Natalie Mars & Rob Yaeger

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“Natalie Mars Helps me Get off Before the Convention, so I Give her a Facial Reward” sums up Rob Yaeger’s latest torrid tryst with “It Girl” Natalie. His set-up continues with: “Once again I teamed up with Best Grooby Girl 2017 Natalie Mars when I was in Vegas a while ago. She was about to head to a convention in her sexy blue fishnets and clear heels, but she caught me wanking on the bed. Natalie is a generous soul, so she lent her talented hands, mouth and insatiable butthole to help me get off. I ripped open her fishnets to expose her award-winning booty and proceeded to give her a thorough workover. After putting her through the paces, I splay her on the floor and feed her a huge Yaeger load that sprays into her throat and dribbles down her pretty face.” Imagine you’re just laying in bed jacking off naked when Natalie catches you, exclaiming that she thought you were getting ready to go. You really don’t want to stop because it feels so good, especially with Natalie gazing down at the raging erection you’re stroking. So you request 20 minutes to help take care of your situation. She decides to comply and straddles the bed above you wearing a black brassiere, blue hot pants and fishnets with skyscraper stripper platforms. She lays face down and apparently you’ve got a camera running because she’s staring into the lens as she takes the head of your cock inside her mouth. You tell her how beautiful she looks as she pumps her pretty face up and down your shaft while holding the base and touching your balls gently. Natalie makes loud sucking and popping noises while giving you head. She pauses briefly when you ask her to in order to rise to your knees. The blowjob continues with Natalie taking your skull fucking until you decide you need to see her from behind. So she gets up on all fours while you tell her how you get to do what all her fans at the TEA convention wish they could do. You proceed to lower her short shorts and kiss her sweet ass, admiring her legs and high-heeled feet in the process. She doesn’t mind that you tear her stockings for easy access while you jack off. It’s obvious to her that you’re about to ease your bare cock deep inside her tight ass! You also get to rail Natalie side saddle and pound away like your going to break the bed fucking her as she lays flat on the mattress. When you ease up a bit, she’s able to raise her lovely bottom while you continue going at it. You know you’re doing well when the beautiful brunette takes your cock with her trademark eyewear off. In the missionary position, you get to gaze into her pretty eyes while her heels are crossed over your shoulders. When you’re ready to cum, she patiently awaits your spurts with her mouth wide open! Check out Rob’s Clips4Sale store The Fuck Chronicles for Natalie Mars with and the omnisexual superstud Rob Yaeger and more. This video is entitled “Pre-Con Buttfuck in Natalie’s magnificent collection on Manyvids!

Joanna Jet In: Deliveries Welcome

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This naughty MILF is always happy to receive special deliveries, in her mouth or ass of course ūüėČ xxx. That’s a quote from AVN Hall of Fame recipient Joanna Jet. In the video that comes with a spectacular photo set, Joanna is a housewife whose husband thinks she’s addicted to online shopping. She’s so excited about delivery day, he’s probably right. At least she’s organized about it mind you. She tries to get all of her deliveries on one day. Tuesday is the day she’s expecting four hot delivery men and that’s why she’s wearing a conservative yet sexy top, form-fitting black skirt, stay-up stockings with a garterbelt and open-toe slingbacks. Joanna is all prepared for her deliveries with a drink, lubricant, wet wipes to prime them just the way she likes. No panties are beneath her skirt and they’ll see her bare ass, cock and balls the same way we do if she gives them a rear view first. When she moves sideways however, they’ll get a full view of her big stiff erection as she strokes it firmly. It suspends the fabric of her skirt when she’s not touching it and the first thing she’d love is having it sucked on. She’ll put her mouth to good use too. Joanna shows us how she’ll crouch down and give blowjobs while jerking off. She’s love having cum shot into her mouth or across the full breasts she exposes proudly a bit later. A tease of her deep cleavage comes first. The British housewife perches herself on her leather stool when thinking about getting fucked with her large prong pressed against the seat. She rubs her hard shaft against the metal underside of the stool while simulating being ass pounded. Then she unbuttons her blouse lower and leans back against the wall masturbating furiously. Joanna pauses every now and then to apply more lubricant to her raging hardon. Unable to keep from climaxing, she ends up shuddering uncontrollably and her big cock sends streams of sticky white cum all across her stockings and down to the floor! You can watch the Me and You 244 – Deliveries Welcome preview video in [HD] 360p format on!

Pure-TS: Lily Demure – Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told

Christian is a powerful man that runs a large corporation. Even when he is home, he has a million things to do. Thankfully, he has an obedient TS maid, Lily Demure, around to do whatever he asks. And if life gets too stressful she is there ready to suck his cock and give up her ass for him whenever he desires. That’s the official synopsis of “Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told” which is one of the most impressive recent scenes on Pure-TS.

I’ve been a fan of Lily Demure for quite some time. That’s a bit ironic considering how young she looks. It’s been a pretty long road to Lily’s status of a professional trans adult performer. She developed a large fan base as an amateur model and now she’s officially in the big leagues. I knew this could happen for her back in the day and it’s wonderful to see Lily’s career really taking off.

She can go from a doll-like cute as a button angelic character to a sex-starved vixen in a heartbeat. Mr. XXX casts Lily appropriately as a submissive maid – a role I’ve seen her master before on amateur sites. This scene is perfect for the porn resume of Lily Demure whose star is truly on the rise. One of the most dynamic things about Lily in this scene is her arousal all throughout this torrid production.

In other words, her cock is raging hard for so long! I don’t think that’s totally necessary to make a trans porn scene great, but her performance here reaches the above and beyond level. You can see how much fun Christian has with Lily in every single sequence and position change. If you’re a primarily dominant male, trans or cis, Lily is bound to be your dream subbie girl when watching her in action who couldn’t have a partner who can portray a Dom so well.

Lily seems like she has craves having a big man with a massive cock putting her through the paces so much that many viewers will swear this is the way she is in real life. If I were to interview her I’d definitely ask her about that. I’ve seen her playing very well in the sandbox with other girls also and I’d tap that aspect as well.

Sensing how badly Christian wants his big dick inside Lily’s adorable and tight ass, I’m gratified that he took the time with some sexy toy penetration before giving her the real tube injection. Not many of us could hold back like that.

This segment makes it play out like a true master and servant story. This is the type of scenes that will stay fresh in my mind until quite some time. That’s until I can resist playing it again right down to the cum-laden finale.

Chanel Santini in Trans-Visions #10 on Evil Angel

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The official synopsis “All-American T-Girl Seductress Chanel” from the movie: Trans-Visions #10 reads: Joey Silvera, the TS fan’s favorite filmmaker, delivers seven scenes of T-girl fun in ‘Trans-Visions 10.’ Femme-but-functional trans beauties from Asia, Brazil and the U.S. reveal intriguing bodies and exotic sexuality. Seductive, All-American girl Chanel Santini says, ‘My cock is so big, it won’t fit in my outfit!’ She caresses herself solo, looking into viewers’ eyes, and tastes her sticky jism. In a wife beater, torn jeans and a tool belt, TS Tarynxo is one sexy plumber. She cleans genetic girl Marilyn Moore’s pipes, plowing the hot blonde student’s asshole. Busty Thai TS Cartoon Candy slobbers over her boobs as she sucks off bearded Youlian. He rails her butthole. Gorgeous Asian Ailly’s butt and legs are lovely in lingerie; Youlian reams her rear and creams her tits. In African-American T-girl Salina Samone’s date with white stud Eli Hunter, she lactates, and they slurp the milk mouth-to-mouth! Longhaired Brazilian blonde Patricia shares 69 with Alex Victor, who sucks her long nipple hard-ons. She porks his asshole. Ms. Candy returns with Name, and the two Thai T-beauties stroke their dicks side-by-side, till they pump out ropes of thick cream.

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The description of Chanel’s scene reads: Chanel Santini’s pretty makeup decorates her puffy-lipped, femme face; she tugs red lingerie over her small breasts and big, bobbing boner. ‘My cock is so big, it won’t fit in my outfit!’ declares Chanel. The all-American T-girl plays seductively, touching nipples, spitting on her dick. She jacks off, looking into viewers’ eyes. Naked, Chanel caresses her smooth skin and fingers her pretty butthole -she fucks herself with a vibrator and tastes it ass-to-mouth. Chanel keeps jacking off and moaning till she shoots clear, sticky jism, which she also tastes.

Flash Trailer

I’m not sure if legendary Joey Silvera or TEA winner 2017 for Best New Face require any sort of reviews at this point in their careers. They’e both at the top of their game, but I had to see this scene for myself before recommending it. So here’s the deal: Before we see Chanel’s beautiful face, the focus is on her lovely boobs prior to breast augmentation surgery. Then the next main event is on her big stiff cock. Her copious pre-cum outpouring while fucking her tight ass with a vibrator is the hot spot and she strips totally nude thankfully. Her cumshot is a big, sticky mess. She looks the same way she does on her official website and Silvera and the actress promise that she’ll be back. I’m pretty certain that the next time she’s on Her Chanel Santini Evil Angel Profile¬†has previews videos of her two previous scenes. She’ll look different the next time you see her on Evil Angel most likely, but equally exquisite. If you’ve seen her lately and you’re like me, you probably feel that she’s one of the most striking and exciting trans adult entertainers ever.

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Sunshyneland: Hot Foursome With Sunshyne Monroe And Friends

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The only thing in porn I love more than a brilliant porn theme is a continuing porn theme and I don’t want this one to ever end. Sunshyne Monroe, Eva Paradis and Kimberlee have been having their way with a cute Spanish male bartender for quite awhile now. Sunshyne updates her friends on her meeting with him during a slumber party and the details are livid. Mia Isabella was served by Adrian previously, but she’s unfortunately part of this situation. You can see that tryst on her website however and I’ll fill you in on those details later. Anyway, Mia raved about the guy and Eva and Kimberlee are now excited about meeting him, especially after browsing photos of him on Sunshyne’s cell phone. She gives him a call and invites him to hang out. So imagine arriving at a posh hotel room with three hot babes like this waiting for you in lingerie on the sofa. They expose their full breasts at the same time and Eva starts unbuttoning your jeans. Once your shirt is off, Sunshyne grabs your cock as you get your jeans off. The girls shower you with compliments and your cock is raging hard at this point. You start jerking off but you don’t have to because Eva urges Kimberlee to be first to take over and to also suck your cock. Next, Eva gives you a blowjob and after Sunshyne and Kimberlee feel each other up, Sunshyne and Eva kiss. You didn’t think there wouldn’t be any lesbian action in this foursome, did you? There’s plenty of it! Sunshyne sucks Kimberlee’s big dick while Eva kisses you again and gives you another sucking. By the time Kimberlee is completely naked, Eva rises to lower her panties and exposes her cock before your hungry eyes. Sunshyne gets help from Kimberlee shedding more clothing and resumes sucking her cock while you begin pumping your stiff rod in and out of Eva’s tight ass. Eva is stripped down to her stay-up stockings and the other girls are totally nude at this point when you’re ramming Eva is the missionary position. Then you get to fuck Kimberlee doggy style! Sunshyne then lubes up her erection and begins railing Eva in the same position right next to you. If you think you can fuck Eva as well as Sunshyne screws Eva, you must be some sort of sexual athlete or a porn star yourself. You still have to have the stamina to bang Kimberlee in the reverse cowgirl position as Eva fucks Sunshyne! While you’re jacking your hips to thrust in and out of Kimberlee, Sunshyne revels in spitroast fun by sucking her cock while Eva rails her ass. You can join either performer’s individual site or subscribe to for all 24 stars in the network!

Pure-TS: Nikki Vicious & Taryn Elizabeth

The official synopsis of “Passion and Romance Between Three Lovers” on Pure-TS reads: Christian and Nikki are making love in their bed while the beautiful Taryn Elizabeth is taking a relaxing bath. Nikki then joins Taryn and the lovemaking has begun. They explore each other and slowly come join Christian on the bed. He fucks them both together and these gorgeous girls love every second of it.

Some trans porn fans prefer TS/Male content and others prefer viewing trans lesbian sex. In this scene you get both and it might change your perception about your original preference. Even if it doesn’t change anything, it will give you insight into what goes on in the mind of a bisexual trans woman.

This scene opens with Christian and Nikki making out in bed and you don’t know if they just had sex or are about to get it on. Either way, there’s a reason for the third partner bathing near the couple’s bed. Did Christian or Nikki invite Taryn into their room or is she the side chick of both of them?

What happens next is the couple conspiring to seduce Taryn who’s obviously¬†turned on by the fondling of her man underneath the covers. Nikki proceeds to rise naked from the bed and approach Taryn who’s unaware of the bed play that was going on a moment ago. Nikki moves across the floor with her large breasts swaying and her cock and balls jiggling. She then sits beside Taryn and engages her in a passionate kiss.

Christian sits up on the bed to watch while sporting and enormous erection. Taryn accepts Nikki’s silent invitation to rise from the tub and it’s pretty obvious that the couple’s plan to get a threesome going is a success. Christian starts jerking off as Nikki dries Taryn off with a towel and kisses her deeply again.

Nikki’s cock grows harder from the excitement of the playing with another gorgeous trans girl and a man which are vastly different experiences. After Nikki and Taryn hold hands and glide to the bed, Taryn grasps Christian’s huge prick and points it toward Nikki as if to say, “Show me how your boyfriend likes having his cock sucked.” After they take turns giving head, Taryn rides Christian’s big boner in the cowgirl position with Nikki’s assistance.

The trans lesbian content in this scene is strong and steady from start to finish. There are multiple position changes and the fucking is bareback. Taryn and Nikki have been on several times before and the last time was in the “Massive Orgy” scene you should take a look at when scrolling through the previews.

Beautiful New Model Kezya Alexynha Remastered

MP4 Scene Trailer

I’ve sometimes imagined what a Playboy, Penthouse or Victoria’s Secret shoot gone wild would look like with a beautiful girl with a cock and balls jerking off until she cums. This is an example of what I’ve often envisioned. The 1080p remastered scene with Kezya Alexynha filmed by Louie Damazo on Brazilian Transsexuals is absolutely exquisite!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the homeland of this stunning trans performer who originally debuted about three years ago. The resolution of the MP4 trailer I’ve provided comes close to showing just how vivid the full scene is in actual playback.

Kezya strips pretty quickly in this scene, first removing her bra as she twirls around in the tastefully decorated bedroom. She plays with her lovely hormone breasts while clad only in her panties and open-toe pumps. She lowers her panties while standing and continues while laying on the bed on her back.

Kezya tosses her panties on the pillow and the next thing you know, she’s sitting up stroking her stiff cock. She rubs a lollipop across her tan-lined bosom and also across her drawn-up ball sack then tastes its sweetness. Then the camera pans down to the swollen sweetness between her legs.

This girl is a vision in closeup as she licks her lips, then crawls across the bed with her butt cheeks flexing and churning. She rubs her fun spot and bends over to fap some more.

Kezya also masturbates laying on her back and then throughout so many positions that I lose count of them. There’s floor level and full frontal footage of her torrid stroking session. Later, Kezya is completely nude and jacking off in the water. She was pretty quiet earlier, but when her orgasm approaches, Kezya emits sharp, high-pitched sighs and moans. Then she cums and rubs her nectar around the swollen head of her cock in this remarkable update.

Pure TS ‚Äď Japanese Superstar Miran Gets Barebacked and Creampied

Miran is an international superstar new-half from Japan and the Transgender Erotica Awards 2017 “Best Internet Personality” winner. The official synopsis on Christian’s frequently updated (an understatement) reads: …she and Christian get together for a volcanic sex session! He fucks her petite ass bareback in every position, including some acrobatic ones. And after she cums all over herself, she begs him to fill up her ass with his cum.

This is Miran’s fourth scene on since the Spring of 2015. As they’re about to kiss as their latest scene opens, Christian comments, “You’re back… all mine,” in reference to her return to the United States. He’s fully dressed and she’s just wearing a bikini and chic, pricey designer pumps. As they kiss passionately, one of his hands is in plain view and it’s not making any bold grasps. But when you see his other hand, Miran’s beautiful cock is in its grasp protruding from the side of her swimsuit.

When he turns her to his side to kiss her neck, Miran’s dick is hard enough to crack walnuts with, suspended by her bikini pouch. Christian begins to pull down Miran’s bikini top, exposing her large firm breasts that show no tan lines. He also begins stroking her shaft below her shiny exposed cockhead and cups one of her boobs. He tells her how much he loves her cock and they kiss deeply again as she stands in front of him with her ass pressed against his crotch. I’d bet my life savings that Christian’s got a boner beneath his jeans by this point. The passion turns a bit rough with Christian clasping his hand around Miran’s neck. This is going to be a rough one.

He’s got a pressure hold on both of her arms too! How is she going to handle it? Once out of this standing wrestling move, she reacts by facing him and pressing her body against his tightly. He then pulls her panties down to reveal that her incredible ass is fully tanned also. Christian kneads her firm bottom and also spreads her cheeks wide. He then sinks down a bit to help Miran remove her panties completely and her hard cock seems a bit out of proportion to her petite 5’5″ frame. It arcs upward in the air and Christian takes the head and first few inches of her erection inside his mouth.

Christian gives the amazing cock that’s actually fucked him powerfully in a previous scene a talented blowjob. When he rises, Christian and his mammoth cock make him appear like a giant as he stands beside Miran. She sinks down to her knees to return the oral favor, jerking her stiff dick while she sucks away at his. Christian forces an intense skull fuck, then lifts her up as if she weighs nothing. He extends his arms at full length so that her back is pressed against the wall behind her. Miran’s swollen organ is right in front of Christian’s face and he gives her head again and tea bags her drawn.up ball sack. Then he spins around and carefully places Miran on the sofa to give her a rimjob while she faps her hardon.

After another brief blowjob, Christian eases his huge bare cock inside the Japanese beauty in the missionary position in this incredible update. Back to my question about how Miran takes rough sex? She does so like a champ in a variety of position changes and your favorite sequence might be when she’s riding her man’s enormous prick in the reverse cowgirl position with her thick hardon swinging and bouncing all over the place! Or maybe it will be the simultaneous cumshots!

Christal Spurts Creamy Cum!

Debut MP4 Scene Trailer

Christal of S√£o Paulo, Brazil can’t seem to stop cumming on! She just did that in “Christal Strokes By The Pool!” but I don’t see anyone complaining. Christal was also filmed in a solo shoot by Khan who also shot her getting fucked by gorgeous Barbara Perez on Brazilian Transsexuals.

Her Black TGirls profile reads: Christal is a newbie and she will make our customers very happy and we explain why. A quick description of her skills will make you fellas salivate: brightening beauty, lovely body, huge and impressive cock and totally natural look. I couldn’t resist adding her filmography because #1, she’s exquisite and #2, you really ought to see what I’ve seen from this totally verse performer.

In the previous scene, Louis Damazo presents Christal touching her thighs and reaching inside her bikini top as if nobody’s watching. She licks one of her fingers and rubs it across a nipple beneath her bikini top. She stands up to show off the large globes of her derriere, makes them jiggle a bit and then she completely removes her top. Christal then rubs her nipple again, licking her lips seductively. She uses her free hand to reach inside her bikini panty and she’s tucking in a way that doesn’t reveal how massively hung she is.

Damazo uses his camera as an instrument of teasing even when she lowers her bottoms. You know she must be only wearing her tall sandals at this point, but you can’t see what’s between her legs just yet. But when the camera finally pans down Christal’s lithe form, you see that she’s stroking a long, thick schlong.

The bare-breasted babe uses two hands on her monster meat, but switches to just one hand when increasing the speed of her strokes. This masturbatory activity occurs while she’s seated, but she stands up and lets her massive organ hang in the air for a moment before her fap session continues. The sight is phenomenal when Christal squeezes her organ between her thighs with her back facing you. She pushes her large ball sack back and thrusts her big slab of cock toward your face and the fun continues with seated and standing close up footage. That’s until she makes herself climax in that fabulous update! Wait until you see how she handles a long stream of creamy white cum.

In her latest performance, Christal is filmed in a living room area stripping out of her sexy lingerie get-up. Her masturbation sequence is similar, but a bit different from the last round. She appears to be able to make herself more comfortable on the leather sofa. Just like her cock is huge, her cumshot is tremendous! Her creamy white spunk misses her naked form with the first few spurts, but the final ones land across her midsection. Dayum!

The MP4 scene trailer I’ve enclosed is from Christal’s previous cumtastic show. Get to to see her latest explosion!

TSJamieFrench – Jamie and Jenna

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I saw this scorcher coming from a mile away. Jamie French has an awesome podcast with two other great regular hosts and her Approximate Podcast often features special guests. When I saw Jenna Rose in on of the shows I asked myself, “Jamie wouldn’t possibly have Jenna as a guest host and not make some hot porn with her also, would she?” Nope! Jenna made her debut on Femout.XXX (profile here) and went hardcore on TGirls.Porn (profile here).

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The new set with Jamie and Jenna on features content to arouse and bring off any trans porn fan out there, but with a special focus of foot lovers. There’s licking, sucking and shrimping foreplay with meticulous pedicures and seriously talented foot fucking also. On top of that, both models give each other these special erotic services. There’s also some powerful bareback ass fucking! Plus, if you haven’t purchased the Trans6uals II DVD with the all-star cast I’ve raved about yet, Jamie has uploaded scenes in three parts on!

Trans6uals MP4 Scene Trailer

You can find the links to Jamie’s regularly updated podcast on and I highly recommend listening.