TGirls.Porn – Jenna Rose & Crystal Sopen


You can watch a free video trailer on TGirls.Porn of Jenna Rose and Crystal Sopen in action before downloading it like I did. That’s what closed the deal for me. Plus, I was anxious to see gorgeous Jenna Rose in action for the first time.


I’ve been a Crystal Sopen fan for years from her major studio work and live on Chaturbate in room crystalsopen. She’s a frequent performer there so you should get yourself a Free Registration to catch her amazing broadcasts. My interview partner PornOCD presented a sexy and informative interview with Crystal that you’ll find here on TS Dreamland, another blog of mine. 


One of my favorite elements of transbian romance and sex is kissing. Seeing Jenna and Crystal’s intimacy makes me want to get some of that for myself! It all starts out when Jenna stops by her friend Crystal’s place needing a break from playing Pokémon Go on a hot day. While talking about playing games and stuff while sitting on the bed, Crystal makes her move and it’s on.


I’m not exactly sure which sequence impresses me the most. It’s somewhere between seeing  Crystal fucking Jenna in the reverse cowgirl position and the part where they’re fucking standing up while Jenna strokes her erection.  


Jenna Rose: “I loved getting to shoot for TGirls.Porn with Crystal Sopen. Our shoot felt very sensual to me. In the beginning I was nervous, never having been with another trans girl, this was new territory for me. I have always been attracted to girls but, I’ve also always loved cock. Crystal came together as the best of both worlds. Her body was soft and smooth while her cock was rock hard. The way that she interacted with me; the way she touched me felt sweet and compassionate. It felt so satisfying to kiss her from her lips, to her perky tits, and all the way down to her hard cock. Sucking on her cock got my little clitty hard and soon I was dying for her to take me. Crystal in essence seduced me- letting me open up, relax and thoroughly enjoy the experience.The way she teasingly licked my “little pussy” made me want to please her and see her hard cock cum. Even when she had me pressed up to the window where everyone below could see me all I could focus on was how good it felt to be taken by her and how badly I wanted to see her cum. Being seduced by a trans girl just has a certain subtle, sensual, sexy, sweetness not found with most men”.


Crystal Sopen: “I was excited to work with the cute and nubile Jenna. I love the curves and feel of a woman’s body and the warm affection they can give. I love playing with women, especially with a fun fit tgirl like Jenna. In the scenario Jenna came to the when I was laying on my bed bored. As I opened the door, I saw Jenna with her cute ass looking extra good in her tight tight sorts. At that point I thought, her ass is the perfect cure for my boredom. It turned out to be a fun day after all, as we went at it late into the night. We got closer, talked and kissed . As I got her undressed I traced my hands over her body. Then, I tasted Jenna’s buns and her sweet as hole. She also pleased my cock, with skill and grace. I also noticed she has delightful small breasts, which I enjoyed greatly. The way she tongued my nipples was deliciously precise. We had a good long anal sex by my window, which has a scenic view of downtown”.

Watch The Trailer on TGirls.Porn
Watch The Trailer on TGirls.Porn

Meet Kimber Haven & Friends at Fetish Con 

Back in January, I presented my exclusive interview with Kimber Haven on My foxy gal pal is at Fetish Con in St. Petersburg, Florida today through Sunday, August 14th attending industry events like the pool parties and walking the Kinky Red Carpet also Sunday night, during the awards. Fans can meet her at the Clips4Sale booth, take a photo with her or get an autographed photo. Kimber is up for two awards, Best Fetish Alternative Performer because of her fantastic website and for Best Transgender Alternative Cam Performer for her cumtastic kimberlynnhaven LIVE performances on Chaturbate. You can sign up for a free registration  at Chaturbate Trans to catch her in action.

MP4 Video Preview 

Kimber will find out on Sunday night if she takes home one or both trophies. “This is my very first trade show and nominations, and I’m very excited about everything,” said Kimber. “If you’re in the area, definitely come on down and meet me, and attend the awards show if you can. The show will also be live on the Fetish Con website, so my fans around the world can watch and hopefully see me winning one or both of the awards.” All the Fetish Con events are taking place at the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront. When Kimber isn’t filming, featuring, or camming, you will find her rocking out on an electric guitar, doing stand-up comedy, binge watching Netflix and YouTube, and interacting with her fans. , 

Kimber is with her gorgeous trans friend Raven Roxx who you may have seen hardcore on Kimber’s website or on her own spectacular website,! Also there will be their mutual Dominant/submissive switch cis female friend the hostess of!

TransErotica – Chanel Santini is Back in Black

“I hope you like this set,” said the beautiful TransErotica contract girl about Chanel Santini is Back in Black. “I thought the sunglasses were a nice touch to go with my black lingerie and boots. I hope you like watching me stroke my hard cock in this one. Enjoy, I know I did!” Of course she did. You can tell by the way Chanel shoots her cum at the end of this 14:33 minute HD video that comes with 130 images. It could be my favorite solo performance by Chanel on her TransErotica network site!

What I like about it most is that Chanel is wearing her natural hair, with reddish-brown streaks, and she’s wearing a killer outfit consisting of a black bra and panty set with thigh-high open-toe harlequin gladiator boots. Another thing I like about this set is that Chanel gets to display her acting abilities with the theme.

She’s getting dressed for a night out on the town while chatting with a girlfriend about what happened last time she was up in da club. She met some hot guy and sucked his big fat cock she reminds her friend. The time she and her gal pal decide to meet at the club tonight gives her plenty of time to finish getting ready. “Plenty of time to burst my fucking load,” she says to herself once she gets off the phone. She begins rubbing the growing bulge in her semi-sheer black panties and allows her cock to spring out into the open air. Chanel is seated at first, but then she rises and turns around to lower her panties.

The rear view is as magnificent as the front. Chanel leans over on the round white table and lets out a soft gasp as she touches her fun spot. She gives her erection a few strokes and turns around again to remove her panties. Then she masturbates with both high heeled feet planted apart widely on the floor. Chanel then leans back and the footage fully exposes wild finger banging.

Her supremely fuckable ass, smoothly shaven balls and raging hard cock are generously oiled as she jacks off. The photographer captures her gorgeous face clearly and a view down along her lithe frame when she places her feet against the wall and continues stroking her swollen dick.

Then there’s an aerial view of Chanel’s entire body as she faps away. At this point, about three quarter into the scene, there are more position changes and close up views of her face and naughty bits. You can tell when Chanel is close to cumming by the look of urgency on her face. As far as I’m concerned, her cumshot could not have been filmed better. I highly recommend that you join to stream or download this scene as one of your first of the day. If you’d like to watch Chanel performing LIVE on Chaturbate, she’s been online stroking her cock and cumming frequently for the past week in her chanelsantini chat room.

Femout.XXX Valentina Mia Encore




Since I’ve already raved about Valentina Mia before a couple of times since May, including here on June 8, 2016, I’m going to go into a bit less background information this time around. Today’s focus is on her second Femout.XXX performance. Photographer Omar Wax films Valentina quietly stretching out her hosed legs while sitting in a pretty orange dress when the scene opens. She exposes and toys with her nipples before rising from her seat to give you a mesmerizing rear view. Then she lets her dress slip to the floor and reveals more of her lithe torso. Perched on the leather share, Valentina exposes more of her lovely ass, teasing by slowly lowering the waistband of her pantyhose. Facing the camera, she lowers her hose just enough to give you a peek at her stiffening uncut cock. Then Valentina sits back down to begin jerking off. She pauses to remove her pantyhose, leaving her completely naked in her seat. Valentina’s cock is now raging hard and pointing upward as she draws both legs up. The shiny cockhead emerges from its foreskin and she fully exposes it when masturbating again. Mr. Wax captures the beauty in a variety of unexpected, original camera angles and the look of lust intensifies on her face as she brings herself closer to climax. Valentina announces her orgasm and cums across her pretty skin and that wraps up this fantastic Valentina Mia follow-up performance on Femout.XXX. You can also watch Valentina on webcam live on



Rogue Adventures #44: Natalie Mars

MP4 Trailer
MP4 Trailer
Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery
Flash Trailer
Flash Trailer
Natalie's Evil Angel Filmography
Natalie’s Evil Angel Filmography

Feminine, ultra-sexy trans-girl Natalie Mars looks incredible in a micro-mini skirt and tiny tube top. She sprawls on the bed wearing glasses to emphasize her slutty yet sophisticated style, showing off sexy feet and greasing herself for a masturbatory show. The tasty she-vixen aims her erect boner into the camera as she strokes, then plunges her sweet sphincter with a sex toy. There’s spit-soaked, ass-to-mouth dildo sucking, and Natalie’s dick leaks syrupy goo as she pounds herself to an intense orgasm. That’s the official synopsis of “Bespectacled T-Girl’s Jack Session” in Rogue Adventures #44. Natalie removes her glasses about a minute into the scene. She rubs the bulge in her blue and white mesh panties and when Joey Silvera askes if she wears her specs all the time, Natalie responds, “Most of the time. I kinda need them to see. I’ve never heard anyone complaining about them. She’s also a fan favorite with her live webcam shows on But back to the video, Natalie slides her glasses back on and lowers her top to expose her breasts fully. She pinches her nipples rather hard and runs a black talon around one of them. Her cock is already stiff and oozing clear beads of pre-cum when she releases it. She tastes a bit of it and then removes her black booties. Fishnet stockings adorn her curvy legs and her toes are painted pink. A large segment of Natalie’s fan base is seriously into her pretty feet and she’s very well aware of that. So you get lots of arch flexing and toe wiggling. Natalie bares her feet by ripping the stockings off with her nails. I can’t remember the last time I saw so much pre-cum streaming from a girl’s dick while she’s fucking herself, the the toy she uses is pretty huge. When the tremendous strings of cum blast from her swollen cock head, Natalie keeps pumping the sex toy in and out of herself. Before Natalie waves goodbye, she briefly confesses a few fetishes and her cock doesn’t seem to want to soften. Click here for the Natalie Mars pornstar profile. Rogue Adventures #44 is available now for download and streaming on Evil Angel.

TGirls.Porn: Lana Solaire & Shelbi Trutch


Lana: Sooo, it was getting pretty loud in the other room, so naturally, I decided to see what’s up. Who else do I see but Shelbi Trutch spanking herself on the bed. I started by giving her a good, hard spanking, because no one should have to spank themselves, then she went down on each other, I fucked her face, then some more spankings and I decided I wanted in. The ass was fat. I took her pretty fast, spanking while I thrusted. Pulling her hair back in doggy, she loved it! Then I really wanted some…so, I kinda just let her fuck me. I even let her fuck my face. She went so hard sometimes I couldn’t control how loud I was, but I loved it. It was my first time having a girl fuck me and definitely won’t be my last! After she gave it to me like I wanted, we laid next to each other and masturbated until we both came, she came so much, I really wasn’t expecting that much cum!!! Soooo, I really liked being with another girl, loved fucking her, loved getting fucked by her even more. Shelbi was super sweet and treated me so nicely – 100% I’d love to do it all over again!





Shelbi: Being walked in on, paddling myself idly, Lana decided to take it upon herself to help me out. After a few moments we had begun to get a bit more sensual, smoothing over each other and letting our lips and legs lock in various ways, Lana was an excellent scene partner and we had a lot of fun. After too long we were all over and inside of each other, fellatio and anal galore! We had awesome chemistry, Lana and I, it was a very passionate scene, I believe we both got caught up in marking out a few times, not to mention when we would begin to set into our more lewd-asking scenes, all in all, a great experience. I like being with other girls because there’s a better understanding and ability to be connected. You kinda instinctively know how each other’s body works and you can be certain they will take care of their bodies in most cases.


You can click here for a FREE TRAILER of Lana Solaire and Shelbi Trutch fucking each other on TGirls.Porn right now. I’ve raved about their solo performances on Femout.XXX and LIVE WEBCAM broadcasts on and before. Lana Solaire honored me with one of the most candid and fun INTERVIEWS I’ve ever done right here on Caramel’s TGirls on June 8, 2016. I had the option of streaming this scene in 720p resolution, but I opted to download instead because I knew I’d want to keep it. Omar Wax outdoes himself with the filming and 204 image photo set and I love the way the video plays out. Shelbi is lying on the bed, casually swatting her cute butt with a paddle. Lana gives her a love tap with it at first as if she’s not really going to do much with it. But then she ends up using the paddle like an experienced dominatrix, leaving marks. Lana continues paddling even when Shelbi straddles her for some dick-hardening frottage and passionate kissing. These girls look absolutely gorgeous while sucking each other off. There’s also an erotic swordfight with the girls rubbing their cocks together before Lana begins fucking Shelbi from behind, still using that paddle! Then it’s Shelbi who gets to do the fucking. She makes Lana shout apologies for paddling he so hard while pounding her ass with jackhammer thrusts. There could be a TGirls.Porn powerful cumshot broken record at the end of this remarkable hardcore scene. If I gave my mini-reviews ratings, I’d easily give this one 5 stars.

Shathara on Chaturbate

Last week, I saw Canadian Shathara aka Shay and her cis female friend Bella on Chaturbate for the first time. Their webcam performance was incredible! Shay is only 18 yet she handles webcam like a seasoned professional. When I was watching she was sitting at a computer table wearing a checkered red and white top with short-shorts and red and black knee socks. Bella was dancing beside her also in short-shorts and she lowered her bra to make her boobs dance along with the rest of her. Bella was as turned on as the rest of us and unzipped her shorts to release her cock. Shay rose from her seat to give viewers a closer look at her lovely uncut cock which was stiffening by the second. Her smooth, hairless ball sack was suspended by her shorts and white panties as she swung her cock around and then began stroking it. When she sat back down, Bella leaned in for a kiss – a very passionate one. Bella provided a clear view of her magnificent butt while straddling Shay’s hips and when Shay stood up again, she showed her’s off also. By this time, she’d stuffed her erection back inside her panties, and her bulge was so erotic to look at. When she turned around, Bella playfully spanked her ass and a dual butt show came next. Shay revealed her gorgeous hormone boobs next and jacked off while interacting with fans and with Bella. A bit later, Bella sat in Shay’s lap and buzzed her pretty pussy with a Hitachi magic wand vibe. I followed to catch their next show, but unexpected events made me miss it! I’m still kicking myself in the head over that. But Shay and Bella are now two of my all-time favorite Chaturbate cam girls, so I’ll be looking for my notifications to catch them next time. When you follow, you’ll get an email (with no spam) to let you know when they go live again.

Chanel Santini Creampies Jasmeen Lefleur

TransErotica is soon to announce the launch of the official Chanel Santini XXX website! Meanwhile, there are two blazing hot video and photo sets of Chanel with Jasmeen Lefleur on TransErotica to whet your whistle. Here are some pics from the latest photo and video set:

I just raved about “Chanel Santini In Kinky Hardcore With Jasmeen” on TS Dreamland here today. Now it’s time to talk about ” Chanel Santini Creampies Jasmeen” which opens with Chanel about to send selfies to Jasmeen. There’s no need for that however when Jasmeen shows up to see Chanel in person. They look insanely gorgeous French kissing before Jasmeen even has the chance to sit down. Soon they’re both down to just bras, panties and Louboutin’s Jasmeen’s undies are shed next and Chanel feasts on her bountiful breasts. Chanel’s cock is already raging hard when Jasmeen helps her out of her panties. The sight of Chanel driving her sweet dick in and out of Jasmeen’s delectable pussy was the second time today, which was my first time ever. It’s mind-blowing! There’s so much coveted cock sucking, muff diving, jerking off and glorious nudity in this scene, I don’t know how anyone could stand to miss it. For one thing, I’m a huge an of and all of Chanel’s previous solo and hardcore studio work and LIVE on Chaturbate. Her broadcast channel is “To have my official site built and launched on the TransErotica network is thrilling, said Chanel earlier this year. A TransErotica representative said that Santini “is proving to be quite a fan favorite” and that Scout, since launching her career just over a year ago, “has also carved out a name for herself amongst the TS niche.” I couldn’t agree more.

Emma Escapes on Chaturbate

When I checked in on what was going on with the 24/7 Chaturbate webcam shows, the baddest trans chick broadcasting was She’s from Michigan and that’s about all I know about her background. She was already in progress and topless, pressing her full breasts together and chatting charmingly. I don’t know who else notices the surroundings the girls are in while broadcasting, but I couldn’t help notice how tastefully decorated Emma’s apartment is. Her camera was adjusted so that you got the feeling she didn’t have anything on below the waist and that there was more fun to come. Some tips flooded in and that fun came fast! Emma sat up in her chair, showing of her amazing ass and slapping it hard! Obviously she’d been doing this before I’d logged in because her pretty butt was already bruised. She began simulating being fucked next, kind of humping the seat beneath her next. When she stepped into another room with her tits, ass, cock and balls jiggling gloriously, Emma found the dildo she was looking for and wasted no time using it. It was a glass toy that she really got into fucking herself with. Emma moans in a way that could make you cum if you’re not even watching her. At times she’s just leave the dildo embedded in her fun spot and make her ass clap. Both cheeks were also equally red eventually, too. Emma really knows how to work the camera, moving in for closeups on her super pretty face, then sitting back for wide angle viewing. She went spread eagle to show off her ass and bare legs and feet off to please whatever sort of lust the viewer might have. Emma eventually concentrated on stroking her cock to reach climax. When she did, her orgasm was convulsive! She had her feet on the desk with her dick pointed to her face and tits and splattered her gorgeous boobs with her cum! Emma didn’t just sign right out either for several minutes. I’ve never seen a hotter or finer broadcaster before on Chaturbate. You should follow to catch her next show and she’s also an independent producer! Check out her website.

TwoTGirls – Beth Bell & Shiri in A Biology Lesson

Click here for the MP4 Trailer
Click here for the MP4 Trailer

I’ve been a serious Shiri fan since long before she became an official adult industry star. It was through social media and amateur porn I always thought was way too good to last long for free. Before this killer Two Tgirls performance, she thrilled thousands with her live performances. This redhead is one of the stunning performers I’ve ever seen with an intense brand of intelligence that always shines through in her work. This is why I find it so appropriate that she portrays a teacher in her Two Tgirls tryst with gorgeous Vegas-based Beth Bell! I especially love it when Shiri swats Beth’s sexy bare ass with her ruler after the two foxes exchange blowjobs. I also love the position changes and I think my favorite it the second doggy style railing in which Shiri’s tight ass is captured through Mayumi Sparkle’s lens. But then there’s also aerial and side footage of Shiri’s bare cock thrusting in of Beth’s derriere to oogle over, too. An wait until Beth looks at you with her pretty brown eyes right before a blast of creamy white cum spurts from her swollen pink cockhead and splashes across Beth’s face and hair! Shiri rubs every last drop of spunk from her lovely cock while Beth takes the head in and out of her sweet mouth. There are four options for download including 4k and look at the magnificent job Mayumi has done with the landing page of Two Tgirls.

Take The Two Tgirls Tour
Take The Two Tgirls Tour