Femout.XXX – Petite But Sweet Lilly Liu Is Naughty Too!

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Omar Wax presents the debut of stunning tgirl hottie Lilly Liu of Chinese descent on Femout.XXX. After introducing herself, Lilly stands and turns her back to the camera the faces us again to describe her outfit. Presentation is everything and her svelte form brings out the best of her naughty schoolgirl outfit. Lilly says she really likes the way the tartan plaid micro miniskirt she has on shows off her ass. It’s barely hiding her goodies from behind. When she raises the hem, you’ll catch a glimpse of her tiny virginal rosebud. Her smooth shaven balls are exposed when she gives her pert little bottom a hard slap! Lilly has a minuscule waist and coveted thigh gap. She’s tempted to take her top off, but not just yet. But she proceeds to sit down and rub her twin orbs through her top and brassiere. She then toys with her skirt and asks if you want her to take it off. “Not yet,” she says, once again teasing mercilessly. She rises to her stocking feet again and Omar zooms in on her pretty bottom. She asks if you want to spank her ass. Lilly cups her balls while exposing her ass explicitly and then she pushes her cock back through her thighs. What better use for a wide thigh gap is there?! Finally, Lilly sits on the sofa again with her long legs spread wide open and shows you her cock which later attempts to defy gravity while oozing with pre-cum. You’re not even at the midway point yet of this stunning first time shoot.

You can watch Lilly’s Free Trailer on Femout.XXX

Eva Paradis – Outdoor Shower Fuck

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Punishing The Cheater” was a superb scene with the stunning London-based Italian Eva Paradis and Bavarian star Kimberlee and a lucky bastard named Martin that showcased the verse skills of both trans stars. When Eva mistakenly leaves Kimberlee alone with her boyfriend, he cheats with Kimberlee and they fuck like bunnies. Eva returns home early and catches them in bed. She fucks Martin with a vengeance. In “Outdoor Shower Fuck” on evaparadisxxx.com there’s no storyline, but this torrid scene doesn’t need much of a plot.

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Beautiful Eva is relaxing in a lounge chair when a hot stranger takes a shower nearby after a swim. He develops a boner in his trunks from Eva’s presence and she introduces herself. She apologizes for touching his bulge, but it was just begging for it and he doesn’t mind at all. She asks if Spanish men are all this hot but he’s too horny to talk. Eva admires his shredded body and when she withdraws his big dick, it’s raging hard.

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Eva bares her large breasts and asks Antonio if he likes them, then encourages him to squeeze them. His upward arcing hardon is inches from her gorgeous face as he uses both hands to fondle her big boobs. Eva grabs Antonio’s straining boner and asks, “Do you want me to suck it?” Silence again from the stud because he’s too turned on and knows her question is rhetorical.


After giving Antonio a deep blowjob and rapid stroking, Eva stands up to show Antonio her exquisite ass. Her bikini bottom is still on as he devours her tits, but she lets her cock slip out while giving him a rapid handjob. When Eva turns her back to the stud, he slaps his big uncut dick across Eva’s firm bottom. Antonio removes Eva’s panties when she lays across the lounger. Antonio jerks himself off while the naked babe finger bangs her ass and rubs her cock. She then places the soles of her feet around Antonio’s throbbing shaft and gives him a silky smooth footjob.


The fucking begins with Antonio and Eva standing in the shower and he pumps in and out of her furiously from behind. This torrid scene is also available on tgirl-network.com. Check out all the updates.

Jamie Gaymer on Chaturbate


Jamie Gaymer is a gorgeous model who consistently pleases her adoring fans on chaturbate.com/jamiegaymer. This Seattle-based multi-talented sweetheart is a video game designer who loves some deliciously kinky past times you’ll see on her webcam profile along with more background information and her self-produced porn movie links. Jamie could easily become a popular major studio model/performer if she chooses to go that route. I think you’ll agree with me if you ever watch her live or see her movies.

Jamie was way up on the Chaturbate hierarchy when I logged in to check on things one night last week. With the exception of some jewelry, she was gloriously naked with her sexy bottom riding a long and thick black dildo propped up on her bed. She managed to greet new viewers pleasantly while seemingly approaching climax. Jamie got a little rough with herself with some slapping as if she were her own BDSM master and practically gave her game designing resume while fucking herself with the huge toy. One of her fans wanted her to do some custom game work. When it was time to cum, Jamie made her stiff cock pour its cum into a wine glass from an orgasm induced by two buzzing vibrators.

Gorgeous Candy Licious & Soldier Boi Fuck!

In her fourth Black-TGirls.com video and photo shoot, Tennessee stunner Candy Licious goes hardcore. This makes an even two solo scenes and two TS/Male trysts. Omar Wax presents Candy’s latest killer scene with super stud Soldier Boi with a date night theme.

Candy looks absolutely ravishing putting on her makeup while contemplating sucking some cock and getting fucked. Her prolonged soliloquy is sexy as hell as she checks out her sexy lingerie that should only be worn on an exquisite form. Soldier Boi awaits in the living room area and when Candy emerges, he plays it cool and makes small talk about the weather. Candy is more interested in getting some cock right now than chatting and she makes her intentions crystal clear. She tells him she wants his big dick in her mouth and to stand up? Did I say this is a date night situation? Correction; it’s more like suck and fuck night. “Fuck talking,” she says while unbuckling his belt when he stands before her.

Soldier Boi can’t help cursing as Candy gives him a deep, amazing-looking blowjob. And she swallows “that mothufucka” the way he asks so well until it’s raging hard. At first, Candy is seated while giving head with Soldier Boi standing, but then he takes a seat as she slides to the floor. In this position with her fine ass thrust outward, Candy is able to finger bang herself while sucking. Her pink and white outfit has a crotch panel, but it’s dental floss thin for easy access.

Candy gets some help with her digital backdoor manipulation and she straddles the sofa for a good salad tossing. By the time Soldier Boi asks, “Are you ready for this dick, baby?” Candy is butt naked except for her sexy sandals and her hung partner has totally discarded his clothing. Candy gasps loudly and Soldier Boi eases his hardon inside her from behind.

The doggy style fucking sequence begins slowly and suddenly, but evolves into a relentless pounding! Soldier Boi pile drive’s Candy’s world-class butt and then fuck in the cowgirl position. This is perhaps the best sequence for ass lovers, but if you’re more excited by a beautiful trans girl’s tits jiggling and cock and balls swinging around all over the place, you’ll most likely prefer the reverse cowgirl ride. This is also where you get to see Candy jerking off while she’s getting banged. I lose count of the many position changes this hot pair manage before Candy receives a massive facial.

If you haven’t read my Interview with Candy Liscious, now is the perfect time to check it out! Her fan base is growing like wildfire because she’s not only gorgeous, but a total sweetie pie! She’s also going to be performing live on webcam soon and if you know me, you know which platform she’ll be on. Chaturbate!

If you’re a guy reading this and would like to get some some insight as to what it takes to become a Transgender Erotica Awards nominated performer, head on over to my TS Dreamland for my friend Scott’s Interview with Soldier Boi.


Bailey Jay in JOI: I’m Gonna Cum in Your Mouth

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In JOI: I’m Gonna Cum in Your Mouth on the TS-BaileyJay.com website, the gorgeous mega-star announces that we’re going to do another “JOI” or jerk off instructional video. While exposing her big rack, she says that she’s been jerking off all day and hasn’t cum yet, “So take your cock out.” As she stands up and withdraws her cock from her panties, it’s clear that we’re starting from square one. The pretty grower doesn’t have a hardon just yet. She needs you to suck on it, tasting the pre-cum that’s built up. She proceeds to work her cock with each hand until it’s thick and throbbing hard. She slaps it around and talks you through everything you ought to do to make her cum. She also turns around to place a bare foot on the sofa and to lower her undies below the shelf of her full bottom. Bailey Jay lowers and removes her panties which leaves her standing in the blue top that only enhances her nudity. Circling her palms around her straining shaft she says, “Mmmm… it’s so thick.” Yeah, we know and it looks like it’s ready to shoot halfway into the scene! But then it’s time to blow her foot fans away by sitting back on the sofa for some toe wiggling and arch flexing. Later, she moves to the floor facing you directly and urges you to coat her face with your cum. But she’s standing again, jerking off furiously when she climaxes, shooting a heavy lad of cum into her palm. She presses both sets of fingers against her prostate which raises her big cock in the air while streams of jizz pour from the swollen head. She’s tastes some of it too. This scene is also available on The TGirl Network that gives you full access to a whole lineup of other high profile contract stars.


Brooklyn Roberts on TS Playground

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There’s nothing wrong with a young trans girl wearing a tartan plaid micro miniskirt for the classic naughty schoolgirl look. Not unless she’s nutty enough to wear one to her first  ever transgender support group like I did when I was first coming out. I can’t say I was bullied, but I certainly raised some eyebrows and got scornful looks too. But I had it coming because I was so slutty in those days (as if it were all that long ago). I’m not one to dispel the BBC myth, but I’m not hung like Brooklyn Roberts who has one of the largest American cocks in trans porn.

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Not only does Brooklyn dress the part of the Lolita in this Damien Cain directed tsplayground.com sizzler. She addresses you as “Daddy” when you see her wearing the outfit you got her. She asks if you think she looks like a good girl. No, but that’s okay. She knows you can make out the fine points of her nipples through her top and she’s not ready to show you what’s under her skirt just yet. Brooklyn would rather slowly tease you first while you sit back and stroke your cock. First she lowers her top and fondles her pretty hormone breasts.

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After squeezing her pink nipples and removing her top, Brooklyn squeezes the bulge beneath her skirt and you can see the head of her cock peaking below the hem. It’s swollen hard and looks like it’s the size of a golf ball or even bigger. When she undoes the velcro band of her skirt and pushes it away, she exposes the massive erection she’s stroking. She stands up to lower her panties with her huge cock swinging heavily. She lays back while beating off and gives you an explicit view of her ass that she knows you want to fuck so badly. Brooklyn does some wicked sounding next and you’ll remember her mention of making the “white stuff” pour out of the bulbous head of her big organ. First there came pre-cum. Now she’s blasting creamy white cum all over her studious eyewear!

Black TGirls: Honey Foxxx Jerks Off Her Nice Cock

LA’s Puerto Rican Princess who I actually consider to be the Queen of Everything, Honey FoXXX is absolutely ravishing in her 12th shoot on Black-TGirls.com! This one is filmed by KilaKali who presents the owner and operator of HoneyFoXXX.xxx resting on the sofa and obviously thinking naughty thoughts.

Her lounging evolves into an opportunity for self gratification with panty bulge rubbing and breast fondling. It’s filmed like you’re a voyeur, and if you feel like you’re doing something wrong by watching, I’m pretty sure you’ll get over it.

Honey’s first glimpse of nudity is the sight of her large, smoothly shaven ball sack emerging from the side of her undies. Next comes the sight of the head and first couple of inches of her huge cock. She moans softly as she strokes the hardening shaft.

I’ve seen Honey in so many plot-driven performances and this shoot is a reminder that all she needs to drive fans nuts is solo performances like this one. Watching her hardcore shoots with other performers is kind of like having your cake and eating it too. Her producer could have just filmed the entire scene with Honey just laying back jerking off, but then we have her sitting up to lower her top.

She’s facing you with that big boner of hers jutting heavily from her thighs and exposing her large breasts. The matching top and brassiere of her three-piece set are discarded and Honey lays back with her boobs bared.

The swollen head of her cock points up toward her pretty face as she removes her panties. Honey then masturbates while standing with full frontal footage, slightly below eye level and tight closeup’s on her massive erection. It ends with the ottoman before Honey getting soaking wet before she gracefully moves off-camera.

You can watch the Free Scene Trailer on Black-TGirls.com 

All Hail Kira Filiche!

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Teodor Grekov presents Kira Filiche who completely smashes her début Russian-TGirls.com appearance. This gorgeous 22 year old escort poses next to the bed in a sinuously sexy outfit with a boner protruding from her panties as soon as her scene begins. It’s just a quick glimps at first until she exposes her full breasts and lays back on the bed. She sits up briefly to remove her bra which leaves her in just a garterbelt, stockings and panties which are just barely still on. Her producer says something to her in Russian and you don’t need to speak the language. Just take in the way she rolls over and raises her full round ass. There’s plenty enough going on to hold your attention. Kira gets a bit of help with the spreading of her butt cheeks. This sort of handling and sometimes more hardcore might make incredible things happen to you. If you watch some of Teodor’s videos of Kira and his lineup of beauties and jerk off to them at night, your dick might cook breakfast for you in the morning. For instance, Teodor pushes Kira back on the bed after she sits up briefly just firmly enough to bring out your Domination/submission desires. It seems to make Kira’s beautiful uncut cock even harder! In case you’re not aware of it, Russian-TGirls.com is part of an 8 website package. Take the tour to see what else is in store for you there.

You can Watch Kira’s Free Trailer on Russian-TGirls.com