TS Seduction: Alisia Rae and Lance Hart

There are true-to-life facts behind “Teen Beauty Vlogger Makes Her Boyfriend Into Her Bitch” in the official TS Seduction synopsis. Beautiful Alisia Rae is a YouTuber in real life on youtube.com/GlamwAnaya and Lance Hart is no stranger to being feminized and dominated. I’ve been a huge PervOut.com fan which is a huge network jam packed with extraordinary content that Lance owns, operates and performs on.

There are so many incredible new stars that enter the adult industry and break hearts by suddenly vanishing off the face of the earth. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that happening with Alisia Rae. She’s taking her adult industry career very, very seriously. I didn’t expect to see her on Kink.com  which is my favorite network, but this is not the first time she’s surprised me. Alisia she absolutely killed it with this performance. How lucky she is to work with such an experienced kinkster like Lance (for reasons too many to list).

The official TsSeduction.com synopsis reads: Alisia Rae is a 19-year-old beauty vlogger whose millions of followers hang on to her every word. Her fans have requested she do her boyfriend’s makeup. Her boyfriend, Lance Hart is reluctant to put makeup on at first, but he would do anything to bring a smile to his gorgeous young girlfriend’s face, even if it means embarrassing himself a little on the Internet. Vlogging turns to snogging when Alisia notices how hot Lance looks in a little makeup and Lance surprises her when he’s begging to try on a pair of her fishnet stockings. Alisia starts teasing him and licks his body up and down, stroking and sucking his hard cock as she sensually puts him in her pantyhose. Seeing how hard it makes Lance’s cock, Alisia turns into a bratty little dom and makes her boyfriend into her bitch. She instructs him to get on his knees and suck her cock like the horny little cocksucker he is! Lance gobbles her down as she tells him how cute and desperate he looks with her cock in his mouth. Alisia is both giddy and horny as she slides her cock deep in her boyfriend’s ass. She fucks with the special kind of sexual energy only teenagers have. She jackhammers his holes and notices how hard his cock is getting and decides that is time that her hole gets a little attention. After all, he’s not the only horny slut in this relationship.

Watch The Free Scene Trailer

Her cock drips with excitement as he rails her tight teenage hole. Craving more Alisia crawls on top and rides his cock while her hard tan cock bounces in front of his face. She squeals with excitement as she uses his cock for her pleasure, coming all over his hot muscular body. Like a true millennial she is never satisfied, and takes his cock in her mouth until he explodes on her tight perky teenage tits! You don’t have to join to watch the free scene trailer, but you might have to log in. I seriously recommend that you do just that!

The Flirtatious Storm Waverly!

It’s kind of hard for a veteran producer like Buddy Wood to bring back a former model he’s presented somewhere else and not be recognized by longtime fans. I remember Storm Waverly from before Femout.XXX when she was a Black-TGirls.com model. She was about 22 years old and from the Long Beach, California area when she made her debut. She was more blonde in those days but check out the Black TGirls Storm Waverly profile for a blast from the past.

One reason I remember Storm well is because she was beginning to establish a social media presence and suddenly vanished from the Net and the adult industry. I always encourage black models to work hard on establishing a Web presence. I don’t know what was going on with her absence but it’s great to see that she’s back! With Storm’s Femout.XXX return, she’s presented sitting poolside with her big cock casually resting between her crossed legs. What makes that so striking other than its impressive size is that she’s not even out of her swimsuit yet!

She’s got a high and sweet speaking voice and her flirtatious nature unfolds further as she kneels on her chair with her firm ass facing you. She shakes it like a club dancer and turns around to slap her big cock against her thighs by moving her hips. Storm crouches down to encircle her shaft with her fist and spins it around in circles until the photographer gives her direction to interact with his camera. It’s hard not to imagine Storm’s thick, juicy lips sliding up and down the hard shaft of your cock when she gazes into the lens. It’s probably just as hard not to wonder how much of her huge organ you could take down as it swells harder and harder.

Storm eventually loses her swimsuit and makes her delectable looking hormone boobs jiggle. She then lays back on the chair with her legs spread wide in invitation while constantly making sexy yelps and moans. About nine minutes into the shoot she’s stroking her tremendously hard sex organ shouting, “Fuck me!” Oh my goodness. I’m done! See the full-length update on Femout.XXX.

TS Forbidden Love

Dana Vespoli of the leading wholesale distributor of LGBTQ erotica Mile High Media, has released on DVD from its trans-erotic studio TransSensual Films, four forbidden and erotically charged love stories featuring beautiful TS girls indulging in romantic trysts with gorgeous cis girls, proving love has no bounds and the forbidden always taste the sweetest! TS Forbidden Love features trans super stars Aubrey Kate, Chanel Santini, Kayleigh Coxx, Natalie Mars with with cis starlets Violet Monroe, Sophia Grace, Riley Nixon and Rizzo Ford. I was going to add photos from each scene until I watched the Free Scene Trailer and saw there was no need to. You’ll see how beautiful this film is within a few moments. No extravagant and wordy promotion is really necessary. You’ll see which actors work together (and how breathtakingly well) in the free scene trailer and you’ll get a general idea of the emotional and sometimes humorous theme. Award-winning performer/director Dana Vespoli’s film featuring trans girls sharing erotic tales of love with cis girls in now available on DVD on Adult Empire at TS Forbidden Love.

Pure-TS: Delia & Staci Work Their Big Cocks

Staci Miguire is late to the party. By the time she enters the room, Delia Delions is already fucking Christian’s ass doggystyle. So she sticks her massive cock in his mouth as he gets put through the ringer. Then he turns the tables and fucks both big cock hotties bareback in multiple positions. They both get so turned on that they cum in his mouth before he then cums in theirs!

This is the 10th blazing hot Pure-TS.com performance with Delia DeLions and it’s the 4th one for Staci and her first Pure-TS threesome! We get straight to the point with Delia fucking Christian from behind on their bed bareback! Staci enters the bedroom a bit jealous that they’ve started without her. That emotion is nothing a blowjob can’t fix and this results in Christian getting spit roasted.

He’s got both gorgeous big dicked trans women coming at him in a variety of position changes – some might call it heaven. Christian also gets to initiate penetration by fucking Staci in the missionary position. But topping comes with bottoming at the same time as he gets banged at the same time by Delia! Staci continues getting pounded by Christian while Delia sucks her big stiff cock. Both girls line their curvy butts up on the bed for Christian’s porking while they kiss.

Later on, Staci rides Christian’s massive organ in the reverse cowgirl position while Delia jerks her girlfriend’s huge erection. When she releases it, Staci’s big hardon is mesmerizing to watch bounce up and down! Delia and Staci then make an agreement to cum on Christian’s face! Each babe blows her creamy white load and then they catch the Pure-TS owner’s jizz together with their wide open mouths.

Check out my caramelstgirls.com/tag/staci-maguire page for more info about her previous performances. Also be sure to visit on of the finest individual adult sites on the Net – DeliaTS.com.

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Grooby Girls: Patrice Hepburn’s Big Cumshot!

I’ve already raved about all of Patrice Hepburn’s previous performances. It all started for her on Femout.XXX and later on the renamed GroobyGirls.com with another two sets with her original producer, Radius Dark.

You can flip back on those reviews with caramelstgirls.com/tag/patrice-hepburn.

She looks all kinds of cute in her orange top, long socks and grey panties. The cuteness ends quickly when Patrice withdraws her big dick from her panties. Some trans porn newbies will naturally be stunned by a fox like this possessing a set of cock and balls. If you’ve been to the rodeo a few times before, the only thing to stun you in this department is just how well endowed she is. Patrice is a grower with a non-threatening flaccid penis that enlarges to a huge boner once she’s aroused. She stands up from her seat and applies lube to her junk for a full frontal fap session.

When her delicious looking sex organ swells to greater proportions she moves to the red futon. Patrice uses both hands and switches hands, constantly adding more lube to her expanding hardon. “This really makes me want to have a hot boy playing with me right now,” she purrs. If you’re hoping to see more of her fuckable ass – they’ve got that covered.

Patrice is well-known for bare leg admirer and foot lovers posing and those fans of hers won’t be disappointed either. Eventually she stands up to remove and toss her top away to reveal her tight, suckable nipples. She engages with intense naughty talk all throughout this GroobyGirls.com update.

There’s an instant replay of her big cumshot at the end! Her profile reads: We were excited to see all the amazing feedback Patrice Hepburn’s Grooby Girls debut scene got two weeks ago! Well deserved, Patrice is indeed GORGEOUS! This cute redhead Femout.XXX graduate returns today with a follow-up scene!

She gets rock hard quickly and she is to have fun! Watch her stroking her hard cock until she shoots a huge load of sticky cum! Keep an eye on this beautiful petite girl, more coming soon!

Trans500: Double the Fun with Korra and Megan

The Trans500 network blows me away yet again with a Trans At Play area update with the original pairing of Korra Del Rio and Megan Sweet! It begins with solo modeling – Megan posing in bra, panties and heels to a typically sexy soundtrack of R&B wafting in the background.

She strips topless, gives a peek of the goodies overflowing her undies from the front and back. Then Korra takes it from there all be her lonesome. She strips topless as well and then the two beauties are together.

At first, they dance for you like two scorching hot strippers unfamiliar with each other. This is an awesome way to build up the anticipation of Korra and Megan fondling each other’s progressively exposed bodies and sharing white-hot kisses.

We’re instantly transported from the confrontational striptease to the voyeuristic bathtub sequence. It’s extremely intimate and deliciously flirtatious. They haven’t seen each other in awhile and take a moment to stand up from the bath water to inspect the dynamics of their superb bodies.

Sitting at the edge of the tub, they entwine fingers and begin to kiss again. They continue making out after moving to a seat near the tub. The arousal they’re feeling begins to display itself during this sequence. One of these foxes instigates oral sex and she sucks her partner’s cock to a raging erection!

The favor is returned and both Korra and Megan are at the same state of arousal when they move their lovemaking to the bed. See for yourself how this killer scene plays out on the Trans500.com network! One of these babes has her own official website. Check out KorraDelRio.xxx! Watch the Free Scene Trailer on Trans500.com.

Grooby Rebrands ShemaleYum.com as GroobyGirls.com

LOS ANGELES—ShemaleYum.com – the flagship site for Grooby – has been rebranded as GroobyGirls.com.

“Change is good, and we’ve changed our company and sites constantly over the past 20 years,” said Steven Grooby. “Simply renaming a brand that has as much worth as ‘ShemaleYum’ wasn’t something that could be done overnight and without having a proper plan in place, and that plan was to build ‘Grooby’ and ‘GroobyGirls’ brands, which we’ve spent a number of years doing. We’re now in the position where they can replace the original website name.” ShemaleYum.com launched in 1996 and is considered the world’s longest running trans adult website, featuring a mix of newcomers and top stars annually. GroobyGirls.com launched in 2011 as a promotional site for Grooby models. Each year a limited number of T-shirts are released to the models and fans. Other GroobyGirls merchandise has included calendars, playing cards, towels, stickers and tattoos. The company currently operates more than 30 membership sites and produces approximately 50 DVDs a year. Visit the new site at GroobyGirls.com.

ShemaleYum.com is the biggest and most important of our sites, and this site had to be first otherwise we’d look hypocritical,” Grooby said of the change. “We’d also look hypocritical if we didn’t re-brand the other sites and we have plans for all of them; we just ask people to be patient. Most of our sites already use ‘tgirls’ (a word which we helped define) or ‘transsexuals’ but for the rest we’ll change; we’ve an amazing domain for Shemale.XXX so watch for that.”

Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn added, “Grooby has been a longstanding ally of the LGBTQ community and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. I’m really excited for this rebrand, especially for our community. Whether you know our company personally or not, I believe people will see this change is a more accurate reflection of our company ethos.”

Pure-TS: Jenna Gargles

“Tall, thin, and extremely beautiful, Jenna Gargles is a cam model that wants to make the leap to being a big porn star. She definitely has the looks and after Christian pounds her tight ass bareback and makes her swallow his load, she also has the skills and abilities needed. Trust me, you will be seeing more of this amazingly flexible model and her big hard dick.” Christian, who quotes for his Pure-TS.com website is sitting on the bed before going to the gym when gorgeous Jenna Gargles crawls up behind him.

She’s horny and requests that he gives her a workout instead of going out for one. He’s really committed to going to exercise but the way she strokes his stiffening cock through his shorts makes it so hard to leave. Between kissing, Jenna offers to give him a blowjob. Christian gives in and pulls down her pink brassiere to devour one of her small and tight nipples. When Jenna says she’s horny, it’s not just an act. Before Christian swings her into his lap, you can see Jenna’s bulbous dick head protruding from the waistband of her undies, begging for attention.

Surely she’s rubbing it against Christian’s waist as he spanks her ass hard. She asks him to spank her harder yet and after he complies, Christian lowers Jenna’s panties. He’s exposing the future target of his massive cock fully before Jenna slides to the floor to give him head. Jenna possesses one of my favorite body types in creation – svelte and slender with a flat chest and legs that seem to go on forever.

I love busty babes too, especially unique boobs, but sometimes I like firm physiques with barely any breast tissue at all. Jenna’s frame looks fantastic as she sucks Christian’s enormous schlong topless with her own big cock trying to escape its panty prison.

Naturally, Jenna jerks off while swallowing several thick inches of prick. Then she no longer has to when Christian begins sucking her off! Christian’s massive cock doesn’t disguise how well hung petite Jenna is especially when it’s not in the frame. I absolutely love Jenna’s LIVE webcam shows.

Be sure to check her out chaturbate.com/jennagargles. If she’s not on at the moment, give her a follow and see what else is going on in the Trans area.

Shemale.XXX – Introducing Kellie Shaw!

On a hot website with a proper name change on the way, Radius Dark presents the delicious eye candy of new model Kellie Shaw from Phoenix, Arizona and writes, “Lovely Kellie Shaw made it clear. She’s a butt slut. She loves to be fucked doggystyle and missionary and prefers to only bottom.

She said her big, 7.5″ cock hadn’t seen this much action in three years. She was very professional and prompt. The shoot took far less time than usual with a new model.

She’d done some modeling in the past, but when I directed her, she just executed. She’s another one of those ‘Tall Goddesses’ standing 6’3″. She’s got crazy long, muscular legs that are probably my favorite physical trait about her.”

While watching Kellie’s debut, I was wondering if I’d find her legs the most prime real estate of her body also. She’s wearing short shorts and gladiator sandals while seated at first so it’ll be easier to judge once she stands up.

The things I love most about her opening interview are that she loves reading and cooking. She’s had lots of public sex and doesn’t have a type. She’s open to gender and she’s addicted to anal sex. I wouldn’t have guessed by her super cute girl-next-door attire but she’s also into BDSM, specifically rope work. I’m almost too turned on to continue right now!

But moving forward, Kellie goes into detail about a time she had sex on a bus. I’ll let you hear it from Kellie’s own pretty lips. Her breasts are all natural and one of the first results of her HRT. Kellie loves her super sensitive and super perky boobs and they’re perfection in my eyes. I wouldn’t change a thing about her boobs or her slenderness. Any chick who’s tummy looks cute while she’s sitting it on the right side of physical fitness.

I could go on and on about the Kellie Shaw Shemale.XXX debut but this is a gem I really want you to see and hear for yourself. Lastly, my favorite physical traits about her are currently undecided.

I’m leaning toward that shapely ass for fucking and big cock for sucking but that’s when I’m not looking at her strong, lovely legs.