Canada-TGirl-Nikki Kittens And Chad Evans!

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If you take a look at the Nikki Kittens tag, you’ll see that I’ve been raving about this Canadian vixen since the Summer of 2016. Producer Vee Soho presents Nikki in a blazing hot hardcore scene on that begins with a lead-in to a dream sequence.

Nikki is chatting on her cell photo as she enters a hotel room. She tells her friend that she was turned on by a Chad Evans porn video before she lays back on the bed and drifts off.

Chad is approaching Nikki by the bed in her dream, calling her sexy and waiting for her to give him a show. Nikki gracefully poses for him and they start French kissing. Chad is as aggressive as you’d expect a porn stud to be and he’s all over Nikki on the bed.

He’s also hung like a horse. This is in stark contrast to the small cock pecker pitching a tent out of Nikki’s panties. She seems to be so anxious to get the head and shaft of Chad’s big dick inside her mouth and she does so. Chad sucks Nikki’s lovely cock in return and once it’s fully hard, it’s not so small after all.

straining hardons touch as Nikki and Chad kiss passionately and jerk off together. Nikki asks in her sexy French-Canadian accent if Chad likes her cute little ass. He responds with an eager “yes” before giving her a rim job and another intense blowjob, this time with Nikki standing on the bed.

By the time they’re both completely naked and rubbing their boners together, we’re past the midway point and soon they’re about to begin fucking! If you’re a die hard Nikki Kittens fan, please try not to be jealous while watching Chad fuck her silly on

Kendra Sinclaire – Dildo Maid Service

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Hung Kendra Sinclair looks gorgeous in a deceptively prim and proper satin blouse, black belt and grey skirt welcoming us back. What I mean by “Deceptive” is that everyone doesn’t automatically identify satin blouses as fetish wear. But I’m one of those kinksters who does and keen eyes will be drawn to the huge dildo resting beside her. My chin hits the floor when she tells us why she didn’t bring the big one. In this extraordinary update, the top model sets the sex toy aside for a moment to unbutton her blouse, revealing there’s a dainty blue bra underneath.

She keeps touching herself but it takes awhile before we see that her outer skirt is made of chiffon and that the entire garment is easy to lift and expose her panty bulge. The belt is attached to her skirt we see as she straddles the bed with her phenomenal ass facing us. The panties that match Kendra’s bra is has just a wisp of a back panel and her full, bare ball sack is falling out. You might find yourself salivating to see the erection you know she’s already sporting.

Kendra’s small, high-arched feet are clad in tall, strappy sandals. She’s soon laying down sideways on her bed, rubbing her prostate and here comes that elusive panty bugle again. She plants both high-heeled feet on the floor and withdraws her boner, moaning softly and stroking rapidly. Kendra’s erection is so hard and thick – simply mouth watering. She jerks off full frontal and then provides a killer rear view in which she bares her tender rosebud fully.

Kendra lubricates her opening and makes it wink like it has a life of its own. Then she forcefully fucks herself with the big toy! It’s true that this is not one of the biggest dildos she uses on her blazing hot website. Wait until you go back to some of the previous updates for the even wilder videos! There are 140 images of Dildo Maid Service in the high-res photo set on!

TGirls.Porn: Alex Raven & Sylvie

Description: Two dazzling young up and cummers take centre stage for today’s blistering production as we welcome Alex Raven and Sylvie for their first ever hardcore exclusive. Alex has already enjoyed recent success with a couple of hot solos on and Sylvie is about to follow suit with her debut scenes due to be released soon but today, they are ripping it up here on the home of the hottest TS hardcore TGirls.Porn!

Great synopsis, but allow me to provide you with a few more details. I know both stunning model from their live webcam shows on You should register free and follow them on for Alex Raven and for Sylvia Chang. But naturally, seeing them in a major studio performance is different from live, but no less explicit.

On TGirls.Porn, dark-haired Alex is being willingly pushed down on the bed by blonde Sylvie who also raises her blouse to suck on her nipples. Moments later, Sylvie is sucking Alex’s pierced cock!

The now naked Alex helps Sylvie get out of her clothes and returns the oral favor. Producer Omar Wax does an amazing job of capturing each blowjob in full length and POV footage.

Alex eventually sits aside Sylvie getting the blonde’s stiff cock penetrating her tight ass. Sylvie strokes Alex’s erection while fucking her this way and they evolve into the doggy style position. They switch positions again and I’ll let you find out what happens next on TGirls.Porn.

Zakiyah Enjoys Hard Fucking!

Description: Sexy Zakiyah (previously known as Jasmine) returns looking sexier than ever and ready to get that sweet ass of hers pounded hard! Producer Omar Wax teams her up with B Flex for some passionate ass fucking! Watch Zakiyah as she enjoys B Flex’ hard cock pounding her hole all until she gets a nice warm facial over her pretty face!

This update begins with Zakiyah and B making out on the sofa. He’s partially clothed and she’s wearing lingerie and heels. They don’t necessarily look like a couple to me, but they seem to really be into one another.

It’s not before B gets Zakiyah fully undressed with her amazing ass
turned up on the sofa. He gives her a loving rimjob while tugging on her uncut cock. “Wow, that’s big, she says when he exposes his cock from his shorts and underwear. She is not kidding. Zakiyah strokes her own cock while sucking B’s and you can tell it won’t be long before he’s fucking her.

A doggy style railing leads to a reverse cowgirl pounding. A side saddle screw comes next and then the missionary position with Zakiyah jerking off her now stiff cock.

Next comes some footage I don’t want to spoil for you. But I must say that Zakiyah’s hardon grows much bigger than I’d expected when this fox is aroused. Also check out the updates on the sister site,

Russian-TGirls: Kate Goes Wild On The Bed!

“I met Kate on Russian social network VK. A gorgeous blonde with an all-natural physique and a list of kinks as long as those luscious legs,” recalls the producer of Kate Violin’s astounding videos and photos “She was born and raised in Moscow but loves to travel the world and get up to lots of naughty adventures! She likes expensive lingerie and just loves pleasing her fellas – a very warm welcome to yet another sparkling discovery here on!”

That’s Teodor Grekov’s take. I first saw her on where you can too by registering for free. This is one kinky babe and quite beautiful too!

Her webcam show began with Kate in a pink bra, black miniskirt and sheer black stockings. She peeled a banana and sucked it into the shape of a cock, with a realistic looking head and all.

Then she stroked her real cock fully erect and it’s much bigger than a banana. She removed her stay-up stockings to show off her sexy feet and pedicured toes. Then she slipped into a pair of nude pantyhose and jerked off in them!

She actually made a bodystocking out of the garment. Back in the black stocking, her two hour show led to Kate in chastity with dildo fucking!

She slipped her feet into clear stripper heels and stroked her big dick like mad! With a large butt plug inserted, Kate used a magic wand vibrator along the exposed part of her CBT device. A huge blast of cum coated her tummy and stockinged legs!

The lovely blue-eyed Russian blonde removed the chastity device and let her spent cock hang freely while she accepted a flood of tips for this incredible Chaturbate performance.

Kate performs a little foot show in stockings in hr latest performance. She proceeds to withdraw her big cock and masturbate in full frontal views and while bending over. There’s more fetish play and Kate even manages to fuck her own small stocking feet!

She then goes barefoot and if you’re looking closely at her ass, you’ll see that there’s a toy embedded in it. “You want to see how I cum?” she asks. She gives herself a barefoot cock rubbing and then runs a magic wand vibe across her erection. She’s running the machine along the thick vein on the underside of her hardon when thick gobs of white cum pours from the swollen head of her cock. Would you lap it up and give her pretty face a nice cummy kiss?

Black-TGirls: Gorgeous Girl

Gorgeous Girl Set Five Description: One of the hottest newcomers of 2017, sensational Gorgeous Girl, returns to star in a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Thursday” series shot by Radius Dark!

She’s stunning! Our October 2017 Model of the Month is horny and ready to have fun! She tells us a little about herself and then she pulls down her top and plays with her nipple a bit, before showing off her tight butt. Then, she strokes her hard cock until she cums!

Gorgeous Girl lives up to her name while describing her favorite hobbies, music and what she likes sexually. She bares one breast and nipple and caresses them while laying across the bed. Then she removes her tall sandals to tease her foot admiring fans.

She politely asks about removing a garment, then exposes her semi-erect cock. After stroking it for a few moments, Gorgeous Girl sits up on the bed to undress herself further. Next comes a masturbation from behind with the stunning model showing off her curvy, panty-clad ass.

After about ten minutes, we finally see Gorgeous Girl almost completely nude, stroking her enormous stiff cock! There are aerial views from the front and behind of Gorgeous Girl jerking off while standing up.

But she’s laying on her back when she makes spurts of cum blast from her big, bulbous cock head in this torrid update.

TGirls.Porn: April Lee & Evie Eliot

I cannot believe it’s been almost four years since the amazing Evie Eliot honored me with a Caramel’s TGirls interview. Click here if you’d like to read it and thank you so much if you’ve read it already. I don’t know much about her partner in this TGirls.Porn update, but April Lee seems incredibly interesting too.

Evie Eliot

April’s biography reads: “April came to visit from Northern Washington and did her first hardcore with a dude on her birthday. She did a great job. She likes a variety of things. She loves science fiction, comic books, and used to be a fairly hardcore Magic the Gathering player.”

April Lee

“She also wears glasses, but didn’t want to wear them during any of the shoots. Would have been a sexy nerd girl! She hadn’t topped in 10 years when she fucked Korra Del Rio over on TGirls.Porn and seemed to get really into it, slapping that ass.”

“She’s 5’9″, 129 pounds of power bottomness. Check out the way her ass swallows that thick, 9 inch dildo in her solo sets.”

On TGirls.Porn with Evie Eliot and April Lee are already making out passionately when they’re first presented by producer Radius Dark. As their skimpy tops are removed, April is on top as they kiss on the bed and apparently, she’s the more aggressive one. But then Evie’s passive nature dissipates and she switched places with April and she also gives her partner a blowjob!

When both models are gloriously nude, April give’s Evie’s uncut erection a good sucking. They 69 and there’s a variety of oral sex to follow, including some spectacular POV footage. Both girls are sporting raging hardons, but it’s pretty clear which slender fox is doing to do the topping.

She’s a power driller who ends up coming in her passive partner’s pretty mouth and sealing it in with a kiss. Visit TGirls.Porn to watch the free scene trailer!

TGirls.XXX: Kitchen Fun With Candy Licious!

Description: Gorgeous Candy Licious is back on TGirls.XXX! Candy had an amazing year so far starring in a smoking hot “Cumshot Friday” episode and a smashing hardcore scene with B Flex. She returns today with a brand new solo scene to kick off another amazing week on TGirls.XXX! Watch beautiful Candy getting naughty in the kitchen! She strips and strokes her hard cock just for you!

I’ll readily admit that I’m biased about Texas sweetheart Candy Licious. Our previous interview here on Caramel’s TGirls is partly responsible for that. If you’re jealous of seeing her in a hardcore scene, she’s all on her lonesome in this date like she was in her killer debut here also filmed by Omar Wax.

This is Candy in her Calvin’s and fishnet anklets with tall sandals shaking an ass that won’t quit! She reaches inside her undies to play with whatever is making that big bulge. Yet she doesn’t pull her big cock out right away.

Candy makes you want to do in that kitchen what most people do in bedrooms and in record time. Her butt moves like it’s engine-operated and her striptease is magnificent! As a matter of fact, I think Candy has my favorite set off buttocks in trans porn. Period. And that pretty face. Phew!

She stands with her dick flaccid and average in size at first. Within minutes, she’s kicking off her panties with a big juicy hardon! She produces a rather large black butt plug and then inserts it deeply within her tight ass. If that toy could only be your cock!

Between jerking off furiously, Candy releases her big schlong and makes it bounce up and down like a horny diving board. Don’t miss this killer Candy Licious update on TGirls.XXX and for more tremendously hot solo and hardcore performances, see her also on,, and in her scorching trans lesbian sets on TGirls.Porn!

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Femout.XXX: Lucy Crow Cums!

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One of my all-time favorite Femout.XXX cum shots is the one I’ve just seen produced by Russian model Lucy in a very recent update. Her profile update reads: “Moscow’s own, sexy Lucy Crow, is ready for more! She returns and brings her toys ready to have some fun with that tight ass of hers! Watch sexy Lucy riding her dildo and stroking her cock until she cums just for you in another hot solo scene brought to you by Teodor Grekov! That’s the skilled producer responsible for the hyper-erotic website

I don’t know what it is about her that makes my cock hard enough to cut diamonds with. I’m a big 5’11” trans woman and a tgirl as skinny as Lucy might be too thin for me in real life. I might be afraid of breaking her while fucking her tight, narrow ass.

I’m pansexual and when it comes to tits, I love them when a girl has them, but I can do without them. So I don’t care that Lucy is flat as a board. Actually, I’m quite fond of her tight little brown nipples.

Lucy is obviously still in the beginning stages of her transition and I’d suspect that most of her admirers like her that way and wouldn’t change a thing about her. She kind of looks like a part-time girl and that’s okay with me too.

At 34 years old, Lucy ain’t no Spring chicken. She seems to know exactly what she likes and wants and that’s immensely evidenced when she’s riding her big dildo. The dark, uncut penis that hangs over her smooth balls isn’t necessarily huge, but a nice average sized pecker that expands to full erections when Lucy is highly aroused.

When Lucy explicitly exposes her ass, it looks tight as a vice. Then she goes deep into concentrating on getting her nut. Lucy’s hardon bobs and sways as she rides her suction dildo on the table beneath her.

Lucy jerks off furiously, but the big creamy gobs of cum don’t shoot out until she lets go of her throbbing organ. I love a good hands-free cum shot! Lucy’s spunk splashes to the floor in thick, sticky ropes and she seems so proud of her climax in this torrid Femout.XXX encore performance!

Chanel Santini and D. Arclyte in Attorney Privileges

Sample Photo Gallery 01

The official description reads: Stunning TS socialite Chanel Santini is facing serious jail time after yet another DUI, and attorney D. Arclyte has grown tired of bailing her out time and time again. She needs a hard lesson! D. Arclyte happily obliges, plugging Chanel’s ruby red mouth with his ample cock. After she very competently sucks his dick, D. Arclyte removes her pants and sucks her off like a champ. Chanel begs for anal sex. D. Arclyte pounds Chanel’s shapely ass in several positions, causing moans from Chanel’s glossy lips. D. Arclyte’s cock erupts like a volcano of desire, all over Chanel’s shivering body.

MP4 Scene Trailer

Trans porn “It Girl” Chanel Santini has real acting chops. You can see it the moment she begins interacting with her attorney played by D. Arclyte who always looks at home in a suit. He was in business before the adult industry which explains that. D. doesn’t embarrass himself one bit either in this scene with his role.

Sample Photo Gallery 02

The plot development provides the right amount of build-up. Three minutes of Chanel’s discussing her predicament, then seducing her lawyer leads to a vignette you’ll want to come to and one that you’ll remember as a movie-like porn flick.

Flash Scene Trailer

D.’s reaction to what he’s going to get with Chanel is almost as exciting as what she’s about to give him. D.’s staying power enables him to survive a prolonged sloppy blowjob, tittie fuck and the sensation of fucking beautiful Chanel’s tight ass in a variety of positions.

See more of this lucky litigator and his hot client in TS Girls In Trouble on magnificently written and directed by Dana Vespoli.