TwoTgirls: Fuck the Police 3

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It’s a day to celebrate, Officer Chelsea Marie finally busts the perp she’s been after! THIS TIME she actually has an official warrant too! Upon arriving at the station with her prize, she runs in to officer Kira Crash. Full of her usual sass, Kira gives her a “HARD TIME” then let’s her through. Once Chelsea Marie and her perp Kami arrive in the back room, things heat up! The clothes come off and it’s an all around grope fest for Officer Chelsea Marie! Rubbing her hands up and down Kami’s sexy legs. After all, it’s STANDARD PROCEDURE to search anyone that gets booked! One things leads to another, and before you know it there’s some sucking, fucking, and a whole lot of cum all over Kami’s pretty little face!

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That wraps up the very descriptive synopsis of Fuck the Police 3: Chelsea’s Big Bust on and I’m just going to add a few horny tidbits. Kira Crash makes a guest appearance since she’s been instrumental, pardon the pun, since the conception of this series. This update features the action between former Floridian Chelsea Marie who now resides in Las Vegas and Kami, an exciting new model from the Sunshine State. The thing to watch for longtime trans porn fans is how well Kami can keep up with a mega star like Chelsea.

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I don’t use a point system like mainstream review sites that aren’t truly qualified to cover trans porn. My method is if I’m discussing it, I’m basically recommending that you see it. If I didn’t like a scene or DVD I wouldn’t mention it. The classic humor is in full force as a warmup but the sexual content begins quickly during the frisking sequence after Kira has exited this update. Kami’s job for this scene is not easy but pretty uncomplicated. It’s to take a POWERFUL FUCKING from the best in the business and she’s as successful at that as she is gorgeous.

Stunning Chelsea manages to fuck with JACKHAMMER THRUSTS and to restrain herself from cumming in a movie that runs 27:53 minutes. Fuck the Police 3: Chelsea’s Big Bust is available on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution. If it’s the first scene, it will rank amongst the best of the best videos since Mayumi Sparkles launched her incredible website.

Femout.XXX: Lycha Cums For You!

Gorgeous Lycha hopes you’ve been good. If so, she wants to play with you. The same goes for if you’ve been bad but in that case she’s going to have to punish you first. She says she’s very good at punishing as she withdraws a flogger from the bed she’s sitting next to.

If you’re thinking this is going to be ordinary roleplay, Lycha made this instrument of pain/pleasure herself. She inhales the aroma of the leather and practices her aim with a firm flogging across her pert ass. She claps it across both ass cheeks and her thigh while making you take notice of how precise her aim is without even looking at her target.

I’ve previously raved about Lycha’s obvious acting skills, but this session is focused primarily on how sumptuous she looks in black and red and her talent as a dominatrix. You do not have to be a BDSM aficionado to enjoy this Femout.XXX update, especially when Lycha undulates her body while telling us how constricting wearing a corset can be.

Then she does things with her lovely legs to show off her flexibility that make me swear I’d break something it I tried that. Lycha’s goodies threaten to burst from her panties as she draws a leg over and behind her head. A tantalizing leg and foot show comes when she removes her dancer’s pumps and fishnet stockings.

Holy fuck she has some nice stems! And her flexibility is displayed again when she licks her own blue-pedicured toes. Do not have a foot fetish while watching Lycha shrimp each digit, run her tongue between her toe cleavage and suck each pretty appendage in groups. If that’s the case you might lose your load before you even get halfway through this spunk-generating update!

Then comes the moment that Lycha sits up on the bed with one of her pretty pink nuts about to fall out of her panty pouch. She opens her corset and fully exposes her breasts and nipples. I don’t want to spoil the sex toy surprise masturbation sequences before Lycha shoots her cum in this delicious Femout.XXX encore performance. I simply urge you not to miss it!

TsPussyHunters: Chanel Santini and Daisy Ducati

“Chanel Santini does a Job Interview with Bondage and Blow Jobs” is the working title of this instant classic presented by! The official synopsis reads: Daisy Ducati is a hot bar owner looking for new employees who can handle a kinky atmosphere.

She has put a job listing on the Internet and Chanel Santini comes to the bar to answer the post. Daisy wants to make it perfectly clear to Chanel that the bar is for kinky perverts and that Chanel needs to know her shit when it comes to BDSM and Kink. Chanel gives Daisy a demonstration of her rope work. Chanel gets Daisy tied up in bondage and then has some suggestions of her own. Chanel is certain that what that kinky bar really needs is a hot girl with a huge throbbing cock.

Daisy is all tied up and it appears she doesn’t have any choice other than to agree with Chanel. Daisy has to test drive her new potential employee so Daisy gets the first taste of Chanel’s hard cock in her mouth. Chanel and Daisy explore each other sexually going back and forth between sensual romantic fucking, pussy eating cock sucking, toe and foot sucking, mutual masterbation and good ole fashioned rough sex pounding.

Daisy needs to see if Chanel can be both a top and a bottom. So Daisy ties Chanel up in bondage for the very first time and rides Chanel and teases her with orgasm denial. After each girls gets their turn of of topping and bottoming they rope comes off and the girls are allowed to fuck each other with hard pounding in doggy style. Chanel releases a big hot load of Cum all over Daisy’s ass and then Chanel licks it up.

The two decide that Chanel is just perfect for the bartending position. It’s too easy to explain why this scene is a masterpiece visually. I’m more challenged when it comes to what stimulates the sexual part of my brain. Chanel tasks to bondage like it’s something she’s completely familiar with, but this is her first true bondage scene. Daisy is excited about seeing more of that.

The chemistry seems so natural I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a sequel with this smoking hot pair on I see more of the hostess of getting topped more in the future on but that’s just a prediction,  not a fact.

Your Newest Fantasy, Hailey Bee!

Hailey Bee is our newest fantasy? That would seem presumptuous to me if it were further from the truth. Why shouldn’t producer and be so confident about a new model that’s entered their lineup? The description reads: For her first shoot ever, Hailey Bee is nervous at the beginning but as she warms up she wants to invite us to some exercise! Stretching, crunching, bending, spreading!… my my it’s getting hot…better remove some clothes! Yes yes I know its getting hard ! It’s a good sign that you’re getting results! Can you think of other exercises?

As I play the video, I see Hailey’s athleticism immediately from the way she moves around the sofa gracefully. Her striptease occurs while she’s standing, first with her shorts and socks coming off. The points of her nipples are visible through her top and there’s a nice bulge in the front of her panties. To say that Hailey is physically fit would be a major understatement. She waits a few minutes before speaking and when we hear her sexy voice it’s Hailey saying how good it feels after spanking her ass. Her panties are lowered to the bottom of her butt cheeks and the one she’s slapping is turning a deep shade of red! Hailey rises to her feet and, brace yourself, she begins to lower her panties.

I don’t know what makes one cock more attractive than others to me but her stiffening schlong just looks so good! Her low-hanging balls are a tea bagger’s dream. When she removes her tank top I think her hormone breasts look absolutely perfect. Hailey proceeds to masturbate in a surprising array of positions like she’s been modeling in adult entertainment for years. Watching the debut of this hot hung babe is one of my highlights of 2017.

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Femout.XXX: Sexy Elizabeth Pumps Her Cock

The “Meet Elizabeth Winters” debut on Femout.XXX is the first time I raved about this pretty ginger vixen and Chaturbate webcam performer. But her Femout encore performance produced by Buddy Wood reminds me of her TS Casting Couch performance on Buddy’s own website.

“Shy Elizabeth Blows Buddy On The Couch!” is the name of that gem. Elizabeth is bathed in sunlight when she enters the bedroom in her second Femout.XXX update. I think you’ll want to bathe her in cum when she immediately makes whimpering sounds while straddling the bed. She lifts the hem of her white skirt and her erection is already standing out from her creamy thighs.

There’s a dichotomy of shyness and brazen horniness that’s so irresistible about Elizabeth. She appears so wholesome and sweet yet like someone who’d take the fucking of a lifetime from you. That photo where she’s posing on the bed with her sexy ass lifted is when she whispers, “Do you wanna fuck me?” Well, there’s a long masturbation sequence before we find Buddy’s cock head getting licked by Elizabeth as she jerks her erection rapidly. Having seen Elizabeth giving Buddy a blowjob had me beside myself with lust. Now that was on TS Casting Couch and here she is giving head on Femout.XXX! Oh she’s so good at it – making soft little moans you know that Buddy can feel vibrating around the shaft of his hardon.

The camera pans down to the pre-cum oozing boner between Elizabeth’s legs that she’s now stroking faster. There are very few models who get me as excited about the few moments before they cum. While tweaking one of her nipples, Elizabeth shudders and grimaces. After her climax, Buddy strokes his erection right about Elizabeth’s pretty face. His first cum shot lands inside her mouth and across her face and she closes her mouth around his cock head to drink in his seed.

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Elizabeth looks adorable covered in cum! You can watch her LIVE on also on

Femout.XXX: Meet Elizabeth Winters!

Famed photographer Buddy Wood put the double whammy on me with one gorgeous new model with “Meet Elizabeth Winters!” in her Femout.XXX debut. What I mean is I’d already seen Elizabeth on my favorite webcam site Chaturbate with another West Coast beauty named Eris Lovelace. Elizabeth’s submissive friend Eris was just featured on Buddy’s TS Casting Couch website. Eris informed Buddy on a BDSM practice he wasn’t aware of and we got to see her cum much like she does on Chaturbate.

The production style that Buddy employs with the Elizabeth Winters debut is a lot different from his own website. Femout.XXX has multiple producers and the process usually comes in getting to know the model in her debut. Sometimes the encore is more explicit.

While watching this debut, I’m shocked to hear that I’d missed something and it turns out to be “Shy Elizabeth Blows Buddy On The Couch! filmed by Buddy Wood for TS Casting Couch. What?! So I went back to see what went down there. I somehow missed Elizabeth’s debut there! But I digress.

Back to Femout.XXX, Elizabeth has the cutest blush when she states how much she likes sex. Elizabeth confesses that she really likes cum and when Buddy draws back his lenses we can see that she’s got a full erection inside her tiered yellow panties. It’s a big one too.

When Elizabeth starts caressing one of her pretty boobs firmly and stroking her cock, she slips into a trance-like mode of pleasure. Her arousal is equally evident when she rises to remove her panties and sits down again in the pool chair.

When you watch Elizabeth masturbate, I think you’ll either be just dying to see her cum or inspired quickly to rub one out yourself! Her explicit butt show is just everything and so is her cock sucking technique and cumshot on TS Casting Couch.

To see her performing LIVE go to! Her sexy friend is on

Pure-TS: Teen Princess Hayley Gets Fucked By Sugar Daddy

Areeya – Classy Girl to Slutty Maid

MP4 Scene Trailer

Imagine returning from work to find badass blonde babe Hayley Hilton perched on the bed waiting for you in lingerie and heels. Would you pull her in for a kiss and rub her plump little bottom and move your other hand along her trim waist?

She’s not wearing any panties so you could reach down and curl your fingers around her cock. Well, that’s what the owner of Christian XXX does. Would you want Hayley to lay back on the bed and explicitly display her tiny wrinkled pink rosebud for you? Would you go down on her?

I bet you’d love it while you’re standing in your work clothes with this gorgeous trans girl sucking your still cock while kneeling. She’d stroke her cock to an erection while sucking you and then hop back up on the bed to get in position.

Once out of your clothes you’d join her on the bed and ease your bare hardon inside Hayley in the doggy style position! I like the way Christian does it a little roughly. He grabs her by the ankles to slide her closer to his massive organ.

“Your cock feels so fucking good,” she gasps in her super high-pitched voice as he fucks her fast and hard. He holds her arms together behind her back to let her know he’s the one in control of this situation in case she forgets.

He drills her hard in the missionary position also, stroking her prick firmly until she uses her own hand to take over. I honestly had no idea how well Hayley would take Christian’s huge cock until I saw for myself. You should see it too on

TSPOV: Big Dick Teen TS Fucks You Until You Cum

Big dick teen TS Jenna Gargles is a bad girl. This gorgeous misfit has been around the block already and has picked up a few tricks. She knows just how to get you off…by jerking your cock while fucking your ass with her massive tool until you explode in her hand. That’s the official synopsis of Christian’s new scene on with Chaturbate and former model/performer Jenna!

I loved seeing Jenna bottoming for Christian previously and watching her on my favorite webcam site Chaturbate, but this is what I think is her best performance. The model talks one-on-one with you and Christian uses his huge cock as the co-star on

There’s a big difference from this and other video formats. Jenna lies on the bed barefoot in lingerie teasing you with her perky bare ass in this production. She’s still sore from the last time you fucked her. She turns around and sits up to withdraw the thing that’s creating the bulge in her panties. I case you didn’t read my last review of Jenna Gargles, she’s got a massive cock when it’s fully erect. If you’re touching and stroking your own cock, you’ll feel almost exactly what she’s feeling.

Jenna likes it so much when you watch her jacking off her big veiny cock. But she can’t wait to go down on you so she does. After the midway point of this scene, Jenna teases you by rubbing her sex bare ass on your erection. You jerk off together and before long she’s ready to fuck your ass! She tells you how tight you are after easing her large dick inside you.

Even better yet, Jenna milks the cream out of your hardon while she’s humping you! She also tastes your big load in this incredible update. If you haven’t already, you can check out my review of Jenna Gargles on Don’t forget you can also cum with her LIVE on!

Grooby Girls: Triniti York Cums!

Omar Wax brings back the “Model of the Month” September 2017. 24 year old Oklahoma beauty Triniti York is a Pisces who loves all things artsy, riding horses, makeup and she has a chihuahua named Princeton.

We know all that good stuff and more, but don’t expect the petite 5’3″ fox to go into all that in her encore video. She’s clearly way too aroused once her scene begins rolling. It quickly becomes a waiting game to see Trinity slipping out of her cotton jersey, black panties and sparkly open toe heels.

The pumps come off first and then the top. “Do you wanna see more,” Triniti asks. But she’s wearing a brassiere beneath her top. This is one hot yet tortuously slow striptease!

Trinity rubs circles around one of her bare breasts one her bra is removed and she also rubs the bulge in her short shorts. Her patterned bra matches the primary color of her bra as one would suspect because Trinity obviously has great fashion sense. But let’s not pretend that’s what we’re here to learn about Miss York.

I’m pretty sure that most of us are waiting to see Triniti rolling her panties down her curvy legs rendering her completely nude. It’s Closeup City along her precious form and then a wide angle sequence captures Triniti stroking her stiff cock!

The rest of this smoldering update is devoted to gorgeous Triniti laying back on the best doing everything she needs to do to achieve orgasm. She jerks off furiously until creamy white puddles of cum land on her flat tummy and long slender fingers.

Threesome: T-Girl, Bio Babe, Hard Stud

MP4 Scene Trailer

Directed by Joey Silvera from the TS Factor #10 DVD  on Starring: Karolyne Vibe, Alex Victor, and Keylla Marques. Description: Keylla Marques, a TS bombshell with big tits and a massive cock, and Karolyne Vibe, a fit Brazilian genetic female, join Alex Victor for a gender-bent three-way. Karolyne sucks Keylla’s stiff rod while Alex pounds her ass from behind, and Keylla and Alex trade roles. Karolyne makes out with Alex while Keylla plows her cunt. The TS rims Karolyne’s ass while Alex slurps Keylla’s cock. Finally, Keylla blasts pretty Karolyne’s face in a mess of hot cum as Alex sucks on her nipples.

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I like that the opening focuses on the gorgeous cisgender Karolyn Vibe because she’s the lucky girl getting all that good dick! I’ve raved about scorching hot and hung Keylla Marques before and about veteran star Alex Victor so many times I’ve lost count. Keylla masturbates to a huge erection while Alex plays with submissive Karolyn. If the blonde doesn’t seem super-animated while jerking off her hung partners that all changes when she gets spit-roasted by Keylla in her mouth and Alex in her quim.

Flash Scene Trailer

Although Keylla and Alex fuck Karolyn with equal prowess, I happen to enjoy Keylla’s bareback drilling more. Keylla’s facial for Karolyn is massive! It’s a good thing that cutie pie closed her eyes just in time!

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