Jackie Evancho’s Sister Juliet Reveals She’s Transgender


Jackie Evancho’s sister Juliet has proudly announced that she is a transgender teen. The 17-year-old made her first public appearance as a transgender woman while joining her famous sister on the red carpet at the Global Lyme Alliance’s inaugural gala on Oct. 8. Congrats, Juliet!

It was a night filled with firsts for Juliet Evancho, 17, at the Global Lyme Alliance’s inaugural gala in New York on Oct. 8, as the event not only marked her first gala and her first time posing on a red carpet, but also her first time coming out as a transgender teen. The 17-year-old joined her younger sister, classical singer and America’s Got Talent runner-up Jackie Evancho, 15, for the event, in which she proudly revealed her “true” identity to the public and the journey she faced in getting to that point.

“I was so nervous, I was excited – so many emotions, ” Juliet told People on preparing for her public coming out. “I couldn’t sleep last night. But when we finally got [here], it was just like, ‘It’s happening.’ ”

It’s been a long journey for Juliet, who now admits she “couldn’t be happier” after transitioning from male to female. Born Jacob to parents Mike and Lisa Evancho, Juliet always new she felt different and out of place in her own body. “Ever since I was little, I always played with Barbies,” she told the magazine. “I put on makeup and played dress-up with my sister, to the point where my mom started getting me princess dresses.” Finally, by the age of 13 Julie and Lisa started doing some research on trans people, which would eventually lead Juliet to make one of the biggest decisions of her life. Click here to continue reading.

#TransWivesMatter: Presidential Recognition and Honor for the Transgender Widow of a Fallen Firefighter


10/09/2015 Huffington Post Article: Nikki Araguz Loyd is a transsexual American marriage-equality advocate, wife, mother, author, public speaker, co-producer of a docu-series based on her family and art gallery called “Nikki’s American Dream”. After the death of her firefighter husband in the line of duty, Mrs. Araguz Loyd faced a legal battle over the validity of her marriage and is currently working at overturning discriminatory marriage laws in Texas. The case is currently in front of the Texas Supreme Court and she has guaranteed a fight to the United States Supreme Court in order to obtain equality for all. During her recent victory in the 13th District Court Of Appeals in Corpus Christi, Texas, she emerged hopeful and went directly into the marriage equality wedding statement of the decade, by marrying her new husband Artist William Loyd on the steps of the Nueces County Courthouse. Click here to read the article. #transwivesmatter

Westboro Baptist Just Messed With The Wrong Group Of Students

10/5/2015 Article by JamesMichael Nichols, Deputy Gay Voices Editor, The Huffington Post: A crowd of high school students drove Westboro Baptist Church protestors away from their school in Kansas City, Missouri last week where the hate group gathered to protest the recent election of a transgender girl as homecoming queen. Westboro showed up to picket Oak Park High School on Thursday, Oct. 1, but were met by a rally of students already gathered to support transgender homecoming queen Landon Patterson. Westboro was driven away from their picketing site by counter-protestors carrying signs with phrases such as “Westboro Baptist Church need Jesus” and chanting “long live the queen!” “This isn’t just about supporting Landon, this is about supporting all our students,”Christina Palermo, an organizer for the rally, told a local news outlet. “Landon is just their scapegoat. They’re attacking everyone in the LGBT community.” Westboro Baptist Church, which has been classified as a hate group, is based in Topeka, Kansas and regularly stages high-profile protests known for featuring their trademark slogan “God Hates Fags.” Click here to continue reading.

Transformation Magazine Issue #95


Transformation Magazine Editor & Publisher Hanna Rodgers writes: Our amazing Fall issue is all about Fashion & Fetish. Drag Race Winner and vintage fetish queen Violet Chachki is featured in an exclusive photo spread shot by Dusti Cunningham and she dishes about what it’s like to “Steal the Show.” Cici Fetish Doll hits the the L.A. Fetish Ball with latex fantasy girl Nicci Tristan and friends in jaw-dropping rubber couture. Caramel Black interviews TS Mayumi, an up and cumming adult model with a passion for cosplay and gaming. For fans of global and alternative TS porn we bring you a profile of The UP Network and feature models from their Piladyboycom site. Plus we are On The Scene at DragCon, hold a Transformation 94 release party with Aubrey Kate, teach a little bit of Glamour 101, and more! Want to find a copy on a newsstand near you? Search by zip code using Where’s My Magazine or check out our Google Map of small retailers.

Laverne Cox says we can’t help transgender people if we don’t even count them


10/28/15 Mashable Article by Katie Dupere: When Laverne Cox graced the cover of TIME magazine in 2014, the cover proclaimed that the United States was at a “transgender tipping point.” That bold statement has become a moment many point to as the beginning of transgender rights and identities becoming catapulted into the public eye. But there is one powerful piece of the puzzle missing when it comes to thinking about transgender identities — we don’t actually know how many trans people are in the United States. Or the world, for that matter. Click here to continue reading.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden Both Gave Pro Transgender Rights Speeches This Weekend


Article by Helen Holmes 10/04/15, 9:50pm: The Slot – On Saturday, at a Washington breakfast hosted by the Human Rights Campaign, Vice President Joe Biden and prospective President Hillary Clinton both gave impassioned speeches in support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans—and our stalwart veep managed to squeeze in a rock solid republican diss, too. Clinton won “roaring applause” by promising to make lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues essential to her presidency, while Biden pointed out that the government had had little to do with recent rapid advancement in gay rights. Click here to continue reading.

Sandra Gibbons Lands TV Repartee Cover


On September 30, 2015, Sandra Gibbons of Trannies In Trouble said, “I never expected to actually be on the cover of TV Repartee when Nina Jay told me that our recent interview was being printed (October 1st, 2015), so it’s a big honor to be so prominently featured. Thanks to Nina, Photographer Keith, and Bella who publishes the magazine. I was still a bit jet-lagged in London when we shot this picture last May, but it was a fun and very memorable visit. Here’s the link to the magazine if you’d like to see more, with another photo on the front of the TV Repartee site that may look familiar.” There are more than 450 galleries containing over 19,000 pictures in the Trannies In Trouble Members’ Area, plus over 24 hours of original video.

Transgender Teen Left ‘Speechless’ After Mom’s Big Surprise


10/1/2015: Dominique Mosbergen, Senior Writer, The Huffington Post: After months of waiting, a transgender teen’s request to legally change her name was finally approved. To celebrate the big moment, her mom organized a special surprise on Saturday. The announcement left 16-year-old Gabrielle Diana Gladu utterly “speechless.” Click here to watch as Gabrielle’s mom, Rose Gladu, unveils a cake emblazoned with a special message. “It took me a moment to process what it said on the cake,” Gabrielle, who lives in Ontario, told BuzzFeed News. “It said, ‘Congratulations, you are now Gabrielle!'”

What’s the Story Behind the ‘Transgender Tragedy’ on Law & Order: SVU?


September 30, 2015 Article by Dawn Ellis – theadvocate.com: “Transgender Bridge,” tonight’s episode of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, is summarized by the network as a tale of “transgender tragedy”: “When a transgender teen is taunted by high school kids, bullying escalates to tragedy.” All too often in its 17 seasons on television, L&O: SVU has portrayed trans characters as sex workers, crime victims, undesirables and caricatures. Tonight, a 15-year-old transgender girl named Avery Parker is shown walking home from school through New York City’s Fort Tryon Park, where she’s surrounded by a group of rowdy boys. “Taunts and jokes intensify to pushing and shoving,” reads the show’s official description, “leaving Avery in the hospital and three assailants under arrest.” When the worst happens and the district attorney’s office decides to try one of the culprits as an adult, “the SVU squad agonizes over whether the punishment fits the crime, and must deal with the pain of both families involved,” according to a spokeswoman for NBC. She told The Advocate the trans teenage girl is played by an actor named Christopher Dylan, who she says has had varied roles, including one in a short film for the band Counting Crows. The Advocate asked Dylan’s manager, through the spokeswoman, to disclose whether Dylan is cisgender (nontrans) and what pronouns would be preferable but did not receive a reply. Avery’s character has what NBC says is “a very supportive and loving family (her parents are played by real-life Tony-nominated couple Danny Burstein and Rebecca Luker).” Actress Bianca Leigh plays Dr. Sandow, Avery’s therapist who gives the eulogy at the funeral. Click here to continue reading.

Secrets In Lace – Gennia Glamour


Secrets In Lace won me over by contacting me directly, not to endorse their company, but to buy their lingerie and to tell my friends about their upscale merchandise. I did just that and it’s top shelf intimate product I can stand behind 100%, This company has been running successfully for over 25 years and has been the world’s premier supplier of authentic 100% nylon stockings, elegant lingerie, garter belts, girdles and bullet bras. Best of all, they’re seriously transgender friendly unlike other leading online intimate apparel stores. If you’ve dealt with the others, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Give your business to a store that’s transgender friendly and supportive. The Gennia stockings line is incredibly popular during Spring and Summer. “we’ve upped the glamour factor even more for this pair,” said Secrets In Lace. “This year we added a black welt to this ultra popular stocking to create a soft yet glamorous appearance. Our Exclusive Gennia Stocking is one of the sheerest available anywhere in the world with its 10 Denier 100% nylon knit and Secrets In Lace silky soft finish. This stocking is the choice of some of the most famous and glamorous women in the world. These stockings come in two colors and a wide variety of sizes.”

Trans Models: Inside New York’s First Transgender Modeling Agency


Sep 17, 2015 The Atlantic article by Terence Cantarella: Peche Di, a Thai beauty queen who studied at New York University, spent five years booking occasional modeling gigs and looking for an agency to represent her. “They didn’t understand me,” she says, “so I struggled to find work.” Finally, this past May, she decided to do something about the lack of opportunities for her and other transgender models. The 26-year-old walked into the county clerk’s office downtown and filed the paperwork for Trans Models, creating New York City’s first transgender modeling agency—and one of only three in the country, and perhaps the world. Now, four months later, her agency has signed 19 models—10 men and nine women—and has done shoots for Budweiser and Smirnoff. Consultations are ongoing with a network executive about a possible reality-TV series. Di, who grew up in Bangkok and whose given name is Pitchadapha Phasi, is starting an agency at a time when media is changing many Americans’ understanding of gender identity. The growing prominence of the former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, the TV actress Laverne Cox, the model Andreja Pejić, and scores of other transgender people has made the transgender community much more visible. Click here to continue reading about Trans Models.

Trans Adult Industry Foundation (TAIF)


Los Angeles based non-profit organization, Trans Adult Industry Foundation (TAIF) raises money to distribute funds to charitable organizations who provide life-affirming support services to the trans population. The Board of Directors are advocate and educator Buck Angel, Grooby owner Steven Grooby, and Grooby Marketing Director Kristel Penn. “Giving back is a very important part of my work so joining with TAIF was a no brainer,” said educator and adult industry veteran Buck Angel. “We as adult entertainment producers and performers have been shunned by some LGBTQ organizations when we have tried to donate our money. This makes me sad because essentially they are saying, ‘your money is not good enough to save lives.’ So with that came TAIF, and something good came out of a negative. Excited to see the future of TAIF and helping our community. #gratitude.” “We’ve a long standing history of promoting and donating to causes that are related to our specific niche and I’ve nurtured a few ideas on how we can ‘give back’ to our community without being able to bring them to fruition,” said Grooby founder Steven Grooby. “TAIF has taken the best of our previous ideas and is also born out of frustration on wanting to get funds to those most in need, with some charities refusing to accept money from adult companies. Buck, Kristel, and I are looking forward to reaching out to other companies, models, and fans and have some cool fundraising ideas, as well as funneling a portion of Grooby’s profits directly to the foundation.” Board of Directors Buck Angel, Steven Grooby, and Kristel Penn had been brainstorming for nearly a year before creating TAIF. All agreed on the importance of providing assistance to groups who support trans performers in the adult industry and believed a non-profit organization was the most effective way to ensure funds are distributed where needed. Any contributions made through TAIF will be listed on its website with full transparency. Companies in the adult industry who want to work with TAIF should contact Kristel Penn at kristel@grooby.com. Trans Adult Industry Foundation (TAIF) raises money, by fundraising and corporate sponsorships, to distribute funds directly to charitable organizations that provide life-affirming support services to the transgender population. This includes, but is not limited to, groups who work in housing, call centers, emergency shelters, and advocacy. The intention of TAIF is to provide resources to trans people, with a specific focus on the needs of the performers in our community. For more information, visit TAIF.org.