Femout.XXX: Meet Jean Jezebel!

Description: Another beautiful girl just discovered by Radius Dark makes her Femout.XXX debut today! Meet Jean Jezebel! Jean is a West Coast girl who receives many compliments on her eyes and she loves her freckles! She says she’s a bit of a nerd, who plays video, card, and board games. Sexually, she’s a bottom who loves to be the center of attention. She loves to get off by satisfying people! Watch her stripping, showing off her hot body and stroking her cock in her first scene ever!

If you’ve been checking out Caramel’s TGirls regularly for awhile, you may have read my January 3, 2017 Interview with Jean Jezebel. I do my best to find out and share what makes some of the Internet’s most gorgeous and interesting models tick. Jean is very candid and sweet and those qualities made her an absolute pleasure to interview.

This release came as a complete surprise to me and I’m so glad that Jean’s major studio debut is produced by Radius Dark. Jean explains that she lives in Washington, but grew up in California. She also has a Midwestern background. Jean is well-educated, a college grad who can cook and her hobbies are video games and she describes herself as a nerd. She’s very outdoorsy and she’s quite the braniac. She’s into horror and her musical taste is pretty dark also. She also loves birds.

When things turn sexual, Jean goes into her submissive nature and it sounds so sexy! She’s exploring BDSM deeper and deeper and she’s interested in gang bangs with both men and women involved. While thinking about gang bangs and her fantasy, Jean begins touching herself. You’ve got to see her lean midsection as she plays with her tits through her bra. She’s got on short-shorts and her belly button is pierced.

Jean knows exactly how sexy her freckles are and they’re highlighted by her pretty pink nipples. When Jean pushes her shorts down, Radius presents a stunning rear view with Jean’s pert ass in the frame. Her butt is incredible. When she turns around again, she begins playing with the outline of her bulge through her sheer white panties. In another sequence, Jean shows off more of her awesome legs when sitting down to remove her go go boots. Her pedicured feet are bared so if you have a thing for sexy peds, this part might destroy you before you get to the end of her Femout.XXX debut. At this point you’re only halfway through it! If you’re an ass fan, you’ll become quite well acquainted with Jean’s explicit displays. Wait until you get a look at it while Jean is making her rock hard cock bounce and sway. I’ve enjoyed Jean’s Chaturbate webcam shows and this Femout.XXX studio performance is a reminder of her remarkable LIVE shows on Chaturbate.com/jeanjezebel.

Humiliatrix.com – Princess Remi – Turns You from Her Boss into Her Office Puppet

MP4 Scene Trailer 

“As your new employee, I took the initiative to do a ‘data mining’ project. Inside your pants. I’ve been probing my way deep inside you to tease out all your worst weaknesses. Now that I know your filthiest secrets? I’m going to use them. Against you. To compromise you. And control you.” Princess Remi is your secretary gone rogue. Getting you to hire her was part of her diabolical plan to control you and it could not have turned out better. Now your “Employee of The Month” knows everything about you, even your stocking fetish. She’s going to bring an extra pair to work and gage you with her dirty stockings. She’s going to make you beg to feel the soft hose around your hard cock. She’s going to make you beg to cum and not let you cum just yet! Watching Princess Remi take you through the paces on Humiliatrix.com is like an Master’s class in Domination/submission for me and if you’re submissive, consider it a training day. She looks exquisite but it’s her personal brand of domination that will encourage you to jerk off when and how she orders you to. So just do it! Princess Remi is one of the finest FemDom experts on Humiliatrix.com. They’ve been at this since 2005 and have since mastered the art of not asking for your orgasms, but taking them.

Grooby Girls Cumshot Monday: Jessy Star!

Description: Jessy Star is a young Florida cutie who was discovered by Jack Flash and made her debut on Femout about a year ago. Today is the day of her graduation! She makes her GroobyGirls.com debut in a brand new “Cumshot Monday’ episode! Jessy Star is indeed a little star with her flawless light complexion and pretty face, she is a feisty one! Watch her as she uses a silver butt plug and skillfully strokes her cock until she cums!

The last time I raved about Jessy Star of Miami, Florida, she was on Femout.XXX and that review was right here on Caramels TGirls. Her producer wrote, “It took a long time to get Jessy in for the shoot but she eventually made it. Jessy was great with her pretty looks and tight petite body.”

He added,” She wore a sexy black lingerie outfit which looked great against her light skin. It was a good shoot Jessy was very shy about her breasts and didn’t want to remove her top.We think she is gorgeous either way, if there’s a new shoot you’ll see all.”

Jessy’s graduation from Femout to GroobyGirls.com comes with a new sense of confidence and comfort that’s evident when she speaks and poses. Her striptease on the bed is smooth as silk and there is no shyness about showing off her ever-changing form and she holds nothing back.

Watching Jessy stroke her cock from flaccid to hard is a thrill and she gets butt naked so fast! Then comes the silver bullet butt plug. I can’t remember seeing a video on this site that wasn’t hardcore where the model needs something inside her tight ass so badly.

You can tell she’s watching porn at some point, but it only adds to the eroticism of this video. It’s not difficult to determine when Jessy is going to climax.

She cups a tender breast with one hand and beats off with the other. I don’t want to give away how her orgasm plays out, but it appears that Miss Jessy is quite a heavy cummer!

TheEnglishMansion: Miss Zara, Tiffany Real Doll – Zara’s Sex Doll Part 1

MP4 Scene Trailer

Miss Zara is using the pretty, real life sex doll Tiffany, dressing her up in slutty clothes and ready to do whatever is commanded of her. Miss Zara examines Tiffany’s outfit, makeup and ass, bending her over and stretching the tight hole with her fingers and then a big pink dildo, inserting a aneros prostate stimulator to keep her thoughts submissive. Zara then tests the tongue action, directing the doll to perform expert cunt licking as a prelude to them fucking, the chemistry amazing as she rides the super hard cock to orgasm. Tiffany is then rewarded with Zara’s amazing handjob technique until she shoots her big sissy cream load.

I love watching lovely Zara having her way with gorgeous Tiffany as her sex doll. Can you imagine?! She gets to do with her whatever she pleases. It begins with high heel worship first and then Zara inspects Tiffany’s tongue and mouth. Zara’s thinking about that mouth and tongue action on her pussy and clit, but I’m thinking about it on my she-cock. I love it when Miss Zara makes Tiffany stand up so she can lower her panties down her magnificent ass. When Tiffany Sex Doll turns around, her big cock is standing out stiff. It stands straight out until Zara bends her over the mattress with her butt raised. The footage of Tiffany’s bare ass is glorious and the next thing you know, Miss Zara has black rubber gloves on. Next comes the aneros sex toy to fuck the sex doll with! Don’t miss this continuing series TheEnglishMansion.com: Miss Zara, Tiffany Real Doll – Zara’s Sex Doll Part 1-4.  

Nipple Play With Pink Sissy Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!

I hope this isn’t the end of Krissy Kyung’s sissy phase. But she’s warning that it could be. As a dominant sissy loving trans woman, it’s always disappointing to hear about someone’s sissification coming to an end. I welcome Krissy’s inevitable return to casual wear, because she’s sexy in anything (as well as nothing), but here’s how Krissy explains things in her own words:

“So I’ve been in kind of a run for the sissy dresses recently, so this set is probably going to be one of the last ones for a little while at least on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl. “These dresses are actually a lot of fun to wear and put on… fluffing them up with petticoats and wearing those cute, frilly panties. I had a lot of fun shooting these pictures and this video at my place, and some of the pictures are really cute.”

“As you can see, after shooting some teasing pictures with me wearing this sissy dress, I headed inside to have some more fun on my bed. I always love having my nipples played with and sucked, so I got out my milker and attached them to my little tits… it pretty much drives me wild!”

” It wasn’t very long before I was stroking off my Tgirl cock and shooting a hot load of cum all over my white stockings! Come check out this sexy set now on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl and imagine spending a hot night with your little Tgirl!”

TGirls.Porn: Melani Brooks & Triniti York

“Sweet”. If I could only use one word, a non-sexual word, to sum up this week’s update, that would be it. The official description reads: Two delicious new TGirls.Porn debutantes take centre stage and make the magic happen in this stunning Omar Wax production. Melanie Brooks and Triniti York were both instant hits in their GroobyGirls.com debut appearances with both girls picking up the ‘Model of the Month’ award for their superb solo efforts. Today, they invite us onto the couch for a steamy session of rampant all-girl antics.

My favorite TGirls.Porn hardcore scenes are the ones that are heavy on romance and intimacy and this one is packed with both. I knew this was going to be special from the moment I saw producer Mr. Wax break out his signature outdoor footage with the two gorgeous models. He make incredible videos without all that fanfare, but these sort seem to capture every possible nuance.

The plot development is superb and it doesn’t take up too much time from what we’re anxious to see. It provides perfectly as a build-up to the actual sex. Curly-haired Trinity “rescues” Melanie from a bad side of town, but it’s really a pick-up move that proves to be successful. Melanie allows herself to be seduced and led to Triniti’s apartment.

Every glance and verbal exchange leading up to the first kiss seems like true chemistry and it’s a joy to see from both a trans lesbian perspective and as simply a trans lesbian admirer.

When the first oral sex sequence begins, Melanie sucks Triniti’s cock stiff in a way that make me feel that she adores her new mate. The same goes with each partner through the rimjobs and when Triniti gives Melanie head. 

Then there’s roughness in Triniti’s power fucking that brings out my Domination/submission sensibilities. And I love seeing the copious amount of pre-cum pouring from Melanie’s swollen cock head periodically while she gets soundly railed.

Don’t pass up this masterpiece on TGirls.Porn! Watch the Free Scene Trailer.

DirtyTransDolls: Sissy Cum Sisters Part 1

MP4 Scene Trailer

Fetish Liza: “How Cute! Sissies Natalie and Kari present themselves in their frilly frocks and chastity devices still in place. Good girls! Now we can remove them and have a look at those swollen clittties! Oh my! They are quite hard, aren’t they? Now for the surprise…Princess Aurora and I are going to watch how these sissy slut wank and suck each other off…we love watching some bi slut action.” The number one rule for a Dominatrix is not to fear scorn for exploiting sissies. The number one rule for a sissies is to just listen to your Domme and do what she says. Everyone plays out their roles magnificently in this DirtyTransDolls.com update starring the Dominatrix behind FetishLiza.com and her wickedly stunning friend Princess Aurora. Both sissies have their cocks locked in chastity, but Natalie Goth is about to have her device removed by her submissive sister. Kari ends up exposing Natalie’s huge uncut cock and there are literally streams of pre-cum pouring from the hooded head. Kari expertly uses her firm grip to stroke her sister’s erection and she rolls a condom down the shaft before sucking the big sissy dick. Whether you’re a sissy or not, you might find yourself cumming without having to see the second installment yet.

Grooby Girls: Beautiful Crystal M!

Beautiful Crystal Malone reminds us that we’re here once again on GroobyGirls.com. This is her fourth performance on the longest running adult trans website. Her first producer, Buddy Wood wrote,”I met Crystal over the Internet and she was very eager to get in front of my cameras and show me what she could do! A gorgeous face, a hot body and an insatiable sexual appetite… This girl was born for porn. She loves to moan and she loves the camera. I think this girl is gonna do very well.”

Her producer for this set is Radius Dark who also captures Crystal’s beauty superbly. She suggests that while dressed in this outfit you could have sex with her on your office table. She says it’s been so long since anyone has touched her 6’2″ body. She loves to be sucked, especially on her nipples. She talks incredibly seductively through her striptease and gazes at you with a set of big brown eyes that could just make you melt.

Crystal makes you wait so long before you get to see her with nothing but her tall sandals on. But it’s so well worth the wait! About nine minutes in, she’s on her hands and knees writhing and moaning like you’re fucking her tight ass doggy style. Then she turns around and jerks off her stiff cock! She stands above you wagging her erection from side to side and smacks her boner hard before bending over again. I strongly urge you to get to GroobyGirls.com to let Crystal M. make you cum!

Femout.XXX: Gorgeous Redhead Lucy Fire!

Description: Today we have an amazing surprise for you! We would like to introduce one gorgeous Grooby Newbie that you are going to fall in love with! Meet Lucy Fire! This beautiful redhead is from Chicago, she was just discovered by Omar Wax and this is her first scene ever! She got an amazing body and a perfect ass! Watch her stripping and stroking her cock for you in her smashing Femout.XXX debut!

Lucy looks gorgeous fully dressed introducing herself and telling Femout.XXX members about what she’s into when her video begins. Then her striptease slowly begins with Lucy raising her top a bit and writhing on the sofa before showing us what’s underneath.

“Wanna see my panties?” she asks in her high-pitched voice as she unbuttons her pants. She shows them off with her curvy legs sky high, then removes her wedges and stands up to get her pants down further. Her pants come off next and Lucy gives us front, side and rear views of her exquisite form – trim waist, thick thighs and firm ass.

Clearly there’s a boner inside Lucy’s panties, but Lucy knows the true meaning of a striptease. You’re going to have too wait a while before seeing her withdraw her stiffening cock from her panties. Then she finally begins firmly pumping the shaft. The bulbous head becomes reddish-blue with arousal and there’s pre-cum trying to escape out of the tip.

Lucy is an absolute doll completely naked, lewdly posing from behind on the floor on her knees. If this is her debut, I can’t imagine how hot her encore presentation is going to be!

Enjoy watching this cutie introducing herself to the world in her amazing Femout.XXX debut scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

Canada-TGirl-Nikki Kittens And Chad Evans!

Watch The Free Scene Trailer

If you take a look at the Nikki Kittens tag, you’ll see that I’ve been raving about this Canadian vixen since the Summer of 2016. Producer Vee Soho presents Nikki in a blazing hot hardcore scene on Canada-TGirl.com that begins with a lead-in to a dream sequence.

Nikki is chatting on her cell photo as she enters a hotel room. She tells her friend that she was turned on by a Chad Evans porn video before she lays back on the bed and drifts off.

Chad is approaching Nikki by the bed in her dream, calling her sexy and waiting for her to give him a show. Nikki gracefully poses for him and they start French kissing. Chad is as aggressive as you’d expect a porn stud to be and he’s all over Nikki on the bed.

He’s also hung like a horse. This is in stark contrast to the small cock pecker pitching a tent out of Nikki’s panties. She seems to be so anxious to get the head and shaft of Chad’s big dick inside her mouth and she does so. Chad sucks Nikki’s lovely cock in return and once it’s fully hard, it’s not so small after all.

straining hardons touch as Nikki and Chad kiss passionately and jerk off together. Nikki asks in her sexy French-Canadian accent if Chad likes her cute little ass. He responds with an eager “yes” before giving her a rim job and another intense blowjob, this time with Nikki standing on the bed.

By the time they’re both completely naked and rubbing their boners together, we’re past the midway point and soon they’re about to begin fucking! If you’re a die hard Nikki Kittens fan, please try not to be jealous while watching Chad fuck her silly on Canada-TGirl.com.