Transgender Awareness Training by Vanessa Sheridan

‘The Complete Guide to Transgender in the Workplace’ author Vanessa Sheridan writes ‘Transgender Awareness Training: A Business Essential‘ on The Huffington Post. Vanessa Sheridan is an in-demand national speaker, HR consultant, corporate trainer, and a provider of professional transgender business services. She is also the author of the groundbreaking business book, “The Complete Guide to Transgender in The Workplace,” the first hardcover book on this leading-edge inclusion topic ever released by a mainstream publishing house. As ‘The Complete Guide to Transgender in the Workplace’ demonstrates, there is a strong business case for treating transgender workers with dignity. Its tips, guidelines, and policy examples will help organizations enhance the bottom line, while keeping the workplace harmonious. The most in-depth and informative volume on transgender workers ever written, the book offers useful tools, practical information, and a variety of resources that will enable business leaders and organizations to deal effectively with the transgender phenomenon. It will also help workers struggling with their identities and will give strength to those who are secure, but have yet to come out. There is no doubt that this guide will become the leading resource for every business owner, CEO, manager, HR/EEO professional, and transgender worker. Better yet, it will improve the cultural climate and quality of life for transgender workers and the organizations that employ them, resulting in increased productivity and improved profitability.


Strapon Jane on The TGirl Pass



Strapon Jane is a British porn star, fetish model and dominatrix. She’s well known in the BDSM community for her use of a strap-on dildo, hence her name. Her other site, Nylon Jane, also features a huge bulk of hardcore scenes with part-time girls and MTF transsexuals. You may also remember her as Jane Matthews from Pure CFNM, a site on which guys get naked and girls keep most of their clothes on. She’s been active in adult entertainment since approximately 2006 and Lady Jane is a major fixture on The TGirl Pass – a network of 10 sites for the price of 1. You’ll also find mind-blowing content there from Kim’s Anal Heaven whose website is sadly coming to an end soon. TGirls Aloud is another great domain from the same producers, for online dating. It’s a UK-based social community for tgirls and admirers I’m a member of myself (and I live in central Florida, US). That’s a free-standing site which doesn’t include access to The TGirl Pass, but it’s well worth looking into and very interactive.

Ava Keading on Shemale Yum





In the latest update with the Bay area’s Shemale Yum model Ava Keading, we’re way past the introduction phase. She’s only 22 but has a lot of webcam experience already. This time, she’s here to walk you through a powerful climax. You’ll notice that her dress keep riding down and she mentions that she usually doesn’t wear strapless dresses. Nip slips can be awkard in public, so I get that. But they’re great for videos like this one. Photographer Radius Dark allows Ava to do all the talking in this solo scene. Why go into a discussion with a performer who knows how to drive her fans into a sexual frenzy all by herself? By about the 4th minute, Ava’s dress is off and she’s stroking her cock to erection on the sofa. Soon after that, she’s totally nude. It’s pretty much big boner city from that point on. We move from the sofa to the bed with all sorts of enticing position changes. Ava tells us about her favorite sex position and rubs out an abnormally big, sticky cumshot. Dark shot the money shot from two angles. Decide for yourself which view you like better when you watch the most recent scene with gorgeous Ava Keading on Shemale Yum.

Penny Tyler in The Pleasure Chair





“The Pleasure Chair” is one of the best representations of what you can expect from the insanely gorgeous hostess of Penny Tyler XXX. That’s because it takes the best of glamour and BDSM and presents them in one incredible solo performance. It gives you an idea of how she moves from bottom to dominatrix scenes while making it look so easy. She can go from portraying the sweetest submissive you’d ever meet. If you’d like to see a stunning Domme with and enormous cock making slaves submit, you’ll get that too. Do you like Daisy Dukes retro-glam? She’s got that covered, too. Penny’s vocal suggestions and moaning add an extra element to her signature porn. I can’t remember a single moment where I said to my monitor, “Say something, girl.” This is coming from someone who had the great pleasure of reviewing all the content on Penny Tyler XXX. This is no official review, but if it were, it would come with five stars. Back to “The Pleasure Chair” scene, Watching Penny masturbate for 13:50 minutes is a pleasure in itself. Her cumshot at the end is just plain ridiculous. I swear this beauty has one of the most powerful big dicks on the planet for a boy or a girl.

Mandy Mitchell, Bianca Stone and Delia DeLions







I was wondering if there some way I could accidently say too much about the new Mandy-Mitchell scene with Delia DeLions of Delia TS and Mandy’s wife, Bianca Stone. But when you click on the photos to see the video clips, you’ll see snippets of the bulk what went down. Since I saw the full “Double Penetration” video, and saved it of course, there are a few details I’d like to add. It’s sort of like a foursome because it was filmed by Delia’s wife, Trixie Fontaine of Tasty Trixie. If you somehow don’t know of this partnership, they’re responsible for years of amazing content on a network of sites including saved and streaming webcam performances. There’s also a tremendous amount of glamour, fetish and BDSM content on they’re respective websites. I think this might be Trixie’s best direction to date with more than one star. Her solo performances are brilliant also on Tasty Trixie and the websites of some of her other gorgeous friends. As far as TS/GG hardcore goes, this is as good as it gets. What I mean by “good” however is actually an understatement. You’ll see more of Mandy and Bianca together on Mandy-Mitchell and if you’re like me, you’ll feel that they really broke the mold with this one. I can’t wait until the awards season kicks into gear to reward this multi-talented group.

Giselly Soares on She-Male Idol







Stunning Brazilian TS Giselly Soares begins her She-Male Idol show with and explicit view of one of the most incredible asses on the planet. When she faces the camera, her cock is raging hard. She pulls the cups of her breasts together to lip one of her nipples and continues to jerk off. The head of her dick is flushed reddish-purple and shining like the surface is formed out of glass. More butt wiggling follows and she squeezes her erection betweens her thighs. I can hear porn playing in the background, but I never see Giselly watching it. About a quarter of the way through her fapping scene, she moves to the bed and pours oil on her private parts. he did a little fingering before, but there’s more of that to come. That oil wasn’t just for Giselly’s fingers, however. She fucks herself deeply with a pink dildo as well. This beauty stares at the ceiling while concentrating on making herself climax. She strokes her cock furiously while holding the toy deep inside. You might think you can tell exactly when Giselly is going to come, but trust me, she’s not quite there yet. Keep waiting while she works extremely hard to rub out jets of jizz from her thick, lovely dick. Where the hell did this little bad ass Giselly Soares come from? Her cock doesn’t seem willing to deflate after her orgasm hits. Check out her adorable little Mini Mouse voice too when you see her on She-Male Idol.

Destiny Haynes on Bob’s Tgirls



Gorgeous Destiny Haynes on Bob’s Tgirls is horny as hell and tells you exactly what she needs. She needs someone to suck on her “titties” and to help make her cum. She strips nude on Bob’s red velvet chaise and starts masturbating. She wants her cock sucked and shows you how much she likes having it pumped fast and firmly. She’s watching some porn but I can’t see what it is. However, Destiny doesn’t get so into it that she doesn’ttotally stop making eye contact. Actually, her eyes roll back a bit when she blasts a huge cumshot across her flat tummy. 134 hi-res images compliment Destiny’s video on Bob’s Tgirls.

The Trans X-Perience #03









Joey Silvera presents The Trans X-Perience #03 and I’ve seen the first 3 great scenes so far. In Scene #01, Jonelle Brooks is a horny law enforcement officer in search of a cocksucker. Officer Brooks doesn’t have a warrant, but she gains entrance into a private home and starts giving instructions at gunpoint. Her I.D. is the world famous cock between her long legs and it’s stiffening in her panties. Actually it springs out fully erect. Her interrogation doesn’t end until she has a powerful climax, shooting a huge load of white cum. In Scene #02, Luna Rose is working out her arms and doing crunches. Robert Axel enters in about 6:27 minutes into the scene. I don’t mean he enters Luna then. I mean he comes up behind her to begin with some ass admiration. It’s quite loving and you should see the response between her legs when he gently flips Luna over on her back. It all leads to mutual oral favors and a powerful bareback railing of the beautiful bottom only girl. She cums hard (and incredibly wet) and gorgeous Robert does too, of course. I’m not sure if it’s possible for Luna’s cock to go flaccid with Robert until she climaxes. Scene #03 with Aubrey Kate and Trillium is a torris TS/GG performance. The first tortuous tease involves the introduction of Trillium by Silvera, who gets to expose her breasts. After about 3 minutes, Aubrey Kate joins her. They rub nipples together and the second killer tease comes when Aubrey Kate says they’re not going to kiss for us. She’s just kidding and there’s a lot of French kissing. I think that’s important before and during cocksucking and forceful bareback fucking. You can watch the video previews of The Trans X-Perience #03 DVD on mentioned on Evil Angel now.

Ada Black on Shemale Strokers








This Ada Black video isn’t a visual POV scene, but one of the mind. You’re Ada’s boyfriend who hides in the closet until she comes home. Her father would destroy you if he knew you were watching her strip and show off her curvy ass, soft, hormone boobs and stiffening cock. She jerks off so hard and loudly, someone in the next room might be able to hear her balls slapping against her thighs. That’s if they don’t hear her moaning first. She gets even louder when trying to work a huge dildo inside her ass. Oh, that’s you toying her! Ada’s cock is hard enough to cut diamonds with and she’s using that backward fist method of beating off. That sex toy pumping in and out of Ada is big enough to prepare her to take just about anyone’s real live cock. It also gets her so worked up that she ends up shooting a big blast of cream all over her pretty face, lips and tongue. This is the 3rd awesome performance by Ada Black on Shemale Strokers since June 2014. Visit the site for a video preview. It was shot by TS Jamie French and that’s where you should go first for more her torrid hardcore scenes. You’ll find a lot more info on Ada there, too. You won’t have to hire a detective to find it.

Keo on Ladyboy.XXX



The “Sexy Keo Cums” video preview is fun to watch on the homepage. But seeing the full scene is much more rewarding. As soon as Keo’s new Ladyboy.XXX video begins, her pretty hormone breasts are exposed as she lies across the bed. The hem of her dress goes up and she’s giving an explicit view of her curvy little ass. When she pushes her low-hanging balls and cock back, she’s already fully aroused. Keo’s pink erection is in stark contrast with her bronze skin everywhere else. She rolls over on her back and strokes her long dick slowly at first. Keo plays with the pre-cum oozing from the swollen head of her prick and begins fapping with her hand upside down. I’m guessing it makes her feel like it’s someone else’s hand jerking her off. She stands up next and drops her dress to the bed. Then she presents her butt again before lying down to focus on making herself cum. It was obvious that Keo was horny as fuck when this Ladyboy.XXX scene began. It’s even more obvious when her cumshot reaches her tits.

Hellen Carvalho on Andrea Nobili Productions



Hellen Carvalho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 25 years ago, but she currently resides in Sao Paulo. She’s totally versatile, but her new Andrea Nobili Productions performance is a sizzling solo scene. We meet her outdoors wearing a pretty summer dress on a quiet suburban street. Mr. Nobili invites her to his house and they speed off in his car. At the house, we’re still outdoors, but she’s stripped own to her sexy bra and panty set. She quickly shows off her amazing ass and begins jerking off and fucking herself. “I would like to fuck your ass,” and “I would like to be your fingers” Andrea says as she pumps away. Oh what a tough job he has. Next, Hellen rubs her stiff cock while poised on her knees and stands up to play hide-and-seek with it as her panties aren’t completely off yet. There’s som closeup fapping footage, another spectacular butt show and more frontal views. She cups one breast with one hand and beats off furiously until she blast a thick white load of cum on one of her tanned thighs. Hellen Carvalho is one of the best adult performers out there. Watch her incredible video and check out her huge photo set on Andrea Nobili Productions.

Chelsea Flowers and Soldier Boi on Black TGirls







The Black TGirls video with beautiful Chelsea Flowers and handsome Soldier Boi is a little different from most of the hardcore scenes on this great site. It begins with Chelsea posing for you and there’s no plot development. Her brief strip tease is a great warm-up however. Skipping forward to the actual fucking, Chelsea performs for the camera like a porn veteran. So does her cum-spurting cock. You should see the velocity of her eruption while Soldier Boi pounds away fast and hard. I know absolutely nothing about her yet, but after seeing a performance like this, she’s made a memorable name for herself. Ladies, if you find modesty and a little bit of mystery charming and sexy, @SoldierBoiXXX of Houston, Texas is incredible. If you haven’t seen all of this week’s spectacular Black TGirls updates, be sure to check the preview video. This lineup is spellbinding.

Britney Loves Cum





I couldn’t use “Britney Loves Cum on Wendy Williams XXX” in the title of this post because strictly dickly means masculine males only for these sexy ladies. There will be no actual cumming between Britney and Wendy. I didn’t want you to take things the wrong way. Attention hung black men over 40: Britney Loves Cum just might be interested in you. She’s versatile, but prefers to bottom. But if her cock is bigger than yours, she might prefer to top you! You’re familiar with the phrase young, hung and full of cum, right? At any rate, Britney’s video runs almost 22 minutes long, so there’s a lot to learn about her in the opening interview other than how she strips and masturbates to an explosive climax. The 2014 Feminist Porn “Honored Website” recipient for WendyWilliamsXXX met Britney from Lexington, Kentucky while working as a dancer at Wendy’s Blue Grass Connections Lexington TGirl Parties. You can get all the details on Wendy’s official website about the nights these events take place. There’s also a teaser video featuring Britney on InterracialTgirlSex. I love the way Wendy calls a 15 and a half minute video a “teaser” and there’s an in-depth interview in that stroking scene, too. Remember that your User/Pass works for BOTH sites so you get two sites for the price of ONE!

Lida in Colorful Top Pantyhose Bareback









23 year old, 5’5″ (170 cm), 33A-25-34, 122 lbs (51 kg) Lida sits on her bed in her crochet dress and fishnet pantyhose. “You like?” she asks while gazing at us seductively. But the response comes from a white guy with a massive cock. After giving him what looks like an amazing blowjob, Lisa begs her hung friend to fuck her. She gets completely naked and holds her legs up, ready to get fucked bareback. I know the mystery man is Christian XXX of Pure-TS, but his face is hidden. That’s the way the majority of these hardcore Ladyboy Gold videos are filmed. They want us to focus on the girl and how she handles her man meat. This young transsexual looks tiny compared to Christian in the missionary position, doggy style and side-saddle. Her cock is flaccid when she starts riding the enormous member in the cowgirl position. It becomes hard as a rock as she hoists herself up and down, faster and faster. Lida lets her pretty dick swing around all over the place until she can’t resist jerking off while getting railed. The reverse cowgirl banging shows off her curvy ass to perfection. When she turns to face him, he asks if she wants to cum. At this point, she’s bouncing of his prick balls deep, stroking herself to a crazy climax. Lida shoots a huge load of creamy white cum and hops to the floor to take her man’s awesome sauce inside her mouth. Over 280 hi-res photos compliment the video. For more previews, visit Ladyboy Tube.