Black-TGirls: Naraya Makes Her Debut!

“A lot of gorgeous newbies are coming from Florida lately!” says the profile of Naraya. “Today, Jack Flash would like to introduce another one: meet beautiful Naraya! This girl is such a natural beauty! She’s petite, cute and has a perfect round booty! Her smile is from another world! This is her first scene ever and she really did a great job to present herself! We are sure you’re going to love her!”

Well, what’s not to love? Yes she’s petite at just 5’2″ and wicked cute but Naraya has the ability to transform into a seductive and supremely sexual powerhouse in a heartbeat. It’s also correct that a whole new slew of hot models is pouring out of the Sunshine State. It’s not like there aren’t trans beauties all over the place in my home state. A network have assaulted the porn industry at the same time with mutual support and it’s no accident.

Naraya says she’s never done anything like this before when her debut opens. I already know that she has the support of other Floridian models and fans current and future. She’s US born but Jamaican by heritage and she’d begun her transition less than a year before her debut was released.

Her producer Jack Flash does a brief yet informative interview with Naraya. It only takes a few minutes of hearing Naraya talk about herself to get a good feeling about the type of person she is. When directed to begin with her striptease, Naraya stands up and slowly reveals a set of curves to die for – the kind of curves that make guys drool and other girls jealous.

When she shakes her ass and slaps it, the sex kitten inside her is out in the open. Naraya’s naughty bits are fully exposed way before the midpoint of her debut and watching her masturbate through the end of this debut will have you so anxious to see South Florida’s Naraya again!

Black-TGirls: Gorgeous Kami Piper!

I’ve just recently raved about the stunning new Texan model Kami Piper on after the first time seeing her in action. I’m often impressed but rarely blown away, especially when someone is at the top of a new career. The Black TGirls description of presents her introduction with: Meet beautiful Kami Piper! This cutie is another amazing discovery by Omar Wax and she just made her debut a couple of days ago on Black TGirls Hardcore in a banging hardcore scene with Soldier Boi! This is her Black TGirls debut solo scene! Kami is a smart girl and she definitely knows what she wants! She couldn’t wait to strip down and show us her sexy body! Watch this cutie posing and having fun and stay tuned for more!

It’s so astounding to see that Omar Wax has caught lightening in a bottle not once with Kami Piper not once, but twice. Kami’s brief introduction of herself is followed by an extraordinary teasing and masturbation sequence. It’s painfully slow with Kami seated for the first few minutes.

When Kami rises, things become more explicit and Kami’s big cock stiffens. She eventually removes her top and skirt with dialogue to spice things up. Her voice sounds as seductive as she looks and that’s incredibly seductive.

I think her chunky platform sandals are super sexy but one of the best things about Kami’s solo debut is that she takes them off, rendering her exquisite form completely nude.

Within about 10 minutes of Kami posing naked with a boner, she delivers a leg and foot tease that I’m certain about making Black-TGirls subscribers cum before her debut comes to an end. That might be a pity though since they missed Kami’s remarkable butt show! You can always play this again though it’s not my place to tell you how you should bring yourself off with this beautiful ingenue.

I’ve somehow managed to reserve the more explicit images from this set so you can see more of them and the Free Scene Trailer on

Black-TGirls: Koko Has Fun With Her Toy!

Amy Space Kitten presents gorgeous Koko and this is her 6th time on It’s been almost a year since she’s been here but it’s not like she hasn’t been busy working in the adult industry. Quite the contrary. Koko’s and her wife Amy have added AVN Best Cam Couple AVN nomination to their resume and you can still see them tearing up everything LIVE on

I’ve had the honor of doing separate interviews with Koko and Amy here on Caramel’s TGirls. The beginning of Koko’s new BTG video opens a lot like you’d expect from the photo set. She introduces herself looking sweet and demure. Then she parts her thighs open and shows us the overflowing bulge in her red satin panties.

Between her luscious cleavage in the red dress and her curvy legs, it’s hard to know where to direct your eyes first. It’s a total “Damn!” moment until you focus on what she want you to notice when she turns around. Koko’s perfectly rounded ass is clearly requesting to be the center of attention. The back of her undies is actually a thin v-string panel that exposes so much prime real estate when Koko spanks and then grips her lovely bottom.

Koko makes it clap like a stripper while talking dirty and removes her wedge heels. Koko has a lot of foot fans that will adore that process and then she resumes her thunderous butt cheek dance again. Koko moves that panel of her undies this time and all of her glory is visible from behind!

Turning around yet again Koko fully exposes one of the most gorgeous natural sets of breasts in porn. Koko begins to lower her nightie after releasing her cock from it’s panty pouch. She tosses her legs up in the air for a deeply penetrative finger banging next. Before this update reaches the midway point, Koko is jerking off her big cock to a full erection. She does this mindblowing erotic standing dance next of making her large organ swing in circles like a horny propeller while making her tits jiggle and then she fucks herself with a sex toy!

Black-TGirls: Tish Cums!

Black TGirls Model of the Month, gorgeous Tish, returns for some more! High heels, sexy black lingerie… Tish looks smoking hot in this one! She can’t wait to strip down and have some fun! Watch this Texan bombshell stroking her cock for you until she cums!

Tish is a Southern girl born and raised in Texas. Like most southern girls, she’s got s sweet side and a very naughty side. A self proclaimed freak, this girl loves sex. Her cock was hard the moment the camera started rolling and she couldn’t wait to stroke it for all of you. Producer Omar Wax presents the eighth performance since August of 2011 for lovely Tish!

Tish says a few words while posing on the sofa in a black bodysuit and tall sandals. Then she shows how shy she is not by opening her gorgeous legs widely and grinding. Her goodies are spilling out of the garment below and up top and she begins fondling her large breasts sensuously.

Her cock is flaccid while resting in her bodysuit but it begins to stiffen as soon as she releases it. Tish likes rubbing on of her sensitive nipples when her climax is drawing close. When she cums, a generous flow of spunk flows from her bulbous cock head to land in puddles across her thigh. Take a look at this incredible model’s complete body of work on

Black TGirls: Skylar White Tops Tayden!

Skylar White is originally from Miami, Florida where Jack Flash is usually the producer to work with on sites like Black TGirls. But she’s currently residing in Houston, Texas so Omar Wax has done the honors four times now. This is not Skylar’s first time in a hardcore scene before, nor is it her first time topping here. She busted out Drake in her encore appearance in February of 2017.

In “Skylar White Tops Tayden!”, Skylar’s apartment is under extreme scrutiny of the OA analyst. She’s obviously worried about the potentially astronomical cost of repairs to get her place up to standard and the QA is well aware of this. He uses his leverage to develop a sexual favors agreement that Skylar accepts.

When she asks if the sex will guarantee that her crib passes inspection, he says, “We’ll see after this.” Tayden gets Skylar topless on the bed during foreplay.

After he devours her large lovely breasts, she sinks to her knees beside the bed to give him a blowjob. After she gets his cock raging hard, she hops on the bed and lays back so the can return the favor. Once Skylar’s prick is equally stiff, Tayden flips her onto her tummy to give her a rimjob.

When Skylar has reached the highest level of arousal so far, she decides that she wants to fuck the inspector. She rails his cute bubble butt in the doggystyle position while spanking it every now and then. Then she drills him flat against the mattress!

Skylar jerks Tayden’s cock while he bounces up and down on her rod and then she bangs him while he lays on his back. “Let me see that nut, baby,” inspires him to shot off first. Skylar continues fucking him until she’s ready to add her creamy white cum to his in this torrid update.

Black TGirls: Kayla Biggs Strips And Strokes!

In 2011, West Coast producer KilaKali wrote, “A native from Detroit Kayla Biggs called me and wanted to do a shoot. I was skeptical when I saw the pictures she sent me. I thought they were of a biological female. When I met her in person I was blown away by her natural beauty. She has a nice round ass that loves to be smacked, and a nice 9 incher that she uses on occasions. Kayla was horny right from the start. I think she has a bright future in the industry if she wants to pursue it. She is my favorite model so far.”

20 scenes Black TGirls shoots later, not even including Kayla Biggs Hardcore, we’re back with the ever beautiful Kayla and she’s sitting in a blue chair barefoot and wearing a pink hoodie dress. She rises to expose and famous British designer thong panty and she pulls her dress off.

Her derriere faces the camera and to say you could bounce quarters off it would be an understatement. She has the type of butt so many women pay for and it’s 100% natural. After posing all over that chair in a series of compromising, mostly with her amazing ass up, Kayla sits down and begins jacking off.

Then she’s soon playing with a massive erection, not really stroking it, just allowing you to consider its size and power. It’s not the final butt show however and she poses while standing too.

What follows is a bit of prone masturbation against the blue chair and some pendulous big dick swinging in this update. If you’re not the jealous type and you’re up for seeing this beautiful bombshell getting fucked, check out her Kayla Biggs Black Shemale Hardcore profile.

Black TGirls: Innocence Shoots A Load!

Last Thursday was the release of another exclusive cumshot special on Black TGirls and the “Cumshot Thursday” star was gorgeous Innocence! Innocence has been modeling since 2014 and after a two years long hiatus, she returned three months ago.

Now Omar Wax brings her back for the new cumshot special series and you know this girl is going to give us a nice sticky load of spunk! In her seventh set, Innocence is filmed from behind gazing out of the window wearing pink lingerie and strappy black sandals.

She addresses you saying that she’s very horny. It would be tempting to fast forward to her climax but she’s a talented stripper so you should sit back and take in the entire show. She’s quite vocal throughout the whole process and she develops an erection very early in the scene. While tweaking her nipples Innocence confesses that kissing them is the fastest way to get her aroused.

Innocence is totally naked on the bed stroking her hardon when obviously drawing closer to climax. She pulls slowly and firmly at her oiled shaft and squeezes pre-cum from its tip.

Then she suddenly lifts her cock upward and it releases a torrent of creamy white cum! This babe completely soaks her lower torso and hand with jizz in this torrid update! You can take a look at all of her other preview content and watch this teaser trailer.

Are you curious to see what tomorrow’s Cumshot Thursday has in store? Don’t wait. As of now there have been five new models stripping and stroking on this legendary website since we came with Innocence.

Black TGirls Teen Sensation Raven Babe!

Producer KilaKali introduces Raven Babe with a congratulations for graduating from Femout to Black-TGirls when the scene opens. She’s wearing a black corset, lace panties and sheer stockings explaining that she’s a vers bottom. She likes to take dick more than she likes to give it, but she can definitely do both. I first raved about Raven here on Caramel’s TGirls with “Raven Babe’s Breakthrough Solo Action” on March 10, 2017 when she debuted on Femout.

I think I knew that she prefers being fucked in the missionary position and that she likes to top doggystyle. Raven goes on to say that a muscle booty turns her on and that her eyes and goofy personality charms admirers. The opening interview is brief and it ends with Raven untying the front of her corset.

She allows her tantalizing tits to be exposed with a slight bounce and she presents a wonderful view of her fabulous butt by turning backward. Raven gives her ass a few smacks and begins to lower her panties. A black cock ring encircles her big cock and ball sack. Raven makes her heavy genitalia swing like an erotic pendulum and begins to remove her stockings. This babe is a leg admirer’s and foot lover’s dream.

From her pierced belly button moving outward from top to bottom, her whole body is remarkable. Once completely naked, Raven hops off the bed and retrieves a bottle of baby oil from the nightstand drawer. Back on the bed sitting up, Raven pours a generous amount of the shiny liquid across her breasts and down her torso. Once bent over, she gets some help from her producer in oiling up a tough spot to reach in this compromising position – across her perfectly rounded ass.

She tweaks her big wet nipples and then lays back to massage her fun spot. Raven is up on her knees when she begins jerking off and she does it furiously! Her massive cock enlarges to its fullest proportions. She continues making her huge prick lurch in the air and goes on stroking it hard and fast in her

If you’re a Femout.XXX member or intend to be and haven’t seen her first performances, that’s something I’d suggest doing. Also, you can see Raven camming LIVE on!

Introducing Beautiful Arianna Pipes

My first glimpse at Arianna Pipes made me think that this was a Louie Damazo Brazilian TGirls update. But it’s from Black TGirls (which features American and Brazilian trans beauties) and she’s presented by KilaKali. Arianna is from Cleveland, Ohio and she’s verse – both a top or bottom depending on her mood and partner.

When she’s the more passive partner, she prefers to be on her back. But when using her huge cock to fuck someone with, she prefers the doggy style position as it makes it easier for her to reach around. Arianna likes big masculine men so there have been lucky ones getting jerked off by her while being fucked. That I’d like to see sometime on

This is not only Arianna’s major studio porn shoot, but her first recorded session ever. She gets the most compliments on her figure and during the interview, her producer emphasizes how little she is. I’m thinking the size of her cock must look out of proportion to her petite frame in real life. If so, that’s not a bad thing at all.

When asked if size matters in a guy, Arianna takes a long pause to think about it. But as it turns out she doesn’t care about the size of a man’s dick. She sincerely replies that as long as he knows how to work it that’s fine. A few minutes into her scene, Arianna unzips her thigh high suede boots and removes them. She has dainty high-arched feet and fence net stocking legs that go on forever. She’s as fit as a fiddle and when she stands up from her seat, she reveals an ass in panties of an athlete. Arianna exposes her small hormone breasts with their tight black nipples and it’s a glorious sight when she strips down to her stockings and bends over against the chair.

Arianna’s uncut cock is long and thick and it’s not even raging hard yet. She has good rhythm and she can shake her bottom like a stripper and that makes the imagination go wild, especially if you’re a top watching her spank her ass hard. Once she gets down to jerking off and developing a hardon, this super pretty girl is huge.

You can watch the teaser trailer of this beautiful 18 year old on!

Black TGirls: Beautiful Pinky!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Pinky was previously known as Stacey. She’s from Indianapolis, Indiana and was the Black TGirls Model of the Month February of 2016. She made her debut in December of 2014. Omar Wax presents Pinky dressed looking like she’s on her way to the Empire set for a nightclub scene. I thin they’d have to cover up her pierced nipples for television but thankfully they don’t here. The stark white background sets off her complexion beautifully and she flashes the sexiest brief smile after hefting her large breasts while sitting on the tub.

We’ve seen Pinky as a blonde ad as a redhead before this brunette look and if you’re like me, it’ll be hard to determine how she looks more gorgeous. As Pinky poses and plays with herself through her clothing, you’ll notice the faint outline of her cock beneath her long skirt. But Pinky makes you wait for over ten tortuous minutes before she lets you see it. The view is from behind, dangling between her firm ass cheeks. She wears no panties beneath her fence net stockings.

Pinky masturbates her lovely cock to a full erection while sitting on the counter. Finally! She has such a thick shaft and I do believe she’s left-handed. It looks like she’s uncut too but you should take a look at all eight of her scenes in the last three years on including her hardcore scene with Soldier Boi. I could be wrong about that. It’s always fun to check on erotic mysteries like these.