Venus Lux Stars and Stripes



What did one flag say to the other flag? Nothing. It just waved. What’s the quickest way to get away from more corny Independence Day jokes? Watch the video preview (and five more after that if you’re aroused by the first one) on the official Venus-Lux website. After watching her scintillating hardcore “Transsexual Romance” video performance with FTM Fucker James Darling, I just had to check out her July 4th solo scene. First I saw the photo set that comes with about 80 hi-res images. The pictures gave away how this erotic holiday story would end. But I had to see the full video for myself. You should too and Happy Fourth of July!

Trixxy Von Tease in Summer Bat


The sensational alternative Grooby/ModelCentro website presents “Summer Bat” which ends with one of of the most amazing cumshots I’ve ever seen on a TS website. In this solo video performance, Trixxy is filmed oiled up in her black bikini and wedge sandals while puffing on a cigarette. She wastes no time masturbating once she’s done with her smoke. Her cock wastes no time getting stiff either. Trixxy raises her smooth, shiny legs to give you an explicit view of all her charms while pumping away furiously. She fingers herself and switches with each hand to stroke her raging hard dick and occasionally cups one of her big boobs. Trixxy makes the sexiest faces while fingering and fapping and you get ultra clear footage of every inch of her fine form. I don’t want to go into detail about the way Trixxy cums in the end because I really want you to see this. Take the tour of to get a better idea of what’s in store for you.     

Isabelle on UK TGirls



I’ve known about Isabelle, who is Bulgarian but lives in London, as “Izabell” since about January from somewhere in the social media world. But I’ve never seen one her incredible performances before until UK TGirls was recently launched. Well, I’ve seen both of her photo and video sets and I can’t make up my mind which one is hotter. She’s so pretty it’s just plain ridiculous. In the first video, she walks around the room in lingerie and says she needs help with her horniness. After removing her bra and showing us a huge dildo, she raises one of her lovely breasts to lick a nipple. Soon she’s sitting in a pink chair with her gorgeous legs spread open. This is the first porn video with Isabelle I’ve ever seen and she’s already fucking her unbelievable bottom with a sex toy. Your favorite part might be seeing Isabelle sitting on the floor with the dildo buried deep inside her while she strokes her stiff, uncut cock. When Isabelle stands back up, her swollen cock does too. It’s an amazing sight. She’s only 22 and with her 5’7″, 33-28-34 stats, mesmerizing green eyes, killer body and A+ performance skills, I think it would be crazy to miss her debut and encore performances on UK TGirls. This preview gallery is from her second fantastic shoot.

Sarina Valentina and Ashton Abrahms









Sarina Valentina is breathtaking in hardcore bareback action with pretty boy Ashton Abrahms who starred with her in his first official porn scene. I’ve seen him on YouTube with Sarina and also on Chaturbate (room=ashtonabrahms). He’s only 18 years old (July 8, 1996) and at the top of the transsexual porn food chain already with just one scene, “The Sweet Taste of Cum.” Can you imagine what it must be like to be in your 1st TS porn feature with Sarina as your co-star? “The Sweet Taste of Cum” title of their scene must have been chosen after it was shot because during the shooting. Sarina asked for it on her ass and inside her before Ashton blasted his spunk across her face and in her mouth. This bareback hardcore scene is one of the hardest poundings I’ve seen Sarina take! That’s what she gets for losing a game of checkers? What would have happened if she’d won? Sarina Valentina happens to be in my top ten favorite transsexual porn stars of all time. She’s done it all including sex with all genders, fetish, interracial, BDSM, etc. All this and she looks as incredible as she did when she first entered the adult entertainment world as Alexis. Join for her amazing archive of content.

Kandie Loving on Bob’s Tgirls





“Pool Table Cumshot” is the name of the new Kandie Loving video on Bob’s Tgirls. She and Mr. Maverick don’t beat around the bush, do they? “Contortions” is the name of the 130+ image photo set of this Albuquerque, New Mexico fox. All this consise title business leaves me little to blog about! I think her toned, athletic body is perfect the way it is, but more about that later. Kandie is actually quite good at playing pool, as seen in the video. It couldn’t have been easy to moe aroung the table in her size 7 skyscraper pumps, but she gets down to stripping quickly anyway. She’s traded the pool stick for a large dildo she’s quite talented with as well. Kandie’s high-pitched, soft moaning adds to the eroticism of her toy pumping and cock stroking. The best shot of this pool-themed video is the one big, creamy white one that lands on Kandie’s flat tummy. Kandie Loving is seeking assistance with breast augmentation surgery. You can support Kandi on her gofundme account under Kandie Loven. Don’t forget to watch the full video on Bob’s Tgirls!

TsPussyHunters: Stefani Special and Mistress Kara









I can’t get over the fact that one of my all-time favorite adult entertainment performers is so young. But guess I’m going to have to for now in order to describe her latest mesmerizing work. Stefani Special aces her role as a total submissive in the new TS Pussy Hunters video with Mistress Kara. This gorgeous Domme brings a highly anticipated rare element to one of the sister sites of TS Seduction – a cisgender dominatrix eager to dominate some of the stunning transsexuals here. She and Stefani are perfectly matched because although Stefani is a switch, she’s been anxious to explore her subspace in a scene. Mistress Kara never allows Stefani to take control in this video whereas she was always the top in her three previous performances. She’s a natural actress who adds humor to plot as it unfold. Mistress Kara is 100% convincing as a Domme who’s not to be messed with. If you’ve seen her MK-Entertainment website, you already know that she’s mastered the art of domination. Unlike many Kink network scenes, there wasn’t a highlight for me in this one because I found it thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Visually, I’d have to say it was the total nudity and hung Stefani’s relentless and powerful thrusting combined with Mistress Kara demanding exactly what she wanted done to her. Follow @stefani_special on Twitter and don’t miss this TS Pussy Hunters update with it’s long-anticipated twist.

Shemale.Porn Galleries













While sorting through the two dozen plus pages of previews, you’ll probably realize there is simply not enough time in one day to view everything you want to see on Shemale.Porn. Fortunately, you can save what you’d like to view later in your own favorites folder. The archive is a massive archive of exclusive Grooby content featuring hand picked 100% full length hardcore scenes. On top of the new scenes, I saw videos I consider TS porn classics, but I burned them to DVD. My personal collection is all digital these days. Instead of digging through homemade disks like I did in the olden days, I’m downloading my favorites again for to micro disks for easy access and storage. “There isn’t a better domain name than to describe exactly what is on this site and we’re excited to be the first full site to launch on the .porn extension,” said owner Steven Grooby. Shemale.Porn is optimized with all platforms and uses ElevatedX for enhanced Navigation and search functionality. Take the tour and please do your best to put aside some free time for yourself. For this megasite, you’re gonna need it.

Noa Iijima on Shemale Japan Hardcore



There’s an ample amount of hardcore sex on Shemale Japan, but Shemale Japan Hardcore is the place to go for the motherlode. That’s what I did when I wanted to see ” Noa Iijima Rides Again.” It’s been almost three years since I’ve heard the unforgettable squeals from this busty Tokyo babe who was born in Kyoto Province. Her stats are 33C-24-33, 5’9″ (176cm), 134lbs(61kg) and she has a 7″(18cm) cock when it’s fully erect. You’ll see it bobbing on her man’s face during the 69 footage and next when she’s getting railed. Her partner lubes his big dick and jerks off a bit before fucking Noa in the missionary position of the leather sofa. It looks as though she hasn’t been banged in quite some time when she takes it doggie-style. But she keeps jacking her hips back to meet the studs thrusts like she loves it. More position changes follow and I’m not sure if Noa is in sheer rapture or if she’s dying. But then she smiles at us and proceeds to fuck the dude doggie-style! I didn’t realize how cute he is until this point. I guess that’s when I started living vicariously through both partners. Noa smacks his ass had while fucking him and I believe she’s just officially made him her bitch. He’s wailing and she’s laughing about it. The high-pitched squealing from Noa returns when she blasts one of those big cumshots I remember from the old days. Don’t touch Noa’s cock right after she cums! It’s extra-sensitive after her Shemale Japan Hardcore climax. 😉

Morgan Bailey on Shemale Yum





I know I’m not the jealous type because if I were, I couldn’t get over the way the @1Morgan Bailey (on Twitter) looks without makeup in her 14th Shemale Yum photo and video set. I’ve been a huge fan of her official website since 2009, but seeing her filmed by veteran Grooby photographer Buddy Wood once again makes things seem like old times. In the video, she’s posing sort of the way she is in this photo above from the gallery. Click on that for more. Anyway, she’s on the notorious harlequin sofa talking dirty to get you going. Morgan’s top comes off next and she keeps the bottom on while doing unspeakable things to her incredible bottom. This torrid and graphic exposure is followed by the porn icon facing the camera and stroking her big cock. It’s hard enough to cut diamonds with and doesn’t seem to mind being smacked hard. This is a good long video in which Morgan’s large prick shoots so much creamy white cum, it seems like she hasn’t climaxed for weeks! Once again, Morgan Bailey is as horny and as stunning as ever on Shemale Yum. And TGIF! Can you believe it’s update day already? I’m still catching up from last Friday’s tremendous SMY update!

Kelly Monrock on





Check out this super sexy preview gallery! Kelly Monrock is a foxy new model/performer from Laval, a Canadian city located in southwestern Quebec, north of Montreal. It’s actually the largest suburb of Montreal. I just happened to notice that Kelly has one of the largest cocks on the site, a big set of balls to teabag, and an ass that won’t quit. One thing I like about Kelly, amongst the many, is that she doesn’t just like pole dancing. She also owns her own pole. The photo set comes with 105 brilliant images shot by Vito and the video is what I’d describe as HD perfection. “I just love the idea of getting caught outdoors with my panties around my ankles,” she admits. I’m not even going to go into what I’d do if I caught her in that situation. Chances are, I’d want to play “Hide the Salami” just like you would. The video opens with Kelly walking down a street that’s pretty busy with auto traffic. She flirts with some passersby, cupping her tits and showing a lot of leg, then slips into the woods. Kelly invites a guy in a Jeep to follow her. Deep in the forest, she raises the hem of her skirt and shows off her curvy ass and the big bulge in her panties. Kelly even parts her cheeks in an open invitation. Then she reveals her big cock and starts her outdoor fap session. Don’t miss the first video with gorgeous Kelly Monrock on!

Summer Is Here with Krissy4u





When presenting Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl updates, it makes absolutely no sense for me not to let her provide the descriptions. Many of us already know she’s an incredibly talented writer and about one of her recent exploits she’s penned, “I don’t know about where you are, but here in Oregon at the moment, Summer has arrived in full force with over 90 degree weather for the past couple of days, and for all of next week! Contrary to popular belief, we really have some great weather in the Summer, if you like blazing hot days. Personally, I prefer the cold, rainy days but when I’ve got some new Grooby Girls gear to show off for Members of Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, you can bet that even I can be coaxed out into the sunshine to catch some rays! Here are some pictures that I shot for a gallery on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl of me sporting my Grooby Girls tank-top and taking a little dip into the Columbia River. What better way to relax after a nice, cool swim than getting dirty on the beach? Swing on by my site today and bring in your Summer with a little Krissy4u heat!”

Melanie on Shemale Strokers



I love that you can now watch video previews now at the “Trailers” section at the top of the Shemale Strokers landing page. As usual, there are a lot of stunner there, but Melanie caught my eye because I haven’t seen her in quite some time. Actually, it’s also because of the way she’s dressed. Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses? Ask Melanie about that if you ever get the chance to meet her in person. I first saw her on another great website and she was bespectacled there, too. I’d say it works for her pretty well and fits perfectly with the office theme of her new video. She’s going over some files at her desk (the same type of glass top I’m working on right now). For some reason, her soft penis and tight balls are hanging outside of her panties. Her voice is sweet when she tells us she’s going to do something out of the ordinary for today’s break. Melanie props her heels on the desk and begins to do what the site promises in its name. The L.A. transsexual beauty moans softly as her cock grows from her slow, steady stroking. Then she gets up and her maginficent ass is presented as she leans against the file cabinet. Her top and g-string are still on, but not for long. Melanie is naked except for her high heel sandals as she sits back down to beat off more intensely this time. But of course she has to show off her bare ass and simulate riding a stiff dick. Melanie is lying down when she faps furiously, sending thick ropes of creamy white cum to blast out of the swolen head of her beautiful erection. Catch her eruption and the slow motion instant replay on Shemale Strokers.

Natalie Mars on Chaturbate



I can’t remember how long ago it was when I first saw Natalie Mars on the Net. But I do remember that when I did, I knew she was destined for porn stardom. Natalie started HRT on November 5th, 2014 and it seemed to me like she was literally popping up everywhere in 2015. The next thing I knew, I saw her on my favorite webcam site under natalielovescum on Chaturbate. She’s an amazing performer and today, I saw her video with Bailey Jay. Don’t worry if you’re thinking that Natalie is only into other gorgeous transsexuals, guys. Anyway, let me tell you a little about the scene that’s live on TS-BaileyJay right now with Natalie. It’s called “Crashpad Cock Slut” and these gorgeous ladies waste no time with passionate kissing and mutual breast admiration. Bailey Jay’s big cock is already almost fully erect when Natalie gets her thighs open. “I can’t get over your ass,” she tells Natalie and you’ll see exactly why. Natalie has a big dick herself that grows fully erect while her porn and mainstream media icon friend strokes and sucks on it. The end of the video showed me why Natalie’s Chaturbate room is so appropriately named. If Natalie isn’t online when you log in, just follow her to be notified of her next show.

Alexia Angel on UK TGirls



Finally, the UK has it’s own website dedicated to showcasing the stunning transsexual models across the British Isles! The United Kingdom is one of the great melting pots of the world and this site will be presenting models from all different parts of the country and different backgrounds. As one of the main tourist destinations, the producers might even have to sneak in the occasional visitor and they’ve already had some girls from Scandinavia and other parts of Northern Europe request to come and work with them, as the sole outlet for transsexual European pornography. “I moved out of the UK in 1996 and I don’t think I’d met a transsexual before that. The majority of models we’ve worked with have been in North and South America and Asia,” said Grooby owner Steven Grooby. “Over the years we’ve always been able to source a few UK models who have proven popular, but it became apparent in late 2014 that there were a lot more British tgirls who were now looking to model.” Grooby has been working with a UK producer for the last few years and thought it would be worth showcasing British trans girls with their own website. “The European girls do look different to models from other countries and we’re hoping to capitalize on everything that’s cool and unique about the UK culture on this site,” Grooby added. This featured model is Alexia Angel of Norfolk who was nervous about posing. It shows a little in the first photo and video set, but Alexia was also very eager to show off. Click on Alexia to see more of that good stuff she’s showing us on!

TS Playground #19



TS Playground #19 is a “Ladyboy Edition” from the trailblazing Evil Angel director Jay Sin. The gorgeous Thai transsexual stars take on hung, handsome male partners, adventurous genetic females and each other. Genetic girl Hanna Lee and TS Tongta treat Spencer Fox to a torrid threesome in Scene #01. After massaging his muscular thighs and big cock, Spencer bangs both babes bareback and Tongsta fucks his cute bubble-butt while Hanna sucks him off. British Bo Ryder fucks cover model Ying in Scene #02 after getting a handjob and a blowjob. Ying has one of the most beautiful small cocks I’ve ever seen (hey, I’m no size queen). After this multiple-position bareback railing, Jacky looks adorable with her braces wearing an exotic version of a French maid’s uniform. Her white-painted finger tips circle her taut nipples before she begins stroking her curvy uncut erection. Spencer gets lucky again, this time with Jacky in a tumultuous bareback banging. She has an amazing set of jiggling boobs and an ass that won’t quit. Their reverse cowgirl ride is my favorite part of Scene #03. Donut and Neth, in matching pink lingerie, join Johnny Ok in a cocksucking anal three-way, including a backdoor daisy chain with sexy Donut in the middle in Scene #04. Lastly, pale slender New gets railed by Mr. Fox and gets a creamy facial in Scene #05. I absolutely love every scene of the 3 hour TS Playground #19! But you can download each scene individually on Evil Angel if you like.