Bob’s Tgirls: Allysa Etain in Big Red

Wow! Beautiful Allysa Etain wastes no time stripping in her debut! Her lovely firm hormone boobs and perky nipples are exposed from her black dress within the first minute of “Big Red”.

Her dress is off in under a minute too. She’s in Bob’s red chaise room seated as she removes her clothing. Soon, all that’s left are her animal-print panties and high heel Mary Janes.

Is that a bulge in her panties already or just Allysa in her naturally hung state. This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve raved about her but I really can’t tell, even when she opens her legs widely and props one upon the sofa.

It turns out that Allysa’s cock isn’t hard just yet. She gives us a fleeting glance before removing her panties and beginning to masturbate. I think you’re gonna love the way she moans softly as she jerks off for the next several minutes in full frontal footage.

After about the six minute mark, Allysa’s cock is fully erect and Bob starts zooming in for close-up that will have you craving to suck it. She suddenly reaches to find a long red sex toy and rises to her feet with he big boner standing out in front of her.

She’s just turning around to straddle the chaise again giving us a dazzling rear view. This is how she wants us to see the dildo easing deeply inside her remarkable ass. This reminds me of some double dong fun I’ve had in the past, but I digress.

See how the rest of this update plays out on! You may recall Alyssa’s stunning debuts on Buddy Wood’s and Femout.XXX. This L.A. beauty is well on her way!

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