Grooby Girls: Triniti York Cums!

Omar Wax brings back the “Model of the Month” September 2017. 24 year old Oklahoma beauty Triniti York is a Pisces who loves all things artsy, riding horses, makeup and she has a chihuahua named Princeton.

We know all that good stuff and more, but don’t expect the petite 5’3″ fox to go into all that in her encore video. She’s clearly way too aroused once her scene begins rolling. It quickly becomes a waiting game to see Trinity slipping out of her cotton jersey, black panties and sparkly open toe heels.

The pumps come off first and then the top. “Do you wanna see more,” Triniti asks. But she’s wearing a brassiere beneath her top. This is one hot yet tortuously slow striptease!

Trinity rubs circles around one of her bare breasts one her bra is removed and she also rubs the bulge in her short shorts. Her patterned bra matches the primary color of her bra as one would suspect because Trinity obviously has great fashion sense. But let’s not pretend that’s what we’re here to learn about Miss York.

I’m pretty sure that most of us are waiting to see Triniti rolling her panties down her curvy legs rendering her completely nude. It’s Closeup City along her precious form and then a wide angle sequence captures Triniti stroking her stiff cock!

The rest of this smoldering update is devoted to gorgeous Triniti laying back on the best doing everything she needs to do to achieve orgasm. She jerks off furiously until creamy white puddles of cum land on her flat tummy and long slender fingers.

Threesome: T-Girl, Bio Babe, Hard Stud

MP4 Scene Trailer

Directed by Joey Silvera from the TS Factor #10 DVD  on Starring: Karolyne Vibe, Alex Victor, and Keylla Marques. Description: Keylla Marques, a TS bombshell with big tits and a massive cock, and Karolyne Vibe, a fit Brazilian genetic female, join Alex Victor for a gender-bent three-way. Karolyne sucks Keylla’s stiff rod while Alex pounds her ass from behind, and Keylla and Alex trade roles. Karolyne makes out with Alex while Keylla plows her cunt. The TS rims Karolyne’s ass while Alex slurps Keylla’s cock. Finally, Keylla blasts pretty Karolyne’s face in a mess of hot cum as Alex sucks on her nipples.

Sample Photo Gallery

I like that the opening focuses on the gorgeous cisgender Karolyn Vibe because she’s the lucky girl getting all that good dick! I’ve raved about scorching hot and hung Keylla Marques before and about veteran star Alex Victor so many times I’ve lost count. Keylla masturbates to a huge erection while Alex plays with submissive Karolyn. If the blonde doesn’t seem super-animated while jerking off her hung partners that all changes when she gets spit-roasted by Keylla in her mouth and Alex in her quim.

Flash Scene Trailer

Although Keylla and Alex fuck Karolyn with equal prowess, I happen to enjoy Keylla’s bareback drilling more. Keylla’s facial for Karolyn is massive! It’s a good thing that cutie pie closed her eyes just in time!

Watch All TS Factor #10 Trailers

Femout.XXX: Jessy Star: Naked And Beautiful!

By the time I was ready to post a review about “Simply Jessy!”, this gorgeous new model has another update out. About Jessy Star, her South Floridian producer Jack Flash said,”It took a long time to get Jessy in for the shoot but she eventually made it. Jessy was great with her pretty looks and tight petite body.

She wore a sexy black lingerie outfit which looked great against her light skin. It was a good shoot Jessy was very shy about her breasts and didn’t want to remove her top.

We think she is gorgeous either way, if there’s a new shoot you’ll see all.” “Simply Jessy” is is the third update with Jessy Star of Miami, Florida on Femout.XXX.

Jessy reintroduces herself and begins undressing right away. She’s seated wearing a denim top and short-shorts and she’s got a black bra under her top. “This is what you wanna see?” she asks while unbuttoning her shorts and standing up to reveal the bulge in her pink panties.

Then she pushes the garment down and off her curvy legs and strappy sandals. She then rises to her feet, turns around and begins to lower her panties. She gives us a brief viewing of her sexy ass and turns around again to expose her cock and balls.

After kicking off her panties, Jessy is left wearing her bra and heels. The raven-haired fox then goes about stroking her cock to erection. As it enlarges, Jessy lowers her bra for some nipple play. She then removes her brassiere and continues jerking off.

“Naked And Beautiful!”, Jessy’s fourth video begins with Jessy reintroducing herself and announcing that she’s back to finally give us what we want. That’s code for Jessy Star’s cum. Leg admirers and barefoot lovers will adore this update and Jessy talks her way erotically throughout this shoot. Jessy does not possess a large bosom, but it’s a sensitive one and she loves caressing her boobs.

The contrast of the black leather seat she masturbates on frames her complexion wonderfully. I like that she’s not all over the room. That chair is her spot to jack off on and her spot to make herself cum. Cum with Jessy Star on Femout.XXX!

Mistress Tangent – Fuck Doll

MP4 Scene Trailer

Boots, Corporal Punishment, Feminization, and Strap-On are the keywords that steered me to “Fuck Doll” in Mistress Tangent’s thumbnail gallery of updates. I saw that this video runs for 33 minutes. What you’re seeing in the scene trailer is of course what happens in the beginning of the session. The beautiful Domme has enrolled one of her cutest submissives in a drag performance taking place this evening. She only has a few hours to train the sub and there’s so much to get done. Even when finding herself in a choke hold and asked the importance of winning, she can’t come up with the proper reply. This is her way of making money for her Mistress and the silly sub doesn’t quite get it. Well, maybe she does by the time she’s ordered to walk with a feminine gait. She sashays across the floor making her hips and ass sway. It’s good, but not convincing enough.

Mistress Tangent looks so amazing teaching the sub how she should walk. Can the fuck doll duplicate this?No way but she’s looking very sexy while trying to! A sat or two across her bottom accelerates the process. She seems to have mastered her voice training lessons. You’ll hear it every time she replies, “Yes, Mistress.” There’s a problem however. Mistress Tangent doesn’t think her sub is taking this seriously enough. An attitude adjustment is required and her dress is yanked up to expose the perkiest of perky bottoms clad in skimpy red boyshort panties with garters holding up her stockings. Mistress Tangent spanks that cute bubble butt hard with her gloved hand! She uses a leather strap when the sub is bent over her lap. What’s it like to have your ass spanked viciously hard with a large butt plug embedded inside you? What’s it like to be verbally humiliated and forced to suck the Domme’s dildo like it’s a live throbbing cock? What’s it like to be drilled powerfully in the ass by a strap-on tool until you’re crying for mercy! When you see how engorged the sub’s big cock gets on, you’ll know. I was hoping to see the divine Mistress drain her sub of every last drop of cum and I saw it. The humiliation does not stop when the pretty sub’s big dick explodes.

Femout.XXX: Encore Jaslani

When gorgeous Jaslani Miraj returns to Femout for her encore performance, she’s decided to reveal more about herself. She’s a dancer who tours all across the U.S. and she loves seeing muscular, tattooed guys. Jaslani likes light-skinned and Latino men and she’s a bottom girl. While removing her little black booties she says she’s totally humble in public but a freak between the sheets. Her pretty nipples are obviously very sensitive because, after baring them, she says she loves it when a guy kisses them. Jaslani’s other erogenous zones are her thighs and having them kissed practically makes her climactic! She has incredible legs too, by the way.

She also says that if you know how to hit that spot right, she can have multiple orgasms. I think it’s cute when she says she has “Daddy Issues” because I know so many trans girls who have them. They only like take charge types of men who are masculine through and through. They like being treated like a little slut behind closed doors and that’s exactly what Jaslani says she wants. She also strips like an experienced porn star. “Fuck me… bend me over,” she says with just her thong on right before flipping over on the sofa and slapping her ass hard. She likes it rough, dirty, nasty and raunchy. Four minutes run by and Jaslina is delivering dirty talk like a cam goddess and completely naked already! I know she’s all into men but when she begins posing on the floor with her curvy ass up, I’m actually wishing she’d be interested in a powerful transbian doggy style fuck.

I love my men but I’m not thinking about any of them while watching this hot Trini babe doing her thing. Make that missionary too because she’s so flexible! This is where I can get some idea of how good a dancer she must be. Jaslani likes getting fucked in all sorts of positions too, guys! When Jaslani starts finger banging her tight ass and stroking her stiff cock, it’s really one of the most enjoyable fap sessions to witness. She really gets into it! I love watching this super sexy island girl get herself all worked up to the point of release.

Her sexy mouth is wide open throughout most of her pre-climactic stages and you might find yourself wishing your cock were inside as she squeezes her erection. Then comes the moment of truth when Jaslani’s hard cock spurts a fresh load of cum across her taut midsection in this fabulous Femout.XXX update.

Black TGirls: Kayla Biggs Strips And Strokes!

In 2011, West Coast producer KilaKali wrote, “A native from Detroit Kayla Biggs called me and wanted to do a shoot. I was skeptical when I saw the pictures she sent me. I thought they were of a biological female. When I met her in person I was blown away by her natural beauty. She has a nice round ass that loves to be smacked, and a nice 9 incher that she uses on occasions. Kayla was horny right from the start. I think she has a bright future in the industry if she wants to pursue it. She is my favorite model so far.”

20 scenes Black TGirls shoots later, not even including Kayla Biggs Hardcore, we’re back with the ever beautiful Kayla and she’s sitting in a blue chair barefoot and wearing a pink hoodie dress. She rises to expose and famous British designer thong panty and she pulls her dress off.

Her derriere faces the camera and to say you could bounce quarters off it would be an understatement. She has the type of butt so many women pay for and it’s 100% natural. After posing all over that chair in a series of compromising, mostly with her amazing ass up, Kayla sits down and begins jacking off.

Then she’s soon playing with a massive erection, not really stroking it, just allowing you to consider its size and power. It’s not the final butt show however and she poses while standing too.

What follows is a bit of prone masturbation against the blue chair and some pendulous big dick swinging in this update. If you’re not the jealous type and you’re up for seeing this beautiful bombshell getting fucked, check out her Kayla Biggs Black Shemale Hardcore profile.

Aubrey Starr Returns To Shemale.XXX

Although Aubrey Starr isn’t dressed in typical Domme attire in her new video on Shemale.XXX, she gives a brilliant performance as a Mistress. In the solo scene filmed by Blackula, she’s more vocal than I can ever recall and that’s part of what makes it so great. Aubrey never just mails it in.

You can also watch this stunning Bakersfield, California native on Shemale Yum where I first saw her about three years ago.

Ladyboy.XXX – Jacky’s Climax

It definitely not just Jacky’s climax. She has a huge fan base. This photo gallery is a sample set from her follow-up to the previous t-shirt and cutoff shorts video on Ladyboy.XXX.


Jacky uses just her thumb and forefinger to masturbate to climax. It’s quite interesting to watch. This petite little fox from Bangkok, Thailand was also amazing on FranksT-GirlWorld, Ladyboy-Ladyboy and on Shemale.XXX!


Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl

I don’t know why some of my favorite Krissy4u videos are those with schoolgirl themes since that’s not my major kink. It’s one of them, but not the highest on my list. But her “Schoolgirl Gloryhole” video blew me away. It opens with this low-moaning guy stroking Krissy’s erection. Then she sits down to fap for a bit before for the placing her cute bottom before the gloryhole to play with. But then I also love the bedroom lingerie sessions with the masked and hung, salad tossing Max (“Skin” is a must-see). Oh and there’s one where Max uses oil on Krissy’s body that I love. Now that’s one of my top fetishes – hardcore sex with oil!


Come to think of it, Krissy4u has all my fetishes fully represented. I’d make a request, but Krissy Kyung has done everything on her website I’ve wanted to see. The holiday season bathroom and outdoor sex videos are incredible and her casual wear photo sets are killer, too. Krissy constantly comes up with new things I didn’t even know I’d like to see.