Sadie Hawkins aka Riley Kilo Shemale Strokers Debut

You Tube sensation Sadie Hawkins of Let’s Get SRS and Stay Kinky gets extremely naughty on Shemale Strokers!  She’s a breath of fresh air for admirers of all natural transsexuals with adorable puffy boobs and a fully functional cum-shooting cock.  

Watch mainstream star Sadie Hawkins cum on Shemale Strokers!  


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14 Responses to Sadie Hawkins aka Riley Kilo Shemale Strokers Debut

  1. Wowie!! She is soooooo cute. Beautiful little titties and an amazing cock. I’m in lust!

  2. Randy Graham says:

    I saw TSgirlSadie-Quiver (Riley Kilo) on porn video,and diapers,and smooth.
    You are sweet!!! You are very beautiful and wonderful girl!!!!

  3. Richard the french guy says:

    What I would give to have just 1 day with her.

    • david says:

      One day would be so cool but since im a disabled virgin 2 hours max would be enought time im not a tranny but im bisexual im one that loves her fetish of diapers only because i pee myself alot and i wanted to get the best of both worlds from a tranny but i hate being asked to be bottom or the penis reciver

    • Caramel says:

      Hi Sue from Caramel. I’m not sure how rare it is for someone who isn’t the mommy or daddy, but the diaper wearer, to be a top. All of my ABDL play pets have been bottoms, but I find it intriguing and arousing that you want to be dominant in these situations. I’d love to hear more about your POV and thank you for commenting.

  4. Bob says:

    You are so pretty and I would love to have you fuck me. I would also love to fuck you,then put that pretty little ass in diapers.

  5. Df sweet says:

    I am so crushed on you, I just have to meet you cutie. Omg please email me and get to know me.

  6. Ra says:

    Sadie, you are simply beautiful. You are one of my favourite TGirls.

  7. isis says:

    Sadie is the best looking, most intelligent, and erotically-charged transsexual on this planet Earth. Bow down boys and girls and give thanks for Sadie Hawkins!

  8. ron says:

    You have sexy feet.

  9. ron says:

    Your cock head is delicious looking. How do you stay hard for so long?

  10. L says:

    Hello Sadie,
    You are so pretty. your cock is very cute. I would like that you fuck me.

  11. tlg says:

    Sadie, you are the most beautiful woman on this planet. Watching your vids preoccupies most of my free time. I can’t get enough of your beautiful face and super hot body.

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