Caramel’s TGirls Cover Model of The Week: Shakira

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Shakira or not who seems to fly under the radar and occasionally shows us something hot, fresh and new. She’s done some fantastic photo and video sets at several leading websites including and I don’t know about you, but I think she’s stunning and I hope she keeps at it. Enjoy these photo and video previews from Shakira!

Tranny Awards Names 2011 Nominees

Thank you so much to everyone who nominated Caramel’s TGirls for “Best Free Website” for the 4th Annual Tranny Awards! Voting is open for “Best Solo Model of 2011″ The winning model will get $1000 cash prize to be presented at The Tranny Awards on Feb 19th in Los Angeles at the El Cid Club. They’ve all worked so hard so please take out a little time to cast your vote. Tickets for the 4th Annual Tranny Awards are available online or may be purchased at the door the night of the event. Click here to get your tickets!

Alexa Stats: TS Dreamland Outranks Caramel’s TGirls

I’m not sure how accurate ranking websites are, but according to, my newer site has eclipsed United States traffic with a ranking of 367,116 to 635,620. Globally, is still ahead at 1,078,551 over 1,224,391. I would have thought that this one would have more traffic worldwide with all the interviews and a two year headstart, but obviously here in the States, Dreamland is a bigger hit. I don’t mind but I found it strange to see the traffic blowing up there so fast. Perhaps it’s because I’m more blatantly sexual there. Whatever the case, this is my baby and no matter what happens in terms of traffic, it will always remain so. Let me know however if you like better.