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Sample Photo Gallery

Here are three photo set updates from and a brief summary of her new video released today. There are 49 sharp images in the “Black Lingerie” set which might be my favorite of today’s three I’m discussing. There’s a Christmas set I’ve skipped which is my actual favorite, but we’ve kinda been there, done that. We’re moving closer to New Year’s, I’m late and that ship has already sailed.

Sample Photo Gallery

The “Blue Lingerie” set is a pin-up style affair when you consider the retro mid-heel sandals she wears. 63 photos round out this progressively horny set where Bailey Jay shows off more of her big hard cock towards the end.

Sample Photo Gallery

The “Kitchen Kitten” video is the brand new scene I mentioned and it impresses me as a bit of a shocker! She’s wearing a pink collar and a kitty t-shirt and the things between Bailey Jay and her Calvin’s are totally busting out! Her thick cock seems to be throbbing from the first moment and then we get zoomed in to the sight of her large bare breasts. She squeezes her junk by the balls and shaft with her cockhead outside of her undies. It sort of looks lubed up, but at second glance, I think it’s just very shiny. She jerks her heavy tool with each hand and her deep moaning kicks in when she sinks to the floor. She ends up licking up some of the cum that splashes across the floor before waving goodbye. It’s a sexy little twist from most scenes where she licks her cum from her fingers. Check out more updates on, or to see all the amazing stars in the network, or

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