Interview With Megan Leigh

Megan Leigh is a 29 year old pre-op transsexual from Los Angeles, California. We first began corresponding at MySpace years ago, always kept in touch, and have recently bumped into one another at FetLife. She’s the one responsible for bringing me to Facebook  after years of avoiding it. While catching up with one another again, I asked her to do this interview with me and here goes:

Caramel: Hey, Megan. Thanks for doing this interview with me. So, when did you first discover that you wished you’d been born female?

Megan: I have always felt more female than male my entire life. I’ve spent most of my life simply coming to terms with how I felt. I went through years of denial and pain before finally excepting that I need to transition a few years ago.

Caramel: That denial and pain will be quite familiar with a lot of readers and not lost on me either. How long have you lived in L.A., and where are you from originally?

Megan: I have only lived in L.A. for about seven years now. I’m originally from northern California, the Sacramento area.

Caramel: Do you think you’ll opt for SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery)?

Megan: I’m still working towards figuring out exactly how far I’m going to transition. I’d have to say it’s highly possible that I will in the end opt for SRS. I just prefer to live in the present instead of the future. I’m approaching my transition one step at a time and that decision is still a few years away for me. I will however say that I do plan on starting HRT and getting an Orchiectomy asap! :)

Caramel: One step at a time. I like that. Am I correct in assuming that when it comes to men, you prefer the take charge type?

Megan: Yes, I do prefer the take charge type. Something about feeling like I’m not in control just gets me going I guess. hehehe.

Caramel: So you’re usually the more passive partner in the bedroom?

Megan: Well that depends on your meaning of passive. If you were to compare how I act in the bedroom to a Straight Male/Female relationship, I’d be the Female. The reason I don’t see that as passive is because I can be very aggressive while giving head. That said the rest of the time, yes I’m very passive in bed. :)

Caramel: Knowing that you prefer to give over receiving, do you also like having fellatio performed on you and do you ever top your partner?

Megan: If I said receiving fellatio didn’t feel good, it would be a lie. Of course it feels good, however liking it is a different thing all together. I have issues with my “male parts.” I don’t enjoy using them for sex. It makes me feel too much like a man, and I’m definitely not a man. ;) As for topping my partner, It’s been about seven years since the last time I topped during sex. I’ve dated women who were ok with it for a while, they would use strap-ons on me, and while I’ve never dated a man, a couple I’ve been with were okay with me not topping them, but most wanted me too and that ended things quick when I explained that I don’t top.

Caramel: What turns you on the most during foreplay?

Megan: I would have to say being groped and massaged, I love when my partner takes charge and makes me feel like only they are in charge. Tell me I’ve been a bad girl and swat me on the behind. Also If you can pick me up and hold me while kissing, I’ll melt in your arms. :)

Caramel: I’m sure there are a lot of cocks swelling out there by now. At any rate, tell me about your interest in BDSM. Is it a lifestyle for you or more of a past time?

Megan: Well i’ve never really had a BDSM experience yet. The closest I’ve been was being tied to the bed by an ex face down while she used her strap-on on me. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but it was only a one time thing unfortunately. I consider myself a submissive lover and I do know that I’m not into pain. It’s an intriguing lifestyle and I’m very interested in learning how to be more submissive.

Caramel: Do you have any erotic BDSM fantasies you’d like to play out?

Megan: I have always wanted to experience being on my knees in the middle of three or more men. I’ve seen many pictures and videos over the years of multiple guys taking turns getting head by one girl who is surrounded by penises, and it’s always turned me on. Every time I see a girl doing this I fantasize about what it would be like to be in her place.

Caramel: Take it from me, there’s nothing quite like being surrounded by three or more stiff cocks. So, are you more attracted to guys, other transgenders or genetic females?

Megan: I consider myself to be bisexual although I lean more towards men. While I am very attracted to both women and men, men just have that one extra thing that I need sexually. ;) Genetic women can be a lot of fun too, but it’s very difficult to find a women who understands me and love me for who I am both in and out of the bedroom. As for other transgendered people, I have nothing against them, but I’m unsure that I could find a trans lover who isn’t a total bottom like myself.

Caramel: Oh there are plenty of us Domme transsexuals out here, but most are into guys only when it comes to relationships, so I agree that might be hard for you to get romantically involved with one. So, what’s your favorite sexual position and why?

Megan: Doggie style. I love this position because it makes me feel very submissive, it allows for deep penetration and has even made me cum in the past. I love being smacked on the behind while in this position. Another thing that really gets me going in this position is when a man puts his big hands on my hips and pulls me towards him.

Caramel: The few times I’ve bottomed, the very same things thrilled me the most. This is getting to be a bit too arousing for me even though I’m the one who steered our talk into a sexual conversation. Are you a romantic, Megan?

Megan: I consider myself to be the romantic type. I love going on long walks with and really getting to know a person. I know it sounds cheesy but I love walking on the beach at night. Something about the sound of the waves and the moon and stars above me as I’m held in your arms. :)

Caramel: That doesn’t sound cheesy to me at all. Do you think you might want to settle down with that one special person any time soon?

Megan: I have a dream of one day being the perfect wife for the right person. It’s hard dating and being trans, I’ve met lots of people, male and female, who where amazing but weren’t ok with my need to transition. Hopefully this will change as I become more comfortable living as a woman.

Caramel: It’s hard, but I know you’ll make it happen.

You can find Megan at FetLife.

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