Mandy Mitchell and Bianca Stone





Stunning Mandy Mitchell and her gorgeous girlfriend Bianca Stone present another ridiculously hot hardcore scene and photo set with Mandy and Bianca Fuck in L.A. and the Happy Sex Time gallery. Admiring each other in their sexy outfits leads to forplay including foot loving, cunnilingus with fingering, salad tossing and devoted cock sucking. Every time Mandy comes up with something new, I know I’m going to love it before I even see it. The same goes for the performances of Bianca Stone. I’ve seen her some of my favorite kinky websites before that I’m sure I’ve mentioned. The level of intimacy in this scene is beautiful to watch, especially when it evolves into rough bareback sex. This is amongst the best of the best TS/GG hardcore I’ve ever seen. If you love this niche even just half as much as I do, you absolutely must not miss it on

New-half Natalie







I’m always careful with the term “exotic mix” since it’s often thrown around so loosely, but when discussing a Japanese/Brazilian transwoman in adult entertainment, it’s kind of hard to avoid. I’ve seen Natalie in some incredible solo and a bit of a hardcore teaser on Shemale Japan. “Natalie’s Second Cumming” was appropriately added to the sister site Shemale Japan Hardcore. She’s with a different guy than the last one I’ve seen her with. In the new video, they’re jerking each other off until the dude sinks to his knees to give Natalie a blowjob. She’s totally into it and her cock is hard enough to cut diamonds with. He tosses her salad before Natalie gives him head before she fucks him silly. Then the guys fucks Natalie in return with his mammoth cock bareback. This video runs over a half hour and I thought she’d let him take over at about the midway point. I was wrong about that and Natalie pretty much dominates the fucking responsibilities. Natalie’s gorgeous breasts jiggle all over the place while the guy bangs her until she cums. She lets him continue fucking her until he gets his nut. He hasn’t had enough of her tight ass and cums a second time! The best part of this Shemale Japan Hardcore video for me is the way Natalie seemed to absolutely love it from start to finish. You should watch or download all of her performances on both sites.

Joanna Jet Me and You Episode #158





Take a look at “Scene Updates” on for video previews of what I’m about to describe. Normally I don’t like photos or videos shot in bathrooms, but leave it to Joanna Jet to create an exception for me. She’s getting ready to go out on the town in the Bahamas and wearing a cock ring under her panties. Joanna wants everyone to know what she’s got. If you’re unaware of what that is, it’s a really big cock. The ring is secured aroung her balls and the base of her thick tool. She must have ordered an adjustable or extra-large ring. The ring and a pair of open-toe animal print pumps are all she’s wearing when she oils her stiff pecker and leans back on the marble basin to jack off. As usual, Joanna is quite vocal with her moans and dirty talk. There’s this rear view segment part in the video where she pulls her cock between her legs and squeezes that’s absolutely mind-blowing. Afte that, Joanna lays back and tells us how she could slip he cock into the tightest of asses. I’ve seen that happen more times than I can remember. I’ve also seen this British porn icon blast big loads of creamy white cum on her thighs multiple times like she does in Me and You Episode #158. The photo galleries above are from the “Bathroom Blues” and “On The Bridge” sets. I also love Joanna’s hardcore scene with cisgender female porn star Ashley Ryder and the latex pool solo scene.

Alexa Scout





There’s a new way to look at Alexa Scout. This gallery is from the lenses of Buddy Wood for Shemale Yum. Alexa poses patriotically at poolside and bares her lovely breast quickly. Then she begins stroking her cock stiff before she gets her panties off. When Alexa pulls at her hooded cock, you can see how good it feels to her from the look in her pretty eyes. Once completely nude, she begins playing with her rosebud. Anyone who knows Buddy’s work knows that he really gets in there. She’s seen next bending over from the back and in profile. Then the stunning L.A. native starts talking while wanking her weiner. I’m not going to tell you what she’s saying. You’ll hear it when you see the video. Alexa stands up near the end and if you like full frontal views and upskirt footage without the skirt, you’ve got to check it out. She’s only18 years old? I didn’t know anything about this beauty until I saw her shoot with Blackula on Shemale.XXX earlier in July. That was more of a staged studio shoot in which Alexa looked absolutely angelic. Alexa says she’s really enjoying working in the adult entertainment industry and she plans to make the most of it for as long as she can. What a great way to start – right at the top. You can find out what type of guys she likes in her conversation with the very talented Mr. Wood.

Penny Tyler and Eli Hunter









Super stud Eli Hunter is admiring his gorgeous girlfriend Penny Tyler’s recent photo shoot on his laptop. It’s so naughty it embarasses her. She never dresses this sexy for him and he’s pretty upset about it. She decides to give him what he wants and runs off to change her clothes. He’s fascinated by the way she looks in her lingerie and who wouldn’t be? Eli is all over Penny in an instant. Her pays oral attention to her large, lovely breast between French kissing her. Penny reaches into Eli’s shorts and asks if he wants her to suck his cock. In an instant, Penny begins sucking Eli’s big dick while kneeling on the livingroom chair. Soon, Penny is sitting back on the table stroking her huge erection while Eli prepares to give her a good, hard railing. It’s hard for me to decide if this is Penny’s best performance because they’ve all been extraordinary since she entered the adult industry. I don’t think it’s possible for her to get any better or prettier. At any rate, Mr. Hunter pounds Penny doggystyle next and his physique is absolute masculine male perfection. This Shemale Club video runs 18 and a half minutes long and there’s not a single dull moment. More position changes follow and they become increasingly frantic until the explosive ending. I love that this hardcore scene was shot in a warm room because bodies like this are meant to be seen hot and sweaty. Both cumshots are out of this world. Don’t mis this torrid hardcore scene on Shemale Club.


Aubrey Kate Shemale.XXX Hardcore







I had the great pleasure and honor of interviewing beautiful Aubrey Kate of Las Vegas, Nevada for Issue #94 of Transformation Magazine. You can get a digital copy from SkinMagz or order the print version and get a subscription. Check out Transformation Online for shipping details. Wit that shameless plug out of the way, let’s talk about her magnificent new hardcore performance on Shemale.XXX. Studly John Smith asks a bartender what the girl traffic in the pub is like. He likes blondes and the bartender introduces him to gorgeous Aubrey Kate. She flirts openly, touches his “nice package” and asks a few personal questions. It turns out that she’s an escort, but John can afford it. So they go off to a private room where John ends up fucking the hell out of this beautiful sex worker. The scene ends with a fun little twist. You’ll see why Aubrey Kate is one of my all-time favorite performers and why I just had to interview her for the third annual sexy swim issue of Transformation Magazine. I know that’s a lot of information, so don’t miss this transtastic hardcore video on Shemale.XXX.


Himena Takahashi and Miharu Tatebayashi



As a lifestyle Mistress, I never make apologies for my love of sissies, especially when it comes to two cutie pies in maid uniforms. In this hardcore scene with two hot new-halfs, I fantasized fucking Himena Takahashi and banging Miharu Tatebayashi while she was railing Himena. The sissy with the really big cock is Miharu in blue. I don’t care about size however and I love both of their dicks because they both get rock hard when they’re aroused. The also shoot lots of cream when they cum as you’ll see in this incredible Shemale Japan video. I sort of wished I spoke Japanese so I could understand what photographer Hiro was telling them. But I didn’t need a translator once Himena began sucking Miharo’s big, stiff prick. The more hun new-half was first to expose her erection and remained the more dominant of the two all throughout the scene. Miharu gave Himena a blowjob too, but that made her no less dominant. In this 35 minute scene, Himena had straddled Miharu’s lengthy sex organ was humping up and down on it within the first 14 minutes after getting skull fucked. Miharu gave submissive Himena the fuck of a lifetime, but she was very gentle with her at times also. I never would have thought I’d see this sort of content on Shemale Japan when it first launched. This is yet another reason why I can’t do without it. If you’ve seen any of 22 year old Himena’s solo shoots, you’ll find it quite a thrill seeing her getting railed. I loved Miharu’s previous solo scenes also on Shemale Japan, her hardcore joint fucking a cute guy, and her torrid maid and shower-to-bed trysts with hot Chihiro Mitusuka. Do what I did and get them all.

Honey Foxxx on Black TGirls



“I’m back in black…giving you a little fetish wear,” gorgeous Honey Foxxx announces in her latest Black TGirls video. She unzips herself while sitting on the bed and turns around to give you a dazzling rear view. I don’t like to play favorites, but Honey is one of my all-time faves in the adult industry. Photographer Kilakali has shot her in HD/hi-res perfection and, as if just looking at her isn’t sexy enough, Honey talks dirty while she spanks and bares her ass. She strips pretty slowly, but you have 13 minutes to take her in. One of the things fans love most about Honey is her gargantuan cock. People like me, who don’t care about size, find her absolutely exquisite in spite of what she’s packing between her legs. But I think just about everyone will be fascinated watching Honey stroking her organ from flaccid to rock hard. She uses a genorous amount of lube and asks you politely to, “Look at all that precum.” You simply must watch all of her incredible performances on Black TGirls.

Evian Diamond on UK TGirls





I remember stunning Evian Diamond as Barbie Doll from about 7 years ago when she was living in Manchester. Now she’s a London-based (Kilburn/Cricklewood) escort. This blonde bombshell is also available for male/female couples for outcalls and incalls in her luxury apartment. I can totally understand why admirers are so drawn to Evain’s beauty, that they’d pay for some time for her. Her name fits as it perfectly describes her sparkling blue eyes above the cutest button nose and full, pouty lips. Evian begins exercising in her debut UK TGirls video with a huge dildo on the sofa behind her. That’s when you’ll be reminded that her curvy ass is going to get an extra special workout. This is a nice and long (15 minute) solo scene where Evian bares her lovely breasts first, gives a jiggling booty pop and sits down to remove her jeans and sneakers. Evian also bares her size five feet because she knows what foot lovers want to see, lick and fuck aside from her soft ass. A pee-a-boo panty show comes next and she maons softly while stroking herself. I’m guessing that Evian tops as well as bottoms because she has a magnificent gravity-defying hooded cock to penetrate perople with. You should see how incredible Evian looks riding that fat, thick phallus of hers. She’s absolutely exquisite. Some like one hour appointments to overnight stays. I think everyone who sees Evian on UK TGirls will crave being with her like nobody’s business.

Lotus on Frank’s TGirl World



Click on this beauty to see her sample photo gallery. I’m not sure what happened before Frank shot his video with Lotus, but it looks as though he’d just finished fucking her Lotus for hours. Her rosebud is so puckered, it almost looks like a pussy. But she says she’s a top! Perhaps she’s a versatile top? Lotus is 26 year old dancer #52 at DC-10, a Go Go bar located at Nana plaza in Bangkok, Thailand. She’s from Chang Mai and looks exquisite in the full clarity of Frank’s HD shoot. Her kitchen striptease is tortuously slow, but then this is a 23 minute Frank’s TGirl World scene. So sit back and enjoy it. With one hand massaging her full breasts under her shirt, she uses the other to stiffen her curved, uncut cock. The head is covered with so much foreskin, I’m not sure how far one could draw it back orally. But Lotus does that for you with her finger while jacking off. There are 170+ hi-res images in the photo set of Lotus on Frank’s TGirl World.

Mandy Mitchell in You Missed Me



Did you miss Mandy Mitchell? I sure as hell did, but her new flower dress photo set and incredible new videos help to ease the aching pain of her sabbatical. Many wears a colorful and funky print halter dress in her “You Missed Me?” video. But she’s not wearing panties and after showing off her amazing long legs, she exposes her equally amazing stiff cock. Mandy moves around on the bed like a slinky cat and begins stroking barefoot with her dress still sort of on. Then she exposes and grabs her lovely breasts and gets back to beating off her thick dick. I must warn you that by the time she lays back on the bed fucking herself while jacking off, you might lose it. If you can’t hold out until Mandy cries out sharply and moans her way through her sticky cumshot, just bookmark her site or download it from the groundbreaking Mandy Mitchell website. I’ll be back to tell you about Mandy’s incredibly kinky hardcore scenes with her gorgeous cisgender female girlfriend, Bianca Stone. Click on stunning Mandy for mp4 video previews.

Kelli Lox on Shemale Yum



It seems like gorgeous Kelli Lox and veteran photographer Buddy Wood were intent on shooting a video that would make Shemale Yum members cum in record time. She moves around quickly in her poses with grace and exposes her cock in under a minute. Then she flashes her perfect tits and sits down to lower her bikini bottom. With her panties around her ankles, Kelli begins moaning and making her pretty dick hard. She hasn’t cum in three or four days because she says she’s been saving it up. Soon her cock looks huge when she throws her legs up and jerks off while exposing her wrinkled rosebud. Kelli smiles sweetly while working her way to an orgasm, yet she looks quite serious about satisfying her needs. She stands up and gives us some upskirt shots, without the skirt. But Buddy also shoots full frontal angles from the front and behind. Finally, she removes her bikini top and she’s totally nude except for her tall black stripper heels. Then we see her bending her althletic form over in the pool chair. The invitation to do what you will with Kelli’s magnificent ass is clearly evident. Then her big boner is right in your face when she lays back again. It’s oiled and ready, but Buddy ends the scene before Kelli cums! This is the one of the best cockteasing videos I’ve seen on Shemale Yum.

Andrezza Lyra on Dream Tranny





São Paulo, Brazil native Andrezza Lyra looks like she’s having a wonderful time stripping totally nude in the Dream Tranny video this preview gallery is from. About 4 minutes into the scene, she pounces on this hung guy’s huge cock face-first. Tony reaches behind stunning Andressa to play with one of the most amazing asses you’ll ever see. Then they get into a 69 which has the diminutive fox gagging on Tony’s massive prick. Instead of fucking him like she does Alex Victor on this hot site, Andrezza has Tony suck her cock stiff, and lets him do all the banging. She sinks down on his tool in the reverse cowgirl position first. Andrezza strokes her uncut meat while she rides him bareback, then they fuck side saddle. Tony rails her next standing up doggystyle and then gives her a pile-driver ramming. In this position, Andrezza is able to stroke her thick erection until it pours a creamy white load of cum on her pretty face and full breasts. Tony sits back and watches in fascination, bones her some more and gives her a bubbly creampie. They both came so hard to and so should you while watching the “Bareback TS Cream Pie” Dream Tranny video.

TS Robbi Racks Launches Official Website



I’ve been following TS Robbi Racks of Las Vegas, Nevada for quit some time. I recently wrote about an amazing solo scene she was in on another website that was so telling that it was kind of embarassing to fing out that she read every lust-charged word! So now she really knows I’m hot for her chili. I can live with that! Robbi’s new website launched this week and the svelte blonde with double-D knockers is a popular model, webcam performer, and escort who said that she’s determined “to keep the sin in Sin City.” She does this with the help of some top industry names you’ll see when you take the tour. Each month, she’ll also perform in a free webcam show for members. Well, now that the secret is out about that this babe never fails to stretch my panties to the limit, see why for yourself by taking a look at!