Bailey Jay in JOI: I’m Gonna Cum in Your Mouth

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In JOI: I’m Gonna Cum in Your Mouth on the website, the gorgeous mega-star announces that we’re going to do another “JOI” or jerk off instructional video. While exposing her big rack, she says that she’s been jerking off all day and hasn’t cum yet, “So take your cock out.” As she stands up and withdraws her cock from her panties, it’s clear that we’re starting from square one. The pretty grower doesn’t have a hardon just yet. She needs you to suck on it, tasting the pre-cum that’s built up. She proceeds to work her cock with each hand until it’s thick and throbbing hard. She slaps it around and talks you through everything you ought to do to make her cum. She also turns around to place a bare foot on the sofa and to lower her undies below the shelf of her full bottom. Bailey Jay lowers and removes her panties which leaves her standing in the blue top that only enhances her nudity. Circling her palms around her straining shaft she says, “Mmmm… it’s so thick.” Yeah, we know and it looks like it’s ready to shoot halfway into the scene! But then it’s time to blow her foot fans away by sitting back on the sofa for some toe wiggling and arch flexing. Later, she moves to the floor facing you directly and urges you to coat her face with your cum. But she’s standing again, jerking off furiously when she climaxes, shooting a heavy lad of cum into her palm. She presses both sets of fingers against her prostate which raises her big cock in the air while streams of jizz pour from the swollen head. She’s tastes some of it too. This scene is also available on The TGirl Network that gives you full access to a whole lineup of other high profile contract stars.

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