Bob’s Tgirls – River Stark – Stark Shooting Stick

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Sample Photo Gallery 

Bob’s Tgirls has been online since 1999. A lot has changed since then. Now there are a zillion shemale sites on the web. Yet Bob’s Tgirls continues to have the best quality photography and only the top transsexual models. Some of my models are exclusive. Others can be found elsewhere but chances are you’ll like them better here. You’ll find hot tgirls of all ethnicities, from around the world. We like fetishes here too. The highly customized Advanced Search feature makes it easy to find what you’re looking for inside. Back in the beginning, I had no idea I’d still be doing this so many years later. Thank you to all who have supported me in this endeavor.” This is how Bob Maverick sums up his illustrious porn career and the first premium adult website I ever subscribed to. River Stark is not just a model / performer, but a producer as well. My personal wish is that she enjoys the same success as Bob as time goes by. I can’t describe this new scene with River without mentioning the last magnificent one I somehow neglected to mention before. River looked stunning tanning on Bob’s balcony wearing a white one-piece swimsuit and wedges. So we had two scenic views. Instead of whipping out what makes her garment bulge astoundingly, River turns with her back facing you to show of her well-rounded derriere. River knows that a lot of sexy dialogue enhances a scene. So there’s a good amount of dirty talk as she reveals her big tits with their pierced nipples. She finally exposes her stiffening cock while seated on a lounge chair. Then she reminds us of her Bob’s Tgirls fucking machine video while finger banging herself. As River develops an erection while jacking off, she tells Bob that she has to pee. Her thick cock stands straight out from her curvy thighs after she pees which made me say to myself, “Ouch” and “That was pretty damn hot,” at the same time. In River’s billiards scene, she looks exquisite arranging the balls on the table – not hers, but the pool balls. She breaks and although it’s not a success, it’s a hard one. I would not wager against River Stark in a game of pool. I think you’ll lose focus on how much game she has in billiards when she starts stripping and playing in her bra, panties and skyscraper platform sandals. The footage of River sauntering around the pool table with a raging hardon before she even starts beating off is mesmerizing. The eight ball isn’t River’s final shot. She makes it while lying on her back, jerking off furiously on the table. River Stark “Shooting Stick” on Bob’s Tgirls, huh? Fuck yes!


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