Caramel’s Interview With Roxy Red

One of today’s most popular definitions of “Androgyny” seems to originate from a term derived from the Greek words ανήρ, stem ανδρ- (anér, andr-, meaning man) and γυνή (gyné, meaning woman), referring to the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics. This may be as in fashion, sexual identity, or sexual lifestyle, or it may refer to biologically inter-sexed physicality, especially with regards to plant and human sexuality. This is exactly what came to my mind when I first saw the major adult entertainment star Roxy Red. While exploring Roxy’s career, I noticed a distinct shift, wanted to know what was behind it and to get up close and personal with Roxy. The result of my exploration led to all of my questions being graciously answered and I hope you’ll enjoy my Interview With Roxy Red.         

Rogue Adventures #35 from Joey Silvera

Director Joey Silvera unleashes more sexy chicks with dicks in the 35th edition of “Rogue Adventures,” his acclaimed transsexual series! Aly Sinclair is proud of her tits and prouder of her dick. “It’s nice. Do you love it? I do,” Aly purrs as Hazel Tucker kneels to suck it and Christian XXX of Pure-TS gives Hazel Tucker a second cock to suck.


Hung Chicago hottie Jasmine Jewels dominates Gabriel D’Allesandro, calling him, “Bitch Boy,” and dangling her cock in his face, but slapping him when he tries to suck it. She fucks his ass with her hard cock, then jerks off onto Gabriel’s face.


Busty Mariam Micol is of Persian, Egyptian and Brazilian descent and speaks five languages. She sucks male Mark Frenchy’s cock and wraps her tits around it – then turns the tables and fucks his ass with her own hard dick.


Chayenne, a transsexual makeup artist and genetic girl Kelly Amaral flirt with and caress Paulo Macky before Kelly sucks Chayenne’s peter. Paulo feels left out, but only till he finds his way into Chayenne’s ass. Last but not least, Officer Ariel Everitts fucks the hell out of Vin Diesel!

rogueadventures35 Update

Click on each picture for new galleries from the ravishing TS Domino Presley.


“Here is another set from the fabulous Remy X. The sets just keep getting better and better. I love everything about this shoot! I’m am so proud of these recent shoot’s because I finally have full control over everything that’s going on and I LOVE being in control,” says Domino.


“All alone and lonely. I’m tired of being let down by men who say they can fuck me good and never come through. No one can get me hard like myself. Watch as a masturbated my lovely she-cock.”


“One of my amazing fans (Dan) bought me two items off my wish-list, a super hot bikini and a super tight Jesse Jane Fleshlight. I was so excited I had to turn the hot tub on and break this pussy in. Come join me as I stroke my throbbing hard cock, pound some pocket pussy, and shoot my hot jizz all over her lips. I hope you enjoy, I sure did (Thanks Dan!!!!)!”


“I can’t think of anything more sexy than a girl in a sweater dress and some sexy boots. I’ve been so busy during the holidays I forgot to please myself! Can you help me?”


“I worked with the fabulous Remy X again to create some magic for my site. We were shooting in a beautiful location in West Hollywood… facing the city… So I had to be very sly with nudity.”


“This set is perfect for the fans that love ass shots, tit shots, and cum shots… but then again, who doesn’t? Dressed in red and ready to please myself till I explode all over my tight tummy. The video is super hot and the photos are stunning. I hope you enjoy!” 😉


“Wow, I was on the longest vacation and I had soooo much cum saved up I needed to release it immediately!!! Why not give the fans what they want and release this hot sticky load all over my own face and down my throat. Cum watch me tease you on my couch while I watch some porn and put my body in positions you never knew I could do! This is my first self facial and I hope you enjoy it, I sure did…. By the way, it tastes like watermelon.”

Vintage Cross Dressing

I’d like to thank Dominatrix Annabelle from one Mistress to another for granting me full access to her entire Vintage Cross Dressing website so I could share what I’ve found at her English manor.

This site is new, but loaded with delicious content. The photo sets are sharp and the movies are also crystal clear, full-length and theme-oriented. The retro-clothing is prevelant as well as her escapades with her foot servant Hobson and stable of delectable and willing feminine servants.  This site cannot be beat when it comes to glamour and BDSM content. The overall quality is superb and I love the way each new episode develops. It gets my vote the best CD site of 2011 and one of the all-time finest. Click on the banner below to watch her introductory video and enjoy.

Paris Pirelli at Wendy Williams XXX

I love seeing successful transsexual entrepreneurs in action and in the movie that goes with these photos, Paris of has fun with the Doc Johnson toy molded directly from the TS superstar Wendy Williams of the SMC Network.

For More Information About The Toy Visit 69 Adult Toys  

Jonelle Brooks In The Stall

The new videos from Jonelle Brooks are downright nasty! I didn’t actually catch the first part of the gloryhole video, but I did download Part 2 where she goes solo craving what she got a taste of in Part 1 and going crazy with lust over not getting it.

I’ve had more gloryhole opportunities in NYC adult bookstores with peep boothes that I can count, but I always chickened out of making those ultimately slutty encounters. Watching Jonelle’s public bathroom videos remind me of the torrid peep booths I’ve been in with those risky gloryholes. I can totally relate. Download the movies at her incredible site.    

Delia DeLions and Mandy Mitchell

I’m so glad that Tasty Trixie, the hot genetic girl life partner of Delia TS, is not the jealous type. Click on the screen cap for a video and photo gallery preview of the film Trixie shot of Delia and another gorgeous transsexual Mandy Mitchell.



Delia says, “I first met Mandy on an online message board a little over a year ago. She came across as someone who was charming, witty, intelligent, a little sassy. When I found out she was also in the Pacific Northwest I naturally thought it would be fun to get together for a photo shoot.     There’s nothing like giving someone a warm sticky facial the first time you meet them, hehehehe. I had a great time working with Mandy on this scene. There is some sexy teasing and sensual making out at the beginning and middle sections. When Mandy asked me to cum on her face towards the end, I was more than happy to oblige.”

Trixie Fontaine of
Trixie Fontaine of

Trixie says, “Let me tell you, as Delia’s girlfriend, I had a super hot time filming them tormenting me with upskirts, panty shots and intensely erotic kissing. The best part was seeing Mandy’s little titties jiggling while she stroked herself and Delia rubbed her wet she-cock on Mandy’s puffy nipples before dousing her pretty face with cum!”



TGirl Fetishes

When I first saw TGirl Fetishes the first thing I thought to myself was “Finally, the transgender adult entertainment world is really coming around to my way of thinking.” Check out Ryder Monroe with Mistress Surgeon and the other stars I haven’t even mentioned yet at TGirl Fetishes. SMC Productions has done it again! I wanted something like this to happen, but couldn’t have predicted it. Life is full of surprises and so is this network.


The Wendy Williams photo and video galleries feature over seven years of her own content plus a plethora of her gorgeous transsexual gal pals including Jesse Flores, Foxxy and Tiffany Starr. The transformation from Wendy’s individual site to megasite was a bold move that really paid off. WendyWilliamsXXX website rank has skyrocketed over the last few year because she’s a modest chick who isn’t threatened by promoting her best friends. Visit her homepage to see who else is at WendyWilliamsXXX.