China Sweet Cheeks Strokes Her Delicious Cock!


West coast producer KilaKali presents his beautiful model for her third performance with: China is a new girl from Milwaukee. Standing at 5’4″, China is a petite verse woman. She leans more into the top role, but will bottom sometimes (for her man). She has a nice little bubble butt that she likes to make bounce check the video, I think we will see a lot more of her soon an instant favorite of mine I hope she will be yours.


I don’t think that China was anything less than supremely gorgeous as a redhead. As a brunette, I didn’t even recognize her at first. But when her third video begins rolling, her bubbly personality makes me recall her other scenes. She gets down to the business of stripping on the bed immediately and reveals her large round breasts first.


Pushing down her black mesh dress leaves her wearing nothing but a pair of pink panties. Then she bends over on the bed and rocks back and forth with her sexy round bottom taking most of the focus of the photographer’s lens. After making her pliable butt cheeks jiggle, she rolls onto her back to remove her undies completely. China really shows off her flexibility by making her ass quiver with her legs spread and thrust high in the air. The way she shakes everything with her hands about her waist is a remarkable sight to witness. The average nightclub stripper can’t do some of the things China does.


Just before the midway point, her cock is lubricated and raging hard while she lays back jerking off. The completely nude fox also jacks her erection while on her knees before flipping over again to continue. China also licks one of her sensitive nipples and boobs while pumping on her boner.


You can watch China’s Free Trailer on

Stunning Candy & Drake Fuck Each Other!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

“Meet Suckable Candy!” was this stunner’s debut and “Beautiful Candy Strokes Her Cock” was her killer follow-up scene. “Stunning Candy & Drake Fuck Each Other” is her third killer performance on this long-running site, but there’s a scene on a sister website on TGirls.Porn which was her first hardcore experience with another beautiful trans girl I’ve been thrilled about the expansion of an incredible amateur and pro porn resume. 


If you haven’t seen “Coco Dahlia & Candy” on that breakthrough website, it’s one of my favorite transbian trysts not only from the year 2016, but it’s skyrocketed to one of my all-time TS/TS favorites. 


The lucky new porn star Drake broke his jaw just before this shoot, but he didn’t allow that terrible experience to impede his performance. He’s already considered a hero for his professionalism and I agree with that assessment.


It’s so obvious how turned on Drake is at the beginning of this Omar Wax produced scene while gazing lustfully at Candy. She’s absolutely breathtaking in just a bra and panties with her succulent looking tits escaping the cups of her brassiere.


With her back facing him, she gives him a lap dance and asks him to spank her ass. When you see the bottom he’s just smacked as she turns around, it’s truly mind blowing if it’s your first time seeing it.


Candy strips gloriously nude and sinks to her knees to give Drake a blowjob. Then the 420 sock wearing stud gives Candy a rim job when she straddles the sofa on her hands and knees. They arrange themselves into a 69 position and “You ready to fuck this pussy?” Candy asks in her sweet, seductive toned voice. Then Drake gives her fine ass the railing of a lifetime. The video is all about intimate foreplay Drake powerfully fucking Candy.


I don’t want to give away everything that happens between this point and the grand finale, but Candy gets pounded in the missionary position, stroking her stiff cock and coming to a climax and she works out a thick, creamy white cum shot.

You can watch the Free Trailer on
You can watch the Free Trailer on 

Tyra Alice Strokes & Cums

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Producer Buddy Wood presents gorgeous Tyra Alice in her 8th shoot and her profile reads: “Tyra Alice is a true beauty. Definitely one of my favorite models in recent memory and a great way to ring in 2015. Supermodel good looks but sweet and even quite shy. Statuesque and ultra-feminine. Absolutely gorgeous and quite the nasty girl too. Just the way we like’em. Her body is amazing! A luscious ass that just screams to be eaten and fucked and a thick juicy cock that probably tastes like brown sugar it looks so sweet. I thought she was awesome! I hope to be working with her much more.” Tyra was the well-deserved Black Tgirls December 2015 Model of the Month.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Buddy wastes no time getting right down to the porn with Tyra’s new video. She’s lying on the sofa when she says, “Hey there,” wearing a black bra with Calvin’s strategically pushed to the side, stroking her big, hard cock! Next thing you know, she’s masturbating completely nude. Tyra changes positions on the sofa after awhile to present a full view of her exquisite bottom. Then she pushes her big dick between her thighs. Next, her long legs are spread eagle and then she contorts her flexible body into a position I don’t even have a name for. When Tyra is fully immersed in getting her nut, the swollen head of her cock looks like it’s just inches from her chocolate nipples. With one hand firmly pressed against one of her pretty boobs, she climaxes. You can Watch the Scene Trailer on Black TGirls.

Beautiful Mia B!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

“Beautiful Mia B Shakes Her Sexy Booty!” is actually the full title of her long awaited return. The absolutely ravishing Mia B of Texas made her debut in March of 2016 in an explosive hardcore set with TEA nominee Soldier Boi who was interviewed by PornOCD exclusively for As it turns out, her first solo set went up after her hardcore scene getting railed. Mia also earned the fully deserved title of Model of the Month award for April of 2016. While watching Mia in her latest photo and video shoot presented by Omar Wax, I remembered what she looked like back in April. She’s just as stunning, yet a bit more voluptuous and busty. I’m not sure if it’s just me but the fullness of her thighs makes me think she’s been hitting the gym hard. Mia moves through her striptease elegantly and quietly and a thought crosses my mind. This chick is so mysterious! If she has a social media presence, I’m not aware of it. And I’ve heard her sweet voice before, but she doesn’t say a thing while removing all of her clothing, hefting her large breasts and stroking her big cock. Mia’s new scene hits the fever pitch when she’s beating off about three quarters in. Omar captures magnificent angles of her body and doesn’t forget to focus on her pretty doe eyes and cute button nose. Mia B is the type of model whose quiet delivery and ravishing beauty makes fans keep coming back for more and wanting to know more about her.

You can Watch Mia B's Free Trailer on
You can Watch Mia B’s Free Trailer on

Beautiful Candy Strokes Her Cock


After ripping through a couple of hundred photos from Candy’s debut and follow-up set on, I came to the realization that she cannot take a bad picture. She has the help of Omar Wax here, granted. But it would be tough for a five year old to snap photos of this model and get it wrong. After watching both of her videos, I’m not seeing just trans porn newbie, but budding megastar potential.


I’m not beauty or adult modeling expert, but I know talent when I see it. This isn’t what I call “gifted” nor would I say that Candy is a “natural” at it. Good genes is one thing, but it takes hard work to achieve this type of hotness. The ironic thing is that Candy makes it look so easy.


In the Omar Wax filmed follow-up to her “Meet Suckable Candy!” October 8th, 2016 debut, this gorgeous model says she’s so ready to play, pushes the top of her corset down and squeezes her lovely breasts firmly. Then she kneels on the bed to give her sex almost bare ass a resounding slap. Then she straddles the bed and teasing toys with the dental floss strap of the thong she’s wearing.

Watch Both of Candy's Free Trailers on
Watch Both of Candy’s Free Trailers on 

You might hope that she’ll strip out of her sexy lingerie as if it’s caught fire, but this is the art of striptease, so you must be patient. She’ll get to baring her trim torso while facing you with her cock having escaped her tiny panties. An explicit show is to follow with maximum booty happenings including more spanking. Candy makes her ass gyrate and undulate with muscles you may not have even suspected she’d developed. In other words, she makes her flawless butt work like a machine. Next comes a full frontal cock stroking sequence followed by a masturbation sequence in profile. At the midway point of this scene, Candy begins moaning while stroking her cock to a full erection. Candy continues to fap her big dick until she shoots her cum. Then she flexes her spent cock while sweetly waving goodbye.

Gorgeous Amour Cums!


Omar Wax and his model Columbus, Ohio native Amour have created a dual series of WFT moments on Black-TGirls. What that means is that he captures a series of Amour in two sets that make me ask myself, “What the fuck? How much hotter can this get?! In my humble opinion, it just plain can’t get any hotter. Amour has a beautiful face and a killer body as you can plainly see. But seeing her in motion is even more exquisite.


I don’t know how anyone can preview this sort of work and not feel compelled to see the videos that go with the photo sets. I think I’m making it obvious that I can’t resist either streaming or saving these updates. I’ve also raved about Amour’s stupendous performance with sexy Soldier Boi on my TS Dreamland blog from the hardcore sister site, here.


But today’s focus is on Amour’s latest Black-TGirls appearance. This site does so many frequent updates that it’s not unusual to to be teased by a model making her debut and the scene ending before she climaxes. If you’re a cumshot fanatic, you check out the other content and as a member you simply wait for an encore or further update where a beautiful porn princess totally let’s loose. It’s sort of like an old school merchant’s practice of constantly moving things around the store so you find something new every time you shop at their shop.


Amour’s bedroom striptease in her new scene is coquettish and alluring. Even through her tasteful designer clothing, you can see that her figure is hard and soft in all the right places, just like the big cock she’s going to make cum for you. She’s completely nude on the bed withing the first four minutes. In another few minutes, Amour is in full masturbation mode with Omar capturing her in artistic angles many producers sadly don’t even imagine employing. Then comes this beauty’s creamy white cumshot! I’m serious when I tell you I don’t know how any trans porn fan would want to pass on something this hot.

You can watch the Free Trailer on
You can watch the Free Trailer on

Black-TGirls Gorgeous Carmen Bonita!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

The official synopsis of this Radius Dark production reads: Carmen Bonita is a gorgeous tgirl with an amazing body, beautiful boobs, a rock hard cock and a superb ass! In this sexy scene this hot trans girl shows off her delicious body, including her sexy feet as she strokes her hard cock for you! You can watch the Free Trailer on Black-TGirls also. “I am a tall, tempting girl with class,” said the Indianapolis, Indiana native. “Being that I reside in the Mid-West, there’s usually not a whole lot to do around these parts. Hmm…what is a girl to do? My mind tends to wander in the process of curing my boredom. Often think about guys bulges in their jeans when they see me out and about shopping. Nothing I love more than a rock solid pulsating penis.’s that bulge? 😉 XOXO Carmen Bonita.” This is Carmen’s 10th Black-TGirls performance on Black-TGirls since November of 2013! This shoot takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada her opening interview informs us. Carmen’s voice is sweet and she looks exquisite fully dressed in an outfit she designed herself. Her nudity begins with the exposure of her lovely breasts with their big nipples and she fondles them firmly. Carmen calls her nipples chocolate chips. Carmen presents her magnificent bare ass to us and unzips her tall sandals leaving her completely naked. She’s seated presenting a full frontal view with her legs open as she strokes her cock to erection. The poses she continues to strike on the sofa just might inspire you to stream or download every Carmen Bonita set on Black-TGirls.


Lea Lipz Strokes Her Big Hard Cock!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

KiliKali presents the 5th super sexy photo and video set of Lea Lipz on Black-TGirls where she made her adult industry debut. The photo set is a little different from the actual full-length video and free trailer on Black-Tgirls any less stunning to watch in my humble opinion. She does this sexy eyelash batting thing and cups her lovely breasts in a method of presentation that’s totally original to my eyes. If you can’t tell from her photos, you get a clearer display of how tiny Lea is at 5’6″. After removing all clothing except for her heels, Lea does an artistic little striptease before showing all of her downstairs goodness. First she presents her phenomenal rear end. When she reveals her cock, you see that Lea isn’t what you’d call a grower. Her cock is pretty big even in its flaccid state. When Lea sits down to begin jerking off, her dick expands to outrageous proportions. If you like this petite beauty and her large cock, just keep in mind that she’s a top.

Black-TGirls Hershey Hardcock Jacks Off!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

When I saw the August 3rd photos from the Black-TGirls set by Buddy Wood of Hershey Hardcock, I didn’t recognize her from her two shoots by KilaKali in 2014. I don’t know if it’s because of her newer natural hairstyle that I love so much or if it’s because of the differents styles both photographers have filmed her brilliantly in. I think that her new look will open up new opportunities for a wide range of future performances. I downloaded both new photo sets and videos. While sitting poolside in a bikini stroking her cock, Buddy reminds us that she’s shot for Black-TGirls before. I must admit, I still didn’t remember seeing this beautiful young trans girl before. Hershey describes herself as a 22 year old from Texas who is never going to return home now that she’s living in Southern California. Aside from the fact that I’m more a of top, Hershey describes her fantasies in a way that go into the fetish lifestyle that I can’t seem to live without. Living up to her name, Hershey makes her hard cock bounce up and down with no hands and stands up to expose my idea of the most perfectly rounded derriere in creation. Her complexion is simply amazing. She uses a plexiglass chair like a stripper’s prop and removes her string bikini bottom before sitting down again. When she jerks off while bent over on the chair, you’ll hear Buddy exclaim, “Yes, baby,” and you’ll most likely be thinking exactly the same thing. You’ll also notice that her sexy legs are enhanced by a light sheen of oil when she moves to a beach towel on the tiles. Hershey exposes her lovely hormone breasts while showing how flexible her gorgeous legs are. She continues to strike a variety of sitting and standing poses too numerous to mention in her 1st 2016 video.

Watch the Free Video Trailers on
Watch the Free Video Trailers on 

In Hershey’s latest Black-TGirls video of 2016, we’re spying on Hershey through a crack in the bedroom door. She picks up on it right away and wags a finger to invite us inside. The look on her gorgeous face is perhaps even sexier than in the last scene. I think she might be even more turned on this time around, knowing she’s going to make herself cum for us. Within two minutes, Hershey’s little panty is removed and discarded carelessly, leaving her in her sheer black porn label tank top and nothing else. But soon, the top is removed also. There goes that virtually flawless skin again now 100% exposed. Hershey then leans back comfortably and begins to stroke her cock to a full erection. Her position changes are so tremendously erotic that I’m thinking to myself that I’ve never seen a sexier solo performance before. Hershey Hardcock is horny as hell by this point and when she’s about to cum, she cries out, “Oh, fuck!” She continues cursing as a big creamy white cumshot blasts from the bulbous head of her cock. Don’t miss this extraordinary Black-TGirls update.

Black-TGirls Aurora Jade Jerks Off!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

On July 30th, we saw beautiful Aurora Jade jerking off for the first time poolside on Black-TGirls presented by Buddy Wood. Her follow up scene was a blazing hot hardcore scene with the incredible Robert Axel. One meaning of “Aurora” is a natural electrical phenomenon which is also a good way to describe this young beauty’s cumshot before her 1st hardcore scene comes to an end. “Aurora Jade Jerks Off!” is her 3rd Black-TGirls set. There’s no need for much of a new introduction this time around with the August 2016 Model of the Month. Instead, Buddy presents us with a voyeuristic view of us peeking at Aurora through the bedroom door. She’s rubbing the bulge in her panties while lying in bed. All she has on is a skimpy black bra when she removes her panties to masturbate with more ease and comfort. Somewhere down the line, Aurora realizes that you’ve been spying on her. She’s not embarrassed but rather turned on by the indiscretion. She adds naughty talk with her sweet voice as her cock expands within her stroking hand. Eventually, Aurora loses her bra and continues to fap with one of her sexy legs supported by her forearm. This act provides a clear view of her fun spot until she shifts her body to present an even more explicit view. This naughty expose continues with Aurora on her hands and knees with her incredible ass in the frame. She sits back for a few moments and her masturbation technique intensifies. I don’t want to tell you exactly how a creamy white cumshot spurts from Aurora’s swollen cockhead and spoil it for you. See for yourself and catch all of Aurora Jade’s tremendous new performances on Black-TGirls.

Watch Aurora Jade's Free Video Trailers on
Watch Aurora Jade’s Free Video Trailers on