Black-TGirls: Gorgeous Nubian Barbie!

The official description reads: Another BEAUTIFUL girl makes her debut on Black TGirls this week! Meet Omar Wax’ latest discovery, gorgeous Nubian Barbie! Barbie has an amazing soft chocolate skin complexion, long legs and a perfect juicy ass. She’s a versatile girl, or in her own words: “From one look you may think that with all this ass I like to bottom. Don’t get me wrong, I do but I 100% like laying into a firm or soft muscle butt”! With Nubian Barbie and Amber Flawless both making their debuts in two days we had hard time and couldn’t decide between them two who is going to be our “Model of the Month” for May. So guess what, we have decided to make an exception for this month: we will have TWO models of the month for May! Ladies and gentlemen, Nubian Barbie – Black TGirls’ “Model of the Month” for May 2018!

A little online research tells me that Brionna Pleasant is the full name of this absolutely ravishing trans model Nubian Barbie of Dallas, Texas. After seeing her location, it’s pretty much a given that producer Omar Wax would do the honors of presenting her debut (and hopefully on sister sites in the future). I’ve just raved about the stunning model who shares May 2018 Model of the Month Amber Flawless right here on Caramel’s TGirls on May 1, 2018. But today’s focus is on lovely Nubian Barbie. Her debut opens with a testimonial in which she introduces herself as a southern Louisiana native. You’ll be able pick up the southern accent in her fast, articulate speech pattern, but it might sail past you if you’re mesmerized by looking at her.

As she gives out her social media links, you’ll see that her body suit is pretty sheer and the points of her nipples are visible. There’s a mind-blowing sequence with Barbie unsnapping the bottom panel of her sexy garment and allowing her goodies to spill out. But then she presents you with a killer rump shaking, coyly hiding what’s going on in front. She raises the outfit high enough to expose her gorgeous breasts and nipples next. A jolt of lust might course through your body as the next sequence begins. Barbie is standing completely naked and then she straddles the sofa to raise the eroticism to a whole new level. But it’s not the last time you’ll see her standing. You’ll see and hear her firmly spanking her magnificent bottom before facing the camera to settle into a masturbation session.

When I say that Barbie does some finger banging while jerking off and moaning softly, I really mean it. She doesn’t just toy around but actually fucks herself digitally. At one point she grips the lower part of her cock shaft with one hand and pumps the upper portion with the other hand. After stroking her erection this way for a while, she’s shown fucking her ass with two fingers the second time around. This is one of the finest debut productions I’ve ever seen on Nubian Barbie is incredible.

Black-TGirls: Meet Beautiful Amber Flawless!

Description: Wow, today we have an immense pleasure to introduce one beautiful Grooby Newbie! Everybody, meet gorgeous Amber Flawless! KilaKali discovered this Missouri cutie a year ago and he was finally able to get her in to do a shoot. Amber is an unique blend: her mother is white and Native American, her father is African American. She is fully versatile and she loves big cocks! Amber is young, pretty and she has amazing eyes, a beautiful smile and a smoking hot body! Amber Flawless is the Black TGirls’ “Model of the Month” for May 2018! Well deserved!

Producer KilaKali said, “Amber is a girl I have been knowing for close to a year. I was finally able to get her in to do a shoot. She is a unique blend her mother is White and Native American. Her father is African American. She is fully versatile and she loves big cocks. She really wants to do more in this industry she definitely has the looks. I hope to get her in for a hardcore soon.”

You might have to join both and in that case. But this site does hardcore scenes too, so we’ll see what happens with Amber and some lucky future “friend”.

They should keep in mind that she’s versatile, but she loves missionary when passive and doggy style when she’s the aggressor. She loves BBC (big black cock) and yes, she’s indeed a size queen.

This is Amber’s first porn shoot after chatting with her producer fr about a year. Amber surprisingly doesn’t seem nervous at all for her debut. She removes her wedges and lowers her top rather quickly and what a sumptuous pair of hormone boobs she has. Amber’s beautiful lithe form is completely naked in under four minutes! I don’t think you should worry about developing a boner so fast. I certainly didn’t have to wait long. Amber’s hardon develops after she shows us her body from every angle and plays with her butt a little. After about the 10th minute or so, Amber is jerking off her full erection and there’s something very interesting about this. Amber has a poker face jack off session and I’m hoping to see her loosen up in her encore. Typically, the cum shot comes the second time around so maybe we’ll soon see her letting loose completely!

Black-TGirls: Stella Marie Cums For You!

Our ( “Model of the Month” for April and one of the hottest Femout.XXX graduates in 2018, gorgeous Kansas City doll Stella Marie, returns with her second Black TGirls’ solo! Stella is a super cute girl with an amazing body, a big hard cock and a perfect ass! Absolutely stunning! Watch this cutie stroking her cock until she cums for you in another hot solo scene produced by KilaKali and stay tuned for more from her!

A native of Kansas City, Missouri. Stella Marie is fully versatile. Shes now has two video and photo sets on Femout.XXX and on! The funny thing about that is she basically looks the same on both sites – equally stunning. Her progress as a model may have improved, but I can’t tell. I though she’s been great since she made her debut. In this update, Stella welcomes us back and re-introduces herself while reclining in bed. She bares her lovely breasts from a lacy body suit and seems close to exposing her cock from the fabric. But she turns her fabulous ass to the camera instead and gyrates it seductively. She then spanks her booty and exposes it explicitly.

This is where the challenge of being an adult photographer’s professionalism is really tested. My she-cock would be throbbing to go deep inside a bottom like Stella’s – so tight looking, round and perfect. I’ve got to hand it to KilaKali for keeping his cool. Soon, Stella is on her back completely naked. Then she’s up on all fours, the personification of doggy style dreaming. Stella makes her cock stiffen by delicately rubbing her fun spot and grinding her swelling dick against the bed sheets. She plays more aggressively with her tiny starfish the hornier she gets. She keeps this action up until she coaxes a small load of clear cum from her big swollen cock head!

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Black-TGirls: Gorgeous Girl

Gorgeous Girl Set Five Description: One of the hottest newcomers of 2017, sensational Gorgeous Girl, returns to star in a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Thursday” series shot by Radius Dark!

She’s stunning! Our October 2017 Model of the Month is horny and ready to have fun! She tells us a little about herself and then she pulls down her top and plays with her nipple a bit, before showing off her tight butt. Then, she strokes her hard cock until she cums!

Gorgeous Girl lives up to her name while describing her favorite hobbies, music and what she likes sexually. She bares one breast and nipple and caresses them while laying across the bed. Then she removes her tall sandals to tease her foot admiring fans.

She politely asks about removing a garment, then exposes her semi-erect cock. After stroking it for a few moments, Gorgeous Girl sits up on the bed to undress herself further. Next comes a masturbation from behind with the stunning model showing off her curvy, panty-clad ass.

After about ten minutes, we finally see Gorgeous Girl almost completely nude, stroking her enormous stiff cock! There are aerial views from the front and behind of Gorgeous Girl jerking off while standing up.

But she’s laying on her back when she makes spurts of cum blast from her big, bulbous cock head in this torrid update.

TGirls.XXX: Candy Licious & B Flex!

The official TGirls.XXX description of this hardcore update reads: Gorgeous Candy Licious is back with a brand new hardcore scene! Omar teams her up with B Flex and Candy is ready to get that sweet ass of hers pounded hard! After a lot of kissing and making out, Candy starts sucking B Flex’ cock to get him rock hard! B Flex then pounds her tight hole hard in various positions and Candy LOVES it!

I don’t have the slightest sexual attraction to masculine male feet, but I hate it when men fuck with their socks on, let alone a hat. I’m not a fan of baggy sweats either. That said, you might think I’m not impressed with B Flex at all. I actually think he’s cute.

I love the fact that he sucks Candy’s big cock and while fucking her, he makes her produce on of her biggest porn cum shots ever! I just don’t like the way he dresses and most porn fans won’t even care about that.

About my girl Candy, you’ll have a hard time convincing me that she can do anything wrong. I’ll admit that I’m biased because she granted me with an interview here on Caramel’s TGirls, but I digress. We’re here to talk about her latest hardcore scene on TGirls.XXX.

Note that I said hardcore because she’s done three of them on the premiere trans lesbian site TGirls.Porn, and two hardcore scenes with men on On TGirls.XXX, Candy is joined in the kitchen by B. who strips her down to her fishnet footies.

After squeezing and slapping her perfectly rounded ass cheeks, he moves in for a rimjob and gets his cock sucked in return. I can’t decide which fucking sequence is the best. Candy looks amazing leaning against the kitchen counter with her big dick swinging as she gets railed.

But she also looks fantastic getting fucked while on her back jerking off as well as riding B. in the cowgirl position when they move to a sofa! Their side saddle pounding generates one of Candy’s biggest cum shots ever captured!

Black TGirls: Gorgeous Girl Is Back!

Watch The Scene Trailer

Description: Gorgeous Girl returns! Discovered by Omar Wax, this beautiful young starlet made her debut in October becoming the Model of the Month – absolutely deserved! We were amazed by her beauty when we first met her and since then we were eagerly waiting to see her again! She’s here now looking even more beautiful! Watch this petite cutie stripping and showing off her amazing slim body in another hot Omar Wax produced solo scene!

As I watch Gorgeous Girl for the third time on, I’m asking myself, what kind of model would go around with a name like that if they couldn’t back it up? Well, there could be hundreds of them but if their looks don’t fit the description, I doubt that they’re working. Taking a name like that reminds me of what Little Richard used to say, “I’m not conceited, I’m convinced.”

This is a tortuously slow kitchen striptease and the wait is well worth it. We don’t even see any nipple until somewhere into the fourth minute. And although we see her breasts fully exposed soon after, we don’t see her dark and lovely cock until were into the sixth.

By the time Gorgeous Girl’s lingerie drops to the floor completely, she’s developing and erection that just keep growing longer and longer. Then she shows us her precious bare ass explicitly and also thrusts her hardon back between her thighs.

We can see pre-cum oozing from her swollen cock head as she jerks off. Mr. Wax gives us full body shots, aerial views and tight close-ups in this dazzling update.

Dazia Kockdazian Jacks Off!

“We were so excited to see gorgeous Dazia Kockdazian again when she made her comeback two weeks ago. She’s back for more today! One of the hottest California models has been with us for seven years and she keeps getting more and more beautiful! Dazia has a smoking hot slim body, nice boobs and amazing long legs! Watch her stripping, showing off her perfect booty and stroking her big hard cock until she reaches orgasm! She’s stunning!”

With 16 updates since June of 2011, Dazia returns with another mesmerizing performance. Her original profile reads: Dazia is a great new girl from Los Angeles. She is 22 years old and only started her transformation about a few months ago.

She is 6’0 and has 9 inches of wood which she kept hard through the entire shoot. She is a 100% top so be prepared to be impaled if she comes to your city. She’s a couple of years shy of 30 now and she’s obviously quite comfortable with herself and confident. Looking like a runway model that’s fitting. 

he enters the bedroom in Buddy Wood’s crib asking if we like her outfit. At first it looks like a swimsuit but with the way it molds to her large breasts an exposes the outlines on her nipples, I think it’s way too sexy for that. It must be swim-inspired lingerie. I don’t think the designer had a big cock in mind when creating the crotch panel however.

After massaging her boobs, Dazia releases her cock and begins to stroke it to a full erection. She’s laying on her back until she develops a full blown hardon. Then she gets on all fours to expose her ass explicitly.

By the midway point of this update, Dazia is completely naked. One of the things you’ll notice is that there’s no reason for her producer to speak. Dazia masturbates with a lot of sexy dialogue much like a webcammer. In other words, her intention is to talk her way through both your orgasm and hers.

Let’s see if she’s successful at doing both. You can watch Dazia’s free scene trailer on the landing page of

Black-TGirls: Angel Be’Natti’s Graduation!

The official description reads: It’s time to introduce the first Femout.XXX Graduate for 2018! It’s gorgeous Angel Be’Natti! This cutie was discovered by Buddy Wood back in 2016 when she made her debut on his TS- and then went on shooting a few hot solo scenes for Femout .xxx with Buddy and Radius and also a smashing hardcore scene with Annie Trappington for TGirls.Porn. She’s back today looking hotter than ever, so it’s the right time for her to make her Black TGirls debut! Watch sexy Angel as she strips, gets her cock rock hard and strokes it just for you!

I was so sad to here not long before this photo and video set was released that Angel has decided to retire from the adult industry. I was proud to present her in-depth interview with Scott aka PornOCD on TS Dreamland but the only thing to do was remove it. You don’t even have to ask if removing personal content is appropriate. Just do the right thing.

Wow, though. She’s sure going out with a bang! Well it’s not hardcore like here with Annie but it’s a fantastic solo performance. That cute as a button face and pretty bare legs are almost all the skin you’ll be warmed by at first. Then Angel begins to undress starting with her sweater.

She’s flashing something red beneath her blue shift and my oh my…. She bends over on the sofa with her rump facing you. The red garment looks like a body conscious boy short and once she looses the dress she’s wearing a black bra up top.

Angel then reveals her tits. Oh, we Angel fans are sure going to miss watching them grow bigger and bigger. Angel then removes the red garment and straddles the sofa with her bare ass facing Mr. Dark’s camera. She then sits facing us on the couch and strokes her tool from flaccid to stiff.

Sometimes Angel jerks her huge cock with both hands. Then she caresses her boobs again. At one point, she finger bangs her tight butt making you crave being inside her! Angel if you’re reading this, I’m going to miss you babe! Best wishes for the future.

Black-TGirls: Bubbles and Mini Styles

If I didn’t know the context and heard “Bubbles and Mini Styles” I might have thought it was a 70’s variety show, not a blazing hot hardcore scene on But since I’ve raved about this gorgeous new trans model on TS Dreamland in “Bubbles Cums!” and “Gorgeous Bubble’s Graduates” and here with her debut and encore from Femout.XXX, I just had to see her getting railed.

Lucky Mr. Styles gets her hot body stripped all the way down and tries to go all the way down on her huge cock in the first few minutes. Once she gets a finger banging along with the deep blowjob, Bubbles can no longer hide her pleasure.

Bubbles is giving Mini head after about eight minutes into this scene. Don’t let his stage name confuse you about his endowment. I’m taking note of her cock sucking technique as well as the big juicy boner between her legs as she deepthroats the hung dude.

Mini knows just what to do when Bubbles sits on his face. He’s totally into it and her cock is hard enough to cut diamonds with as she kneels over to give him head while he performs his rimjob. When Bubbles is ready to get fucked, it begins in the side saddle position and evolves into a piledriver hammering.

Bubbles takes it pretty well but she’s still quite virginal if you get my drift. I find that to be a tremendous turn on about her. What I mean is if you have a good sized pecker, you’ll have to be gentle and not be ramming like it’s the last fuck of your lifetime.

I think one memorable moment for you will be when she’s riding him on top gazing into your eyes with her large, swollen dick swinging gently. But then the doggy style footage by KilaKali is very hot too!

Mini gives Bubbles a creampie and when she cums later it’s almost like a bonus to me. Bubbles is definitely one of my all-time favorite models on and that’s really saying something. Why gorgeous sisters like this can’t be found on social media is a different discussion altogether. 

Black-TGirls: Nala’s Sticky Load!

The official description of this photo and video set reads: Your favorite Nala returns with another hot solo scene! We are always excited to have Nala back, she’s super cute, horny and always ready for some fun! Watch her stripping, showing off her perfect body and stroking her cock until she cums in a new solo scene brought to you by Omar Wax!

I’d piss off a lot of Black-TGirls performers if I singled Nala out as my favorite model. But I think it’s safe to say she’s amongst my top favorite models of any niche or website. She’s also a favorite amongst and TGirls.Porn fans.

But we’re one-on-one again with Nala which is extra special for those who prefer not to see Nala with a man or with another trans beauty. She welcomes you on the bed with a greeting in a sinuous white dress with strategically placed cutouts. After stretching out with the grace of a cat, Nala settles back on her haunches with her legs parted. It’s a special moment. Nala isn’t wearing panties and her big cock and smooth-shaven ball sack splay out across the bed sheets.

Nala caresses her bosom through her dress for a few moments and then touches her pretty dick briefly. She gets up on her knees next, bares her lovely breasts and makes her heavy sex organ swing back and forth before taking hold of it. Then she gives it a few firm strokes. Her cock is expanding when she hops off the bed to deliver an explicit butt show.

Watch Nala’s Free Scene Trailer

It’s like watching one of the world’s most talented strippers when you see the way Nala gyrates her perfectly-shaped bottom. It’s also kind of hard not to notice that Mr. Wax has chosen surroundings that set off her beauty exquisitely. Ten minutes of this incredible model posing and masturbating, her tiny dress is suspended around her trim waist. She’s stroking her big cock furiously and you’re going to know when she’s about to nut. The cum shot capture in this scene is absolutely fantastic.