Black-TGirls: Petite Florida Bombshell Naraya!

Jack Flash presents the encore performance on of “Petite Florida Bombshell Naraya!” If you’re used to watching the trailers of new models on the landing page and haven’t seen Naraya’s debut, you’re in for something special. She’s a super sexy little bundle of poise and class I’ve raved about earlier this month here. I love that Naraya is very vocal with her striptease once again. She does a phenomenal rapid cock pumping show with her plump ass bare and upturned.

Naraya exclaims her relief after removing her black pumps and plays with each bare foot. She asks if you’ve ever gotten a foot job before. This footage also displays her entire nude for so there’s something for everyone, not just foot lovers.

Naraya gets rough with her pretty dick as she proceeds to make it hard. Then she makes her cock bounce up and down and slap against each toned thigh by swiveling her hips. The description of this scene warns us that Naraya doesn’t cum as new models typically do in encore scenes. I don’t think that really detracts from this update. We still see her erect cock and if it’s a terrible thing to sometimes be on the verge of climax and losing it, I’ve been terrible sometimes myself.

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