Interview With Kimberly Kills

May 1, 2010

When I get the opportunity to interview fast-rising stars, it’s so refreshing when they turn out to be as bright and sweet as I’d hoped they’d be.  I’m proud to present my interview with the incredibly hot Kimberly Kills.

Caramel: I’m not at all surprised by what seems to be your overnight success as a transsexual pornstar, Kimberly. However, I know that it took a lot of hard work and self sacrifice to become one of the most sought after new “It Girls” . I’ll ask some industry questions but I’d first like to know more about Kimberly as a person. So first off, did you know from an early age that you were different from most people born genetically male? If so, did you have an idea that you might someday have the chance to actually live full-time as a woman?

Kimberly: When I was younger I had a hard time putting my finger on what it was. I just knew I was different. I guess I started to ” get it ” when I was around 10 ? lol  It became more and more evident as I got older, at some point I would make the switch.

Caramel: When did you first begin dressing as a girl and what was it like for you?

Kimberly: It was brutal. I first began to transition right after I left the army. I served 2 years as a 11 Bravo. I wasn’t home for more than a week before I started making changes – telling people, getting my eyebrows done, you know all those small steps. It was really awkward. I weighed 200 pounds and was buff, totally masculine and just NOT “PASSABLE”. For a long time, it totally sucked ass. It was next to impossible to find work, or to maintain a job before someone would act like an ass, or I would get fed up being treated poorly because of who I am, and maybe kick a little ass, or just think real hard about it. Later like I did it, lol. Friends where few and far between and I felt alienated everywhere I went. Times like that, when you are down, you find out who really has your back and who doesn’t. I was spit at. stepped on, fucked with, pointed at by lesser people, Someone even once literally pelted me with a bible from their car window while I was walking down the street, The smirks and laughter, off comments and talk behind my back. I was chased by groups or hillbillies wanting to kick my ass. People actually kicked my ass, or tried to anyways lol. Harassed by cops, and worse.It definitely wasn’t a cake walk, but as my transition went on, it became a non-issue. Finally ! People came to notice less and less. Nowadays, It’s rare someone picks me out of a crowd and if they do, it’s usually more out of attraction than some uncoolness. And on those day when I do get an uncool customer, I confront them.  So, was it all worth it to be living as myself, openly and honestly, regardless of anyone else’s hangups with me or my people. Fuck Yeah. If I could go back and do anything differently, I would have held my head higher.

Caramel: The way you look now, it’s hard for me to imagine you ever getting “clocked” in public. I feel for you for the things you’ve had to go through. How and when did your parents find out that you were more inclined toward feminine activities and clothing and once they found out, how did they react?

Kimberly: My family became aware by my telling them. My dad wasn’t around, but I had an uncle that was like a father to me. The day I told him was the last time he and I spoke. That was almost 7 years ago.

My mom was cool though. She tried to be supportive. She had no clue how to, but man, she was there and most of the time, that was enough. To this day she’s always had my back no matter what. She and I are super tight. I dont know what I would have done without her in my corner. Love you Mom!

My brother, sister, step sisters and step brothers took a while before they came around again, and I’m not gonna lie –  that cut me pretty deep. But I love ’em still and they love me too. We all talk. My lil brother and big sis call me every couple weeks and we chat, much about the little nothings… same as we ever where.

Caramel: What was your high school experience like? Everyone seems to develop their first real personae at about 16 years old. Did you date often and were you popular or one of those quirky kids that other school mates couldn’t quite figure out?

Kimberly: In high school, I was pretty popular, someone who ran between crowds, stoners to the jocks. My nerdy friends and dorky crowd, along with the cool kids, and bad boys n girls….I got in trouble for small stuff, or doing what I wanted when it wasn’t in the class plans. I was a well-liked “cool” bad kid type, if that makes any sense. My principal literally had my home number at the #1 of his speed dial. He and I became pretty good friends and my teachers even liked me, despite my less than enthusiastic academic performance. I was totally girl crazy all the time, I dated Very often, I even had my first stalker in high school. I’ve been sexually active since I was 10 so I also got laid a lot during high school, in the hall ways, in the mechanical rooms, bathrooms, the cafeteria,  outside, in side – it didn’t matter.  I even got hand jobs in class a few times behind my books or a newspaper.

Caramel: Damn. Not exactly “High School Musical” material lol. I love it!  So, what’s your ethnic background and did religion, yours or your parents’ faith prove to be a stumbling block to your gender identity?

Kimberly: My family wasn’t very religious and my personal views of things of spiritual or religious nature didn’t seem to interfere with my personal truth My heritage is mostly Italian and some French. Guess I got to dodge that bullet? lol

Caramel: Yeah, that was pretty clever. *wink*  At what age did you leave the nest and when you moved out, did you being living as a female right away?

Kimberly: When I was 17, I’d had enough of Texas and joined the Army, During my time in the service, I tried everything to Literally fight it out of me and deny it. I burned myself inside to out over n over, just not wanting to face it. But the more I fought against myself , the more futile, and unnecessary I could see it was.  It was a scary time to be in the military, right after I got out of basic training, 9/11 happened. I got out of the military two years early at age 20 and came out within my first week of being “home”.

Caramel: You’ve lived all over the United States; Virginia, Colorado, Nebraska, Chicago, Seattle, Texas, the UK. How did your extensive globe trotting begin?

Kimberly: My mother’s husband (step father to me) was in the military (Navy) and that’s how it started. We moved around every 2 to 4 years and when my mother and he divorced, we moved a few more times, and once I left “the nest” I kept moving. It’s what I know I guess. If I’m in one place too long, I start to get that itch, so I pick up and move on.

Caramel: Although you still travel extensively, you’re now residing in Las Vegas. How do you like living in Sin City?

Kimberly: It’s okay here, a little too sprawling for my taste, but I don’t plan on being here much longer either. I will most likely move to either SF or LA … but who knows?  I like to keep my options open. But after Cali, I plan on leaving the States for a while if I can get away with it . I’ve seen almost all of North America and for all I know I only get to live once. So I mean to take in what I can, on all fronts.

Caramel: I love that attitude. You have a huge following of male fans, but also a lot of transwomen and genetic girl fans. Do you identify as a translesbian or bisexual, or a gender fluid girl who enjoys the company of a really hot guy once in awhile?

Kimberly: I am very Very Bisexual. Most of my long term relationships have been with women. Sex wise,  it depends on my mood, What I’m attracted to is people’s behavior, a lover’s Heart’s warmth, Their Compassion, and Views on Life, their eyes and lips and their scent (pheromones), not necessarily their genitals, or particularities of their gender, though I do like those too  … when we touch and I want that spark.  Thats what gets me. Passion & connection.

I identify as a polyamorous, sexually ravenous creature meant to reek sexual havoc on the living populous as long as I live. Someone’s masturbatory fantasy, that by some fluke or dark gift self actualized and came to life. Set free among what is constantly a less and less unwitting populous of people, That I will share smokes with… after sex.

Caramel: What do you do to keep your body so fit?

Kimberly: I’m one of those people blessed with a super high metabolism, I also dont drive, so I walk most everywhere I go. Also I am a nymphomaniac (Yes, Really) so there’s also a fair amount of physical exercise there too, maybe sum “heavy lifting” of one sort or another here n there lol.

Caramel: Your fans, including me, will inevitably want to know about a mystifying physical attribute you possess – a 3rd nipple. I think it’s just another element of your original beauty, but do you often get “What’s up with that?”

Kimberly: Questions from folks who’ve never seen a girl with a beautiful set of breasts and a tiny little nipple upon one of them? People ask me about it all the time, Sometimes I get a little flack about my third nipple.  A few people have even been pretty shitty about (online) , but… I was born with it , Its always been there. I’ve never had any elective surgeries or alterations, So far .. I’m all natural. I try not to get to ruffled about when people ask me about it. It’s definitely not my favorite characteristic about myself, but having it all my life, I’m sure you can imagine that I’ve come to terms with it. One of these days I’ll getting it removed , But for now, Personally  I feel like its a small humanistic flaw on my otherwise beautiful body .

Caramel: I don’t see it as a flaw but as a physycal idiosynchrasy. I love the sound of your voice. It’s ultra-feminine. Did you ever have to go through any vocal training to make your voice sound so absolutely womanly?

Kimberly: I never had voice training or surgery to get my voice this way, I would sing in the shower, or in my car while I was first transitioning, often at the top of my lungs, regardless of whatever. My roommates and neighbors would laugh or crack jokes sometimes about it, but I had heard somewhere it was a good way to train your vocal cords, I guess it worked?  It also helped keep me “sane” on those harder days.

Caramel: I believe in whatever it takes to get through the day and doesn’t hurt anybody. I also love your ink. How many tattoos do you have, where are they all, and what do they represent?

Kimberly: Right now I only have 4 tats, But after porn, I’ll probably get more. I love body art. I have a heart on my neck that says ” dv8 ” I got the heart there because I love being bitten there, and the dv8 inside was in honor of my first Mistress I had. I was, and in some way still an Very much in Love with her, she trained me and taught me soooo much, without even realizing She was one of the main people that helped me take my first steps towards getting into porn, which has always been one of my dreams. Even though she and I aren’t together anymore She will always be in my heart, and so thats what that means, to me.

Moving along, I have an angel on my shoulder , I got that when I was fresh out of basic training in the army, just a little something to look after me I guess, maybe a reminder, no one gets off this rock alive. ha , anyways…Then there’s my newest ink on my thigh, It’s not finished…Its mostly a cover up of some ink I did myself when I was like 12 or 13. When I got it, I really wanted some flowers, It was Valentines Day, and no one got me any. So I got some for myself.  I threw the skull in just to keep it pc. And there is an “N” on my knee. I was like 13 when I did that one also. I’m sure I had a reason then but now…. not so much. I’ll probably cover it with something next time I go in for more ink.

Caramel: I knew that you’re no stranger to bdsm and your work with Mandy Mitchell really brought that element of your sexuality out. Are you a submissive girl at heart?

Kimberly: LOL , uhmmmm for the right person I am Possibly a submissive. To a point. Mostly if people ask for a particular label, I say I’m a switch, but really, I just like bdsm, and prefer not to box myself in with labels. Sometimes I wanna be the top, and fuck your world up. Other times maybe I wanna be used to mop the floor. It also has a lot to do with how I interact with a specific persons energy. I did have a blast shooting with Mandy for her site though, so much so that she and I are setting up for another set very soon.

Caramel: That’s awesome. I love Mandy and her website.

This question is for fans of yours who’d love having the chance to please you. What are your erogenous zones? More specifically, do you like having your cock sucked, feet worshipped, salad tossed and what gets you off the most orally?

Kimberly: Hands down my most erogenous zone is my neck. Bite me right, without me having to walk you thru it and I’m yours. I can cum if someone bites me just right around where my tattoo is. In fact, when I got that tattoo I came about five times. I also love to face fuck, not get my dick sucked, but Make someone suck me. I’ll kiss them back ’till they are against the wall, slowly guide their hand behind their back, and whisper for them to go down to their knees. Holding their head against the wall  so I can fuck their mouth, without them having anywhere to go . . . Wuff!  There’s also something to be said for someone (non gender-specifically here ) that knows how to man-handle me. I’m a tough girl. Sometimes that kiss n cuddle stuff doesn’t cut it. Is it in you to take it from Me? food for thought.

Caramel: Alright, so much for this pair of panties lol. So you’ve been featured at the premier websites Shemale Yum, Shemale Strokers, Shemale Pornstar and Mandy Mitchell. What’s coming up next in the future? I’m hoping that you’ll soon have an official website of your own to celebrate your “overnight success”.

Kimberly: Well aside from Shemale Yum, Shemale Strokers, Shemale Pornstar and Mandy Mitchell, I’ve also shot a short scene with Aly Sinclair, for her site Club Aly Sinclair. But possibly my favorite scene, so far, was with Mandy Mitchell and Juliette Stray for Bang MyTranny Ass. Next on my list,, Devils Film, maybe Bang Bros! Bailey Jay too! Can’t forget her fine ass. I’m super stoked to go shoot with her and a few of the other Fine ass tgirls that want to work with me. Then I thought about catching up with my kink scene some, maybe get on at some kinky events as a demo bottom for fisting classes, rope bondage stuff – you know run in the shadows a bit and have my fun then come back for another round. Maybe a little further down the line I’d like to start a site of my own, under the right terms of course. I am open to having my own site, I certainly have enough Ideas for one, but finding the backing hasn’t happened yet.

Caramel: I’m hoping that “Yet” Is the key word, Kimberly. Thank you so much for taking the time out for our talk. I really appreciate it.

Kimberly: Thank you for having me on for an interview, Cara . Your blog is the bee’s knees!   Anyways though , Stay up sunshine, xxxo  Love, Kills. Huge hugs from me, Cara and much ♥♥♥

You can also find Kimber Kills at MySpace, Twitter, FetLife and  at YouTube.

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  2. Curt Dawson says:

    A very enjoyable interview. I especially enjoyed the fact that the author covered a wide range of subjects and not just sex, this made for a more three dimensional portrait of Kimberly.
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  3. Rockabilly says:

    Great interview Cara , It’s so called imperfections that make us unique and Kimberly is incredible.

    Mandy is the Dutchess of Domination but Kimberly is the Governess of Gape. 😉

  4. Chuck says:

    What a great article. Having just become a fan of Kimberly, I googled her name and found your site. It’s really great to learn a little something about some of these stars, in their own words. Caramel Ive only just begun reading the rest of your interviews, a task I look forward to with great eagerness. Thank you, for putting this all together. You are obviously as intelligent as you are beautiful.

    • Wow, Chuck! I’m deeply flattered and so glad you’ve enjoyed the interview. Thank you so, so much. xoxo Caramel

  5. Chuck says:

    Caramel, I think you and I have chatted before. Years ago I had a 2 Xpeeps profiles Jane and Janie, remember? Its ok if you dont. Is their a way to chat with you without leaving comments on Kimberlys page?
    Kimberly, I adore you, really.

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