Canada-TGirl: So Delicious Cassidy Quinn!

Watch Cassidy’s Scene Trailer

Description: Cassidy Quinn is really a well endowed girl and it’s pretty much obvious by her looks. Today she’s generously showing all her delicious goodies for all Grooby fans out there. Her thick cock looks so tempting you would like to bury your face into it and her nice round ass is calling for your attention.

Cassidy’s Profile: Cassidy Quinn is 6’1″ tall, 155 lbs, with a slim, athletic build with an epic smile and a crazy sex drive. She’s got a big, uncut cock that gets rock hard and she’s a great top with it. It’s the perfect shape for porn. She’s an awesome bottom too, being that she’s more submissive. She knows how to be dominant when on top, though. Among her great features is her dark hair that contrasts nicely with her green eyes. She loves BDSM, giving oral, getting fucked, and her favorite position is doggy style. She’s pansexual, so she’s attracted to people regardless of gender or body types. In fact, I know a couple of her partners and they couldn’t be any different! She’s from the Vancouver, BC, Canada area.

Producer Vito rolls out this encore performance with a close-up of Cassidy turning on her heels, zooming in on her perfect pedicure and moving up her fine, fully dressed form and pretty face. The she’s laying back, caressing one of her boobs through her blouse and rubbing the bare skin of a high-heeled foot. Her breasts are fully exposed when she reveals the fetish bra beneath her blouse. She then raises the hem of her black skirt to expose a bulging red panty pouch. She rubs it and soon draws the fabric away from her uncut cock and her smooth ball sack.

Soon, Cassidy’s penis is fully engorged and her ass is also explicitly exposed. More crystal clear closeups reveal beads of pre-cum oozing from Cassidy’s bulbous cock head. She squeezes her hardon firmly and it pints up towards her face as she removes her skirt.

When her dress is removed, we see that her panties and bra are one connected fetish outfit. It perfectly matches Cassidy’s platform sandals and there is nothing hidden you might want to see. I can’t think of any other creative poses Cassidy could possibly make on that bed. She’s crouching, standing and laying down. In this explosive update, she’s laying on her back when she cums. A torrent of Irish cream shoots directly into her mouth and coats her beautiful face! Then there’s an instant replay of what I consider the best solo cumshot of 2018!

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