TGirls.Porn – Natalie Mars & Lena Jade

Before she was on TGirls.Porn where she now has three blazing hot scenes, I knew of Natalie Mars from where she has six amazing scenes. Before that, I knew of her as a fantastic live webcam broadcaster on But I’d know of her amateur work before that and knew she’d make an incredible professional career from adult entertainment. Lena also performs live and you can register for free to see her on She’s also made a killer scene taking the long hard cock of gorgeous Kira Crash in a Two Tgirls scene entitled “Fucking the Fitness Trainer” which you can preview. Lena has three hot scenes on including one torrid hardcore set. Lena’s debut on is also magnificent.

This TGirl.Porn scene shot by Radius Dark doesn’t have a plot like many of the other productions on this top shelf website start out with. Natalie and Lena begin kissing passionately on a sofa and Natalie devours Lena’s pretty boobs. Lena returns the favor and withdraws Natalie’s cock from her undies to give it a good long sucking. Natalie’s stiffening cock oozes pre-cum across the sofa as she faps while watching Lena fully expose her breasts before giving her head again. What follows is what makes a transbian scene totally convincing – more passionate kissing. In this case, lean’s cock is raging hard in her panties. Natalie strokes Lena’s hardon and sucks it hard. Radius captures all this torrid action in profile and POV footage before Natalie penetrates Lena with her world famous dick. While I can’t say that I was surprised by the sheer velocity Natalie fucks Lena with, I found it no less thrilling that someone would who’s never seen her in action before. Watching Lena bottom is always a tremendous pleasure. She’s newer to the porn world than her partner here, but she’s rising to the top of the trans porn niche very quickly. I see nothing keeping her from going straight to the top just like Natalie did. I was expecting a virtually flawless bareback performance with this TGirls.Porn performance and that’s exactly what I got.


Lena: “I wanted to get fucked really good by a girl with a big dick and Natalie Mars was perfect. She’s got a really fat dick and I could feel every inch of it while she was pounding me. It felt good when she was licking me and sucking on my tits. It got me ready for sex, but her blow job was amazing. Then she got me really wet when she tongued down my ass before fucking me. I was surprised that she could pound me like that. Pleasantly surprised. The view of her big cock, still rock hard and throbbing, after she came on me was amazing!”


Natalie: “I was excited to work with Lena Jade, I thought she was hot. Tattooed and about my height, it seemed like a great fit. We had great chemistry and the foreplay was fun. She had a nice dick that grew in my mouth when I sucked it. I couldn’t help but stick my tongue in Lena’s ass. It got me rock hard and excited. I really liked seeing that huge, squirting cumshot while I was fucking her.” 

You can register for free on Chaturbate. But please remember to tip generously. Camming is tons of fun for everyone, but it’s incredibly hard work so show your appreciation and support for the incredible models. 

Pure-TS: Amateur Aussie Marissa Minx Makes Her Hardcore Debut


Marissa Minx is a tall and striking TS starlet that just arrived from Australia. This is her first scene EVER in porno, and she is FANTASTIC. She attacks the cock with gusto and then gets a nice bareback pounding in her big booty. Let’s hope we see much more of Ms. Minx! G’day mate!


When “Amateur Aussie Starlet Makes Her Hardcore Debut” begins with the horny pair making out while standing you’ll notice that Marissa isn’t wearing any panties. The uncut head of her cock is visible beneath the hem of her pleated skirt. Christian XXX who owns and operated Pure-TS fondles her breasts and fully exposes Marissa’s pretty dick with his crotch placed against her full bottom. Marissa sinks to her knees and Christian opens his pants to let his mammoth hard prick spring upward before her face. She makes a great show of tea bagging his big balls and licking the shaft before taking the swollen head inside her mouth. The bare breasted babe gets her hair pulled while performing what looks like an amazing blowjob.


Marissa squeezes her big tits and when she’s ready to get fucked, she moves up to the sofa with her sexy ass raised high. She moans softly through the treat of a rim job and comments on the size of the bare cock that begins pumping in and out of her. She’s just barely wearing her top while getting pounded in the side saddle position. Her big boobs jiggle inside their top with nipples exposed and her cock and balls undulate this way and that. Marissa removes her top just before straddling Christian for a furious cowgirl ride. Her big ass is also magnificently displayed when she gets fucked while on her back.


Marissa’s cock swings around in circles as soon as she begins riding the huge rod in the reverse cowgirl position. Although Marissa looks tired and spent by the time she takes the porn king’s cum shot inside her mouth, she looks absolutely beautiful. Christian does great interviews about his co-stars and that’s when I remembered that Transformation Magazine, where I’m a contributing writer, featured her once. Her voice is as sweet as honey when she describes her railing as the best American dick she’s ever had. She’s had some before at home, but this Pure-TS scene is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Marissa began her transition at 17 years old. She doesn’t say put some more shrimps on the barbie because she doesn’t do seafood. I’m thinking she doesn’t do stereotypes, either and she’s a great sport who doesn’t mind a little playful teasing. What a stunner!

Tgirl Maid Cumming on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl


My favorite roleplay sessions in porn and in real life usually involve some sort of Domination/submission elements. I’ll use Krissy Kyung’s own words to describe this naughty scenario that comes with an electrifying video and killer photos. For the record, Krissy4u is in the process of revamping without interruption to the Elevated X platform. I cannot wait to see the new look!


“The maid outfit is still one of my most requested outfits, and of course, this time of year, it is kind of a given that I’ll be putting one on at some point or another. For this set on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, I got a hotel room and spent a little naughty time wandering the halls…”


“What do you think you would do if you caught me walking up and down the hotel room halls in an outfit like this? This whole set actually turned out pretty well, and I think you’ll like the video on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl as well.”


“This is my favorite maid outfit, and one that I always love pulling out of the closet and slipping on. I love the way the bottom puffs out, and with a nice pair of stockings, you can’t help but hope that I’ll bend over and give you a little glimpse of my panties!”


“You know, sometimes I think that I’m not quite as adventurous as I was back when I first started Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, and to a large extent, that’s probably true. The world has just changed so much since then, and as you get older, you also tend to get a little bit wiser and a bit more cautious. Still, every now and then, I revisit my exhibitionist roots and do a sexy little video like this one for members of the site to enjoy.”


“If you’re wondering just how “real” this video, or any of my videos are on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl… well, I’ll never tell, but I think you can see for yourself when you watch the video. I will say though, that my heart was beating at about 10,000 BPM as I was walking up and down the halls in my maid outfit. I think you can pretty much tell you have a nasty exhibitionist streak running through you when doing something like this will literally make your cock start dripping!”


“I know that maids are supposed to be the ones cleaning up the messes, but I made a big mess on my face with a hot load of cum and then walked the hallways with it dripping off my cheeks! Think that is pretty much naughty enough to tide me over for a couple more months, don’t you? Come watch this whole video on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl today!”

Mandy Mitchell – Sleazy Motel

MP4 Gallery
MP4 Gallery 

Mandy of is in a “Sleazy Motel” on a Friday night and she’s sure that in every room, there’s a hooker turning tricks. But she’s in her room an is so horny that she just has to start playing with herself. “I can’t even stay inside my panties,” she purrs. With that, she allows her stiff cock to spring into the open air and point upward. She takes hold of it, makes it wet, then starts stroking it firmly at the upper shaft and swollen head. Within threes minutes, she removes her brassiere, exposing her lovely breasts. With the head of her pink-flushed dick pressing against her flat tummy, she fondles her breasts firmly. They’re sore tonight and she needs someone to suck on them. She resumes stroking her erection, saying that she also needs someone to suck her dick. She’s also love a rimjob and to cum in your mouth. Mandy would cum inside your ass if you let her. She decides to give you a better view of how things would look if you were the one doing the fucking next, turning her back and bending over on the bed. “Stick your cock in me,” she whispers while parting her ass cheeks and stroking her thick cock. She plunges not one, but two fingers inside herself. Within six minutes, Mandy turns over onto her back. After removing and tossing her panties aside, she’s completely naked. As you’d expect from one of the Internet’s premiere trans foot fetish princesses, her bare feet and purple pedicured toes are in full view as she faps away. Her pleasure obviously increases as she jerks off faster and faster while finger fucking her tight ass. Then she pauses to give you a closeup view of the pre-cum that’s formed at the tip of her prick. Mandy toys with a long string and entices you to come and get more, working more nectar by squeezing her member hard. What do you think tastes better, Mandy’s pre-cum or the actual cum she rubs out from her climax? Access this scene through Mandy’s free-standing website or from for the whole line-up of SMC trans stars.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Transsensual – Dominant TS Style

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

Exotic brunette Dana Vespoli is too much of a goody two shoes for TS dominatrix Jessica Fox. Jessica forces her cock down Dana’s throat, causing Dana to gag and slobber. Dana worships Jessica’s body, then takes Jessica into her hairy pussy, eventually cumming in euphoric waves.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

That’s the official synopsis of this killer Transsensual scene from the masterful writing and direction of multi-talented Dana Vespoli. “Dominate TS Style” begins with innocent bible-thumping Dana approaching stern Jessica the share the “good news” with her. Jessica decides she has a moment to spare to hear what she has to say. It’s a religious pitch and Jessica isn’t hearing it, but allows Dana to open up about her sinful past. Dana is ashamed of having worked as an exotic dancer. An epiphany occurred one night in the middle of one of her pole dancing routines and at that moment, Dana considered herself saved.

Flash Scene Trailer
Flash Scene Trailer 

Jessica reveals that she was also saved and had a master. Her’s however was in a dungeon. This master helped develop Jessica’s skills to become a dominatrix. Dana is shocked by this confession and even more so by the pair of hands encircling her neck. Jessica is furious about having just been lectured and Dana hides with her hands from the sight of Jessica baring her breasts.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

That’s not all Jessica bares to her new subject. She pushes Dana to her knees with her bare hardon pointing up above Dana’s face. A forced blowjob is followed by stripping the religious girl out of her dress. Jessica feasts on Dana’s tits while stroking her stiff cock furiously. After another skullfucking, Dana submissively kisses Jessica’s booted feet and orally pleases her boobs. Jessica takes Dana over her knee and gives her a hard spanking with her hard, uncut cock pressed against Dana’s tummy. With the gloved hands, the mistress smacks Dana’s plump bottom until it looks like a road map of Chile. I’ve only described the first half of gorgeous Jessica Fox and stunning Dana Vespoli in this deliciously kinky bareback Transsensual scene that ends with a big, creamy white cumshot. 

Beautiful Candy Strokes Her Cock


After ripping through a couple of hundred photos from Candy’s debut and follow-up set on, I came to the realization that she cannot take a bad picture. She has the help of Omar Wax here, granted. But it would be tough for a five year old to snap photos of this model and get it wrong. After watching both of her videos, I’m not seeing just trans porn newbie, but budding megastar potential.


I’m not beauty or adult modeling expert, but I know talent when I see it. This isn’t what I call “gifted” nor would I say that Candy is a “natural” at it. Good genes is one thing, but it takes hard work to achieve this type of hotness. The ironic thing is that Candy makes it look so easy.


In the Omar Wax filmed follow-up to her “Meet Suckable Candy!” October 8th, 2016 debut, this gorgeous model says she’s so ready to play, pushes the top of her corset down and squeezes her lovely breasts firmly. Then she kneels on the bed to give her sex almost bare ass a resounding slap. Then she straddles the bed and teasing toys with the dental floss strap of the thong she’s wearing.

Watch Both of Candy's Free Trailers on
Watch Both of Candy’s Free Trailers on 

You might hope that she’ll strip out of her sexy lingerie as if it’s caught fire, but this is the art of striptease, so you must be patient. She’ll get to baring her trim torso while facing you with her cock having escaped her tiny panties. An explicit show is to follow with maximum booty happenings including more spanking. Candy makes her ass gyrate and undulate with muscles you may not have even suspected she’d developed. In other words, she makes her flawless butt work like a machine. Next comes a full frontal cock stroking sequence followed by a masturbation sequence in profile. At the midway point of this scene, Candy begins moaning while stroking her cock to a full erection. Candy continues to fap her big dick until she shoots her cum. Then she flexes her spent cock while sweetly waving goodbye.

TS Pussy Hunters: Lorelei Lee, Kelli Lox, and Cherry Torn


You will be Under Lorelei Lee’s Spell. Cherry and Lorelei call out the other bounty babes to try to come help their friend….but is it another trap? Click here for Caramel’s Kink Unlimited 30% off Limited Time offer from to find out.


Although they haven’t all worked together before, all three of these talented actresses have been on TS Pussy Hunters on before. The action heats up quickly after the opening interview where the limits are established, which are minor, and the safe words are set in everyone’s minds. Bound, captive Kelli struggling against her ropes with a big hardon betraying her protests is exciting as seeing Lorelei licking it and then sucking it. Cherry captures this act and Lorelei stroking Kelli’s stiff cock with her sexy stocking and bare feet. Then Cherry, with her big tits exposed, joins in to help Lorelei with her tongue and talented mouth on Kelli’s turgid member.


When Lorelei takes over recording the action, Kelli orally worships her bare feet while Cherry gives her head. The hot, hung trans captive is then “forced” to devour Lorelei’s pretty pussy while getting her large cock sucked and sucked. After Lorelei has a tremendous orgasm, Cherry is first to ride Kelli’s sweet dick with her pussy.


The official TS Pussy Hunters synopsis on reads: Cherry Torn and Lorelei Lee are entrepreneur billionaire moguls who have found a sustainable way to feed the world forever. They have contacted the tech expert for the Bounty Babes to help them get the good news out to the world. TS Kelli Lox develops an app that will stream a message to everyone’s electronic device to tell them about the news that the evil illuminati are trying to keep from us all….or so that’s what Kelli thinks. Soon after making the app, the tables are turned on Kelli.


The bounty babe has been hunted and trapped by the beautiful Blonde evil ladies. Cherry and Lorelei capture Kelli, tie her up, suck her cock foot job her cock, slap her around and fuck her with a strap on all the mean while streaming the entire thing to everyone using the app that Kelli Developed. Cherry and Lorelei call out the other bounty babes to try to come help their friend….but is it another trap?One thing is for sure, After you watch this video, you will be Under Lorelei Lee’s Spell…. stay tuned for upcoming Bounty Babe shows featuring, bondage, anal strap on, food jobs, blow jobs, and pussy fucking. I strongly urge you to take advantage of my Kink Unlimited 30% off Limited Time offer. Take the tour.


Wendy Summers, Rebeka Refuse, & Amy Gray

Sample Gallery - Watch The Free Trailer on
Sample Gallery – Watch The Free Trailer on 

Wendy Summer’s knows a lot about how to turn on men, but she’s also quite proficient in making the ladies hot as well. We get a glimpse into her transbian magic when she shows Rebeka Refuse how to kiss Amy Gray. It’s a deep French kiss for starters that leads the three fiery redheads into a deliciously pleasing threesome! There’s rimjob action while stiff cock stroking and sucking by the mentor while Amy gets blown. Wendy gives Rebeka head also in an oral daisy chain. Two of these foxes get their gorgeous bottoms penetrated by butt plugs while we’ve got an fantastic view and then the fucking begins! If you’re a new student in transbian lovemaking, you’ll discover that Wendy can fuck as hard as anyone out there and more efficiently than most.

Video Gallery
Video Gallery 

Wendy is also magnificent in a super horny solo scene on satin sheets, exposing her luscious boobs and stroking her thick cock while kneeling. “There’s something sexy about laying on Satin Sheets. How they glide over your body just like how cum-covered cocks can slide past one another when frotting? The shiny, silky smoothness just feels so sinful. It gives me a devilish idea – want to join me?” asks the stunning hostess of

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Wendy is also getting into the Halloween spirit which you can view a Free Trailer on of her “Devilish” video You’ve got to hear how sexy she sounds while pumping her ass with a big toy! You can also run a preview of her wickedly satisfying trans threesome. If one redhead is trouble, three is a triple threat as Wendy Summers says.


Pure-TS: Christina Skyye – Gorgeous Sex Slave Pleases Her Master


Beautiful sex slave Christina Skyye enjoys her life as Master Christian’s pet. When he is horny, she is there to make him happy and give him her entire body to do with as he chooses. This hot scene finishes with her swallowing his load like a good girl. That’s the official Pure-TS synopsis and Sunshine State represent! Gorgeous Christina is from Florida, my current home state, and she makes her killer hardcore debut in Las Vegas with the porn king for his phenomenal Pure-TS website.


If Christina was at all nervous during this set, I couldn’t tell at all. Even though she’s locked in a cage with her intimidating Dom gazing at her from his throne, I can tell the difference between stage fright and genuine BDSM roleplay. You’ll see it also while you’re watching.


As a lifestyle kinkster, this is my favorite porn niche, so it doesn’t bother me to see this beauty having her hair pulled and ass spanked hard while she’s crouching in her cage. The only things I’m thinking are that Christina looks absolutely incredible and that I wish I had a cage for my pets. But I digress.


Christina’s bondage outfit leaves very little to the imagination and she wisely addresses her Master as “Sir” as he attaches a leash to her collar and pulls her out of the cage. Christina is reminded to do what ever her Dom pleases and that includes keeping her amazing bottom wide when her exposes her ass explicitly and spanks it so hard that it ripples, as firm as it is.


How many things turn me on more than a fine as frog’s hair submissive whose only duty is to serve? Not many, especially when she’s busty and hung like this. After being “forced” to give Christian’s massive cock a deep sucking, she’s made to climb upon a padded foot locker which is the only thoughtful thing that’s happened to her so far.


“Please may I have it,” is what she begs like a good sub should before her tight ass is about to be stuffed with cock. Thoughtful act #2 comes in the form of being penetrated bareback while she’s on her hands and knees.


The harder Christina is fucked, the harder her cock grows. It’s swollen fully erect when she takes a pounding while on her back. Christian manages to stroke her big dick while drilling away in the missionary position. She’s allowed to masturbate as well and when she’s not, her hardon bobs and sways with her Master’s powerful thrusts. Her incredible ass is captured magnificently during the cowgirl ride. You might even like the reverse cowgirl pummeling even better with Christina’s big boner bouncing up and down and swinging around in circles.


Christina almost seems to be insatiable! Her large member is fully erect when she takes a side saddle banging also! I love the way this torrid bareback scene ends and I’m absolutely certain that Christina Skyye will become a major porn star. Pure-TS is where I saw her first.

Cinnamon Toast Fuck on Chaturbate 

Her “About Me” on Chaturbate reads: Cinnamon and friends coming soon to a spank bank near you. After reading that, I wondered if I’d eventually see her playing with one of those friends although she’s magnificent all on her own. Several social media sightings later, after I learned that she’s primarily submissive and into men, I was surprised to see her camming with another gorgeous trans girl. Cinnamon was lying completely nude next to a brunette who had her top on, but naked from the waist down. She had a really nice cock that Cinnamon had already made hard by the time I signed in. They were very interactive with viewers and of course the tipping ones and while the brunette chatted, Cinnamon got on her hands and knees to show off her bare ass. It’s heart-shaped and her trim waist really makes it look full and wide. The front view with her gorgeous breasts is quite a sight, too. Her partner had her straddle her lap to give her a finger banging, then spanked her ass hard! The legs on this babe are also super sexy. The brunette proceeded to give Cinnamon a rim job next and then inserted a butt plug with a tail. Then she reached underneath and began stroking Cinnamon’s stiff cock. The brunette then moved over a few feet on the bed and sat back to enjoy what seemed to be a fabulous blowjob from the blonde webcam hostess. She was forced to suck the hung partner until a raging hard erection was produced again. Cinnamon also straddled her partner’s cock bareback and got fucked in the missionary position! You can register for free when you get to but please remember to tip generously. Whether she’s playing alone or with friends, it’s your lucky day if you happen to catch her next show.


Gorgeous Amour Cums!


Omar Wax and his model Columbus, Ohio native Amour have created a dual series of WFT moments on Black-TGirls. What that means is that he captures a series of Amour in two sets that make me ask myself, “What the fuck? How much hotter can this get?! In my humble opinion, it just plain can’t get any hotter. Amour has a beautiful face and a killer body as you can plainly see. But seeing her in motion is even more exquisite.


I don’t know how anyone can preview this sort of work and not feel compelled to see the videos that go with the photo sets. I think I’m making it obvious that I can’t resist either streaming or saving these updates. I’ve also raved about Amour’s stupendous performance with sexy Soldier Boi on my TS Dreamland blog from the hardcore sister site, here.


But today’s focus is on Amour’s latest Black-TGirls appearance. This site does so many frequent updates that it’s not unusual to to be teased by a model making her debut and the scene ending before she climaxes. If you’re a cumshot fanatic, you check out the other content and as a member you simply wait for an encore or further update where a beautiful porn princess totally let’s loose. It’s sort of like an old school merchant’s practice of constantly moving things around the store so you find something new every time you shop at their shop.


Amour’s bedroom striptease in her new scene is coquettish and alluring. Even through her tasteful designer clothing, you can see that her figure is hard and soft in all the right places, just like the big cock she’s going to make cum for you. She’s completely nude on the bed withing the first four minutes. In another few minutes, Amour is in full masturbation mode with Omar capturing her in artistic angles many producers sadly don’t even imagine employing. Then comes this beauty’s creamy white cumshot! I’m serious when I tell you I don’t know how any trans porn fan would want to pass on something this hot.

You can watch the Free Trailer on
You can watch the Free Trailer on Launches

evieeliot, which features content from top producer Radius Dark combines trans beauty with a specific focus on foot fetish content. “A famous man once said, ‘It’s not a foot fetish, it’s a lifestyle,’” Radius Dark quotes. “If a woman takes care of her feet, you know she takes care of everything else. Lots of fans appreciate a lady with beautiful feet; so it’s time to give those fans the beautiful transsexual foot fetish videos that they crave.”

carmenbonita, according to Grooby Productions, “features scenes that will appeal to dedicated foot fetish lovers, casual admirers and newbies alike. With intuitive advanced search functionality, users can find content sorted by ethnicity, location, clothing and even shoe size. The site is also optimized for mobile devices so you can view it nearly anywhere, including when users are on the go.”


In an article by Steven Grooby, founder and CEO of Grooby Productions, said, “Feet, feet, more feet, soles, toes, feet and thrice, feet! Frankly, I’m tired of getting asked for more feet shots and content for years. The more we show, the more they want. Personally, it’s not my thing, but we try to include it on the sites. Well now, I don’t have to worry — I can just point them in the direction of Foot Fetish TS” Steven Grooby said that Radius Dark is perfect for


“Radius Dark is one of our top photographers, and he’s produced content with many of the hottest and most sought after transgender models over the years,” Steven Grooby said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s going to do with this website. And who knows, maybe I’ll be wanting more feet also.”

michellefirestone updates weekly with new sets which includes full HD video to stream or download on every device, phone or Smart TV. Check out the tour and then click that join button right now!


Bailey Jay In: Watch Me Stroke My Heavy Cock

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

Bailey Jay squeezes the outline of her big wang through her tank dress when her “Watch Me Stroke My Heavy Cock” scene begins. She’s wearing panties that match her dress, but her erection and large, smoothly shaven ball sack have escaped. The fabric of her dress makes it bounce up and down when it’s set free and ready to be stroked firmly. She directs your focus upward by exposing her big knockers next. Then she takes a seat on the sofa and lays back to continue with her solo fap session. Her slightly wet pecker looks enormous with the closeup as well as when the camera lens zooms back out. Bailey Jay rises again and slaps her meat slab against her palm before beating off again. Her soft moaning sounds increase and she sits back to make her heavy cock just hover in the air for a bit. She’s standing again with her open palm beneath what is perhaps the most famous trans cock in the world. Then her juicy prick shoots a creamy white cumshot she takes a taste of while waving goodbye. Bailey Jay threw in the “I Joined Bon Jovi” photo gallery to top it off and to help bring you off. You can stream or download this video on her official website or from the TGirl Network which includes full access the websites of Adriana Lynn Rush, Angelina Torres, Ashley George, Bianka Nascimento, Carmen Moore, Eva Paradis, Holly Harlow, Jasmine Jewels, Jessica Fox, Jonelle Brooks, Kelly Clare, Kimber James (pre-op & post-op), KimberLee, Mandy Mitchell, Morgan Bailey, Natalia Coxxx, Natassia Dreams, Nody Nadia, Olivia Love, Penny Tyler, Sarina Valentina, Sexxxy Jade (pre-op), Sunshyne Monroe, Tiffany Starr, TS Foxxy, TS Jessy, Vaniity and Victoria Di Prada!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Interview with Cookie Pup


Cookie Pup is an incredible webcam performer you can see live in action if you register for free when you get to She’s fantastic all on her own, but she might have a playmate with her when you catch one of her shows. This UK trans beauty means business. I could tell by the speed in which she replied candidly and intelligently to the most challenging questions I could come up with. I had a great pleasure conducting my interview with this bright light and I hope you’ll enjoy my exclusive Caramel’s TGirls interview with Cookie Pup!