TGirls.Porn: Jenny Crystal & Lianna Lawson

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Description: Showtime on the home of all things TGirl and Porn and its hung hotties Jenny Crystal and Lianna Lawson making it all happen as we soak up yet another popping production from Radius Dark. Two rampant sweethearts, one killer 4K flick – kick back and watch the magic happen right here on the Net’s premiere TS on TS site.

Do you think polyamory has anything to do with porn if you’re a performer? I’m asking because the gorgeous slender brunette in this TGirls.Porn update is Jenny Crystal. She’s a model like stunning blonde Lianna Lawson. But another Grooby Girl in Jenny’s real life girlfriend Aubrie Scarlett.

I don’t think that because someone has sex with others as a porn actress that it makes them polyamorous. Jenny and Aubrey may or not be poly. My point is, if you’re in the industry and your job requires you to do hardcore scenes with others outside of your relationship, it comes with the territory no matter how you identify in terms of personal relationships.

That said, while I don’t think that Jenny’s girlfriend has anything to worry about, Jenny and Lianna are pretty darn convincing as real lovers in this scene. Some TGirls.Porn subscribers are looking for the authenticity of real trans lesbian relationships with each of these scenes. That goes for the threesomes and scenes including cisgender females also.

In these cases, the kissing is as important to these subscribers as the foreplay and fucking. The chemistry between these two actresses is explosive. Although it seems like it’s the first time they’re sleeping together, it comes across as fiercely passionate.

Lianna: “This is the first time I’ve ever topped without a condom on and Jenny’s ass felt amazing. I started fucking her hard right out of the gate and it certainly got hot in that room, in more ways than one. I loved her huge cumshot. It tasted so damn sweet!”

Jenny: “I couldn’t wait to get Lianna Lawson’s big cock in my ass and mouth. I was ready from the first time I saw it. When you see me laying on my back in anticipation of taking the whole thing, you’ll know I’m telling the truth. It felt amazing and damn that girl made me cum!”

Tan, Scene #01

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I guess I zero in on a new model’s face the first time I see her and get my first impression there. The moment I see this new model Tan, I’m thinking she’s probably really thin. I see her frame next and decide I was right except for a few things. Tan’s breasts and her cock seem way out of proportion to the rest of her body, but is that a bad thing? Hell, no! In fact, they’re part of what makes Tan special.

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I’m not a petite trans and I think a romp in the hay with someone who seems so fragile and frail might be uncomfortable, especially for him or her. Thinking way back, I actually did date someone with this body type. It was rough sex without trying for rough sex. But my former friend had a cute little ass than flared out into an upside down heart when they bent over and it was incredible. Tan’s bottom does the same thing. But these obvious physical attributes aren’t all this model has to offer. She also has a beautiful complexion and a charming smile.

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Tan’s debut begins with her wearing a normal red bra, just in time for the Valentine’s Day Sale of $9.95 USD, but what really catches my eyes is that her huge hardon is sticking out of a thong that has a custom opening for a schlong. Are they making custom panties for trans women these days? If so, I gotta get me some. But I digress. Tan drops her brassiere to expose a lovely set of breasts. Than she makes her oversized boner bounce and just hang there for us to just drink in it’s beauty. Tan’s legs are long and slender and I can’t tell how tall she is. Is her dick really that big? I don’t know and it’s probably bigger than what I’d accustomed to in real life. But I love seeing super well hung trans girls, models with small peckers and every kind in between. There are all sorts of them on!

Pornhub: Free Valentine’s Day Premium Promotion

Pornhub is celebrating Valentine’s Day 2018 the best way it knows how – by offering free access to all of its premium content for the duration of the made-up holiday. The popular porn portal has giving this offer for a while now. Last year, it noted an uptick of over 300% in visitors to the site on the day, or roughly 3.5 million people. Pornhub Premium offers ad-free access to some 100,000 exclusive videos, a dedicated Virtual Reality porn channel, and content in stunning 4K definition.

Black TGirls: Gorgeous Girl Is Back!

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Description: Gorgeous Girl returns! Discovered by Omar Wax, this beautiful young starlet made her debut in October becoming the Model of the Month – absolutely deserved! We were amazed by her beauty when we first met her and since then we were eagerly waiting to see her again! She’s here now looking even more beautiful! Watch this petite cutie stripping and showing off her amazing slim body in another hot Omar Wax produced solo scene!

As I watch Gorgeous Girl for the third time on, I’m asking myself, what kind of model would go around with a name like that if they couldn’t back it up? Well, there could be hundreds of them but if their looks don’t fit the description, I doubt that they’re working. Taking a name like that reminds me of what Little Richard used to say, “I’m not conceited, I’m convinced.”

This is a tortuously slow kitchen striptease and the wait is well worth it. We don’t even see any nipple until somewhere into the fourth minute. And although we see her breasts fully exposed soon after, we don’t see her dark and lovely cock until were into the sixth.

By the time Gorgeous Girl’s lingerie drops to the floor completely, she’s developing and erection that just keep growing longer and longer. Then she shows us her precious bare ass explicitly and also thrusts her hardon back between her thighs.

We can see pre-cum oozing from her swollen cock head as she jerks off. Mr. Wax gives us full body shots, aerial views and tight close-ups in this dazzling update.

Bailey Jay: Your Dick Already Be Out

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I think it’s safe to say that anyone who has a dick and is preparing to watch a video already has it out. This update comes with a bit of foreshadowing with Bailey Jay saying she hasn’t been jerking off as much lately as she should be. Who determines how often Bailey Jay should jerk off? Her fans can request that it’s often, but that’s not necessary. It’s a given.

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“I’ve been very busy. I’ve been neglecting my cock,” she says and then she stands up. OMG what a big boner she has in that dress or shirt or whatever it is! Wearing no panties, she lets it flop out heavily. Then she spins her big dick around like it’s a hypnosis device. Actually it must be one because I can’t look away.

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Then she actually says she’s trying to hypnotize you! I swear I was thinking it. You can’t make this stuff up. “You’re getting horny,” she chants like a medium before cracking up. She does that trademark meat slab slapping against the palm and removes her shrug. Man, those new tits are so huge and you can see the outline of her nipples and aureole through the white fabric of her shirtdress. Then she grabs a magic wand vibrator and buzzes it against her butt’s fun spot. Then she buzzes it right along that sensitive underside of her shaft just below her cock head. Her schlong is swollen stiff as she alternates the vibe between her dick and ass. Then she settles back in the sofa to jerk off frantically.

As Bailey continues to vocalize her intense fap session, she strategically provides a show for leg admirers and bare foot lovers after the focus was all on her big knockers and big prick. There’s something for everyone leading right up to her cumshot plus one more important thing. This update continues for over a minute after she shoots her spunk. For her cumtastic Virtual Reality performances, get to!

Bob’s Tgirls: Joss Amor in Glass For Her Ass

“Sexy Braids” is the photo set that compliments the “Glass For Her Ass” video featuring gorgeous Joss Amor on This is not the first time for this video title enacted. Some of Bob’s previous models have also done glass dildo masturbation scenes. It’s a thing now.

Bob has a great technique of using a mirror to capture girls from the front and back and he employs this method as the new Joss Amor video rolls out. Joss looks amazing with her thick braids, but the focus is on her magnificent ass.

Joss simply uses one hand to move her cock to the outside of her lingerie. She jerks off while both sitting and standing on the bed to a music track that sounds like Tangerine Dream from the Risky Business soundtrack.

The music stops somewhere around the 9th minute and Joss sits on the bed in full frontal fabulousness. She strips down to her leggings and stripper heels and gets down to business. Soon she’s completely naked, stroking her hardon while pumping a glass dildo in and out of her tight ass.

If you haven’t blown your load within the first 12 minutes, you’ve got great staying power. But don’t deprive yourself of cumming with this scorching hot update. Joss is also incredible in her solo and hardcore performances on, TGirls.XXX, and on TGirls.Porn!

Pamella Surfistinha Set 1, Scene #01

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Thick in the right places is the first thing that comes to mind when I look at gorgeous Pamella Surfistinha on This update, directed by J.D., features Pamella sitting outside in a pricey and semi sheer bra and panty set and tall sandals. Her cock is already stiffening we see when she parts her legs widely and rubs the bulge. She withdraws her cock head and begins toying with the pre-cum forming at the tip. Then she stands up and removes her undies giving us a dazzling rear view. A little finger banging follows and then Pamella begins jerking off facing us.

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Pamella’s tan lines are prominent when she reveals one of her soft breasts with its pierced nipple. After some breast play, her cock juts straight out from her loins, at times a bit higher. Next comes the classic oil slathering.

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Her bosom, torso and cock are completely covered in it. This is a natural enhancement for her fast and furious cock pumping. Finally, she blast out spurts of creamy white cum. Only then does Pamella move indoors. There’s additional cumshot footage at the end of this solo masterpiece!

New Site: Futa.XXX

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Grooby and Radrotica announced that they have teamed up to launch Futa.XXX, a premium site featuring scenes from Futa.XXX features futanari-fantasy themed scenes starring Daisy Ducati, Mona Wales, Mia Li, Milcah Halili, Siouxsie Q, Violet Monroe, Aiden Starr, Juliette March, Ingrid Mouth, Kelly Obsession, Ella Nova, Sasha Banks, Lola Foxx, Nikki Delano, Sovereign Syre, Sinn Sage, Amber Chase, Holly Heart, Abby Cross, Ela Darling, Jessica Bangkok, Bella Rossi, Jeze Belle and more to com.

“I’ve always been fascinated with Radrotica’s content and the outrageous Japanese inspired shoots with some of the most well-known American adult performers,” Grooby founder Steven Grooby said. “There is a definite synergy between what Cyndi is doing and Grooby looking into a wider range of niche products.

“We believe we can introduce a new stream of interest to the Radrotica content with Futa.XXX being part of our network and we’re looking forward to seeing what we can do with this incredible content.” Radrotica owner Cyndi said that she’s excited to be able to bring the studio’s style of trans fantasy content to Grooby’s platform. “Radrotica is known for and specializes in exploring outrageous and highly fetish genres,” Cyndi said.

Futa.XXX delves deep into the imaginative universe of Japanese futanari manga as it brings to life the two-dimensional fantasy world of anime. “Grooby has always been an industry leader in the field of TS-centered content and partnering with them seems like a great fit as it adds another layer of unique offerings to Grooby’s existing platform.”

TGirls.Porn: Ally Sparkles & Camila Dolly

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The February 2018 “Model of the Month” was recently discovered by Radius Dark. Another of his fantastic models in Camilla Dolly from her debut and encore performances on Grooby Girls in November of 2017. Their TGirls.Porn hardcore debut scene is pure fire.

This scene hits the ground running with the models kissing in bed. And believe me, they are obviously and unmistakably models! Redhead Ally’s pecker is already popping and Camila grasps it as they smooch.

Then Camila bares and orally devours Ally’s lovely breasts. You might be internally screaming, “I wanna see more of Camila too now!” and just be patient. Her top comes off fast.

Camila continues stroking Ally’s stiff cock and she leans over to take it inside her mouth. Camila expertly removes more of her own clothing while giving head. Then she helps Ally get naked!

I think this blowjob trading footage is quite possibly the finest Mr. Dark has ever shot. He’s mastered creative new ways to shoot fellatio scenes and these two babes make his work shine. The girls are not only beautiful but fiercely passionate. This is easily my favorite TGirls.Porn update of 2018.

Ally: “Camila got me so turned and rock hard. That huge, two fister cock made my day when I sucked it. I also really loved topping her and getting fucked while she pulled my hair. I never really enjoyed doggystyle until that day!”

Camila: “I really enjoyed Ally’s tight ass and her ROCK HARD cock up my ass. Seriously, she was hard the entire time. It was also super hot when we rubbed our hard cocks together before we kissed. She came and then sucked the cum out of my shaft!”

Anri Singer Is Back For More!

Description: Cute Cali doll Anri Singer returns for her second Femout.XXX performance, following her debut two weeks ago. Another amazing discovery by Buddy Wood, Anri is super sexy and has a nice body with a yummy firm ass! Watch her stripping, posing, spreading her ass cheeks and stroking her cock just for you!

Southern Californian cutie pie Anri who made her official studio porn review on Buddy Wood’s site is fantastic in her encore performance on Femout.XXX! She’s having a bit of trouble unbuttoning her overalls and adorably shy about it. It’s obvious that she wants this shoot to be as close to perfect as possible. That dedication to strive for perfection is what makes each of her performances so great.

I’ve stated before that Anri’s live performances have helped to hone her skills. She knows how to engage and work the camera. A little breast play occurs before Anri takes a seat. Her ondae collar is hard not to notice and Anri is edited from pantyhose to bare legs and feet when she’s sitting back on the couch rubbing her hardening cock through her pantyhose.

Anri’s masturbation continues explicitly with panties on and without. Her most focused poses seem to beg “Come fuck me”. About 15 minutes into this Femout.XXX update it’s pretty obvious that Anri is going to shoot her load. She’s in ecstasy and Mr. Wood’s lenses move in for some tight close-ups.

It’s pretty amazing to witness how red Anri’s dick head and first few inches of shaft get when she cums! To catch Anri LIVE, check out and click the follow button.