Amazing Nadtasha Toy’s Her Ass!

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UK TGirls has evolved into a network pass site that offers unlimited access to 8 individual collections in the same network. This particular ring of sites tends to focus on some pretty specific trans genres and stars including major porn star archives and new models from Canada, Russia and Asia plus one site devoted to Domination/submission. The UK TGirls landing page clearly features these sites on the top of the page.

This update features an absolutely stunning model presented by producer Kalin first on April 27, 2017 on UK TGirls. “I am Nadtasha Angelstar, young 25 years old Asian trans woman,” she said. “As I born like this way, I’m proud to be myself as a trans woman. I take care of myself, dress well, well being, walk in shopping mall, watch cinema, enjoy the sunset , and meet new people. When people look at me, I show them the quality that I have. I’m a trans women special then you guys. We are in between! Some should pronounce us as an angel.” Nadtasha added.

Her profile states that she’s based in London. Nadtasha reintroduces herself in her second video wearing her white lace nightgown that leaves little to the imagination. Her nipples are visible as are her tan colored pantyhose. She wears Mary Jane moderately high heels and poses her legs in a way to coyly hide the outline of her cock at first.

Then she exposes her penis while rubbing the garment across her thighs and pelvic region. Nadtasha exposes her dark nipples one at a time and fully exposes her full round orbs. She takes a seat to fully remove her nightgown, removes one pump and caresses her hosed foot and pedicured toes. Nadtasha’s striptease is phase one of the naughty things to come including lubricating a huge black butt plug.

She finger bangs herself to prepare for the girth of the large sex toy then bends over to fuck herself with it. Her toy embedded masturbation that follows is literally frantic!

As many second shoots with new trans models do, Nadtasha cums at the end of this magnificent update!

Femout.XXX: Gorgeous Ashlay Stroking Hard!

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There’s nothing highly unusual about gorgeous Ashlay strutting through one of Buddy Wood’s rooms like a runway model. Not until you notice her cute little cock swinging beneath the hem of her dress. You get the full view without panties as soon as she perches herself on the sofa – her tightly drawn-up balls and fun spot too. Ashlay turns over on her back, grasps her uncut penis and begins stroking. When she does this with both legs raised in the air, you’ll see everything she’s got down there. One moment Ashlay seems shy about lowering her dress. Then all the sudden it’s off!

She’s now completely naked except for her tall sandals and Ashlay’s cock isn’t so little after all once it’s raging hard! The head of her dusky dick is still barely visible as she rubs her horny center. As she jerks off it appears to reach just below her pierced belly button. At this point you can imagine her impending orgasm.

You’ll pretty much guess where she’s going to shoot even though cum shots are often unpredictable. This is especially true with Ashlay because she seems to like edging a bit before having an intense climax. But Ashlay finally ends up making a big sticky mess in this torrid Femout.XXX update! This super sexy and petite Californian Latinx babe now has four sets on this incredible website starting with her January 2015 debut.

Black TGirls: Beautiful Pinky!

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Pinky was previously known as Stacey. She’s from Indianapolis, Indiana and was the Black TGirls Model of the Month February of 2016. She made her debut in December of 2014. Omar Wax presents Pinky dressed looking like she’s on her way to the Empire set for a nightclub scene. I thin they’d have to cover up her pierced nipples for television but thankfully they don’t here. The stark white background sets off her complexion beautifully and she flashes the sexiest brief smile after hefting her large breasts while sitting on the tub.

We’ve seen Pinky as a blonde ad as a redhead before this brunette look and if you’re like me, it’ll be hard to determine how she looks more gorgeous. As Pinky poses and plays with herself through her clothing, you’ll notice the faint outline of her cock beneath her long skirt. But Pinky makes you wait for over ten tortuous minutes before she lets you see it. The view is from behind, dangling between her firm ass cheeks. She wears no panties beneath her fence net stockings.

Pinky masturbates her lovely cock to a full erection while sitting on the counter. Finally! She has such a thick shaft and I do believe she’s left-handed. It looks like she’s uncut too but you should take a look at all eight of her scenes in the last three years on including her hardcore scene with Soldier Boi. I could be wrong about that. It’s always fun to check on erotic mysteries like these.

Pure TS – Teen TV Beauty Kimberly Sin Cums

Kimberly Sin is a teen babe that is just starting her transition. She looks fantastic in her schoolgirl outfit and even better while sucking a cock and getting fucked bareback. The amazing part of this scene is when she orgasms while getting fucked and cumming all over the place. Its incredible! You will love this scene! That’s the official synopsis of Kimberly’s Pure-TS debut and damn right she cums!

“Come through, Kimberly!” I exclaimed to myself when I saw that this gorgeous new model had become an official porn actress. I’d been a big fan of her amateur work before seeing her on prolific Christian’s breakthrough website. “Oh my God, he’s gonna make her cum while fucking her,” is one of those thoughts I managed to keep inside near the end of this scene.

It plays out in the beginning with what may be a real life situation – two people hot for each other on the Net meeting in person for the first time. There standing across from each other making out in the living room. Kimberly is a schoolgirl ready to do what it takes for an A and extra credit. This theme in porn may never die. A blowjob of Christian’s massive cock ensues with Kimberly stroking her dick beneath her tartan plaid skirt.

She gets a kiss for doing such a great job and lays back on the sofa. Her legs are spread wide open in acceptance for Christian to enter her tight ass bareback. Kimberly’s cock is raging hard in anticipation of getting fucked and she strokes it firmly while getting banged! There are multiple position changes and Christian is fucking Kimberly side saddle while she masturbates. Big streams of creamy white cum spurt out of Kimberly’s swollen cock head and then Christian treats the young beauty with a creampie on

Frank’s TGirl World – Leticia Jerks And Cums On Bed!

MP4 Scene Trailer

São Paulo, Brazil model Leticia Melo makes her big cock blast cum in her Frank’s TGirl World debut! I think that most models that end up having big climax scenes in their follow-up videos could do this the first time around. But producers often like to show some restraint and create a little build-up for new models. That’s not the case this time!

This hung horny babe is just too worked up not to explode the first time. Leticia has a fresh and young look and she’s what I’d describe as an atypical trans porn model. Her cute face and slender figure entices fans to crave seeing her shed her clothing. But what they’ll see when she does might surprise many of them.

Leticia has a flat tummy which you’d suspect because she’s visibly slender even in baggy clothing. She has long lovely legs also. Once she bares her breasts, they’ve virtually perfect hormone boobs with puffy nipples. Her ass isn’t huge but it’s just right. Leticia’s cock is huge! I don’t know if Leticia is a bottom, a top or a switch.

This isn’t something I can determine looking at the photo set so I jump to her video. Leticia’s striptease looks the same way on video as I imagined from her photos. It’s mesmerizing and her cock is expanding by the time she’s totally naked. She strokes her cock and presents and explicit view of her sexy ass. Her complexion is virtually flawless too.

Leticia often holds one breast firmly while beating off and it looks like the nipple is sensitive too. But the rear view of Leticia jacking off while simulation getting fucked is really spellbinding.

It’s at this point that I begin to wonder if this hugely hung babe has modeled somewhere before. She’s just too good at this to be an absolute beginner. But I’ll check on that later because I want to see Leticia’s climax.

After watching Leticia’s enormous dick spurt a load of creamy white cum across her flat tummy, I searched online for more of her. I found that back in mid-April there’s a debut by producer Khan of the same model on the 3 sites for 1 website. How did I miss that? I love that website too! I still don’t know what her status is when it comes to topping of bottoming so let’s hope that she’ll do a hardcore scene to give us a clue someday.

Two Tgirls: But Step Sister, I’m Still a Virgin!

Scene Trailer 

Frustrated, Chelsea Marie walks into Mackenzie Rae in her little step sister’s room. She finds her playing with her dildo and wearing her shirt. After a brief discussion about dildos, Chelsea decides it’s time her little step sister had a real cock in her ass! Mackenzie Rae, hesitant at first, doesn’t want step mom and step dad to find out! Chelsea tells her it’s okay she will make sure they don’t find out. The clothes come off and it’s cock sucking, our famous tgirl 69, and TONS of long hard fucking! Watch as Chelsea Marie pops her younger step sister’s cherry in this HOT new video! That’s the synopsis of this killer Two Tgirls update.

This step sister thing isn’t too kinky for me and I hope it’s not for you either. Not only do I see it all the time but it’s also a wildly popular erotic literature them. There isn’t a lot of typical humor injected into this scene, but there’s more of an erotic build-up that leads to the first moment that Chelsea and Mackenzie kiss. That’s when this scene takes flight. Chelsea takes the lead quickly and she’s the one in charge of both girls shedding their clothing. Her rapidly swelling cock let’s us know how much she’s loving this role.

Mackenzie going down on her until her organ is huge and raging hard is so fun and such a turn on! So is watching her go down on her step sister and seeing them 69! Both girls achieve big hardons during this oral sequence. Then comes the moment when Mackenzie is bent over at the waist and ready for Chelsea to ease her bare swollen cock inside her tight ass. Chelsea switches roles awesomely on this site but have you ever seen the way Chelsea Marie tops on

She’s amongst the best of the best and I urge you to check out to see more of her in action. Her last updated scene is with Mayumi Sparkles the Two Tgirls website founder and producer with a whole gang of suck and fuck scenes here herself! scenes are available in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution!

Sasha De Sade & Nikki Vidic

MP4 Scene Trailer

I’d lusted after sex with Sasha De Sade and Nikki Vidic before somewhere else. As soon as I found out there was a totally different hardcore scene with this gorgeous duo, I had to see that one too! I’m not even about to compare the two scenes. They have the same cumtastic effect. But let me tell you what happens on Sasha’s site. Just like you see in the MP4 trailer, Sasha is fucking the hell of of Nikki, but let’s back things up to the beginning. The two beautiful British babes are cuddling in bed paying each other compliments. Both are clad in sexy lingerie but barefoot Sasha is intrigued by Nikki’s high heels. She likes them enough to lick them in fact. Sasha mentions that Nikki has such petite feet and that’s correct. She then removes one of the pumps and does a little toe sucking. After a moment of shrimping Nikki’s pretty toes, she repeats the process with the other shoe and foot. I’ve been through every single scene on and this is not the only video with foot fetish content. Sasha’s site doesn’t shy away from most fetishes in fact. She’s continuously pushing boundaries. At any rate, it’s Nikki’s pumps that inspired this foot worship and Nikki loves it so much that she’s excited about returning the favor. Sasha’s lovely legs are spread open and a portion of her cock is exposed from within her panties when Nikki reciprocates. Nikki kisses and sucks Sasha’s high arches and then her toe sucking begins. Nikki’s large breasts are spilling out of her lingerie to the point where her nipples are exposed. Her uncut cock is also visible between her creamy thighs as she licks and sucks Sasha’s pedicured toes. Nikki moves this sexy foreplay up along one of Sasha’s thighs to her stiff cock and tightly drawn-up balls. Nikki teases by licking Sasha’s inner thighs and tea bagging her smoothly shaven balls. Then she takes the bulbous head and hard shaft inside her mouth. Sasha somehow manages not to cum yet and says she wants to see what Nikki’s got down there between her legs. The same thing is happening and Nikki’s cock is hard enough to crack walnuts with. Before both beauties eventually end up gloriously nude, there’s more reciprocal cock stroking and sucking, fingering and even fisting! So you see there’s a whole lot going on way before we even get to the fucking in this torrid update.

Pure-TS: Lily Demure & Bailey Love

The official synopsis of “Lily Demure & Bailey Love Get Fucked Together” reads: Lily Demure is brand new to the pro porn scene. Her friend and lover Bailey Love is there to help her get comfortable while Christian fucks them both silly. These 2 sexy girls from the Midwest love getting fucked and love getting fucked together even more! Actually Lily’s no brand new because of two reasons. She was recently railed by Christian in “Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told” and I raved about that scene.

I’ve known Lily since her amateur days not to long ago and I just knew she’d be awesome in professional porn. As if it wasn’t hot enough seeing Lily in a hardcore scene with Christian, pairing her with Bailey Love who can do no wrong in my eyes is adult industry brilliance. One could get a hardon just thinking about this threesome, let alone seeing it. *wink*

Okay, that one would be me so I took myself and tented panties over to to see how things played out. Lily is wearing a bra, panties and stay-up stockings sitting across from a similarly clad Bailey with her legs and feet bare. Talk about pre-cum city. I’m a mess! These girls share some really hot kissing and sweet intimacy and Lily devours Bailey’s large hormone boobs right away! I don’t really care about tits other than my own but they’re really spectacular. Lily on the other hand is rather small-breasted and I love that too! I call these “don’t go changing” tits for obvious reasons.

Within very little time, Bailey’s brassiere is off and her panties are around her creamy thighs. Her big boner is pointing upward at Lily who proceeds to take the bulbous head inside her little mouth. Bailey helps Lily get out of her bra and her suckable nipples are exposed as she bobs her head up and down on Bailey’s thick shaft.

The look of pleasure on Lily’s face when Bailey gives her a rimjob is so real and this is the point where Christian joins in with his massive cock. He gets that big tool of his sucked and he manages to lock lips with Bailey who eases her erection balls deep within Lily’s tight ass! Don’t miss this magnificent update.

I’ve only described about the first quarter of the full scene! Bailey name her one-on-one debut here last year, followed that up with a threesome including Paige London and was magnificent in “Massive Bareback Orgy” with Taryn Elizabeth, Joss Amor, Nikki Vicious, Bailey Love, Rob Yaeger and the website founder and owner Christian XXX.

Brooklynn’s Most Awaited BTG Action!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Where did Omar Wax find this fresh new fox? Let’s go to Black TGirls and find out! Her profile reads: “Hi, I’m Brooklynn. I’m originally from Long Island New York. I grew up in the suburbs and moved to Atlanta when I was 11. I love to sing, do hair and make-up, Is actually just graduated from cosmetology school. I don’t like inconsistency and I’m huge on communication. Some of my desires include; 3somes, 1-on-1, passionate sex, role play. I’m more of a lover than just a “fuck.” I like romance and passion. I’m on hormones, have been for 4 months now. I’m pretty passable and pre-op. That’s all about me!”

Having lived on Long Island, where I used to work once, I can see why she’d be inspired to take a variation on one of New York’s five boroughs for a stage name. It must have been a bit hard moving from the ‘burbs to the ATL at such a young age. I’ll bet she misses home sometimes. The preview video I’ve included is low resolution but you get the general thrust of things. The much clearer full-length video of Brooklynn’s debut is one I didn’t actually know about.

But I can see why it was long awaited for those who saw this coming. “You want it.?” she asks posing fully dressed in the kitchen. “Take it.” She has a sexy voice on top of everything else. Those doe eyes of hers are killers – heartbreaking. Her dress has a sheer insert strategically placed to show off the shelf of her perky bottom when she lifts one leg on the counter. Brooklynn rubs a henna tattooed hand to rub the front of her dress with the promise of things to come later. Well, maybe not literally but this is just her first set here.

Brooklynn’s ass is perfectly rounded and she’s not shy about showing every millimeter of it once it’s fully bared. She’s a grower. Her cock looks so cute and tiny until she gets aroused. You’ll see it begin to stiffen when she removes her dress and renders herself completely nude.

A leg and foot admirers segment comes next and then Brooklynn holds one breast and uses the other hand to stroke her stiffening shaft. Then she’s got a full-on boner! What a way to start! This debut is lit so do not miss it.

TGirls.Porn – Lena Kelly & Addi

MP4 Scene Trailer

Addi: “Knock knock.. Look at what I’ve picked up! All these toys and limited holes to be used. Wait a sec, let’s share! I’ll put the part of the tip of this double-sided dildo in me and feed you the rest. How does that sound? Sooo much fun fucking on film with Lena, she’s a very bad girl who just loves it up her – I guess that’s why we clicked instantly!”

Lena: “So much for fun with this itty-bitty plug. I needed something much larger to dominate all my holes, so when Omar suggested I hook up with gorgeous Addi, I was like “hell yeah!” I literally couldn’t keep my hands and tongue off her tight and sexy lil’ body. I’d definitely like to work with her again!”

Omar Wax presents what could possibly be the number one top trans lesbian of all time in your eyes with Lena Kelly and Addi. I love sex with men but trans girls always come first with me. That’s why I’ve been reviewing trans porn for so long.

This update is another example of why TGirls.Porn is my favorite adult website. I can imagine someone asking me ten years from now what the hottest trans lesbian porn videos you’ve ever seen ever is. This is easily a top contender for that spot. One of my girlfriends get jealous and envious when they see trans girls this pretty. I guess I understand that but I’m too busy being turned on!

What would you do if your babe Lena was playing with herself while waiting for you to come home? See if it lines up with what gorgeous Addi does. Sex toys would be a good way to go! You know she’s going to want your cock deep inside her and a make believe phallus or two isn’t going to hurt either. Chicks love it when you go out of your way to keep them satisfied whether they’re straight, bisexual, lesbian, pansexual or whatever.

There’s so much sucking and toy play in this scene, I’m surprised I wasn’t thinking, “Would you two just hurry up and get down to the fucking?!” What I mean is fucking by real cock. When it finally comes, it’s so hard and so good, so worth the long wait! How is it that TGirls.Porn keeps coming up with new ways to surprise someone who usually thinks they’ve seen everything? I don’t know but they’ve done it again and Lena and Addi are absolutely superb.