TGirl Japan: Hung Princess Aiko!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to this long-running site. I’d begun promoting it way back in 2008, but there have been big changes in terms that are acceptable and those terms which are not. The first thing that caught my eye was, “Please note that TGirl Japan was previously known as Shemale Japan – if you are a current member your account and billing will continue as normal.” I’ve since stopped promoting websites including slurs in their titles from my blogs out of respect for friends and supporters. I don’t deserve a pat on the back because that change came late in the game.

But now, since behavior on the Net has changed, I’m excited about the new name TGirl Japan. I’m of a certain age and identify as a trans woman, yet “tgirl” is as acceptable as it gets with porn. I don’t see anyone offended by this term, literally ever. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about Aiko! This is her 4th shoot with producer Hiro since 2009 and her profile comes with a luridly detailed description: Aiko used to be a show-dancer because the money is better and she gets to have fun, nice dinners and great sex! She has never appeared in any other adult media but now she wants to show-off her hot body to the world-wide fans of

Aiko is 28 years old She has well-defined features that make her quite attractive and very unique. She also has a pair of nice breasts, an impressive-sized penis and long, tapered legs. Aiko is a black-belt in karate which she has been doing since a child, she states; “I like Karate because it keeps me fit and flexible but it’s also came in useful with some guys who were assholes before. A boyfriend I used to have, loved me kicking his ass also!” Aiko is quite a dominant character and sexually she enjoys the top role a lot, plunging her ass into some bottom guys asshole and then sitting on his face. Are you man enough for Aiko as she loves men who can compete with her in martial arts? Height: 163 cms (5ft 3), Weight: 48kg (106lbs), Stats: 86/56/88 (34/22/35).

Aiko looks absolutely regal in her crown and gown and if you have a smoking fetish, you’re in trouble. Dressed in all white, she’s wearing panties, but her cock is peeking out from her crossed legs. She nonchalantly exposes some lovely tit flesh and begins playing with her erection with a gloved hand. Aiko then begins speaking in Japanese while stroking, obviously saying something naughty. An additional turn on is watching her masturbating in the large window of a hotel overlooking the cityscape. It makes you wonder if any passersby saw this video and photo shoot being made! You should also check out another monumental re-branding –!

Femout.XXX: Introducing Lacie Wonders!

Description: Meet Lacie Wonders! This sexy girl was just discovered by Radius Dark and she is coming from Oregon! Lacie seemed extremely shy and nervous, but this is just how she is when she first meets people. She’s got a great ass and legs on her 5’8″ frame! Lacie loves the outdoors of Oregon. The forests are peaceful and the waterfalls are magical. She also likes video games based on anime! Watch her as she introduces herself, shows off her sexy body and an amazing ass and plays with her cock!

“I’ve been talking to Lacie Wonders about shooting since I began shooting as she reminded me (Radius). Lacie seemed extremely shy and nervous, but I’m told by her friends that this is how she is when she first meets people.”

“She’s got a great ass and legs on her 5’8″ frame. Lacie loves the outdoors of Oregon. The forests are peaceful and the waterfalls are magical. She also likes video games based on anime.” 

This is Caramel writing now and I have a few words about Lacie too. I’ve been a fan of hers for about a year prior to her blazing hot Femout.XXX debut as a Chaturbate webcam model. I’ve seen her solo performances mainly, dildo fucking herself and sometimes shooting cum across her own pretty face!

I understand that Lacie looks just barely old enough to drink, but she’s deceptively past her 20’s. Mr. Dark does a wonderful job extracting her hobbies from her as well as her sexual preferences. She’s so wonderfully versatile, but you’ll learn more about that when you see her Femout.XXX debut. My favorite initial part is when she talks about how she likes light touches on her inner thigh. Watching her open her legs and show her sheer panty bulge should really have you on your way to rampant horniness.

Lacie has a virtually flawless ass that resembles an upside down heart. Her legs, one of them tentacle -inked to hint at a sexual thrill, are simply phenomenal. I love her small hormone boobs and tight nipples. I also like the way her cock expands when she strokes it before us while both sitting and standing. Her debut is fabulous and if you can’t wait for her encore performance to see her climax, check her out LIVE on

Grooby Girls Tryout Tuesday: Lynn Landra!

Description: Lynn Landra is coming from Seattle and she makes her debut today in another episode of our “Try Out Tuesday” series! Discovered by Radius Dark, Lynn has a very Seattle/vampiric vibe about her. She seems very dark and dominant, but is actually very submissive! Sexually, she can be very sensual or brutally physical – shocking even veteran BDSM practitioners! She’s 5’10”, but seems petite in person. Watch her as she introduces herself, shows off her sexy ass, gets her cock hard and strokes it in her debut solo scene!

I thought that super sexy Lynn was petite also upon first site. But 5’10” is just lovely to me. She has a sweet voice and says she’s been “slutting it up” in the adult industry for about a decade. She reads and writes smutty books and tells Mr. Dark about her love for science fiction and her writing style. Then she goes into her submission. The darkly erotic fox tells about what gets her going including sexual positions and acts of domination she likes to receive.

Lynn’s eyes are her favorite feature and they change from green, to blue, to hazel. I love that the interview sequence of this video goes on for over 5 minutes. It gives you plenty of time to get ready for her strip tease as well as providing you with the sort of brain food most trans porn lacks.

Lynn first reveals her perky ass and her lovely cock in its flaccid state. That makes it all the more fun to watch her develop a raging erection! She does just that once down to her bra, panties and boots. She then bares her sweet hormone boobs and bright pink nipples!

If you happen to have an admiration for pretty bare legs or sexy feet, Lynn strips completely nude eventually in this sensational debut!

Black-TGirls: Nubian Barbie’s Climax!

Nubian Barbie shared Model of the Month for May on with Amber Flawless. They’ve both made stunning debut sets and they both have encore cum shot updates live on the site now! The white down comforter and red bodysuit she wears enhance the color of her skin as she poses before and on the bed.

Omar Wax brings a totally different style to the Nubian Barbie debut I raved about on Caramel’s TGirls that you can read here. There’s a different color palette but Barbie does her killer twerk again. Her cock manages to escape her lingerie and shake wildly beneath her as she gyrates her hips and ass.

When she strips nude, she teases by hiding her cock between her curvy thighs. This torment comes at you with Barbie standing and then laying on her back. That’s the position she’s in when she begins playing with her lovely rod.

More rump shaking makes me recall something she said: “From one look you may think that with all this ass I like to bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I do but I 100% like laying into a firm or soft muscle butt!” Nubian Barbie aka Brionna Pleasant said it and I’ll just let it penetrate your mind.

The first three quarters of the video make it seem like Barbie is in need of getting fucked. But the last quarter is where you can tell what kind of railing she could do. Her cock is raging hard and she doesn’t hold back from thoroughly enjoying her climax on!

Sasha de Sade & Jenny Flowers

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: One of Mistress Murmur’s most valuable clients has an unusual request. He wants to buy a sissy wife, and a sissy clean-up bitch. He wants one sissy to be his bride; his devoted submissive fuck toy. The other sissy, the clean-up bitch, will spend her days licking cum from the sissy wife’s leaking holes, and sucking Master’s dick clean. Mistress Murmur has filmed a competition between her two most promising sissy slaves to help her client decide which sissy slut will be his wife, and which will be a dirty clean-up bitch. “Sissy Wife Competition” may trigger some readers/viewers, but it intrigues and arouses the trans dominatrix in me. Sasha and Jenny are presented sitting with their wrists cuffed. They’re wearing ultra-feminine night wear and high heels. Mistress Murmer describes their submissive situation to us in detail. The sissy sisters are unbound in the next sequence, sitting on the floor, listening to Mistress Murmer continuing about plans for them. The client description comes next – how he’s intent on finding the perfect sissy wife. The sisters will be pitted against each other and the loser will be purchased as well. Sasha is instructed to show Jenny how well she wears her outfit and how she could be the perfect sissy wife. Her CBT (cock and ball) device is attached and she’s further instructed to show off her fuckable, pantied bottom. She’s told to walk in her heels with her hem pulled up and her goodies dangling in their clear plastic prison. Jenny is instruceted to show what she’s got next. She’s more innocent than her whore sister, wearing frilly panties that hide her cock. Jenny is wearing a pink CBT device under her panties. She shows how she’d walk as a sissy slut wife in her tall sandals. Then a task is presented for both sissies to carry out together. The must use the giant windows overlooking the city to behave naughtily before. This means allowing anyone looking in to see their chastity and partial nudity. After exposing their captive cocks, balls and butt holes to passersby looking inside, their forced to show how they’d please a live cock with a large dildo. The enclosed Scene Trailer gives you a glimpse of what happens at this point on SashaDeSade.XXX.

Tryout Tuesday: Robin Banks!

No shade to but I don’t know how there could be any question about how hot this brand new Floridian model is. On May 8, 2018 her debut shoot went live and the description reads:

This Tuesday, in another episode of our “Try Out” series, we have an immense pleasure to introduce one gorgeous new girl. Meet Robin Banks! This Florida cutie was just discovered by Jack Flash. A star is born! Robin just oozes sexuality: she is young, pretty and eager to be in front of the camera. This girl is going places so keep your eye on her! She is smoking hot!

In this case, “Tryout Tuesday” should evolve into a “Must Repeat” Tuesday with Robin. She’s fully dressed as she explains that she’s a South Beach Florida transplant from Ohio and only 22 years old. She’s bisexual and she likes chiseled men and other trans women. She’s a bottom but she might switch for the right girl. Ladies, I know right?

Robin’s lacy bodysuit can’t seem to contain her goodies downstairs when she stands up to pose. But I think you’ll manage somehow to get over that. When she turns sideways just before presenting the wonderful curves of her bottom, you can see that her cock is held upward by the tightness of the garment.

Then she pulls the bodysuit down to reveal a gorgeous set of perky breasts and her bare sex organ. You might find it hard to keep your eyes off of her lovely legs while all this is happening. Robin’s cock is semi-erect and growing by the minute.

“Do you like my small titties,” she asks and I guess they’re small, but not really considering they’re all estrogen made. Wait until you see her fondling her boobs and how those manipulations get her cock fully engorged.

Robin’s finger banging from the rear on a black wicker chair comes next and it’s so erotic to see. Then her beauty is captured again full frontal as she jerks off more intently than before.

Foot fans who were checking out her pretty peds in tall sandals get to see them bare also. There’s actually a prolonged foot fetishist sequence that I’m certain several people are blowing their loads over before the end of this fantastic Tryout Tuesday update!

Femout.XXX: Sexy April Gillespie Strokes!

Description: After a while, gorgeous April Gillespie is back with a new solo scene produced by Radius Dark! Looking hotter than ever in her cosplay/school outfit, April can’t wait to show off her long legs and beautiful feet. Her cock starts getting hard pretty quickly! Watch her stroking it and having fun in her hot comeback solo scene.

Producer’s Comments: April Gillespie used to be known as Annie Trappington but asked for a name change. Annie was too much fun to work with! She has a very bubbly personality and is down to do whatever is asked of her. I went out to Medford, OR to meet her – she lives in a small town hours away from every big city. She’s 5’8″, but looks like she’s 5’4″. She’s very lightweight, so she loves to be tossed around and lifted in the air while being fucked.

She has a huge, 8 inches plus cock that was a very big surprise as I scoped out her amateur porn shoots and her dick looked no bigger than six inches. However, when I did my customary sexual interview, she started to get really hard and it kept growing and growing, although it’s very big flaccid as well. Annie is a very young 20 years old. She’s a total video game and guitar playing nerd.

If that information was released in 2015 when April made her Femout.XXX debut, she’s around 23 years old now. That’s how long I’ve been a fan of hers. And yes her legs are nice as she confesses herself and she’s grown tits indeed! She give big ups to estrogen for that. Perhaps you’ve seen at least one of April’s TGirls.Porn performances. She’s co-starred in two sizzling hardcore lesbian sets, one with Lucy Sioux and the other with Angel Be’Natti. For the TGirls.Porn previews, click here.

Back to April’s new Femout.XXX performance released on May 9, 2018, the sexy sailor with the “Yes, Daddy” panties quickly reveals that she’s got a butt plug embedded in her wonderful ass. And she says that all the extra estrogen that gave her tits did not make her dick any smaller. As she says this she sits down to casually jerk off. It’s always mesmerizing when April slips into a deep state of arousal while developing a huge erection.

As she lies masturbating spread eagle on the sofa barefoot with that butt plug still installed, she reminds us of how she clenches her tight ass while stroking. Then the focus goes back to her new B-cup hormone tits. She then spins her large erection around like a propeller and it seems like it might be almost that heavy. There’s a lot more fun and full nudity in the rest of this awesome Femout.XXX update!

TwoTgirls: Roomate Gets Dominated

Scene Trailer

Description:When River Enza’s night of hot kinky fun is cancelled, she returns home with a look of disappointment. Luckily for her though, her loving roommate Bailey Love is interested in learning about what she had planned for the night. Bailey agrees to letting River Enza have her way with her! River Enza completely dominates Bailey Love tying her up and fucking her in all kinds of positions! This is one HOT kinky video you DON’T wanna miss!

Models Page

After seeing Bailey Love and River Enza together in “The Dildo Factory: Quality Guaranteed“, their last Two Tgirls video, I grew accustomed to seeing Bailey topping River. I never imagined that the tables would be turned on but that’s exactly what happened. Director Mayumi Sparkles opens the video with River looking sexy as hell describing how the night’s BDSM adventure failed. Bailey is dressed like a total sexpot, but she’s a normie with absolutely no experience with Domination/submission. The way River introduces her friend to kink play begins as more of an educational thing than a sexual one. Even when River gets Bailey to remove and cast her bra aside, it still comes off like a learning experience. Bailey’s cock happens to be exposed through the open front panel of her panties as River applies cuffs to her wrists., but River still remains fully dressed. River doesn’t seem to notice that Bailey is getting turned on being in bondage until the cuffs are attached together. The cock that was not so intimidating or seemingly aroused before is now large and erect. This kinky pre-play finally becomes sexual when River takes Bailey’s stiff cock inside her mouth.

Videos Page

This update is special for those of us kinksters anxious for the site to delve deeper into BDSM. River Enza is key when it comes to rope play and other kinky acts to follow. Her BDSM master is The Goddess Kyaa, a cisgender dominatrix, so the interplay between River and Bailey comes across as totally authentic. The hard flogging across Bailey’s big erection surprises me however. So does River’s furious fucking performance. I previously thought of River as a bottom only. Bailey is at her versatile best and now I know that River Enza can top with the best of them. Roomate Gets Dominated is available in 4K (Ultra HD)6.55GB, 720P (HD, 814.22MB, 480P (SD), 411.85MB, and 1080P (Full HD), 1.68GB resolutions. Also check out the new sister site from Mayumi Sparkles:!

TheEnglishMansion: Miss Zara, Tiffany Real Doll – Zara’s Sex Doll

Since my “Zara’s Sex Doll Featuring Miss Zara & Tiffany Real Doll Review” of Part 1 includes the full description of this 4 part masterpiece, I’ll skip that this time around and review the Part 4. The complete movie is coming soon to  Actually, I’m going to cheat a bit and include bits from Part 3. Tiffany Real Doll looks absolutely gorgeous lapping away at Miss Zara’s trimmed, red haired pussy There’s an Aneros plug embedded in Tiffany’s fabulous bottom and her big cock comes into view when Miss Zara rises from the bed to remove more lingerie. She bares her huge breasts and Tiffany lies back on the bed with her erection ready for attention.

Part 4 begins with Miss Zara riding Tiffany’s stiff schlong in the reverse cowgirl position! Her pink, full ball sack is cleanly shaven and her thighs look silky smooth. Miss Zara’s tits bob and sway and she rubs her clit furiously while her pussy gets drilled. Then they switch into the doggy style position. Tiffany teases Zara for a brief moment with her long, thick rod withdrawing. It swings up and down in the air, causing Zara to turn around and give it a good stroking. Zara uses a generous amount of lube to jerk off Tiffany’s large, raging hardon. She works on Tiffany’s butt plug with her other hand with the sex doll bent over on all fours. Then Miss Zara straddles Tiffany’s pretty face and pumps her big bare cock in her hands until big, thick jets of creamy white cum explode from the bulbous, throbbing head!

Meet Beautiful Ava Dupree!

Watch Ava’s Free Debut Trailer

Ava Dupree looks easy, breezy beautiful in her TGirls.XXX debut. Part of her description reads: Another amazing Omar Wax discovery, Ava has a smoking hot slim body and a perfect booty. She LOVES showing them off too! She was excited to introduce herself to the world and so were we to meet her! Enjoy watching sexy Ava stripping, stroking and having fun in her first scene ever!

This gorgeous Texan’s biography is nice and long! “Hey guys, it’s your girl Ava Dupree and I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you guys a little about me. I’m a small town Midwestern girl currently residing in the great state of Texas!! I’ve been on my hormone regimen for four years as of Spring 2018 and I’m a totally pre-operative trans woman.”

” I do have plans to have enhancements in the future, but nothing super drastic.. I really like my current look and I’m happy with the progress I’ve made thus far, it has been quite the journey. I identify pansexual and versatile, I’ve dated genetic men and women as well as trans men and women. I wouldn’t say I have a type, I’m just a lover of all different kinds of people. My turns ons range from muscular men, to the average dad bod, to super femme women, to tomboys.. So hard to choose just one!!”

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends day drinking by the pool or at the beach, I am a practicing makeup artist so you will sometimes catch me doing my creative thing. I love to travel to music festivals all over the country (and abroad when I can), I’ve always had a passion for music and travel ever since I was very young. I enjoy doing yoga (gotta stay flexible) and meditating when I can find the time to wind down.”

” I really like to cook, I always have.. My family is full of great cooks and I come from Japanese heritage believe it or not. That’s a fun fact about me. I’m pretty much vegetarian and rarely eat any meat (mostly seafood, MY FAVE), I love our cuddly fur babies to much to plate them.
I’m really excited for you all to see what I’m capable of in front the lense and maybe behind it at some point.”

” I’ve only had a taste of this industry and I absolutely love and adore everyone that I have shot with. Everyone has been so good to me and I appreciate that I’m able to work with such amazing talented people. I also want to thank all of you that watch and support my work, you all are the ones that make it possible for me to continue the work that I do.

“I so appreciate and love every single one of my fans and followers you all are great and I hope to keep pumping out content so please continue to visit and see what I’m up to. Thanks again and stay happy and blessed all.. AVA.”

Don’t miss Ava’s dazzling debut on TGirls.XXX!