Ada Black on Shemale.XXX

Before I tell you about the new video shot by TsJamieFrench on Shemale.XXX, I’d like to thank Ada Black, one of the few people who follow this blog who know that my father passed away last week. She’s been supportive beyond words. I’d love you to follow her on Twitter @AdaBlackXXX. We’ve also done a Transformation Magazine interview that was incredibly candid. Now for the fun stuff. Ada’s daddy says she’s not supposed to smoke, but she’s doing it anyway. After introducing you to her teddy bear, she strokes her cock for a bit. And if you have a foot fetish and like lots of oil, this video will destroy you. I don’t want to spoil all the taboo things Ada has to tell you before releasing a big, creamy cumshot. Also follow this revolutionary 22 year old transsexual star’s frequently updated and naughty official Tumblr blog AdaBlackXXX. Don’t miss the video trailer on Shemale.XXX!






Danika Haze on Bob’s Tgirls

5’6′, 34D-30-42 Danika Haze aka Brazilian Booty Doll wakes up horny in her schoolgirl uniform and masturbates to some porn on her cell phone. She’s gone commando under her tartan plaid skirt and there’s a bottle of Spunk Lube strategically placed on the nightstand. But she doesn’t need much lubrication to get her cock hard in the video. In fact, the wettest part of Danika’s Bob’s Tgirls performance is the cumshot at the end of her scene. There’s not a lot of talking in the clip and no real roleplay aside from the clothing. It’s really not necessary. I always find Danika’s videos refreshing for one particular reason. A porn star this hot couldn’t possibly be unaware of how gorgeous she is, but Danika Haze always comes across to me as a cool, modest chick. She doesn’t throw her beauty in her face because she doesn’t need to. That’s impressive. Check out these “In Her Boudoir” video previews and more photos from her Bob’s Tgirls “Sexy In Plaid” solo set:




Lola and Steve on Shemale Club

I had fun watching the way Lola sucked Steve’s uncut cock. The head has so much foreskin covering it, no matter how hard she sucked and fisted, she couldn’t seem to draw it back. My cock is circumcised and uncut dicks always fascinate me in a good way. It took me awhile getting around to watching this scene because one of the stars looks too much like someone from Jacksonville, Florida I haven’t managed to seduce yet. But I digress. What I liked about this scene is while fucking Lola in a variety of positions, he didn’t forget to stroke her massive prick. Not all of us like that, but I do. Lola came hard by fapping away after getting a big creampie and some digital encouragement. Good gosh this chick is hung. After watching this scene, I watched Lola’s Shemale Club solo video. Her body looks amazing in a beach blanket bingo type getup and tall sandals (not the outfit from this photo set I’m showing you). Steve made her cum harder, but it’s all good. Also, check out the SMCNetwork.





Transsexual Nurses #13 – Code Red!!!

I’ve just seen the medical themed footage with Toronto’s Danika Dreamz and Mr. Smith from Transsexual Nurses #13 – Code Red!!! and it goes directly into the hardcore action. This White Ghetto production Scene #01 runs just over 27 minutes. The doctor, played by Smith, gets it on with Nurse Danika and no further plot development was necessary. He sucks her cock and then she gives him a blowjob in return. Danika strokes her erection while getting her salad tossed and about 17 minutes into the scene, they’re fucking! The set has director / porn star Eric Jover written all over it. I’ve seen several of his 45 films on AEBN. Some are on my all-time favorites list. Now I want to see the performances of Gianna Rivera, Roxxy Thorns and Nina Lawless in TSN#13. Smith fucks like nobody’s business and so does Danika who looks as stunning as ever. The last 7 minutes with these fantastic veteran stars are on fire.


Pook and Christian on Ladyboy Gold

Let me tell you about a smoking hot hardcore video and photo set with a keyword heavy title, “Pook Braces Butt Plug Barebacking.” I’d know from the title that this had to be a Ladyboy Gold presentation. But I wouldn’t have been able to guess who the male performer is until I saw the video or heard his voice. It’s Christian XXX from Pure-TS dominating a petite young transsexual he was paired with by the producer on a recent trip to Thailand. I could probably recognize his huge cock by the sound it makes just swinging around when Christian enters a room. The reason for all the mystery with the male performers is Ladyboy Gold always primarily focuses on the girl. By the way, 21 year old Pook’s stats are 5’3″ (160cm), 107.8 lbs (49kg), 34-26-33 and her adorable dick is 4″ (10.16cm) when fully erect. Here’s a sample photo gallery and ff you like this video trailer, they’re much longer on Ladyboy Tube.



Kandii Redd on Black TGirls

Kandii Redd gets totally naked in a heartbeat in her latest Black-TGirls video. Then photographer Kilakali tells her, “You know what we wanna see bounce.” he makes it clap and slaps it while perched on the couch. Kandii’s big cock is almost fully erect when she faces the camera. This video is a gateway drug to Kandii and I think you’ll want to see more of her solo and duo sets on this great site and on Black Shemale Hardcore. There’s no music, but I was playing Snoop Dogg’s Peaches ‘N Cream with Charlie Wilson and Pharell Williams in the background (the new track the Doggfather performed on the Empire season finale). The lyrics describe Kandii Redd perfectly. The photo set is incredible with close to 100 hi-res images.


Nuk on Frank’s TGirl World

Have you seen the full photo set and video of Bangkok’s Charade Bar dancer Nuk on Frank’s TGirl World? The set went live on March 19th, 2015 and it’s incredible. If you haven’t watched it, the action plays out in the beginning pretty much the same way these teaser photos do. She’s not dancing however, and there’s no music. Nuk plays with her sexy ass, gives an upskirt show and plays with her big pretty boobs to get things started. She has a way of swinging her traditional Thai silk dress to the back and that’s all she’s got on while masturbating of the bed. I’m guessing she’s in her low 20’s, but her braces are misleading at first. Looking closely, I think her blue-grey eyes are genetic, not contact lenses. They’re as clear as the toy she fucks herself with. At the end, there’s an instant replay of Nuk’s cumshot. What a knockout! Take a look at the week’s Frank’s TGirl World full lineup.





Bob’s Tgirls Sushi Girl Miran

I’ve blogged so many times about Miran of Nagoya Japan in this category, I’ve lost count. I’m not surprised that I’m doing it in a Bob’s Tgirls post, especially after her recent trip to the States. At the Transgender Erotica Awards Show 2015, she was awarded Best Non-US Performer. At any rate, I loved the Sushi Girl short video with Bob Maverick dining on Miran’s svelte form. The interview is great, too. However, the photo set with over 150 photos absolutely blew my mind. Check it out along with all the other recent updates!


Tiffany Starr Mega 4-Way Fuck

It last Wednesday on March 11, 2015 that I blogged about the Latina Tranny L.A. Gangbang series here. Since New England’s gorgeous and prolific Tiffany Starr (far left) was in that one, she gets to run that incredible continuing saga on Tiffany Starr XXX, too! But that’s not the only transbian gangbang that went down in Los Angeles. Tiffany also got to play with three other hot transsexual starlets for another mega four-way fuckfest! I’ve already seen these four gorgeous ladies sucking and fucking each other and it’s a not-to-be-missed torrid gangbang. One highlight of the scene is Tiffany and Tempest of TS-Rockdolls fucking blonde Kennedy and brunette Destiny Love. This is some serious big dick pounding that seems to send the two more passive partners into another world. The part where Destiny gets double spit-roasted, sucking Tiffany and Kennedy while Tempest fucks her is incredible. The cum bath she gets makes this and instant classic in my personal porn collection. Check out the huge photo set and torrid flick on Tiffany Starr XXX.


TS Jane Marie and Christian XXX

Before I get started on American Tranny #04 on Reality Junkies, TS Jane Marie will be performing at Tranny Strip in New York City on Sunday March 22, 2015. Okay, now that that’s done, porn king Christian XXX of the amazing new website Pure-TS is a photographer in the 31 minute hardcore scene with Jane Marie. She’s so ridiculously hot, the video is almost painful to watch. If you like photos, how about a set with over 430 hi-res images? I also loved the scene with Jessy Dubai and Smith and mentioned that here on TS Dreamland. I still have more to come about the sizzling scenes with the other incredible stars. Meanwhile here are video and photo gallery previews of Jane Marie and Christian XXX:




Kimber Lee and Mark on Shemale Club

Somewhere along the line, I decided to blog about only photo sets and videos I’ve actually seen. I think it would be irresponsible to post about something without seeing the content. I’d hate you to join a website or network I recommended, and be angry with me for having done so. At any rate, when I saw Kimber Lee, it drove me nuts trying to remember if this was the same performer from the 2013 TS Kimberly video on AEBN I’d seen. I need your help. Please take a look at the links behind these photos and let me know if it’s the same performer from Munich, Germany. Back to the Shemale Club photo set. It comes with a smoking hot HD video that runs 19 minutes and 36 seconds. Kimber Lee draws a bath in an old-fashioned tub, climbs in and pleasures herself a bit. Then she gets out and dresses in a black bra and panties. In the bedroom, she awakens Mark with a blowjob. He doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, he’s soon fucking Kimber Lee bareback from behind. After multiple position changes later, good golly! Kimber Lee takes one of the hardest poundings I’ve ever seen on Shemale Club! Here’s a sample gallery from the fantastic video and photo set with over 200 hi-res images and the DVD I mentioned:





Dirty Titi on Ladyboy.XXX

When you watch the “Dirty Titi ” video preview on Ladyboy.XXX, you’ll get a glimpse of her doing something that drives a two friends of mine absolutely crazy. My male friend loves seeing hung transsexuals with bulges in tight skirts and pants more than the sight of a fully exposed bare cock. About a minute and a half passes before Titi releases her big erection from her sweats to start fapping. Just under three minutes into the scene, it’s back in her sweats and she wets it with water from a bottle. She beats off until her creamy white cum blasts across the glass shower door. I have another friend, a genetic girl, who loves “packing” which is when someone puts something into their pants to make it look and feel as though they have a penis, noticeable bulge, or “package.” She can emulate what a big real cock looks like fully erect and commando watching Titi showing off her boner before her stroking begins. I showed the full video to her and of course, and she absolutely loved it.

Delia TS Blue Strappy One Piece

Upon viewing the photo set that compliments the “Blue Strappy One Piece” set on Delia-TS, when you get up to about image 160, Delia is at the height of arousal. That’s my polite way of saying she’s squeezing precum out of her big cock. Oh well, so much for polite conversation. The voice of Delia’s gorgeous wife, Tasty Trixie, keeps her turned on throughout the striptease and masturbation shoot. It’s easy to figure out that Trixie was holding the camera and perhaps touching herself while filming. The most erotic part of this striptease is that Delia DeLions doesn’t just whip her erection out right away. You have to look at the big bulge in her bikini bottom for quite some time before you can see it. But when you do, it’s so worth the wait. Delia rubs one of her sensitive nipples while moaning and stroking her oiled hardon until she releases a big, creamy white cumshot. Don’t miss this incredible shoot on Delia-TS.





Wendy Summers Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

I’m wearing green today to be sure that no Leprechauns play tricks on me. But I’ll most likely take it all off if I see a cute, horny one with a green hardon. I don’t care about size or color as long as they’re hard. It looks like Wendy Summers, whose bits are far from wee, may be thinking the same thing today. I’ve been a fan since forever and here’s what Wendy has to say about herself on her Wendy TG Next Door iFriends page; “I’m just your average girl next door with a secret. Can you guess what? I’m highly intelligent, a little geeky and very comfortable with who I am. I find joy in almost everything I do. I love been creative with my video and photo shoots and work to make each one unique and hot.” If you miss Wendy live, you can watch her amazing videos on her official Wendy Summers website. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2015! Enjoy Wendy’s Video and Photo galleries:



Kate on Shemale.XXX

I’ve just seen Kate’s new performance on Shemale.XXX and it’s magnificent. Kate was born in Cambodia, but she currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m not sure about exactly which go-go bars she works out now as she works as a freelance dancer these days. Her stats are 5’8″ (172 cm), 35D-26-40, 130 lbs (59 kg) and 6″ (16 cm). Kate was born on April 12, 1989. Kate’s Shemale.XXX photo set comes with over 100 hi-res images. Her video runs over 27 minutes, and not one of them is wasted. It doesn’t end when she says, “I cum,” because there’s a slow motion instant replay of her tremendous cumshot. If you happen to fall in lust with Kate, you can also see her on Frank’s TGirl World and on Ladyboy.XXX.

Aphrodite on Shemale Strokers

As with many ancient Greek deities, there’s more than one story about the origin of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. But she’s consistently portrayed, in every image and story, as vain, ill-tempered, and easily offended. This is the perfect name for a beautiful transsexual adult entertainment performer who identifies as a dominatrix. Aphrodite introduces herself and welcomes you to pull out your cock in her Shemale Strokers debut. She encourages you further by pulling hers out. It’s a big, fully erect one and she Aphrodite starts doing exactly what this great, long-running site’s title promises. Somewhere within about the 6th minute of her solo scene, Aphrodite shows off her amazing ass and tells you what she’d like you to do with it. This beauty reveals her dominant side more and more as the video plays on. This scene reminded me of the 1977 film Black Aphrodite that starred Ajita Wilson, a transsexual actress who started out as an entertainer in the red-light district of New York City. Wilson had sex reassignment surgery in the mid-1970s. It wasn’t a bad film, but I like this Aphrodite flick much more. Besides, this video comes with over 180 hi-res images. You can see More Photos and watch her Video Trailer on Shemale Strokers.


Vivian Silva on Trans500

After a solo performance that made Vivian Silva one of the top favorites on Trans500, she’s back in a spectacular hardcore performance! I’ve seen Vivian as a top on another site and she can fuck like a bunny as the aggressor. But Yago, the male performer she’s with here is a 100% top I gather. I’ve seen his work for over a decade and he’s always been the one doing the fucking in every scene I’ve watched. If you’re already a Trans500 subscriber, you already know about the hot new Big Booty TGirls part of the network. You probably said, “Damn!” to yourself watching Vivian walking across the patio in her bikini. If not, brace yourself. When she walks around with her tits popping out of her top and her freshly-oiled ass swaying from side to side, it’s absolutely mesmerizing. The HD footage of Vivian’s pretty face as she sucks Yago’s huge cock made me feel like I could almost jump in and join them. Her body is incredible to drink in, especially when she’s getting fucked. Over 400 hi-res photos compliment the video!