Bailey Jay VR Presents Step Brother VR

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Bailey Jay is padding around barefoot in her living room talking on the phone with her mom. She’s wearing jeans and a midriff baring top while wrapping up the conversation. She adds that her step brother is playing video games before hanging up. As this is shot from a POV (point-of-view) perspective, the gamer stepbrother is apparently you! So after putting the phone down, Bailey Jay tells you that her mom and your dad are going to be home soon. She’s just dropped to her knees in front of you, but she’s restless, taking a seat beside you, then standing back up. Both of your parents will be home in 20 minutes and she’s bored. Bailey Jay says she knows it’s super weird that you have to be part of one big family now that your parents have fallen in love. But, she’s grateful that you’ve been pretty cool about it, especially the part about her being a transsexual. She goes on to remind you that you’re not actually related so this isn’t as weird as it may seem. “There’s no way this game is as exciting as me!” she exclaims in frustration, pointing out that her boobs are more exciting. She knows that you’re staring at her tits constantly. She gets you to stop gaming for a moment long enough to feel her breasts through her skimpy top. Then she rubs between your leg and says, “That’s kinda hard.” She encourages you to bare her large breasts and you do so. Then she pulls your pajama pants down and exposes your rapidly swelling cock. What a lucky step brother you are. Before that 20 minutes is up, she’s going to suck you off and you’ll get to watch her hovering about you with her tits jiggling as she jerks off and cums! “Go clean yourself up, you animal!” she shouts on her way out of the room with her big dick bouncing. “I’m outta here. Bye, loser” She’s already back to being a typical step sister and you haven’t even showered your spunk off yet. Visit and check out the updates on her original website from the

Brazilian-Transsexuals: Eveline Moura & Isa Potter

Eveline Moura is the model in the first photo from this blazing hot scene. Isa aka Isabelle Potter is no less popular and gorgeous and they make an incredible team because they’re two of the most convincing performers in a trans lesbian scene.

Some models suck and fuck like they’re living for it, but you never get any real sense of chemistry. It’s as if they’re trying to communicate that they’re only doing it to get paid and prefer being with men. Others give the impression that they’re best friends and barely able to get hard for one another.

I pay close attention to the chemistry in trans lesbian porn because it’s just what comes naturally as a girls first kind of chick. 4K Ultra HD is the best option, but not the only one to view Eveline and Isa getting it on. There isn’t as much French kissing with these models as I see on the leading American trans lesbian site, but that would be TGirls.Porn. is better known for solo and Girl/Guy hardcore porn.

But, the passion and total arousal is en point with Eveline and Isa. So is the filming by producer Khan. I’m a little late with this update, so when you get to, go back to February 12th to play the free scene trailer. You’re not going to get the same HD experience in the preview of these beauties switching with each other, but you’ll get a good idea of how hot the full-length video is. This is pure fire right down to the cumtastic ending!

Ally Sparkles Cums For You!

Description: Gorgeous Ally Sparkles, our February 2018 “Model of the Month”, returns for her second solo scene, following her amazing hardcore debut last week in a smashing TGirls.Porn scene with Camila Dolly! This time, she brings out the glasses to give a really sexy look with her dress, black stockings and black heels! Ally is stunning! Watch this beautiful redhead as she gets on the bed and fucks herself with her dildo until she cums! We can’t wait to see more from her!

When Ally Sparkles introduces herself sitting on a bed, and Radius Dark pans down her long legs, you can see how gorgeous they are even though she’s wearing opaque black stockings. An old saying used to go, “Girls who wear glasses get no passes.” I guess they haven’t seen Ally in specs. She makes it no secret that she’s going to remove her dress very early in this production. But she goes about it slowly, building up the sexual tension. Wait until Ally’s colorful lingerie and undergarment choices hit you. What a sumptuous way to adorn a hot body. And how much do you love the sight of a girl removing her tall sandals with her cock hanging out? This is what happens and moments later, she’s perched on the bed jerking off.

Ally does a bit of breast fondling and has her glasses off as she masturbates while stretched out on her back. She gives us an explicit butt show after removing her panties and then she bares her pretty legs and sexy feet. Then she shows us her colorful dildo and lubes it up. Ally is totally animated, playful and laughing as she prepares to fuck herself with her sex toy. She gets that puppy in deep and doesn’t forget to keep on stripping until she’s gloriously nude.

I just realized she’s a lefty like me watching her stroking her erection furiously. I can also tell that she’s going to explode in a powerful orgasm in this exquisite update! “Ally Sparkles Cums For You!” is the title of this scene but you can also see her cumming in “Ally Sparkles & Camila Dolly”on TGirls.Porn, an incredible trans lesbian hardcore scene! You can also see Ally performing LIVE on Chaturbate! Register FREE and follow

Gorgeous Redhead Crystal Thayer!

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Description: We have an immense pleasure to introduce one gorgeous Grooby Newbie from Florida: meet Crystal Thayer! Just discovered by Jack Flash, this sexy redhead hails from Jacksonville and she has a sexy slim body and a big hard cock! She is super cute! Crystal was excited to introduce herself to the world and we are sure you are going to love her debut scene!

It doesn’t surprise me at all that we have yet another hot Florida model on Femout.XXX. As a central Florida resident, I can assure you that pretty trans girls are popping up all over the Sunshine State, in porn and in real life! Crystal Thayer is a man hungry babe who tells us what she’s into specifically.

22 year old Crystal traveled all the way down to Ft. Lauderdale for this shoot with Mr. Flash. She likes Yoga and outdoor activities like going to the beach and hiking. When her confessional turns to sex, she says she prefers to bottom for her men, but she can top for the right guy.

Crystal has been transitioning for about a year but let me go back to this topping business. The “Right Guy” who would be willing to bottom for Crystal had better be ready to take one big cock! I didn’t realize how hung Crystal was until I saw her jerking off with a raging hardon. Just a warning, boys.

She likes getting her salad tossed and she loves sucking cock. Crystal fantasizes about orgies and gangbangs. She also likes watching gay porn. I have the feeling she’s into watching more masculine men getting it on than me. I’m more of a twink fan as a trans top, but it’s all good!

Crystal is a self-described porn fanatic and I haven’t yet seen her on but she’s a live cam model too at!

Her cam link is under a different last name but it’s the same cutie pie. But back to her Femout.XXX debut, the first display of nudity comes in the form of a nip slip. But the way she caresses her bosom reminds us that it’s no accident. When she removes and discards her dress, she’s just left in her panties and pumps.

Then she removes her undies and begins playing with her long schlong. Crystal’s cock is just like the rest of her – not terribly thick but long! Before the 11th minute, she’s jerking off totally naked. She has a surprisingly curvy ass for such a slender girl and legs to die for. Dazzling debut!

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TGirls.Porn: Jenny Crystal & Lianna Lawson

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Description: Showtime on the home of all things TGirl and Porn and its hung hotties Jenny Crystal and Lianna Lawson making it all happen as we soak up yet another popping production from Radius Dark. Two rampant sweethearts, one killer 4K flick – kick back and watch the magic happen right here on the Net’s premiere TS on TS site.

Do you think polyamory has anything to do with porn if you’re a performer? I’m asking because the gorgeous slender brunette in this TGirls.Porn update is Jenny Crystal. She’s a model like stunning blonde Lianna Lawson. But another Grooby Girl in Jenny’s real life girlfriend Aubrie Scarlett.

I don’t think that because someone has sex with others as a porn actress that it makes them polyamorous. Jenny and Aubrey may or not be poly. My point is, if you’re in the industry and your job requires you to do hardcore scenes with others outside of your relationship, it comes with the territory no matter how you identify in terms of personal relationships.

That said, while I don’t think that Jenny’s girlfriend has anything to worry about, Jenny and Lianna are pretty darn convincing as real lovers in this scene. Some TGirls.Porn subscribers are looking for the authenticity of real trans lesbian relationships with each of these scenes. That goes for the threesomes and scenes including cisgender females also.

In these cases, the kissing is as important to these subscribers as the foreplay and fucking. The chemistry between these two actresses is explosive. Although it seems like it’s the first time they’re sleeping together, it comes across as fiercely passionate.

Lianna: “This is the first time I’ve ever topped without a condom on and Jenny’s ass felt amazing. I started fucking her hard right out of the gate and it certainly got hot in that room, in more ways than one. I loved her huge cumshot. It tasted so damn sweet!”

Jenny: “I couldn’t wait to get Lianna Lawson’s big cock in my ass and mouth. I was ready from the first time I saw it. When you see me laying on my back in anticipation of taking the whole thing, you’ll know I’m telling the truth. It felt amazing and damn that girl made me cum!”

Tan, Scene #01

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I guess I zero in on a new model’s face the first time I see her and get my first impression there. The moment I see this new model Tan, I’m thinking she’s probably really thin. I see her frame next and decide I was right except for a few things. Tan’s breasts and her cock seem way out of proportion to the rest of her body, but is that a bad thing? Hell, no! In fact, they’re part of what makes Tan special.

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I’m not a petite trans and I think a romp in the hay with someone who seems so fragile and frail might be uncomfortable, especially for him or her. Thinking way back, I actually did date someone with this body type. It was rough sex without trying for rough sex. But my former friend had a cute little ass than flared out into an upside down heart when they bent over and it was incredible. Tan’s bottom does the same thing. But these obvious physical attributes aren’t all this model has to offer. She also has a beautiful complexion and a charming smile.

Flash Scene Trailer

Tan’s debut begins with her wearing a normal red bra, just in time for the Valentine’s Day Sale of $9.95 USD, but what really catches my eyes is that her huge hardon is sticking out of a thong that has a custom opening for a schlong. Are they making custom panties for trans women these days? If so, I gotta get me some. But I digress. Tan drops her brassiere to expose a lovely set of breasts. Than she makes her oversized boner bounce and just hang there for us to just drink in it’s beauty. Tan’s legs are long and slender and I can’t tell how tall she is. Is her dick really that big? I don’t know and it’s probably bigger than what I’d accustomed to in real life. But I love seeing super well hung trans girls, models with small peckers and every kind in between. There are all sorts of them on!

Pornhub: Free Valentine’s Day Premium Promotion

Pornhub is celebrating Valentine’s Day 2018 the best way it knows how – by offering free access to all of its premium content for the duration of the made-up holiday. The popular porn portal has giving this offer for a while now. Last year, it noted an uptick of over 300% in visitors to the site on the day, or roughly 3.5 million people. Pornhub Premium offers ad-free access to some 100,000 exclusive videos, a dedicated Virtual Reality porn channel, and content in stunning 4K definition.

Black TGirls: Gorgeous Girl Is Back!

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Description: Gorgeous Girl returns! Discovered by Omar Wax, this beautiful young starlet made her debut in October becoming the Model of the Month – absolutely deserved! We were amazed by her beauty when we first met her and since then we were eagerly waiting to see her again! She’s here now looking even more beautiful! Watch this petite cutie stripping and showing off her amazing slim body in another hot Omar Wax produced solo scene!

As I watch Gorgeous Girl for the third time on, I’m asking myself, what kind of model would go around with a name like that if they couldn’t back it up? Well, there could be hundreds of them but if their looks don’t fit the description, I doubt that they’re working. Taking a name like that reminds me of what Little Richard used to say, “I’m not conceited, I’m convinced.”

This is a tortuously slow kitchen striptease and the wait is well worth it. We don’t even see any nipple until somewhere into the fourth minute. And although we see her breasts fully exposed soon after, we don’t see her dark and lovely cock until were into the sixth.

By the time Gorgeous Girl’s lingerie drops to the floor completely, she’s developing and erection that just keep growing longer and longer. Then she shows us her precious bare ass explicitly and also thrusts her hardon back between her thighs.

We can see pre-cum oozing from her swollen cock head as she jerks off. Mr. Wax gives us full body shots, aerial views and tight close-ups in this dazzling update.

Bailey Jay: Your Dick Already Be Out

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I think it’s safe to say that anyone who has a dick and is preparing to watch a video already has it out. This update comes with a bit of foreshadowing with Bailey Jay saying she hasn’t been jerking off as much lately as she should be. Who determines how often Bailey Jay should jerk off? Her fans can request that it’s often, but that’s not necessary. It’s a given.

Sample Photo Gallery

“I’ve been very busy. I’ve been neglecting my cock,” she says and then she stands up. OMG what a big boner she has in that dress or shirt or whatever it is! Wearing no panties, she lets it flop out heavily. Then she spins her big dick around like it’s a hypnosis device. Actually it must be one because I can’t look away.

Sample Photo Gallery

Then she actually says she’s trying to hypnotize you! I swear I was thinking it. You can’t make this stuff up. “You’re getting horny,” she chants like a medium before cracking up. She does that trademark meat slab slapping against the palm and removes her shrug. Man, those new tits are so huge and you can see the outline of her nipples and aureole through the white fabric of her shirtdress. Then she grabs a magic wand vibrator and buzzes it against her butt’s fun spot. Then she buzzes it right along that sensitive underside of her shaft just below her cock head. Her schlong is swollen stiff as she alternates the vibe between her dick and ass. Then she settles back in the sofa to jerk off frantically.

As Bailey continues to vocalize her intense fap session, she strategically provides a show for leg admirers and bare foot lovers after the focus was all on her big knockers and big prick. There’s something for everyone leading right up to her cumshot plus one more important thing. This update continues for over a minute after she shoots her spunk. For her cumtastic Virtual Reality performances, get to!

Bob’s Tgirls: Joss Amor in Glass For Her Ass

“Sexy Braids” is the photo set that compliments the “Glass For Her Ass” video featuring gorgeous Joss Amor on This is not the first time for this video title enacted. Some of Bob’s previous models have also done glass dildo masturbation scenes. It’s a thing now.

Bob has a great technique of using a mirror to capture girls from the front and back and he employs this method as the new Joss Amor video rolls out. Joss looks amazing with her thick braids, but the focus is on her magnificent ass.

Joss simply uses one hand to move her cock to the outside of her lingerie. She jerks off while both sitting and standing on the bed to a music track that sounds like Tangerine Dream from the Risky Business soundtrack.

The music stops somewhere around the 9th minute and Joss sits on the bed in full frontal fabulousness. She strips down to her leggings and stripper heels and gets down to business. Soon she’s completely naked, stroking her hardon while pumping a glass dildo in and out of her tight ass.

If you haven’t blown your load within the first 12 minutes, you’ve got great staying power. But don’t deprive yourself of cumming with this scorching hot update. Joss is also incredible in her solo and hardcore performances on, TGirls.XXX, and on TGirls.Porn!