Brooklynn’s Most Awaited BTG Action!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Where did Omar Wax find this fresh new fox? Let’s go to Black TGirls and find out! Her profile reads: “Hi, I’m Brooklynn. I’m originally from Long Island New York. I grew up in the suburbs and moved to Atlanta when I was 11. I love to sing, do hair and make-up, Is actually just graduated from cosmetology school. I don’t like inconsistency and I’m huge on communication. Some of my desires include; 3somes, 1-on-1, passionate sex, role play. I’m more of a lover than just a “fuck.” I like romance and passion. I’m on hormones, have been for 4 months now. I’m pretty passable and pre-op. That’s all about me!”

Having lived on Long Island, where I used to work once, I can see why she’d be inspired to take a variation on one of New York’s five boroughs for a stage name. It must have been a bit hard moving from the ‘burbs to the ATL at such a young age. I’ll bet she misses home sometimes. The preview video I’ve included is low resolution but you get the general thrust of things. The much clearer full-length video of Brooklynn’s debut is one I didn’t actually know about.

But I can see why it was long awaited for those who saw this coming. “You want it.?” she asks posing fully dressed in the kitchen. “Take it.” She has a sexy voice on top of everything else. Those doe eyes of hers are killers – heartbreaking. Her dress has a sheer insert strategically placed to show off the shelf of her perky bottom when she lifts one leg on the counter. Brooklynn rubs a henna tattooed hand to rub the front of her dress with the promise of things to come later. Well, maybe not literally but this is just her first set here.

Brooklynn’s ass is perfectly rounded and she’s not shy about showing every millimeter of it once it’s fully bared. She’s a grower. Her cock looks so cute and tiny until she gets aroused. You’ll see it begin to stiffen when she removes her dress and renders herself completely nude.

A leg and foot admirers segment comes next and then Brooklynn holds one breast and uses the other hand to stroke her stiffening shaft. Then she’s got a full-on boner! What a way to start! This debut is lit so do not miss it.

Wanda’s Arousing BTG Debut!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Her profile reads: Wanda’s on BTG from Femout.XXX. She’s got a huge ass and a big thick cock that she’s showing off on the couch. Wearing a summer dress and heels that show off her strong legs with some stockings that make them look even better. Watch as she gradually strokes her delicious cock it to get all her fans excited. Wanda Filher came up with that name because she wants her ass filled up at all times.

She stands about 6’0″ with thick, long legs and a big round ass.
She’s just starting out, but has a head start because she’s a cosmetologist.

She’s turned on looking at big old dicks and let a huge cumshot go watching some porn. She loves doggy style, she wants her man to start of real slow, and then hold it – she wants to feel that cock throbbing in her ass, and then she wants to be pounded. That’s not all, she’s versatile and it seems like she enjoys doggy style when she’s topping since she stated that she’d love to fuck herself in doggy style position! I knew all of this from reviewing, “A Warm Welcome To Wanda” on Femout.XXX here on Caramel’s TGirls. In her new video on, Wanda reminds us that she’s from Northern California when she reintroduces herself. If you didn’t know her from Femout.XXX, she’s a cosmetologist and Jill-of-all-trades.

Wanda is extremely vocal in her teasing which is a good thing because her voice is so sexy. She pays close attention to her personal grooming and mentions her pedicure before inviting you to take a closer look. Radius Dark zooms in for shoeless closeup footage during the stocking foot teasing sequence. Wanda says that she loves having her feet rubbed and then presents her wide bottom. What does she like having done with that? You can guess, I’m sure. Soon she’s stripped down to her stockings and matching bra and panties facing you so you know what comes next. Wanda’s going to show you her cock. She’s a grower,” the sexy model says as she lowers her undies.

Visible changes in Wanda’s transition journey are noticeable when she removes her brassiere. As she begins jerking off, you’ll see that Wanda really does get big down there when she’s aroused. She wants to know if you’d like to feel her thrusting inside her or the other way around in her debut!

Christal Spurts Creamy Cum!

Debut MP4 Scene Trailer

Christal of São Paulo, Brazil can’t seem to stop cumming on! She just did that in “Christal Strokes By The Pool!” but I don’t see anyone complaining. Christal was also filmed in a solo shoot by Khan who also shot her getting fucked by gorgeous Barbara Perez on Brazilian Transsexuals.

Her Black TGirls profile reads: Christal is a newbie and she will make our customers very happy and we explain why. A quick description of her skills will make you fellas salivate: brightening beauty, lovely body, huge and impressive cock and totally natural look. I couldn’t resist adding her filmography because #1, she’s exquisite and #2, you really ought to see what I’ve seen from this totally verse performer.

In the previous scene, Louis Damazo presents Christal touching her thighs and reaching inside her bikini top as if nobody’s watching. She licks one of her fingers and rubs it across a nipple beneath her bikini top. She stands up to show off the large globes of her derriere, makes them jiggle a bit and then she completely removes her top. Christal then rubs her nipple again, licking her lips seductively. She uses her free hand to reach inside her bikini panty and she’s tucking in a way that doesn’t reveal how massively hung she is.

Damazo uses his camera as an instrument of teasing even when she lowers her bottoms. You know she must be only wearing her tall sandals at this point, but you can’t see what’s between her legs just yet. But when the camera finally pans down Christal’s lithe form, you see that she’s stroking a long, thick schlong.

The bare-breasted babe uses two hands on her monster meat, but switches to just one hand when increasing the speed of her strokes. This masturbatory activity occurs while she’s seated, but she stands up and lets her massive organ hang in the air for a moment before her fap session continues. The sight is phenomenal when Christal squeezes her organ between her thighs with her back facing you. She pushes her large ball sack back and thrusts her big slab of cock toward your face and the fun continues with seated and standing close up footage. That’s until she makes herself climax in that fabulous update! Wait until you see how she handles a long stream of creamy white cum.

In her latest performance, Christal is filmed in a living room area stripping out of her sexy lingerie get-up. Her masturbation sequence is similar, but a bit different from the last round. She appears to be able to make herself more comfortable on the leather sofa. Just like her cock is huge, her cumshot is tremendous! Her creamy white spunk misses her naked form with the first few spurts, but the final ones land across her midsection. Dayum!

The MP4 scene trailer I’ve enclosed is from Christal’s previous cumtastic show. Get to to see her latest explosion!

Black TGirls – Pretty And Flirty Fuchsia!

MP4 Scene Trailer

West coast producer KilaKali presents Fuchsia Foxx of Marietta, Georgia in her follow-up set on! Her debut was fantastic and her profile reads: Fuchsia is a woman that I have known for awhile now. She has a webcam show that I moderate for her. She has the longest tongue that I have seen this year, with that tongue she can probably wrap it around a decent size cock. She was hard the whole shoot and wanted to cum again after the shoot. Her sex drive is non stop! Fuchsia likes guys, cis gender and other TS girls. Hopefully we can make that happen with her in the near future. A real laid back and awesome new find that I am sure you guys will enjoy. 

The webcam shows KilaKali moderates for her can be found on her channel!

I highly recommend that you sing up for a FREE REGISTRATION to catch her performing live, but today’s focus is on her cumtastic new performance. It begins with Fuchsia welcoming us back to this crucial website for black trans girls kneeling on a bed rubbing her bulge. Without pause, she releases her already swelling cock from its pouch and it bobs and swings above her triangular pubic patch.

After suspending her cock and balls with her panty bottom, she reaches behind her to undo her top. Resting between a black strapped idea of a brassiere are a pair of succulent looking chocolate nipples. Her curvy legs and dainty feet are bare and she moves sideways as she begins to lower the panty.

“Mmmm, I need a big old dick in my ass,” she purrs and her fun spot is almost clearly visible. Adding that she’s ready for a good fucking, Fuchsia moans loudly, grasps her erection and sits back on the bed to continue masturbating. Her beautiful rod is bone straight as she strokes it with her left hand. “You want this eight and a half dick,” she says, reminding us that she’s a splendidly erotic talker.

She has webcam and major studio star quality. She teases with her amazing tongue wagging and toe wiggling, but that’s about it for teasing in this scene. Fuchsia Foxx is here to deliver all the goods, for example sitting up and squeezing a dollop of pre-cum from the swollen head of her cock! While kneeling with the tip of her hardon resting against the white sheet beneath her, Fuchsia works on a bottle of lube and applies it to her organ.

Another TS BBC follows along with hand pressure on one of her lovely hormone breasts. Her moans intensify with sharp gasps and then she gives a devastating butt show with deep finger banging! She tightens and relaxes her ass muscles to show you how this action would feel around the stiffness of your cock if you were fucking her. Fuchsia lets you know when her climax is about to hit. A moment later, her syrupy jizz pours out of her bulbous cockhead in this remarkable update!

Tiny Tara Fucked By Soldier Boi And Tayden!

The July 2017 Model of the Month Tiny Tara on made a big splash with two solo videos with her adult industry debut. Three months later in October, she was soundly fucked in an an interracial scene with Tayden. On Valentine’s Day, her torrid threesome was released with Tayden and three time TEA nominated Soldier Boi.

Producer Omar Wax delivers a trademark outdoor scene, yet this time it’s with two men, not a pair of trans girls. Tayden and Soldier Boi are trying to one up each other on who has a better chance with adorable Tara. One guy has her phone number, but the other knows where she lives.

It seems like the best way to find out which of them Tara is more attracted to is to pay her a visit and just ask her. The diminutive sex kitten is messing around on her phone when her unexpected guests arrive at her door. She saunters to her door wearing a midriff baring top, short shorts and tall sandals. Upon greeting them, it takes her a moment to recognize them from a party the other night, but she feels comfortable enough to let them enter her apartment.

Tara tells both guys how cute they are while they sit in the dining area getting acquainted. Tayden confesses that their purpose is to find out if once of them had a chance to score with her. Tara signals verbally and with her body language that she’s interested into getting to know both guys better and when they take the bait, she coyly allows them to make their moves.

This model’s sensuality and ease before the camera was obvious in her solo scenes. Her hardcore performance with Tayden was a one-on-one erotic blast. Tara’s threesome solidifies my belief that she can go as far in the adult industry as she wants to. All she needs to do really is keep at it. Tara never appears nervous with her two studs and looks phenomenal naked. Both guys switch places with jackhammer spit roast action and Tara keeps up with them like it’s the sex of a lifetime. With these hot, horny guys, it might have been just that! Don’t miss this impressive cum-laden threesome on A great way to find out what it’s like to become and live the life of a successful male porn star is to check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi.

Black TGirls – Sweet Jewel Loves To Play In Bed

Omar Wax presents stunning Jewel for the fourth time on in mid-January. I don’t know how I neglected to rave about her latest performance earlier, but better late than never.

This busty Dallas, Texas babe who also goes by the name Jessica said in her profile, “”Love to get down with a freaky guy. Turn-ons include tall, muscular roughneck types. I lean more towards my dominate side and unselfish when it comes to complete satisfaction in the bedroom. I don’t mind putting in extra work to keep you coming back for more.”

The January 2017 Model of the Month busts out in the new Omar Wax video sitting on the bed with her football jersey tied below her boobs. She wears denim short shorts and her legs and feet are bare. She lays across the bed seductively and flashes an alluring smile while licking her lips and raising her curvy legs.

Jewel has posing down pat to pointing arching her feet like a ballet dancer and then presenting and moving her sexy ass like a stripper. She grinds and humps on the bed while pushing the bottom garment down to expose her butt little by little. She continues with both feet on the floor and pushes her shorts all the way off.

It almost seems like you can hear ripples through the air her thighs and butt cheeks make as she shakes them. Next, Jewel does a full split on the bed, teasing with her bare, supple ass.

She finally raised her hips to expose her jiggling cock and balls. Then Jewel begins slapping and rubbing her virtually flawless brown bottom. She also poses on her back and does a few sexy contortions before pulling up her top to lick one of her chocolate nipples.

Jewel begins moaning softly while fondling her amazing breasts and then soon after, she’s on her back completely nude. Jewel has plenty of lube on her hands while stroking her raging hard cock.

She uses her free hand to massage her prostate as she draws closer and closer to reach her climax. Her fap session continues as Jewel moves to the edge of the bed and jerks off with both feet on the floor.

Then she sits back on the bed jacking her swollen dick and then lays back for her steamy finish. Her face looks beautiful and her tits jiggle wildly as streams of creamy white cum spurt from the head of her lovely cock.

Misty Loves To Cum!

Beautiful Misty Long (formerly Toni Michaels) introduces herself at the start of the sizzling hot new solo video produced by Omar Wax. This is her 6th performance and I don’t think anyone would disagree that she just keeps getting more and more alluring.

The way she poses in her tight fitting purple teddy with her cock head exposed from between her thighs as she moves this way and that screams experience. Her bare tits and ass quickly become the focus, but her sexy gaze is mesmerizing as well.

While standing next to the bed, Misty does a little nipple licking and caressing, then some cock stroking. She wiggles her incredible ass on the bed and gyrates like the best of the best strippers. The looks she confronts you with while jacking her big hardon are incredibly seductive. She plays a little with her fun spot, but most of the focus is on the shape of her prime bottom and Misty’s frantic stiff dick jerking.

Her large boobs jiggle with her movements and she gasps and moans when creamy white spurts of cum fly out of her cock head to land across the soft skin of her thigh!

You can Watch Misty’s Free Trailer on

Gorgeous Candy Licious & Soldier Boi Fuck!

In her fourth video and photo shoot, Tennessee stunner Candy Licious goes hardcore. This makes an even two solo scenes and two TS/Male trysts. Omar Wax presents Candy’s latest killer scene with super stud Soldier Boi with a date night theme.

Candy looks absolutely ravishing putting on her makeup while contemplating sucking some cock and getting fucked. Her prolonged soliloquy is sexy as hell as she checks out her sexy lingerie that should only be worn on an exquisite form. Soldier Boi awaits in the living room area and when Candy emerges, he plays it cool and makes small talk about the weather. Candy is more interested in getting some cock right now than chatting and she makes her intentions crystal clear. She tells him she wants his big dick in her mouth and to stand up? Did I say this is a date night situation? Correction; it’s more like suck and fuck night. “Fuck talking,” she says while unbuckling his belt when he stands before her.

Soldier Boi can’t help cursing as Candy gives him a deep, amazing-looking blowjob. And she swallows “that mothufucka” the way he asks so well until it’s raging hard. At first, Candy is seated while giving head with Soldier Boi standing, but then he takes a seat as she slides to the floor. In this position with her fine ass thrust outward, Candy is able to finger bang herself while sucking. Her pink and white outfit has a crotch panel, but it’s dental floss thin for easy access.

Candy gets some help with her digital backdoor manipulation and she straddles the sofa for a good salad tossing. By the time Soldier Boi asks, “Are you ready for this dick, baby?” Candy is butt naked except for her sexy sandals and her hung partner has totally discarded his clothing. Candy gasps loudly and Soldier Boi eases his hardon inside her from behind.

The doggy style fucking sequence begins slowly and suddenly, but evolves into a relentless pounding! Soldier Boi pile drive’s Candy’s world-class butt and then fuck in the cowgirl position. This is perhaps the best sequence for ass lovers, but if you’re more excited by a beautiful trans girl’s tits jiggling and cock and balls swinging around all over the place, you’ll most likely prefer the reverse cowgirl ride. This is also where you get to see Candy jerking off while she’s getting banged. I lose count of the many position changes this hot pair manage before Candy receives a massive facial.

If you haven’t read my Interview with Candy Liscious, now is the perfect time to check it out! Her fan base is growing like wildfire because she’s not only gorgeous, but a total sweetie pie! She’s also going to be performing live on webcam soon and if you know me, you know which platform she’ll be on. Chaturbate!

If you’re a guy reading this and would like to get some some insight as to what it takes to become a Transgender Erotica Awards nominated performer, head on over to my TS Dreamland for my friend Scott’s Interview with Soldier Boi. 

Black TGirls: Honey Foxxx Jerks Off Her Nice Cock

LA’s Puerto Rican Princess who I actually consider to be the Queen of Everything, Honey FoXXX is absolutely ravishing in her 12th shoot on! This one is filmed by KilaKali who presents the owner and operator of resting on the sofa and obviously thinking naughty thoughts.

Her lounging evolves into an opportunity for self gratification with panty bulge rubbing and breast fondling. It’s filmed like you’re a voyeur, and if you feel like you’re doing something wrong by watching, I’m pretty sure you’ll get over it.

Honey’s first glimpse of nudity is the sight of her large, smoothly shaven ball sack emerging from the side of her undies. Next comes the sight of the head and first couple of inches of her huge cock. She moans softly as she strokes the hardening shaft.

I’ve seen Honey in so many plot-driven performances and this shoot is a reminder that all she needs to drive fans nuts is solo performances like this one. Watching her hardcore shoots with other performers is kind of like having your cake and eating it too. Her producer could have just filmed the entire scene with Honey just laying back jerking off, but then we have her sitting up to lower her top.

She’s facing you with that big boner of hers jutting heavily from her thighs and exposing her large breasts. The matching top and brassiere of her three-piece set are discarded and Honey lays back with her boobs bared.

The swollen head of her cock points up toward her pretty face as she removes her panties. Honey then masturbates while standing with full frontal footage, slightly below eye level and tight closeup’s on her massive erection. It ends with the ottoman before Honey getting soaking wet before she gracefully moves off-camera.

You can watch the Free Scene Trailer on 

Interview with Candy Licious

Sometimes I’ll see someone so gorgeous and can’t help wonder if they’re stuck up or full of themselves. It’s s disappointing when that happens, they don’t even look all that great when you find what they’re like on the inside. This is not the case with the Tennessee model I had the honor of speaking with. This 19 year old is one bright light and even hotter to me after our exclusive Caramel’s TGirls Interview with Candy Licious. I hope you’ll enjoy it.