Naughtiest Kitty Plays Her Toy!

Let’s see what’s poppin’ with super sexy Emily Kitty on with her encore shoot by Kalin. Well, her pretty nipples are poppin’ out of her corset and the head of her cock is poppin’ out of her skirt.

She stands wearing a kinky fetish outfit complete with sheer black stockings, matching pumps and black rubber gloves. I can’t help but wonder if some pre-cum is somehow going to makes it’s way to the fingers of her gloves. Well, it’s not long before Kitty is lowering her cock to expose her stiff cock which is barely held by a ribbon panty.

She begins stroking the shaft and swollen pink head and my horny suspicions were right on the mark. Knowing that we’ll also want to see her from behind, Kitty poses on a chair with her sexy ass facing us. She finger bangs her wrinkled rosebud that looks so fuckable and then she rises to her feet to jack off again.

Then once seated again, Emily may or may not know that her shoe removal will be a foot fetishist’s dream sequence and wonderful for leg admirers too. Considering the way she rubs and then flexes her toes for the camera, I’m guessing that she knows. Then she resumes stroking her erection again. If you look at her profile, a special report on Emily’s cock size says she could have basically fibbed about her cock size. That’s correct. It appears much bigger than she states. It’s so thick!

I absolutely love the way Emily places the base of a leash she’s using as a nipple clamp on her little pink nubbin for a moment before attaching it to her collar. Emily looks so submissive as she runs the metal chain around her stiff cock and then turns over on the best to raise her cute ass in the air again. It would be so much easier to fuck Emily doggy style on the bed the way she is now then on the chair. But before you get too involved in fantasies about fucking pretty Emily, she demonstrates what her cock sucking skills are like by sucking on a huge black dildo. She then fucks herself with the toy while jerking off!

She firmly places her right hand against her bosom while furiously beating off with her left hand. Emily cries out sharply when her orgasm hits. I can tell where her big creamy white cum shot is going to land, but I’d love for you to see for yourself on the multi-site. Meet Sexy Kami!

Beautiful Kami from Orlando, Florida is presented by South Florida producer Jack Flash for I’m Florida resident living further up north and I’m just glad that things didn’t get worse. The destruction that occurred in the nearby islands off the coast is beyond my comprehension and I’ve been praying for everyone affected by the storms and recent earthquakes. Good news for me is I’m back almost a full week of no Internet to doing my reviews! You know I love this especially when I see someone stunning with a seemingly great personality hit the scene.

“Meet Sexy Kami!” introduces us to this super sexy blonde in a black dress and sandals saying she’s basically horny. Extremely horny. Kami is wearing a colorful pair of panties beneath her frock and it’s not long before she’s exposing and stroking her cock while seated. But that’s just a teaser for what’s yet to come. Kami removes her dress and we can see that she tans frequently even though her brassiere is still on. She says she loves having her nipples sucked and then she reveals them. One is pierced and I wonder if she has a preference when it comes to which one she likes having devoured. Kami says having them sucked makes her hard so I think it would be wise to please both of them if you had the chance to. Once Kami loses her undies and stands up to pose, she moves with the sort of grace and elegance of someone with dance experience. Couple that with her masturbation technique and you’ve got one hot little scenario before you. She says she has a bubble butt early in the scene but you really get a great view of it while she’s jerking off and gyrating with her back facing you.

As to whether or not Kami is a bottom, I’m intrigued by the way she seems passive at first, then gets progressively dominant. Toward the end of Kami’s debut, she’s basically telling you that you’d be putty in her hands. She makes it sound totally convincing and there’s no BDSM props and gear but a raging hardon between her legs to back it up.

TS Pussy Hunters: Stefani Special and Violet Monroe

“Pool Party Surprise: Besties explore a secret one has been hiding.”

Violet Monroe and Stefani Special are at a bumping pool party. They got a VIP cabana so they can sit in it and take selfies while the party happens around them, like all the hot chicks do. Violet needs to put some lotion on her porcelain skin and she asks her long time girl to apply apply it. While Stefani is rubbing the lotion all over Violet perfect milky white skin she is getting strangely arouses. Stefani has had a long time crush on Violet but she has never been able to tell Violet. Stefani has a secret she’s been keeping from Violet and she’s not sure how Violet would handle it. Violet decides it’s her turn to apply lotion onto Stefani and tells Stefani to show off her hot body a little more.

The two girls start to horse play and one thing leads to another and wouldn’t you know it, Stefani’s boner is revealed. Violet is astonished when she see’s her beautiful girl friend with a big throbbing cock. Violet is first mad that Stefani has been hiding this from her for so long. The heat from outside, The music from the party and the idea that anyone could be watching them gets the two girls extremely aroused and they start sucking and fucking each other. Violet sucks on Stefani’s big cock. Stefani eats Violets pussy. These two are sucking for so long that they miss the entire pool party. Everyone has left the estate and the two girls are left alone to go into the Jacuzzi for some more fun. Stefani pounds Violet in the water. She has heard about Violet’s sex life for so long from Violet herself that she knows exactly what Violet likes. Stefani chokes Violet and fucks her hard until she cream pies into Violet’s pussy. October 2017 will mark the retirement of Violet Monroe which makes watching this scene bittersweet for fans who’ve enjoyed her extraordinary work. Why did she have to get to so late?! I also raved about Violet’s performance with Venus Lux. Incidentally, she’s only NOT done anal once for

She and Stefani promise to explore romantic butt sex in this scene and I was very excited to find out what that’s all about. I’ve been a fan of Stefani Special for quite some time and one thing I’ve noticed over time is the way she listens to her partners when they reveal what they like. She gets what she likes but there’s a people pleasing trait in her DNA that makes both (and sometimes more) partners happy. I’ve actually duplicated some of her topping techniques with my own partners.

A few minutes into this besties scene, including the opening interview, the big discovery occurs about Stefani’s red hot poker following an oil rubdown for Violet. Then this scene is off and running like a locomotive! I got the romance 100% and I love how it’s combined with such aggressive sex. You should definitely watch the free trailer on

By the way, I’m absolutely loving my 60% off 20th Anniversary Sale membership! Lock it in at $19.97 /month!

Canada TGirl: Courtni Demilune Goes Wild!

When I covered, “Kinky And Naughty Courtni Demilune” produced by Vee Soho for I had a strong feeling that the encore set would be more explicit. “Courtni Demilune Goes Wild” is a perfect way to describe how much naughtier the second round is.

I loved the more wholesome filming of Courtni’s debut but since I love fetish porn and BDSM content so much, this scene caters to more of what I’m into and I loved this scene even more! If this sort of kinky content is not your cup of tea, I think you’re still going to find it amazing because Courtni is mesmerizing to watch no matter what she’s doing.

The beginning is highly erotic and just plain kinky and you’ll know what I mean as soon as you see Courtni standing next to a dildo affixed to the room’s floor-to-ceiling mirror. There’s a lot of warm and humorous banter between the model and photographer to keep things lively in a way that doesn’t take away from the video’s fappablility. I think I just made up a new word.

I don’t know how anyone with a cock wouldn’t pop a boner watching Courtni go down on the dildo, especially with the tight closeups while she’s kneeling. Then she plays with another sex toy on the bed. It’s her favorite deep throat toy and man she’s got skills!

A bit later she compares that toy to the rock hard pre-cum oozing live cock between her thighs. Courtni eventually lays back on the bed and proceeds to stroke her erection while deeply finger banging her tight ass. This sequence is slutty as fuck through and through yet Courtni still looks like a model – a class one no matter how torrid she gets. Another thing that seperates this Courtni Demilune update is her sticky cum shot at the end.

Watch Courtni’s Free Trailers

Grooby Girls: Introducing Kylie Cannon!

“My name is Kylie Cannon, I am a 6’1”, 175 pounds sexy trans girl. I just did my first GG set with Amy Space Kitten. I have red hair with light eyes. I am extremely shy and submissive. I love to be told what to do. I love to model and show off my long legs. My favorite hobbies consist of playing video games as well as listening to music.

I am also big into watching movies of all genres. As well as makeup. I love to watch anime as well, a big fan of Death Note. I love to watch porn as well, my inspirations are Kylie Maria, as well as Sarina Valentina, Bailey Jay.” The cool part about Kylie being reserved is that she wastes no time with and preliminaries and gets down to business quickly. Or perhaps I should say she gets naked pretty fast.

She gazes into producer Amy Space Kitten’s lenses with a sultry look that seems like she’s consciously doing a sexy eye thing until you realize it’s completely natural. She proceeds with an explicit butt show within the first two minutes of this debut. Kylie caresses one of her firm breasts as she finger bangs herself. When she says, “I love my ass,” it’s not out of conceit but because of the way penetration feels. We’ve developed our own reasons for loving it. Her fap session is intense and honest and it’s followed up with sex toy play.

If I had to guess what her masturbation style is off-camera, I’d say it’s often with penile and anal pleasuring with emphasis on the anal. But the remainder of beautiful Kylie’s debut is devoted to simply stroking her hardening cock so I’m not sure about that. I think we may find out eventually. I think she’s fortunately here to stay. Watch Kylie’s Free Trailer on

Black-TGirls: Koko Has Fun With Her Toy!

Amy Space Kitten presents gorgeous Koko and this is her 6th time on It’s been almost a year since she’s been here but it’s not like she hasn’t been busy working in the adult industry. Quite the contrary. Koko’s and her wife Amy have added AVN Best Cam Couple AVN nomination to their resume and you can still see them tearing up everything LIVE on

I’ve had the honor of doing separate interviews with Koko and Amy here on Caramel’s TGirls. The beginning of Koko’s new BTG video opens a lot like you’d expect from the photo set. She introduces herself looking sweet and demure. Then she parts her thighs open and shows us the overflowing bulge in her red satin panties.

Between her luscious cleavage in the red dress and her curvy legs, it’s hard to know where to direct your eyes first. It’s a total “Damn!” moment until you focus on what she want you to notice when she turns around. Koko’s perfectly rounded ass is clearly requesting to be the center of attention. The back of her undies is actually a thin v-string panel that exposes so much prime real estate when Koko spanks and then grips her lovely bottom.

Koko makes it clap like a stripper while talking dirty and removes her wedge heels. Koko has a lot of foot fans that will adore that process and then she resumes her thunderous butt cheek dance again. Koko moves that panel of her undies this time and all of her glory is visible from behind!

Turning around yet again Koko fully exposes one of the most gorgeous natural sets of breasts in porn. Koko begins to lower her nightie after releasing her cock from it’s panty pouch. She tosses her legs up in the air for a deeply penetrative finger banging next. Before this update reaches the midway point, Koko is jerking off her big cock to a full erection. She does this mindblowing erotic standing dance next of making her large organ swing in circles like a horny propeller while making her tits jiggle and then she fucks herself with a sex toy!

TGirls.Porn: Aubrie Scarlett & Jenny Crystal

Here’s a killer update from one of my all-time favorite sites starring and produced by three people I really like: Aubrie Scarlett, Jenny Crystal and Radius Dark.

Before this TGirls.Porn update the very fortunate ones amongst us have enjoyed both Aubrie Scarlet on Grooby Girls and Jenny on Grooby Girls. I remember because I’ve raved about each model individually. What I didn’t know about Aubrie and Jenny was who was going to fuck who.

I think of Aubrey as mostly submissive and the same goes for Jenny. Would this turn out to be an intensely passionate scene with lots of kissing and realistic intimacy? Well, there was only one way to find out what exactly what went down between these beauties. It’s fire from the first kissing moment as in “We’re actually dating,” kind of fire. I don’t know what goes on between them in their actually personal likes, but this is like watching a true couple going at it.

I don’t know why but I’m really keen about good chemistry particularly with trans lesbian sex. I’m bisexual but when it comes to porn with a trans woman and a male, I don’t care so much if they’re just making a suck and fuck scene.

This is certainly not a BDSM scene but there’s a hint of a power exchange. One minute, Aubrie seems to be the more aggressive partner. Then Jenny takes the lead. Once Jenny begins fucking Aubrie bareback, she’s the more dominant one until Aubrie is ready to fuck her back!

This top notch production TGirls.Porn took me everywhere I wanted to go with a whole lot of cum thrown in to top things off! As for the intimacy… it’s electrifying.

Black-TGirls: Tish Cums!

Black TGirls Model of the Month, gorgeous Tish, returns for some more! High heels, sexy black lingerie… Tish looks smoking hot in this one! She can’t wait to strip down and have some fun! Watch this Texan bombshell stroking her cock for you until she cums!

Tish is a Southern girl born and raised in Texas. Like most southern girls, she’s got s sweet side and a very naughty side. A self proclaimed freak, this girl loves sex. Her cock was hard the moment the camera started rolling and she couldn’t wait to stroke it for all of you. Producer Omar Wax presents the eighth performance since August of 2011 for lovely Tish!

Tish says a few words while posing on the sofa in a black bodysuit and tall sandals. Then she shows how shy she is not by opening her gorgeous legs widely and grinding. Her goodies are spilling out of the garment below and up top and she begins fondling her large breasts sensuously.

Her cock is flaccid while resting in her bodysuit but it begins to stiffen as soon as she releases it. Tish likes rubbing on of her sensitive nipples when her climax is drawing close. When she cums, a generous flow of spunk flows from her bulbous cock head to land in puddles across her thigh. Take a look at this incredible model’s complete body of work on

Patrice Hepburn & Kai Donec Fuck Hard!

19 year old Patrice Hepburn’s adult industry star has been rising rapidly and continues to soar so fast! The storyline for “Patrice Hepburn & Kai Donec Fuck Hard!” reads: Potential Nanny Patrice Hepburn is up for the job and has exceptional references. However, she’s got some more talents that she’d like to show Mr. Donec! Enjoy gorgeous Patrice Hepburn’s hardcore debut  (and her third scene) brought to you by Radius Dark! We know you were waiting for this! Actually, no I wasn’t waiting because I had no idea that this petite fox would be moving into hardcore scenes.

I’ve been raving about her since she made her Femout.XXX debut and through her graduation to and you can just click here for my reviews of her previous scenes. Seeing her with super handsome Kai Donec is extremely pleasurable and I’ll tell you why. I’m already used to seeing Kai acting as an employer and it’s convincing. I’d imagine he has girls lining up to “work” for him all over the place. Patrice makes it clear quickly that she’s up for more than just the job by rubbing his thigh and making it obvious that she’s ready to be kissed.

She’s soon kissing not only his lips but his big dick. In fact she’s deep throating voraciously! I have no words for how sexy Patrice looks kneeling in bra and panties giving a blowjob. Mr. Dark also provides POV footage when they move to the bed. I really appreciate the full nudity and full body sequences as well as Kai giving Patrice a cock sucking in return! Hung Patrice has a full and large erection by the time Kai plunges his bare pecker inside her in the missionary position.

Whether you’re already a Patrice Hepburn fan who’s fantasized fucking her or a brand new one, I think you’ll find seeing her getting railed electrifying. Don’t wait. Get to!

Transsexual Mashup

Studio: Gender X

Category: Transsexual

Director: Jim Powers

Starring: Shiri, Edyn Blair, Ella Nova, Mercedes Carrera, Alana Cruise, Alexa Scout, Natalie Mars, Shiri Trap, Nikki Jade Taylor, Nikki Jade Taylor

Release Date: 8/14/2017

Description: Jim Powers presents over two hours of bareback hardcore sex between some of the hottest trans and cisgender women in the porn industry. Edyn Blair and Natalie Mars break up the new house. Then watch roommates Nikki Jade Taylor & Alana Cruise get a lot closer. Some skinny dipping before sex between Shiri & Ella Nova. Mercedes Carrera loves Alexa Scout’s nice hard cock and she loves to ride it.

Scene #01 Brunette fox Edyn Blair gives stunning Natalie Mars an indoor tour of her newly purchased estate and confesses how gorgeous she finds her old friend when they sit down for a chat. It’s been at least ten years since they’ve seen each other and Natalie has lost touch with all of their mutual friends from the football squad. Natalie was the team’s quarterback before her transition which makes going back to her old life understandably awkward. Edyn totally gets it and she’s amazed at how beautiful the new Natalie looks. The plot thickens when Natalie apologizes for losing touch because when Edyn was a cheerleader, she and then Tommy Mack were a couple! What surprised Edyn so much about Natalie’s transition is that the old Tommy she knew was a veritable stud. It’s clear by her flirtatious manner that she’s curious to see if Natalie is still attracted to her and still as sexually thrilling in bed as always. Edyn has tried dating but remains single and Natalie says there’s no man in her life and that she’s still into girls. Edyn sees an opening to rekindle their old flame but Natalie makes it clear that she didn’t come over to start things back up again with her. At this point, Edyn realizes that if someone is going to do the seducing, it’s going to have to be her. She begins by encouraging Natalie to sit down her glass of wine and start making out. It’s not long before Natalie is fucking her ex bareback! This is one of the prettiest fuck scenes I’ve ever seen in porn right down to the final cum-catching moment by Edyn’s eager mouth.

Scene #02 Alluring Alana Cruise is preparing breakfast when Nikki Jade Taylor enters the kitchen. Nikki is a bit late getting up after having checked out the new night club where she’ll be working. The clientele is upscale and Nikki is certain that she’ll make lots of money there. Alana helped Nikki by providing a place for her to stay. Alana tells Nikki that guys who approach one of her trans friend come off as creeps. As a cisgender female she doesn’t want to get the same reaction from trans women. Nikki asks if Alana rented her the room because she’s interested in her as trans, but Alana assures her that’s not why. But she offers to come down to the new club with Nikki sometime to be supportive. When asked if she’s ever been with a trans person, Alana regards it as an opportunity she’s never had but would like to try. The next thing you know, they’re in the living room kissing passionately on the sofa. This scene ends the same way as Scene #01 with a cummy facial!

Scene #03 Shiri and Ella Nova are having a blast in the pool swimming nude and pausing to share a deep, passionate kiss. The MTV Video Awards has an award for Best Kiss and if trans porn has one, this one should get a nomination. After this gorgeous moment we’re transported to another time with a very upset Ella getting an apology from Shiri. Ella was in a committed relationship with a man and doesn’t really blame Shiri for being the one to drive the wedge between them. Ella can see what her man saw in Shiri. A rebound kiss follows that Shiri cannot resist. The redhead calls Ella beautiful when she asks her if she likes girls too. This flashback is the beginning of Ella and Shiri’s first time making love. This third scene ends with a delicious looking creampie.

Scene #04 The last of this series of Trans/Cis vignettes ends with Alexa Scout breaking up on her man over the phone. Mercedes is concerned upon entering the kitchen and overhearing the conversation. Alexa is clearly devastated by the end of this serious relationship and Mercedes is a good friend who makes time to listen. The guy is a notorious chaser who will obviously never change and Mercedes knows the type well also. When Mercedes asks Alexa if she’s ever been involved with a cisgender female, she replies that she hasn’t. Alexa confesses that she’s fooled around with one before but they were too young and inexperienced to know what they were doing. Well Mercedes and Alexa are all grown up and there is definitely an attraction between these two beauties. They’ll need to figure out the dynamic of their situation as platonic girlfriends and roommates after fucking, but they’ll cross that bridge when they cum. This scene ends with my all time favorite cum facial in trans porn of the year!

If I had to give up one of the top selling Trans/Cis female hardcore films in my collection of the last three years, I could pretty easily do so because Transsexual Mashup is clearly one of the best.  Watch the trailers.