Secrets In Lace Lingerie

This one’s for the girls and for the guys who love to dress as girls, but crave couture fashions and will accept nothing less than the best.  I’ve been looking for a transgender friendly online clothing store for that I could trust for three long years now and finally found one and Secrets In Lace. There’s another ‘Secret’ out there, but they don’t really cater to girls like us, in case you haven’t already discovered that on your own. The major secret to me is learning how to get clothing online that will actually fit you when it arrives and not wishfully thinking and being disappointed when your garments arrive. If you order your pretty things online, you can trust this company.    

Joanna Jet and Brittany St Jordan Hardcore



I like the contrast of the dress and innocent pigtails in this dress Joanna Jet borrowed from Brittany St Jordan. I really like the fact that the two of them got together period. Click on the photos of Joanna and Brittany for photo galleries and on the box cover below to get a glimpse of these two hung hotties fucking!


TS Jesse

TS Jesse is serving the last customer of the evening, but she tells him that the kitchen is closed. What else could she possibly have to satisfy him? He arrived at the diner starving for some hot meat. Jesse didn’t reopen the kitchen, but knowing that the customer is always right, she offered a generous alternative. He got what he wanted and became another satisfied customer. The diner is open 24/7 at T-Girl Pinups for takeout orders.

Carmen Moore

I’m seeing exactly what you’re seeing, but behaving myself for a change and commenting on Carmen’s hair for now. I usually prefer long hair on tgirls, genetic women and men but every now and then, I’ll be smitten by a perfectly fitting new coiffure and Carmen Moore looks absolutely ravishing to me with her short hairdo. That’s subjective though and just my opinion. See her before and after galleries and decide for yourself.

Does Set This Offend You?

This week’s homepage model is Nody Nadia from a Frank’s TGirl World shoot. Some will find the controversial layout of an African-American TS in shackles offensive and some will not. I want to know how you feel about it and hope you’ll answer the Poll question below the photo and feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to elaborate.  

Wendy Summers on Shemale Yum

Northern New Jersey cam girl Wendy Summers is a single 29 year old bisexual TS with a 7 inch cock that’s 2 1/2 inches wide. Her sizzling Shemale Yum movie comes with a 110 image photo set.

I’ve never seen a transsexual webcam hostess with a more original or seductive way of producing orgasms. Treat yourself to an explosive climax with Wendy Summers.

Yasmin Lee at Wikipedia

I’ve been following Yasmin Lee since her early days as Nohealani and it’s been amazing to watch her star continue to rise over the years. I might be late catching this, but I didn’t know she had a Wikipedia page until now. There is a “Rate This Page” option at the bottom and I hope you’ll give it high marks. Also, check out her latest work at TsSeduction where you can also comment on her several full-length films. Yasmin Lee never fails to get an A+ or less than 5 stars from me whether it’s from her adult or Hollywood performances.

Download Yasmin Lee’s archives at TsSeduction