Bailey Jay in Hot and Sweaty BJ

MP4 Video Gallery
MP4 Video Gallery 

Hung hubby Matt of Bailey Jay has his lovely wife nuzzling her face against the bulge in his shorts on another hot ass day in Florida. She makes a series of long licks across the shaft of his rapidly enlarging cock and pays special attention to that sensitive spot just below the head. Then she glances upward into the lense of his handheld camera before taking the swelling head inside her mouth. She manages sucking about half of his long dick at first and gradually works up to sucking it almost down to the base. You can see her deep cleavage within the orange top she’s wearing. Then she hoists the hem of the top above her full breasts. She’s still wearing her panties as she pulls back to jack his cock firmly and teabag his balls. When Bailey Jay sits up to withdraw her cock, it’s erect and she can’t resist beating off. This BJ has worked her up quickly and soon a stream of creamy white cum is pouring into her palm. She tasted a bit of her own nectar and resumes her cock sucking. She takes his sperm with her tongue hanging out of her sexy mouth. Her orange top gets all spunked up with man cream, too. I thought I’d throw in a sample photo set from her Get In The Shower pictorial set for good measure.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Bailey Jay Jerk Off Instruction Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

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MP4 Trailers 

Just in case you haven’t learned how to jerk off with Bailey Jay yet, her second installment of “Jerk Off Instruction” should do the trick. She moves around scantily clad on her bed and announces that she’s going to get hard for you. I don’t recall seeing her cock flaccid when her videos begin often and realize I’ve forgotten she’s a grower. So now it’s time to learn so she asks you to start stroking with her. She’s been edging all day and expecting to produce a big cumshot by the end. Although she faps mainly in the beginning with her designer undies pulled to the side, she still wears a t-shirt. Her legs and feet are bare. It’s kind of like a sharper version of a live webcam show with the as close to the same level of intimacy as a recording can get. I think you’ll get so fully immersed that you’ll forget it’s not live. Once her cock is fully and hugely erect, it does that miraculous gravity defying thing when she’s not stroking it furiously. Bailey Jay makes her big rack swing one way and her big dick swing other ways before getting back to beating off. She asks where you’d like to cum. After suggesting her on face, she suggests on her tits and finally bares them. After completely removing her panties, she jerks off spread eagle on the bed. She flexes her bare feet for foot lovers and turns around for butt lovers. Then she imagines you sucking on her big, fat, thick cock and her masturbation becomes more intense. Don’t worry about not knowing when Bailey Jay is going to cum. She announces her impending orgasm. Then a steady flow of creamy white cum spurts from her swollen pink cockhead. Bailey Jay flashes her pendulous breasts one last time and thanks you for jerking off with her.You can stream or download Jerk Off Instruction Part 2: Electric Boogaloo on her official website or from the TGirl Network which includes full access the websites of Adriana Lynn Rush, Angelina Torres, Ashley George, Bianka Nascimento, Carmen Moore, Eva Paradis, Holly Harlow, Jasmine Jewels, Jessica Fox, Jonelle Brooks, Kelly Clare, Kimber James (pre-op & post-op), KimberLee, Mandy Mitchell, Morgan Bailey, Natalia Coxxx, Natassia Dreams, Nody Nadia, Olivia Love, Penny Tyler, Sarina Valentina, Sexxxy Jade (pre-op), Sunshyne Monroe, Tiffany Starr, TS Foxxy, TS Jessy, Vaniity and Victoria Di Prada.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Bailey Jay: Jerk Off Instruction 1

Devil With a Red Dress on Sample Photo Gallery
Devil With a Red Dress on Sample Photo Gallery

82 photos, 1600 x 1063, 28.80 mb are the stats of the Devil With a Red Dress On Bailey Jay photo set. Jerk Off Instruction 1 is also self-explanatory, but leave it to me to go into detail about it. She announces that she’s already hard and want you to be also and instructs you to take your cock out. If yours isn’t already hard yet, just look at her big boobs in the sheer white top with her nipples showing through and the bulge in her Calvin’s. She was just at Starbuck’s with that top on, not realizing how sheer it is. But you get to see her lower the top just enough to fully expose her tits. Since Bailey Jay just finished jogging, her panties are all sweaty and she loves the musky aroma. She takes off her panties and takes a whiff. Now she just sort of has the top on, thick white socks and sneakers. She turns around to show you her ass and starts finger banging. Then she begins stroking her thick cock and slapping it in her palm, whispering that she wishes you were there to taste it. She alternates between sitting and standing while fapping and wants you to come at the same time she does. After Bailey Jay shoots her big, creamy white load into her palm, it spills all around her fingers. She shows you her cum-laden hand up close. She tastes some of it. Wouldn’t you love to taste that last bead of cream resting at the top of her cock head? You can stream or download Jerk Off Instruction 1 on her official website or from the TGirl Network which includes full access the websites of Adriana Lynn Rush, Angelina Torres, Ashley George, Bianka Nascimento, Carmen Moore, Eva Paradis, Holly Harlow, Jasmine Jewels, Jessica Fox, Jonelle Brooks, Kelly Clare, Kimber James (pre-op & post-op), KimberLee, Mandy Mitchell, Morgan Bailey, Natalia Coxxx, Natassia Dreams, Nody Nadia, Olivia Love, Penny Tyler, Sarina Valentina, Sexxxy Jade (pre-op), Sunshyne Monroe, Tiffany Starr, TS Foxxy, TS Jessy, Vaniity and Victoria Di Prada. The I Got New Patio Furniture photo set includes 91 31.30 mb, 1600 x 1053 photos.


Bailey Jay: How Bad Do You Want My Thick, Heavy Cock?

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer

Bailey Jay asks, “How Bad Do You Want My Thick, Heavy Cock?” Well, it is big and heavy as you can see in this MP4 gallery. Personally, I’d rather fuck her until she can’t see straight and make her thick, heavy cock cum with my hand first (as if the opportunity is around the corner or something). Sure, her cock looks delicious, but I usually think of doing more dominant things to this rapidly rising mainstream star and porn megastar. I don’t know if it’s because I’m quite familiar with seeing the way she likes to get fucked or because I’d like to see her in a totally submissive situation with BDSM props and gear involved because I’m a kinky bitch. She does looks and innocent and angelic in white, but I’d like to strip every last vestige of innocence away. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I know what I like. I do like the way she smacks her swollen dick in the video and the way it stands up when she lets it go. It’s terribly erotic when she makes it swing lewdly then lathers it up with soap. I love the way she holds one of her big tits with one hand and pumps out streams of creamy white cum with the other hand. I just like it even better when Bailey Jay turns around and offers her full round ass that’s just begging to be fucked. I don’t think she’s missed a weekly update in the last five years. You might want to fact check me on that. I’m not actually certain, but sure I’m close. You can find out if you’re a member of her website or the 30 stunners on the TGirl Network megasite.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Bailey Jay & Lance Hart of PervOUT



Lance’s fiancée, Anya Olsen, told him that he needs to suck ten dicks and swallow all of the cum before she’ll fuck him again. She’s been giving his address out to all the trans ladies with the biggest cocks in town. His home has basically turned into a glory hole. Bailey Jay comes by for a blowjob. She happily prances into his living room, lifts up her skirt and Lance goes to work on her big hard dick until she blows her load down his throat. She kisses him and says, “Thanks!” with a giggle, then prances out. Lance Hart runs the Sweet Femdom website, created the PervOUT network and he’s the principle star. That led me to circle back to the official Bailey Jay website where I found a brand new update with Bailey Jay fucking Lance of “Slut Bonanza” on I’m sorry I don’t have any promo materials yet, but I can give you a brief summary. They’re making out on the sofa with Lance in skull and crossbones briefs and Bailey Jay in a grey t-shirt, maroon mini skirt and white platform sandals. After sucking Mr. Hart’s cock for awhile, she withdraws her own big dick from her pink panties. It’s as hard as his and she gets some head, too. Within 5 minutes of this scene that runs just under 14 minutes, Bailey Jay is fucking Lance doggy style. Then he straddles her for a reverse cowboy railing, full frontal and then in profile. She jacks him off while humping up into him and she works his cumshot across her bare, heaving bosom. Lance sucks Bailey Jay’s boner again, then tea bags her smooth, hairless balls until she’s ready to explode. Then she jerks off until she shoots a big creamy white load of cum across his handsome face and he greedily laps up the rest of her elixir. I’m not sure when this scene will update on the PervOUT network, but you can stream or download it now on

Bailey Jay In: So Much Cum







Here are a few sizzling sample photo galleries that have absolutely nothing to do with the “So Much Cum” video on TS-Bailey Jay. I hope you won’t mind waiting until I can show you some video previews. Better yet, join her website so you won’t have to wait! The scene begins with Bailey Jay sitting on a green sofa in a black skirt with a white t-shirt and sheer white thigh-high stockings. She bares her lovely breasts and begins stroking her flaccid cock. She gets herself hard while sucking on her hubby’s extra long pecker, then props herself back up on the couch. Then she gets back to stroking her huge hardon again while fingering herself. Bailey Jay makes lots of eye contact with you while fapping and sucking. You have to see for yourself why the name of this video is so appropriate. Actually, you don’t because I’m going to tell you. Both partners spurted big cumshots. There’s been a lot of that on her site lately. Take the TS-Bailey Jay tour to see what else she’s been up to.

2015 Feminist Porn Award Winners

The 10th Annual Feminist Porn Awards took place on Friday April 17, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario. Focusing on films which expand conventional ideas about desire and beauty standards. Some of the 2015 Feminist Porn Winners films available to rent and stream on where proceeds directly support the studios. “Best Boygasm” went to Heavenly Spire Volume 1 from Shine Louise Houston / Pink & White Productions. “Heavenly Spire is a personal project for me,” said Houston. Accepting my own masculinity has allowed me to feel okay about my desire for masculine people, and exploring it in film lets me look at male bodies the way I want to. There’s more ways to be masculine than society allows us to be.” The “Sexiest Star Feature” went to JL+DD: Jiz Lee and Danni Daniels by Danni Daniels/Jiz Lee, an hour of connected, high-chemistry sex in a marathon of fun, athletic positions from trans woman superstar Danni Daniels and genderqueer porn star Jiz Lee. “Best New Comer” is Evie Eliot with her debut film, TWITTERBATING. Twitterbating is Evie Eliot’s directorial debut, and the first release for Clever Girl Pictures. Come join Evie Eliot (She/Her), Krys Noir (He/Him) and Jenny Minx (She/Her) as they spend a lazy summer day in bed together. The winner of the “Tantalizing Trans Film” award is BIODILDO 2.0 from Christian Slaughter. Following the story from BIODILDO, Bettie wants to bring their sex life to another level but husband Barney is worried. Signing up for a swingers website turns out to be a night they’ll never forget. “Hottest Lesbian Vignette” went to Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap-ons from Courtney Trouble/TROUBLEfilms. Soft Girls & Strap-ons takes us back into the powerful, playful world of plus size lesbian sex that is the award-winning Lesbian Curves series, with five scenes feature gorgeous fat femmes, juicy tomboy switches, and deliciously hard and huge strap-on dicks. The “Hottest Trans Vignette” is Courtney Trouble’s Trans Lesbians from Courtney Trouble/TROUBLEfilms. Courtney Trouble’s Trans Lesbians is a chemistry-driven hardcore feature that follows Bailey Jay, Chelsea Poe, and Drew DeVeaux through a lusty web of lesbian sex. The five scenes in Trans Lesbians are shot in Trouble’s artistic hardcore style. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! Here are some video previews from these outstanding films:









Bailey Jay Booksmart Butt Slut Lady

Bailey Jay has a new pair of killer shoes and she proudly shows them off in her mesmerizing Booksmart Butt Slut Lady video. At least for a little while since you’ll be hard pressed to find a recent video of this beauty not going barefoot by the end of it. The scene begins with Bailey Jay unzipping her jacket to expose her large breasts in a sheer top and panties that lower quickly. Her big cock is fully erect and in your face as she strokes it hard and fast. When she crouches down, that big stiff pecker stares at you at eye level. Next comes a purple suction dildo that she begins fucking herself with. Bailey manages to unzip and remove her little boots without removing the sex toy. Once she makes use of the toy’s suction on the floor, it’s easier to jerk off until she works the creamy white cum out of her stiff dick. You can join her site alone or the desktop and/or mobile version of the T-Girl Network. Here some photos from the Liberty and Pillowtown sets and video previews from TS-BaileyJay:




Bailey Jay Gym Slut Bitch

It’s time to work out with Bailey Jay with a torrid new video and matching 90+ image photo set. We’re not really in a gym, but a bedroom with a weight set. I don’t allow minor details like that bother me and when you see the video, I doubt that you will either. In the video, Bailey Jay pulls the crotch of her one-piece to the side and releases her large cock and smoothly shaven balls. She lets her big dick air out and swing around and then the stroking begins and her hefty boobs are exposed. Bailey’s thick prick is right before you for a moment. Then the raven-haired lifts her legs, props her bare feet on the bench and starts fucking a purple dildo. The camera closes in on her beautiful face as she moans loudly, doing what she needs to for a powerful climax. A big load of creamy white cum pours along Bailey’s fist and she licks some of it up. Click on the photos for video previews from Gym Slut Bitch live now on TS-BaileyJay. This set is absolutely exquisite.



Best Internet Personality Bailey Jay

Congratulations to Bailey Jay for her 2015 TEA for Best Internet Personality win sponsored by TROUBLEfilms and Pure Play Media! Bailey co-hosts the podcast The Bailey Jay Show with her husband, photographer Matthew Terhune, and she has also made several guest appearances on Sirius XM Radio The Jim Norton Show with Jim Norton, giving advice to callers. She currently serves as the co-host/announcer of The Jim Norton Show, a comedic talk show hosted by Jim Norton for Vice. Bailey Jay appeared as “Harley Quinn” (after the comics character) on Grooby websites such as Shemale Yum, where many of her sets featured references to cosplay and anime. After successfully marketing herself with a number of website and DVD appearances, breast augmentation and a name change, Bailey launched her own adult website featuring soft- and hardcore erotica. Though she has been featured on Evil Angel since 2010, she currently produces frequently updated content exclusively for her own website