Sweet, Sexy And Naughty Candara!

At the tender age of 19, I don’t know if Candara from Angeles City in the Philippines would be considered “passable” in your eyes just yet. Jud provides a brief yet very informative interview with the brand new model and here’s the deal:

Candara’s voice is high-pitched and sexy. Her command of the English language is great. She also has wonderful bone structure and that will help in the future since she takes modeling seriously. I have a feeling she’d like to get into mainstream modeling too someday. But she’s currently studying at agricultural college and hopes eventually to have a career in agricultural development. So we’ll see how things turn out for her.

I think Candara’s hair is a bit too boyish perhaps and that’s not so hard of a fix. Hormones will kick in and Candara will eventually lose the pixie smiles and replace them with the more seductive looks she reveals once comfortable with the camera. She’s known she was trans since the age of 9 and openly confesses that it’s better in other cultures to be trans.

There’s a misconception that life is easier in the Philippines because there are so many trans people. It’s a very Catholic straight-laced culture however and I’m convinced that Candara would like nothing more than to get the hell out of there. As far as posing goes, and I didn’t see any walking, I think Candara is making an okay start. Am I being too hard on her? I think that not talking about her at all would be too harsh.

I’d like to see how she progresses and someday rave about her performances on Ladyboy-Ladyboy.com. I’m not sure what stage of HRT she’s at but Candara produces a big, powerful cum shot at the end of her fap session! I think she has the cutest little cock, especially when it transforms into a hard shooting spike and her legs are to die for.

I hope that Jud brings Candara back for an encore. In some ways I’m getting more of a hot gay twink vibe but I’d bet anything that this will totally change. I’m also sensing either vers or 100% bottom in spite of her erections and goodness knows I love that!

Technically her location is in Manila, Philippines and her phone number is available on Ladyboy-Ladyboy.com.

Mila Swift on Chaturbate

Adorable little Mila Swift is squeezing pre-cum out of her massive hardon when I log in to Chaturbate. She’s been on for more than a half second so naturally she’s moving rapidly up to the top rank. The blue-eyed blonde with the extremely high-pitched voice sits down to stroke her big boner firmly, dedicating her masturbation to Kiki and then Angie. There are a lot of other chicks watching her like me tonight and she’s apparently as excited about that as having men watching her.

Mila’s red lipstick is in stark contrast with the minimal colors of her chat room and her skin. She wears a brassiere tonight as she most often does. I’ve checking out the fan comments again and no one yet seems to be concerned about her breasts and nipples. Mila is the consummate performer while can masturbate to hundreds of Chaturbate viewers because she makes it seem almost like it’s just one on one. Her huge cock doesn’t seem to make sense in proportion to her petite frame, but that’s one of the things that make Mila so fascinating to watch. Eventually a fan does ask Mila to show her breasts and she’s not shy about exposing them. There’s not much breast growth but she’s got the most succulent sets of small pink nipples. When her long thick phallus is fully erect, Mila goes from stroking it furiously to an edge and then allowing herself to calm back down before cumming.

If you had as many tippers helping you out as the chaturbate.com/milaswift page does on a regular basis, you’d want to hold off from shooting your load as long as possible too! One fan want to see Mila finger bang her tight little ass. Another wants her to bare her tiny feet and wiggle her painted toes. The tips are deafening if you’ve got the volume on your headphones turned too high.

Aubrie Scarlett Strokes And Cums!

Last week, I was pretty shocked to hear a trans girl complaining that this site never promotes “real” trans models. She said that Shemale Yum only features models with breast augmentation and fake butts. What?! This was coming from an aspiring trans model! I’d say it’s a good idea to get to know something about the industry before making false comments online like this. If you’re going to bash a site because of a slur, I totally get that.

But looking back over 20 years, saying that Shemale Yum doesn’t feature and all natural girls is ridiculous. But I digress. Take this new model Aubrie Scarlett presented by KilaKali as a recent example. “Aubrie Scarlett Strokes And Cums!” is her encore performance and she’s a verse girl who likes to, “Grab it and rip it,” when she tops in the doggystyle position.

This Kansas City native fox likes any position while getting fucked as long as her ass is in the air. Since she’s mentioned her ass, her producer wisely suggest that she turn around and show it to us. I can see why she gets the most compliments on her bottom. Aubrie has killer legs too by the way and her debut and encore on ShemaleYum.com are her firsts for actual professional major studio porn. What turns her on most is muscular guys with big cocks. Some don’t like to hear that, but that’s her preference. I don’t care about cock size but I’m intrigued that Aubrie is also into women. She’s pansexual and we’re on the same page there. I think it would be wonderful to see her on my favorite trans lesbian website someday.

If she has a partner who also believes that the motion in the ocean is just a myth, they won’t be disappointed with Aubrie. I’ve seen her big cock flaccid and rock hard and she is hung! Her second video is a standing striptease in the living room area as opposed to starting out naughty in the bed like in her debut. Aubrie straddles a leather chair and gets horny as fuck finger banging herself. The ink on her chest says “Ride Like Hell” and the condition of her cockc throughout this scene tells me she would do to a tight ass willing to give it up.

Watch Aubrie Scarlett shoot her creamy white cum in her second ShemaleYum.com shoot!

Pure-TS: Bareback Teacher’s Office Fuck

Professor Christian is busy getting yelled at by the Dean. But he is having trouble concentrating because one of his students is busy blowing him under his desk. Lily Demure knows she can skip his class as long as she sucks his cock and gives up her ass for him. She gets banged all over that desk before swallowing his load. That’s the official synopsis of the third scene with lovely Lily Demure on Christian’s killer website Pure-TS.com.

If you take a look at the free thumbnails on the site, you’ll notice how much different Lily looks since her March 2017 “Obedient TS Maid Does What She Is Told” debut to her “Lily Demure & Bailey Love Getting Fucked Together” threesome in May to her fresh new scene. Does she look hotter? Not to me – just different due to her being further along in her transition. Some would argue that alone makes a trans girl hotter but it’s subjective. I do see tremendous growth in her performance skills from when she first began working in the adult industry. She seems completely comfortable about what she’s doing and more confident than her amateur days before major studio porn.

If you remember vintage Lily porn, you know what I’m talking about. At any rate, Lily looks amazing cupping her professor’s big balls and the base of his huge cock shaft while giving him an under the desk blowjob.

If you’ve ever tried to carry on a conversation while getting head, you know how vulnerable and powerful that makes you feel at the same time. If you’ve been in Lily’s position, you know how great of a feeling it is to be a dutiful submissive cock sucker. I must admit that I forgot how big Lily’s dick is until I got to the side saddle bareback fucking sequence toward the end.

Her bare nipples are hard as pebbles as her tight ass gets wrecked and she ends up rubbing out her cum moments before opening her mouth wide to catch her professor’s spunk. Witness the evolution of Lily Demure in three incredible scenes on Pure-TS.com.

Teen Sensation Patrice Hepburn!

I’ve raved about 19 year old Patrice Hepburn twice here on Caramel’s TGirls before. Literally here. I can never fully understand the reasons why a girl ends up on on particular adult site instead of another adult site created by the same studio owners. Does one “graduate” from one site to the next once her tits are bigger than before? Sometimes that’s the case but thankfully not always.

Patrice is undoubtedly one of the least busty models ever on Shemale Yum, but she made her debut and cumtastic encore performance on Femout. If Yum is the studio’s gold standard for trans models and Femout.XXX is the proving ground or training school, I’d say that Patrice never really belonged at Femout.XXX in the first place.

I don’t want to anger the producers because I support their work on a daily basis so let me be more clear. If you go back and look at her performances on Femout.XXX and compare them to her debut on ShemaleYum.com you’ll see that she had modeling down from the get-go. I’m not saying there’s no room for improvement, but that I think she was miscategorized by her figure.

So there, I said it and I’m sticking with it. Since Patrice is starting at a different website where trans fans might not be familiar with her, Radius Dark presents a pre-interview in which the elfin beauty tells us about her background in cosmetology and such. There’s a dazzling leg show/foot fetish routine followed by a sumptuous striptease.

Then comes her pert butt in panties and the way she makes it move is mesmerizing. Eventually, Patrice lets her hair down and exposes her cock. When she gets down to jerking off and making it fully erect, her cock looks enormous! I don’t know what it is about Patrice Hepburn on both Femout.XXX and now on ShemaleYum.com but she’s one of the most exciting new models I’ve seen in years. Watch the free trailers of this hung beauty on both sites.

Black TGirls: Skylar White Tops Tayden!

Skylar White is originally from Miami, Florida where Jack Flash is usually the producer to work with on sites like Black TGirls. But she’s currently residing in Houston, Texas so Omar Wax has done the honors four times now. This is not Skylar’s first time in a hardcore scene before, nor is it her first time topping here. She busted out Drake in her encore appearance in February of 2017.

In “Skylar White Tops Tayden!”, Skylar’s apartment is under extreme scrutiny of the OA analyst. She’s obviously worried about the potentially astronomical cost of repairs to get her place up to standard and the QA is well aware of this. He uses his leverage to develop a sexual favors agreement that Skylar accepts.

When she asks if the sex will guarantee that her crib passes inspection, he says, “We’ll see after this.” Tayden gets Skylar topless on the bed during foreplay.

After he devours her large lovely breasts, she sinks to her knees beside the bed to give him a blowjob. After she gets his cock raging hard, she hops on the bed and lays back so the can return the favor. Once Skylar’s prick is equally stiff, Tayden flips her onto her tummy to give her a rimjob.

When Skylar has reached the highest level of arousal so far, she decides that she wants to fuck the inspector. She rails his cute bubble butt in the doggystyle position while spanking it every now and then. Then she drills him flat against the mattress!

Skylar jerks Tayden’s cock while he bounces up and down on her rod and then she bangs him while he lays on his back. “Let me see that nut, baby,” inspires him to shot off first. Skylar continues fucking him until she’s ready to add her creamy white cum to his in this torrid Black-TGirls.com update.

TGirls.Porn: Janelle Fennec & Lianna Lawson

Let’s go back to what Radius Dark said about Lianna Lawson’s partner before this TGirls Porn shoot on her Shemale Yum profile: “Janelle Fennec is a 5’7″ petite Colorado girl who loves to shoot guns, go motorcycle riding, snowboarding, camping, and partying. She’s a total submissive with guys until she gets into her favorite sexual position, riding your cock cowgirl style. She takes control. She loves doggystyle just about as much. She’s got some kinks. She enjoys light bondage, candle wax play, toys, and electro-stimulation. She’s into taller, big strong guys that can take control of her, but is more of a switch with girls. She loves oral and specifically mentioned eating pussy as a favorite. I flat out would not have known she was trans unless she told me.”

Lianna who debuted on Femout.XXX said, “I am a tall/thin Trans-girl with an insatiable anal fetish. Must stuff things up my butt. When I’m not making porn for the internet, I like to play video games (yup I play games, I really enjoy LoZ: OoT & MM, Metal Gear Solid and Dark Souls) Watch movies (Favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and some photography stuff. Okay, enough background information on these gorgeous models and their great past performances. I want to get to the kind of sex they have together!

Looking at the low res sample video on TGirls.Porn, do you think that Lianna could do as good a job of fucking Lianna if the tables were turned? Look at how hard Janelle’s cock is while she’s riding Lianna’s stiff prick!

If you may be so kind as to forget about the fucking for a moment, let’s get to what really spins my propeller – the intimacy passion shared between these beautiful trans women! I love the initial kissing that begins right away. It’s riveting to me! I find it just as arousing as I find the girls sucking each other’s hardons. This is the stuff I love most about TGirls.Porn.

Lianna fucks like she can go on forever and her deep and rapid penetration keeps Janelle pretty dick so hard until it eventually blows its load! Lianna’s toe-curling climax rips through her hot body before this killer TGirls.Porn update comes to a close.

Lianna: “Janelle had some beautiful big tits that I loved sucking on while she rode my big cock. I loved her cute dick, it tasted delicious on my tongue, especially right after she came and I sucked the rest of the cum off of the tip. I also loved eating her out before I fucked her.”

Janelle: “Lianna had a nice, big dick and really wore my ass out by the time we finished. I loved riding it while I stroked my cock until I came. She really filled me up and it made me rock hard. When you watch the scene, you’ll see me extremely hard while I’m getting fucked. That’s how you know she did a great job. I loved kissing those delicious lips and sucking her dick after she came and swapping cum kisses.”

Valentina Mia and Soldier Boi Fuck Hard!

Gorgeous Valentina heads to the vanity in a bra and panties to add some finishing touches to her makeup. Producer Omar Wax captures magnificent views of her body as she alternates between one small mirror and the large one on the wall. Meanwhile, Soldier Boi waits in another room then joins her while she’s running a bath. She asks if he wants to join her and when he agrees to, she helps him get his clothes off.

After taking off his shirt, Valentina uses a time saving method of lowering his pants and briefs at the same time. His cock is dangling right before her as the stand next to the tub and Valentina quickly kneels down to suck it. She sucks it like a demon! After about five minutes of Soldier Boi getting his BBC worshipped, he stands Valentina back up and removes her bra and panties.

Then he moves in for some ass play that includes a rimjob before they decide to relocate to the bedroom. His oral assault on her fine ass is even longer on the bed and deliciously naked Valentina needs his stiff cock inside her mouth once again.

There’s a beautifully filmed standing makeout sequence face to face until Soldier Boi turns Valentina around to smack his beautiful black dick against Valentina’s plump, protuberant bottom. Then he eases his cock inside Valentina’s tight ass while they’re standing. His deep grunts mingle with her high pitched whimpers as the fuck like bunnies. Valentina uses the support of the bed as she continues taking a powerful railing from behind. She then takes a side saddle and reverse cowgirl ramming!

In fact there are multiple position changes still to come in this torrid couples porn masterpiece on ShemaleYum.com. I don’t want to spoil how they both had explosive orgasms but this you just have to see! PornOCD did an interview with my studly friend Soldier Boi on TS Dreamland and I did one with Valentina here on Caramel’s TGirls. I recommend that you check them out sometime and to also see all the updates on Shemale Yum.

Pink Toy For Lexi’s Ass!

Lovely Lexi Minoa says she likes to go on walks with her cats, to produce music, DJ, create sound design and 3D animations and other great things. What makes it more exciting to learn it that she’s got her legs wide open and she’s rubbing the lacy panty bulge beneath her skirt while talking.

Lexi is making her Femout.XXX debut but she’s got a lot of tricks up her sleeve already. This brainy babe in her low 20’s is a fantastic webcam performer on Chaturbate. She’s got lots of tricks in all sorts of places! When you watch Lexi performing live or in the studio, you might want to be in all of those exciting places she has.

Lexi tells us her erogenous zones and what she loves having guys do to her. What might make you bone hard before you even see what Lexi calls her girl cock fully bare is her sexy dialogue.

She knows how to work it with the naughty talk and it sounds so sincere – it must be because it turns her on too. I absolutely love Lexi’s toy fucking and she’s got an incredible ass to back it up with so to speak. Just wait until you see her finger banging her tight ass with multiple digits while wishing it were your cock pounding in and out of her.

When Lexi Minoa plays with herself on Femout.XXX, it’s not like she just wants your sex, it’s like she NEEDS it. She’s the same way when she’s LIVE on cam! Do yourself a horny favor and check her out on chaturbate.com/leximinoa! If Lexi isn’t on when you drop by, give her a follow and see who else is performing in the Trans area.

Kartoon: Sheer Seduction Bareback

Scene Trailers

11 years of Ladyboy Gold web presence gives us a supremely horny an high production video and photo set with a beautiful Thai trans girl named Kartoon of Pattaya, Thailand. An all natural body and an impressive cock are just a few of her delights. Kartoon loves sex and has a clean soft body and bottomless ass. Kartoon’s impressive 6.5″ (17cm) cock is uncut. Her foreskin easily slides down to expose her shiny tip. Kartoon is an eager, all-natural tgirl who does it all on the LadyboyGold network. Kartoon’s body is an amusement park of pleasure and in her hardcore “Sheer Seduction Bareback”, she jerks off before getting fucked.

Sample Photo Gallery

Her hair is up and she’s wearing and old classic Boy London blouse with tall platform sandals. She says she’s horny in English and there’s no doubt if your judging by the stiffness of her panty snake. As her erection stands at some ridiculously high angle, Kartoon removes her top and lets her hair down. With the exception of her stripper heels, she might as well be completely naked! When she shakes out her hair it looks like a Revlon commercial and there isn’t even a glam fan on. “You want fuck me?” she whispers and a chill might run through you. Just about after a minute of this LadyboyGold.com network scene running, you realize someone is in the room with her.


There’s a very familiar enormous cock in the room. We never see the guy’s face but I’d know that massive meat anywhere. He’s the focus of my previous post. At any rate, watching Kartoon getting pummeled with dick is spellbinding. She’s easily one of the most stunning Thai trans on the Net and that’s why she’s so popular within the network with a total of eight movies. I love the way she lets loose by shooting a load of creamy white cum with that huge cock deep inside her tight ass in this spectacular LadyboyGold.com network update.

LadyboyGold.com Network