Kimberlee and Max Born

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So I’m talking with a male friend and big fan of Kimberlee who’s always up-to-date on her new releases. He recently told me he forgot she has such a big dick? I’m like, “What? How can you forget that? You must forget she has a dick PERIOD then. He replied that I nailed it. He just sees Kimberlee as a beautiful woman and it’s forever a surprise to him when he sees her big cock. This left me feeling a bit perverted. I don’t care about size but cock is pretty hard for me not to notice! It’s especially hard for me to ignore when it’s a huge functional trans beauty’s schlong.

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What do you do when you catch your man sitting on the couch watching porn again? Help him out! That’s the theme is this straight to the action hardcore update! He doesn’t have his cock all the way out yet but the bulge in his jeans is quite obvious. Kimberlee hops on the couch scantily clad and begins unzipping the guy’s jeans and he’s already fully erect as suspected. My goodness he’s hung! Kimberlee wastes no time giving him a blowjob.

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Max helps Kimberlee get down to her panties and heels eventually and she rises to her feet to get her undies off. She gets back to her fantastic looking cock sucking skills until she decided it’s time to fuck. Then she lowers her tight, curvy ass on his massive tool in the reverse cowgirl position!

The focus is mainly on Kimberlee’s big heaving tits and large cock and balls swinging around all over the place. Then it’s mainly about Kimberlee’s gorgeous butt when she jousts up and down on Max’s joint while facing him. Max has literally fucked Kimberlee out of her designer pumps by the time he gets acrobatic, screwing her while suspending her in the air. Then comes a doggystyle railing followed by a missionary pummeling! We’re back to cowgirl again before more air lift banging. Kimberly makes an erotic show of catching her man’s cum in her mouth. 

Mandy Mitchell: Under My Spell

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“You are under my spell. I will never let you fuck a pussy again. You were no good at it anyway. You are now my bottom, my hole, my sex toy and I will help you discover this beautiful true self of yours. Don’t worry you will never disappoint a woman again, now you are my bottom. Let my cock comfort you as I give you meaning through fucking you. Once I’m done with you I will give you away to all the other hot TS with big cocks for you to worship, but right now you are mine!” 2018 AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year nominee Mandy Mitchell will be your Mistress tonight. Would you miss pussy terribly if you were forced to give it up? Would you be willing to give it up for the trans icon behind Think about it. Pussy is amazing, but consider an even tighter orifice for your erection – Mandy’s tight ass. You know she could milk every last drop of cum from your throbbing dick. Mandy could introduce you to what she’s experienced in regarding fetish and BDSM you may not have even thought of yet. She’s just as talented as making cocks shoot off with her feet as she is with her hands. Do you like eating pussy? I do, but let’s focus on Mandy’s thick cock and how wonderful it would be to make it raging hard. Imagine Mandy pulling you by the hair while you’re sucking her cock. What was that about pussy again? Under My Spell: I’ll Never Let You Have Pussy Again is also available on and on!

Natalie Mars Fucked By Sgt. Miles

Natalie Mars is in the kitchen performing her wifely duties when her spouse (played by Sgt. Miles) comes looking for a snack. After a brief glance inside the fridge, he decides he’s more hungry for Natalie than food. Thank you for your service to this shredded and hung Army Veteran. Thank you to Natalie for uploading this blazing hot hardcore update to!

Natalie looks exquisite in her skimpy apron, platform sandals and panties – gorgeous enough to have her salad tossed. She doesn’t have to move after receiving her rim job for the pleasure to deepen even further. “Stay just like that,” bent over the counter, Sgt. Miles tells her while grasping his long, thick erection. Then he eases it slowly inside Natalie’s hot tight ass.

I’ve enjoyed Natalie take several big things up the butt before, but this is the first time I’ve seen her take this buff stud’s thick dick. He really fucks the hell out of Natalie with an arm lock, butt slaps and jackhammer thrusts!

Natalie’s beautiful face is showcased in the blowjob sequence and it’s back to fucking, next time in the reverse cowgirl position on the counter. Even that drill plays out in hyper speed considering the way Sgt. Miles jacks his hips. More cock sucking occurs and evolves into a missionary railing on the clear lucite chair. Natalie ends up getting a creampie in this torrid update on!

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:06
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 6184kbps
Audio: 309kbps 

Mistress Tangent: Maid To Serve

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Mistress Tangent is dressed in midriff-baring official dominatrix regalia checking on her caged slave.The stunning owner wears a huge dildo and her slave wears a maid’s uniform and tall platform mules. She’s humiliated and dressed down as a sissy bitch, but she’s actually transgender and favorite slave in Mistress Tangent’s stable. At some point I always know we’ll be treated to her exceptionally cute ass and above average big cock! The slave bends over the cushioned top of cage as ordered. Mistress Tangent raises the hem of the uniform and petticoats to expose the slave’s plump bottom that’s clad in white panties. She spanks the unmarked flesh and proceeds to tenderize it with a flogger. Once the slave’s rear end is beet red, she forced to kneel on the floor. After a long sequence of further humiliation, the slave is finally prepared to be fucked. A chastity cage holds her big dick this time around, but her ass is fully exposed for the taking. And take is exactly what Mistress Tangent does! The super cute slave gets thoroughly fucked in the doggystyle position for quite some time. Then she must take the huge dildo railing while laying on her back. As if this is not enough torment, Mistress Tangent buzzes the head of her slave’s caged cock and her balls with a wand vibrator. Now I suppose that Mistress Tangent could deny her slave from shooting a sticky white load of cum through her cage before this session comes to an end. But does the slave deserve to get off? It could be fun to humiliate and torture her further by not letting her cum. What do you think the phenomenal woman behind will do?

Black-TGirls: Meet Sexy Peaches!

Peaches is a pretty common name in the black community. I have at least one cousin named who goes by that name. But this ain’t my cousin so I can let her rip with the lust. 

This gorgeous new model presented by producer Omar Wax has something to say: “Hello boys, my name is Peaches southern girl with a big heart but more importantly a big *wink wink. I’m tall, curvy with a burning desire to do nothing more than to satisfy your every need.”

“I enjoy helping people and advocating for human rights.” Peaches adds. “Love to laugh and try not to take life too serious. Tend to look at things from more of an optimistic standpoint, less stressful that way. We can play a game, go down on each other and see explodes first. Are you up for the challenge?”

The film debut of pretty Peaches doesn’t begin with an introduction but rather a candid moment of looking downward and taking inventory of the charms of her body. She then rises to her feet and confronts us boldly. Her suckable nipples are the first displays of nudity as Peaches spends a considerable amount teasing with the bulge in her panties. After exposing her lovely hormone boobs, Peaches reveals her plump bottom from behind. Then she slinks across the bed fully nude with a wicked smile spreading across her gorgeous face. It’s not long after stroking her cock that it develops into an erection. While kneeling on the bed pinching her pert nipples, Peaches shows off how powerful her cock is by making it swing and sway before her thighs.

It’s surprisingly late in the scene when Peaches begins to speak but she’s got a sexy speaking voice. Peaches has a slow and steady method of jerking off. She’s not shy about finger banging her plump, curvy ass in this stunning update.

Kaylee Hart’s Sticky Cumshot!

Femout.XXX description: Colorado cutie Kaylee Hart returns for her second solo scene! She wastes no time getting naked and showing off her round ass. This time she fingers herself and then leans back and gives the fans a perfect cumshot! Enjoy another hot solo scene brought to you by Radius Dark!

About this gorgeous new model Radius said, “Kaylee took a day long ride to Las Vegas to do the shoot and then turned around and rose right back. She’s started doing home movies and wanted to do a shoot with Grooby, but she’s so dedicated that she wanted to get back and not kid work! She’s 5’4”, so nice and petite. She loves guys that are big, rough, and know what they want. She really likes to be fucked doggystyle. If the guy wants to put his fuck on her head and drill harder, she’s definitely okay with that.”

When I first saw a few photos of Kaylee, I wouldn’t have thought of her as a girl who likes rough sex. There are no obvious indicators I can see. But now that I know it, that’s what’s I’m reminded of with Mr. Dark’s videos. He consistently brings things out of his models that aren’t so obvious. She allows her cock and balls to slip out of her panties and bares her breasts, adding how roughly she likes her boobs handled. After quickly stripping completely nude in this super horny encore set, Kaylee gets herself fired up by rubbing her fun spot. That’s followed by a spread eagle finger banging.

If you think her legs are lovely, wait until you see the several angles of her butt. It flares out widely from a rather small waist and Kaylee is not shy about showing deep digital penetration. She develops a hardon with the help of some lube and cell phone porn. Then it’s back to simultaneous cock stroking and ass pumping surprisingly with no toys needed. There’s a huge dildo next to her in this Femout.XXX update but all Kaylee needs is one rapidly pumping hand stroking her erection while the other firmly holds one of her breasts to shoot a load across her torso.

Lianna Lawson – Cumming with Her Dildo

“Hi, my name is Lianna Lawson and you’re gonna watch me jerk off,” says the well-known and beautiful model on bobstgirlscom. She sits on the bed in lingerie and fishnet stockings and begins playing with her breasts and nipples. Actually she’s tweaking and squeezing very firmly. At first it looks like she’s wearing a party dress, but when she hoists herself up and flips around to present her sexy ass, it’s revealed as a leotard. Lianna squeezes and spanks her ass in a way that confirms you would not need to be extremely gentle with her if the opportunity arose.

A lacy blue panty is beneath her already skimpy outfit. Lianna pulls it aside to expose what it’s hiding. She proudly shows off her center knowing exactly what you want to do with it. She then lies down on the bed to make it your primary focus. That’s if you’re not already fixated on her long curvy legs or sexy narrow feet.

It may seem like an eternity but it’s only a couple of minutes before Lianna exposes her cock and begins stroking it. She’s on her back with her legs spread eagle. “I just love playing with my cock,” she announces with her high sweet voice. Then she flips over for another tantalizing butt show.

Her cock is getting so hard at this point and she jerks off with her bottom high in the air. The next sequence is a nice long full frontal one that evolves into simultaneous cock stroking and glass sex toy fucking. Lianna doesn’t try to hide the intensity of her pleasure from deep penetration. This is what makes her climax and squeeze the cum out of her erection after all.

Lianna is a prolific performer on Chaturbate. See if she’s online and be sure to follow her if not on

Also check out Bob’s new interview with Lianna Lawson and the Lianna In Black photo set exclusively on!

TS Playground: Sasha De Sade, Scene #1

MP4 Scene Trailer

Every time I see Sasha De Sade online I’m get a rush of good feelings. She gave me one of the best interviews I’ve ever had if not THE BEST. That’s because of what I learned about her and how pleasurable the entire process was.

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British Sasha introduces herself on as making you hard and horny in Bangkok. My June 2017 Interview With Sasha De Sade will explain what she’s doing there. But this video sequence and Sasha’s seduction is today’s focus. Sasha invites you to sit down next to her while she’s wearing this wicked lingerie and tall sandals. When you watch the full-length video on TS Playground you’re going to get so up close and personal with Sasha’s lovely ass that the images my become permanently etched in your brain. You might crave having her cock go places no cock has gone before.

Flash Scene Trailer

What follows Sasha’s full exposure is dildo play with her sexy mouth, across her puffy nipples and deep within her tight ass. Her big stiff cock is imprisoned by her lacy garment until almost the midway point of this production. Sasha strokes it of course but she also just stands there to let you drink in the sight of her erection pointing upward. She’s quite vocal, describing the action as she lubes up a Fleshlight toy liberally. Then she slowly begins to fuck the sex toy with her turgid rod. She uses her bare hand however to send spurts of creamy white cum from the swollen head of cock! For more of this incredible performer check out and to catch her LIVE!

Zoe Cavalli Toys Her Sexy Ass! synopsis: California cutie Zoe Cavalli returns for her second Grooby Girls solo since her Femout.XXX graduation two weeks ago! Zoe is such a hottie! She has an amazing body and a perfect ass! This time, she brought her dildo too! Watch her as she fucks her tight ass with it until she cums! We are sure we are going to see more from Zoe soon!

That sums up this Buddy Wood production perfectly. I thought she was incredibly hot when she debuted on the academy site and I raved about “Zoe Working Her Tan By The Pool!” in March 2017. I also reviewed “Zoe Cums And It’s Hot!” on TS Dreamland.

Zoe has also appeared on Buddy Wood’s The L.A. Latinx beauty is said to love doing makeup and was planning on being a makeup artist. Buddy revealed, “…but she also loves sucking dick and getting fucked and hopes we can shoot lots more porn in the near future. A very hot girl with a bright future.”

I think if the average trans attracted guy had a blind date with young Latinax from Los Angeles and Zoe Cavalli showed up, he would not be disappointed. She might even be the closest thing to what he’d hoped for. And then some. I can’t get the image of Zoe making Buddy’s powerful cock shoot it’s load across her full, generous lips on Zoe shot her load right after that.

Zoe can’t seem to get enough of Buddy’s cock. She’s sucking it again in the scene I’m focusing on today! It’s like deja vu all over again but this is a more polished performance from gorgeous Zoe. Go ahead and compare all four of her scenes between these three sites. I sure as hell did, obviously.