Miran – Pool Fun on Bob’s Tgirls

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

The pool shoot on Bob’s Tgirls begins with beautiful Miran boarding a floating chair completely nude. This video hits the ground running. When Miran mentions that this is her first ever pool shoot, I realize that although she’s from Japan, her accent sounds better than my bastardization of the English language with it’s mixed New Jerseyan, Bostonian and Floridian accent. Perhaps I should move to Japan to work on my American accent. More about the way this scene opens, Miran’s cock is raging hard and pointing skyward as she lays sits in the floating device moving around the pool. She has the most pleasant smile and her pearly white teeth set off her full body tan to perfection. There’s a wickedly sexy sequence with the underwater cam showing Miran masturbating furiously while standing on the pool floor in the shallow end. The rear view is phenomenal, too. Bob’s camera also focuses on Miran’s lovely breasts above water and then she’s back in the floating chair beating off. The second half of this scene is sort of revolving aerial footage of Miran getting close to reaching orgasm. You can tell by her soft breathing and the way her svelte form tenses up that she’s about to cum. Then a blast of creamy white cum pours from the bulbous head of her cock. This incredible Bob’s Tgirls scene ends with the lustful expression on Miran’s pretty face evolving into that winning smile again.

You can Stream or Download ALL of Miran's sets on bobstgirls.com
You can Stream or Download ALL of Miran’s sets on bobstgirls.com

Bob’s Tgirls: Nadia Love in Black Fishnets

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

I had to do a double take when I saw the new Bob’s Tgirls set with beautiful Nadia Love. I first saw her on Shemale Yum last year and asked myself, “Is it possible that she’s even hotter than back then?” Maybe, maybe not. That’s would be a tough feat for anyone. You see what I mean with the sample photo set, but she’s even more stunning entering the room in a dental floss bikini and those stockings. Her back is facing you at first and then she faces you flashing a dazzling smile. The red chaise lounge is the perfect prop for Nadia to kneel on and shake her hot ass. Bob zooms out a bit to capture her shapely legs also. Then she lowers her v-string panty a bit and bends over again. The view is insane! Nadia unties her string top and reveals her bare breasts and puffy nipples next. She squeezes and licks her fingers. Is she lactating? Sitting back on the chaise with her cock peeking out of the side of her panty, Nadia begins to undo one of the straps of her high heels. If you were upset that she was wearing shoes that covered her dainty feet and perfectly pedicures toes, she’s got you covered. Not only that’s she performs a little toe wiggling and arch flexing foot shoe for her pretty ped loving fans. Then she begins to remove those stockings. Nadia’s cock is stiffening as she raises her legs to remove her panty. While her high arched feet point toward the ceiling, Bob zooms in closer to her fun spot. Now completely nude, her cock is completely aroused! After posing in a variety of tantalizing positions, Nadia confesses, “I’m horny.” Her cock is raging hard as if we needed proof. She really likes to tease. The faster she strokes her meat, the more her lovely breasts jiggle. Emitting sharp yelps of intense pleasure, Nadia squeezes her cum out of her swollen pink cockhead. It’s actually flushed about a third of the way down her shaft. You just might fall in love with Nadia Love on Bob’s Tgirls.


Bob’s Tgirls – River Stark – Stark Shooting Stick

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Bob’s Tgirls has been online since 1999. A lot has changed since then. Now there are a zillion shemale sites on the web. Yet Bob’s Tgirls continues to have the best quality photography and only the top transsexual models. Some of my models are exclusive. Others can be found elsewhere but chances are you’ll like them better here. You’ll find hot tgirls of all ethnicities, from around the world. We like fetishes here too. The highly customized Advanced Search feature makes it easy to find what you’re looking for inside. Back in the beginning, I had no idea I’d still be doing this so many years later. Thank you to all who have supported me in this endeavor.” This is how Bob Maverick sums up his illustrious porn career and the first premium adult website I ever subscribed to. River Stark is not just a model / performer, but a producer as well. My personal wish is that she enjoys the same success as Bob as time goes by. I can’t describe this new scene with River without mentioning the last magnificent one I somehow neglected to mention before. River looked stunning tanning on Bob’s balcony wearing a white one-piece swimsuit and wedges. So we had two scenic views. Instead of whipping out what makes her garment bulge astoundingly, River turns with her back facing you to show of her well-rounded derriere. River knows that a lot of sexy dialogue enhances a scene. So there’s a good amount of dirty talk as she reveals her big tits with their pierced nipples. She finally exposes her stiffening cock while seated on a lounge chair. Then she reminds us of her Bob’s Tgirls fucking machine video while finger banging herself. As River develops an erection while jacking off, she tells Bob that she has to pee. Her thick cock stands straight out from her curvy thighs after she pees which made me say to myself, “Ouch” and “That was pretty damn hot,” at the same time. In River’s billiards scene, she looks exquisite arranging the balls on the table – not hers, but the pool balls. She breaks and although it’s not a success, it’s a hard one. I would not wager against River Stark in a game of pool. I think you’ll lose focus on how much game she has in billiards when she starts stripping and playing in her bra, panties and skyscraper platform sandals. The footage of River sauntering around the pool table with a raging hardon before she even starts beating off is mesmerizing. The eight ball isn’t River’s final shot. She makes it while lying on her back, jerking off furiously on the table. River Stark “Shooting Stick” on Bob’s Tgirls, huh? Fuck yes!


Alexa Scout in Creamy Fun on Bob’s Tgirls

I’ve got some catching up to do with one of the 714 gorgeous models on Bob’s TGirls. Before I review Alexa Scout’s latest scene, I’ve got to say a bit about “Creamy Fun” which went live on June 14, 2016. She’s pretty quiet in the beginning as she stands before the kitchen table in her bra and panties. She discards her bra quickly to reveal her full breasts and puffy nipples and proceeds to drop her panties. She dances around a bit, making her tits, cock and balls jiggle. Next thing you know, Alexa is lying on the table in a breathtaking head to toe view completely naked, stroking her uncut cock furiously! Keep in mind that all this action occurs within the first minute. Bob zooms in for closeup footage and about three minutes into the scene, Alexa starts applying whipped cream from a spray can to her boobs. It doesn’t hide much however, especially when she pours more across her tummy and smooths it around. Alexa also sprays some of the cream on her cock and works up a tasty lather to coat her erection. In just under ten minutes, we see the double entendre in the title of this scene reveal itself. After the natural cream pours out of Alexa’s swollen cockhead, she relaxes and has a brief, yet naughty discussion with her photographer. This cumtastic Bob’s Tgirls video ends with Alexa showering off all that mixed cream. But she still looks absolutely delicious.

Chanel Santini BTS on Bob’s Tgirls


Before the behind-the-scenes set was released on Bob’s Tgirls came the Chanel Santini debut entitled Playing with all the Balls. Watching it is like getting into a car while it’s already speeding down the road. This stunning Las Vegas teen introduces herself saying, “I’m really in the mood. My dick is really hard right now,” and whips her erection out from her wrap skirt in the first few moments of the scene. She starts stroking it and it points to the ceiling when she lets it go. Then she asks if you want to play some pool, but she’s clearly joking around. The only game she plays is The Masturbation Game until she cums. That’s if you don’t include the glass toy fucking she gives herself while stroking her big lube-up cock. You’ve got to see Chanel’s pretty legs kicking and flexing as she brings herself to an almost violent climax. If you’re a creamy white cum shot lover, you’re probably going to play Chanel’s orgasm over and over a few times. But this video, complimented by an incredible photo set, is so damn sexy I don’t think you’ll get there the first time around. The new behind-the-scenes Workout In Pink set is more geared to those who are interested in production, plus Chanel of course. Bob Maverick shows us an example of how he directs a model while taking stills while his video camera films her. Chanel slowly strips while half working out and develops an erection simply from posing. She doesn’t even touch her cock until about five minutes into the video. She doesn’t cum either like in her mesmerizing debut, yet it’s magnificent to watch, or download as in my case. Bob’s Tgirls is the first adult website I’ve ever joined and that was years ago. Chanel Santini on Bob Maverick’s top shelf website reminds me of why this site was an instant hit when it first launched 707 models ago. I’ve launched my own niche specific sub domain for my favorite webcam site Chaturbate and named it TS Dreamland Cams. If you’d like to see this fox performing live, follow her on chaturbate.com/chanelsantini.


Jessy Dubai on Bob’s Tgirls






Jessy Dubai invites you to join you in her lavender-scented bath. She wants you to show her your cock before she shows you hers. She asks if she shows you her ass if that would make you harder. She lets her hair down and since you don’t want to get into the water, you’re just going to have to watch her masturbate. But first, she splashes sudsy water all over her naked body. Once Jessy’s dick is fully erect, she swings her hips, making her hardon slap loudly against her thighs. Then she sits up on the tiles and tells you about how she loves to watch, too. She jerks off furiously and her dirty talk gets more lewd and enticing. She gives you a full body rear view and begins fingering herself. How many fingers do you think she can fit inside herself? Jessy turns over to face you again and begins stroking her erection wildly again. This Bob’s Tgirls video is entitled “Suds and Spooge” and there’s a lot of both in it. 120+ hi-res photos compliment Jessy’s new video on Bob’s Tgirls! Jessy Dubai took home honors for Best Hardcore Performer And Bob’s TGirls Model Of The Year at the Seventh Annual Transgender Erotica Awards. You can see more photos and videos of her on Bob Maverick’s great site and much, much more on jessydubai.com!

Kandie Loving on Bob’s Tgirls





“Pool Table Cumshot” is the name of the new Kandie Loving video on Bob’s Tgirls. She and Mr. Maverick don’t beat around the bush, do they? “Contortions” is the name of the 130+ image photo set of this Albuquerque, New Mexico fox. All this concise title business leaves me little to blog about! I think her toned, athletic body is perfect the way it is, but more about that later. Kandie is actually quite good at playing pool, as seen in the video. It couldn’t have been easy to move around the table in her size 7 skyscraper pumps, but she gets down to stripping quickly anyway. She’s traded the pool stick for a large dildo she’s quite talented with as well. Kandie’s high-pitched, soft moaning adds to the eroticism of her toy pumping and cock stroking. The best shot of this pool-themed video is the one big, creamy white one that lands on Kandie’s flat tummy. Watch the full video on Bob’s Tgirls!

Kylie Maria on Bob’s Tgirls





This update is one I somehow missed mentioning in May. It would have been a pity if I did. It’s about the workout scene with Kylie Maria on Bobs-TGirls in which she works out her penis more than any other muscle. Kylie begins touching herself with her top and shorts kind of still on. But then we fade into a rear view of her naked from behind. It’s an incredible sight if you’ve never seen it before. Then she turns around with her breasts bobbing and sweet cock and balls jiggling. Leave it to another chick to notice that Kylie kept her tall wedges on when she sat back to stroke her erection. Wedges are easy to walk in and to wank in, so I’m not surprised that she kept them on. Kylie continues to pump the weight between her legs and it swings around whenever she lets it go. She utilizes a reverse stroking method of masturbation you might be familiar with. Have you ever turned your hand upside down while beating off? It almost feels like someone else is fapping you. If you’re a person with a penis between your legs, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. About 11 minutes into the video, Kylie adds some lubricant to her shaft and concentrates intensely on making herself climax. Steady streams of cum pour out of the red-flushed head of her swollen prick. For more masturbation scenes, you can also watch her on the official KylieMaria.xxx website.

Miran on Bob’s Tgirls

Miran jumps on the bed and shows off her incredible figure before going straight into masturbating for about three minutes. But her cock is hard as a rock by the time she exposes it, and away we go. She lays back on the bed completely nude and begins jacking off in a wide angle full frontal view. I think this is her most provocative and naughty scene on Bob’s Tgirls yet. Miran looks as flawless as humanly possible with her all over tan. I can almost picture Bob Maverick telling Miran behind the scenes, “Okay now this is going to be the one for your fans who are dying to see a full body striptease and what it looks like when you cum.” I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed. At the end of the video, I asked myself, “When was the last time she came? In Japan before she got on the plane?” She wows me every single time. 180+ hi-res images in the full photo set. On top of the dazzling video, it’s one of the finest Bob’s Tgirls photo sets I’ve ever seen anywhere.


Korra Del Rio on Bob’s Tgirls

This is the first time in a long time I’ve presented a sample photo gallery without an in-depth video description to go along with it. The reason for that is the video isn’t on Bob’s Tgirls yet. But just you wait! If it’s even close to the previous performances of Milwaukee, Wisconsin native Korra Del Rio, I know it’s going to be great. This 26 year old megastar has been updating her official KorraDelRio.xxx website and the content there confirms what I’m talking about. Bob’s Tgirls isn’t the only SMC Productions site Korra has appeared on. You might be fortunate to have seen her mind-blowing four way scene on Latina Tranny and Tiffany Starr XXX. The The K-Monster is also an amazing webcam performer and you can catch her on Chaturbate under korradelrio for live shows. Follow her there to be notified when she’ll be online next if she isn’t when you get there. And now for some of Korra’s photos shot by Bob Maverick plus one for KorraDelRio.xxx by BacktoZuStudios: