Performance Artist Zackary Drucker

Performance Artist Zackary Drucker Stuns In Amos Mac’s Translady Fanzine. Click Here for The Huffington Post article by Michelle Tea who has written a novel, a collection of poetry, and four memoirs, including the award-winning Valencia, which is now being turned into a movie by 21 enterprising filmmakers. She is founder and Executive Director of RADAR Productions, a queer-centric literary organization that produces a monthly reading series, the Sister Spit international tours, and Sister Spit Books, an imprint of City Lights.

Delia TS In San Francisco


The sexy amateur porn couple Delia TS and Tasty Trixie shot the pictures from this gallery in a hotel room in San Francisco when Delia went for a consultation for breast augmentation to make herself even more feminine.


The video that goes with this gallery shot in back home in Washington State ought to have you cumming hard and fast. Delia makes her big titties bounce wearing this sweet matching pink (with black lace and ribbons) bra and skirt set her friend Heather gave her. Delia loves to get her fans excited with photos capturing every exciting, tempting detail before finishing them off with her sensual stroking videos.


You just have to see the video of Delia stroking herself through these patterned pantyhose. Trixie got so excited while she was shooting the video, that she reached out and copped a feel for herself before Delia creamed the crotch of these sexy tights.


Mia Isabella: The Wild, Wild West

When I first saw this set, it looked to me like a top notch adult bridal shoot or a Ralph Lauren ad on steroids or one for David’s Bridal shot by some horny genius photographer. Then I realized it was a western shoot featuring the fabulous Mia Isabella. This is the type of photo set that not only rivals the best of Mia, but on of the best portrayals of a Western liberated woman anywhere on the Net, including mainstream individual female websites. So as long as we’re going with this western vibe, all I have to add is,Yeeeeha!


TS Cinnamon

This tgirl’s name is so fitting. The actual spice was imported to Egypt as early as 2000 BCE and so highly prized among ancient nations that it was regarded as a gift fit for monarchs and even for a ‘god’. I’m not sure how demanding this Cinnamon of the Ft. Lauderdale area is as far as men are concerned, but looking at her gallery, I’m quite sure she doesn’t need to settle for less than the best and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of her with some Adonis type guys, since that’s her type.

Strapon Jane

I was about to say that Lady Jane of the UK is one of the most transgender friendly women on the Internet. But then I recalled a few dozen movies she’s produced and what she does to submissive tgirls and I had to re-think my wording. Let’s just say she features the most and the best BDSM scenes with tgirls out of all the Net stars I’ve seen. I’m not at all concerned about how kind and friendly she treats her transvestite and transsexual partners when making her films and photo sets. As for how she relates with them behind the scenes, that’s none of my business, unless she’s up for an interview with me. Meanwhile, check out the homepage of Strapon Jane if you love experienced dominant Mistresses. Lady Jane is also taking on masculine men and genetic women and has been for several years now, a lady after my own heart!

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The Rocki Whore Picture Show

Mac Turner recreates Tim Curry’s Dr. Frank N. Furter role in The Rocki Whore Picture Show: A Hardcore Parody. Like the original, Brad and Janet come across a spooky castle, but this time they find themselves right in the middle of a porn shoot with wickedly funny results. A magnanimous ensemble cast has cum together to recreate the timeless magic that has enchanted fans for more than three decades. The names have been changed to protect the “not so innocent” but have no fear, the gangs all here. Frank-N-Beans is the transvestite director, Stiff-Staff is the hunched-backed camera man, Vagina and Euphoria are two fabulous porn starlets and of course, there’s the very cosmetically enhanced, boobalicious, blonde beauty Rocki. Singing, dancing, music and mayhem, they’re all here, along with some of the hottest sex this side of Denton. Give yourself over to absolute pleasure, as this amazing cast of A-list talent and naughty newbies embodies their beloved counterparts, and bring your favorite characters to life in this X-Rated adventure. Dont dream it… SEE IT at Wicked Pictures or buy it for Halloween at Gamelink!