Pure-TS Review: Lily Black’s Debut

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Trans Cutie Wants To Get Fucked Before He Goes To Work” is the bareback hardcore debut performance on Pure-TS.com of gorgeous Lily Black and Christian XXX! I’d never heard of her before, but who’s more well-known for introducing more gorgeous trans newbies than Christian? No one. The official description of this update reads: Christian can’t find his tie while getting dressed for work. He searches and finally finds it…hidden with his sexy trans girlfriend Lily. She won’t give it back until he fucks her ass good and she could care less whether he is late. She takes the dick like a champ and loves every second of it.

About Lily Black: Here’s how adorable Lily Black describes herself on her personal Meet-Lily web page: “I’m Lily—a free spirit and caring lover. While many find me sweet and soft, my life as a well traveled independent lady has endowed me with a sharper edge as well. I am your country girl crush, your dream punk girlfriend, and your late night into-the-morning companion. All that and more, with the special touch only a TS escort could offer. I enjoy getting to know the real you, and helping you to discover your deepest desires. From my slim figure, subtle curves, and budding bosom, you’ll quickly come to appreciate my youthful glow. I value my health and well being above all else, and it shows. Don’t be fooled though–I may look young but I am quite experienced in the arts of pleasure and caring companionship. When I’m not spending time with an upscale, respectful gentleman such as yourself, I’m usually traveling, relaxing with friends, or curling up with a good book. I can’t get enough of the beautiful wonders in this world, and I enjoy myself most when I am in the great outdoors. I’m currently located in Tucson, AZ , though as I said I am an avid traveler. Tour dates and locations will be regularly updated on my website. If you don’t see your city or state on my tour, please feel free to get in touch—I can certainly be convinced to add you to my travels!”

Review: After we get past the initial humor of the opening with Christian unable to find his favorite tie and Lily withdrawing it from beneath her skirt, we see this svelte fox rise to her feet from the sofa.

She’s as tall as Christian in her platforms that easily add four inches to her height. She has the cutest set of budding breasts, pink hair and the naughty schoolgirl outfit works perfectly for her.

I love the way she sucks Christian’s enormous cock. What an erotic show she makes out of it! Can you imagine holding a cutie pie’s head like this and pulling her by the pig tails to force the perfect blowjob out of her? How about picking up her light frame from the floor like she weighs almost nothing and tossing her to your couch?

I love the way Lily spreads her ass cheeks open with her long legs high in the air! “I’m so ready for you to fuck my ass, please”, she whimpers, and her daddy gives her a rimjob before easing his huge tool inside her tight butt.

After a missionary railing there’s doggy style, and Lily is naked except for her sheer socks and platforms, masturbating while getting screwed! She gets side saddle reamed, cowgirl pounded and in reverse, too! Don’t miss this Pure-TS.com update featuring the debut of the absolutely ravishing Lily Black!

Review: Khloe Kay Cums For You on TGirls.XXX

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: One of the hottest debutantes in 2018, gorgeous Khloe Kay, returns on TGirls.XXX for her second solo scene, once again produced by Omar Wax! It seems that you love this girl a lot and we are not surprised – Khloe is absolutely stunning! She’s beautiful, she has an amazing body, long legs and a perfect ass – this girl has everything! Watch her stroking her cock for you until she pops a nice sticky load!

11:52 HD Minutes and 111 photos make up this spectacular TGirls.XXX photo and video set! Khloe moves to the bed in lingerie and heels and the rear view is amazing. She says shes been horny all day and poses her body in profile and eventually full frontal. A big tease is when she’s on her knees with her panty clad cock facing the camera. You might find yourself begging out loud for her to just go ahead and release it!

Khole’s cock is hard when she withdraws it from her lacy black panties and you’re looking at it from above eye level. When she lowers the panties below her smoothly shaven ball sack, her bulbous cock head points up toward the ceiling.

Her throbbing rod bumps against her flat tummy as she removes her undies and open toe pumps. Now her legs are clad in stay-up stockings and that’s all she’s got on. Khloe then bends over so you can imagine what it would be like to fuck her doggy style or for her to bang you since her dick is so hard. Her bra is gone and her tight nipples look harder than ever. Don’t you just love her natural upper torso? She then produced a rather small yet helpful black vibrator and uses it to play with her fun spot.

She fucks herself deeply with the buzzing sex toy while stroking her big boner. First she’s doing it on her back and then with her perfect butt raised high in the air. But the beautiful and highly vocal beauty is on her back again as she rubs one out, sending strong spurts of creamy white cum across her tanned pelvic area and inner thigh. Khloe Kay is changing the game and she’s absolutely incredible in her encore on TGirls.XXX!

Review: Femout Newbie Anastasia

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Meet Anastasia! Another gorgeous Femout.XXX newcomer from Russia, just discovered by Teodor Grekov! Anastasia is young, super cute and she has an amazing body with long legs and a yummy ass! Excited to introduce herself to the world, Anastasia can’t wait to strip down and start playing with her cock! Watch her having fun in her first scene ever!

Review: As super cute Anastasia rides her dildo naked at beside with her hard, red-tipped erection bouncing near the end of her debut, I’m almost thinking she’s going to shoot her load. Perhaps we’ll see her climax in the encore shoot, but I don’t even care that this update comes without a cumshot.

I’m accustomed to most of Teodor’s greatest productions from Russian-TGirls.com. But every now and then, his models crossover to Femout.XXX like Anastasia. This svelte fox utters not a word as she begins posing fully dressed. The first display of nudity is very subtle. She sits on the bed with her long legs spread wide open with both clean-shaven balls spilling out of her panties.

Removing her dress, Anastasia gets down to her lingerie and chunky sandals. Then she moves through a series of seductive poses on the bed, eventually lowering her bra straps and panties. We get to see more of her ass first and her pretty tits next.

Anastasia unstraps and removes her heels after her lingerie comes off. The sexy Russian babe crawls off the bed to put her sandals on the floor, then straddles the mattress again. She touches her uncut cock and begins masturbating. Anastasia obviously has sensitive nipples, rubbing away at them as she jerks off.

I don’t know if Anastasia is a top of a bottom, but seeing how stiff her big dick gets when aroused, she could fuck the hell out of someone if she wanted to. The footage of her standing while striking her cock and moving to the small table to sit down on her blue sex toy is one of my favorite parts of this Femout.XXX update.

GroobyGirls: Sensational Kendall Vuitton Review

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: You know that time it is! It’s the first of the month and it’s time for us to introduce our Model of the Month for November! Everybody, meet Kendall Vuitton! Just introduced to us by Omar Wax, this stunning Chicago girl has an amazing body, long legs and a perfect ass! Kendall was excited to make her Grooby Girls debut and we are delighted to have her with us! We didn’t have choice but to make her our Model of the Month! Enjoy watching her having fun in her first Grooby scene and expect a lot more from this beauty soon!

Kendall gives her social media links when her GroobyGirls.com debut opens. She does a little bedside breast squeezing and leg rubbing before allowing a nip slip from her sexy lingerie. Surrounded by a plush setting, Kendall rises from the bed and caresses her lithe form without what I’d classify as full on masturbation. She’s now just teasing and she’ll get down to that later.

We’re about 6 minutes into Kendall’s scene until she’s practically naked and squeezing her cock lustfully. The last articles of clothing she removes are her tall sandals and a little foot fetish content is explored during this sequence.

At about 8 and a half minutes, Kendall’s cock is fully erect and she’s stroking it wildly. You knew this moment was coming, didn’t you? Speaking of coming, watching this gorgeous new model on GroobyGirls.com may have you doing just that!

Review: Hot For Transsexuals #06 Kayleigh Coxx, Sean Michaels

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Ultra-feminine blonde T-girl Kayleigh Coxx poses in her sexy lace bra and panties, stroking her stiff she-cock and lewdly displaying her well-pounded asshole. After putting on a seductive show, the TS beauty joins veteran stud Sean Michaels on the bed, bobbing her mouth on his big black cock. It’s Sean’s first wild walk on the TS side! He slides his massive erection into Kayleigh’s rectum and steadily fucks her white ass. To climax their interracial date, Kayleigh jacks her meat while Sean fingers her sensitive anus. 

Sample Photo Gallery

Review: Aiden Starr is the director of “Hot For Transsexuals #6” and Scene #01 features trans superstar Kayleigh Coxx with a legendary male porn star in “Sean Michaels’ 1st Interracial Anal TS”! This is actually Sean’s 1st trans video of any niche. Ironically, I’ve been following this man before I discovered trans porn. Mainstream was always more available when I was in my late teens. Aside from that, he was hot as a newbie and he’s still THE MAN today. Kayleigh is a refreshing eyeful just showing off her pearly whites, let alone the bulge she’s squeezing in her lacy blue panties when the scene begins. She uses the boy shorts that match her bra to release her hardon like it’s a horny Jack-In-The-Box. Next, she’s stroking her pre-cum oozing erection from an aerial view. An explicit back door view comes next and there’s cock play alternating with boob squeezing and nipple tweaking.

Flash Scene Trailer

Kayleigh’s solo play is shot in tight framing, but when the camera zooms out, we see Sean chilling on a bed while the blonde fox plays with herself. This is a purely voyeuristic scene without acting. Kayleigh moves to the bed to join Sean and withdraws his monster cock from his dress pants. Kayleigh looks amazing sucking it to the point of nearly gagging.
At some point, after Sean has eased his world famous bare schlong inside Kayleigh’s tight ass doggy style, she goes from wearing her lingerie and tall sandals to just her shoes. There’s reverse cowgirl footage and side saddle fucking action before the couple switches into the missionary position. The lady and the gentleman have two separate cum shots before this incredible evilangel.com scene comes to a close.

Hot For Transsexuals #6 Scene Trailer 

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TwoTgirls: Dick or Treat Review

Scene Trailer

Description: Another week, another new video on TwoTgirls.com! Kira Crash has finally returned after her leave of absence from the porn industry with Nyxi Leon! It’s Halloween and the girls have just returned home from a night of “trick or treating”. After having a go at each other over their outfits, Nyxi Leon exclaims that they didn’t get DICK this year for candy. Kira Crash happens to have PLENTY of dick to share with Nyxi Leon. Needless to say, things heat up a bit!

Performers Page

Review: This could be my favorite TwoTgirls.com update of 2018! Kira doesn’t always top, nor does Nyxi, but switching is not a problem for either super sexy performer. But it’s Kira who takes the lead in this particular update and she does it with relentless enthusiasm. Nyxi makes Kira’s powerful ass pounding appear easier to handle than the average person. In other words, most people not working in the adult industry can fuck like this.

Videos Page

Mayumi Sparkles directs Dick or Treat with the site’s original trademark humor before double entendre leads to the first exposure of cock and a sweet kiss. It’s hard to name which aspects I love most – the transition from clothed to full nudity, the contrast of each model’s bodies, or the chemistry between the girls. I love seeing Nyxi sucking Kira’s extra-long ding dong and the way her hormone boobs jiggle and undulate from Kira’s jackhammer thrusts!

This is the type of railing where you wouldn’t be surprised that the bottom girl, Nyxi Leon, had to walk funny for the next few days. The trans lesbian intimacy is comical and light yet charmingly convincing. Dick or Treat is available for download on TwoTgirls.com in 720P (HD) 885.13MB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.86GB, 480P (SD) 444.50MB, and 4K (Ultra HD) 7.19GB formats!

Black-TGirls Kandii Redd Is Back Review

MP4 Scene Trailer

Filmed by KilaKali

Added – Oct 29, 2018

This Monday one gorgeous Black TGirls star makes her comeback! Your favorite Kandii Redd! Discovered by KilaKali in 2012, this Missouri beauty has been our regular for six years. She made a splash with her hardcore comeback earlier this year, today she is back for her first solo scene in almost two years and she looks smoking hot! Kandii can’t wait to show off her amazing body and that sexy ass of hers to you again! Watch her stripping, posing, stroking her big hard dick and having fun! She is amazing!

Bio: Birthday: 20th December
Location: Kansas City, MO

Miami native Kandii Redd is a verse bottom that has it all from a nice set of tits to a nice little round ass, and not to mention that “Kandii Stick”. A bit shy and nervous at first she really got into the shoot by the end of the first set. She wants to do a lot in porn, and I am sure we will see plenty of material from her in the future. A definite favorite…..Enjoy.

Okay, let’s unpack the “Kandii Redd Is Back!” update on Black-TGirls.com. In her 15th performance, including hardcore and cumshot scenes, this gorgeous model proves she’s one of the best on the site. Shown here first, back in 2012, she’s certainly had enough posing practice. But it takes a lot more than looking good to be a great porn as we all know. Kandii spends the first two minutes getting us to focus on what she obviously feels is her best asset – her big round, curvy ass. Then she’s spread eagle on her back giving us unbridled views of her bare cock, balls and tiny fun spot. Kandii looks exquisite stripped down to her tall sandals and repeating poses that never get old.

This babe is a grower. I’m astounded at how big her cock is in each update once it’s fully erect. But I can’t really say, “I didn’t see that coming,” because I have! Okay, Kandii doesn’t shoot her load in this particular scene, but run through her other 14 Black-TGirls.com scenes and you’ll see some of her tremendous climaxes! You can also find her on Kandii Redd BlackTGirlsHardcore.com!

EvilAngel: TS Chanel Fucks Cis Asian Girl Ember

Trans-Visions #15 DVD

Description: Spreading oil over her flat torso and stroking her furry twat, glamorous and petite Asian starlet Ember Snow brims with anticipation of her scene with busty TS temptress Chanel Santini. Chanel reveals her stiff she-cock; Ember eagerly sucks the Latina T-girl’s big boner and licks her asshole! As tiny Ember rides her trans lover, the two reach new heights of perverse ecstasy. Chanel passionately fucks Ember; Ember gives an expert blowjob. Chanel jacks her she-cum into the pretty cis girl’s mouth.

MP4 Scene Trailer

Chanel Santini and Ember Snow are a match that I’d most likely never imagined. But then I’m not a legendary producer like Joey Silvera. This blazing hot scene begins with Ember stripping for Joey and then explaining how she met Chanel who appears moments later. Ember raises the temperature by masturbating slowly one she’s completely nude except for a pair of tall sandals. By the time Chanel jumps into the action, she’s sporting a big, raging hardon! Joey and Ember are floored by Chanel playing with her boner, I am too and no doubt you’ll be as well. This is one of those scenes you know will sit alongside the top classics in your personal porn library upon viewing the first three minutes.

Sample Photo Gallery

The next natural step is for Chanel to get her big cock sucked by Ember who is eventually shown fully and gloriously nude. Chanel’s clothing is totally removed by the time she goes down on the pretty petals of Ember’s pussy. In the next sequence, Chanel is seen getting her rock hard prick oiled. Then she’s easing it into Ember’s tight quim. A side saddle railing is followed by Chanel fucking Ember in the missionary position while sucking Ember’s sexy toes. Ember also takes a cowgirl ride on Chanel’s staff, gets eaten out again, and sucks more cock before getting it doggy style! Ember gives Chanel a rimjob while the trans superstar furiously jerks off next. The fucking doesn’t end there and Chanel’s cum shot is spectacular in TS Chanel Fucks Cis Asian Girl Ember from Trans-Visions #15 on EvilAngel.com!

Flash Scene Trailer

GroobyGirls Review: Introducing Kasey Kei

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: What a way to end another amazing week here on GroobyGirls.com! This Saturday we have an immense pleasure to introduce one gorgeous Grooby Newbie! Meet Kasey Kei! Just discovered by Jack Flash, this cutie is of Japanese and American descent and she hails from central Florida. Her skin is flawless silky smooth and she has an amazing body with a perfect booty! Kasey is absolutely stunning! Watch her stripping, posing, stroking her cock and having fun in her first scene ever! South Florida producer Jack Flash says, “Kasey Kei is from Japanese and American descent. She hails from central Florida. When Kasey walked through the door she knocked my socks off. Kasey has flawless silky smooth skin and a nice uncut cock. She is a natural in front of the camera and finished with a nice load of cum in her 2nd set.”

Review: As I’m watching Kasey’s interview with Mr. Flash, I can see her Asian heritage now, but I only saw the Caucasian side of her first. I wonder if she gets a lot of “exotic” comments on her looks.

If so, I wonder if it’s annoying to her. I just see beautiful and it’s totally understandable why Mr. Flash was blown away upon seeing her in person for the first time.

I live in Florida and I don’t see chicks looking this good everyday here either, and believe me, they look pretty damn good here! Some smiles are mysterious and some are friendly.

Kasey’s smile has an intelligence behind it – my favorite kind of smile. Her body is virtually flawless and her speech pattern is the type you could listen to all day.

Kasey talks about the types of men she likes and what she likes them to d with her. She has a specific naughty fantasy that involves getting fucked nice and hard in her tight ass. She withdraws her cock from her panties and begins stroking it while talking about sucking yours. Then she exposes a remarkable set of hormone breasts before it’s back to playing with her thickening panty bulge.

Kasey doesn’t miss a trick in her debut to get your cock raging hard. She peppers her scene with blazing hot dialogue, incredible butt shows, foot fetish content and mesmerizing toy fucking!

I’m so curious to see how far Kasey will take her porn career. She could go straight to the top if she wants to. Don’t miss her spectacular debut on the world’s longest running adult transsexual website – GroobyGirls.com!

Review: TGirls.Porn Lena Kelly & Ryder Monroe

MP4 Scene Trailer

Lena Kelly

Description: BOOOOOM! It’s time for a superstar studded edition of an update as we proudly present a production guaranteed to get y’all salivating. When Radius Dark pitched the idea of a Lena Kelly and Ryder Monroe fuck scene, we just couldn’t wait for the edits to land on our desks and boy, we weren’t disappointed! It’s showtime on TGirls.Porn.

Ryder Monroe

Review: Blonde Lena of LenaKelly.xxx and redhead Ryder (Caramel’s Interview with Ryder Monroe) look so hot kissing in turquoise lingerie and skyscraper heels it’s almost painful to watch them. I mean if your cock literally hurts when it’s rock hard. Mr. Dark doesn’t give your naughty bits a chance to slowly become aroused because his direction has them feeling each other up while French kissing.

With mutual bare breast admiration comes the unveiling of Lena’s erection. Ryder begins stroking it right after withdrawing it from Lena’s panties. Then Ryder proceeds to give her a blowjob with lots of full shaft licking and tea bagging.

The different angles employed almost make it look like this scene was filmed with a GoPro on a drone (but this camera work is so much better than that would literally have turned out). Lena’s staying power is obviously incredible to withstand the talents of Ryder’s hands and mouth. She hasn’t even begun fucking Ryder yet and this video just a few moments over halfway over at this point!

Svelte Ryder is butt naked and ready for a missionary position railing next and lingerie clad Lena drives her boner inside her bareback. Then she switches into a porn star only type of position that will blow your mind when you see it! How can two TGirls.Porn performers engage in mutual oral foot sex while fucking? What?! Don’t miss it.