Sarah Barros on Brazilian Transsexuals

Just as I thought when the Brazilian Transsexuals video started, Sarah Barros is looking across the room at some porn playing on the TV. I’m sure that photographer Louie Damazo is very sexy, but the video seems to be responsible for her raging erection.


I don’t think you’ll care what Sarah is watching while you’re watching her jack off until she blasts a load of creamy white cum on her tanned thigh. She actually spends a lot of time looking directly at the camera to give you a one-on-one type of experience. This is a great start for a brand new adult star.


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Natassia Dreams and Toby Dutch

No good deed goes unpunished with gorgeous Natassia Dreams handsome Toby Dutch learns quickly. The delivery man has arrived with a wine varietal she’s unsure about trying. Standing in a hot bikini she purchased in Brazil, she decides that they can compromise. She’ll try the wine if he tries getting fucked.


This video makes me want to place an order and I don’t even drink! Watch it on the official Natassia Dreams website or join the T-Girl Network desktop or mobile.


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TS Jamie French Update

TS Jamie French doesn’t just think outside the box. She makes you think about the fact that there just might not be any so-called box. That’s what I love about her the most. About her new sets, Jamie says, “Tanned, oiled feet, white soles, pink nails… combined make up is one of my favorite things. She asks, “Is it weird to say that I’m totally into my own feet?”




Side Shave 1 of 2 is live on – The first sets since her new haircut.

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Ultimate Surrender and TsPussyHunters Debut

I love bold, aggressive marketing moves, especially hardcore ones! This joint effort comes in the form of a two-part crossover match – I saw this concept developing on the Kink forums about 5 months ago and got all excited. But I digress. Previously on Ultimate Surrender, Bella Rossi and Mia Li mopped their competition, but their day is far from over. For the first time, Ultimate Surrender and TsPussyHunters combine to present an epic match of girl on ts girl sexual, competitive, wrestling. Jessica Fox and Kelly Klaymour put on wrestling bikinis, pair up with Ultimate Surrender darlings, Bella Rossi and Mia Li and Ariel X referees the match as both teams set out to crush the other. The bikinis are soon off and sex points for cock sucking, and pussy licking, kissing and fingering are quickly scored by both teams. Check out these trailers and the photo gallery:






This is exactly the type of cross promotion I love seeing from Kink. I hope this effort is not only successful, but that it exceeds their expectations. For more on how sexual wrestling is scored and what happened to Bella and Mia before this match, visit


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Joey Silvera’s She-Male Idol

With the exception of legendary performers like Sulka, Kelly Michaels, Summer St. Cerly, Karen Dior, Lisa Lawrence, Brandy Scott, etc., incredible transsexual porn stars from Brazil and Thailand were the first I knew of in TS porn. I’m dating myself, but I was buying Joey Silvera DVDs in NYC adult bookstores way back when on VHS. This brings back fond memories, but I’m glad we’re in the digital age now and we can just download Joey’s masterful work on She-Male Idol.






She-Male Idol


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Miran Fuck Fest on Shemale Japan

I don’t know why the hung dude is so upset when Miran sneaks up on him while he’s showering. I guess he didn’t know she’d strip naked, give him a quick blowjob and start banging him from behind bareback. I’m joking around, but this new video is a masterpiece. The lucky guy is rock hard as Miran gives him a missionary railing and jerks him off at the same time. She is too! They continue in the bedroom where gives the dude a foot fucking and then gives him a pile driver pounding into oblivion.


The truly amazing parts begin during and after Miran gets fucked back. Homeboy manages to suck and fuck her at the same time. Okay, enough. I don’t want to spoil it. The switching and acrobatics in this Shemale Japan video are mind blowing and even the ending is sheer porn perfection.


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Kylie Maria and Robert Axel on TS Seduction

If you’ve been an adult entertainment fan for quite some time, you find good acting as refreshing in porn because you’ve seen a lot of bad acting in porn. You also appreciate when two top talents like Kylie Maria and Robert Axel get right down to business. They can both act very well, as I’ve seen in many other videos. But this debut for Kylie Maria on TS Seduction goes directly from awkward first date jitters to intimate foreplay and hot, hardcore sex.




Gorgeous Robert is spectacular once again and beautiful Kylie Maria does lots of things I never even knew she could do!


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Femout is an adult community website that focuses on early transitioning transsexuals or those considering transitioning, especially those interested in the adult erotica industry. They have advice and interviews from many different girls in differing stages of transition as well as the ability to communicate and interact with models on this site. There is a lot of free content on Femout – models get to upload free profiles and images (and make money from them). There is a Premium option to access and download the videos and full sets.


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Ava Keading on Shemale Yum

Sometimes I learn a lot about new adult performers by searching their name on Google and seeing what it leads to. For example, that’s what I did after I saw that Ava Keading created a big stir on Shemale Yum with her new Radius Dark video and photo set. As you can see, she has a really pretty face, and great figure. What you’ll see on the actual website is that she’s a seriously hung bottom with a fiercely potent sex drive. Then I learned more about Ava’s transition from her vlog.

Upon further research, I learned that TS Ava Keading was a reclusive child who stayed in most of the time playing video games. In middle school, she came to the realization that living as a male was not the path she wanted to take. It was incredibly stressful and also depressing. Goth, emo and rapper phases were explored, yet Ava found them non-fulfilling. She was semi-popular in school yet also bullied. Ava was called names like “faggot” and sought to pinpoint what exactly was going on with her through the Internet. Communicating with other transgenders helped a lot. At around 19, Ava began a do-it-yourself hormone regime and came out to her best friends. You watch her vlog on YouTube and follow her on Chaturbate. Be sure to watch Ava Keading on Shemale Yum!

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Georgina Van Der Meer

In case you haven’t heard, New Jersey based Georgina Van Der Meer, formerly known as Paris Pirelli, has revamped her super sexy website. This 5’10”, 130lbs, 36F-24-40, West Indian / African American beauty can also be seen live on Chaturbate under paris_pirelli. Click on +Follow so you won’t miss her next show!


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Queer Porn Orgy from Fucking Mystic

Click on the photo for a video preview from Fucking Mystic.


Chelsea Poe‘s sexual magic has come to a climax, and a hedonistic one at that! As she enters the room, a swarm of gorgeous queers devour her, over come her, and come over her over and over again. With a cast of 17 incredible queer porn performers (listed blow), this orgy is the culmination of a community of stunning, creative, brilliant, beautiful queers come together for a wet and emotional art project on!


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Hazel Tucker and Nickey Huntsman

Hazel Tucker and Nickey Huntsman star in Scene #01 of How To Please a She-Male #05! Click on each image for video and photo gallery previews:




I’ve lost count of the amount of times veteran director Joey Silvera said, “Oh my God!” and “Oh fuck!” while snapping photos and filming this amazing video. I was saying the same things to myself and this was even before Hazel Tucker asked, “Can we fuck now?” Watch all the previews of How To Please A She-Male #05!


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Isabella Villalobos on Chaturbate

I’ve been friends with stunning pre-op transsexual Isabella Villalobos of Colorado for well over a decade, and my interview with her is coming soon! I always thought she should be working professionally in the adult industry. When Isabella began doing webcam shows on Chaturbate, I knew it was about time to tell more of my friends more about her. You can follow her to be notified about her next show by following isabellacots!


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Joanna Jet -Tropical Cougar

“Tropical Cougar” is the title of one of her sets that perfectly describes the prolific British beauty who has been filming in the Caribbean for the last few months. If you like these galleries, you should watch all the latest video previews on the official Joanna Jet website!







The Caribbean series on the official Joanna Jet website is so hot, I had to see every photo set and watch every video. Her site is so full of years of great solo and hardcore content, there are few other adult transsexuals whose content I’ve ever downloaded as much. I think I’d have to take a week off to download all of it. Click here to watch the video previews of Joanna Jet.

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Juliana Souza and Bianca Hills on TS Playground

The 00:32:09 min hardcore video with Juliana Souza And Bianca Hills on TS Playground begins with both gorgeous transsexuals kissing on the bed fully erect. There’s lots of incredible oral sex, but my favorite parts were the the two of them fucking each other bareback. Click on the images for video and photo gallery previews.




TS Playground has been in my Top 10 favorite websites since it was launched. Juliana Souza And Bianca Hills, Scene #01 is one of the best transbian videos I’ve ever seen.


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