Bailey Jay in: I Have a Hard On Outside

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“Hi, I have a hardon already because I was jerking off outside before we started recording,” announces Bailey Jay. “I’ve Got Red Hair and I’m Wearing a Suspender Thing” is the name of the photo set that compliments the brand new “I Have a Hard On Outside” video on! She sits back in her lawn chair and schwing! Her big cock flops out fully unencumbered by panties. With the hem of her dress hoisted about her waist, Bailey Jay has her cat move out of the way and grasps her erection. She slaps its heavy weight against her palm and then begins tugging away at the thick shaft.

She laughs and moans, then lowers the top to allow her large breasts to spill out. She let’s us know that she’s got to slow down because she’s already close to cumming. She hasn’t had an orgasm in two days! About three minutes into the scene, Bailey Jay turns around to give us an explicit view of her lovely round bottom. Then she settle back into her seat with her thighs closed and her big boner standing between them. Her cell phone is under a pillow. It’s kind of hard to make out what’s playing on it, but I’d bet just about anything that it’s a porn movie – maybe one of her own. But it seems like as she continues jerking off that she’s just listening because she’s got her gaze focused on us. She warns that she’s so close, her big tits jiggling as she masturbates furiously. Bailey Jay sits forward as streams of cum pour out of the swollen head of her dick. One stream rolls across her french pedicure and she squeezes out the remaining cum from her goods. She toys with some of her nectar and scoops some up to taste it. “It’s so thick,” she says and it looks it!

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