Interview With Jennifer Justice

June 9, 2009

    There are some online forums I visit for technical webmaster support, others to keep up with what’s new in the adult entertainment industry and then there are forums where transsexual and their admirers discuss just about everything under the sun.  Hung Angels is perhaps my favorite guilty pleasure.  The threads at this Top 100,000 rank, 9 year old website can be lots of fun and at times like a train wreck, but since I found Hung Angels a few years ago, I knew I’d never stop visiting to catch up on the latest.

    Jennifer Justice is one of the original HA members and you might also know of her as the intrepid reporter from Gayborhood TV’s hilarious Urban Safari series. I asked Jennifer for an interview because my readers love looking at beautiful transsexuals and learning about what makes them tick.  We’ve been planning to do this interview for a few months and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Caramel:  Hi, Jennifer. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with me. First, I’m anxious to hear more about your show. GayborhoodTV is where people can watch shows about LGBT life and communities on the Internet.  How did you get your own show, Urban Safari? Did you have to audition for it?

Jennifer:  Well, first off thanks for taking interest enough in me and being sooooooooo patient!!  How many months have we talked about doing this?  lol Anyway, I love Urban Safari and am really proud of it and it’s all because of a random open casting call that turned from one thing into another.  I had received an invitation for an open casting call from a producer out in L.A. for a show that was to be like “The Real World” only instead of 7 straight people it would be 7 diverse gay ppl… not too sure what happened w/ that show but logo/mtv sold it to the bravo network and that put the show in holding while bravo was going to do some key changes to the premise including the characters and location… in the meantime the producers over at gayborhood gave me a show of my own because they felt i had that special something that viewers would find interesting and likeable… and they were right.  critics loved it and it was the most watched show on GayborhoodTV … we havent filmed in quite some time and the only answer i have for that is the “economy” so im in limbo as to the status and fate of Urban Safari… but if you enjoy it and want to see more of it… WRITE TO THEM AND TELL THEM!

Caramel:  I know that you have a sharp tongue and quick wit, but some people find you to be abrupt or even mean at times.  There are a few thread starters and followers at the Hung Angels general discussion board who ask you a lot of stupid questions and make a lot of ignorance comments, not the majority, but a substantial amount of people.  They say that a stupid question is a question unasked, but you really get asked a lot of stupid questions and a lot of the comments go for the jugular.  Do you ever see yourself as a mean or just straight forward?

Jennifer:  i dont personally think of myself as mean… like you said sharp tongue and quick wit is definitely how i would describe myself.  despite what people that have experienced my sharp tongue and wit from the receiving end would say i dont start the fights… i make them more interesting, i make them more heated, i finish them.  if i see something that i feel someone should be called out on, i say it… others try to turn that same philosophy onto me but it usually doesnt work in their favor… if ever.

Caramel:  When you were a child, began dressing as a girl and your parents found out about it, what was their reaction?

Jennifer:  my parents were expecting a daughter up until i came out of the womb. growing up i was allowed to play w/ “boys” or “girls” toys and was encouraged to do whatever it was that made me happy. my family is very supportive of me. i couldnt be happier. oh yeah… so needless to say… they werent shocked or surprised.

Caramel:  To borrow a line from Adam Ant, (and yes, I’m dating myself) you don’t drink you don’t smoke.  What do you do? You’ve never even experimented with drugs, have you?

Jennifer:  well im no goody two-shoes by any means but you are correct, i have never even experimented w/ drugs, on any level, of any kind. ive had alcohol and its not for me… never even been drunk and i dont smoke either. i think the bad habit i have most is that im a bit of shit talker… but thats better than a shit starter.

Caramel: You’re 100% straight (sorry girls). How old were you when you found your first boyfriend?

Jennifer:  ive been w/ girls but alas its just not for me. been there, done that… a few times. Wink. the first bf i had became the closest thing ive had to a husband. wade and i started dating when i was 18 and were officially together for over 5yrs but stayed on/ off for 7yrs. i got a stunner of a ring too.

Caramel:  Did your parents get to meet your boyfriends and have they met guys you’ve dated since the first?

Jennifer:  i met wade through my dad. they were friends and wade owned a car audio store that my dad and brother frequented… i happened to tag along due to a promise hed take me to the mall after and while at the shop he introduced me to wade. it was about 3 weeks into our “secret love” that wade dropped me off one morning at like 4am and my dad saw me quietly coming in and asked me “was that wades ‘vette?” and i said yes and he said “well see if hed like to come to dinner tomorrow and meet your mom so yall can stop sneaking around” … since then theyve met 2 other serious bfs and will continue meeting anyone worthy.

Caramel:  Taking a step back, were you stealth about your “T” in highschool? Did you date girls? And, what advice do you have for men who want to have a serious relationship with a transsexual?

Jennifer: lol not really… i mean i dated girls. i had sex with girls and i made sure EVERYONE knew about it but at the same time i played the role of “ginger” in a spice girl group that went all the way to nationals and helped me get my letterman jacket my senior year… girls either didnt care that i crossdressed or loved it… i had a good highschool experience because i was secure enough in myself to not worry about what others thought… as far as advice to guys… this is meant to be an interview not a novel lol… guys need lots of help when it comes to dating girls of any form. my biggest thing tho would be to be secure in yourself and your interests… if you cant handle strangers on the street thinking youre a fag or gay or whatever… you have no business getting involved w/ a TS. a girl like me has the balls to be herself the least you could do is not be a total pussy and make her feel YOUR shame.

Caramel:  How do you feel about men who will date and or sleep with transsexuals but don’t tell their friends or family about it?

Jennifer:  i think its cowardly. if youre involved w/ a girl and she still hasnt met the other key people in your life 6 months into the relationship… end it. that goes for gg or ts. while theres a time and a place for everything and i certainly dont beleive guys should have to wear a pride flag or a sign announcing their partners personal information i think there comes a time in the relationship where the guy needs to get serious about it… if he cant be serious about the relationship he should end it vs. being selfish and keeping the girl to himself and making her feel less than human. point is if youre serious about the girl then you would want her to meet your friends and family when the time is right and show her that she matters and shes important to you.

Caramel:  Are you put off by a guy who comes up to you, to try and chat you up, and later find out he did so because he knows you’re trans? or is it flattering?

Jennifer:  i dont hide my status… ever.  i want a guy to be into me because he likes me… part of me is being a transsexual. if he has a genuine interest in dating a ts girl i dont think me being a ts is hindering the relationship… its not the start of the relationship that matters… what matters is what keeps you both interested… not what got you together. idk to me thats like a girl getting upset she found out the only reason why a guy originally introduced himself to her was because he likes blondes and the wig she had on was blonde…. who cares? get over it.

Caramel:  What type of guy attracts you physically? Do you like tall guys? Facial hair? Muscular? Younger? Older?

Jennifer: yes. all that.  lol im 5’11 and tho i would prefer to date a guy taller then me i dont limit myself to a certain height… when you start putting limitations on the physical you make it harder for yourself to find a quality guy… but for the sake of conversation lol i prefer a tan, caucasian man with in 10 years of my age (27) with a good, muscular build, hairy chest are a plus and i like short dark hair w/ light colored eyes… he would need to be well educated and have a good sense of street smarts as well. all those things are on a sliding scale based on: attitude, personality, security, and dick size lol

Caramel: Where are you from and what’s your nationality?

Jennifer:  im from houston texas originally but grew up on the beach in a small texas town… i have mostly italian heritage but come from italian, german, french backgrounds…. so… i’m white lol

Caramel:  What’s the origin of your name?

Jennifer:  since i was a very little kid i have always been attracted to the name jennifer… ive dated a few jennifers, and named a few of my stuffed animals jennifer… my middle name comes from moms middle name and my last name comes from my ex…. it was also the most popular name the year i was born. lol

Caramel:  You’ve done a lot of volunteer work in the transgender community. Tell me something about that. I hate it when people do the Mother Teresa thing and refuse to talk about their charity work or contributions.

Jennifer:  well ive done mostly volunteer work w/ different organizations for housing, aids charities, auctions… etc… whatever i can help w/ or i get asked to help with im generally game. and in this economy who can afford not to have a few good tax write offs?

Caramel:  You’re musically inclined and play clarinet and piano. Is this something you’d like to introduce into your professional career someday, or is music a hobby only for you?

Jennifer:  lol wow how did you even know that? lol playing music is just a hobby… if even that… i dont even really do it anymore lol

Caramel:  lol. I did my research on you, girl. I like your style and I wanted to learn as much as I could about you so I wouldn’t ask a gang of vague questions anyone else would ask. I used to be involved in local transgender projects in my area but dropped out of that scene and my next question will illustrate why I’m quite sure.  Do you ever question the presence, validity or effectiveness of the transgender community?

Jennifer:  not as much as the gay community questions it.  thats mostly why i dont really do much w/ it anymore either unless im asked to participate…

Caramel:  I totally understand.  There are a great many transsexuals who have been inspirational, supportive and trailblazing in their careers. Are there any in particular who’ve impressed or intrigued you?

Jennifer:  the people that were most helpful in furthering my goals and transition were not transexuals but family members…. if there was 1 ts that helped me go to that next step of being fulltime it would be my friend tiffany andrews *holly sweet* … weve known each other for about 10yrs and shes been the most helpful and confidence boosting.

Caramel:  OMG, I’ve been a huge Holly Sweet fan for years and I didn’t know you were friends for that long. Uh-oh, I hope I’m not slipping!  lol.  Regarding your transition, is there anything you wish you’d done differently?

Jennifer:  theres a few things… i wish i had had the courage to do it sooner, i wish my dr. hadnt botched my brow lift… beyond those things.. nope… im happy where i am.

Caramel:  *Sigh* the story of my life, Jen.  So, about the botch job, it’s something I can’t see and would most likely never detect.  Do you see yourself having SRS?

Jennifer:  i dont. i dont feel having srs will make me any more of a woman to myself or to society than i already am.

Caramel:  I come from a place of it’s what’s between your ears and not between your legs that makes you a woman myself.  Do you think that “hate” crimes will ever stop, and what measures needs to be taken for it too stop?

Jennifer:  as long as there is hate, insecurities, jealousy, and misunderstanding in the world there will be violence and crimes… i dont think you can ever stop it but i think for you to be able to help prevent it you have to educate anyone that will listen to you… because they are the ones that will educate those that are close to them that may not understand.

Caramel:  Let’s shift in a totally different direction. You’ve done some modeling.  Some great work.  Some of it’s been adult modeling.  I’ve seen it years before I knew about Jennifer Justice from Urban Safari and your participation at Hung Angels. I’m frankly disappointed that you haven’t done any adult modeling in a few years.  It’s no secret that I swing both ways and love porn. Would you ever do it again and if so, who would you like to see directing a photo shoot featuring you?

Jennifer:  lol buddy wood if he didnt work for/with grooby … the guy is just nice and you cant help but like him… i would be even more interested in working w/ danielle foxx as well but from behind the camera.  a lot of people think i stopped doing the adult stuff because i was embarrassed or ashamed of my body… not true. i just felt there was so much more out there for someone of my education, background and looks to do that i would be hindering or limiting myself to just the adult industry… i wanted to be able to do more. i really would like to do more work w/ the adult industry and bring a different angle/ perspective to the table that i dont feel is readily available at the moment.

Caramel:  Everyone says that Buddy is really sweet; a teddy bear.  His work is amazing.  I didn’t know that Danielle was so talented until behind the camera until Hazel Tucker let me know that Danielle did her hair and makeup for that classic black & white head shot. I love what she’s doing with Shemale Strokers, too.

For those who don’t know of the Hung Angels discussion forum, it can get pretty vicious at times.  Sometimes people who are considered to have gone way out of line are banned.  You’re no more immune to flaming anymore than anyone else.  I get a kick out of a lot of your quips and comebacks.  How did you develop such a thick skin?

Jennifer:  i dont know if id say i have a thick skin as much as i think im just really secure in who i am, what i am, where im going, where im from and knowing that the people in my life that matter know the truth… i tend to stick up more for others i feel are being attacked unfairly or unjustly then i do for myself… someone says something negative about me i can easily laugh it off or say something smart ass about it… but if you do it to a friend of mine or someone not as well versed as me…. youre going to hear something from me about it.

Caramel:  I know that’s right.  Have there ever been things you’ve said you wished you could have taken back?

Jennifer:  im sure… i just cant think of any at the moment lol

Caramel:  When Vicki Richter started the Hung Devils forums, a lot of her fans continued to post messages at both Hung Angels and Hung Devils.  Did she leave Hung Angels on her own accord, or was she banned?

Jennifer:  i know about as much as anyone else. she was banned, several times, but thats about it… shes really not on my radar as much as i am on hers.

Caramel:  It’s crystal clear that the two of you have rubbed each other the wrong way, to put it mildly, for years. What was the original source of friction between you and Vicki?

Jennifer:  i dont remember what it was exactly that was said about me by her but i made it clear i didnt think her joke was funny and she continued to go w/ it simply bc she saw it got under my skin… thats her tho. she likes to start a fight and bow out while her followers finish up the torture of others… shes old news and has been for years… the only people that keep her name visible are members of her own forum.  i dont think a lot of people find her as interesting as the drama she creates.  i know i dont.

Caramel:  You never know what to expect at Hung Angels.  One minute you’re thinking two people will be enemies for life, and the next, they’re cool with each other again or it just fizzles into nothing.

If you ran a company, what kind of business could you see yourself owning and managing?

Jennifer:  it would be something to do w/ photography and makeup… 2 of my biggest passions… id love to do something that would encompass both.

Caramel:  Would you like to settle down and start a family?

Jennifer:  eh… idk anymore honestly… for many years i was a housewife and wanted nothing more than to stay that way, have kids, and be a distant memory from any spotlight… now several years into being single and supporting myself i think id like to find a guy that was either ok in being in the shadows of my spotlight or equally enjoy the recognition… so long as hes supportive of me and my career ill be happy.

Caramel:  I really do wish you all the happiness in the world and continued success.  It means a lot to me that you were so candid with your replies, Jennifer.

Jennifer’s photos are linked to her personal profiles.  When I asked if it was okay for me to link them, knowing her profiles might would slammed with new requests, she responded, “i wont add just anyone that sends me a friend request but gayborhood will lol”


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  1. Jennifer, you look absolutely beautiful and those who truly know you see that through the work that you are doing, you will change lives.

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