Review: TGirls.Porn Lena Kelly & Ryder Monroe

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Lena Kelly

Description: BOOOOOM! It’s time for a superstar studded edition of an update as we proudly present a production guaranteed to get y’all salivating. When Radius Dark pitched the idea of a Lena Kelly and Ryder Monroe fuck scene, we just couldn’t wait for the edits to land on our desks and boy, we weren’t disappointed! It’s showtime on TGirls.Porn.

Ryder Monroe

Review: Blonde Lena of and redhead Ryder (Caramel’s Interview with Ryder Monroe) look so hot kissing in turquoise lingerie and skyscraper heels it’s almost painful to watch them. I mean if your cock literally hurts when it’s rock hard. Mr. Dark doesn’t give your naughty bits a chance to slowly become aroused because his direction has them feeling each other up while French kissing.

With mutual bare breast admiration comes the unveiling of Lena’s erection. Ryder begins stroking it right after withdrawing it from Lena’s panties. Then Ryder proceeds to give her a blowjob with lots of full shaft licking and tea bagging.

The different angles employed almost make it look like this scene was filmed with a GoPro on a drone (but this camera work is so much better than that would literally have turned out). Lena’s staying power is obviously incredible to withstand the talents of Ryder’s hands and mouth. She hasn’t even begun fucking Ryder yet and this video just a few moments over halfway over at this point!

Svelte Ryder is butt naked and ready for a missionary position railing next and lingerie clad Lena drives her boner inside her bareback. Then she switches into a porn star only type of position that will blow your mind when you see it! How can two TGirls.Porn performers engage in mutual oral foot sex while fucking? What?! Don’t miss it.

Lianna Lawson Gets A Happy Ending

MP4 Scene Trailer Description: Lianna Lawson gets a nice happy ending by Summer Hart in this one! Watch Summer give milky white Lianna a super sensual deep tissue, and I mean DEEP and finish her off with a swift handy until Lianna blasts all over the place!

Lianna Lawson says, “Check this out! As a bonus, when you join my site you’ll also get full access to the entire Network at no extra charge! Basically, you get all the Transerotica Network websites for simply joining my site. Also, don’t forget that live shows are free for my members! The Transerotica Network is always adding new HD movies & high resolution photo sets too! Not only that, but they’re also always adding new models to their network! The Transerotica Network is one of the fastest growing network of exclusively trans websites and I’m super stoked to be part of their team! Hope you enjoy my site!”

Review: 32DD-27-39 ginger Summer Hart is a masseuse visited by business woman Lianna Lawson who needs the tightness in her muscles relieved. Aside from Summer being sexy as hell, there’s nothing unprofessional about the way she helps Lianna shed some of her work clothing to prepare for her massage. She even leaves the room while Lianna gets completely naked.

Lianna has properly arranges a towel atop her rear end for Summer’s return. For some reason, Summer removes her dress, leaving her in just a bra and panties, but she keeps the massage on the up and up, for awhile at least. But Summer eventually removes her brassiere for a Nuru massage, you know, the kind where the masseuse uses their naked body instead of just their hands. Summer removes her panties and Lianna’s towel also for an oily, slippery ride up and down Lianna’s back. She’s careful to replace the towel across Lianna’s middle as she get her to flip over on her back. Lianna gets an oily breast massage next, and in just over twelve minutes from the start, Summer straddles the massage table and reaches beneath the towel. What she comes up wit his a nice big cock to jack off until it let’s loose a torrent of warm cum! Lianna is invited to come back be looking for new updates on and frequently.

TSPOV: Marcella Marino Review

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: TS stunner Marcella Marino is an on camera virgin. She has come to Vegas to receive celebrated and this babe begins by getting stripped and engulfing your large ramrod. This brunette hair hottie has some real potential as that babe receives wild on your penis. The superlatively good part of the whole experience is her begging for your cum and then swallowing it all down.

Review: This 5’11” beauty, Marcella Marino, is from Dayton, Ohio. She weighs only 115lbs (46 kg) but with her small-boned frame, I’d say her stats are just right. In this 12:54 min update, we have and creator Christian XXX bring YOU into the action as the star. Point-of-View is what it’s all about and only Christian’s humongous schlong appears as well as the male is concerned.

You’re laying on your back naked on your hotel room bed when Marcella enters wearing tall pumps and sparkly blue lingerie. She tells you she’s been waiting for this all day while eyeing your bare cock. She was so bored in her college lecture and couldn’t stop thinking about you. She bares her breasts and asks if you like her pierced nipples. She can’t wait until her tits grow bigger for you she says.

Pushing down her panties to show you her firm butt explicitly, Marcella asks if you like that, too. Then she faces you again to show you her lovely, uncut cock. The head is just barely peeking out from its fleshy hood. She moves closer and sinks down to the floor, placing her hands on each of your thighs. This pretty young thing is so anxious to engulf the head of your cock inside her mouth. Your cock is throbbing with lust as she takes it into her hand. She pours a generous amount of oil down your shaft and gives you a firm handjob.

Marcella kisses and licks your hardon once the oil has dried a bit. Then she gives you a full-fledged blowjob! She strokes her own boner while sucking yours, too. Have you ever shot your load into a brown-eyed tgirl as pretty as Marella Marino? Get to and see how close you’ve come.

Black-TGirls: First Timer Friday: Ry!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Another Friday is here and another gorgeous new model gets her chance to introduce herself as a part of our “First Timer Friday” series! Meet Ry! Just discovered by Omar Wax, this sexy doll has an amazing body and a perfect ass and she can’t wait to show them off! Watch her posing and playing with her cock in her first scene ever!

This gorgeous new model Ry is from Little Rock, Arkansas. I have family from that area, but I can’t detect the accent when Ry speaks. She’s got a sweet voice and her debut comes with no sense of nervousness. In fact, it just seems like she’s been having this pleasantly horny type of fun for quite awhile.

Ry keeps her kitchen striptease pretty clean in the beginning. But once she gets completely naked, her fap session is pretty lewd! Ry develops a big, juicy hardon you’ll love seeing slapped against her palm. Then there’s a mind- blowing sequence with Ry presenting her curvy bottom from behind while pushing her raging boner back between her thighs.

Ry makes her ass flex in a twerk that looks like it breaks sound waves. She makes it clap loudly and imagine feeling that butt of hers squeezing around your cock when she does it! And imagine the fun you could have with her BBC when you see her on

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TransFeet: Wanessa, Maeva & Jamie

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Wanessa Divanetto has some of the hottest foot fetish content on You’ll see her often with white polish pedicures in sharp contrast with her deep tan or black stockings. After watching Wanessa give a dildo a footjob, I’m convinced that her pretty peds can make a real live cock spurt its cum as fast as a set of deft hands.

Sample Photo Gallery

Maeva Gemini Poltorna is a stunning queer performance artist and porn star from Aquitaine, France. She’s described as making her feel beautiful and proud. Her excitement shines through in more ways than one.

Sample Photo Gallery

This site hosts an amazing array of gorgeous part-time girls and full-time transsexual stars. There aren’t many trans porn fans who don’t recognize Jamie French. It also seems silly to identify her in this post. She’s built up a substantial bulk of content over the years and she’s the website’s biggest star. It only seems natural to see her here because her first site a decade ago featured Jamie’s original self-produced foot fetish content!

TGirls.XXX: Amazing Khloe Kay

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: A month ago, stunning Khloe Kay made her Grooby debut with a smashing hardcore scene produced by Omar Wax! Without a doubt, Khloe is one of the hottest new models we’ve had a pleasure to present to you this year! Today, she returns for some solo action and she is eager to show us her amazing body and her perfect ass! Watch her posing, stripping, stroking her cock and having fun!

Seeing “Khloe Kay Fucked Hard!” on TGirls.XXX confirmed my belief that Khloe Kay was rapidly becoming one of my favorite trans adult performers EVER. She has an inexplicable “it” factor that sends her natural good looks over the top.

There’s a big difference between vanity and confidence and I love the way Khloe displays that she’s proud of her body. With no surgeries, she gives hope to other newly transitional girls wary of undergoing body modification. Therefore, I have a high admiration for the way Khloe performs and also for what she stands for.

The gorgeous 23 year old from Las Vegas, Nevada begins with a rare Omar Wax opening confessional. She talks about how she’s had no augmentations and plans to stay 100% natural. She’s a huge gamer and a lot of her tattoos are based on the video games she loves playing. Her ears, tongue and belly button are pierced. Khloe is super submissive and she prefers being a bottom.

Khloe hasn’t had much topping experience, but she’s considering getting into it. Anyone who’s seen her sizable cock in action knows that she CAN top and most likely quite well when she wants to. The question is if she’ll ever want to fuck anyone in a scene or on DVD. I’m there for it whatever she decides to do.

Back to the TGirls.XXX encore, Khloe adds that she loves getting her ass pounded and she loves sucking dick. After that, her striptease begins and, let me tell you, it’s scorching hot! Khloe is soon standing in her red bottoms open toe pumps and a matching bra and panty set with a big semi hardon. She’s turned on just from stripping and her cock is soon fully erect!

The head of Khloe’s big rod is pointing up toward the ceiling as she stands there removing her brassiere. And all I’ve got to say about that moment is, “Khloe, please don’t ever change a thing.” But I say that under my breath because I’d never actually verbally try to tell another trans girl what she should or shouldn’t do with her own body (unless I’m telling her what to do with mine).

Grooby & Paradigm Partner on

Grooby Productions and Paradigm Net Media have partnered for a new kink/fetish site, This new team venture focuses on “diverse, kinky and authentic virtual reality scenes,” a rep was quoted. “Given our experience and success with, we decided to work with Paradigm on a partnership to bring virtual reality scenes (to audiences) that we thought were underserved,” said Steven Grooby, CEO of Grooby Productions. “By working directly with unique and independent performers, we were able to keep an authenticity to each niche and I’m excited to see what people think of these scenes and to see what their ideas are for new scenes.” Currently featured performers include Summer Day (featured in “Your Wife’s Best Friend”), Daisy Ducati (featured in “Daisy Pays Her Husband’s Debt”), Ava Little (featured in “Cuckold”), Violet October (seen in “Violet vs. Bad Dragon), Amilia Onyx (seen in “Intimate Encounter at the Onyx”) and Ryder Skye (seen in “Ryder’s Strip Tease”).
Click here to visit the new site!

BecomingFemme: Submissive Sissy Slut Does Her Duty

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Christian is visiting Vegas and getting some things finalized on the phone. While he is occupied, his submissive sissy slut Cara is being a good girl and doing what she is told. She lives to serve his every whim and it’s why she became a sissy in the first place. He uses her mouth to get his cock rock hard before fucking her ass in all sorts of positions and then dropping a hot load in her mouth so she can swallow it all. is all about Christian XXX topping part-time girls. Many f his co-stars identify as sissies, which happen to be my favorite types of men on the planet. That said, I was as elated about the launch of this site as I was with and which features almost exclusively full-time trans women models.

Cara Campbell is a total cutie and I think I’d enjoy fucking her as much as Christian does! She plays the submissive sissy role so well that I’m convinced that she’s truly into this kinky lifestyle. She goes the extra mile sucking Christian’s massive cock to the point of gagging. And she offers her virtually perfect bubble butt so invitingly on the sofa that I’m wishing it was my own she-cock about to penetrate her.

Christian goes in deep with his initial thrusting in and out of Cara’s tight ass from jump. His smooth and steady strokes seem to have Cara in limbo between pain and pleasure. She dutifully addresses him as “Sir” while receiving her bareback pounding in the missionary position. And she’s allowed to stroke her cute little clitty while getting railed.

I love the sexy lingerie and tall sandals she adorns her curvaceous figure with. If anything in this torrid update, Cara Campell is a bit overdressed. But we must keep our sissies in at least some sort of slutty outfit, right?

TwoTgirls: Banging for a Boat Bargain


Down in Florida, you gotta have a boat! Kami Kartel is in the market for one and she stumbles across an ad for Janelle Fennec’s. Kami Kartel calls her up and heads over to check it out. Upon arrival, Kami Kartel informs Janelle Fennec that she’s really looking for a deal. Janelle Fennec, having been divorced recently and really needing to unload her boat decides to cut Kami Kartel a deal. In exchange for some hot sex, she’ll give her that discount!

Performers Page

Kami and Janelle are directed by Mayumi Sparkles and Banging for a Boat Bargain is produced by a young trans woman named Eva. I love that comes from the porn perspective of real trans women. I can always see and feel the difference. Wait until you watch the preview, but beyond that, the way the full video plays out. The first what I’d call ‘boner moment’ comes when Janelle greets Kami at her home to show her the boat for sale.

Videos Page

Janelle’s flirtation is bold and fiery and the full length views of their bodies is a so scintillating. They’re clothes are even close to being off yet. This update doesn’t really come with Mayumi’s typical humor, but the come on is strong., especially when the action moves indoors and into the bedroom. Janelle is the seducer and Kami eagerly goes along with the moves being put on her. The kisses are passionate and the foreplay is almost unbearably delicious to watch.

Unlike the Fancy Fucking update I’ve raved about on TS Dreamland with Kami and Janelle, it’s pretty clear who is going to take the lead in this outrageously sexy bareback video. It’s impossible to not notice the way Kami’s cock is standing at attention during the foreplay sequences. And it’s a good thing that Janelle can ease right into a good hard fucking because Kami’s thrusts are relentless in this torrid update! Wait until you see Kami’s deposit for that boat. The 40:22 min update Banging for a Boat Bargain is available on for download in 1080P (Full HD) 1.56GB, 720P (HD) 781.62MB, 480P (SD) 410.17MB, and 4K (Ultra HD) 5.18GB formats!

Femout.XXX: Nyxi Leon Cums For You!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Two weeks ago, gorgeous Nyxi Leon made a splash when she made an amazing debut on both Femout.XXX and TGirls.Porn at the same time! This girl is absolutely stunning! Today, we welcome her back for her second solo scene, once again produced by Omar Wax! Nyxi can’t wait to give you some more! Watch her stripping, posing and stroking her cock until she cums!

This gorgeous and vivacious Wisconsin native charms the pants off of her old and new fans with a striptease that’s as fun as it is seductive. It’s a near five tortuous minutes before we see any actual nudity. But when we finally do, it’s Nyxi’s expanding cock emerging from her denim shorts.

Her virtually flawless ass is exposed next and that’s also slowly revealed. It’s quickly becomes more and more explicit. Next, there are some treats that seem to specifically cater to leg admirers and foot fans.

Yet this is still an artful striptease and there’s no reason to rush. Eventually her t-shirt comes off to expose a precious set of hormone breasts that are so well worth the wait to see bare. Nyxi then gets down to the serious business of masturbating and she develops a hardon rapidly. Her moans are soft and her hand motions along her stiff shaft are rapid.

Nyxi cups her sensitive boobs as she moves closer to orgasm. Her full nudity is crucial as she has such a wonderful figure. Nyxi’s cum-laden climax is powerful at the end of this torrid Femout.XXX update. Mr. Wax leaves us with extended views of her flexing and gyrating cock before it resumes to its flaccid state.