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I’ve decided that no review is necessary for this update. The producer aptly describes his union with the gorgeous femboy named Iceland in Femboy Sex Slave: “I went out to a beer garden to hopefully meet up with some ladyboy acquaintances and put in a sneaky peek to find fresh ones. I seemingly was the only guy to go drinking beers in a bar around lunch time, instead of soaking up the sun somewhere outside or better yet, plug some holes. I knew I shouldn’t expect to find much and I didn’t, but lo and behold, there were three ladyboys cackling and having drinks at a little table in the corner. I sat myself at the bar and had a beer and hoped that maybe somehow they would get me involved.

“After a little while, I suddenly realized they were calling out for me, I mean, they called “Hey sexy man!” So who else could it be? I turned around and two of them had their dicks out and were blowing air kisses. I couldn’t believe it, they told me to come over and bring some bottles of Smirnoff Ice. That was a small price to pay to join them I figured. I came over and wanted to give them each one bottle, but they said it wasn’t for them. They explained I lost the game because I was the last one to get an erection. “

“Although they were right, I tried to tell them I had one but I just didn’t feel the need to flash it in public, they changed the sexy man into old man and I just went along. They told me as punishment I had to get down on one knee and drink all three bottles in one go. I did, and they said I was now Iced for some reason. Then they introduced themselves, they were all new to me, the tallest one was named Iceland. Then they told me I lost again because I introduced myself after everyone else. So there I was a minute later on one knee going for the next three, I managed to get to the second but then I had to barf. They laughed in my face but then Iceland told me that if I paid the bill, she would make sure I got to my room and she would look after me once we were there, she then gave me the naughtiest of winks.”


Lost In The Hood 4: Scene 4 Review

Lost In The Hood 4 Description: When you make the mistake of entering their hood, these aggressive guys aren’t afraid to make you face the consequences—answering to the needs of their hug rock-hard cocks. In the fourth installment in the series, watch what happens when the “lost” stumble across dangerous territory and end up swallowing throbbing monster dicks, getting gangbanged and having loads of hot, sticky cum smeared across their faces. Edward James productions brings you FIVE scenes of extreme adrenaline-pumping sex!

Scene 4 includes three characters, a pimp type portrayed by Thugzilla, and Tek, a guy who meets ultra feminine Rylee Reeves on a small city highway. Director Edward James presents the two masculine actors as “down low” black males who sexually dominate the actor who portrays the crossdressing white captive. Rylee Reeves, has only appeared in Lost In The Hood 4. The only series in which Mr. Reeves has appeared is Lost In The Hood 4. Yet, he’s been one of the most inquired about adult industry stars since 2010 in the CD/TV niche of the adult industry. One reason for his popularity is his enviable role in Scene 4 being completely controlled by the two hung, aggressive men. There are literally thousands of white males on social media proclaiming their lust and devotion to BBC (Big Black Cock) and Rylee has become a symbol of a race-based cultural movement.

When I think of “interracial” DVDs, it’s not simply two actors of different races having sex, but the themes they’re presented in. I’m not saying I don’t see race, but to me it’s no issue unless it’s somehow brought up or focused on directly. Lost In The Hood 4 Scene 4 is a true interracial scene, in every sense of the word, with racial epithets uttered frequently, verbal humiliation, capture and suggested, or rather simulated rape.

For example, when Thugzilla forces Rylee into his van and invites Tek along to whisk her to a private place, he further torments the CD by removing his wig and stuffing it into his mouth for back talking. Tek becomes just as aggressive as his masculine partner, literally carrying the femme into the house they arrive at. Once Rylee is throw on the sofa, with his legs akimbo and bulge in his pink panties showing, we’ve reached the height of sexual tension before the actual sex begins. We cross the line when the petite white crossdresser has his pretty face lined up with a big, raging hard black cock. The sex, in multiple positions is considerably long, rough and is quite good! Lost In The Hood Scene 4 is the best of the best in a genre that’s rapidly gaining momentum and popularity.

TheEnglishMansion Review: All Holes Filled

“All Holes Filled” featuring Mistress Inka on TheEnglishMansion.com Description:

Nurse Inka has her patient strapped down the special, bondage gyno chair, all holes open and exposed for her expert delving. She works on his nipples first, engorging them with the electric suction pump and then attaching clamps to the sensitive flesh. His breathing is then controlled and his hard cock probed and filled up whilst being teased, the sounds becoming bigger and bigger. A large electro butt plug stretches the slut hole as Nurse shares her fragrance with the aroma breath box, ready for a hard ass fucking. The fucking machine is then inserted, pumping away at his engorged prostate, the Venus 2000 milker joining in the pleasure giving before Inka extracts all of his cum from the over whelming total sensation.

Review: First of all, I don’t know who gorgeous Nurse Inka’s submissive is because of the mask, but what a cutie! He’s first seen strapped in with a latex corset, footless stirrups, and a red cock and ball training device. The Domme tweaks his nipples and scratches his smooth, hairless balls while verbally humiliating him. I love the nipple suction that makes his pink points bigger. The nurse isn’t lost on the fact that the nipple torture has forced him to develop a big, juicy erection. Next comes some gas mask action and sounding that makes me tighten my thighs and cringe. The fucking machine sequence is mesmerizing to watch and the Domme rubs the patient’s prostate while the dildo of the fucking machine continues fucking him. She fists his hard cock firmly and rubs a huge magic wand vibrator across the head until he shoots his creamy load of cum! Then she makes him taste it. Looks yummy!

Memorial Day 2019

Today, Memorial Day 2019, we honor the lives of all those who gave their lives, both abroad and at home, in service to our country. Let’s take time to be there for one another; to check in, share stories, reflect, or mark quietly with a moment of gratitude.

Review: Daddy’s Big Dick On Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!

It’s kinda funny that after decades of resisting adult theater 30 minutes from my home when I lived a 30 minute drive from Times Square NYC, I just learned that I now live near one in central Florida. This Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl! has me craving to get into trouble with a horny submissive like this Pacific Northwest porn star. Krissy writes:

“If you’ve been following my little adventures at the local adult theater recently on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl, you’ve probably had a question or two floating around in your mind. I get asked a lot about where and when I go to these places, and to that, I can only say… ya just have to try and find me :).”

” Seriously though, it may look like a lot of fun for me but you’ve got to keep in mind that you’re only seeing a very small portion of the amount of time it can take to film a scene like this one.”

“Really, it takes a bit of “know”, and a bit of luck to find a time and place where there are guys into having a little show and being comfortable with a camera turned on me. I’m actually always a little bit amazed that a lot of times, there are guys present but not one willing to step up and have a little fun with me. On this particular occasion, I was really happy that this guy stepped up and had no problem shoving his thick dick into my mouth and then up my tight little ass! It is always a lot of fun to have these kinds of adventures and I hope you’ll come check them all out on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl today!”

There are all kinds of horny questions running through my mind about this set. Did Krissy actually drive from home in that sexy outfit with her black mini-dress, sheer stockings and platform heels? Did she walk right in wielding that big black double dong? Did the guy who approached her and filled her mouth with his big cock know her from a previous visit? Did she cum in he chastity device?

Well, I know she didn’t because I can see right there on her site that she wasn’t wearing one when the stud was fucking her! Watch The Trailer of “Daddy’s Big Dick Takes On My Ass” on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!