the imagination go wild, especially if you’re a top watching her spank her ass hard. Once she gets down to jerking off and developing a hardon, this super pretty girl is huge.

You can watch the teaser trailer of this beautiful 18 year old on!

Kimber Lee: Kimberlee and Angelina

MP4 Teaser Trailer

If you asked me who I’d love to see starring together from T-Girl Network together, Kimberlee and Angelina Torres would be one of them. So this is a scene I’d have asked for if I knew it could possibly happen. I always think of these beautiful trans girls as for men only until something like this happens. If the chemistry isn’t right in a trans lesbian scene, I won’t even mention it and move on to review something else. This video begins with what looks like a sleepover with two beauties reviewing profiles on Kimberlee’s phone. He’s a stripper who fucked her all night long. Keep in mind that some of the models from update with continuing stories and this one of them. We don’t see the males they’re discussing and lusting over but that’s not what we’re here for today.

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The flirtation goes into a whole ‘nother level when Angelina shows pictures of a guy who’s not her type. She sits up in her bra and panties on the sofa facing Angelina and confesses, “But you are my type.” It takes some coaxing to go any further with this because as Angelina reminds Kimberlee, they’re friends. The question I have when the undressing begins is are these two stunning models who are primarily into men going to make their lovemaking convincing.

MP4 Trailer Gallery

I can’t tell if the traces of awkwardness I sense in the beginning is real or just part of the acting required. There’s no passionate kissing but the arousal is crystal clear. Angelina has no problem, especially after receiving a cock stiffening blowjob, getting aroused enough to fuck her friend. To my surprise the penetration begins in the reverse cowgirl as opposed to doggy style or missionary.

It’s incredibly erotic to see Kimberlee’s large breasts heaving and her big cock swinging and bouncing around all over the place as she rides Angelina’s erection. Doggy style comes next and if you’ve never seen Angelina top, she can fuck like nobody’s business! A powerful missionary railing happens also and there’s some seriously powerful cum shooting before it comes to an end.

Although I don’t expect to hear that Kimberlee and Angelina have given up on men and decided to get engaged, they’ve turn out one top shelf trans lesbian scene. Get instant access to, or Kourtney Van Wales Cums & Then Makes You Cum

“Kourtney Van Wales is beautiful TS MILF that knows exactly how to get your dick hard and get you off,” says Christian XXX of TSPOV and Pure-TS. “But first she gets so turned on that she cums first! What an incredible lady!” he adds. I totally agree and I can back that up with my January 18, 2011 interview with this amazing trans woman. I can see how the sequence of this scene’s title makes so much sense from the very beginning. Kourtney is gloriously nude on the sofa stroking her big erection with her large breasts jiggling. It looks like she’s close to achieving orgasm already! What’s a girl to do when she just can’t wait?

Unlike his videos, the model is the star 100% with the exception of Christian’s massive cock. This is a stroke of porn genius to cater to trans porn fans who really want it to be all about their favorite trans porn actors. They often go into lurid detail with you about what they’re going to do with you. I this case since you’ve caught Kourtney jacking off at home, she stands up, turns around and bends over with her heart shaped ass looking incredibly inviting.

Her huge hardon pokes between her thighs as she continues stroking it. Sadly she was going to fuck you earlier, but fortunately she has something that could be just what you’re hoping for, perhaps even more. Noticing that you’ve begun playing with your dick she insists that you stop to let her do it for you. Positioning herself between you open legs Kourtney rakes her fingernails lightly across your hard shaft and then curls her hand around it. “Does it feel good, daddy?” After giving you a long handjob, Kourtney decides to let you watch her jack off. She doesn’t stop stroking your prick and after awhile she stands up with her big erection glistening with oil. Then she plants her remarkable bottom alongside your hardon and grinds against it. She also gives you a fabulous tittie-fuck.

Do you want to see Kourtney shouting out her pleasure as streams of creamy white cum spray out of her swollen cock head? I did and that’s exactly what I got! I’m so glad that this gorgeous sex goddess is back. Check out my Interview with Kourtney Paige Van Wales and be sure to see her comeback on!

Femout.XXX: Young, Fresh And Naughty Patrice!

Radius Dark continues to present the hottest, sexiest new and returning models and here we go again with another fresh one named Patrice Hepburn. Femout is often described as a website to launch a model’s career and a sort of training school to graduate from. I might be part of the minority but I mainly think of Femout models as virtually perfect whether they move on to other sites or not.

Take 19 year old Patrice, a cosmetology student who has put school on the back burner temporarily to get her funds together. She likes to draw and write music and I love that Mr. Dark gives us an opening interview that’s very informative. I like the way Patrice speaks and I could watch her go on at length even if she’s not in a setting to eventually strip and masturbate. That’s the proverbial icing on the cake with this debut.

Naturally her hair and makeup are en pointe considering her career goals but she’s never made an adult video before. She’s originally from Arizona and moved to Las Vegas five years ago when she started High School. The warm climate is something she was already used to but she’d like to eventually move to California. She might be used to desert heat but she’s not in love with it.

But she does like the more diverse cultural scene of Sin City. The sexual content of this debut builds up nice and starts at the bottom. Mr. Dark focuses on her cute little feet in wedges as she talks about the ankle tattoo she got at 18 and her ex-boyfriend who had a foot fetish. Patrice says she does quite a bit of walking which would explain why her legs are so well-toned and virtually flawless.

Although we can’t hear the direction, it’s pretty obvious that Patrice has been asked to rise from the sofa and show off her petite frame. The next level of sexiness comes when Patrice takes a seat again and her miniskirt hem rises.

She’s wearing red panties and a set of rather large balls threaten to escape from her undies. You can watch her preview teaser trailer on Femout.XXX to visually skip forward a bit. Patrice begins rubbing her panty bulge and it’s plain to see that this gorgeous model is hung! I swear I don’t really care about dick size but Patrice is really packing.

I didn’t expect such a small girl to have such a big cock! That flawlessness I mentioned about her legs extends to the rest of her body once she’s stripped completely nude and beating off. This Femout.XXX debut set is brilliant and I think you’ll crave seeing Patrice Hepburn make a repeat performance.

Natty, Jonelle & Trevor Brooks

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19 year old Natty gets busy with Jonelle Brooks and hubby Trevor in “Messy Creampie Threesome Bareback” on Ladyboy Gold. Jonelle is world famous and I’ve raved about her here so many times I’ve lost count. But then Natty of Pattaya, Thailand is famous as well with explosive 23 updates including solo and mostly hardcore performances. It’s no wonder she’s so sought after with her beautiful face and measurements of 5’6″ (167 cm), 114.4 lbs, (52 kg), 31A-24-32 and 6 Inches of mouthwatering cock. It’s all about Natty when the video begins with her standing in a pink dress, white stockings and tall black pumps. After she bares her lovely breasts and exposes her panty snake, two hot bodies appear before her. Jonelle and Trevor both have hardons waiting for Natty to take inside her mouth. The couple comment on how pretty Natty is as she first gives Jonelle a blowjob. Then Jonelle tells Natty to suck her man’s dick and to look up at him with her mouth full.

She continues sucking Trevor’s boner while stroking Jonelle’s until the Hungarian/Native American sex goddess sits next to her. Jonelle’s gorgeous face finally comes into view as Natty gives her head. Jonelle finally says, “Let’s fuck her,” and she applies a generous amount of lube to Trevor’s long shaft. She then guides his staff deep inside Natty’s heart-shaped ass. Natty gets hammered in a torrid spit roast, sucking Jonelle’s hard member while getting fucked! Before the midway point of this incredible bareback scene, Jonelle begins fucking Natty’s beautiful butt in the doggy style position. Natty sucks Trevor again until he’s ready to take another crack at her tender bottom. I love seeing Natty stroking her raging hardon while lying on her back with Trevor pounding her ass and Jonelle slapping her face with her erection!

For more of the scorching hot Florida-based star now living in East Asia, get to For this update I’ve raved about, go to the network and check out a plethora of video previews on!

Eva Paradis: POV After Shower

Teaser Trailers

Gorgeous Eva Paradis addresses you in a thirsty white towel after taking a shower. As you sit before you she asks if you’re horny and want to play before going out with her. Then she pulls her towel open revealing her large bare tits, big uncut cock and smoothly shaven ball sack. After caressing one breast and jerking off for a moment, she turns around and shows you her heart-shaped bottom, spreading her cheeks explicitly. This video is focused on guys who’d like to be Eva’s boyfriend, but it’s hot enough for chicks like me to like it too. It’s a POV scene with a mystery man with a huge uncut cock. It doesn’t have to resemble your dick simply because it’s so thrilling to see how beautiful and sexy Eva look baring, stroking and sucking it.

She’s totally nude and jerking herself off while performing what seems to be an amazing blowjob. She develops a raging hardon from giving fellatio and the guy’s prick steadily deepens in color. Sometimes the man’s schlong is totally out of the frame and at other times there are closeups of her pretty mouth sucking it. The moment of truth comes when Eva sinks her lovely ass on all that man-meat in the reverse cowgirl position. Eva is like a wild cat when getting fucked and this is just halfway into the scene! It’s available now on, on and on Cute Redhead Trap Kimberly Sin Cheers You On

Kimberly Sin is a sexy teen trap in a cheerleader outfit ready to let you fuck her brains out. This femboi babe is going to be a real stunner when she fully transitions. Her skills and abilities at sucking cock and taking the cock bareback are already out of this world! That’s the official TSPOV synopsis.

The term ‘trap’ always make me think the only way I could be trapped is if I thought my date was a another trans and they turned out to be a cisgender (genetically born female). I love GG’s but I always want to know exactly what I’m getting. I’ve always thought that Kimberly Sins was beautiful before pro porn and unclear if she was on HRT or not. I’ve already raved about her like a top bitch in heat in my “Pure TS – Teen TV Beauty Kimberly Sin Cums” write-up so I’ll just give you a few brief thoughts about her performance with Christian who generally takes the back seat to focus more on the models with this site.

In this case his cheerleader announces that she has a little bit extra. She raises the hem of her skirt and exposes a semi-hard pecker and set of smoothly shaven balls. Then she turns around and mounts the sofa and reveals her sexy ass. She calls her unseen partner ‘Daddy’ and asks if he likes her cheerleader ass and with no panties the view is explicit. When Kimberly turns around and begins jerking off with her legs spread, she makes her cock even harder than before.

Even though my stiff cock doesn’t resemble Christian’s, it’s not hard to imagine Kimberly sucking me off and I think things will be the same for most viewers. Even if not, it’s so hot to take in Kimberly’s fellatio technique. Her own cock seems like it’s in your face when Christian’s hardon is beneath her open legs about to penetrate her bareback. After a cowgirl and reverse cowgirl ride she gets a doggy style railing and missionary too! See how this torrid scene ends on and don’t miss her debut with Christian XXX on


Chaturbate: Elise Luxxx & Kono

Some incredibly hot trans models fly under my radar sometimes, but Elise Luxxx has not. Her gorgeous room mate Kono did pass by me however until I saw her with Elise the other night on Chaturbate. Actually is was from behind first as Elise sat before the home camera stroking her cock. Elise was naked as was her partner and her lovely, puffy breasts were jiggling wildly as she pumped her mate’s erection. Although Elise had her thighs closed tightly, her delicious looking hardon protruded from her legs and pointed up toward her belly button. Sexy Asian Kono then sat up and faced the camera with the bulbous head emerging from its foreskin. She began jerking off as Elise ran a dainty bare foot across her back. I didn’t get a look at Kono’s face until she sat next to Elise but she’s really pretty. The girls were chatting about tattoos but I wasn’t paying too much attention to the conversation as witty as it was. I’d just checked into the Chaturbate trans room to see what was going on out of sheer horniness. I’ve seen Elise several times before in recorded major studio porn before but this was the first time I’d see her performing live.

I know that cam models depend on tips and they’re not there just for the sake of exhibitionism and fortunately some tokens from fans began rolling it. This encouraged Elise and Kono to begin jerking each other off. Once the reached their goal of 25 tokens, the promise of cock sucking would be fulfilled. Elise started sucking Kono’s hard cock first. Then Kona straddles Elise’s waist with her lithe body facing the camera.Elise gave her a handjob that had her writhing and moaning with lust. I’m sure that the feeling of her room mate’s big boner pressing against her ass didn’t hurt. It was my understanding that Kona was a Domme and I saw that side of her character come out when Elise said something she didn’t approve of. All the sudden, she had Elise turn around and bend over for a bare ass spanking. Calling her a slut was part of the verbal humiliation Kono employed before making Elise rise to her knees so they could run their hardons together. Kono was in charge of the situation obviously but top or not, she wanted to suck some cock too. She gave Elise a deep blowjob and then straddle her hips for a cowgirl ride! I highly recommend that when you get your free registration for Chaturbate, follow to see her awesome live shows with Kono! I’ll continue to keep updated on Elise’s studio performances too.

Kimber Lee: Personal Trainer

Teaser Trailer

Who hasn’t fantasized sex with a personal trainer? On one hand it might be intimidating if you’re not in peak condition. Bu then again, imagine you have a trainer who really cares about you and is committed to getting you into maximum shape and then you suddenly have a moment. Then it leads to something special. Even though Kimber Lee has the “after” rather than “before” type of physique a training client would have, I like the way this scene plays out. For some reason we’re in the bedroom when Kimber Lee is joined by her instructor. This handsome and jacked guy is obviously there with something on his mind other that talking about training after she’s had her workout. As he massages her neck and has her do body bends with his crotch pressed against her ass, it’s not exactly subtle. But her approving responses are pretty obvious also.

Sample Photos

“What’s that?” she asks while grasping his most sensitive muscle through his gym pants. She says he’s such a nasty personal trainer once he bares her big breasts, but of course she’s all up for some nastiness. When he takes off his shirt it seems like you could fit two Kimber Lee bodies within him. He devours her tits and the bulge in his trainers looks enormous. After sharing a kiss, Kimberly wants to see what he’s packing and she sinks to the floor to withdraw it. His big hard dick springs out like a horny Jack-in-the-box!

Teaser Trailers

Her blowjob skills look phenomenal and she looks exquisite while sucking the man’s erection and giving him a deep tittie-fucking next! Then come the moment when he tosses her upon the bed like she weighs nothing. She jokes about him possibly wanting to stretch something else. She’s referring to her tight ass and he’s up for it.

She’s just barely wearing her designer sports bra and her big cock lays across her tummy as the trainer prepares to penetrate her. Kimber Lee’s large uncut cock is oozing pre-cum from its swollen head as her personal trainer drives his cock inside her bareback! We’re just getting started with the fucking in the first half of this spectacular video update with a matching photo set. Well, technically only through it so head on over to to see how it all plays out! It’s also available on