Interview With Lucia Matthews

May 6, 2009

Lucia Matthews is a lithe, slender blue-eyed blonde with perky breasts a tight waist and a set of curvy hips to die for.  Those are outstanding traits for an adult entertainment star, but I wanted to know more about her and what makes her tick in two conversations. Lucia is multi-lingual which helps her to entertain people all over the world, which leads to my first question:

Caramel: How many languages do you speak, Lucia?

Lucia:  That’s a good question, and a little difficult to answer.  I have formal education in English, Spanish, German, and Mandarin (Chinese).  But when I’m dealing with a Romance language I can basically at least read it.  With the amount of Latin and Spanish I know, combined with all that I know of the others, I’m in pretty good shape.  The same thing transfers from German to Dutch.  I know how to say basic hellos and goodbyes and some catch phrases in Arabic, Swahili, Japanese, Korean, and… I think that’s it.  I can read the Greek, Korean, and Quenya alphabets also.

Caramel:  How old were you when you realized that you had an acutely female side?

Lucia:   The first consciously Trans thought I had was when I was 4 years old and it’s one of my first memories of all time.  I saw a woman (Yvette Mimieux) on TV and just thought she was so beautiful I wanted to be her.  The film took place way in a far-off future Utopia and I recall knowing I was in a boy body and thinking (verbatim) “maybe in the future, boys can become girls”. giggle.  Guess I was right.

Caramel:  Did your parents know or was this found out?  How did they handle it?

Lucia:  My who?

Caramel:  I’m feeling that response and would elaborate, but this interview is all about you,  Lucia.  Did any friends or other family know?

Lucia:  I guess my friends knew.. I told a couple of them straight out.  I used to wear girl jewelry, and then like I would wear girl underwear, and make up here and there.  I kind of just passed it off as though I was so flavor that I could rock the sexiest gear without any labels attached.  Still some were surprised.  I lost quite a few friends when I came out.  What I mean is, my transition distilled the people I knew down into true friends with a precipitate of associates and opportunists.

Caramel: When you reached the teen dating age, what were your preferences?

Lucia:  I only dated girls up until I was 19, I’ve really only been with a few boys.  I was bi, leaning towards girls, but about a year after HRT, my desires flipped script and now I’m basically only into boys with an exceptional girl for dessert.  Honestly, though, I’d rather be with a T*Girl any day.

Caramel: How old were you when you had your first sexual experience?

Lucia:  Ah, you wanna get into it then, do you?   Let’s get into it then. I ‘ve been in the trenches girl. Me and my best friend in Chicago used to have all sorts of sex all the time, every day.  I was 4 and she was 5.  This lasted until I was 6 or 7 and I moved to New York.  A few years later me and my new best friend started doing the same thing.  He was 10 and I was 8.  This lasted for a number of years.  I always made love like a girl too, which is either early street cred or way disturbing, depending on how you look at it.

Caramel:  That’s what I call getting into it, Lucia.   At the age I was just getting to first base, you were already sexually active.  Actually when you say you always made love as a girl, it’s not at all disturbing to me.  But does that also mean that you only receive or do you like doing the fucking, too?

Lucia:  I don’t really like to use my front end, no. I will on camera of course, but in my personal life, no, never.

Caramel:  Have you ever had sex with multiple partners?

Lucia: Yes of course I have!  I’ve had a three-way and a four-way in my personal life.

Caramel: You’re the second girl I know who’s posed for PK Vegas, a phenomenal Grooby photographer.  How did it go?

Lucia:  I can’t stop raving about PK!!  We instantly established a wonderful rapport and I felt so comfortable around him.  I almost didn’t need to try, I just felt so naturally beautiful and bubbly and I’m sure it’s going to come through in the shots.

Caramel:  Oh, yes, it shows! I know you have an interest in bdsm but not crazy about the pain aspect.  Have you ever experienced a D/s event outside of the home?

Lucia:  Oh no honey, I don’t mind the pain at all it’s just that I usually give it to myself! I’ve never had anyone do it to me short of a little biting.  Ok a lot of (really hard) biting but nothing to be considered D/s, just freaky, unabashed, primal sex.  I went to a kink show in Albuquerque on Feb 13th of this year, hosted in part by Amaris Crane, who takes photos of me and my friend Katrid (Kaite Katz).

Caramel:  I hope you’ll turn me on to Amaris Crane. I’m a big fan of Kaite and have been for a few years now. I hope people do ask you about them at MySpace.

How do you keep your body so slender, Lucia?

Lucia:  A minimal diet and a moderate to severe workout routine.  The trick is to find healthy food that you actually like; that way you don’t have to suffer.  I love that you used the world ‘lithe’ in the intro.  I really loved that you called Mandy TGirl ‘svelte’ in her interview, that’s the sexiest synonym for sure.

Caramel:  Girl, if you and Mandy Mitchellworked together, I think I’d cum on the spot without even touching myself. You don’t look alike but there are some undeniable similarities, aside from both of you being svelte.

Lucia:  I would love to work with her!  Matter of fact that might be a good way for me to get into some submissive mischief.  I really dig the work she does, and on a personal note, I love her for all the reasons she listed in her interview.

Caramel:  Are you an art lover?  You’re quite talented.

Lucia:  I hate art.  For real, that’s why I’d been making such crude, unrefined art recently, just to teach it a lesson.  I’ll always make art, but I like to switch up the medium.  Right now my art project is sculpting my body and letting other artists capture what they see in it.

Caramel: Well, you’ve certainly molded yourself well.  Tell me something about your music and mixing.

Lucia:  I started a project called Remix Curriculum in 2005.  There were almost always other artists involved (DJ Omen, Master Creature, and NaCl).  We had put out close to 80 pieces on 9 albums by 2008.  It’s a very conceptual type of free-form techno, drawing heavily on sub-pop culture and the digital age (at least for my part).  I recommend you get 8-Bit Assassins, that album is peerless.

Caramel:  You’re based in Vegas,  but have also lived in New Mexico, Upstate NY, Buffalo and Albany and also Chicago.  Do you prefer the Mid-west over the North?

Lucia:  I prefer where I am to where I was. If you can’t say that, you’re doing something wrong.

Visit Lucia at MySpace and tell her that Caramel says hello and sends her love. Meanwhile, I’ll have what they’re having, hopefully very soon.

October 3, 2009 Follow-up Interview

I consider myself very lucky to keep up with Lucia Matthews because she’s incredibly busy, but is always there for her friends and fans.  We always manage to keep in touch however and I got the chance to let you know what she’s been up to.  This beautiful young lady never ceases to amaze me.

Caramel:  In our first interview, you stated that you were “basically only into boys with an exceptional girl for dessert. Honestly, though, I’d rather be with a T*Girl any day”. Since then, you’ve been dating someone new. Can we talk about it?

Lucia:  yea baby we can talk about anything! First off, I stayed with Tempest for almost three weeks and we shot some content together for TS-Rockdolls which included a hardcore scene. She has a fat-ass dick too, it felt great! I left her place for Vegas to shoot with PK Vegas for TranSex Domination and I met a girl named Natasha Lover, this fly little Ukranian TS and we became an Item for a hot minute. I live in Vegas now so we club together and hook-up but are keeping it more low-keyed than in the beginning.

Caramel: Tempest is one of my favorite rock chicks. And, yes she does have one fat-ass dick LOL. I’m sure she’s had a lot of folks walking funny for days. PK is an awesome photographer and really nice. Natasha is gorgeous but if I were playing matchmaker for you, I’d choose someone with more in common with you and keep her in the friend zone. But that’s all I’ll say for now because my favorite motto is “Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.” You’re one busy girl, Lucia.

Lucia:  Well I’d certainly like to keep this roll going, I was on a whirlwind tour for over a month and I had such a blast. Even when I’m not modeling, I’m staying in the scene. I’m behind the camera for Shemale Pornstar shooting behind-the-scenes extras now with PK Vegas as my mentor.Right now I’m getting into some fashion shoots with Miss Kay Mayflower, a photographer out here originally from Boston, MA.

Caramel: So, you’re going to Frisco for Love Fest and the Castro St. Fair this weekend?

Lucia:  Yes I am.. I fell in love with San Francisco a number of years ago and have been dying to return. You know me, I love to party, especially when the party is enormous!

If you’re in San Francisco this weekend, you might be lucky enough to bump into Lucia! Currently, Lucia resides in Las Vegas, NV.

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    Whoa you are the most beautiful trannny i ever seen thanks for sendin me this link i hope we can talk some more sometime my myspace is

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    She is a hottie alright, I was first excited to know she lives here in Vegas, but then she said she was not into guys….and I am only a regular( no rich) guy.

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    dam Girl I like blondes and your the hottest blonde I’ve ever seen. Anyone making love to you is a very very lucky person I would give my left nut to make great passionate hardcore love making to you. Again dam Girl your smoking hot shwing shwing You can take me back behind the wood shed and teach me not to be a naughty naught little man.

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    I have one question? I don’t want to come off as an asshole have you ever by chance thought of becoming a 100 percent women if you don’t mind me asking.

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