Natalie Mars: Bombs Away

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“Fun With Produce” is the name of the photo set that compliments the “Bombs Away” video update. We get to take a trip to the grocery store to watch Natalie shopping for the produce she’ll be using in this shoot. Of course no one in the supermarket suspects what’s going to go down as this casually dressed beauty peruses vegetables.

I owe you an apology for not showing the beautifully fetishistic latex dress Natalie wears in the photo set and video once she’s back at Bob’s crib. Natalie sits in one of the dining areas to show us the cucumber, squash, lemon and limes she bought, all of which are huge! As Natalia perches herself on the table in her see-through dress with her panties lowered and her amazing ass fully exposed, she informs us that she’s never shoved veggies up her ass before. It’s funny that I didn’t know that. It was all either really big sex toys or live cocks I’d seen penetrating her before.

The barefoot beauty removes her panties completely and begins to lube up one of the biggest phallic objects she’s got. This primes her precious bottom for some fisting too. You really ought to check out this radical update. If you’re lucky, you can catch her performing LIVE on Natalie’s Cam. See

Valentina Mia Gets Naughty!

The official description of this 13:52 minute HD video and 118 image photo set reads: “We can’t get enough of gorgeous Valentina Mia! She’s one of the hottest Femout.XXX graduates so far and she definitely made her mark on Grooby Girls this year with an amazing run of smoking hot solo and hardcore scenes! Anyway, she’s back in front of Omar’s camera once again, looking gorgeous and ready to get naughty! Watch her posing, stripping and showing off her perfect body!”

Let’s not forget about Valentina’s THREE killers performances on TGirls.Porn with Talia Soto, Bailey Love and Coco Dahlia. There was no way I was going to forget to mention those! Her new video on begins with a tight closeup on her pretty face – another masterpiece production shot by Omar Wax. She stands beside the bed revealing more and more skin that’s hidden beneath her dress. Valentina strips down to her matching bra and panty set and removes her high heels. Then she’s ready for bed with you!

She straddles the bed on her hands and knees and spanks her ass very hard a few times. Then she lowers her panties further down her red-bruised bottom and removes her brassiere. Valentina is stripped completely nude before the midway point of this update. There is full frontal footage of the various natural changes she’s gone through since she made her adult industry debut and they’re simply breathtaking. The rest of this scene is all about slow and easy masturbation and naughty talk. I’ve had the honor of presenting my Interview with Valentina Mia and I hope you’ll check it out if you haven’t already. 

TsPlayground: Laura Sky, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

I’m sure if I’d seen gorgeous Laura Sky before I’d have remembered. She’s pretty bold and confrontational with her striptease skills, suspending her boner in a v-string panty while twirling around sensually. All she says is “hi” in English but she makes up with body language with her lack of speaking. I think it’s pretty clear what the invitation is when she bends over on a stool with her curvy ass facing us. She pulls her bikini top back to lubricate and caress her boobs while her stiff uncut cock points straight out into the air. Then she lubes up her pretty dick and gives it a few strokes.

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Laura also adds some oil, just a bit, to her exemplary bottom. Laura’s cock grows longer and thicker yet when her fap session continues with her seated. When she releases her erection it points up toward the ceiling. Laura also poses on the bed and her ass shots become more and more explicit. Laura grinds and undulates her hips with her legs spread eagle as her orgasm approaches. A moment after Laura announces that she’s coming, powerful jets of creamy white jizz spurt out of her swollen cockhead to land across her tummy, pelvis and shaft!

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Laura kisses us goodbye and kneels up to give us one last look at her still hard prong. She rubs her cum into her skin and stands up to give us another twirl with her spent boner bouncing. The ending of this torrid solo comes with an instant replay of her cumshot plus a rather long post-orgasmic pee sequence. The Black Friday Weekend/Cyber Monday special subscription price is a 2 Month Membership billed in one payment of $14.95/$7.48 per month!

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Introducing Zyra Rose!

Official description: Meet Zyra Rose, another gorgeous Grooby Newbie coming from Denver, Colorado! Zyra was discovered by Radius Dark and she was eager to introduce herself to the world! 6’0″ tall, this hot blonde loves being fucked hard and she loves having her hair pulled and being choked. When she’s alone, she loves playing with BIG toys! She brought some of her toys with her to show us some naughty things! Watch sexy Zyra introducing herself, stripping and having fun with her toys in her first scene ever!

The first things Zyra tells us are her love for gaming, skateboarding and working on imported cars. Then she goes into her joy of rough sex and her favorite sexual position. Radius jumps in to ask about her beliefs about astrology and she basically has none. She’s not all into signs and what she’s supposed to be like.

Zyra’s striptease begins seated with her shoes which I’m sure will drive barefoot lovers nuts. Her feet are very high arched and dainty and she’s rocking a great pedicure. She then stands up to undo her pants revealing that she’s wearing white panties with black trim underneath. Zyra is seated once again when she pulls her top over her head.

Once she removes her strapless brassiere, she plays with her pretty and faint pink nipples, talking about how much she loves when they get attention. Judging by the way she runs circles around them I’d suggest you utilize the same method with your tongue if you ever get the chance to.

Before covering her cock head with a vibrating wand attachment, I’d suggest that you stroke her erection pretty rapidly. When you see how Zyra fucks herself with her pink sex toy, there should be no question about how she likes to get fucked.

There’s a good sense of mystery about Zyra I’m getting but nothing is left to question about her seriously cute ass. Enjoy Zyra’s debut with a 14:51 minute HD Video and 93 photos. To see her performing LIVE go to!

TransAngels: Wonder Woman: A XXX Trans Parody

MP4 Scene Trailer

This is not an official review of “Wonder Woman: A XXX Trans Parody”. The 10 comprehensive reviews I’ve done so far of the magnificent scenes from can be found on I’m going to add an official review of this update soon because I’ve digested the entire movie and photo set but I’m traveling today and pressed for time. That said, I hope you’ll like the scene trailer of Chanel from and Lance Hart of in this groundbreaking film and a brief synopsis: Chanel Santini and Lance Hart star as Princess Daiya and Stan in the first Trans Angels parody! When Amazon Princess Daiya finds soldier Stan stranded on the beach of her island paradise, she learns that the world is in danger. As Wonder Woman, Daiya embarks on her mission to save the world from the greatest threat of all: Eros and the forces of unresolved sexual tension. With the help of hunky Stan, she sets off on her mission. However, they are sidetracked from their mission before they can reach their destination… After all, sometimes the biggest, throbbing, most urgent threats are the ones that are closest to home.

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TsPussyHunters: Delia DeLions and Cassandra Cain

TsPussyHunters synopsis: Beautiful Latina Cassandra Cain has a terrible fear of enclosed spaces. She is desperately trying to find a cure for her claustrophobia. She’s been seeing a sexy MILF doctors to help her with her needs. The two have tried just about everything to fix Cassandra irrational fear of being enclosed. Her Doctor, Delia Delions is going to try a method she used in the 90s. She’s going to immerse Cassandra in her fear while also giving Cassandra her greatest pleasure. Cassandra has an obsession with cocks and getting fucked. So Naturally, Delia is going to put Cassandra into a tight spot and give her cock and sex. Cassandra is tied up in bondage with her perfect tits wrapped up like presents. Confusion sets in and Cassandra it tied. She starts to panic, her heart is racing…she wants out but she can’t get out because the bondage is too tight. Cassandra is freaking out until Delia reveals her big hard throbbing cock. Cassandra’s fears are soon put aside and actually aid in her ability to cum hard. The adrenaline of being tied up while getting fucked makes Cassandra cum again and again. Delia has created a sex monster with her client now sucking cock and taking cock in her pussy.

This is the first time Cassandra’s been on It’s actually her first time in any site within the network. But I’ve been following her for about three years and the alias of this gorgeous Latinx San Diego, California native is Jade Rox.

Delia who is most famous for her groundbreaking website has been here twice before and she’s appeared on three times previously. Although Cassandra has never worked in porn with a trans woman, she has been involved with TS’s off-camera. Cassandra is open to rough play with a few limits so considering how well Delia can turn it on as a Domme, she’s in good hands. Delia has been on the submissive end and I think that experience comes into play when she’s performing as a powerful top. She pushes things no further than her partner can handle.
The strangest thing about Delia is that I’ve been a fan of her website for years but whenever the scenes kick into high gear sexually in her Kink performances, it’s like seeing a new model every time. Delia’s cisgender wife has her own website but when that domain and fetish and BDSM scenes are released, they’re written by Delia and Trixie. Delia’s work is completely different with Kink writers and directors.

Without giving too much away about the actual scene action, the oral exchanges are incredibly erotic. The bareback bondage fucking sequences are superb. “Bondage Cure for Claustrophobia” with Delia DeLions and Cassandra Cain presented by is available now on

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TS Playground: Kim, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

Beautiful Kim’s intention on is crystal clear. She’s here to make you cum. You can see it in her eyes the moment her new video begins rolling. She moves her colorful dress downward and exposes and massages one full breast at a time. Then she lifts the hem of her dress to expose the surprise of a raging hardon with the head of it half-exposed from its foreskin.

Flash Scene Trailer

With one hand and stroke Kim skins back the foreskin from the glossy head. Then she makes her strong cock bounce up and down a few times. She turns around to reveal her heart-shaped bottom and remember that she’s not wearing panties today. The view is exceptional!

She really shows you everything from behind – making her tiny wrinkled rosebud wink. Her balls are fully visible and so is the hard dick that’s pressing against her thigh. As she continues removing her dress she presents a flawless form and a wonderfully curved erection. Just when you think her cock is as hard as it can get it gets even harder, especially during the double image mirror sequence!

When Kim moves to lay face down on the bed, she does a bit of prone masturbation against her pillow. I can’t tell if she’s simulating fuckiing, getting fucked or just enjoying the pleasurable sensation of pressure against her boner. I can tell you that I’m pretty sure that’s not Kim’s prefered method of getting off. She resumes masturbating with her hands until she shoots a big creamy white load of cum. She’s also a loud cummer and the instant replay of her eruption from another angle is magnificent!

Pure-TS: Amateur Starlet Is Flawless & Loves Sex owner and operator Christian XXX said, “I found the stunning TS starlet Terra Firma and convinced her to come over to my place for some good conversation and even better anal sex. She is a vision in white and there is nothing that made me happier than to defile her and her perfect ass. This brand new babe is going to be back at Pure-TS for more scenes and that’s a guarantee!”

This is my major studio introduction to beautiful Terra Firma but I know of her from her incredible LIVE performances on Chaturbate. I knew how hot this Native American Two Spirit stunner could be all by herself. I just didn’t know how amazing she could be in a bareback hardcore scene until now that I’ve seen her on!

When the video rolls out with Terra asking if he likes her outfit while sitting on his lap, he responds by saying he also likes what’s in it. He proceeds to get her out of it – exposing and tweaking a nipple and completely removing her brassiere. He rubs the bulge between Terra’s thighs next and helps the petite beauty rise to her feet. She gets the curvaceous pantiless bottom get fully exposed, briefly spanked and fingered before she sinks to her knees to expose Christian’s big cock.

Christian’s huge member is already hard once Terra gets it out of his pants. The topless babe is still wearing her stockings and tall sandals, but her pleated miniskirt with no panties makes it easy for her to jerk herself off while giving a blowjob.

I think it’s impossible to wish for this couple to fuck in any position they haven’t contorted themselves into. I’m not saying you should like the specific sequences I like, but the reverse cowgirl position fucking with Terra’s stiff and rather large boner spinning and bouncing is mine.

I also really appreciate and think everyone with love seeing Terra stripped of clothing from head to toe.

This is yet another fantastic update! You simply must see her performing on webcam LIVE on Follow this pretty babe and if she’s not on, browse Chaturbate to see who’s online now!

Pure-TS: Boyfriend Gets Assfucked By His TS Girlfriend Synopsis: Christian is leaving to go to the gym, but before he goes he has a job to do…and that’s to satisfy his beautiful TS girlfriend Peyton Paige. Her hard and throbbing cock is waiting for him to suck her before allowing her to fuck him bareback in his big butt. This top TS babe knows how to fuck a man’s ass!

In “TS Hotel Manager Meets A Naughty Guest”, beautiful Peyton made her debut bottoming for Christian. That update rivals my all-time favorite Pure-TS bareback hardcore movies. I usually prefer when Christian is the alpha male top, but this is one of those exceptions.

That good morning kiss Christian lays on Paige isn’t supposed to get her up. Seeing her gorgeous half-covered by the sheets ought to be enough to get you up too! Paige wants to get a good look at Christian’s bubble butt before he’s off to ride his gym bike.

She pushes the covers back and says she has something else to ride instead. That’s her big upright cock! This is the flipside of what we saw last time with Christian and Paige. You decide which one you like better.

I think you’re going to love seeing Paige get her huge cock sucked, watching her suck Christian’s mammoth member in return. Not to mention seeing her bucking up bareback in two positions before switching to 69ing.

It’s almost like Paige is just showing off by the time she gets to riding her man doggy style. If that’s the case, so be it! If you got it flaunt it.

Paige lays down her jackhammer thrusts while Christian explodes, shooting his jizz across his athletic top! She doesn’t want to cum inside him but this update doesn’t end until this blonde beauty also shoots her load. You simply must see how that happens! 

Foxxy and Jessica Share A Cock

Scene Trailer contract stars Foxxy and Jessica share the cock of handsome Gabriel D’Alessandro as well as each other’s in a massively satisfying hardcore production! The eye candy is glorious from the first moment with gorgeous Jessica followed by stunning Foxxy strutting across a luxury dream apartment in lingerie.

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It begins solely with about 4 minutes of torrid trans lesbian foreplay that might make you cum before you even see the male partner. But they decide they need the assistance of Gabriel who’s on his way to the bath. The girls join him with raging hardons and Jessica is first to get her’s sucked by the rich bastard stud.

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Foxxy helps turn this cock sucking session into a dominant skull fucking with her hands around Gabriel’s head and neck. Then she forces him to suck her erection too! While he’s giving Foxxy head, Jessica eases her boner inside him and delivers a forceful doggystyle drilling. This spitroast is followed by another with the girls trading places on him. Not only does Gabriel get butt fucked. He gets to fuck Foxxy and Jessica too! He also gets two mouthful of cum from each beauty.

I wish I could make your viewing options easier but you’re going to have to choose between, or If it helps any, I usually choose to have access to the full network of stars.