Beautiful New Model Kezya Alexynha Remastered

MP4 Scene Trailer

I’ve sometimes imagined what a Playboy, Penthouse or Victoria’s Secret shoot gone wild would look like with a beautiful girl with a cock and balls jerking off until she cums. This is an example of what I’ve often envisioned. The 1080p remastered scene with Kezya Alexynha filmed by Louie Damazo on Brazilian Transsexuals is absolutely exquisite!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is the homeland of this stunning trans performer who originally debuted about three years ago. The resolution of the MP4 trailer I’ve provided comes close to showing just how vivid the full scene is in actual playback.

Kezya strips pretty quickly in this scene, first removing her bra as she twirls around in the tastefully decorated bedroom. She plays with her lovely hormone breasts while clad only in her panties and open-toe pumps. She lowers her panties while standing and continues while laying on the bed on her back.

Kezya tosses her panties on the pillow and the next thing you know, she’s sitting up stroking her stiff cock. She rubs a lollipop across her tan-lined bosom and also across her drawn-up ball sack then tastes its sweetness. Then the camera pans down to the swollen sweetness between her legs.

This girl is a vision in closeup as she licks her lips, then crawls across the bed with her butt cheeks flexing and churning. She rubs her fun spot and bends over to fap some more.

Kezya also masturbates laying on her back and then throughout so many positions that I lose count of them. There’s floor level and full frontal footage of her torrid stroking session. Later, Kezya is completely nude and jacking off in the water. She was pretty quiet earlier, but when her orgasm approaches, Kezya emits sharp, high-pitched sighs and moans. Then she cums and rubs her nectar around the swollen head of her cock in this remarkable update.

Brazilian Transsexuals: Julia Andrade

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

I can see why beautiful Julia insisted on Brazilian-Transssexuals producer Louie Damazo capturing her bespectacled sexy secretary look. It totally works in “A Day with Julia Andrade” for the stunning Sao Paulo, Brazil native. But I like the casual wear images in the photo set, too. Julia heats things up spinning around the pole in her work shirt and panties. Louie zooms in on her luscious breasts when she loses her top and her incredible bottom, of course. Her panties succumb to the law of gravity and suddenly she’s facing you, jacking off. Her cockhead strains toward the ceiling when she releases it while in the living room chair. Julia stands up while masturbating also and about 8 minutes into the scene, she’s ass up on the mattress in the bedroom. She strokes her erection in the doggystyle position for quite some time. When Julia is ready to climax, she doesn’t grimace in the throes of orgasm. With her glasses removed, she simply smiles at the camera and suddenly, a blast of cum spurts from her stiff cock. She slaps her dick in it as this elegantly erotic Brazilian-Transsexuals video comes to an end.


Rafaela Aguiar on Brazilian Transsexuals



Brazilian Transsexuals is one of my favorite adult websites because of the diversity of the models it showcases. Sometimes the ethnic background of the models is obvious and at other times, it’s a complete mystery. Rafaela Aguiar’s skin tone is about the same as mine, but if I saw her on the street here in the United States, I could tell right away that’s she’s from Brazil. I don’t know exactly why. It just is what it is. American black girls are no less beautiful, however. At any rate, she’s petite yet curvy and the way she moves in the video that comes with this sample photo set makes her seem like an experienced professional performer. From what I can see, she’s brand new to the adult industry. The effect of hormones on her breasts is blowing my mind as I watch it her without her bikini on. Her cock is so big, I find it odd that it stands up so high when fully it’s erect. Aside from a little moaning while jacking off Rafaela is a quiet little thing. She doesn’t say much until after she stands up near the bed and pumps a massive load of creamy white cum from her massive prick with her soft tits jiggling wildly. Watch her new video and check out her entire photo set on Brazilian Transsexuals.

Brazilian Transsexuals – Carla, Walkiria & Hilda



Hilda Brasil, Carla Novaes and Walkiria Amarillo (L-R) are incredible in a Brazilian Transsexuals threesome. It would take way too long to go into detail about which girl does what, but Carla Novaes is the most aggressive megastar in their 20 minute hardcore scene. You can get a pretty good idea of how things go down when you look at the sample gallery. The video begins with the ladies snapping cell phone pics of each other and getting undressed. After awhile, the devices are put aside and they get into an intense round of oral sex. One stiff cock, then two, get blown by one girl and two team up on one before the fucking begins. The action here is what’s know in porn as spit-roasting for anyone who’s not familiar with it. That’s basically when one of three partners gets banged while giving a blowjob. By the end, one of the ladies cums on herself, and another climaxes on a full pair of breasts. Hilda, Carla and Walkiria are three of the most popular of 1,977 Brazilian Transsexuals performers. You can also see them in mind-blowing solo action and with men of this long-running, top shelf website.

Fernanda Marques and Enzo Rios

I usually rotate the homepage photo here every week, but I got attached to the one with Fernanda Marques for the last few weeks. It was from a stunning Frank’s TGirl World update from about 2 months ago. You might also know of this Rio de Janeiro fox as Fernanda Bandida, Fernanda Ladra, or Thaiz O’Hara. She was born on August 31, 1990 and I first saw her on Brazilian-Transsexuals about 2 years ago and on Shemale.XXX at around the same time. I’ve never seen Fernanda in a hardcore scene until now and her performance with Enzo pretty much blew my mind. It runs 17:23 minutes long and photographer Louie Damazo takes us straight into the action. In Portuguese (with subtitles), Fernanda tells Enzo she’s satisfied with him worshiping her tits and that she has something better for him. You can guess what that is and it’s already fully erect. Fernanda is Enzo’s mistress and does what he’s told without hesitation. He worships one of her bare feet next and then goes back to sucking her cock. Fernanda gives her slave a fisting before fucking him side-saddle, and in a variety of other positions. Enzo ens up cumming all over himself. As for Fernanda’s climax, it’s amazing, but I don’t want to spoil it with too much detail. I’m hoping of course that you’ll watch the full-video on Brazilian-Transsexuals. Don’t forget about her Frank’s TGirl World and Shemale.XXX scenes, also.



Brazilian Transsexuals Fernanda Cristine and Veronica Bolina

When I saw that the São José dos Campos, Brasil native Fernanda Cristine and Veronica Bolina of São Bernardo do Campo had a hardcore scene on Brazilian-Transsexuals, I knew I had to see the video and full photo set. It turned out to be the fastest moving transbian session I may have ever seen. The kissing, mutual cocksucking, salad tossing and fucking are almost furious, yet so much fun!

What’s ironic to me is that slender Fernanda began as the aggressor with the bodybuilding Veronica. But then you can never judge what a person will be like in bed by their body type. If one were to ask me which one of these beauties delivers a better fucking, I honestly could not tell them. They’re too evenly matched and they make the term “fully functional transsexual” seem almost laughable.

Laura Andrade and Sheylla Wandergirlt

Brunette Laura kisses Sheylla’s breasts and sucks her nipples, then the blonde returns the favor in this 23 minute hardcore scene. Sheylla gets her stiff cock sucked and she reciprocates. They switch again, jerk each other off and Sheylla is first to get fucked! She’s loud and so is the sound of their slapping flesh. Sheylla gives Laura the fuck of a lifetime, too! I love it when two hot transsexuals take turns doing the railing. I can’t make up my mind who’s better at laying pipe. Both ladies are heavy cummers, too!


If you love transbian hardcore sex, you might not make it to the end of this Brazilian Transsexuals gem without losing it.


Sarah Barros on Brazilian Transsexuals

Just as I thought when the Brazilian Transsexuals video started, Sarah Barros is looking across the room at some porn playing on the TV. I’m sure that photographer Louie Damazo is very sexy, but the video seems to be responsible for her raging erection.


I don’t think you’ll care what Sarah is watching while you’re watching her jack off until she blasts a load of creamy white cum on her tanned thigh. She actually spends a lot of time looking directly at the camera to give you a one-on-one type of experience. This is a great start for a brand new adult star.


Fernanda Cristine Returns to Brazilian Transsexuals

This is the second time I’ve seen this stunning ginger on Brazilian Transsexuals. She was a brunette last time and also on Shemale.XXX. Fernanda was also a redhead when she appeared on Frank’s TGirl World.

Fernanda Cristine presently resides in Rio de Janeiro, but she was born in São José dos Campos. Don’t miss her on Brazilian Transsexuals or wherever else she happens to pop up!