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Angelina Torres is a globetrotting trans woman based in Paris, France. She’s also lived in Spain, and was in London, England working on her first website at the time this interview was first published. She went on to join SMC Productions as a contract model/performer.

Instagram: angelinavalls

Caramel: Hi, Angelina. Thank you for joining me for this interview. You’ve lived in Spain for quite some time. Are you originally from there?

Angelina: Hello, yes I’m originally from Valencia, Spain.

Caramel: Valencia is such a beautiful city. Now you’re currently residing in Paris?

Angelina: Yes, I’ve lived in Paris for nine years.

Caramel: I understand that you’re in London at the moment and working on photo and video shoots with Liberty Harkness. How did union that come about?

Angelina: We met on the forum and got to chatting on MSN and Libby arranged some photo shoots for, and she shot some content for my own upcoming project.

Caramel: You’re also going to appear on as a featured model. Did you hook up with SMC Productions through model/producer Wendy Williams?

Angelina: Yes, and I’m very thankful to Wendy for letting me shoot. I did the shoot yesterday and it was wild and intense!!! I hope people will enjoy my scene. 🙂

Caramel: There’s no doubt in my mind that it’ll be a major hit. If you settle down, what country are you leaning toward at the moment?

Angelina: USA.

Caramel: I know I’m biased as an American, but I think you’ll love the States and they’re going to love you here. So, are you totally straight or are you attracted also attracted to cisgender females and other trans women as well?

Angelina: I’m totally straight yes, but I don’t mind shooting with other trans women as I did today with Libby.

Caramel: When did you first realize that you should have been born a cis female?

Angelina: At 6 years old, my sister called me a girl’s name and I already had girl’s feelings playing with dolls. I never had boy games and didn’t want any. Things change when you go to college and your school friends are not nice with you. I tried to be like them for a couple of years. I thought I was gay because I was attracted to men and my body was like theirs, but I was not comfortable with gay men and not attracted to them. I felt that something wrong happened and that I was born in the wrong body. I was very feminine and when I was 15 years old, straight guys came to tell me that they would fuck me if I was a girl cause they were attracted to me.

I did not like to hear such things at that time. Everyone told me that my way was very feminine and I could not behave like that. I tried to do my best but I never succeeded. My family was concerned because my voice did not develop like other boys. Compared to my family I was a little hesitant and then I decide to go ahead and start my transition in agreement with my parents. This was very important for me because my family is the most important thing that I have in this world.

Caramel: I’m really glad that you have that support and love from your family. I couldn’t help but notice a recurring theme in your profiles. You have a thing for black men. When did that attraction first begin to develop?

Angelina: lol Once you go black you never go back! I grew up in a small town and I had never met men of color. When I arrived in Paris I was young and I got picked up by a very beautiful black man who made me love as no one had done. I find mixes very exciting and following a meeting with that guy, I decided to develop my culture and learn a lot about black men. I just find them very attractive. I love the black and white mixture. I’m not just into black cock. I like them as a whole person!

Caramel: I had a good feeling it wasn’t just a sexual thing or a fetishisation. Do you think you’ll eventually settle down with a black man?

Angelina: If the right man come along that loves me for me …but until that day who knows?

Caramel: Professionally, you now have a large webcam following at. Will you continue to do your hot webcam shows as your popularity increases even more?

Angelina: Yes, but I actually stopped making videos for my former website after a few communication problems with the webmaster. People can still see my free video previews online, but I’m working on a new website with fresh new content, so stay tuned!

Preview Video Gallery

Caramel: Do you think you’ll opt for SRS? (sexual reassignment surgery)?

Angelina: I’m not thinking about that for the moment. I will see later but for now I feel as though I am. 🙂 Femininity comes from inside. You’re feminine or you are not with or without your original sex organs.

Caramel: I agree with that statement 100%. So, what can we expect to see at your new website?

Angelina: Fresh new hot content, hardcore scenes me with guys, trans and cis women and of course solo shoots, photo shoots. I will try to update my new website every week cause I’m gonna shoot in London. I don’t know people in the porn industry in France. I feel so exited and I just can’t wait to share that with all of you.

Caramel: Where will you be traveling to next?

Angelina: I plan to travel back home to Spain, to Italy, France, the UK, Germany and maybe the USA.

Caramel: I have a good feeling that whatever new place you visit, you’ll have no problems finding someone to help show you around.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our interview. Follow Angelina on Twitter at @AngelinaValls and on Instagram: angelinavalls. Join her official website or for full access to all the stars in the network!

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  1. Felipe says:

    Humm, a Spaniard. I love Mediterranean women, they are so hot. And I liked her comment about black men. I never had any relationship with one but I would love to have.

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