TS Jesse Can’t Wait To Cum

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This incredible superstar has been one of my favorite adult entertainers dating back to even before my Interview with TS Jesse here on Caramel’s TGirls in 2011. Her large bosom is clothed but her nipples are visible through her semi-sheer top. Her long legs and sexy feet are bare and she says how horny she’s been lately as she lays on her bed and withdraws her big cock. She says it’s hard already because you turn her on. She jerks off slowly yet firmly, and fully exposes her big tits. She squeezes a few drops of pre-cum from her swollen cock head and resumes beating off. Jesse changes positions several times during this torrid fap session. The way she’s sitting while stroking her schlong at some points, you’d almost think she could fuck her own cleavage. When she’s ready to cum, she lays back slightly on one side and begins pumping faster, in full concentration of getting her nut. The sexy black garment she’s wearing is obviously going to get splattered with creamy white ropes of cum in this TS-Jesse.com update. And then it actually happens! “What a waste,” she laments jokingly. “It should have been in your face.” Imagine that!

Mandy-Mitchell: Trans Lesbian Bareback POV Sex with Bianca Stone

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Mandy Mitchell’s description of this torrid hardcore scene reads, “”Hot and intimate trans lesbian sex with both my POV, Bianca’s POV and some tripod POV as well. Bareback creampie ending in Bianca squirting a huge load all over my face and cock!” It opens with Mandy’s cisgender wife Bianca playing with herself in bed wearing black lingerie. Her legs and feet are bare and there’s a magic wand vibe purring close to her pussy. Bianca moans softly as she glides the head of the buzzing sex toy across her center. Then we hear Mandy lamenting that her wife started without her, but she’s not really serious. Bianca exposes her pussy fully and just when you’re thinking about diving in face first, Mandy beats you to it. Mandy is wearing a black sheer bra and panties, but not for long. Soon, her stiff cock is bare and its head is pointing up toward the ceiling! That’s until it’s touching the roof of Bianca’s mouth. Both beauties have everything off but their brassiere’s, even when Mandy eases her bare erection deep inside Bianca’s snatch.

The missionary position railing leads to a doggy style banging! This is where Mandy really lets loose with her thrusts and she takes a break to finger her lover’s pussy. Bianca uses the toy and Mandy’s probing to reach her climax and to do what I’m anxiously awaiting – her squirting! I love seeing a quim squirting as much as I love seeing a hardon cumming! Don’t miss this incredible update on Mandy-Mitchell.com and on TGirl-Network.com!

DirtyTransDolls: TransDoll Cockbox Shoejob

Description: Princess Nikki loves playing with feminized dolls and she is keeping Natalie’s clitty fixed in her cockbox. Teasing it with her high heels and getting it harder and oozing pre-cum. But the doll needs to be a good slut and wait for Nikki’s cum countdown! It will be very hard not to cum prematurely as Nikki is an expert at giving sexy shoejobs! The killer part about this 7:08 min DirtyTransDolls.com update is that it’s just Part 1. It leaves me hanging for a sissy cum shot, but this is just the perfect way for a website to treat submissives. Make them horny and leave them waiting for sexual satisfaction. It always works for me! It’s kind of funny to see Natalie Goth TV’s big dick described as a clitty, but I love the humiliation of it all. The hung, masked transvestite is bound on the floor on her back with her swollen cock protruding from a hole in the table. Beautiful Princess Nikki wears a matching bra and panty set with tall platform heels as she towers above her sex slave. Natalie’s imprisoned erection is in clear view as the Domme makes her sub lick and suck her sexy shoes. Princess Nikki’s high arched feet are bare within her platforms and perfectly pedicured red. Natalie’s uncut hardon is literally throbbing through the hole in the table. Being forced to suck each talon-like heel must remind Natalie of sucking cock. I can’t help but notice beads of pre-cum forming on the table. More drops of sex cream pour from the sissy’s big sex organ when the Princess begins with the real torture. She crushes her sissy’s erection with her high-heeled feet! But she’s charitable enough to masturbate her too. If she makes Natalie cum in the next update, I’ll be there on DirtyTransDolls.com to see that creamy white sissy jizz spurting!

GroobyGirls: Ivory

Hi, from Caramel @tscaramel on Twitter. I’m going to compile Ivory’s GroobyGirls.com debut and encore reviews into one review. First off, producer Ellis of New York hits the ground running as a relatively new Grooby lensman.

It will be interesting to see what he does in the future with more talents from the metro Big Apple, especially after seeing what he does with presenting beauty expert and model Ivory.

Ivory’s debut video begins with her self-introduction telling where she’s from and where she is now. There’s breast exposure within one minute as the bare-legged babe starts removing her robe in the bed. Her sparkly panties are revealed and they’re off early in the video too!

A fantastic butt show comes in three minutes with Ivory completely nude. The rest of the scene consists of Ivory beating off in a variety of poses and camera angles. The encore scene comes with a bit of acting. Ivory is sitting in a hotel room casually dressed, yet with her jeans unbuttoned, calling a girlfriend. She tells her friend she’ll meet her in about an hour after handling some business. As she rises from her seat and removes her jacket, exposing her braless bosom, it’s pretty obvious that she must get down to the business of masturbating.

Ivory plays with herself in a bold manner, knowing you’re there and doing it for you, as opposed to presenting you with a voyeur POV. She does a quick striptease to butt naked and then begins stroking her cock back in the chair.

Ivory also jerks off while standing. Is this the most original GroobyGirls.com shoot ever? No, but the model is absolutely mesmerizing. Sometimes that’s all you need.

I’m thinking Ivory is gong to shoot her load while standing A black cock ring encircles her shaft and balls and her breathing is labored. It’s no huge blast of jizz but just enough and the erection wagging from side to side brings Ivory’s second shoot to a close. There is so much potential for this gorgeous new model!

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Black-TGirls: Nala Tops B Flex!

Gorgeous Nala returns and as usual she’s ready for action! More amazing hardcore from this amazing girl! This time, Omar teams her up with B. Flex and Nala is about to pound his ass deep and hard! Watch these two enjoying some amazing anal pounding until Nala pops a sticky load all over Flex’ face!

If you’ve never seen Nala before on Black-TGirls.com, you may have seen her in TS/Male action on BlackTGirlsHardcore.com, trans lesbian glory on TGirls.Porn, solo on BobsTgirls.com, or on TGirlPornstar.com, or on TGirls.XXX!

B. is telling Nala on a balcony overlooking a cityscape that he’s in a kinky mood. She asks him if it’s kinky enough to get fucked by a transsexual. We can pretty much imagine where things go from here, but allow me to lay out a few lurid details for you.

The interaction on the balcony is brief and the couple heads for the bathroom after what’s about to go down is established. Nala looks exquisite in lingerie and fence net stockings on the bed during the foreplay sequence. B. sucks Nala’s cock stiff and she later kneels on the bed wagging her erection as it stands straight out from her thighs.

After getting her big dick sucked, Nala decides she wan’t some of her date’s prong in her mouth. Nala gets a handjob while sucking B’s large cock and the next thing we know, she’s fucking him doggy style!

Her fucking speed is like lightening and she only slows down while drilling B. in the side saddle position. Nala resumes her fast pace while pounding B. when he’s on his back. When Nala is ready to cum, she lays on her back jerking off while B. sucks and licks one of her pretty nipples.

B. knows just when to lower his face so Nala’s creamy white cum can splash across it! I don’t know how long it’s been since Nala came but B.’s face gets completely covered with cream in this torrid Black-TGirls.com update!

TransationalFantasies: Kacy TGirl

Description: Hot trans MILF Kacy TGirl loves cooking, music, and a big strong man to wrap his arms around her. Why don’t you start out by worshiping her feet? Then, let her slip out of her slutty schoolgirl outfit so you can admire her toned body. You’re already rock hard yourself from all the dirty things she has been whispering in you ear. Now towering above you, she sensually teases her girl cock with her manicured fingers.

Watch her spread her legs wide so you can tongue fuck her tight hole. Don’t forget to lick under her balls too! Kacy caresses the sides of your head with her nails while you suck her. Then, get behind her and fuck her trans girl pussy with your huge cock. Finally, she lies back and strokes out a wet and messy orgasm for you to savor.

That’s what Transational.Fantasies.com has to say about this smoking hot Los Angeles based adult entertainer, producer and performer and two time Transgender Erotica Awards nominee. Kacy  of KacyTGirl.com has a remarkable way of using erotic dialogue to take you into the zone – the one in which you simply must drop everything to make yourself cum.

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My favorite sequence is when Kacy simulates getting fucked doggy style. The rear view and the three quarter views are cumtastic! I also love the way her pretty tits jiggle while she’s jerking off frantically right before her creamy white cum emerges from her swollen cock head. Kacy’s exclusive photo sets, videos and blog posts can be found at KacyTGirl.com

Ryder Monroe – Happy Independence Day 2018

“Ryder Monroe – Happy Independence Day 2018″ is the photo set that compliments Ryder Monroe – Happy 4th” the video on BobsTgirls.com. It’s an absolutely beautiful tribute to celebrate one of our moved faved holidays. It begins so innocently with Ryder poolside in a bikini with a hat hanging across her back by its straps. She steps inside the pool and wades across the shallow end.

Then Bob focuses on her hind quarters as se hoists herself up along the side of the pool. Mercy! Ryder bares her lovely breasts within the first two minutes and we’re off to the races. T & A posing and frolicking leads to the masturbation sequences that play out for the rest of the shoot. Ryder sits in a pool chair with her well-lubricated, hard, suckable spike standing at attention. It’s swollen head literally points upward to her pretty face!

Then she periodically jerks off and then lets it go again. Ryder grabs, rubs and tweaks a favored puffy nipple with the hand that’s not about to rub one out. She toys with some pre-cum every now and then until the actual cum escapes! But the fun isn’t over when she shoots her load. Ryder stands up completely naked and walks toward the house with her still hard cock leading the way, bobbing and swinging.

I’d love for you to check out my June 2011 Interview with Ryder Monroe and to definitely see her incredible performances on BobsTgirls.com. This multi-talented superstar is one of my all-time favorite trans entertainers.

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TheEnglishMansion: Maid Turned Slut

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Description: Governess Elizabeth is taking her sissy maid in hand, during this weeks appraisal. She wants to improve and teach her to be a better special girl, so after checking her uniform and punishment book, she is put over her knee and given a long correctional spanking. Her oral and anal training is then advanced by Mistress, using her realistic strap on dick to fuck her mouth and then her tight, virgin ass, making the maid moan in pleasure at the delightful experience. Maid is then placed in the bondage chair and Elizabeth uses a vibrator on her chastity covered cock until it empties a months worth of cum, her last reward for a long time.

I can completely understand the arousal beautiful Governess Elizabeth feels spanking, pegging and jerking off adorable Maid Zoey. I can imagine the thrill of her final handjob resulting in the amazing cum shot her sissy maid releases when this session comes to an end.

But other dominant tgirls like myself and a lot of top men know what it’s like to have such a pretty submissive like Zoey sucking our cocks and rocking their tight asses on them. These types of scenarios are continuously played out on TheEnglishMansion.com!

The buildup is nice an slow. Zoey’s tempting bottom clad in frilly panties isn’t revealed until about 2 minutes in as the Governess raises her skirt and petticoats. Then her caged cock is revealed. The spanking is hard and intense as is the paddling. I really love it when Zoey treis to refuse being broken in for a real live cock sometime in the future. Zoey acts like she’s really unsure and afraid of taking a real dick. But she’s awfully good at sucking a dildo and taking one up her virginal bottom!

The Domme’s magic wand vibrator looks thrilling against the maid’s big cock shaft. Most of all I love the way Governess Elizabeth strokes the whimpering sissy maid’s erection until a big load of creamy white cum spurts out in this superb TheEnglishMansion.com update!

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EvilAngel: TS Chelsea + Squirting Adriana Chechik

MP4 Scene Trailer

In lacy lingerie, tattooed TS goddess Chelsea Marie shares an intimate date with genetic female Adriana Chechik, a porn superstar! Adriana swallows the stiff she-cock protruding from Chelsea’s panties, bobbing her head on spit-slickened meat and sucking balls. The bespectacled trans babe licks Adriana’s pussy and makes her squirt girl cum! Adriana rides Chelsea’s dick, occasionally erupting in wet orgasms. She rims and probes Chelsea’s butthole with a fat dildo. Finally, Chelsea unleashes hot sperm onto Adriana’s face.

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Director Joey Silvera, a pioneer of TS pornography, delivers fresh, gender-bending sweethearts in ‘Trans-Visions 13.’ Exposing their nasty, intimate dates with guys, genetic females or each other — and in solo action — these tawdry T-girls ignite pure sexual thrills! Bespectacled TS goddess Chelsea Marie shares an intimate session of fucking, rimming and squirting girl cum with genetic female superstar Adriana Chechik. Exotic, busty Domino Presley masturbates with a soft gel sleeve until her she-dick erupts hot lava.

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Striking trans girls Annabelle Lane and Casey Kisses take turns slurping cock in a threesome. Casey gives Annabelle an intense anal reaming. Buxom, young Asian Skye’s man goes down for a ravenous blowjob. They sodomize one another until the stud cums in Skye’s mouth. Lianna Lawson is a pale transsexual princess. She trades oral and anal fun with Gabriel D’Alessandro, and Lianna reams his ass using a dildo. Asian stud Francis passionately blows sassy Thai trans girl Maple. They butt fuck each other in several positions, and he gobbles Maple’s thick syrup on EvilAngel.com!

TGirls.Porn: Aeva Rhone & Ashley Vega

Description: We are real suckers for authentic ‘friends with benefits’ relationships here on TGirls.Porn and we love nothing better than when a couple of like minded and highly sexed trans girls open their doors to the Grooby lenses and give us a mouth watering insight of what they get up to in the sheets! Presenting Aeva Rhone and Ashley Vega by Omar Wax……you’re very welcome!

In this magnificent update presented by producer Omar Wax, Aeva, the sexy blonde, tells gorgeous brunette Ashley how her thoughts about her are becoming so frequent. Ashley confesses that she’s been fantasizing about fucking Aeva a lot. Now that they’re alone together, they’re kissing passionately and exploring each other’s breasts and nipples. Aeva admits that she was touching herself all the way over today. Ashley promises she won’t have to do that by herself anymore.

Eventually, the girls rise from the bed to help each other get undressed. Aeva’s top comes off first, then her skirt follows. Ashley helps get her black booties off and begins playing with Aeva’s pretty toes and high arched soles. Aeva says she didn’t know that Ashley has a thing for feet and Ashley replies that her new indulgence is pretty recent. The way she sucks on Aeva’s sexy digits makes it seem like she’s held this fetish for ages.

Then it’s Aeva’s turn to undress Ashley, beginning with getting her out of her flirty summer dress. Aeva playfully spanks Ashley’s ass and gets her own groped as they kiss. The bulges in their panties are getting bigger and we can see that Ashley’s cock is definitely swelling when Aeva drops to her knees, lowering her lover’s panties in the process. The blowjob she gives Ashley looks incredible and the blonde is still in panties. But both babes are completely naked when Ashley begins to suck Aeva’s cock. Next comes my favorite sequence yet, when Ashley kneels behind Aeva sporting a big erection and pulling the doggy style positioned blonde like she’s her submissive pet. She spanks Aeva’s upturned bottom hard a couple of times and when she begins fucking Aeva, she exclaims how tight her ass is.

Roles are eventually revered and Aeva gets to fuck Ashley as well. Who fucks better or harder? I can’t tell and at this level of professionalism, I don’t even think it matters. Both new TGirls.Porn stars are absolutely incredible! To see each performer LIVE on my favorite webcam site where you can register for FREE, visit and follow chaturbate.com/aevarhone and chaturbate.com/ashleytehtaco!