TGirls.Porn: Chanel Noir & Lianna Lawson

Chanel: “Lianna’s got a great ass, you’ll see me stick my face right in there. She’s so sensual and great at sucking titties. Her cock is so long, she was hitting me in spots really deep in my ass.”

Lianna: “It was a hot time. Her flexibility was new and fun. It made it really easy to fuck her, which I did a lot of. She’s also got a great cock. She fucked me good with it. She stayed rock hard the whole time!”

Chanel Noir and Lianna Lawson are two very horny and in-demand models who need very little introduction, especially if you’ve been to TGirls.Porn,, or Foot Fetish TS. Today, they bring the heat in this glorious ‘all-girl’ XXX production brought to you by Radius Dark!

We jump right into the action with these two beauties lip-smacking in an intimate embrace on the bed. They’re both wearing bras and panties and blonde Lianna reaches out to touch the brunette’ bulge. It’s like a horny Jack-In-The-Box with Chanel’s cock springing out in less than two minutes of this torrid TGirls.Porn video. Chanel is first to get her big dick sucked on. When Chanel asks, “Am I gonna get to taste yours,” Lianna replies yes and withdraws a nice boner from her panties. Chanel returns the oral favor and her next blowjob received comes with tantalizing breast worship.

Once the brassieres are off, Lianna’s pretty tits get some oral attention too. Rimjob action follows and intense frottage. It’s such an erotic sight to witness both hardons mashed and stroked together! Then one of these gorgeous top models lowers her tight ass down her girlfriend’s erection slowly. This is not a competition so I wouldn’t begin to guess who fucked better or which girl can take a powerful fucking better. That would be as silly as trying to make a choice between which girl to have sex with if you had a Genie in a bottle. We’d be so lucky to flip a coin and end up with either one of them!

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TSPOV: Baby Rebecca

Super Cute Amateur TS Enjoys Sucking Cock on features Christian XXX with Baby Rebecca. You may have seen Nerdy TS Cutie Gets Wild In Her Porno Debut on If not, I highly recommend it. But today’s focus is on her TSPOV debut.

The gorgeous new Canadian model is in total POV mode entering your room wearing a matching pink bra and petticoats with tall strappy black sandals and she’s really been missing your cock. You’re lying back on the bed comfortably as she comes closer and exposes her lovely breasts. They’re so sensitive since you started her on hormone treatments. She’s also been practicing with the jeweled butt plug you bought her and she shows you that it’s firmly embedded inside her sexy round ass.

Baby Rebecca shows you her cock next saying how small it is comparing it to yours. “But Daddy’s is so, so big,” she murmurs as she drops to her knees to study it closer. She notes how long and thick your cock is and she takes a swipe across the sensitive underside with her tongue. Baby Rebecca loves the taste of your cock too. She gives you a handjob with both hands clasped firmly around your shaft which is straining hard.

Her bustline is growing and she hopes that one day her tits will be big enough for you to fuck. Baby Rebecca can’t manage the entire length of your stiff organ inside her pretty mouth but she makes up for it with enthusiasm.

She’s stunningly gorgeous also and knows all the right dirty things to say to make you shoot of like a geyser! You’re gonna love the way this submissive beauty takes your cum on her tongue in this blazing hot update.

TsPlayground: Kira Crash Hardcore With Soldier Boi

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Damien Cain directs gorgeous Kira Crash sucking on a lollipop on and it stirs the imagination for bigger things to come. But he’s famous for focusing on the trans model for quite some before she’s sucking on her male partner’s candy. There’s frontal and rear posing and a little butt slapping before Kira begins squeezing the big bulge in her short shorts. It appears that simulating a blowjob has made Kira develop a big old hardon. Yes, she has and she whips it out to stroke it before flipping around for a finger banging show. A good five minutes of Kira’s solo masturbation go by until her partner shows up.

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Soldier Boi is good to go, jerking off to the sight of naked Kira playing with herself with his muscular boy bared. He kneels on the sofa as she lays down to have her lollipop replaced with his big black cock. It’s a deep and forceful blowjob typical of where things tend to get more than a bit gonzo. One of the highlights of their bareback fucking is the reverse missionary sequence with Baby Girl Kira’s big dick flopping and spinning around all over the place! She gets louder, humping up and down on Soldier Boi’s stiff rod faster and harder and he helps her jerk off while railing her. The only thing missing for Kira is not having a cock pumping her mouth the way her tight ass is taking it. Luckily she’s got a big dildo to plant on the floor-to-ceiling mirror to simulate a threesome spitroast. Kira takes a powerful doggy style pumping of both her tight ass and her big cock!

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She also rides Soldier Boy’s long schlong on the bed and takes another doggystyle banging on the mattress. She holds onto her erection while getting fucked later in the missionary position! After a standing fuck session, Kira moves down to the floor to jerk off furiously. Soldier Boi jacks his dick inches from her face and Kira grimaces as her orgasm approaches. Finally, she gets her nut and huge globs of creamy white cum emerge from the swollen head of her cock. The way she takes Soldier Boi’s spunk in this torrid update is surprising and original!

Black-TGirls: Kami Piper Cums!

The updated Kami Piper profile on reads, “Kami Piper is definitely one of our hottest newcomers right now… She already made her hardcore ( and solo debuts, now she’s returns for her second solo scene! Watch her stripping, posing and stroking her cock until she shoots a nice big load of yummy cum! Perfect!”

Her encore BTG video produced by Omar Wax begins with Kami sitting in a chair announcing that she’s wearing your shirt. She says it makes her feel nice and secure. It’s oversized of course and when she does a little flashing you can see that she’s wearing panties underneath and that’s about it. Kami loves lavender and it looks great against her skin but she’s going to have to remove your shirt eventually.

Kami does a bit of breast and nipple play before slipping out of your shirt and tossing it aside. After a killer leg and bare foot tease, Kami draws your attention to the bulge in her black panties. The length of her cock is already swollen as she squeezes it through her undies. She teases by exposing it for a moment and hiding it again before she stands up an finally releases her erection. Kami curls her fingers around the shaft with her panties suspended around her thighs. She gives it a few strokes and asks, “Do you like it?” Surely Kami knows the answer and this is a rhetorical question.

Her stiff cock and tight nipples are Kami’s darkest parts. They look as kissable of the rest of her and that’s really, really kissable. Kami turns around to present her firm bottom and it’s to die for, especially when she bends over and drops her panties to the floor. Kami is gloriously nude before the midway point of this update! This could definitely be one of those scenes where you shoot your load before getting to the end. If so, break it out and pick up where you left off. Maybe fast forward to Kami stroking her big cock with two hands as her luscious legs are spread widely apart a she sits in her chair.

This time try to hold out and time your climax with Kami’s orgasm. She let’s you know before a blast of creamy white cum spurts from her bulbous cockhead.

Kami Fucks Herself Until She Cums!

“Gorgeous blonde Kami returns horny and eager to have some fun! We are glad to see that you loved her debut scene two weeks ago, so we are sure you were waiting for the follow-up! For her second solo scene Kami bring her glass dildo with her and she’s ready to give that tight ass of hers some nice fucking!

She enjoyed it so much that she couldn’t help it but to cum while fucking herself hard! Amazing!” That’s how the profile of Kami describes the cumtastic encore performance of beautiful presented by Jack Flash! After having spent the last two days trying the boost the self esteem of a beautiful local Floridian trans girlfriend, it’s refreshing to see a model with a high level of confidence.

Kami isn’t conceited but secure. I don’t think she just fall into the adult industry by accident. She knows who she is and what she’s got. In her encore video on, Kami is seated and removing her sandals teasing in a way I should be careful to word correctly. She’s talking about her cute friend Crystal but that turns out to be a sex toy.

She removes her leggings, flashes some deep cleavage and then she exposes her gorgeous breasts. Kami then lowers her panties. Man, she gets nude so fast! Kami begins masturbating and develops a mouth-watering erection next. As her beautiful cock juts straight out from her luscious thighs, Kami introduces us to her playfully named girlfriend Crystal – a clear black ribbed sexy phallus.

Up goes one pretty leg as Kami leans to the side in her seat. Then up goes the sex toy inside her curvy round ass! Kami was hot and horny in her debut scene but now she’s just beside herself with lust, talking dirty, squeezing her boobs, and stroking her stiff cock faster and faster! If you didn’t already know that Kami was going to shoot her cum in the update, you’d have certainly figured that out by now.

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Pure-TS: Lilith Lovett

Gorgeous Lilith Lovett in “Horny TS Gets What She Wants” is a blazing hot update that comes with 431 photos and runs just under 32 minutes. It all begins with Christian telling a friend over the phone about how things are going well, but he’s bored and looking for a challenge. We’ve all been there.

But we haven’t all been sitting in our room chatting on our cell when suddenly this stunning Eurasian model struts before us with her stiff and upright dick beside our faces. “Listen, I’ve got to go,” Christian immediately tells his buddy. The camera man is a genius. Wait until when he pans out to display the hot body that pretty cock is attached to. Lilith’s form is just exquisite!

She’s got a tiny waist flaring out to a wide set of hips and the loveliest set of breasts capped with big suckable nipples. But that hardon needs to be sucked on first as Lilith silently points out. And about her silence – when Lilith finally speaks, her voice is so high pitched and sweet.

Lilith has the type of boner that stands up when it’s raging hard so Christian has to give her head by sucking downward. There’s a super sexy sequence I know that’s coming up before I even see it. Christian’s current cutie pie is a well-known Chaturbate Trans webcam model and she’s tiny compared to the owner and operator.

When Christian stands up after sucking her dick and tossing her salad, she exclaims, “Oh, my,” at the sight of his massive cock. The part I’m looking for is the size disparity of this couple. It’s so erotic to witness especially when Lilith moves to the floor and performs a blowjob while on her knees. I love the way Lilith fearlessly raises her sexy ass to accept Christian’s huge organ bareback.

Lilith tells Christian that it must feel so tight and we all know how good she must feel! She can’t stop saying how big his dick is in the missionary and doggystyle position too. There are so many position changes throughout this scene that I lose count. I’ll bet Lilith did to but I doubt she’ll ever forget her first fuck! Check out Christian’s prolific co-star’s webcam page on!

Black-TGirls: Naraya Makes Her Debut!

“A lot of gorgeous newbies are coming from Florida lately!” says the profile of Naraya. “Today, Jack Flash would like to introduce another one: meet beautiful Naraya! This girl is such a natural beauty! She’s petite, cute and has a perfect round booty! Her smile is from another world! This is her first scene ever and she really did a great job to present herself! We are sure you’re going to love her!”

Well, what’s not to love? Yes she’s petite at just 5’2″ and wicked cute but Naraya has the ability to transform into a seductive and supremely sexual powerhouse in a heartbeat. It’s also correct that a whole new slew of hot models is pouring out of the Sunshine State. It’s not like there aren’t trans beauties all over the place in my home state. A network have assaulted the porn industry at the same time with mutual support and it’s no accident.

Naraya says she’s never done anything like this before when her debut opens. I already know that she has the support of other Floridian models and fans current and future. She’s US born but Jamaican by heritage and she’d begun her transition less than a year before her debut was released.

Her producer Jack Flash does a brief yet informative interview with Naraya. It only takes a few minutes of hearing Naraya talk about herself to get a good feeling about the type of person she is. When directed to begin with her striptease, Naraya stands up and slowly reveals a set of curves to die for – the kind of curves that make guys drool and other girls jealous.

When she shakes her ass and slaps it, the sex kitten inside her is out in the open. Naraya’s naughty bits are fully exposed way before the midpoint of her debut and watching her masturbate through the end of this debut will have you so anxious to see South Florida’s Naraya again!

TGirls.Porn: Alisia Rae & Lily Demure

“Two stupidly cute and rampantly horny firecrackers,” is the TGirls.Porn description of Alisia Rae and petite sweetheart Lily Demure. I can’t argue with that. “They’ve both enjoyed their big leap into the Grooby Girls spotlight in 2017 and when Radius suggested we hook them up for some balls deep TS playtime we just knew we were onto a winner. Enjoy the show…” Well, that’s exactly what I did and I enjoyed it immensely! TGirls.Porn is still my favorite adult website of 2017. As much as I love guys I can’t seem to seem to snap myself out of these trans lesbian showcases. Here’s what the two gorgeous stars had to say about their torrid scene:

Alisia: “Lily is just my type. I love her hair. The best part about this scene is that she fucked me really good and I returned the favor. It was fun rubbing our cocks together before we fucked and our mutual blowjobs were out of this world!”

Lily: “The chemistry with Alisia was real. She has a nice cock that slides right down my throat and she’s really pretty. I felt really comfortable working with her. Her ass is amazing and she rode my cock so perfectly.”

Are these two curly-haired beauties my favorite TGirls.Porn couple? I can’t say yes or no but they’re unrivaled by any other since this site’s inception. I love that electrifying fast start with Alisia and Lili making out from the opening of this scene.

The way this entire bareback production plays out for me is with the utmost in intimate kissing, talented oral, at times acrobatic fucking and a fun, realistic ending.

Are you going to be left wondering if Alisia and Lily are going to run off and get married at the end. Absolutely not. But did they honestly have incredible sex together. Yes, that’s crystal clear.

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Pure-TS: Peyton Paige

Peyton Paige is responding to some complaints about a large amount of Internet usage coming from one room in particular. The guest in the room is Christian and when she confronts him she notices a large bottle of lube on him. Well, now she needs to not only teach him a lesson, but get him off so he stops using up all of their Internet.

“TS Hotel Manager Meets a Naughty Guest” is a scorching hot well-acted in the beginning with good humor. Things stop being funny when manager Peyton withdraws Christian’s erection from his robe and exposes the one under her dress. Peyton’s big beautiful dick literally rises before your eyes and Christian eagerly sinks to his knees to suck on it. Her ball sack is fully expanded and virtually wrinkle-free and the expanse of leg she’s showing off is gorgeous!

Peyton arranges her her dress so that she’s topless, then thrusts it down along her body to the floor. She’s only wearing heels and a hardon as she gets her salad tossed. Peyton strokes her erection when it’s her turn to give the big man a blowjob. If you’re a top or a switch, I don’t think you’ll be able to watch the sequence when she’s on her knees sucking without wanting to fuck her yourself!

But in this case, that’s Christian’s job and he penetrates Peyton with his huge bare cock as she braces herself against the wall. Not only are there multiple position changes – some are acrobatic! It’s all subjective what you’ll like best about this scene. My favorite sequence is seeing pretty Peyton stroking her big erection while she gets railed in the reverse cowgirl position. Best of all for me is when she ejaculates while getting fucked! This is certainly not a update to miss!

Femout.XXX: Red-haired Vixen Lycha Is Here!

Her Femout.XXX profile reads: Meet sexy Lycha new kid on the block. This block is about two hours from me in Florida and Jack Flash of Florida presents her sexy debut. I haven’t bumped into her in person her but we’ve had a chat somewhere on the Net. She’s not just gorgeous but super nice also. I’m not sure if I knew that she’d bounced up and down the country from North to South before settling down in the Sunshine State. She likes not having to shovel snow and I don’t miss that either.

Watching Lycha talk about being a dirty girl and going to fun and exciting places is fun and exciting in itself. She goes into her polyamorous lifestyle and goes into lurid detail that may hit you with an accelerated arousal. Things get intensely sexual when she describes some of her BDSM play. This sequence really hits home for me and if you’re into roleplay you’ll be beside yourself with lust thinking about the scenario Lycha describes. All this occurs before Lycha reveals nudity. It’s pretty amazing how fast she heats things up to such a high temperature before undressing.

As Lycha proceeds to describe what she likes sexually, it dawns on me that she’s not just good at modeling – it seems like she was born to become a performer. Once Lycha removes her dress and talks about her lovely breasts and effects of hormones, it’s like a YouTube trans tutorial gone after dark. She has something to say about the wonderful new body parts she exposes and the lingerie she’s about to remove next. There’s one part just before the midway point where Lycha bends over with her heart-shaped as facing you and she gives it a hard smack.

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Then we’re off to the races with smoldering Lycha sitting on the couch masturbating intently with nothing but her heels on. She then does some deep finger banging along with stroking her mouth-watering erection in this fantastic Femout.XXX update.