TS Jesse In Lessons

I’ve just downloaded the 26 minute “Lessons” video from TS Jesse with a cute Asian guy named Eric and it took me everywhere I wanted to go. I think that Jesse Flores is one of the nicest and most friendly premier Ts’s in the industry, so it’s extra special when we get to see her in that ultra-real and convincing Domina role. I simply don’t know how she manages to go from the sweet girl-next-door to the dominating vixen from one movie scene and photo shoot to the next. The best part about it all is knowing with Jesse, it’s not all just an act.     

Delia TS In Fields Of Gold


Delia’s girlfriend Tasty Trixie shot photos of her in the great outdoors of Washington state. Just click on her for the sample gallery.


Back indoors, they shot “Pink Booty Shorts” and you can see more of Delai’s cock close up, and watch her videos where she slowly works herself up and squirts her creamy white cum!


Delia wears stay-up silver lace top stockings from an admirer and they’re not the only things that stay up. Her large penis stays up for us for quite some time until it explodes.


Delia TS is very intimate including details about her transition and personal life that you just can’t find on regular porn sites.



Hazel Tucker: Peacocking

Have you visited the home page recently? I couldn’t help but notice that Hazel Tucker continues to exude the natural beauty that helped make her almost instantly famous. What I’ve always liked about her is that she’s one of the most wholesome looking bad girls on the Internet. Who says you can’t be grounded and naughty at the same time?