Bailey Jay In: Thankful for Blowjobs

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While millions of Americans were making predictable and corny toasts and declarations of thanks with family about what they’re thankful for this year, Bailey Jay keeps it real. is the place to be if you too are “Thankful for Blowjobs“! She sits on the bed with her iPhone on Twitter where she has a gazillion (real) followers and tells her hubby she’s tweeting because she’s a vapid slut. Matt replies that he’s videotaping her feet when she asks what he’s doing. So, naturally a barefoot toe wiggling foot tease follows. She sinks to the floor he lays on and straddles his lap. Have you ever noticed how many times he has his pants on before they do a blowjob or fuck video? I think she really loves revealing cock, sort of like she’s running a male striptease. While exposing her big breasts, she goes about stroking his cock and tea bagging his balls lovingly. That is after all the only way one would ever want their balls handled.

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After getting his extra long dick raging hard, it’s time to do the same to her super thick one. Bailey Jay sits back and opens her legs. She’s currently flaccid in the thong panty that matches her top, but that doesn’t last for long. It looks like she’s staring at you while she jerks off and resumes sucking cock in this POV video. This is more of a wet and messy blowjob you may be accustomed to seeing on The POV filming changes to profile footage of Bailey Jay jerking off and literally gagging on her man’s meat. “Oh my God, I’m gonna cum already,” she gasps. Then she pumps a blast of creamy white cum across her hand and admits that gagging make her cum easily. She certainly sucked that tool all the way down to the base! But Matt hasn’t cum yet and we still have a long way to go. More of her fantastic fellatio techniques are displayed until her man shoots his load across her pretty face. “I’m still cumming,” Bailey Jay says while rubbing out every last drop of her spunk. As usually, she tastes both cum shots and smiles before waving goodbye, but this one comes with a Happy Thanksgiving wish. Also available on!

TS Seduction – Aubrey Kate, Phoenix Marie & Will Havoc

The Caramel’s TGirls 30% off offer with Full Access to All 30 Kink Channels continues with Phoenix Marie’s TS Threesome: What does she have that I don’t have? 

Phoenix Marie lives out her very first threesome transsexual scene ever! All holes filled, all cocks suck and a triple stacked anal penetration fucking! Performers of shoot here: Aubrey Kate, Will Havoc, and Phoenix Marie. TS Seduction has not seen a hot threesome like this ever! We pop Phoenix Marie’s cherry in her VERY FIRST transsexual scene ever! Aubrey Kate plays Phoenix’s step-sister. One day when Phoenix is out buying booze for her and her boyfriend, Will Havoc, to have a cozy night in things get hot. Aubrey can’t keep her hands off Phoenix’s boyfriends. Will can’t control himself once he finds out Aubrey has a hungry cock and Phoenix catches him with his pants down hard as rock. What does she have that I don’t have?

When Aubrey reveals her secret, the chemistry between these three jumps from the screen! The power exchange flows from one to another. Everyone ass gets filled, every cock sucked, every pussy licked and a three stacked penetration tower builds to Aubrey spraying her load on Phoenix and Will’s faces! Do not miss this one! More dick equals more fun for legendary Phoenix Marie and that’s what basically influenced her decision to appear on TS Seduction over TS Pussy Hunters where there are no men.

Trans porn goddess Aubrey Kate has worked with less than a handful of cisgender females, so this is extra special. Will Havoc has an incredible amount of work on several network sites in a variety of genres. He’s totally verse on film and in real life and a staple here, so it’s no surprise how great he is in this TS Seduction scene.

Limits of the actors are stated, but more of what they like sexually is revealed in the opening interview conducted by director, Maitresse Madeline Marlowe. Aubrey Kate’s kitchen seduction of Will is magnificent, providing a feverishly hot build-up to Phoenix catching them engaging in foreplay in the bedroom.

Will is equally hilarious and sexy explaining why he has a raging hardon when confronted by his girlfriend while Aubrey Kate rests on the bed grinning like a Cheshire cat. You might find yourself jealous of Will and Phoenix sharing Aubrey Kate’s coveted cock when she gets her cum lapped up at the end. You might envy Aubrey Kate too!

The daisy chain is my favorite sequence. The ironic part of this production is that I was a major fan of Phoenix of before I got to know trans porn inside out. She’s at the top of her game. 30% discount full access offer courtesy of Caramel. 

TGirls.Porn – Chelsea Marie & Britney Boykins

Two industry powerhouses collide in this week’s dazzling all-girl affair here on TGirls.Porn as Chelsea Marie and Britney Boykins fly their freak flag high in a steamy fuck-session brought to us in crystal 4K by Grooby shooter Omar Wax. Feast your eyes on these tatted bad girls getting balls deep and personal in yet another stomping XXX from the world’s fastest growing TS erotica site. It dawned on me about four minutes into this scene that Britney takes a powerful drilling like she’s trans bottom of the decade because of the way Chelsea fucks. She doesn’t just pump hard, but she jacks her hips with maniacal thrusts when trying to get her nut. The way Britney gyrates and rotates her killer ass makes taking a pounding like this almost look easy. Actually, it looks like it’s the best thing that’s happened to her in who knows how long than Britney herself. As if this fuck wasn’t hard enough, Britney spanks her own ass hard enough to leave marks before Chelsea sprays a huge load of spunk across her beautiful butt.

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Chelsea: “I’ve been hearing about another tattooed model that was causing quite a stir, so naturally I had to see what all the hype was about. Looked her up on social media, immediately felt a connection. Chatting here and there, back and forth decide it was time to meet in person. Upon meeting face to face, I was blown away. She’s edgy, quick-witted and a super hotty. Having that level of connection made it less complicated to score with her. She’s a babe!”

You can Watch the Free Trailer on TGirls.Porn 

Britney: “Suicide girls are my weakness. Chelsea has the cuttest little butt. Her tattoos turn me on in the worst way. After meeting, we instantaneous hit it off. We go back to my place for a nightcap. During sex she totally dominated me and put in my place giving me exactly what I want…nice thick cock deep inside my ass. Damn, I’m actually getting hard just thinking about it again!”

Kate Violin Plays

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Russian seductress Kate Violin made a big splash in her début exclusive on the multi-site last month and now she picks up right where she left us as spreads wide and bares all once again. I recognized this svelte fox from her incredible live webcam broadcaster on As a matter of fact, she performed with a gorgeous cisgender female just last night and they were smoking hot together! She was more of a top on Chaturbate, but her behavior is that of a total submissive willing to please in her solo debut on Russian TGirls. I already knew about the big uncut surprise she had held captive inside her silver chastity device. When Teodor asks her name, the way she replies comes out like Kate Wyolin and her voice is sultry. When she begins to remove her cocktail dress, you can see that her full bottom is embedded with a butt plug and she turns to show off the chastity belt in place. There’s some totally acceptable narcissism in the mirror as she becomes increasingly aroused. Kate toys with the key to her chastity as if you’re her Master and it’s soon to be yours. Then she moans deeply and loudly as she fucks her tight ass with her sex toy. I guess you’ve given Kate permission to unlock herself because soon, Kate is stroking her freed big dick. You see more of its bulbous throbbing head when she beats off in the video. Kate fucks herself with wild abandon with her toy and cries, “Oh yeah, while stroking her big hard cock. I remember she speaks English from her live show. She also gives one of those leg admirer and foot fetish teases I remember from her explosive Chaturbate broadcast.

In her new release, Kate sports a sexy new hair color and looking irresistible in her blue dinner dress, heels and white stockings, she unleashes that thick, juicy portion of grade A Russian cream and blows a sticky load of spunk jets over her lovely toned tummy.

Cassandra Grande Strokes Her Huge Cock


Here’s a new video that’s absolutely mesmerizing to watc hand the photo set is incredible as well. KilaKali presents Kansas City, Missouri native “Cassandra Grande Strokes Her Huge Cock!” on


This is her sixth photo and video set (including a blazing hot hardcore scene) on the world’s leading black trans adult website. The points of Cassandra’s nipples protrude against her white top when her new scene begins. She wastes no time baring her full breasts and fondling them.


It appears that she’s going to expose her goodies below from the front, but she turns around and bares her exquisite derriere first. When she makes her cheeks jiggle, her large ball sack almost completely hides her cock. But she grasps her genitals and pushes them back between her thighs. Cassandra’s dick is very thick although it’s not even fully erect yet.


She slaps her starfish with the head of it and then turns to face us. Her torso is remarkable and after fondling her big tits and then straddles her chair completely naked. KilaKali zooms in of the magnificent ass Cassandra makes clap and most of the first half of this scene focuses on the dynamic rear view.


Then our attention is drawn to the sight of Cassandra sitting in her chair masturbating her enormous cock. About 8.5 minutes in, Cassandra rises from her seat and her massive organ is now fully hard.


I don’t know how tall this stunning beauty is, but at any height, her rack and schlong must be huge. Cassandra is pretty quite all throughout her masturbation sequence until she begins moaning and gasping while stroking her big dick furiously.


Cassandra in my opinion is one of the most amazing models of 2016. – Mara Nova & Becca Fatale


In “Summertime Shenanigans in Vegas” on, star and Becca Fatale (with the fiery red hair) are visiting Las Vegas for all the fun it has to offer, but they’re sad that their host Christian XXX is knocked out from drinking too much. He fucked both of them the night before, but that was then and this is now. These hot girls are horny again.


The girls start kissing while recalling seeing each other getting banged hard. After some mutual manual and oral breast admiration, they continue making out. Then they come up with the sexual prank of Mara putting her big dick into Christian’s mouth while he’s passed out.


The host begin’s sucking Mara’s schlong with Becca holding his head in place when he awakens. The big stud’s massive cock is already almost as hard as it get when Becca withdraws it from his running pants and begins giving him a blowjob. Next, both completely naked babes share his huge tool, their tongues meeting as they suck it down. When Christian who’s still groggy from his hangover asks where he is, Becca replies, “You’re in Vegas, but for now we’ll call it heaven.” Great answer! Mara’s mouth is too full of cock to talk at the moment and Becca resumes sharing it.


Becca is first to take Christian’s monster cock by sliding down on it with her sexy ass facing us. The lesbian content is strong with Mara and Becca kissing and it continues as this threesome reaches its cumtastic finale.


Mara first appeared on in a one on one bareback scene with Christian in April of 2015, another in September and in a threesome with Christian in November with a pretty Asian trans girl named Kitty. She did another one on one with Christian in December, a POV blowjob scene in June of 2016. 


Becca Fatale starred in a bareback hardcore scene in September of 2015 with Christian and followed that up with a bareback threesome with Christian and Lina Cavalli in October of 2016.


You can also see Mara Nova on Christian’s new blazing hot all trans website!

TGirls.Porn – Joss Amor & Delishous


Delishous: (right)“I’ve never had sex with another t-girl before, but I knew that if the girl is like me, well put together, pretty, and stylish, that I’d be excited to work with her. I think Joss is very sexy, so I was ready to work with her. She has a beautiful ass, so any position works for me as long as her ass is involved. I almost came insider her several times, because it felt so good.”


Joss: (left) “I think Delishous is super hot. It was my first time with a TS, but there’s a first time for everything, right? I was really excited and anxious at the same time, just to get the process started. To fell her inside of me and I gave her every inch. Doggy style was my favorite, but it all felt good with Delishous.”


I didn’t expect much chemistry between two trans girls who’d never slept with other trans girls before in this TGirls.Porn video. There’s a reason for that and it’s that they prefer men. But what’s that got to do with the price of china? In this case, absolutely nothing.


I didn’t expect Joss and Delishous to fall in love with each other. I just wanted to see some passionate kissing, torrid cock sucking and furious fucking with two hot hung babes and that’s exactly what I got from the incredible producer Radius Dark! They’re already French kissing when this scene begins. Aside from the hardcore action, this is my favorite thing to see in transbian porn. Therefore, there was even more intimacy than I expected. 


When it comes to getting undressed, Joss is the aggressor at first, helping Delishous out of her clothing. Mutual oral breast admiration is followed by Joss sucking on her partner’s lovely cock. Joss jerks off while sucking her to a raging erection, then she lays down to concentrate on her fellatio technique that looks extraordinary. They trade places and Joss develops a throbbing boner as well.


I wasn’t sure who would do the fucking when I heard about this scene in production. It could have gone either way I think, but it’s Delishous who we see rolling on some protection. Joss is on her back when Delishous eases her cock into her partner’s tight ass gently. She gives her partner some time to adjust before pumping in and out of her hard and fast.


As much as I love doggy style sex, I really love seeing Delishous pounding Joss’ firm bottom like she’s trying to screw her through the mattress. Joss eventually raises her ass from the bed for a doggy style railing and then she gets drilled sideways!


Radius captures great footage of the girls taking notice of his camera, but at times they seem oblivious to the fact that this action is being filmed. The angles are all over the place in the best possible way and there are tight closeups also.


After all this torrid action in the beginning and middle of every TGirls.Porn scene, I’m always super curious about how they’ll come to an end. I love that in this one, the girls lay side by side with their bodies touching as they jerk off frantically. The way they kiss again at the end makes this yet another spectacular production on one of my all-time favorite adult websites. You can also see both Delishous and Joss on and on!

Buddy Wood’s

Model: Lena Jade
Model: Lena Jade

Buddy Wood’s couch has seen hundreds of trans model’s debut shoots and it’s time it had its own site! Hazel Tucker, Kimber James, Jane Marie, Penny Tyler, Tori Mayes, Domino Presley, Morgan Bailey, Kim Bella, Sofia Ferreira, Dahlia Diamond, Alexa Scout, Sarah Webb, Khloe Hart, Daphne Cruz, Nadia Love, Sunshyne Monroe, Nelly Taylor, Gaby and Natalie Foxx are just a few of the names who have had their first porn shoots with Buddy Wood over the years. features the first shoots – and your first looks – and the stars of tomorrow. Some models may go onto other sites and some will not continue, but this is the starting point for them all. You may have seen some of the girls featured elsewhere already, but these are the first shoots.

Interview with Christina Skyye


As much as I’d like to say that this interview was an attempt to focus on a Floridian trans adult entertainment model, it wouldn’t be entirely true. It just happens that I live in close proximity to Christina Skyye. I requested this Q&A because I was so impressed with her incredible work. She’s rising to the top of the porn chain and once I learned how sweet and bright Christina is, that was the icing on the cake! That said, she only enhances my pride of the Sunshine State and the strong and thriving LGBTQ community within. I hope you’ll enjoy my exclusive interview with Christina Skyye.

Interview with Valentina Mia


I think of Valentina Mia as a triple threat. She’s a major studio website model, successful webcam broadcaster and a mainstream social media sensation. She’s gorgeous, highly educated and sweet as cherry pie. After following Valentina’s multi-faceted career, it didn’t take long before I requested an interview. But I wish I’d done it even sooner. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with the stunning and talented Valentina Mia!