Enigmatic Boys For Twink and Femboy Lovers

I know that roughly 20% of Caramel’s TGirls subscribers are genetic females and the other 80% is comprised of masculine males, part-time girls and full-time transsexuals. There is a grey area of readers I can’t pin down, but I know that they’re absolutely nuts about gorgeous androgynes.

Enigmatic Boys is of course a gay-oriented website, but many of the models/performers like Sharon, Sven and Marcel blur the line between masculinity and femininity so often, it’s spellbinding (Click on each model for a more XXXplicit image). If you like what you see, take the tour. Don’t worry about labels. Until a few years ago, I didn’t even know what the terms “twink” and “femboy” meant.

4 thoughts on “Enigmatic Boys For Twink and Femboy Lovers

  1. Wow, lovely boys. What I wouldn’t do to them if I had them with me. Specially to the little cute ass of the second picture, that’s an ass to dig your face into.

  2. Yes, I have to admit that ass gives me confusing feelings! lol

    Margaret Thatcher on a cold day, Margaret Thatcher on a cold day…


    • If I’d seen these photos in my teens while I was in boy mode 24/7 publically, I’d have been in total denial about my attraction and trying not to acknowledge my pre-cum oozing erection. Funny how things change. ;)

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