Beatricy Velmont

Yago gets lucky with yet another amazingly gorgeous transsexual at Tranny Surprise. Beatricy Velmont is an all natural Brasilian tgirl who has made an amazing 21 minute hardcore film. I downloaded this movie and I don’t speak Portuguese, but somehow I understood most of the dialogue. Then again, I think I might possible know dirty words in at least 50 languages. I certainly understood everything Beatricy requested, especially when she was screaming and begging for it. ¬†

5 thoughts on “Beatricy Velmont”

  1. Ahh, we Brazilians and our transexuals ! You know, one day I would like to appear here in So many of my compatriots already do, it doesn’t seem to be hard. ūüėÄ

    1. Ah, I would love to, but I am still not much confident about my appearance as a woman. Let me wait a few more months until I look more feminine, honey.

  2. This post says it all! “Beatricy Velmont is an all natural Brasilian tgirl”! I love all natural women with no breast implants or buttocks implants, this is why I prefer Biological women, Non Op Trans women, and Pre Op Trans women the most on dating. Being with a Post Op Trans woman will make me want to be with a real Biological woman so it wouldn’t workout for me, I’m sorry about that transgenders who are post op. But with the new technology we all have now-a-days, it is very hard to tell from a Post Op vagina and a real vagina when you see it. And when you are dating someone, most of the time a person will not tell you who they really are because of fear. Something that I understand about. I never been on a date before, I haven’t have sex in four long years, and I haven’t have a girlfriend (relationship/lover) in 20 years, so to me it really doesn’t matter what a woman get down between their legs. It’s what’s on the inside that makes a true woman; a strong woman is from within. I’m just a lonesome, broke, unemployed 34 year old man who is trying hard to make a living. Sometimes I feel like a loser, who should have done better. But I will graduate from college in Sept. 24, 2012 Hopefully this will help me, go back to work and make money $$$! This is the truth, I’m not just saying this to make someone feel sorry for me. I’m saying this because I’m being honest with everyone here. ūüôā ūüôĀ ūüôā

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