Anri Singer Is Back For More!

Description: Cute Cali doll Anri Singer returns for her second Femout.XXX performance, following her debut two weeks ago. Another amazing discovery by Buddy Wood, Anri is super sexy and has a nice body with a yummy firm ass! Watch her stripping, posing, spreading her ass cheeks and stroking her cock just for you!

Southern Californian cutie pie Anri who made her official studio porn review on Buddy Wood’s site is fantastic in her encore performance on Femout.XXX! She’s having a bit of trouble unbuttoning her overalls and adorably shy about it. It’s obvious that she wants this shoot to be as close to perfect as possible. That dedication to strive for perfection is what makes each of her performances so great.

I’ve stated before that Anri’s live performances have helped to hone her skills. She knows how to engage and work the camera. A little breast play occurs before Anri takes a seat. Her ondae collar is hard not to notice and Anri is edited from pantyhose to bare legs and feet when she’s sitting back on the couch rubbing her hardening cock through her pantyhose.

Anri’s masturbation continues explicitly with panties on and without. Her most focused poses seem to beg “Come fuck me”. About 15 minutes into this Femout.XXX update it’s pretty obvious that Anri is going to shoot her load. She’s in ecstasy and Mr. Wood’s lenses move in for some tight close-ups.

It’s pretty amazing to witness how red Anri’s dick head and first few inches of shaft get when she cums! To catch Anri LIVE, check out and click the follow button. 

Canada-TGirl: So Delicious Cassidy Quinn!

Watch Cassidy’s Scene Trailer

Description: Cassidy Quinn is really a well endowed girl and it’s pretty much obvious by her looks. Today she’s generously showing all her delicious goodies for all Grooby fans out there. Her thick cock looks so tempting you would like to bury your face into it and her nice round ass is calling for your attention.

Cassidy’s Profile: Cassidy Quinn is 6’1″ tall, 155 lbs, with a slim, athletic build with an epic smile and a crazy sex drive. She’s got a big, uncut cock that gets rock hard and she’s a great top with it. It’s the perfect shape for porn. She’s an awesome bottom too, being that she’s more submissive. She knows how to be dominant when on top, though. Among her great features is her dark hair that contrasts nicely with her green eyes. She loves BDSM, giving oral, getting fucked, and her favorite position is doggy style. She’s pansexual, so she’s attracted to people regardless of gender or body types. In fact, I know a couple of her partners and they couldn’t be any different! She’s from the Vancouver, BC, Canada area.

Producer Vito rolls out this encore performance with a close-up of Cassidy turning on her heels, zooming in on her perfect pedicure and moving up her fine, fully dressed form and pretty face. The she’s laying back, caressing one of her boobs through her blouse and rubbing the bare skin of a high-heeled foot. Her breasts are fully exposed when she reveals the fetish bra beneath her blouse. She then raises the hem of her black skirt to expose a bulging red panty pouch. She rubs it and soon draws the fabric away from her uncut cock and her smooth ball sack.

Soon, Cassidy’s penis is fully engorged and her ass is also explicitly exposed. More crystal clear closeups reveal beads of pre-cum oozing from Cassidy’s bulbous cock head. She squeezes her hardon firmly and it pints up towards her face as she removes her skirt.

When her dress is removed, we see that her panties and bra are one connected fetish outfit. It perfectly matches Cassidy’s platform sandals and there is nothing hidden you might want to see. I can’t think of any other creative poses Cassidy could possibly make on that bed. She’s crouching, standing and laying down. In this explosive update, she’s laying on her back when she cums. A torrent of Irish cream shoots directly into her mouth and coats her beautiful face! Then there’s an instant replay of what I consider the best solo cumshot of 2018!

Try Out Tuesday: Kaelyn Jaye

Description: Another Tuesday is here and once again we have an immense pleasure to introduce another new girl and give her a chance to present herself to you! Meet sexy Kaelyn Jaye in her Grooby Girls’ debut scene brought to you by Amy Space Kitten! Kaelyn is a pretty girl with a hot body, sexy tattoos and amazing big boobs! She’s also a professional tattoo artist of 7 years, graphic designer and digital artist. Kaelyn was excited to shoot her professional porn debut. Enjoy watching gorgeous Kaelyn stripping, showing off her body, fucking her tight ass with a huge dildo and stroking her cock just for you!

I’m glad that the official write-up on Kaelyn Jaye includes her professional background because she’s very talented. I love getting as much insight about new models as possible and from my personal perspective, I keep hearing great things about her. A great personality goes a long way.

Model/Producer Amy Space Kitten does a great job of presenting Kaelyn in her highly anticipated major studio debut. It quickly transforms from a casual testimonial to a seductive striptease with her pierced-nipple big knockers practically screaming, “Come and get me!”

Kaelyn moves into a spread eagle position once out of her panties for a lengthy finger banging and cock stroking session. Then she busts out a huge dildo that she fucks her tight ass deeply with.

It’s up to you to decide how you like to see Kaelyn playing with her big toy. At first I think it’s best in full frontal. But then I see her riding the big dildo from the rear. Then her big boner is back as she pumps it firmly. Check out the debut of Kaelyn Jaye and decide for yourself.

Cumshot Monday: Courtni Demilune!

Description: Let’s kick off another week of amazing updates and as usual – we are going to start this week with a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Mondays” series! Today, we are going to Canada: gorgeous Courtni Demilune is about to make her Grooby Girls debut! Discovered last year by Vito, this cutie shot a few hot solo scenes for Courtni has amazing long legs, beautiful blue eyes and a perfect firm booty! She brought her dildo with her and she’s about to give that tight hole of hers some nice pounding! Watch her playing with her toy and stroking her cock until she cums just for you!

That description sums things up perfectly. I just want to add a few words. I usually don’t add a category for a model without her own website. Most of the time I just use tags for individual models. But I had a feeling early on that Courtni would really blossom into a very well-known and diverse performer. Moving around to different websites doesn’t hurt with her growing popularity.

Courtni is eye candy in this scene that literally reminds me of candy. She’s colorful and looks so sweet. Even when she’s engaged in torrid masturbation, Courtni seems so innocently fun.

This is crazy because her jerking off, finger banging and dildo play is so lewd! She’s quite vocal and the variety of positions she poses in during this intense fap session is all encompassing.

Courtni Demuline brings to mind “sex kitten” from her refreshing good looks to her mischievous giggles.

Take a look at Courtni’s scene trailer on!

Click here for Courtni Demilune’s previous reviews. 

Canada-TGirl: Sarina’s Tempting Cock Play!

Description: Sarina’s shoot today is all about playing with her cock and she does just that and really gets into it. You’ll be charmed by this red haired temptress going naked on the bed. Her fierce look, silky smooth skin and all natural body turn her into an irresistibly tempting dream tgirl.

Sarina is one of Canada-TGirl-com‘s top models in her own right and if that’s not enough of an edge, she sometimes brings her cis life partner Robin Coffins along for the ride. They’d done it here and in a blazing hot hardcore scene on TGirls.Porn.

But Sarina is back on Canada-TGirl to remind us that she can heat things up to a fever pitch all on her own. Her posing in lingerie goes pretty much like what you see in the first picture I’ve enclosed. One moment she’s standing before a bed and she’s straddling it the next.

Sarina smiles wickedly and exposes her lovely she-cock relatively early in this shoot. Then she verbalizes stroking her cock. Her voice is so freaking sexy. She also develops a raging hardon super fast!

She stands above you masturbating at times and turns around to show off her incredible ass. She spanks it hard before sitting on the bed again. Sarina then removes her corset with her hard dick jutting out at you. Her breast and nipples look absolutely delicious I know from her past performances. She’ll remove her brassiere but it’s going to take awhile.

Watch The Free Scene Trailer

I love the intimacy, editing and unbridled lust of Vee Soho’s latest capture of Sarina Havok. Don’t miss it on

Grooby and Kink Launch Darkside.XXX

Grooby and Kink have joined forces to launch Darkside.XXX, a membership site with premium content from and According to a company rep, “As the benchmark for quality trans fetish porn, it features the industry’s top performers including Aubrey Kate, Natassia Dreams, Venus Lux, Yasmin Lee, Foxxy and many more.” Grooby founder Steven Grooby said, “Working with Kink is a perfect opportunity for us, they are a lifestyle company whose ethics and commitment we’ve long admired and aimed to emulate. Darkside.XXX is an opportunity for us to present their award-winning content to new viewers and tie it into the Grooby network of quality trans adult sites.” Jesse, Kink’s senior marketing manager, said, “Kink has long been known for our fetish content and several years ago began following Grooby’s example of normalizing both trans content and de-fetishizing sex with transgender people. Darkside.XXX is a fantastic platform for us to marry Kink’s fetish and BDSM-based content with Grooby’s award-winning library of TS movies,” Jesse added. “This gives members a space to explore all sides of trans porn and dip their toe into the harder side of sexuality that Kink is known for.”

If you only care about trans porn, why would you join the network with 30+ adult sites when only two of them feature trans porn? My guess is that you most likely wouldn’t, even if your favorite niche is BDSM or if Fetish is high on your list of favorites. So I’m not surprised at all that adult industry buddies have joined forces to present Darkside.XXX. So many of the actors and producers have been working magnificently with each other for years.

TGirls.XXX: Joss Amor

Description: We haven’t seen gorgeous Joss Amor in a while, so what’s the better occasion to bring this hottie back than a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Friday” series! Joss returns looking better than ever and ready to give us what we need! After she re-introduce herself for a little bit, Joss immediately shows off her big, firm ass! She pulls out her rock-hard cock and strokes it just for you! At the end, watch her as she cums and plays with her sticky load – all in another hot “Cumshot Friday” scene brought to you by Radius Dark!

If I got jealous of models, I’d absolutely hate Joss Amor. She burns in every single new video that features her. After a brief introduction in this special TGirls.XXX update, Joss has her cock out and she’s jerking off within the first two minutes.

Then she pulls aside the bottom panel of her lingerie to expose and rub her fun spot. Does she usually get down like this so fast? Not exactly. Back in the Fall of 2017 she had a lot of help from Soldier Boi in her hardcore shoot on this site.

Joss lubes up for a long, pleasurable masturbation session. She gives you time to drink in her wonderful physical attributes from head to toe in a way that will leave you feeling satisfied that you’ve seen all there is to see.

She engages at about the eight minute mark speaking in her sultry voice, talking dirty of course. And she finds different, creative positions to jerk off in.

A high point of this scene is Joss working a penis pump on her big dick. The result is a nice hardon that she continues stroking while massaging one of her sensitive breasts and nipples.

By the time Joss coaxes creamy white spurts of cum to blast from her swollen cock head, she’s stripped down to her stockings. Then she toys with her spunk before this TGirls.XXX update comes to an end.

Canada TGirl: Kira Kandella in Poleway To Heaven

Description: Meet Kira Kandella! Another new face here in HQ. This smoking hot cutie really knows how to turn you on with her natural playfulness. She looks incredibly yummy as she goes naked and plays as a naughty pole dancer. She also says she has an oral fixation, well I can tell you, with this shoot, she’ll have more than a few poles to take her to paradise. P.S. Her looks are almost blinding!

Vee Soho has done a great job with the debut presentation of an exceptional new model. Kira Kandella on the 7 sites for 1 great price! The first couple of minutes is sexy posing and slow motion fade editing that leads to Kira’s pole dancing in a black dress and heels.

The pole dancing is brief however. Kira gets increasingly naughty on a brown leather sofa. Then she’s soon standing again by the pole with her fabulous rear end facing you. She’s asking if you want her to take off her panties.

Kira’s bottom looks so soft from the back and her cock looks so hard from the front! It’s a bit ironic that Kira doesn’t show off her pole dancing skills until we’re deep into her debut. Have you ever seen a beautiful and kinky trans model pole dancing with a boner? You’re in for something special if not! Take the tour!

Two Tgirls: Who Needs Boys?! Let’s Fuck!

Scene Trailer

The girls are at it again! This time, cheerleaders Kira Crash and Misty Foxx are hanging out gossiping about school. Spring vacation is coming up soon and Kira Crash is interested in knowing more about Misty Foxx’s plans. Misty Foxx says that she’s going to go boyfriend hunting on break, things heat up when Kira Crash makes a move and steals a kiss!

Videos Page

This is the follow-up to “Bed and Breakfast with Extras” where Chaturbate trans webcam model and newbie Misty Foxx gets railed by Kira Crash! I raved about it on TS Dreamland saying, “The seduction sequence is cute and strangely awkward which makes the scene even hotter to me. You might see what I mean. If there was any nervousness however, I think it dissipated by the time Kira was half into sucking Misty’s cock. My favorite aspect of this update is the full nudity! Bravo director Mayumi Sparkles and thank you for presenting these models at their finest and so vividly. Great job right down to the big cumshot finale.”

Models Page

So now it’s time to talk about “Who Needs Boys?! Let’s Fuck!” The most obvious difference is that Kira is the top in this update. Now Kira and Misty are even Steven. Kira is known as the most prolific top on and if Misty becomes a regular, it’s logical to think that Kira’s duty for the site to do almost all the fucking won’t be so necessary. There are however other actresses to pick up the slack in that area meanwhile like Chanel Noir, Chelsea Marie, Coco Dahlia, Kayleigh Coxx, Chloe Wilcox, Valentina Mia, Bailey Love, River Stark and others who are also versatile. But if there’s an elephant in the room, let’s address it now. There’s now a black model that’s not mixed-race. To a lot of fans, that’s important.

I can never get enough of Kira Crash and she kills it in this scene once again with Misty. I mean she fucks her silly! Misty hangs with her like a champ too! Check it out on in your choice of 4K (Ultra HD) 8.88GB, 1080P (Full HD) 1.69GB, 480P (SD) 400.48MB or 720P (HD) 800.13MB resolution! And don’t forget to see if Misty Foxxx is performing LIVE on!

Brazilian-Transsexuals: Bianca Hills & Vitoria Neves

There are currently 1,379 models, 491,175 and 6,638 videos on Just think about that for a moment before I describe the magic created with Bianca Hills and Vitoria Neves. The tanned blonde is Bianca of São Paulo, Brazil and this set marks her 8th shoot on this long-running site since Fall 2013.

It’s Vitoria’s 4th performance here since September of last year and she’s an incredible verse performer. I almost didn’t recognize her because I’m used to seeing her as a blonde.

I think Vitoria looks stunning either way, but the contrast of her pale skin and raven hair against the tan complexion of blonde Bianca is striking. It’s fitting on a site that I think of as the finest when it comes to diversity.

The girls are getting cozy on the bed undressing each other when their hardcore scene opens. Bianca bares and devours one of Vitoria’s breasts and nipples and the favor is returned. Bianca’s big cock is raging hard by the time Vitoria helps get her completely naked. They move through a variety of positions throughout Bianca’s blowjob and finally the blonde can’t take any more foreplay.

I’ve seen Vitoria fucking before. It was a tremendous railing of another trans beauty named Barbara Christina on just recently. That said, she could have powerfully fucked Bianca in this scene, but Bianca takes the aggressive role all to herself here.

A side saddle railing has Vitoria stroking her pre-cum oozing uncut cock followed by an extraordinary doggy style pounding. In 4k this footage is magnificent but even in lower definition it’s spectacular!

A relentless missionary position screwing brings us close to the edge. The girls shoot their cum almost simultaneously for in one of the best scenes I’ve witnessed in years. Producer Khan provides instant replay footage of the dual climax at the end.