Pure-TS: Delia DeLions & Lina Cavalli


Christian and Delia are in Vegas for the swinger convention. The girl at the front desk gave them the wrong key! So they open up the door to the room and there is Lina Cavalli about to hit the pool. Of course Delia starts to chat her up and then sex her up and the next thing you know, Christian is balls deep in the ass of both beautiful TS girls on Pure-TS.


When Christian XXX and Delia DeLions enter their hotel room, he doesn’t know what happens when Lina and Delia discover each other because he’s freshening up. Lina looks stunning in her bikini and so does Delia with her large braless breasts jiggling under her blouse. Lina let on that she’s interested in any transbian play or a threesome, but you see her eyes checking out Delia’s stiff nipples. Delia has one hand on on of Lina’s covered boobs when Christian enters the main area of the room. Delia explains the reservations mix up and Lina opens up enough to allow the couple to remove her bikini top.


The couple feast on Lina’s full, bare breasts and taking turns French kissing her. Then the girls sit on the bed while Christian whips his big, stiff cock out of his pants. They take turns sucking his huge cock and there’s some awesome POV footage of this dual blowjob that gets more forceful by the minute.


When both Delia and Lina perch themselves ass up on the bed, Christian helps get enough of their clothes of to begin fucking. Delia gets her lovely ass pounded bareback first. What I love the most about this threesome is the no-mailed-in transbian content with equal individual attention paid to the man of the hour. I first heard about this 15 on a scale from 1 to 10 production from the websites of Delia-TS and LinaCavalli.xxx.



TGirls.Porn – Jenna Rose & Crystal Sopen


You can watch a free video trailer on TGirls.Porn of Jenna Rose and Crystal Sopen in action before downloading it like I did. That’s what closed the deal for me. Plus, I was anxious to see gorgeous Jenna Rose in action for the first time.


I’ve been a Crystal Sopen fan for years from her major studio work and live on Chaturbate in room crystalsopen. She’s a frequent performer there so you should get yourself a Free Registration to catch her amazing broadcasts. My interview partner PornOCD presented a sexy and informative interview with Crystal that you’ll find here on TS Dreamland, another blog of mine. 


One of my favorite elements of transbian romance and sex is kissing. Seeing Jenna and Crystal’s intimacy makes me want to get some of that for myself! It all starts out when Jenna stops by her friend Crystal’s place needing a break from playing Pokémon Go on a hot day. While talking about playing games and stuff while sitting on the bed, Crystal makes her move and it’s on.


I’m not exactly sure which sequence impresses me the most. It’s somewhere between seeing  Crystal fucking Jenna in the reverse cowgirl position and the part where they’re fucking standing up while Jenna strokes her erection.  


Jenna Rose: “I loved getting to shoot for TGirls.Porn with Crystal Sopen. Our shoot felt very sensual to me. In the beginning I was nervous, never having been with another trans girl, this was new territory for me. I have always been attracted to girls but, I’ve also always loved cock. Crystal came together as the best of both worlds. Her body was soft and smooth while her cock was rock hard. The way that she interacted with me; the way she touched me felt sweet and compassionate. It felt so satisfying to kiss her from her lips, to her perky tits, and all the way down to her hard cock. Sucking on her cock got my little clitty hard and soon I was dying for her to take me. Crystal in essence seduced me- letting me open up, relax and thoroughly enjoy the experience.The way she teasingly licked my “little pussy” made me want to please her and see her hard cock cum. Even when she had me pressed up to the window where everyone below could see me all I could focus on was how good it felt to be taken by her and how badly I wanted to see her cum. Being seduced by a trans girl just has a certain subtle, sensual, sexy, sweetness not found with most men”.


Crystal Sopen: “I was excited to work with the cute and nubile Jenna. I love the curves and feel of a woman’s body and the warm affection they can give. I love playing with women, especially with a fun fit tgirl like Jenna. In the scenario Jenna came to the when I was laying on my bed bored. As I opened the door, I saw Jenna with her cute ass looking extra good in her tight tight sorts. At that point I thought, her ass is the perfect cure for my boredom. It turned out to be a fun day after all, as we went at it late into the night. We got closer, talked and kissed . As I got her undressed I traced my hands over her body. Then, I tasted Jenna’s buns and her sweet as hole. She also pleased my cock, with skill and grace. I also noticed she has delightful small breasts, which I enjoyed greatly. The way she tongued my nipples was deliciously precise. We had a good long anal sex by my window, which has a scenic view of downtown”.

Watch The Trailer on TGirls.Porn
Watch The Trailer on TGirls.Porn

Sunshyne Monroe in Feet Lick

MP4 Gallery
MP4 Gallery

I think that even if someone doesn’t necessarily have a foot fetish, it’s pretty easy to decide if a chick has pretty feet or not. The fact that Sunshyne Monroe has a lot more going for her than just the body parts she gets around on makes her Sunshyneland Feet Lick video sexy and fun for everyone. It’s just that if you happen to have a foot fetish, you’ll probably end up cumming faster than most other fans with this scene.

Sample Photo Gallery "Nightie"
Sample Photo Gallery “Nightie”

It’s presented on the heels of the Sunshyneland hardcore scene with Chelsea Marie entitled Walk on the Wild Side. That was the Las Vegas shoot in which the normally straight Sunshine decided to experiment with transbian sex. Sunshyne’s last transbian tryst was a hardcore scene getting railed by Kelli Lox. TS Chelsea Marie fucked Sunshyne silly in their scene together as well.

In her Feet Lick video, Sunshyne stands before a mirror in a man’s shirt and pink bra and panty in a stark white room that enhances her skin tone. She removes and discards the shirt while seated and her bra comes off next. Then she turns her back to the camera and presents us with her full round ass. At this point I’m thinking if someone has a breast or butt fetish, they might lose it before they even get to the foot play. Within four minutes she’s playing with her lovely derriere and since she’s barefoot, things really begin to kick in at this point for foot lovers. Moments later, Sunshyne’s cock and balls are exposed when she faces the camera and raises one of her legs to lick her pedicured toes. She points her red painted toes toward the camera and then gets down to the business of making her cock hard. Then it’s a full blown fap session with Sunshyne intensely stroking her erection while using her other hand to caress one high-arched foot. Sunshyne beats off until she cums and gives you one last toe wiggling before this Sunshyland video fades out.

Sexy LV’s Big Cumshot!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

I surprised myself at how in-depth I went on LV’s Shemale Yum debut on July 2nd on TS Dreamland here. But after seeing her second scene, I shouldn’t really be surprised about why I was so impressed in the first place. Buddy Wood does the honors again with Sexy LV’s Big Cumshot! and takes us from the poolside setting of the hung beauty’s debut into the bedroom. Seeing LV gazing out the window stroking her cock reminds me that she’s one of the most beautiful trans girls I’ve seen on Shemale Yum in its 20 years online. The set up is that you’ve caught her masturbating but she doesn’t really mind. LV moves to the bed and continues to jerk off. She’s got a semi-erection already and her big dick stands upward on it’s own when she sheds some of her clothing. Buddy Woods bedding must be nice and soft because when she turns over and exposes her amazing ass explicitly, she rubs the swollen head of her cock against it a bit. She rubs her fun spot while humping her fist. Then she ‘s on her back again stroking her raging hard member. LV fingers herself and her moans increase in loudness and frequency even as she bites her bottom lip. LV makes so many outrageous position changes on the bed, I lose count of how many there are. The most audible sound is her lubricated hand beating her hardness at this point. After LV’s big, creamy white cumshot fires, I don’t know if she covers her mouth with her hand because of Buddy’s reaction or because the volume of her eruption surprises LV and everyone else who’ll see it on Shemale Yum.


Delia DeLions of Delia-TS.com in Standing Ass Toy Fuck

“It was a hot wet shoot and I couldn’t resist talking dirty to Delia,” said Delia’s spouse Trixie of TastyTrixie.com. “This might be the first time we’ve shot her fucking a big toy stuck against a vertical surface like a wall (in this case, a cement column in our apartment). My wife looks so sexy in her shiny platform high heels, black thigh highs, tiny little black panties and hot pink rubber waist cincher. Wearing all of that slutty stuff, knowing how good she looks and feels, playing with this fat purple toy with its big balls is such a turnon to both of us… and knowing you’re going to watch and play along with us and cum to it too!” Delia added, “I thought I would just show off my long legs, shiny shoes and ass for you in this video, but Trixie had other plans. I love getting fucked standing up sometimes, the problem is most guys aren’t tall enough to really get the job done. I have to rely on other methods to fulfill my fantasies every now and then. In this video Trixie gives me just the right tool and guidance to properly get myself off for you!” Standing Ass Toy Fuck on Delia-TS begins with Trixie filming Delia from behind while gently moving her sexy ass from side to side, perfectly color-coordinated in pink and black. When Delia turns a bit for a profile view, we see that she’s topless above the waist cincher. If you’re hoping for a more explicit view of what’s hidden by that thin strip of panty, you do not have to wait long to see it. Trixie zooms in for a closeup of her flexing wrinkled rosebud and down her curvy legs to her stocking and platform clad feet. Suddenly Delia turns to face the camera and her big cock is standing out from the waistband of her panties. She touches it for a moment and makes it swing from side to side. It looks heavy and extremely hard. When the funky soundtrack lowers, Trixie hands Delia the big purple toy we all want to see her using. Trixie has an uncanny knack to directing Delia to do exactly what we want to see her doing and her sexy voice and dirty talk add to the eroticism. There are a great many Delia-TS videos in which there’s nothing else going on than Delia herself. I love having it both ways. In this video, I loved Trixie’s excited involvement in Delia’s self fucking and her hearing reaction to Delia’s big creamy white cumshot.

Tiffany Starr Pleasure Beads

MP4 Gallery
MP4 Gallery 

I love the Tiffany Starr XXX Pleasure Beads photo set and she does something incredibly sexy right at the start of the video that comes with it. She plays with her pigtails while tell us about her new outfit and anal beads, rubbing the ends of her tresses across her nipples. These pretty nubbins are still inside the sheer black bodystocking, but what a nice, horny way to start.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Then she lets out the sexiest little giggle while suggesting you pull her pigtails. Tiffany hefts the weight of her full breasts and runs circles around their sensitive points before fully exposing them. Then come more of those cock stiffening, pussy wetting little giggles! About three minutes into the video, she shows off more of this sexy outfit and the cock dangling before her thighs. Moments later we see Tiffany’s love stick fully erect. Tiffany never stops playing with her boobs once her cock stroking gets going and soon she’s exposing her lovely ass, too. Then she hops on her black leather sofa to give you a more explicit view of her wonderful butt. She smack it pretty hard and then reaches for the anal beads. Tiffany fucks herself with the toy in every possible stage of penetration.


If you’ve seen her in action on Tiffany Starr XXX before, you know she’s famous for some of the biggest cumshots in trans porn. Here she goes again! Pleasure Beads ends with yet another creamy white blast.

Black-TGirls Hershey Hardcock Jacks Off!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

When I saw the August 3rd photos from the Black-TGirls set by Buddy Wood of Hershey Hardcock, I didn’t recognize her from her two shoots by KilaKali in 2014. I don’t know if it’s because of her newer natural hairstyle that I love so much or if it’s because of the differents styles both photographers have filmed her brilliantly in. I think that her new look will open up new opportunities for a wide range of future performances. I downloaded both new photo sets and videos. While sitting poolside in a bikini stroking her cock, Buddy reminds us that she’s shot for Black-TGirls before. I must admit, I still didn’t remember seeing this beautiful young trans girl before. Hershey describes herself as a 22 year old from Texas who is never going to return home now that she’s living in Southern California. Aside from the fact that I’m more a of top, Hershey describes her fantasies in a way that go into the fetish lifestyle that I can’t seem to live without. Living up to her name, Hershey makes her hard cock bounce up and down with no hands and stands up to expose my idea of the most perfectly rounded derriere in creation. Her complexion is simply amazing. She uses a plexiglass chair like a stripper’s prop and removes her string bikini bottom before sitting down again. When she jerks off while bent over on the chair, you’ll hear Buddy exclaim, “Yes, baby,” and you’ll most likely be thinking exactly the same thing. You’ll also notice that her sexy legs are enhanced by a light sheen of oil when she moves to a beach towel on the tiles. Hershey exposes her lovely hormone breasts while showing how flexible her gorgeous legs are. She continues to strike a variety of sitting and standing poses too numerous to mention in her 1st 2016 video.

Watch the Free Video Trailers on Black-TGirls.com
Watch the Free Video Trailers on Black-TGirls.com 

In Hershey’s latest Black-TGirls video of 2016, we’re spying on Hershey through a crack in the bedroom door. She picks up on it right away and wags a finger to invite us inside. The look on her gorgeous face is perhaps even sexier than in the last scene. I think she might be even more turned on this time around, knowing she’s going to make herself cum for us. Within two minutes, Hershey’s little panty is removed and discarded carelessly, leaving her in her sheer black porn label tank top and nothing else. But soon, the top is removed also. There goes that virtually flawless skin again now 100% exposed. Hershey then leans back comfortably and begins to stroke her cock to a full erection. Her position changes are so tremendously erotic that I’m thinking to myself that I’ve never seen a sexier solo performance before. Hershey Hardcock is horny as hell by this point and when she’s about to cum, she cries out, “Oh, fuck!” She continues cursing as a big creamy white cumshot blasts from the bulbous head of her cock. Don’t miss this extraordinary Black-TGirls update.

Pure-TS: Brooklyn Roberts & Nikki Vicious


The Pure-TS synopsis reads: Massive cock starlet Brooklyn Roberts and her sexy blonde friend Nikki Vicious are ready to hit the pool. But these horny TS girlfriends can’t stop groping and kissing each other. By the time Christian gets to the room, they are full on getting after it. He joins in and fucks both of their asses bareback. This is Nikki’s first time in front of the camera and she is a natural…budding superstar.


“Beautiful TS Lovers Allow Christian To Fuck Them Together” on Pure-TS is especially exciting because the trans girls are reunited friends just exploring transbian sex for the first time. There’s a tantalizing buildup that leads to the first kiss. Christian XXX is comically shocked when entering the room and finding them making out.

Naturally, Christian’s huge cock is already raging hard before Nikki gets her hands and mouth around it after some smooching with Brooklyn.


This is the 4th incredible Pure-TS scene starring Brooklyn Roberts. Her others include two hardcore one on one scenes with Christian, and a threesome with Kinky Kora. I love the chemistry between Brooklyn and Nikki that doesn’t seem forced for a single moment. Nikki plays with Brooklyn’s pretty tits while it’s the brunette’s turn to give Christian a blowjob. The way their tongues meet when sucking his schlong together add to the thrill of this video.


Brooklyn is quite helpful when Nikki straddles Christian’s big tool in the cowgirl position. The girls continue making out during Nikki’s bareback drilling and the blonde simultaneous does a great job of humping and sucking Brooklyn’s enormous organ!


As much as I love Christian’s extraordinary male/trans one on one trans scenes, there’s something extra special to me about the threesomes. This one ranks amongst the highest because of the passion of all three stars. The contrast of Brooklyn and Nikki’s stunning looks is a surprise I didn’t see coming because this is Nikki’s first official porno. I’ve never seen her anywhere before and she’s got a bright adult industry career ahead of her.


I’ve raved about Brooklyn so many times before, I’ve lost count. Yes, she has an incredibly big dick, but that’s not the main talent behind her great performances. She’s so damn sexy even when her porn goodies are not in the frame. Don’t miss this incredible Pure-TS update.

Tranny Vice DVD / VOD

Tranny Vice Cast: Mona Wales, Morgan Bailey, Domino Presley, Aubrey Kate, Natalie Mars, Sue Lightning, Directed by Buddy Wood. Length: 1 hrs. 27 minutes, Rating: XXX, Released: Aug 15 2016, Production Year: 2016, Studio: Grooby, Number of Discs: 1.


“Detectives Bailey and Presley are two of the dirtiest cops on LA’s Tranny Vice. They’re hot on the trail of bad girl Aubrey Kate and they’re not about to let anything get in their way!! Hardcore action! Hardcore sex! Hardcore fun!” I had hardcore fun with this DVD that doesn’t take itself too seriously and keeps things lighthearted. The opening action begins with Robert Axel and Aubrey Kate. They’re always amazing to watch separately or together. Morgan Bailey and Domino Presley are hilarious as the vice squad partners and sexy as hell. Domino performs a solo striptease and masturbation sequence while Morgan hunts down the cisgender female actress Mona Wales. Mona has a long rap sheet and after some sizzling hot foreplay, detective Bailey keeps her in line by giving her some long cock. Domino busts bad guy Robert Axel, but he gives her a fucking that keeps him out of serious trouble. Natalie Mars and Sue Lightning are the CSI team on duty. While Sue jacks off in the bedroom of a victim’s house, Natalie gets it on in the living room with newcomer Dorian Drake. This bareback railing ends with a tremendous facial and it’s the second to last sex scene of Tranny Vice. The actual finale is a Sue Lightening cumshot before the film comes to a comical surprise ending.

Watch The Trailer on Adult DVD Empire
Watch The Trailer on Adult DVD Empire

Femout.XXX Tennessee Temptress Chloe Wilcox


The Lovely Miss Wilcox followed by Tennessee Temptress Chloe Wilcox are the last two Femout.XXX photo and video sets of her scintillating scenes. That makes four fine performances by this super sexy self-described TILF on this groundbreaking website. Chloe is a busy and charitable bright light who is extremely active with non-profit groups and supports other trans women vigorously.


The Lovely Miss Wilcox video begins with Chloe in a black dress standing before open floor-to-ceiling windows. She turns her back to the camera to reveal a hint of lacy black panties and she’s also wearing tall black platform heels with no stockings. Her derriere is large and lovely and she seems to be about to reveal her breasts but teases with “Not yet.” Chloe shows a front view of her bulging panties before exposing her pretty hormone boobs and nipples, then kneels on the sofa. We see that Chloe has a butt plug inserted and keep in mind that she prefers to be the one who’s getting fucked. Her Femout.XXX reads, “Sexually I prefer to bottom but I’m completely functional so I could show you a thing or two. Light bondage, BDSM also pique my interest.


After removing her dress, Chloe pushes her panties down just above her knees. They’re around her ankles when she sits on the sofa to jack off. Chloe is also a mechanic and she’s great with tools, especially the suckable one between her luscious thighs. Her photographer Omar Wax captures a closeup view of the pre-cum oozing from the tip of Chloe’s stiffening cock. With her sweet voice Chloe begs to be fucked.


The sight of Chloe on her knees that follows might make you lose your load before this scene is evan halfway over! She finger bangs her hot ass and makes her stiff cock bounce up and down… this is one horny video.


The Tennessee Temptress Chloe Wilcox scene which is her latest on Femout.XXX features Chloe in the bedroom wearing a lingerie set of pink and black with no heels on. She bends over invitingly and spanks her full, wide ass. Then she hops on the mattress on all fours.


Chloe reveals her cock, balls and ass with her panties just barely still on. Once her bra is off, she faces the camera and sucks on her finger sexily. Omar’s closeups on her pretty face and bright eyes are wonderful.


Next, Chloe’s got a dildo to lick on before fucking her tight ass with it. She really humps the toy hard with her butt facing you. “I just want you to cum in my ass,” she moans and it’s pretty obvious how horny she really is in this scene. Chloe’s jerking off is more intense than in her last Femout.XXX scene and she uses her other hand to penetrate herself with the sex toy rapidly. 


Chloe announces her impending orgasm just before a hug creamy white cumshot blasts out of her raging hard cock! I highly recommend that you stream or download all four performances by Chloe Wilcox on Femout.XXX. Visit the site for free video trailers of Chloe in action. I highly recommend that you stream or download all four performances by Chloe Wilcox.


Piladyboy.com is celebrating 9 years online as the original Transpinay website featuring the hottest trans girls of the Philippines – 191 models in all, in 588 galleries, over 55,000 photos and 190+ videos.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Meet the lovely, luscious, and charming Khei Young! Khei was Miss Gay Philippines in 2008 and is a stage performer in Manila. She stands 5’10” yet weighs just 100 lbs, with a curvaceous 38-24-38 figure. She was just 24 years old when she first appeared on Piladyboy.com back in 2008. She loves to entertain gentlemen friends. If there were a contest for the finest breasts in the Philippines, Khei would definitely be a finalist.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Jane Sevillia, a very sexy, slender and supple young trans girl, just 20 years old yet with a lot of erotic experience making her a great lover, just as her charm and intelligence makes her a great companion. Call her or email her, meet her in person when you visit the Philippines, and she will make your visit unforgettable.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Piladyboy.com first introduced Tyra as a very sexy young trans girl with a big cock who loves sex and romance back in 2008. Flaccid, it’s still 4″, and aroused she seems to easily get to 8″ with room to grow! How big is she when fully aroused? Well, you’ll have to find out for yourself! When asked about herself, she said, “Hi I’m Tyra and I’ve got pretty face, sexy body, sexy tits, sexy hips and monster cock in one package! I love sucking cock and I love cumming with someone in me.”

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Lulay Abbi is a very sensuous, all-natural girl. This 22 year old hottie stands at 5 foot 6 inches with a 6 inch cock and enjoys both top and bottom and ideal guy is tall and handsome.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

23-year-old Nomee was born in Rayong, Thailand, southeast of Pattaya near the Cambodian border. Nomee is a fun-loving girl who values smart men who can laugh and enjoy a good time. She is a sexy girl with long, dark brown hair, 34C breasts and a thick 6″ cock. Her dream vacation is to visit Europe.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Betty is jaw-droppingly beautiful, a sensual woman any man would be proud to be seen with. She has long black hair falling halfway to her waist, a great figure, an enchanting smile, and beautiful eyes you can get lost in.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Last but not least, Mitchie (who also appears with a genetic girl in another hot set) is here has a steaming hot time with another lovely Piladyboy.com model, Michelle! Piladyboy.com features Asia’s most beautiful transpinay girls and femboy in cosplay, deep anal, transbian sex, ladyboy on male sets, solo action, toys and more.

Fresh Faced Scarlett Hart Debuts!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Scarlett Hart says she’s from Los Angeles, California and likes playing piano and taking long walks on the beach in her Shemale Yum debut as the website celebrates its 20th anniversary. She really likes dominant men and some of her turn ons are being choked, slapped, having her hair pulled. Unfortunately, she hasn’t found an actual Dom yet. Take notice L.A. tops! I don’t find the fact that she’s into Domination and submission surprising. She’s wearing only a bikini (at first) and there are no tell-tale signs. There’s just a certain gleam in her eye that says she might be a little bit kinky. Her name instantly recalls the novel written by Marcus Sedgwick and illustrated by Thomas Taylor. I’m not sure if this was the inspiration of her chosen adult industry name. About her debut video, Scarlett stands up to show her hot body and removes her top under Buddy Wood’s skillful direction. She grasps her boobs a little roughly, enough to leave finger marks. This bright-eyed fox would bruise pretty easily in a D/s scene. After lowering her bikini bottom, Scarlett takes a seat and begins playing with her lovely uncut cock. When she lays back on a towel at poolside, there’s nothing shy about the way she gazes at the camera lense with her legs spread open. As her cock thickens and lengthens more and more, the pink head is sometimes visible, yet it’s surrounded by a lickable sheath that also keeps it hidden at times. Buddy compliments Scarlett’s posing when she’s on her knees with her extremely fuckable ass facing his camera. Scarlet stands up to stroke her erection next, giving amazing views from every angle. Don’t miss the new 18 year old newbie with runway model beauty. You can watch the free Scarlett Hart video trailer on the longest running trans adult website – Shemale Yum.

Watch Scarlett Hart's video trailer on shemaleyum.com
Watch Scarlett Hart’s video trailer on shemaleyum.com 

Meet Kimber Haven & Friends at Fetish Con


Back in January, I presented my exclusive interview with Kimber Haven on tsdreamland.com. My foxy gal pal is at Fetish Con in St. Petersburg, Florida today through Sunday, August 14th attending industry events like the pool parties and walking the Kinky Red Carpet also Sunday night, during the awards. Fans can meet her at the Clips4Sale booth, take a photo with her or get an autographed photo. Kimber is up for two awards, Best Fetish Alternative Performer because of her fantastic kimberhaven.com website and for Best Transgender Alternative Cam Performer for her cumtastic kimberlynnhaven LIVE performances on Chaturbate. You can sign up for a free registration  at Chaturbate Trans to catch her in action.

MP4 Video Preview 

Kimber will find out on Sunday night if she takes home one or both trophies. “This is my very first trade show and nominations, and I’m very excited about everything,” said Kimber. “If you’re in the area, definitely come on down and meet me, and attend the awards show if you can. The show will also be live on the Fetish Con website, so my fans around the world can watch and hopefully see me winning one or both of the awards.” All the Fetish Con events are taking place at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront. When Kimber isn’t filming, featuring, or camming, you will find her rocking out on an electric guitar, doing stand-up comedy, binge watching Netflix and YouTube, and interacting with her fans. 

kimberhaven.com , lexissteel.comravenroxx.com 

Kimber is with her gorgeous trans friend Raven Roxx who you may have seen hardcore on Kimber’s website or on her own spectacular website, ravenroxx.com! Also there will be their mutual Dominant/submissive switch cis female friend the hostess of lexissteel.com!

Bailey Jay Jerk Off Instruction Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

MP4 Trailers
MP4 Trailers 

Just in case you haven’t learned how to jerk off with Bailey Jay yet, her second installment of “Jerk Off Instruction” should do the trick. She moves around scantily clad on her bed and announces that she’s going to get hard for you. I don’t recall seeing her cock flaccid when her videos begin often and realize I’ve forgotten she’s a grower. So now it’s time to learn so she asks you to start stroking with her. She’s been edging all day and expecting to produce a big cumshot by the end. Although she faps mainly in the beginning with her designer undies pulled to the side, she still wears a t-shirt. Her legs and feet are bare. It’s kind of like a sharper version of a live webcam show with the as close to the same level of intimacy as a recording can get. I think you’ll get so fully immersed that you’ll forget it’s not live. Once her cock is fully and hugely erect, it does that miraculous gravity defying thing when she’s not stroking it furiously. Bailey Jay makes her big rack swing one way and her big dick swing other ways before getting back to beating off. She asks where you’d like to cum. After suggesting her on face, she suggests on her tits and finally bares them. After completely removing her panties, she jerks off spread eagle on the bed. She flexes her bare feet for foot lovers and turns around for butt lovers. Then she imagines you sucking on her big, fat, thick cock and her masturbation becomes more intense. Don’t worry about not knowing when Bailey Jay is going to cum. She announces her impending orgasm. Then a steady flow of creamy white cum spurts from her swollen pink cockhead. Bailey Jay flashes her pendulous breasts one last time and thanks you for jerking off with her.You can stream or download Jerk Off Instruction Part 2: Electric Boogaloo on her official website or from the TGirl Network which includes full access the websites of Adriana Lynn Rush, Angelina Torres, Ashley George, Bianka Nascimento, Carmen Moore, Eva Paradis, Holly Harlow, Jasmine Jewels, Jessica Fox, Jonelle Brooks, Kelly Clare, Kimber James (pre-op & post-op), KimberLee, Mandy Mitchell, Morgan Bailey, Natalia Coxxx, Natassia Dreams, Nody Nadia, Olivia Love, Penny Tyler, Sarina Valentina, Sexxxy Jade (pre-op), Sunshyne Monroe, Tiffany Starr, TS Foxxy, TS Jessy, Vaniity and Victoria Di Prada.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Pure-TS: CeCe Addams


In the Pure-TS interview conducted by Christian XXX for his spectacular website, he jokes that CeCe Addams should tell everyone she’s 19 years old. As she sits on the sofa nude except for a pair of tall, strappy sandals, I might have believed the stunning Londoner was that age. They talk about the scene they just filmed and CeCe discusses her transition. She wasn’t born in England and she goes into some details about her background.


Cece plays casually with her uncut cock while talking and she has the sexiest voice. CeCe has been near my neck of the woods near Disney. I can only imagine how many heads she turned in my Sunshine State. Christian mentions how “passable” she is and you’ll see exactly what he means even more on video. CeCe explains the meaning behind her cool ink and plans for the future. Her long hair is all hers and she has a good sense of humor saying she could give a flying fuck about sports. I don’t know if Christian was standing there doing this interview naked or what. During the discussion, she develops a big boner.


The interview itself could make you cum, but let’s turn to the main event, shall we? As soon as Christian enters the room somewhere in the UK in “English TS CeCe makes her hardcore debut” he finds CeCe in her matching white bra, panty and stocking set already horned up. She massages her bulge and directly invites him to fuck her with his big American cock. “Come fuck me with that nice and hard,” she adds. But we see her stand up and make out with him first with her own big dick straining against the fabric of her undies. The dialogue coming from this raven-haired fox is such a great enhancement before, during after the cock sucking she receives. When CeCe’s rod is as hard as it can get, the bulbous head emerges from its sheath. After some mutual stroking, CeCe sinks down to return the favor. I don’t know what’s hotter between the POV, profile and frontal footage. CeCe’s delicious looking dick arcs upward when she’s on her knees. It points up toward the ceiling when Christian helps her get seated on the bed.


CeCe gives Christain an explicit butt show as he removes the rest of his clothing and their bareback fucking begins in the missionary position. Pure-TS offers a diverse range of stunningly gorgeous trans girls, all shot in a range of sexual scenarios updated 2-3x per week in HD video with high quality still photos as well.

Black-TGirls Aurora Jade Jerks Off!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

On July 30th, we saw beautiful Aurora Jade jerking off for the first time poolside on Black-TGirls presented by Buddy Wood. Her follow up scene was a blazing hot hardcore scene with the incredible Robert Axel. One meaning of “Aurora” is a natural electrical phenomenon which is also a good way to describe this young beauty’s cumshot before her 1st hardcore scene comes to an end. “Aurora Jade Jerks Off!” is her 3rd Black-TGirls set. There’s no need for much of a new introduction this time around with the August 2016 Model of the Month. Instead, Buddy presents us with a voyeuristic view of us peeking at Aurora through the bedroom door. She’s rubbing the bulge in her panties while lying in bed. All she has on is a skimpy black bra when she removes her panties to masturbate with more ease and comfort. Somewhere down the line, Aurora realizes that you’ve been spying on her. She’s not embarrassed but rather turned on by the indiscretion. She adds naughty talk with her sweet voice as her cock expands within her stroking hand. Eventually, Aurora loses her bra and continues to fap with one of her sexy legs supported by her forearm. This act provides a clear view of her fun spot until she shifts her body to present an even more explicit view. This naughty expose continues with Aurora on her hands and knees with her incredible ass in the frame. She sits back for a few moments and her masturbation technique intensifies. I don’t want to tell you exactly how a creamy white cumshot spurts from Aurora’s swollen cockhead and spoil it for you. See for yourself and catch all of Aurora Jade’s tremendous new performances on Black-TGirls.

Watch Aurora Jade's Free Video Trailers on Black-TGirls.com
Watch Aurora Jade’s Free Video Trailers on Black-TGirls.com

Bob’s Tgirls: Nadia Love in Black Fishnets

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

I had to do a double take when I saw the new Bob’s Tgirls set with beautiful Nadia Love. I first saw her on Shemale Yum last year and asked myself, “Is it possible that she’s even hotter than back then?” Maybe, maybe not. That’s would be a tough feat for anyone. You see what I mean with the sample photo set, but she’s even more stunning entering the room in a dental floss bikini and those stockings. Her back is facing you at first and then she faces you flashing a dazzling smile. The red chaise lounge is the perfect prop for Nadia to kneel on and shake her hot ass. Bob zooms out a bit to capture her shapely legs also. Then she lowers her v-string panty a bit and bends over again. The view is insane! Nadia unties her string top and reveals her bare breasts and puffy nipples next. She squeezes and licks her fingers. Is she lactating? Sitting back on the chaise with her cock peeking out of the side of her panty, Nadia begins to undo one of the straps of her high heels. If you were upset that she was wearing shoes that covered her dainty feet and perfectly pedicures toes, she’s got you covered. Not only that’s she performs a little toe wiggling and arch flexing foot shoe for her pretty ped loving fans. Then she begins to remove those stockings. Nadia’s cock is stiffening as she raises her legs to remove her panty. While her high arched feet point toward the ceiling, Bob zooms in closer to her fun spot. Now completely nude, her cock is completely aroused! After posing in a variety of tantalizing positions, Nadia confesses, “I’m horny.” Her cock is raging hard as if we needed proof. She really likes to tease. The faster she strokes her meat, the more her lovely breasts jiggle. Emitting sharp yelps of intense pleasure, Nadia squeezes her cum out of her swollen pink cockhead. It’s actually flushed about a third of the way down her shaft. You just might fall in love with Nadia Love on Bob’s Tgirls.


Pure-TS: Taryn Elizabeth & Taylor


I’m hypnotized by the view of gorgeous Taryn Elizabeth and stunning Taylor cuddling on a chair from the POV view of Christian XXX. In “TS girlfriends Share a Big Cock Together” on Pure-TS the view of the porn king’s monstrous dick has me mesmerized, too. “We’re gonna have some fun tonight,” Taryn aka TSTarynxo beams as she bares one of Taylor’s full breasts.


Naturally, Christian is stroking his huge erection as the girls stand up and give a hint at some of the transbian content I’m hoping to see. Taryn encourages Taylor not to be scared of Christian’s thick, lengthy rod and she’s not. She goes about sucking it as deeply as anyone possibly can.


Taylor holds Taryn’s hair back when it’s her turn to give head. They begin taking turns, suck the shaft and head together and even French kiss each other. The girls rise from the bed to show off their pantied asses. Once the panties are discarded, they both join the stud on the bed and he gets to kiss them both and feel them up as he gets his stiff prick stroked. Next thing you know, he’s fucking one of Taryn bareback! 


Since I’m a pansexual chick, I really love the strong chemistry between the beautiful trans stars combined with the powerful fucking of Christian XXX. The assisted side-by-side banging of each girl is followed by some missionary position pummeling. One girl shoots her creamy white cum and the other gets fucked again while getting a handjob.


This is Taryn’s 5th incredible Pure-TS performance. She can simply do no wrong to me. I first raved about Taylor here in her one on one scene with Christian on July 6, 2016. I think she’s just as amazing in her threesome as she was in her Pure-TS debut.

The Submissive Sex Tape – Chelsea Poe & Nikki Darling

Watch The Trailer
Watch The Trailer 

Chelsea Poe gets completely humiliated, dominated, and fucked by the great Mistress Nikki Darling. “The Submissive Mixtape’ is a really important film to me largely because creating it was based around the lack of inclusion of trans women within BDSM porn,” said Chelsea Poe about the release of this QueerPorn.TV film. “I’ve never seen a film that shows trans bodies doing the acts that are portrayed within ‘The Submissive Mixtape’ elsewhere in trans porn. I really hope this film can open doors for other trans performers to showcase BDSM. I’d like to encourage the BDSM porn industry in re-evaluating trans women’s roles on their sites to be more inclusive.” Chelsea Poe shines in every scene on “The Submissive Mixtape”. Nikki Darling dominates her in a protocol-heavy, dungeon-based BDSM fantasy directed by Ajapornfilms. Courtney Trouble is behind the camera for a scene where Jade Phillips acts as a sadistic dominant in the kitchen, having Poe give a particularly intense blowjob. Lesbian couple Gapereilla Holl and Alyx Fox seduce Poe and then offer her up as a plaything to a random neighbor in a piece by Foxhouse Films. Courtney Trouble and Poe bring the film to an explosive close in a loving and perverted scene by Heartless Productions that includes Trouble’s first facial.