The VOD site has launched, with six scenes currently available for purchase. “We’ve been working on getting VR online for almost a year, after a few near misses we decided to wait to work with Paradigm Net Media Inc., as their technology seemed the most in line with what we wanted to do,” said Steven Grooby. “Most trans VR scenes around already appear to be just emulations of mainstream VR scenes, but we’re catering to a different audience. I think our ‘Being Aubrey Kate’ and ‘Korra & Casey—Real Tgirl Lovers’ are groundbreaking and going to really hit home with some fans.” Grooby, the leaders in trans erotica, launched the virtual reality content on their brand new VOD site. The six scenes include some of the top trans models in unique and immersive scenes. More content is scheduled for release in the near future.
“We decided instead of being tied to a paysite schedule to go with a VOD system which will allow us the see what scenes people are reacting to the best, and then respond quickly,” added Grooby. “This first batch is us testing the waters but we’re fairly confident after initial feedback we will be starting the second round of shoots very soon.” features Aubrey Kate in both “The Bitch” and a unique hardcore scene called “Being Aubrey” where the viewer can experience a scene through the eyes of Aubrey. Natalie Mars presents her “Instructional Anal Toy” scene, while Shiri shines in a hot blowjob and fuck scene as if the viewer were there. Natalie Mars and Shiri play with each other before joining into a full-on threesome. In a groundbreaking scene through the eyes of real-life lovers, Korra Del Rio and Casey Kisses, Casey seduces and makes love to Korra, before the content switches to Casey’s point of view. Founded in 1996, Grooby is currently based in Los Angeles, and is a leading producer of trans erotica. Operating more than 30 membership sites, the company has numerous popular DVD lines and operates the, which gives models a unique opportunity to own and manage their own solo site. They are also the host of the annual TEAs (Transgender Erotica Awards) in Hollywood, Calif. With “Being Aubrey” the site urges you to… See through the eyes of one of the most sought after and exclusive transsexual performers in the world. Aubrey Kate is home alone, looking down at her amazing body, rolling a pair of stockings on her long, smooth legs and checking her makeup until Will comes over. Will takes his time kissing every part of Aubrey’s body – immerse yourself into being Aubrey Kate as your cock is sucking, asshole licked and finally penetrated. This is an experience you will never forget and another ground breaking scene.

Pure-TS: Aubrey Kate & Jenna Tales


Aubrey Kate and Jenna Tales are in Vegas and ready to party! They have a busy social schedule for the weekend, but first things first, time to bust a nut using their favorite submissive and his tight ass. They take turns fucking him bareback until cumming in his mouth and hole. This is the official synopsis of the bareback killer “TS Girlfriends Fuck Their Submissive in Vegas” scene on Pure-TS.


So I’m watching Aubrey Kate and Jenna sharing cocktails and chatting about nightclub action and contemplating whether or not they want to go out for the evening. The camera’s zoom draws back and it’s revealed that their high heeled feet are resting upon a naked Christian XXX. Aubrey Kate opens her legs and wearing no panties, she orders the dutiful sub to suck her cock. As he moves up to take her into his mouth, Jenna squeezes and spanks his firm bubble butt. Then she digitally manipulates that sexy ass while he gives Aubrey Kate head. She casually makes a text for evening plans while her dick swells inside the sub’s mouth.


Aubrey Kate stands up, lifting the hem of her dress, revealing her raging erection that stand out high from her thighs. Now it’s time for Jenna to get sucked to erection. Jenna’s full breasts are exposed and so are Aubrey Kate’s when she removes her dress. She moves behind Christian on her knees and sinks her bare swollen member inside Christian’s behind while he continues bringing Jenna’s cock to erection. Aubrey Kate’s tits jiggle wildly as she rails her sub’s ass and verbally humiliates him. When Jenna raises one of her legs to place a bare foot on the table, we get a good look at the cock of hers that’s now fully erect, fucking Christian’s mouth.


The powerful drilling of Aubrey Kate continues with her gloriously nude and then the action that follows takes place on a large bed. Christian is on his back with Jenna easing her stiffness inside his ass while Aubrey Kate gives him a skull fucking. When Aubrey Kate sits on his face while jerking off, the electrifying transbian moment for me comes when the girls kiss with Jenna pounding the sub with jackhammer thrusts. Then the hung beauties switch places and Aubrey Kate fucks Christian yet again!


After awhile, Aubrey Kate moves closer to Jenna to suck her nipples and devour her breast while the Latina pounds away at the supremely fuckable man butt. Jenna strokes her fellow Domme’s hardon while the blonde jerks Christian off. So we’re about halfway through this scene and Aubrey Kate gets a rimjob from the sub while Jenna continues to fuck him hard. Jenna gets her salad tossed and her dick sucked again when Aubrey Kate delivers another sound banging.


Do you like seeing girls shooting big creamy white cumshots? I could go on and on about this remarkable Pure-TS threesome, but it’s time to wrap things up. I highly recommend that you stream this scene or better yet, download it for keeps and grab the enormous photo set while you’re at it.


Tranny Vice DVD / VOD

Tranny Vice Cast: Mona Wales, Morgan Bailey, Domino Presley, Aubrey Kate, Natalie Mars, Sue Lightning, Directed by Buddy Wood. Length: 1 hrs. 27 minutes, Rating: XXX, Released: Aug 15 2016, Production Year: 2016, Studio: Grooby, Number of Discs: 1.


“Detectives Bailey and Presley are two of the dirtiest cops on LA’s Tranny Vice. They’re hot on the trail of bad girl Aubrey Kate and they’re not about to let anything get in their way!! Hardcore action! Hardcore sex! Hardcore fun!” I had hardcore fun with this DVD that doesn’t take itself too seriously and keeps things lighthearted. The opening action begins with Robert Axel and Aubrey Kate. They’re always amazing to watch separately or together. Morgan Bailey and Domino Presley are hilarious as the vice squad partners and sexy as hell. Domino performs a solo striptease and masturbation sequence while Morgan hunts down the cisgender female actress Mona Wales. Mona has a long rap sheet and after some sizzling hot foreplay, detective Bailey keeps her in line by giving her some long cock. Domino busts bad guy Robert Axel, but he gives her a fucking that keeps him out of serious trouble. Natalie Mars and Sue Lightning are the CSI team on duty. While Sue jacks off in the bedroom of a victim’s house, Natalie gets it on in the living room with newcomer Dorian Drake. This bareback railing ends with a tremendous facial and it’s the second to last sex scene of Tranny Vice. The actual finale is a Sue Lightening cumshot before the film comes to a comical surprise ending.

Watch The Trailer on Adult DVD Empire
Watch The Trailer on Adult DVD Empire

Aubrey Kate and Robert Axel








“Today is a big day for Aubrey Kate. She’s been seeing Robert for a while, and they’re both falling for each other; however, Aubrey has a secret, and she’s afraid that when she reveals it, Robert will break up with her. It’s happened before…and more than once. When Aubrey break the news that she has something “extra” down there, most men run. Robert’s different, though…and sure enough, after Aubrey breaks the news and Robert has a few moments to think, he embrace Aubrey….” That’s the reduced synopsis of Aubrey Kate and Robert Axel in the site What, blacks on boys? Robert Axel is actually Latino and beautiful Aubrey Kate certainly ain’t no boy. The famed interracial network is branching out and I loved the first time I saw this happen with Kylie Maria and Deepdicc. I’ve been a fan of this network since 2011 and I joined the party a little bit late. When Aubrey Kate and Robert are kissing on the sofa, she can’t keep her secret from him any longer. She shows him what’s hiding under her short-shorts. At first, he doesn’t take the news well. He heads off to the kitchen to gather his thoughts and his girlfriend with a surprise joins him solemnly. He can’t resist her charms and soon they’re kissing passionately, especially when she sinks down to suck his cock. The pivotal moment comes about 8 minutes in when Robert lowers her panty and experimentally fondles her lovely cock. Obviously, he has strong feelings for Aubrey Kate and a trip back to the living room. He sucks her cock for the first time, driving Aubrey Kate wild with pleasure. Then the stud gives her the fucking of a lifetime in this half hour HD movie. Now I’d never wait until this point to surprise a man in real life, but this scene is simply incredible and the photo set is enormous! I usually go to the DogFart network for the best interracial boy/girl, girl/girl and hung black male on cute twinks porn, but I’m glad they’re now getting serious about trans porn, too! By the way, don’t let anyone tell you that trans women and gay men do not have sex together. I’m living proof to help shatter that myth.