Sarina Havok Fucks Ghost Robin Coffins

If Canada-TGirl producer Vito ever moves on to mainstream filmmaking, “Sarina Havok Fucks Ghost Robin Coffins” will be one of those remember when he did porn moments. This isn’t a scene, it’s a 21:05 minute short film that happens to be XXX-rated. “Epic” is such an overused word that should be reserved for great productions like this one. I actually got creeped out for a moment and I do not scare easily at all. There’s nothing gross at all – it’s eerie that’s all, like effective old school horror. 

Any time someone enters an abandoned building, there’s a good chance something spooky is going to happen. When Sarina starts hearing a voice leading along, it would be terrifying if you weren’t so anxious to see her get some pussy. Then comes a scary flash moment of beautiful ghost Robin scantily clad in an off-white lace robe. Is it Goth? Hell yes! But so were Sarina’s debut and encore performances on the multi-site before this hardcore feature with her real life significant other was released.

When Sarina and Robin appeared on TGirls.Porn in a scene I raved about on my TS Dreamland blog, Robin said about their first hardcore produced and directed by Vito, “It was like a dream. Perfect, enchanting, blissful… Sarina just fills the bedroom with her presence. Leaving you begging for more. In a sense that, she just captivates you and you have centered all of your attention on her and can’t focus on anything else but her aura. My climax wouldn’t necessarily be my favourite part though… Clearly I get more gratification when she does. So what turns me on the most is to excite her and make her desire me….” (Sarina Havok & Robin Coffins). 

I feel connected with the first sentence the most. It blows my mind how such an ethereal movie can evolve into full raunchiness in under a half hour and sealed with a voracious cummy kiss. This is one of the most brilliant scenes ever and one of the best of 2017, Period.

Canada-TGirl Presents Emma Sirens

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

This is one of the most passionate self-loving sessions I’ve seen in recent memory. That might sound a little funny but there’s nothing comical about it. The way she masturbates is like the metal music she loves listening to and playing, hard driving and fierce. One of the first things Emma does in her Canada-TGirl debut video filmed by Vito is to turn her full ass clad in shorts to face us and give it a hard spank. The outfit she wears is not the same one as in the video. She’s wearing a jean jacket and t-shirt supporting a favorite iconic band, but that’s all t seems at first. Emma is not a shy performer. She knows she’s hot and I love her confidence. She’s wearing a skimpy garment beneath her t-shirt that seems a bit like swimwear and a matching black thong panty. Emma makes full use of the bed by posing while seated, lying down and standing. She’s on her knees when she exposes her stiff cock in a full frontal view. The head and first inch or so of her erection are flushed a deep shade of pink from her arousal. When she bares her full breasts, her tan lines are clearly visible. Emma strips completely nude while standing on the bed and concentrates more intensely on stroking her raging hard dick. She sinks back down and lays on the bed beating off in profile and next comes an incredible rear view once again. She also lies on her back and at this point I lose track of how many position changes she moves through gracefully. Emma’s masturbation includes breast fondling and hard finger banging. Then her boobs jiggle wildly as her stroking session kicks into overdrive in this superbly sexy Canada-TGirl update!

PornOCD TS Dreamland Interview with Jelena

PornOCD Interview with Jelena
PornOCD Interview with Jelena Vermilion

You may have seen Jelena Vermilion on, the tremendous free-standing trans adult website that was relaunched as a multi-site. If not, check out this sample photo gallery. This beautiful Kitchener, Ontario resident is a dancer, artist and courtesan with a lust for life and a brilliantly multi-faceted career. We hope you’ll enjoy PornOCD’s exclusive TS Dreamland interview with Jelena!

Canada-TGirl: Montreal Megastar Danika Dreamz

“Hello. This is Danika Dreamz and today I’m about to give you a special cumshot,” says the Montreal beauty as her 12th Canada-TGirl video begins running. “I am going to cum in my own mouth.” You can watch the video preview on the Canada-TGirl multi-site now.

Do you ever just know that the next time you’re going to cum that you’re going to shoot a big load? Danika does and she tells us before she even gets her cock fully erect. Her sexy little red lingerie outfit is so revealing. All she has to do is move the top part slightly to expose her full, luscious breasts. Lifting the skirted bottom reveals her smoothly shaven prick and full ball sack. She starts pumping her organ right off the bat.

Her photographer Vito films Danika seated before a window first with her high heeled feet on the floor. Then she raises her legs and spreads them wide to give herself a little finger banging. Vito captures a full frontal view of Danika rising to show off her amazing bottom next. Soon she perches herself on the wooden table and makes her cock even harder yet.

Danika places a pillow on the table to rest on and lies back on it. By this time her cock is raging hard and she’s preparing to bring herself off in this position. It’s hard to tell which of her nipples is more sensitive because she pays equal attention to each one, diddling and squeezing them quite firmly. She’s not quite ready to cum just yet, so she sits back up on the table. Her swollen dick rises at a 45 degree angle, then even higher. She wags it around with a few slight movements of her wide hips and bends over for another tantalizing butt show.

Danika knows she can’t keep doing this much longer as her climax is approaching. She lies back on the table again and throws her sexy legs up in the air. At this point, the video looks a lot like some amazing amateur model self facial footage clips. But it’s done with the high production values this Canada-TGirl producer always brings to a shoot. The throbbing head of Danika’s lovely cock is now just inches above her deep cleavage.

Then her creamy white cum begins to spurt. Danika’s nectar blasts across her lingerie, her lips and even against her tongue! While rolling the cum in her mouth and gazing at you directly, Danika invites you to move in for a cummy kiss.

This is the followup scene to the 11th Canada-TGirl photo and video set entitled, “The Explosive Return of Danika Dreamz” who made her debut on Shemale Yum back in 2006. I’ve watched this stunning Canadian performer since then and witnesses her evolution into the trans superstar she is today.

Canada TGirl Relaunches with Nikki Kittens


I really missed Canada-TGirl, but now it’s back! A great photographer named Vito shot the first official video and photo set of the resurrected Canada TGirl. His model is gorgeous Nikki Kittens from Montréal, Québec who he introduced recently in two sets on Femout.XXX.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Since then, Nikki has changed her look dramatically, and although it’s more edgy now, I still see her as the hot “little minx” the first site originally described her as. They describe Femout.XXX as an “academy” because it’s sort of of training for models before they move on to the bigger websites. This distinction is lost on me however because although a model’s progress in transition is sometimes as subtle as a bull in a china shop, I’m more likely not to admire their beauty more than I did when they started out.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

But there’s obvious development of growth experience that Nikki brings to her Canada-TGirl performance. After introducing herself outdoors in a lawn chair, when Nikki begins stripping, the same ridiculously hot hotness I saw in her first her debut and follow-up set is still there. But this time around, she seems more comfortable talking and confronting the camera. Watching Nikki bring her lovely uncut cock to erection with an electric butt plug embedded is a major thrill. She also knows how to arrange herself in a variety of tantalizing positions while masturbating. It would take me all day to describe them all. The model/photographer chemistry is so great that I think you’ll crave seeing Vito’s next scene with Nikki and it’s so good to see that Canada-TGirl has picked up where it left off. It’s still original and still exquisite. The addition of the bonus sites makes it totally irresistible in my humble opinion. Find out what the bonus sites are on the Canada-TGirl landing page.

Shemale.Porn Galleries










While sorting through the two dozen plus pages of previews, you’ll probably realize there is simply not enough time in one day to view everything you want to see on Shemale.Porn. Fortunately, you can save what you’d like to view later in your own favorites folder. The archive is a massive archive of exclusive Grooby content featuring hand picked 100% full length hardcore scenes. On top of the new scenes, I saw videos I consider TS porn classics, but I burned them to DVD. My personal collection is all digital these days. Instead of digging through homemade disks like I did in the olden days, I’m downloading my favorites again for to micro disks for easy access and storage. “There isn’t a better domain name than to describe exactly what is on this site and we’re excited to be the first full site to launch on the .porn extension,” said owner Steven Grooby. Shemale.Porn is optimized with all platforms and uses ElevatedX for enhanced Navigation and search functionality. Take the tour and please do your best to put aside some free time for yourself. For this megasite, you’re gonna need it.

Jennyfer on Shemale Yum

Most girls with the name Jennyfer are of Czech, French, and Irish ancestry. The name is a Cornish form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar. Kevin Dong’s new model is from Montreal, a city in the Canadian province of Quebec. Kevin got her to open up in her Shemale Yum debut. I’m not easily surprised, but gorgeous Jennyfer got me with what she told Kevin before she began stripping and masturbating. I can’t believe how old Jennyfer was when she started jerking off with her best friend and when she later lost her cherry. She also describes the biggest cock she’s ever been fucked by. Jennyfer is mainly a bottom, yet versatile. She also loves cum. She’s under the name Jenny Everhart now on the Canada TGirl multi-site. 


Megane Vanderbilt Is Back

Kevin Dong who runs Canada TGirl says, “I met with luscious and electric Megane on a gorgeous Toronto summer afternoon. She was well rested and in a great mood to mess around and masturbate. Her flowing green stripper dress was blowing like a candle in the wind. I turned Megane on by making her strip down to nothing on my balcony. Quickly she became aroused and erect, toying her feminine rear opening with a sizable dildo…” The text goes on, but I’m too bashful to repeat it.

Watch Megane Vanderbilt’s stunning solo and hardcore performances on Canada TGirl.