Femout.xxx Review: Stunning Jenna Gargles

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My December 16, 2018 TS-Casting Couch Review of Meet Hot Blonde Jenna Gargles sums up how I feel about this webcam performer who’s now a major studio model. She debuted on Buddy Wood’s TS-CastingCouch.com and now she’s on Femout.xxx

Description: We have something really special for you this weekend on Femout.xxx! A few weeks ago, Jenna had her first Grooby appearance on TS Casting Couch. Today, she would like to introduce herself to Femout members too! Jenna is a transsexual teen dream! Sweet and tasty and filled with cream. She’s a real cutie with an insatiable sexual appetite who will do very well in this industry. Perky little booty and a big cock that she loves to have played with!

Review: The first thing I notice is that she’s wearing white lace like she had on in her casting couch shoot. It inspires a sexy little flashback, but she’s in the kitchen time also wearing a black mini-skirt. Her legs and feet are bare.

She sucks her fingers and tweaks her nipples, inviting you to suck them, and the big stiff cock escaping the hem of her skirt. She strokes her boner which is almost as hard as it can get already. Then she bends over inviting you to fuck her tight little hole.

Jenna spends a lot of time stroking and slapping her large meat slab while perched on the counter. Then comes a mad crazy sexual washer and dryer sequence presenting Jenna spread eagle! She’s wearing no panties as she tempts and teases with her erection and winking rosebud.

I don’t know if it’s the natural or developed talent she taps into from her LIVE shows on Chaturbate.com/JennaGargles or what, but this is one of the finest Femout.xxx debuts I’ve seen in recent history.

TS-CastingCouch Review: Meet Hot Blonde Jenna Gargles

MP4 Scene Trailer

On Buddy Wood’s TS-CastingCouch.com, Jenna takes a seat wearing a sweatshirt, shorts and socks, looking purely innocent. She tells us she’s from Orlando, Florida in a brief opening interview and that she just moved to L.A. She’s been webcamming for about two years (and that’s where I know her from – Chaturbate.com/JennaGargleshttps://chaturbate.com/in/?track=default&tour=APi5&campaign=ey5B5&room=jennagargles and she’s amazing to see LIVE.

Jenna is also pretty awesome to watch here on video. She talks about what she likes to do sexually and what she fantasizes, yet hasn’t done yet. She mostly likes to be dominated, but she can switch roles with the right person.

As Jenna becomes more established in the adult industry, she’d love the experience of working with some of her favorite porn stars. The interview wraps up when Buddy asks Jenna to show more of herself. She stands up, as directed, and jumps right into striptease mode. Jenna turns it on in a flash (no pun intended)!

Jenna is wearing all white lace lingerie under her casual wear and before she dazzles us wit her upside down heart ass, she gives us a glimpe of her cock. It’s getting hard already and it’s a pretty big one! She’s also hiding some dangerous curves beneath her outfit. Once stripped down to her bra, panties and socks, Jenna parts her thighs open and mentions that she’s falling out of her panties.

While pumping her now stiff cock up and down with no hands, Jenna remarks that “he” likes you and why not? She’s a pretty girl with a big penis. I have no problem with however that beautiful member likes to be addressed.

Just when I think Jenna’s large rod is fully erect, it keeps rising up higher. She gives it a few firm strokes and then makes the best possible use of her casting couch. She raises her long legs high in the air in the spread eagle position. Mercy!

She gives us a long, unbridled look at her winking rosebud, then coaxes pre-cum out of the tip of her swollen schlong. That’s just what happens in the first half of this delectable TS-CastingCouch.com debut. Did I mention that Buddy does the honors of stroking Jenna’s huge dong somewhere down the line? Did I mention Jenna’s big, creamy white cum shot at the end? Don’t forget to check them out when she’s on cam. Register for free and give her a follow on Chaturbate.com/sJennaGarglesChaturbate.com/JennaGargles to be notified of her next show!

GroobyGirls Stunning Daisy Taylor Review

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Description: Daisy Taylor is without a doubt one of the hottest new models this year…and quite honestly one of the hottest girls I’ve ever worked with. Absolutely stunning from head to toe. Drop dead gorgeous face, beautiful body with a killer ass and a really surprisingly big cock. She’s pretty damn perfect!! And on top of it all she’s sweet and funny but knows how to work that camera like a true pro. When we shot for TS-CastingCouch.com I proclaimed A Star is Born and I think her shoots here will only show how much that is true. Lots more of Daisy to come.

Daisy Taylor, of Los Angeles, California, is the GroobyGirls.com “Model of the Month” for December 2018. I can’t even imagine how many heads turn on a busy street when Daisy Taylor goes out for a walk. She’s so good looking it’s ridiculous! In this Grooby Girls debut, Mr. Wood presents Daisy in the kitchen with an opening interview. They go over how he’d originally shot her for TS-CastingCouch.com (which I raved about. See my TS-Casting Couch: Meet Daisy Taylor blog post on TS Dreamland).

I loved that first scenario, but Mr. Wood draws out more of Daisy’s personality in this interview than in the casting couch scenario. That shoot was awesome, but this one is more laid back and engaging. She touches on what her turn-ons are and what she plans to explore in the future. She says she cried over the A Star Is Born remake. So did I and who didn’t?! At any rate, Daisy slides into her striptease/masturbation sequence within the first three minutes of this video. She rubs her lower region firmly after cracking her producer up a few times. She rubs her breasts through her top and whispers something sexy.

When she exposes her big cock from her panties, it’s already rigid! She alternatively fondles her boobs and strokes her erection with either one or two fists. Within the first minutes, Daisy loses her panties and poses with her big hard cock head staring you in the face at eye level. 

Then she turns around to jack off while bending over. Daisy has a phenomenal ass and you’ve got to have extraordinary staying power not to lose your cum before the video ends. However, you should try to at least get to the midway point with Daisy’s super sexy finger banging sequence.

The second half of the video is a kitchen/laundry room fap where Daisy sits upon the dryer stroking her boner. Did I mention that she’s completely naked at this point? I’d had the thought that Daisy has all the potential to become the leading trans porn star if she keeps this up. I was a big fan before she made her way to TS-Castingcouch.com and GroobyGirls.comDaisy is a verified PornHubPremium.com model, so take my registration offer and search hereonneptune to see her hardcore videos! Go to Ppatreon.com/HereOnNeptune for more original content and to see her performing LIVE go to Chaturbate.com/Hereonneptune!

TGirls.XXX Review: Kellie Shaw’s Climax

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Description: Following her hot comeback scene we’ve released two weeks ago, gorgeous Kellie Shaw returns with another smashing Radius Dark-produced scene and she is ready to give you some more! We love watching Kellie showing off her amazing body, long legs and stroking her hard big cock! Watch her fucking her ass with her purple dildo until she reaches an anal orgasm! She’s stunning!

Bio by Producer Radius Dark
Birthday: 2nd January
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Lovely Kellie Shaw made it clear. She’s a butt slut. She loves to be fucked doggy style and missionary and prefers to only bottom. She said her big, 7.5″ cock hadn’t seen this much action in three years. She was very professional and prompt. The shoot took far less time than usual with a new model. She’d done some modeling in the past, but when I directed her, she just executed. She’s another one of those ‘Tall Goddesses’ standing 6’3″. She’s got crazy long, muscular legs that are probably my favorite physical trait about her.

Review: This is Kellie’s 7th TGirls.XXX appearance (including one hardcore performance)! The new video opens with beautiful Kellie striding into the room wearing a bra and panties asking if we’ve missed her. Of course! “It’s been forever,” she adds, but I beg to differ. Kellie is a frequent webcammer and we’ve indeed missed her in a studio performance. Register free on Chaturbate.com/Kellieshaw and you won’t have to miss her so much!

Back to TGirls.XXX, Kellie proceeds to pose sexily and use her sexy voice to seduce you. She talks about her enhance breasts and how she’s been working on her butt. Don’t even make me say it! Too easy.

Kellie gives her bottom a hard spank and fully exposes her big, lovely boobs next. But have you happened to notice that big bulge in her panties? It can’t just be me! You’ll definitely notice when she begins touching it. Kellie is standing when she first exposes her cock. But she’s seated on the sofa when she actually starts to masturbate intently.

Her panties are still technically on, but so much of her lovely flesh is on display, her full tits, long legs and pretty feet as she strokes her dick to a full erection. Eventually, she stands up to remove her panties. I’m talking about 7 minutes in and if you haven’t cum yet, you still have a long way to go.

Canada-TGirl: Pretty In Pink Courtni Demilune Review

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Description: Grooby maestro Vee Soho brings back the ever hot Courtni Demilune to Canada-TGirl.com stage today. Courtni looks like a lot of fun. I can tell by her as she strikes a pose in a very sexy pink nightwear and red heels. Watch her as she takes it off and goes naked and naughty for you.

Bio: Birthday: 27th November
Location: British Columbia, Canada

Courtni Demilune is one hot aspiring pornstar, originally from Vancouver now in Montreal, This incredibly beautiful blonde is a non stop surprise of turn ons ! The eyes, the smile, the voice, the laughter, the infinity of her leeeeeeegs, the cute round ass ! shes so good its bad… but the playfulness and the kink … she’s bad but its so good… Give in to one video and you’re done… you dare?

Review: This is Courtni’s 5th Canada TGirl photo and video set. When I saw her debut in September of 2017, I decided not only to review her shoot, but to create a Caramel’s TGirls category just for her. I knew immediately that she’d become a big star and she’s done it!

A combination of things make Courtni the amazing adult industry star she is today – the most obvious being her beauty. But there’s also a very kinky young lady underneath the surface. Courtni lists some of her personal favourite kinks as ABDL, pet play, and bimbofication. I love that such a glamorous and elegant model is such a kinkster. That drives me crazy with lust!

Her new Canada-TGirl.com shoot quickly exposes Courtni’s nudity with the parting of her sheer lingerie. There’s an awful lot of teasing between the first time she exposes her lovely cock and the second. And even then, we’re able to make a perfect inspection of her curvy ass and tiny starfish before we see her pretty dick again.

Courtni strokes her well-lubricated cock slowly and methodically at first. She then exposes her hormone boobs and delectable looking nipples as she continues to masturbate. She talks dirty, suggesting that you take her from behind or fuck her from underneath.

Can you imagine how wonderful it would feel to be inside her? Get to the Canada TGirl mega-site and you’ll have plenty of times to consider it! To catch this stunning 23 year old in action LIVE, register free and follow her on Chaturbate.com/Xaddierae.

GroobyGirls: Meet Tera Firma Review

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Description: One gorgeous Grooby Newbie makes her debut today! Meet Tera Firma! Tera is a cutie from New Jersey with a sweet voice. She loves to be totally dominated and fucked rough. She really loves being choked. Tera is very fit and stands only 5’4″ with a very big, functional cock. Watch her posing and stroking her cock just for you in this smashing solo scene brought to you by Radius Dark!

Bio: Birthday: 5th May
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Tera Firma is a cutie from New Jersey with a sweet voice. She loves to be totally dominated and fucked rough. She really loves being choked. She’s very fit and stands only 5’4″ with a very big, functional cock. My favorite feature on her is her sexy legs and petite frame.
She makes music and loves to workout.

Watch her LIVE on: Chaturbate.com/Terafirmaxo.

Review: I’m more familiar with this Native American beauty from her live webcam shows on Chaturbate.com that from her rare studio performances. But she’s incredible to watch both ways. She’s laying on a sofa in a dark sleeveless top and matching skirt when she introduces herself as 5’4″ and from New Jersey (yay, me too!). In her free time, she streams, makes music and works out.

Sexually, she goes into how she likes to be dominated and she’s not exclusive to guys. When she exposes her big cock, which happens within the first two minutes of this update, it’s already hard. It’s so long and thick I’m not even sure if I could deep throat a dick like that down to the base.

I love watching her muscles flex as she strokes her stiffie firmly. She then remembers to tell us how big her schlong is. I’m not telling, though. See the video on GroobyGirls.com for that big detail. As she masturbates, Tera shows a lot of leg, but it’s mostly inner thigh. Wait until you see them at full length. I’ve never seen a finer set of stems!

Mr. Dark presents a sequence with Tera standing above us as she jerks off and you can imagine sucking her off as if you’re being ordered to. Her large pecker suspends her skirt as she strips down to her bra and panties. The skirt drops around her tall white sandals and pedicured toes and then Tera continues beating off in a variety of sensuous positions.

Breast lovers will flip over her naturally round orbs and dark nipples. As for ass lovers, she has an upside down heart-shaped bottom and her tiny starfish is flawless. Foot lovers might lose their spunk by the time Tera removes her platforms and provides closeup shots of her pretty bare feet. Eventually Tera becomes completely nude in this remarkable
GroobyGirls.com update and I’ve only described about the first three quarters of it!

Pure-TS: Mysterious Beauty Enters a Hotel Room for Sex

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Christian meets a tall blonde and stunning blonde in the casino and next thing you know they are getting after it in his hotel room. She is an amazing sexual athlete and he has to work hard to keep up. She begs for his big dick and he gives it to her in every conceivable position before finally cumming deep in her ass just like she wanted. 

In the Las Vegas, interview with Kellie Shaw, she revealed to Christian when she got her first dick in the ass. The details are astounding as is the fact that this interview takes place in a car parked in a mall or casino parking lot. Kellie flashes her large and lovely breasts in the car after pointing out that the transition of a trans woman really never ends. The cosmetic part of Kellie’s transition is virtually flawless so far. She’s such a statuesque beauty. That basically sums up a fantastically sexy interview that runs almost 15 minutes long. “Frustrated TS Girlfriend Gets Some Stress Relief” is the bareback hardcore scene released on Pure-TS.com at the time the interview was shot. 388 photos come with this 28 minute debut. And now we have Kellie’s return to Christian’s website in “Mysterious Beauty Enters a Hotel Room for Sex.” Christian is on the phone describing the mysterious girl to a friend moments before she arrives at his Vegas hotel room for a date. Kellie explains that the reason for her being so mysterious was because she doesn’t like PDAs. She also reveals that she’s got another secret. That secret is between her stocking clad thighs and Christian reaches under her mini dress to grasp it before they start kissing.

Kellie is taller than Christian when wearing heels and that’s what I mean by statuesque. I also think she’s one of if not the most beautiful trans star on Pure-TS.com. After the reciprocal oral exchanges, the bareback fucking begins with Christian fucking Kellie as she leans against the wall for support. Their standing doggy style humping sinks to the floor and evolves into a missionary position railing. As far as position changes go, they’re just getting started!

Is the latest Pure-TS.com scene co-starring beautiful Kellie Shaw better than the last one? I’ll leave that for you to decide. Meanwhile you can find Kellie performing LIVE quite frequently on my favorite webcam platform where you can also register for FREE! If she’s not online at the moment, follow her on Chaturbate.com/Kellieshaw!

BecomingFemme: Redhead CD Babe Slurps The Cum Out Of Your Cock

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: 14 minute(s), 10 second(s) | 2018-09-26

Erica Cherry is a gorgeous Chaturbate cam model that really knows how to tempt and tease your cock. She has lots of practice being slutty, so this beautiful CD swallows your big cock with ease. It’s only a matter of time before your cum is flowing down the back of her throat.

BecomingFemme.com is the latest project from Christian XXX, the creator of Pure-TS.com and TSPOV.com. This is the crossdresser/transvestite version of his full-time trans woman POV site.

This is the THIRD update on BecomingFemme.com featuring beautiful Erica Cherry. If you think you’ve seen this babe on YouTube, you’re right. She’s a fast-rising creator. I was pretty shocked when I saw Erica performing LIVE on trans Chaturbate.com but entirely pleasantly surprised.


The first time I caught one of her shows, she came twice in a row and managed to suck her own big cock! Chaturbate.com/Etertaycb is where you need to be to catch a show. Register free and follow Erica.

Studio performances of gorgeous Erica Cherry on BecomingFemme.com are the other alternative you have to cum together. What I like most about this scene is seeing Erica shooting cum from her big dick before taking Christian’s spunk into her warm, wet mouth. I don’t expect to see full-time girls shooting jizz all over the place. But if it’s a part-time girl who is not on hormones, I wanna see these chicks blasting loads of creamy white cum!

I love watching Erica confess how horny she is. This 24 year old Salt Lake City cutie pie is extremely vocal and her opening striptease and masturbation sequence is incredibly hot! I almost thought she was about to cum before sinking to her knees before Christian’s massive boner. But she continues jerking off instead while sucking cock. Erica makes her own big dick spurt from the sheer act of stroking while sucking in this torrid BecomingFemme.com update!

BecomingFemme: Druslan in Secret CD Lover Gets Fucked

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Christian and his submissive sissy CD Druslan have been fucking in secret for years. She loves pleasing him and he loves fucking her bareback with his big dick. These two lovers will really blow you away with their passion and energy!

I had so much fun watching the BecomingFemme.com creator Christian’s new hardcore scene with Druslan, I can’t wait to see them together again! I know of this super cute model from Chaturbate.com.

This 30 year old webcammer is a self described pansexual femboy and bit of a sissy who likes cute girls, fit men and anyone in between. Druslan is a gamer and movie buff who also loves Sci-Fi, nature and reading.


Sexually, Druslan is a tall drink of water fond of pantyhose, stockings, hentai, anime, petite girls and hung hunks like the one starring with Druslan in this hot scene. If you’re more into trans models and performers, my TSDreamland.com blog features TS’s exclusively.

Caramel’s TGirls has always featured both veteran trans performers and the latest part-time girl sensations. What I like about Druslan is that she doesn’t worry about convincing us that she’s not a full-time trans woman. If you’ve seen her BecomingFemme.com debut in August, or you’ve seen her “Secret CD Lover Gets Fucked” encore performance, you already know what I mean.

The premise of this update is that Christian is a married businessman who misses his CD slut and needs to get his fill of her. His subby girl is waiting for him on her knees when they finally get together again. She can’t wait to get his massive cock out of his suit pants and into her mouth. Druslin is so horny, she can’t help jerking off while she sucks the big man’s huge dick.

The svelte sissy gets her cock sucked as well and it’s pretty damn big, too! I think you’ll love watching it spin and bounce as she rides Christian’s schlong in this fantastic update on BecomingFemme.com. You can register free on my favorite webcam site to see her performing LIVE on Chaturbate.com/Druslan!

Sasha de Sade: BTS My Daily Bathtub BBC Training

MP4 Scene Trailer

Beautiful Sasha of SashaDeSade.XXX says, “High quality full-length porn video coming tomorrow, just posting a bonus update tonight 😉 Mistress says I have to practice sucking my BBC dildo every time I have a bath, and I can’t fill the tub till I’ve sucked the long black cock all the way down my throat… I filmed my cocksucking practice on my phone earlier today for you to watch me train my throat for my future as a BBC gangbang slut 😀 When I can use my throat as a fucksleeve without gagging or choking Mistress will start renting me out to groups, I’m kinda scared but also excited! xx” So, after watching the full video, I’m not saying you have to have a BBC to enjoy this, but it sure doesn’t hurt! I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a special turn on for me. I think it’s equally sexy t anyone who loves interacial oral. There’s even more to it, however. Toward the end, Sasha’s Mistress films her in close up so tightly as she jerking off, her cock looks enormous – directly in front of your face. She’s stroking her erection frantically in the tub naked except for the red lingerie pushed down her thighs. The big black cock replica hangs in the air moments after she stops sucking it to make her lovely pink cock spurt its cum. You can easily imagine swallowing Sasha’s spunk (I know I did). She sticks her tongue out at the end of this clip and…. Is anyone else thinking cummy kisses? Whether it’s yes or no, pay a visit to SashaDeSade.XXX. Sasha just happens to be jerking off LIVE right now on Chaturbate.com/sasha_de_sade! Say hi and tell her Caramel sent you.