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August 5, 2009

Angel – Co-Owner of the TGirls Who Travel Yahoo Group

About 20% of my blog visits come from genetically born women, mostly bisexual and many lesbians. I wanted to document a GG’s take on CDs, TVs, TGs and TSs and Angel was my first choice for this interview of this nature. Angel is a co-owner at the Yahoo group TGirls Who Travel. It’s not a photo posting group, but one where admirers can meet TGirls from all walks of life internationally in their area or travel to meet them.  I asked her to help run the group with the original founder Marci, and with our other moderators because we’ve been very close for a few years. No GG I’ve ever known has displayed the kind of respect, admiration and general curiosity about what it’s like to live the transgender lifestyle in its many different forms.


Caramel: I know that the first people you’ve met under the umbrella term of “Transgendered” were on the fringe and took things to a different level.

Angel: Some I’ve met are fetish crossdressers. I know that some males start out as crossdressers and some do it all the time and others on and off. I’ve met one who crossdresses as a witch. I’ve also met transgendereds who truly feel like women on the inside. Some want to seem like “normal” males when in fact they’re feminine on the inside. Take Jack, for example. He’s separated from his wife and six kids. I dated “Jacki” and lived with her for awhile, who worked in AC and heating as a guy (and it was fun trading clothing with Jacki) but was all woman at home. Jacki liked both ggs (genetically born girls) and other transgendereds. One day Jacki got confused about something. Her so-called best friend, Jean, was married to a gg but was so jealous of me that Jean lied to Jacki about me and started the rumour that I wanted Jacki all to myself. I refer to Jean as “he” because he acted like a guy in a dress and not transgendered. Anyway, Jean harrassed me, saying he was mch better for Jacki than me. It’s people like Jean who give tgirls a bad name.

Caramel: So what became of Jacki?

Angel: Jacki lives full-time as a woman now, is on hormones and works in an antique shop. I have another friend named Stephanie, who’s wife passed away. Stephanie’s daughter accepts her genetic father as a woman now. Stephanie had only dressed alone when her spouse was alive but when she died, she took hormones and had SRS (sexual reassignment surgery). Stephanie is now married to another tgirl.

Caramel: I’m glad for Jacki and hope she doesn’t miss her original career too much. I think it’s great that Stephanie made her transition, found a new partner and that her daughter is accepting. A lot of children of tgs aren’t so good with that.
Angel: Well some of my friends enjoy just dressing sometimes. Others feel that they were born in the wrong gender and not happy until they change into the person they were meant to be. Some can’t afford to transition and have to live unhappily as men while others are saving to live as women.

Transitioning is awfully expensive but there are other issues, too. What do you think is one of the hardest things about transitioning for a tgirl, Angel?

Angel: It’s hard to say to the world “this is me” and risk being ridiculed by those who don’t understand being transgendered. As for me, I’m bi and proud of it and I like transgendereds. You can never tell who is what on the surface. Sometimes, I’ll look at another woman and not know if she’s really a gg or a tg or a ts. I have a great appreciation for those who have transitioned to full-time women, knowing how much hard work it is and how much time it takes to look as good as they do. I greatly appreciate how hard it was for them to come and and say that this is who they are.

Caramel: Not a lot of genetic women like you are so understanding. Why do you think that is?

Angel: It’s hard for people to admit that they like tgirls and are bi-curious but even harder for tgirls to come out and say “I can’t hide this anymore and this is who I am.” They risk not only ridicule but being beaten up and even murdered. There are so many transgendereds and transsexuals out there living their normal lives and no one would suspect they weren’t born female. I’ve noticed different preferences of transgendereds also. Some just like ggs and others just like other tgs and ggs and are lesbians. Others like all men and some like all of the above. With any luck, society will eventually accept transgendereds as much as they accept gays and lesbians. I’m in no way trying to insult anyone but I have known so many people who are transgendered and feel that if you look, think, dress and act as a woman, you are a woman. It’s hard for those who don’t understand tgs because of the way they were brought up. With proper education on a level they can relate to, maybe they’ll learn and understand. I wish people would ask themselves “What if I were in their place?” These transgendereds have the minds of females but were born male . Growing up, some would rather play with dolls and wear dresses and be little girls an that is hard!

Cara: Have you ever experimented with what I like to call “gender fuck” Angel?

Angel: Yes, I’ve experimented myself a bit. For two Halloweens, I went out as a guy. It wasn’t easy tying down 36D breasts! That’s another reason why I have a special appreciation for those who “pass” as the other gender. I found that it takes great dedication and I applaud you for being beautiful inside and out and have worked so hard at being the best you can be. You also have a special understanding about men that I will never have.

Caramel: As a bisexual, do you find it difficult to settle down with one person?

Angel: No I do not, but they would have to accept that I am BI curious and not just any ONE thing. I’m attracted to female and males. I take a person for who they are be they male or female.  I favor switches. If he/she is a domme, he/she has to let me have my own sub. If he/she is a sub I have to have a dom of my own. I like monogomous relationships, but we can have partners we know to be safe and clean.


Most of the work Angel does at TGirls Who Travel is never seen except for other owners and moderators. She works hard to keep this group spam-free and to diffuse flaming.

3 thoughts on “Interview With Angel”

  1. Hi Angel!

    I enjoyed your interview; you are so sex- and gender-positive. I’m a member of TGirls who Travel (do check out or ATLPride. Ever been to Atlanta?). And I think you’re cute!

    I’m bi-paratrexual ( I left curious the day I met my first TG; I’m quite enthusiastic. I’m versatile [let me entertain you };)]–top/bottom, oral/anal….and HO-CO [since you asked :D].

    I’m on SKADZZZ of TG/LGBTQ sites. I have to 3rd-space because webtv won’t support most of them, so I rarely have time to visit as often as I like. Email above or (esp’ if you’re going to be in ATL).


  2. Hi Angel,

    My comments here are only to be left as compliments! WOW! Where did you come from?!! I read this interview and was left with so much optimism that I can barely contain myself! I can’t say that I have met someone so “open” and honest about this subject before! Thank you so much!!!! Hopefully we shall cross paths in this short life!

  3. Hi! You are so very sympathetic and open to the various lifestyles. I am a CD who at one time considered going TG/TS. However I found my GG life-mate and settled down to a heterosexual relationship. We have great memories of her dressing me up and being my femdom. I cannot do anything like that anymore. Too many physical problems. I got VERY lucky in life and met and married not who I wanted, but who I needed. YOU are one of those truly wonderful ladies who make life so nice!

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