EvilAngel: TS Chelsea + Squirting Adriana Chechik

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In lacy lingerie, tattooed TS goddess Chelsea Marie shares an intimate date with genetic female Adriana Chechik, a porn superstar! Adriana swallows the stiff she-cock protruding from Chelsea’s panties, bobbing her head on spit-slickened meat and sucking balls. The bespectacled trans babe licks Adriana’s pussy and makes her squirt girl cum! Adriana rides Chelsea’s dick, occasionally erupting in wet orgasms. She rims and probes Chelsea’s butthole with a fat dildo. Finally, Chelsea unleashes hot sperm onto Adriana’s face.

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Director Joey Silvera, a pioneer of TS pornography, delivers fresh, gender-bending sweethearts in ‘Trans-Visions 13.’ Exposing their nasty, intimate dates with guys, genetic females or each other — and in solo action — these tawdry T-girls ignite pure sexual thrills! Bespectacled TS goddess Chelsea Marie shares an intimate session of fucking, rimming and squirting girl cum with genetic female superstar Adriana Chechik. Exotic, busty Domino Presley masturbates with a soft gel sleeve until her she-dick erupts hot lava.

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Striking trans girls Annabelle Lane and Casey Kisses take turns slurping cock in a threesome. Casey gives Annabelle an intense anal reaming. Buxom, young Asian Skye’s man goes down for a ravenous blowjob. They sodomize one another until the stud cums in Skye’s mouth. Lianna Lawson is a pale transsexual princess. She trades oral and anal fun with Gabriel D’Alessandro, and Lianna reams his ass using a dildo. Asian stud Francis passionately blows sassy Thai trans girl Maple. They butt fuck each other in several positions, and he gobbles Maple’s thick syrup on EvilAngel.com!

TGirls.Porn: Aeva Rhone & Ashley Vega

Description: We are real suckers for authentic ‘friends with benefits’ relationships here on TGirls.Porn and we love nothing better than when a couple of like minded and highly sexed trans girls open their doors to the Grooby lenses and give us a mouth watering insight of what they get up to in the sheets! Presenting Aeva Rhone and Ashley Vega by Omar Wax……you’re very welcome!

In this magnificent update presented by producer Omar Wax, Aeva, the sexy blonde, tells gorgeous brunette Ashley how her thoughts about her are becoming so frequent. Ashley confesses that she’s been fantasizing about fucking Aeva a lot. Now that they’re alone together, they’re kissing passionately and exploring each other’s breasts and nipples. Aeva admits that she was touching herself all the way over today. Ashley promises she won’t have to do that by herself anymore.

Eventually, the girls rise from the bed to help each other get undressed. Aeva’s top comes off first, then her skirt follows. Ashley helps get her black booties off and begins playing with Aeva’s pretty toes and high arched soles. Aeva says she didn’t know that Ashley has a thing for feet and Ashley replies that her new indulgence is pretty recent. The way she sucks on Aeva’s sexy digits makes it seem like she’s held this fetish for ages.

Then it’s Aeva’s turn to undress Ashley, beginning with getting her out of her flirty summer dress. Aeva playfully spanks Ashley’s ass and gets her own groped as they kiss. The bulges in their panties are getting bigger and we can see that Ashley’s cock is definitely swelling when Aeva drops to her knees, lowering her lover’s panties in the process. The blowjob she gives Ashley looks incredible and the blonde is still in panties. But both babes are completely naked when Ashley begins to suck Aeva’s cock. Next comes my favorite sequence yet, when Ashley kneels behind Aeva sporting a big erection and pulling the doggy style positioned blonde like she’s her submissive pet. She spanks Aeva’s upturned bottom hard a couple of times and when she begins fucking Aeva, she exclaims how tight her ass is.

Roles are eventually revered and Aeva gets to fuck Ashley as well. Who fucks better or harder? I can’t tell and at this level of professionalism, I don’t even think it matters. Both new TGirls.Porn stars are absolutely incredible! To see each performer LIVE on my favorite webcam site where you can register for FREE, visit and follow chaturbate.com/aevarhone and chaturbate.com/ashleytehtaco!

Femout.XXX: Scarlet Rose

Bio by Producer Radius Dark: Scarlett Rose is a petite, 5’7″ (or less) girl with a big ol’ round butt and a huge cock. She’s a total bottom, so the butt wins out. She was a whole lot of fun to work with and she’ll be looking forward to doing some hardcore shoots in the near future. I must say, she must look amazing getting fucked doggy style. She’d love to visit Niagra Falls soon and loves to go skateboarding.

Femout.XXX Newbie Scarlet Rose Description by Caramel Black: This 26 year old describes herself as a, outdoorsy travel lover who is part Italian. She’d love to visit Italy sometime. Niagara Falls is another destination she’d like to visit because of her love for camping.

She also loves skateboarding and she goes with her boyfriend every once in awhile. Shucks, she’s got a man. Well, we can still admire her from afar or hope she’s in an open relationship!

Scarlet is a bottom girl who loves Domination/submission and her favorite sexual position is doggy style. She knows the way her ass jiggles when she’s getting fucked is hot. I think her ass is her best features as it’s amazingly curvy.

But then her legs are very shapely too. You’ll see all that about three minutes into Scarlet’s debut video and trust me, this girl has a body to die for. Scarlet’s pretty pink nipples are pierced and she’s seriously hung downstairs.

“Scarlet Jacks Her Huge Veiny Cock!” is her appropriately titled encore performance on Femout.XXX. Mr. Dark wrote that Scarlet seems to get hard at the slightest breeze. While watching Scarlet’s encore shoot, it’s her stroking hand that makes it happen and her cock exposure happens very early in the scene.

She’s totally naked, beating off her well-oiled boner within 9 minutes. That’s about the midway point and she goes through a series of masturbatory poses until climax. Mr. Dark captures her cum-laden orgasms from two totally different angles in this exquisite Femout.XXX update!

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TransationalFantasies: Sarayah Sin 3

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Description: You’ve got your trans fantasy girl Sarayah Sin restrained by her wrists and ankles in a wooden stock. Now, you can do whatever you want to with her! She begs you to release her, but when you do, you just put her in another kinky contraption. Your BDSM babe is hanging inches above the floor, completely stretched out and helpless. Her girl cock hangs out, and you inspect them so closely that she can feel your hot, crazed breath. Her all natural titties are perking and her nipples hard, as she hangs out completely exposed and vulnerable. Her lady wood grows nice and thick as she imagines what you might do to her. Your collared cutie is now as hard as a rock, and her mushroom tip looks delicious. You can not longer resist your urge to shove it down the back of your throat. Then, you prop her legs and fuck her tight asshole. She rewards you with a big and juicy load of girl jizz all over her flat stomach. Well, I can’t possibly top a sexy synopsis like the official write-up TransationalFantasies.com provides with Sarayah Sin’s third juicy update! Let’s review the descriptions of Sarayah’s previous scenes.

Scene 1: Leggy brunette Sarayah Sin began transitioning this year and is excited to meet our members! She begins by slipping down her tight shorts and sharing what she likes about bottoming. Losing control and letting someone have their way with her is such an empowering experience for her. She loves taking dick in her ass because she loves the way it feels going in and out. It’s a whole new world of sensations for her! You notice a cute girl ball poking out of her pink panties as she goes on about how much she likes to give head. Her girl cock is growing, so she pulls it out to let you have a taste. She pushes her undies all the way down so you can see her pretty pink trans girl pussy too. This flexible cutie pulls her legs wide apart and you stick your tongue in her love hole.

She flexes her twat and spreads her ass cheeks wide while you dive even deeper. She strips completely and begins rubbing her all natural breasts. She’s got a lovely cock and balls to play with too. You could spend all day worshiping this Goddess from head to toe! But now she wants you to fuck her doggy style on the couch. She pushes back into, taking every inch. You pound her so good she starts leaking pre-cum. Sarayah finishes your hot session with a vibrating dildo, before shooting a big stream of wet girl juice all over her stomach. She leaves the shoots with a jeweled butt plug firmly lodged up her tight ass.

Scene 2: Sexy trans girl Sarayah Sin lost a contact while sitting at her desk at work. While she’s looking for it on the floor, her dress rides up and her cute balls poke out. Suddenly, her boss cums in. Did he know he had a girl like her working under him? Turns out, he doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he likes it. Well, that’s a good thing because Sarayah wants to show him more.

She starts by propping a foot up on her desk and pulling her thong tightly against her big ball sack, making her dick get hard. Her boss also likes feet, so she lets him suck on them. Today, he wants Sarayah to be in charge, and for him to take the orders. So she tells him to get on his knees and worship her beautiful girl cock. Then, to eat out her plentiful booty.

The boss wants to fuck her, but since he didn’t give her the raise she wanted last week, she’s gonna make him watch her fuck herself on the monkey rocker. Its black dildo is only an appetizer for what’s next. Mr. Bartholomew pulls out his monster, black dick, for Sarayah to suck on. She can barely wrap her pretty little mouth around the head. Her red lipstick smears as she tries. He cums in her mouth and her eyes roll back. Finally, Sarayah lies back and jerks herself to the point of no return. She shoots a huge load of trans girl goo all over her stomach and then feeds it to herself. Are you ready to see the trailers of all three Sarayah Sin movies and a whole lot more on TransationalFantasies.com right now?

Sasha de Sade: A Day in the Life of a Sissy Slave

MP4 Scene Trailer

Mysterious Mistress Murmer who owns beautiful Sasha de Sade ordered that her sissy slave keep a dairy of the daily events in her life. She explains this to us wearing a slightly open robe. Seconds later, she’s naked except for a chastity device, posing this way and that. She then grasps a frilly pair of panties that have bells on them so the Mistress can hear where she is in the house. Unfortunately, these panties hide a substantial bit of Sasha’s goodies, but we know there’s more of them to come. Thigh-high white stockings come next and then a long blonde wig follows. A wig?! Why would a gorgeous trans girl with luxurious blonde hair of her own wear a blonde wig? Because it fits in perfectly with the sissy fantasy. Next comes a silicone bust form to give her big fake boobs until Sasha gets her breast implants. And yes, she does look like a sex doll like she says in her lurid commentary. Then comes what so many of us have been waiting to see – the sissy maid uniform! It’s so lovely, pink and shiny and then a set of petticoats come next! Sasha gets into the petticoats and she’s already looking ready to serve some dick properly. But the apron and mid heel marabou slippers come before that. Sasha walks toward us lifting the hem of her uniform and petticoats to expose the bulbous head of her cock through the clear CBT device. I can’t help but wonder if it’s oozing streams of pre-cum yet. But I digress. She’s got to run downstairs to meet her Mistress for now. There’s cooking to be done and punishment to be administered for her transgressions. You can see how this all plays out on SashaDeSade.xxxx!

TS-CastingCouch: Meet Stunning Gia Staxxx!

Wowsers! Gia Staxxx was well worth the wait! This beautiful Grooby newbie will turn a few heads I’m sure. What a face, what a body and what a cock! Enjoy this beautiful tgirl jacking off on The Couch! Producer Buddy Wood added, “I had talked to Gia several months back but she was only in L.A. for a few days and we were unable to schedule a day to shoot. I saw she was in town again and I jumped quick. She’s sexy!! Pretty face, long legs, smooth bronzed skin and an ass that you just wanna bury your face in. She was turned on and rock hard the entire shoot and was fantastic and showing off her pretty pussy hole and cock for the camera. Fun girl. Should be seeing more of her.”

Beautiful Gia takes a seat on the TS-CastingCouch.com centerpiece and tells us she’s from Denver, Colorado and her plans are to move to L.A. permanently. When asked what turns her on, it’s either Gia pounding someone out or getting pounded herself! She’s fantasized being gang banged at a music festival. “She goes right to work,” Mr. Wood exclaims when she jumps up when prompted and starts shedding her clothes. Her striptease seems to turn her on as so many of her fans will be. Gia’s lovely cock is almost as hard as it can get the first time she exposes it! Gia strokes her uncut member firmly for a few moments before getting further undressed. She’s not shy about laying back on the couch beating off with her ass raised to show you everything she’s got.

Gia’s rear exposure comes with something extra I’ve grown accustomed to hoping for. Mr. Wood doesn’t fondle every TS-CastingCouch.com model on set, but he does so with Gia. He rubs and compliments her fun spot before curling his fingers around her stiff cock shaft and he gives it a few firm pumps. She continues masturbating herself and then he takes over again later. The closeups on Gia’s face are mesmerizing and her naked body is equally exquisite. I think you’re gonna love her facial expressions and you might be making the same kind yourself if you’re timing your pending orgasm to meet hers. I cannot believe how much cum this babe shoots. Now it’s your turn!

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TransationalFantasies: Chelsea Poe 3

Queer femme trans porn star Chelsea Poe is super horny and wants to masturbate for you. Get comfortable while this red headed free spirit jerks her cock and finger bangs her ass. Her trans girl pussy gets wet and messy as her long clit drips pre-cum. Next, she spreads herself wide open for you and plays with her steel butt plug. She massages her pierced, all natural titties while sliding it in and out of her oiled up ass. Then, the tattooed hottie plugs her asshole and strokes herself. She keeps edging herself, while gently squeezing her girly balls. At last she gives in to her carnal desires and huge shots of creamy lady jizz all over her breasts and stomach. The Chelsea Poe Series continues with the third spectacular update on TransationalFantasies.com! If you were around prior to the name change of this great site like me, but need a brief refresher on Chelsea’s past performance, here are the previous updates:

Chelsea Poe 1: Sassy and sultry redhead TS Chelsea Poe is at work stuck doing some filing while everyone else is off having fun. Her boyfriend is in the same boat. Stuck at work. That sucks for Chelsea because she is super horny. Her surprise is in desperate need of some relief. She calls him and says she can’t wait, she needs to watch some porn and play with her delicious meat stick. She is in the throes of self-pleasure and in walks the janitor. He wants a show and she gives it to him. She spreads her round rump open and gives him an excellent view of that awesome anus. She plays with her ass and then switches the focus to her cock again and this time she is going to cum. She shoots her goo all over the desk and then starts playing with it and rubbing it around like a very naughty trans girl. Good thing the janitor is still there to help her clean it all the way up!

Chelsea Poe 2: Hot redhead Chelsea Poe lost her keys in the alley and begs you to help her find it. You do! She is so thankful and since she can tell you think she is hot, she invites you upstairs for a little strip tease. She strips down to her delicate panties and plays with her little natural t-girl titties. She has you worked up to see her remove her little panties. She finally does and you see her surprise. She is packing some heat down there and you gotta see more. Chelsea does not disappoint. She whips out a butt plug, making her big pole even harder and starts stroking that glorious love stick. You are going to be grateful you found that key for her because she is going to share her amazing cum shot with you.

She spurts her white cum fast and loose all over a mirror just for you if you want to lap it all up! If there’s any confusion as to why Chelsea took so long to return, it’s most likely because she shunned trans slurs in the adult industry. As a matter of fact, she’s a leader in the movement that enforced the change. If you don’t care about all that and just want to see Chelsea in action, you can preview all three video trailers on TransationalFantasies.com. To catch her performing LIVE on webcam, register for free on chaturbate.com/laceylust666.

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Grooby Girls: Cardi A Falcone

Description: Once again, we have a pleasure to give one gorgeous new girl her chance to introduce herself to you in another episode of our “Try Out Tuesday” series! Meet Cardi A Falcone! This hottie is from Colombia, but moved to Florida when she was in her teens. She’s got a huge, thick uncut cock that she loves to top other tgirls with, but she’s versatile. She loves to ride cock when she’s rock hard, because it feels like she’s cumming the entire time! Cardi loves to do outdoorsy type things, she loves kayaking, which she’s been doing for over twenty years. She even rode a wild manatee once! Watch her stripping, posing, spreading and fingering her ass and stroking her cock.

GroobyGirls.com is responsible for that detailed description and it’s excellent. The only thing missing is getting to watch Cardi talk about these things herself during producer Radius Dark’s comprehensive opening interview. Cardi puts some finishing touches on her makeup in the powder room, the enters the living room area to take a seat on a white sofa that contrasts with her deep tan. Then she delivers her introduction articulately. She makes me think she can ace job interviews. It’s incredibly interesting to hear about Cardi’s lifestyle, but eventually we want the chat to turn to sex. Cardi is a bit of a health nut but she doesn’t overdo it. She loves trans lesbian experience, especially topping them. Do you see those star tattoos on her clavicles? Those are for the soles of other tgirls feet. Need I say more? Yes, I do! She ‘s verse and loves to bottom to and she loves sucking dick! She can deep throat with no gag reflex.

Mr. Dark brings two trans girls from Florida who are friends of mine into the conversation who Cardi knows also. Cardi says they’re basically great girls and very attractive models. She’s absolutely right but I’m not going to name names. I get distracted from that conversation quickly when Cardi turns over and knees on the couch with her curvy butt turned up. Cardi removes her clunky sandals next to bare her perfectly pedicured feet. Then she rises to her feet to remove her dress, leaving her in just a bra and panties. She shows off a pair of dark pierced nipples once her brassiere is gone. Her panties come off next and I’m so delighted by what I see! I’ll go into further detail once Cardi A Falcone’s encore presentation on GroobyGirls.com is released.

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Transational Fantasies: Hermiah

Description: Twenty-one year old Hermiah was born and reared in Los Angeles. She enjoys going out, getting drinks and eating pizza. She just started transitioning four months ago. She likes being touched, kissed and licked all over slowly. Having her nipples sucked really turns her on. She sits, legs spread on the bed, wearing strappy black lingerie. Her gorgeous, hairy balls poke out of the lace crotch. Your mouth starts to water. Her all natural breasts are nicely framed by her top, and her tiny nipples start to harden. Are you ready to lick every inch of your trans girl Goddess?

She reaches around and teases her trans girl pussy lips with a tattooed hand. Her big, pink love stick starts to poke out too, so she strips completely. You get up close and inspect every part. You can see the chill bumps forming on her tight asshole as she anticipates your tongue. Her veiny balls hang low and her uncut cock must taste like heaven. You breathe her scent in deeply as she poses on all fours in front of you. You eat her trans girl pussy out so it’s nice and wet. Then you dive, dick first, into her slippery hole. Her cute feet wiggle as she squirms with pleasure. You bust a nut in her from behind, and then watch her stroke herself to the edge. She jerks out 5 huge streams of gushing trans girl goo.

That’s the official synopsis from TransationalFantasies.com and here’s my take as a reviewer. There’s not really any official nudity during Hermiah’s opening confessional, except for a few occasional nip slips. But she’s topless withing the first minute and showing off her gorgeous long legs. Her dainty feet are clad in tall sandals and she parts her thighs to reveal lacy panties hiding her tell-tale bulge. Sequences change fast, the next more lustful than the last. Hermiah withdraws her rapidly hardening cock from her panties in about two minutes from the beginniing of this scene. It’s an uncut one set above a hairy set of balls. Hermiah shows off her curvy ass with her big balls threatening to escape from the sides of her black undies.

Then she shows her chest off which is flat but I certainly have no problem with that. Hermiah is so feminine, the fact that she has no breast growth just adds to the beautiful early stages of her transness. She sits up on the bed to remove her clunky sandals and after about eight minutes, Hermiah is gloriously nude! Hermiah is a tremendous performer who has only been in the adult industry for about a year. This TransationalFantasies.com update doesn’t come with all the props and toys in its arsenal. But all is needed to make you cum is watching Hermiah, strip, stroke and cum! And that’s magnificent!

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TGirls.Porn: Alexis Dame & Olivia Heart

It’s all about the passion here on TGirls.Porn and today’s scene is a damn fine example. Enter two budding young newbies in the shape of Alexis Dame and Olivia Heart – Alexis just about to make her debut on Femout while Olivia is a Femout.XXX graduate who just chalked up her GroobyGirls debut last week. One hot duo of starry eyed newcummers star in a lusty girl on girl scene by Omar Wax – it’s update time on TGP!

I’ve been waiting for something to be released starring gorgeous Alexis Dame for a minute. I thought it would be major studio solo work but I got a hardcore duet instead. No complaints! I just raved about scintillating Olivia Heart here for her Omar Wax produced Tryout Tuesday from the leading trans adult website. Both models do something I don’t recall ever seeing in the first stage of this TGirls.Porn update. They directly introduce themselves and share their social media links. It’s quickly revealed that they’re sexually compatible in terms of contrast. In other words, it’s not difficult to determine who is going to top and who’s going to bottom. Now that the roles are laid out, it’s time for an electrifying first kiss. Each girl is individually super pretty, but seeing them making out is way beyond pretty. The way their hands quickly move to help each other get undressed let’s us know that they’re not going to waste time getting down to more serious business.

Why does it get to me when Olivia asks if she’s ever been with another girl before and Alexis replies that she hasn’t? I follow Alexis on Twitter and know that’s not true, but the fantasy is so incredibly enticing with her portrayal of a virgin to trans lesbian sex. Olivia is just the right type of teacher – patient and gentle, even with a big erection in her panties. It’s impossible not to notice, yet Alexis is the one who gets her cock sucked first.

When it’s time to switch, for Alexis to give Olivia head, the submissive babe reveals that she can deep throat balls deep. My favorite initial part of this hardcore masterpiece is up next. Mr. Wax films without pausing from intense oral sex to Olivia suggesting that Alexis get on top of her. Alexis slides down on Olivia’s raging hardon and they’re both gloriously nude. At this point in this week’s TGirls.Porn update, I’m at the, “What more can you ask for?” stage.

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