Bailey Jay In JOI: It’s Time To Eat Your Cum

Since you’ve been to Bailey Jay’s website before, she knows you’re pretty used to these JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) videos. But this time she wants to see how many people watching would like to eat their own cum afterwards. I think that depends on how worked up one gets. “You don’t have to,” she adds. “I just think it would be really fucking hot.” She always tastes her own load after busting a nut and she stands up to present the big bulge in her panties. “You like my thick cock?” she asks while letting it spring free. Then she draws our attention to her self-described fat hips. She’s right that they’re bigger than they used to be and when she turns around, her ass seems to be much wider. Her tits in a crochet top look bigger also but her legs are just as firm as ever. Bailey poses on the couch with her bottom towards the camera and faces it again to slap her big slab of meat against her palm. Then she asks you to take your cock out in case you haven’t done so already. This footage is shot in a full-face frontal that draws back to reveal deep cleavage and boob jiggling. When she’s back on the sofa stroking her hard dick, her breasts are still in the crochet top for quite awhile before exposed. Then her big nipples are bared and her cock is fully erect. The instructional sequence is shot in a variety of explicit views from the side, front and rear of her figure but most of it centers on her fat dick and bare tits. Plenty of ass is shown and there’s even a bit of bare foot teasing. She tells you exactly when she’s getting close to cumming and asks you to open your mouth while jerking off frantically. The she cums and clear streams of nectar pour out of the swollen tip of her cock while she curses and refers to it as draining her balls. She slaps her big erection around a few times and says thanks and a shower is in order after this update that’s also available on

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