TGirls.XXX: Kitchen Fun With Candy Licious!

Description: Gorgeous Candy Licious is back on TGirls.XXX! Candy had an amazing year so far starring in a smoking hot “Cumshot Friday” episode and a smashing hardcore scene with B Flex. She returns today with a brand new solo scene to kick off another amazing week on TGirls.XXX! Watch beautiful Candy getting naughty in the kitchen! She strips and strokes her hard cock just for you!

I’ll readily admit that I’m biased about Texas sweetheart Candy Licious. Our previous interview here on Caramel’s TGirls is partly responsible for that. If you’re jealous of seeing her in a hardcore scene, she’s all on her lonesome in this date like she was in her killer debut here also filmed by Omar Wax.

This is Candy in her Calvin’s and fishnet anklets with tall sandals shaking an ass that won’t quit! She reaches inside her undies to play with whatever is making that big bulge. Yet she doesn’t pull her big cock out right away.

Candy makes you want to do in that kitchen what most people do in bedrooms and in record time. Her butt moves like it’s engine-operated and her striptease is magnificent! As a matter of fact, I think Candy has my favorite set off buttocks in trans porn. Period. And that pretty face. Phew!

She stands with her dick flaccid and average in size at first. Within minutes, she’s kicking off her panties with a big juicy hardon! She produces a rather large black butt plug and then inserts it deeply within her tight ass. If that toy could only be your cock!

Between jerking off furiously, Candy releases her big schlong and makes it bounce up and down like a horny diving board. Don’t miss this killer Candy Licious update on TGirls.XXX and for more tremendously hot solo and hardcore performances, see her also on,, and in her scorching trans lesbian sets on TGirls.Porn!

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Femout.XXX: Lucy Crow Cums!

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One of my all-time favorite Femout.XXX cum shots is the one I’ve just seen produced by Russian model Lucy in a very recent update. Her profile update reads: “Moscow’s own, sexy Lucy Crow, is ready for more! She returns and brings her toys ready to have some fun with that tight ass of hers! Watch sexy Lucy riding her dildo and stroking her cock until she cums just for you in another hot solo scene brought to you by Teodor Grekov! That’s the skilled producer responsible for the hyper-erotic website

I don’t know what it is about her that makes my cock hard enough to cut diamonds with. I’m a big 5’11” trans woman and a tgirl as skinny as Lucy might be too thin for me in real life. I might be afraid of breaking her while fucking her tight, narrow ass.

I’m pansexual and when it comes to tits, I love them when a girl has them, but I can do without them. So I don’t care that Lucy is flat as a board. Actually, I’m quite fond of her tight little brown nipples.

Lucy is obviously still in the beginning stages of her transition and I’d suspect that most of her admirers like her that way and wouldn’t change a thing about her. She kind of looks like a part-time girl and that’s okay with me too.

At 34 years old, Lucy ain’t no Spring chicken. She seems to know exactly what she likes and wants and that’s immensely evidenced when she’s riding her big dildo. The dark, uncut penis that hangs over her smooth balls isn’t necessarily huge, but a nice average sized pecker that expands to full erections when Lucy is highly aroused.

When Lucy explicitly exposes her ass, it looks tight as a vice. Then she goes deep into concentrating on getting her nut. Lucy’s hardon bobs and sways as she rides her suction dildo on the table beneath her.

Lucy jerks off furiously, but the big creamy gobs of cum don’t shoot out until she lets go of her throbbing organ. I love a good hands-free cum shot! Lucy’s spunk splashes to the floor in thick, sticky ropes and she seems so proud of her climax in this torrid Femout.XXX encore performance!

Chanel Santini and D. Arclyte in Attorney Privileges

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The official description reads: Stunning TS socialite Chanel Santini is facing serious jail time after yet another DUI, and attorney D. Arclyte has grown tired of bailing her out time and time again. She needs a hard lesson! D. Arclyte happily obliges, plugging Chanel’s ruby red mouth with his ample cock. After she very competently sucks his dick, D. Arclyte removes her pants and sucks her off like a champ. Chanel begs for anal sex. D. Arclyte pounds Chanel’s shapely ass in several positions, causing moans from Chanel’s glossy lips. D. Arclyte’s cock erupts like a volcano of desire, all over Chanel’s shivering body.

MP4 Scene Trailer

Trans porn “It Girl” Chanel Santini has real acting chops. You can see it the moment she begins interacting with her attorney played by D. Arclyte who always looks at home in a suit. He was in business before the adult industry which explains that. D. doesn’t embarrass himself one bit either in this scene with his role.

Sample Photo Gallery 02

The plot development provides the right amount of build-up. Three minutes of Chanel’s discussing her predicament, then seducing her lawyer leads to a vignette you’ll want to come to and one that you’ll remember as a movie-like porn flick.

Flash Scene Trailer

D.’s reaction to what he’s going to get with Chanel is almost as exciting as what she’s about to give him. D.’s staying power enables him to survive a prolonged sloppy blowjob, tittie fuck and the sensation of fucking beautiful Chanel’s tight ass in a variety of positions.

See more of this lucky litigator and his hot client in TS Girls In Trouble on magnificently written and directed by Dana Vespoli. 

Canada-TGirl: Tempting Nora Rocks Her Cock!

Description: Pretty Nora Ivchenko looks extremely lovely and irresistible in her outfit and I have to tell you can’t turn this pretty vixen down, no way. Nora has everything to entice and make you want more. Watch her as she rubs her super sexy body and strokes her rock hard cock.

I believe Nora’s producer Vito wrote the following statement about this scintillating new model: “Nora is a sweet quiet submissive 21 year old tgirl from Toronto, Canada. She can seem a bit introverted because of her shyness, but it also reveals her submissive side … which can be exciting to explore. She confesses she likes to have her nipples sucked and loves impact play too. When i asked to elaborate she added : ” receiving spanking, slapping choking … “watch her first steps on the scene of erotica and witness her becoming a living part of her sexual kinks!”

Her February 27, 2018 debut Introducing “Nora Ivchenko!” was extraordinary because Nora knows her way around the camera. I’ve seen her in LIVE transbian shows with sizzling Ontario model Stephie of and the only think different about her major studio description I found was she’s not always shy. At least not when it comes to sucking and getting fucked!

Vito (aka Vee Soho) films Nora quietly posing in lots of form-fitting lace and all black in her encore performance. She’s got on a little leather too as Vito’s camera pans rapidly all across her long and slender body parts. He captures various shots of her pretty face with and without her stylish eye wear.

I think you’re going to love the moment when you see Nora reaching inside her black tights to begin playing with herself. She withdraws her cock soon afterward, bringing this shoot to a whole new level. Nora removes her tall platform sandals for a bit of bare foot lovers content. Her masturbation sequence follows in just her brassiere and eventually that comes off too! It’s so sweet and sexy to hear the way Nora whimpers quietly when she’s aroused, firmly stroking her stiff cock on!

Well Hung Jamie Lee Comes To Buddy’s!

Description: Jamie Lee is a gorgeous young tgirl who I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of. Jamie has a magnificent booty and a big delicious cock! Enjoy this hot black tgirl stroking her cock and shaking that superb ass on Buddy’s Couch!

This gorgeous new model making her debut is originally from Georgia, but she’s lived in California for about five years (since she was 19 years old).

She’s lived in both the Bay Area and in L.A. and considers herself an easy-going girl who’s down-to-earth. She likes art and she hasn’t officially done porn until now. Jamie Lee loves many men and enjoys a lot of gay male porn.

She likes the contrast of her petite softness against rough dudes and loves seeing gang bangs too. Jamie Lee prides herself on giving great blowjobs and she really wants to try that gang bang seriously some time!

She has a big cock and loves to satisfy hung men. She likes having sex with her socks on, yet the Calvin’s obviously aren’t necessary. She also doesn’t mind allowing Buddy to sample the goods. You know it must be so good to be a trans porn producer having played with hotties like Jamie Lee and so many others over the years.

Buddy gets to play with Jamie Lee’s big cock and her tender rosebud as well. His digital manipulation shows how tight she is and I’m not talking about what the producer is doing with his camera! He uses one hand to jerk her massive schlong but there’s still enough shaft left for two hands. Watch the super pretty new model Jamie Lee cumming on!

Grooby Girls: Scout London Cums!

“Anyone else notice the absolutely, incredibly perfect and puffy nipples Scout has on those amazing, fantastic breasts?” a fan of Scout London asked. ” I’d spend an entire evening worshiping her perfect nipples and rock hard cock, She is perfection!” he or she added. These are inspirational quotes.

Scout’s fourth update reads: Horny North Carolina doll and one of our hottest 2017 Femout.XXX graduates, sexy Scout London, returns with her fourth Grooby Girls scene!

She brought her toy with her and she’s ready to have fun! Today, she’s about to give you something extra! Watch her playing with her cock until she cums in this hot new video brought to you by Omar Wax!

This beautiful Winston-Salem, North Carolina native had oodles of personality to spare along with her good looks. Scout stretches like a cat on the mattress when this cumshot update begins. She suddenly jumps into a prone position, showing off her athleticism, after stating that she’s horny.

Scout displays a magic wand vibrator and sits back up to undo the clasps of her corset while moving her sexy hips ever so slightly. She does an incredible butt show with her panties on that will have you hoping for an encore once they’re off.

She buzzes the Hitachi vibe across her panty bulge and the look on her face can’t hide her increasing arousal. Then come the nipples discussed and we see how sensitive they are as she stimulates them too.

Soon, Scout is buzzing her swollen cock head while completely naked. Beads of clear pre-cum ooze from the tip of her erection. She also finger bangs her ass while masturbating her cock! Scout pauses for more crippling ass presentations before going into full fap mode again.

At one point, she jerks her big dick double-fisted! Pumping her fist furiously, Scout makes spurt after spurt of jizz spray across her tummy. This is yet another supremely sexy update!

Pink Skirt Stroking With Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!

There’s no way I can describe new content, or any content, from the amazing Krissy Kyung of the Pacific Northwest. So here’s the update description in her own words:

“Those of you who know me through Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, know that I just love taking a little walk at the local trucker stop, especially when I have something bright and pink to wear! This cute skirt and high heels made me feel so pretty as I was walking in the light rain for this set… think I attracted a little attention?”

“By the time I got home, my panties were dripping wet with the thought of being fucked by a horny trucker. While that didn’t happen this time, I had plenty to fantasize about while I relaxed on my bed, taking out my Tgirl cock and making it nice and hard dreaming about sucking on some anonymous trucker’s dick! Come watch as I shoot a hot load of cum over at Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl and lose yourself in fantasizing about me!”

Casey Kisses Fucking Sasha de Sade

While laying in bed with Casey Kisses, Sasha de Sade asks why Casey asked her to wear a bondage outfit. Casey replies that it’s because Sasha has never done BDSM before. Sasha tells Casey however that she’s been tied up before and Casey tweaks her sensitive nipples while listening. Sasha adds that she liked that sort of play and Casey encourages her to continue.

She tells Sasha to get on her knees and to close her eyes on the bed and she proceeds to affix a blindfold to her mate’s pretty face. She also binds Sasha’s wrists, then tells her to lay on her back. Sasha’s cock and balls are clearly visible in this position and Casey removes her panties so hers are exposed too. Casey straddles Sasha with her cock in her hand, wags it around a bit, and lays the head upon Sasha’s tongue. She then begins thrusting her rapidly stiffening member in and out of her newly submissive partner’s mouth!

Then Casey decides she wants a taste of penis for herself. She gives Sasha a blowjob and soon her dick is raging hard. Casey places a pillow beneath Sasha’s curvy round ass and eases her erection inside her tight bottom.

Sasha can’t touch her boner while she gets railed by Casey which much make the feeling of getting fucked bittersweet. Casey also fucks Sasha in the doggy style position which makes it easy to smack her ass hard while banging her! Sasha’s breasts bob and sway and her prick spins around like a horny windmill when she rides Casey’s long, hard rod in the reverse cowgirl position.

I’ll leave it to you to find out how this “Casey Kisses Fucking Sasha De Sade” update presented by comes to an end for yourself. Also, take the tour for more of the finest trans-fetish and BDSM content available anywhere!

Femout Newbie Asami Watanabe

I first learned about the new Buddy Wood model Asami Watanabe from her debut on his website. I find her super cute just like her producer and gives her a brief interview. Asami is from the Bay Area and now lives in L.A. She studies Mechanical Engineering in college. What turns her on is hentai and bondage, public play and voyeurism. She’s a bottom and self-described “pillow princess” who’s always wanted to be in a bukkake shoot.

She’s into girls when it comes to relationships, but she loves cum. Buddy mentions that she has great legs and she does. Why the Chuck Taylor’s? Hey, it’s rare that a shoot is perfect, especially before the nudity happens. After Asami has done a bit of stripping, she bends over the couch and presents the most well-rounded bottom!

She faces the camera and then exposes and strokes her cock to a lightening fast erection. It stands straight up toward the ceiling all on its own! Then comes another perfect apple bottom show, more explicit this time around. There’s more solid, pretty boner stroking and off come the bra, sneakers and socks.

Buddy continues directing her and her feet come off the floor in the most explicit type of full frontal masturbation sequences in the spread eagle position. She holds her butt open and if you’re not fantasizing fucking Asami missionary style, I don’t know what’s going on! Buddy gets to reach out and touch what we want.

Asami is a heavy cummer as this TS-Castingcouch reveals at the end! After “Asami Watanabe Cums For Buddy!”, I saw this pretty young thing on Femout.XXX next and this time we’re outside at Buddy’s crib. Asami re-introduces herself and strips by the pool, jerking off to develop a strong erection again.

Her outdoor masturbation is just as good here as it was on the other site. She doesn’t come quite yet, but you know how things usually turn out on Femout.XXX. Wet and creamy!

Grazi Cinturinha Gets Wet And Cums!

Watch The Free Scene Trailer

The TGirls.XXX description reads: Grazi Cinturinha returns and she is horny as hell! Grazi is without a doubt one of our hottest Brazilian models! Super pretty girl with a smoking hot body, nice boobs and a perfect round booty! While she takes a bath, her sexy body looks even hotter wet like that! Grazi is indeed stunning! Following some naughty play while in the bath, she moves to the bed and strokes her cock all until she cums just for you!

The last time Grazi was on TGirls.XXX, she was topping and bottoming with a veteran performer named Marcus. Now the trans beauty is all on her own and that’s better for some of us jealous types. Even if we’re not necessarily jealous, some of us prefer a one-on-one masturbation to completion experience.

This lingerie and tall sandals striptease is simply in theory, yet powerful in impact. Grazi exposes her big round orbs in under two minutes. Just when you think she’s about to lower her panties and show off her schlong, she hides it and replaces that vision of her front with a rear one.

She then parts her globes for the most explicit view of her rear end that you could hope for. Grazi then spanks her ass and reveals her tight body naked in a full frontal view. Her uncut cock hangs bare and swings a bit before her coveted thigh gap. Although I’m not sure how much her thigh gap is appreciated with a lovely cock and set of balls between her curvy legs.

After removing her skyscraper sandals, Grazi massages her breast, jerks off and produces a huge red dildo to simulate sucking your cock with. Then she lubricates her voluptuous ass, finger bangs and toy fucks it deeply!

Grazi flexes and gapes her tender rosebud then sinks into the Jacuzzi. Grazi continues fucking her tight butt in the water, but perches herself along side the tub to jerk off more intently. Grazi is in bed with this TGirls.XXX update when she makes herself cum.