Morena Black & Chelsea Marie on AllTGirls.XXX


Radius Dark HD continues to deliver the type of content I love seeing (and downloading) the most. The latest scenes that have blown my mind include the videos and photo sets on AllTGirls.XXX. I first became a super fan of Dark’s work through his productions with one of my favorite stars, the hostess of and Next, I was blown away the foursome he filmed featuring Michelle Firestone, Nina Lawless, Chelsea Marie and Miranda Meadows from Then there was the scorching hot foursome scene with Holly Parker, Nina Lawless, Brooke Zannell and Sami Price on Recently, I began following the career of Morena Black, who’s currently sending shock waves through the adult industry with just a few performances to date. When I saw that Mr. Dark created two scenes with Morena and Chelsea Marie for AllTGirls.XXX, I couldn’t resist pulling out my purse again for the sake of premier porn. Once you stream or download the scene behind the photo above, Chelsea Marie Fucks Morena Black and Morena Fucks Chelsea: The Foreplay, your senses are assaulted by the sight of Chelsea Marie orally and manually preparing Morena for The Fucking. Next up is The Threesome Part One: Morena Black Fucks Mayumi Sparkles. I had the honor of interviewing Mayumi for the Fashion Issue (#95) of Transformation Magazine. She’s absolutely incredible in the first installment of the video that immediately follows the two scenes with Morena and Chelsea Marie. When you get to the AllTGirls.XXX landing page, flip through the easy navigation buttons to see more mesmerizing scenes with an incredible lineup of stars I’ve interviewed and blogged about several times before and will again, and again, and again.

Church Unveils Controversial Transgender Baptism Ceremony

Photo credit: Shutterstock
Photo credit: Shutterstock

The ceremony was framed as being similar to adult baptisms. The website for New Chapel Unitarian describes baptisms as follows:

Baptismal services do not seek a child’s salvation but dedicate the parents to their task to raise the child to have virtues and principles by which to live. Ancient symbols may be used but they will reflect modern ideas and beliefs. Sometimes parents ask for a ceremony that is not a baptism but a Naming Service of a Blessing of a Child. This is quite acceptable and can be arranged with the Chapel.

Clements told the Manchester Evening News that the church was also the first Unitarian chapel in the area to register itself to perform same-sex marriages as well. In fact, the first gay wedding that she presided over last year reportedly involved the parents of the transgender child.

Members of New Chapel Unitarian and Free Christian reportedly unanimously decided to allow the 10-year-old who identifies as a girl to be baptized at the chapel, with Clements saying that there was absolutely no controversy surrounding the matter.

“It felt entirely natural, There was no controversy when they voted at our annual general meeting,” she told the Independent. “They spent more time discussing the autumn fair and whether we might move it to the summer. Now that was controversial.”

The unnamed child also released a statement expressing excitement over the impending baptism.

“I am so happy that they have now said I can be baptised because although I was previously baptised, it was as a boy, with a different name,” it read. “I feel as though it was not really me who was baptised, but somebody else. At the moment I feel separate from God and as a child who has a strong faith I want to be close to Him.”

Unitarian universalists do not share a common set of theological beliefs, though they do share various values embedded in a humanist framework and assemble to form a diverse community surrounding those sentiments.

“Our beliefs are diverse and inclusive. We have no shared creed. Our shared covenant (our seven Principles) supports ‘the free and responsible search for truth and meaning,’” reads a description from the Unitarian Universalist Association. “Though Unitarianism and Universalism were both liberal Christian traditions, this responsible search has led us to embrace diverse teachings from Eastern and Western religions and philosophies.”

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TS Jamie French: The Hooker Series

Video Gallery
Video Gallery Below


There’s an adult actress who makes videos and short films, both hardcore and softcore, yet mostly hardcore. She’s one of the most talented film makers in the adult industry who could easily make the transition to mainstream Hollywood directing if she chose to. TS Jamie French makes a strong point about prostitution in her “Hooker” series without words. That point however is open to interpretation. The cinematic quality is brilliant while frightening. One might say that it’s not intended for viewing by a mild audience. Or perhaps, this is just the audience that most needs to see it. As the plot unfolds, the client is introduced an ice cold john who takes control of Jamie’s vulnerable and obviously new position in life with absolutely no empathy. As for the sex, it’s a rough and oily bareback ride that’s enticing and seductive. Its intense and graphic realness is apt to make any trans girl considering this lifestyle think twice. The Part II finale of is shot in full color HD, but it changes to black & white at a critical moment at the end. It’s definitely the most thought-provoking adult video I’ve seen in 2016. “Hooker” rivals the emotional depth and sexual thrill of every short film I’ve seen last year also and it’s exclusive to

At Least 48 Transgender Women Killed In Brazil In January

It’s important to keep in mind that the real number is likely significantly higher than this. These are only the killings that have been reported and reporters often misgender transwomen.


By Juliana Britto Schwartz • @julianabrittos Brazilian-American blogger writing about #latinafeminism in the US & Latin America. | Editor at @Feministing | Campaigner at @Change

At least 48 trans women have murdered in Brazil in the first month of 2016, Globo reports. “These are scary numbers,” Glória Crystal, the assistant secretary of NGO Livre Orientação Sexual (Free Sexual Orientation) told Globo in an interview about two recent murders in the south of the country.

Though it is unclear how Crystal came to this number, 48 is quite likely a low estimate. Reporters often misgender trans folks when writing about their deaths, and the media isn’t exactly pouring extensive of resources into covering violent transphobia. This is particularly true in Brazil, but is also the case in more developed countries like the U.S. Jos wrote about this phenomenon last summer when 19 trans women had been killed in the U.S. before we were even halfway through 2015:

I keep making the point of saying “reported murdered” because we don’t know how many trans women were killed this year. The FBI only started reporting crimes committed on the basis of gender identity in 2014, which they are required to do by the 2009 hate crimes law. In the six plus years that I’ve been working in media, there’s been a large push just to have the murders of trans women reported correctly, a project that was going on before I joined this work — and trans women are still so regularly misgendered in death. And the police are not exactly prioritizing finding and identifying trans woman murder victims.

So the fact that the number of reported murders has skyrocketed this year does not mean that more trans women have been murdered this year, or that we even know about all the trans women who have been killed. It does mean we have a little bit better picture of how bad the epidemic of violence against trans women of color is, though. It is my prayer that this knowledge can inspire some action that goes beyond the recent increase in celebrity “visibility” that clearly does nothing for the most vulnerable, and that could even be linked to an increase in violence.

Even without clear reporting on the issue, studying Brazil’s history of transphobia shows that 48 murders within a month is well within the realm of possibility. Prensa Latina reported that in 2014, an estimated 326 trans people were reported killed in Brazil – that’s one person every 27 hours – compared to 22 reported murders of trans women in the U.S. in 2015. Last year Al Jazeera named Brazil the country with the highest rates of violence against trans people, where most gender non-conforming Brazilians don’t live past the age of 30. One only needs to follow Eduarda Alice Santos’ reporting for Planet Transgender to see that violence against trans people has not improved since 2015.

If a country is facing such a devastating rate of homicide, it seems fair to assume that many more than 48 trans people may have been murdered this month but were misgendered by the media, or so marginalized that their death simply wasn’t reported.

No matter the number, it’s too many.

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CC Santini on Pure-TS






18 Year Old Teen CC Santini Enters Porn With a BANG is the title of the latest magnificent Pure-TS hardcore hardcore scene. Stunning CC aka Chanel Santini is an Albequrque, New Mexico native who now resides in Las Vegas, where her debut hardcore scene was filmed. She’s been in transition for three years and simply entered the adult industry to make extra money. I’ve been following her on social media for about a year now. When I saw that she had a retail background like I did, I thought to myself, “Girl, you need to get out of that racket!” After seeing her debut hardcore scene with Christian XXX on his top notch website, it’s crystal clear that she’ll be one of the most sought after adult industry performers of 2016. If these photos don’t make it obvious how a young trans girl with very little experience in the industry find herself being introduced to the rapidly growing niche of adult trans performances by the male king of porn, watch the full-length video on Pure-TS.

What Gainesville should tell us about repealing the new transgender rule

Okay, we’re hitting home this week with my city of Gainesville, Florida. And the writing is so good.

What Gainesville should tell us about repealing the new transgender rule

Originally published February 5, 2016 at 5:01 pm Updated February 5, 2016 at 4:27 pm

Washington’s legislators don’t have to imagine if public accommodation protections for transgender people result in an uptick of men stalking women in public bathrooms. Just ask other cities with similar protections.

By Autumn Sandeen
Special to The Seattle Times

This artwork by Donna Grethen relates to schools that have not adopted policies protecting transgender students.
This artwork by Donna Grethen relates to schools that have not adopted policies protecting transgender students.

WHEN it comes to criminality, we should treat individuals based on what they do and not on a characteristic such as race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. It seems especially un-American to suggest that we should police a minority group based on a fear of what people who pretend to be members of that minority group might do.

I’m talking about policing transgender people based on what people pretending to be transgender might do in public bathrooms. Somehow, this is seen as reasonable — to some Washington lawmakers.
SB 6443would eliminate Washington’s new transgender state Human Rights Commission rule guaranteeing transgender people access to restrooms and locker rooms according to their identity. The argument? Some non-transgender men might pretend to be transgender women to enter women’s bathrooms to prey on women and children.

‘My take’
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Even making the assumption that it’s OK to legislate based on what transgender pretenders might do, reasonable legislators should look to other cities where this issue has come up to see if such fears ever materialized.

Take Gainesville, Fla. In 2008, a political organization called Citizens for Good Public Policy opposed the city’s gender identity ordinance and initiated a referendum to repeal it. The organization even created a commercial that showed a young girl being followed by a creepy looking man into a public women’s restroom, followed by the warning, “On January 28, 2008 your City Commission made this legal.”

I recently called the Gainesville Police Department and asked what happened after the ordinance became law. Was there an uptick of transgender pretenders (or transgender women) preying on non-transgender women and children in women’s public bathrooms?

Officer Ben Tobias, a public information spokesman, said, “I have been with GPD since 2005 and actually worked in the downtown area in 2008 when the ordinance came into existence. I have asked around and none of us can remember any incidents related to the ordinance.”

That’s eight years without such an incident.

This is one city’s experience among many. Washington’s legislators don’t have to imagine if public accommodation protections for transgender people result in an uptick of men stalking women in public bathrooms. Just ask other cities with similar protections to find out if the Gainesville experience is an aberration. Hint: It’s not.

It’s distressing that the Washington state Senate is considering passing a bill that would, by intention, roll back public accommodation protections for transgender people just because they’re transgender.
The fact that this legislation is based solely on imagined fears of what transgender pretenders might do in public bathrooms, and that this fear isn’t even reality-based, is legislating at its worst.

Autumn Sandeen is a transgender U.S. Navy veteran. She’s written for the Washington Blade, The Advocate, and currently writes the “Trans Progressive” column for LGBT Weekly.

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TS Dreamland Interview with Venus Lux


Take a look at the NSFW 1 minute and 12 second video trailer of the brand new full-length “Vanity” video on Venus has been featured with some of the largest adult entertainment producers and won numerous industry awards including AVN Awards Transsexual Performer of the Year 2015 and 2016, Best Transsexual Sex Scene 2015, XCritic Best Transsexual Performer 2014, Transgender Erotica Awards (TEA) Best Solo Site / Hardcore Performer / Best Scene 2014 and many more including numerous nominations. I hope you’ll enjoy the exclusive TS Dreamland interview by my amazing UK partner with the hostess of Venus Lux Entertainment.

This Transgender Girl Scout Stood Up To A Bully By Selling Thousands Of Cookies

“I want kids like me to know they are perfect just the way they are. There are people all over the world that love you. Never give up because it does get better.”

posted on Feb. 1, 2016, at 9:31 a.m. by BuzzFeed News Reporter Felicia Miranda

Photo Courtesy of Kim
Photo Courtesy of Kim

Meet Stormi, a 9-year-old Girl Scout living in Herrin, Illinois. She loves hiking, camping, and playing tag with her new friends in the Girl Scouts. Stormi decided to join the Girl Scouts last fall, Stormi’s foster mom, Kim, told BuzzFeed News. Stormi was put into foster care and placed with Kim three years ago through an emergency placement plan. She told Kim she wanted to donate cookies to other kids in foster care. “I like to sell cookies because it’s very nice to sell cookies,” Stormi told BuzzFeed News. She said the cookies “make people smile.” Kim and Stormi asked to be identified only by their first names to protect their safety. The two ventured out into their neighborhood one Thursday in January after school. It was just months after a Colorado troop received backlash when a trans girl joined the group. But Kim had faith there wouldn’t be an issue.

Stormi knocked on one door three blocks from their home. A man opened the door. After Stormi made her pitch for cookies, he said, “Nobody wants to buy cookies from a boy in a dress.”

“It made me sad,” Stormi told BuzzFeed News. “Because I’m a girl.” She immediately wanted to go home, said Kim. She cried when she got home. “She was like, ‘Why am I not good enough?’” said Kim. “We just started talking and she decided she wasn’t going to let him win.” Kim moved all of Stormi’s cookie sales on Sunday, Jan. 24 to an online portal through the Girl Scouts called Digital Cookies.

Kim shared the story and website in an online forum for parents of transgender kids. Soon the story and website were shared and reposted across social media.

“This is something I have been trying to instill in her for years,” Kim said. “How worthy she is; who she is is OK. For her to be able to read all these messages that people are sending from around the world to support her, the love is just overwhelming.”

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TS Dreamland Interview with Natassia Dreams


I’ve recently teamed up with a UK-based Adult DVD Talk reviewer who has interviewed several adult entertainment stars. We’ve been adding his interviews to TS Dreamland and one of them is with one of the most downloaded trans women on the Net, Natassia Dreams. I’m a big fan and I must admit that when my friend nailed an interview with Natassia, I was more than a little bit envious. What made up for it was learning more about what makes this trans adult entertainment star tick. I would love for you to check out his TS Dreamland Interview with Natassia Dreams.

Why Do So Many Laws Protect Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People, but Not Transgender People? Not everyone in the LGBT is treated equally.

I didn’t expect to find an post like this on, but I’m glad that I did. It was written by the Sex & Relationships Editor Lane Moore who’s also a stand-up comedian, filmmaker, actor, and musician living in New York City. Paste Magazine named her #19 of the 75 Funniest People On Twitter @hellolanemoore, CBS named her monthly comedy show Tinder LIVE! with Lane Moore one of the 5 Best Comedy Shows in NYC, and BUST Magazine named her band It Was Romance the Best Band of 2015. She is a prolific writer for The Onion, McSweeney’s, Someecards, GQ, WitStream, MTV Video Music Awards, Elle, Esquire, Ms. Magazine, Marie Claire, XOJane, and Feministing, a regular commentator on VH1 and MTV talking head shows, and a former editor for Jezebel and Autostraddle. In 2015, she was named one of the Top Sexperts by School of Squirt, calling her “enigmatic and always fun.”


January 28, 2016

Indiana recently passed a state bill that would allow gay, lesbian, and bisexual people civil rights protections against discrimination, but transgender people were left out of the bill’s protection entirely. This means that while gay, lesbian, and bisexual people will receive protection from being fired, denied service, or facing eviction because of who they are, transgender people are basically on their own in that department, and it’s not the first time we’re seeing that distinction being made.

Not only are transgender people still not as protected across the board as LGB people, more and more laws are coming out to ensure they’re not only unprotected, but punished for being who they are. There have been a slew of recent proposed policies about transgender bathroom usage barring transgender individuals from using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity, or else they’ll face a fine in some cases.

There have also been several private Christian colleges that were granted an exception to an anti-discrimination law by the U.S. Department of Education, so they could be free to discriminate against transgender people, even though all the schools get federal funding and Title IX states they can’t do that.

Kris Hayashi, executive director at the Transgender Law Center, told that the history of laws and advocacy efforts that help the lesbian and gay community but fail to protect the transgender community are rich indeed. Hiyashi does note that while we’re seeing a cultural shift in transgender visibility in the media, they’re still being singled out for harassment and discrimination, perhaps because of the recent increase in visibility.

“Lately, we’re seeing legislative attacks that target gender nonconforming people and trans youth, such as what happened in Indiana and their excluding trans people,” Hayashi said. “There should not be legislation moving forward that protects lesbian and gay communities, but explicitly excludes transgender communities. As we’ve seen the recent shift to more comprehensive legislation for LGBT people and an increase in transgender visibility, we’ve also been seeing a small group of right-wing extremists who want to turn the tide back against that acceptance we’ve been seeing.” So the more socially conservative people are seeing trans people in the media, the more they are trying to exclude them.

And being trans, it turns out, is basically a discrimination trump card. Many transgender individuals also identify as lesbian or gay, but in the eyes of these lawmakers, they are transgender above all else. So you could be a transgender woman who identifies as a lesbian, but according to these laws, your being transgender would trump your protections against discrimination as a lesbian. The distinction between gender and sexuality is rarely made in the eyes of people who don’t really understand either one, but the gay community has made so much progress over the last 20 years that the ground the LGB has to stand on is a lot firmer than it once was. The transgender community, however, has only recently been allowed to begin to lay down the foundation.

Fortunately, places like New York City have been working hard on legislation to protect transgender individuals, a trend we can only hope will spread to the more conservative states as soon as possible. These steps, while not ultimately solving everything for every transgender person in the country, are vital to creating a path that will be impossible for the groups Hiyashi references to flat-out deny rights to transgender people that LGB individuals are given.

The hope among trans law advocates is that the increased discrimination the transgender community is now facing is a backlash to increased trans visibility, a passing storm of anger. Perhaps when seeing a trans person on TV becomes commonplace, the skies will clear and the T can catch up to its LGB.

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Sanders Goes After Clinton on DOMA and Evolving Issues

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and his wife Jane Sanders wave to the crowd during a campaign rally at the Burlington Memorial Center, on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016, in Burlington, Iowa. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and his wife Jane Sanders wave to the crowd during a campaign rally at the Burlington Memorial Center, on Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016, in Burlington, Iowa. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The gloves are off. In this week’s battle to rally LGBTQ support, Senator Bernie Sanders continues to challenge Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton’s characterization of why her husband, former President Bill Clinton, signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which denied federal recognition of gay marriages. Hillary Clinton replied in 2015 that she supported the 1996 legislation as a defensive measure to prevent an even stricter amendment to the Constitution doing the same thing. And Sanders took issue with that, saying it was a “homophobic” and politically expedient law.

Bernie Sanders is ramping up his criticism of Hillary Clinton’s ties to Wall Street and her history of evolving on issues, seeking an upset victory in Iowa. A post by Ken Thomas of the Associated Press on January 28, 2016, he doubled down on Clinton saying, “Check the record, find out where my opponent was on all of these issues. “It is great to be against the war after you vote for the war. It is great to be for gay rights after you insult the entire gay community by supporting DOMA.”

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Domino Presley All Alone


I’m pretty sure that “Bubble Bath Time” in March of 2011 the first set I saw on the official TS Domino Presley website. She was protesting the Westborough Baptist Church back in 2010, speaking at her High School and she won me over with her activism. Upon seeing more of her, I realized I’d never seen a girl prettier than Domino on the Net before. That still holds true today. In “All Alone” she poses in a black bra, panties and booties. The panty comes off first and Domino wastes no time playing with herself and greeting us in at least three different languages. This new video runs over 10 minutes and it’s simply one-on-one with Domino on a luxurious sofa. I can assure you that everything you want to see happens, happens by the time it’s over and she says, “Bye” in English.

Transgender Teen Star Jazz Jennings Will Publish A Memoir

Image Courtesy of
Image Courtesy of

Katy Steinmetz @katysteinmetz 9:00 AM ET

Searching for a “memoir” on Amazon yields at least 130,000 hits. There is such an abundance that the Internet’s list-makers have assembled roundups for “most insightful cancer memoirs” and “most gripping addiction memoirs” and “favorite memoirs of loss.” But a new book coming from advocate and reality star Jazz Jennings will have a home on what remains pretty empty bookshelf: memoirs about being a transgender girl written before the author’s 16th birthday.

“This book reveals many rarely shared memories from my past that have molded me into the teenager I am today,” 15-year-old Jennings exclusively told TIME in a statement. “I hope that my challenges and triumphs will resonate with readers of all ages, whether they are transgender or not.”

The most important part of the book’s title—Being Jazz: My Life As a (Transgender) Teen—may be the punctuation. Yes, there is a finely wielded colon, but the parentheses echo a message that is central to Jennings’ TLC docu-series, I Am Jazz. In the opening shots of the first episode (the second season will air in 2016), an unseen interviewer asks Jazz how she would describe herself.

She answers: “I am a teenage girl. I’m also a soccer player. I’m also an artist. I’d like to think I’m funny …”

On the list goes until she gets to the buried lead, at least in the sense that it is the main justification for making the show: “I’m also transgender,” she says. “And I’m proud of that.” Much like most cisgender people wouldn’t start out explaining who they are by avowing to be cisgender, Jennings and her producers make it clear that this quality is part of her identity and not vice versa.

There will, of course, be details revealed in this book that wouldn’t show up in the average high school soccer player’s bildungsroman. Though Jazz was assigned male at birth, she has identified as female since she was a toddler, transitioning at the age of five with the support of her parents. In 2014, another author used Jennings’ experiences growing up in South Florida as the basis for a children’s book that actress Laverne Cox called an “essential tool” for teachers and parents who want or need to tackle the subject of gender identity with a kid.

Still, the title makes it clear that this is will not be a prurient tell-all focusing on why Jennings is different: it will be one of many ongoing attempts by LGBT advocates to show that being transgender doesn’t make someone a freak—even it makes them a type of normal that many people have never encountered. “Jazz is a remarkable young woman who has helped to foster major changes in the way the public views the transgender community, while also being an average teen,” says the book’s editor, Emily Easton. (TIME has listed Jennings’ twice on an annual list of ‘Most Influential Teens.’)

Whether they’ve be inspired by Jennings’ story, the zeitgeist or the publicity machine that comes with a TLC reality show, publisher Random House is betting that the book will sell. The first print run will be 150,000 copies, which go on sale June 7, with preorders available as of Jan. 26.

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Chaturbate Trap Queen Sue Lightning on Pure-TS


22 year old Sue Lightning from Little Rock, Arkansas, is a former NYC fashion model and self-described hardcore nerd action figure collector / cosplayer / gamer. I first saw her performing live on Chaturbate in room=sue_kalergie (Make sure to follow her for future broadcasts). I posted about one of Sue’s shows and her first major studio performance on TS Dreamland on January 6, 2016. Click here if you’d like to check that post out. One night while I was checking out the Transsexuals section of Chaturbate (amongst all the others I also browse), I saw Sue performing with Christian XXX, of Pure-TS on webcam and I just knew that the he wouldn’t just show up in a Sue Lightening broadcast without eventually adding updates of their mesmerizing activities to Pure-TS. Well, her first one is up and it’s so sexy and fun! If you’re familiar with Christian’s POV scenes, you already know that Sue is the literally star if this scene. I’d say that there’s not much of Christian in it, but since his member is so big, that would be false advertising. The correct way to put it is that you don’t see his face and full boy in this video. It was filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada and the set up is the classic schoolgirl gone bad theme. The thing that makes it great is that Sue talks a lot from beginning to end – the perfect showcase to display how Sue excels as a webcam broadcaster and made the jump to major studio stardom. She’s one to watch on Chaturbate and on Pure-TS. If you happen to plan on entering the adult industry, don’t just watch it for pleasure. Take notes.

Jeremy Clarkson: Transgender issues are driving me nuts. I need surgery on my tick boxes

Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has criticised the transgender community, labelling them as living “a lunatic life”. The controversial comments were made in a newspaper column with Clarkson concluding trans people were never taken seriously before and shouldn’t now.

Jeremy Clarkson Published: January 24, 2016
Jeremy Clarkson Published: January 24, 2016

“As far as I was concerned, men who want to be women were only really to be found on the internet or in the seedier bits of Bangkok,” Clarkson said.

Now that women can vote and homosexual couples can marry, you might imagine that the world’s student activists, trade union leaders and environmentalists would pat themselves on the back and break open a bottle of sustainable elderflower juice to congratulate themselves on a job well done.

But no. They have decided that we must now all turn our attention to the plight of people who want to change their name from Stan to Loretta, and fight for the right for men to have babies.

I’ll be honest. When this issue first began to surface a couple of years ago and we had pop stars such as Sir John running about, talking endlessly about the transgender cause, I did roll my eyes a bit. Because in the immortal words of Reg, from the People’s Front of Judea, “Where’s the foetus going to gestate? You going to keep it in a box? ”

As far as I was concerned, men who want to be women were only really to be found on the internet or in the seedier bits of Bangkok. They were called ladyboys, and in my mind they were nothing more than the punchline in a stag night anecdote.

I wasn’t alone either. Only recently I was chatting to a doctor about how people can now demand gender reassignment surgery on the NHS and he said, “I get lots of people in my surgery with a Napoleon complex. But I don’t buy them a pointy hat and a French army uniform.” I found that funny.

But there’s a distinctly unfunny side to the coin. Just recently some friends of friends were having one of their eight-year-old daughter’s school chums round for a sleepover. As the day approached they received a call from the girl’s parents, who said, “Er, she’s not actually a girl.”

She had been born a boy but had insisted from the age of three that she had a girl’s name and wore girls’ clothes and, later, that she went to a girls’ school. And her parents had simply indulged this whim.

I was horrified. I wanted to seek them out and explain that they were free to live a lunatic life, washing their armpits with charcoal and liking Jeremy Corbyn’s thoughts on how ballistic nuclear submarines must be built by the comrades and then used as flower pots. But they must not, and I was going to emphasise this with spittle, be allowed to poison the mind of a child.

When I was five I wanted to be Alan Whicker, but my parents didn’t buy me a blazer and send me to hospital to have my adenoids sewn up. Other kids wanted to be super army soldiers or astronauts. It’s what kids do: dream impossible dreams.

You don’t actually take them seriously. You don’t take them to a hospital when they’re 10 and say, “He wants to be a girl, so can you lop his todger off?” Because what’s going to happen five years later when he’s decided that being a man isn’t so bad after all and he’s in the showers at the rugby club?

And there’s more. Only last week we received news from the Daily Mail that at Isle of Wight prison nine inmates have decided they would like to be women and now want the NHS to stump up £100,000 for the necessary procedures.

Transgender enthusiasts talked with serious faces about how this demonstrated the scale of the problem and the horror of being a woman trapped not just inside a man’s body, but inside a man’s prison as well.

Yes, but hang on just a cotton-picking minute. When I was at school, I announced that I would like to be confirmed as a Christian. This was seen by teachers and my housemaster as a sign that I was growing up, so they happily agreed to my request.

And from that day on I was allowed to skip compulsory chapel on a Sunday morning — where you were checked and ticked off on a register — and go instead to the early morning village communion service, where you weren’t. Which meant I didn’t have to go to church at all and could therefore spend all weekend with my girlfriend.

Can’t anyone see, I wailed, that this is what’s going on in the Isle of Wight nick? They tell the screws they want to be women, they get a bit of make-up and some breasts to play with and they are then transferred to a women’s prison, where they can spend the rest of their lives being a lesbian. It’s every man’s dream.

To try to calm down a bit, I turned to the BBC for guidance, and there I was told there are 650,000 people living in Britain today with some kind of gender “issue”. Well, I just sat there shaking my head, because the simple fact is: there aren’t.

We are told that one in 10 of the population are gay, that one in 10 have cancer, that one in 10 support Isis, that one in 10 think Corbyn’s doing a good job, that one in 10 have a criminal record, that one in 10 are living below the poverty line and that one in 10 were born elsewhere, and now we are expected to believe that one in 100 are transgender. Well, if that’s so, it means that — according to my maths — fewer than three in 10 are healthy, straight, honest, British people who don’t want their genitals altered. And that’s obviously rubbish.

But then I thought of something. Let’s just say for a moment that one in 1,000 are transgender. Or one in 100,000. Or even that it’s actually just one. Let’s say that there is one person out there who is a woman living in a man’s body, or the other way around.

I started to imagine what life might be like for the poor soul. It would be dreadful. Absolutely awful. And all they seem to want to make their life better is a third gender option box on official documents. That’s not really the end of the world for everyone else, is it?

Transgender people will be allowed to compete in the Olympics without surgery

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 31:  Gabrielle Douglas of the United States of America competes on the balance beam in the Artistic Gymnastics Women's Team final on Day 4 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at North Greenwich Arena on July 31, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 31: Gabrielle Douglas of the United States of America competes on the balance beam in the Artistic Gymnastics Women’s Team final on Day 4 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at North Greenwich Arena on July 31, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Nick Duffy 22nd January 2016, 2:50 PM

Restrictions on transgender people taking part in the Olympics are set to be loosened, allowing them to take part without undergoing gender surgery.

Athletics currently has rules governing who can take part in gendered events, preventing trans and intersex people from taking part based on a number of medical factors.

The issue has come into the limelight on a number of occasions, most notably when South African sprinter Caster Semenya was subjected to a ‘gender test’ in 2009.

However, in a bid to resolve some of the issues, the International Olympic Committee is set to adopt a new policy on “Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism”.

A copy of the guidelines leaked by Outsports reveals that all restrictions on trans men taking part in men’s events will be lifted.

Trans women will still face some obstacles to taking part in women’s events, requiring a consistent testosterone level “below 10 nmol/L” – but without restrictions on those who haven’t undergone gender surgery.
The guidelines explain: “It is necessary to ensure insofar as possible that trans athletes are not excluded from the opportunity to participate in sporting competition.

“To require surgical anatomical changes as a pre-condition to participation is not necessary to preserve fair competition and may be inconsistent with developing legislation and notions of human rights.”
It adds: “Those who transition from female to male are eligible to compete in the male category without restriction.”

“Those who transition from male to female are eligible to compete in the female category under the following conditions:

“1. The athlete has declared that her gender identity is female. The declaration cannot be changed, for sporting purposes, for a minimum of four years.
“2. The athlete must demonstrate that her total testosterone level in serum has been below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to her first competition (with the requirement for any longer period to be based on a confidential case-by-case evaluation, considering whether or not 12 months is a sufficient length of time to minimize any advantage in women’s competition).
“3. The athlete’s total testosterone level in serum must remain below 10 nmol/L throughout the period of desired eligibility to compete in the female category.
“4. Compliance with these conditions may be monitored by testing. In the event of non-compliance, the athlete’s eligibility for female competition will be suspended for 12 months.”

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