Domino Presley on Chaturbate


I’ve been a huge fan of the official TS Domino Presley website since 2011 and I’ve never seen a more talented or more gorgeous performer in the adult industry since then. Lately, Domino has been even more prolific than ever with her Chaturbate webcam performances. In one of my most recent favorites of her shows, she was already in mid-performance when I logged into Currently a blonde, she was completely nude and lying spread eagle with a full frontal view of her magnificent form. I couldn’t help notice she had an sex toy placed in a strategic area that enhanced her arousal. The sight when Domino turned around to simulate being railed was almost devastating. I also noticed that Domino had reached #1 in viewers and that didn’t surprise me at all. Domino also twerked on her bed in profile, but I think she might believe that her best asset is her perfectly rounded butt. In spite of her full breasts, she made her posterior the center of attention until she sat back to stroke her cock to erection. I don’t think I need to tell you what happened shortly after. Since she’s one of the most downloaded trans stars in the last decade with her incredible website and other major studio performances. She’s been performing like it’s going out of style lately, so catch her when you can on Chaturbate.

Trans Girl Penny Passion with Mickey Page on Chaturbate

Usually the gorgeous and busty blonde cisgender female webcam broadcaster Mickey Page on with the svelte brunette trans girl, Penny Passion. Mickey is into age play, Hitachi magic wand pussy play, sexy maid role play, foot fetish, fucking machine sex, squirting, and now obviously trans sex. Trans girl Penny has only fucked genetic girls and she’s never had sex with a guy. She’s actually terrified of getting fucked knowing she’s way too tight. She hurt Mickey’s finger just messing around with her cute bottom during sex. I’d give you Penny Passions link, but she hasn’t broadcasted in her own room in over four weeks. It looks like for now, she’s going to be found with Mickey Page in the daddiesbbgirl room on TS Dreamland Cams. They’re online now so watch them live. If you’re getting this post late, be sure to hit the ‘Follow’ button for their next show or solo performance with Mickey.

TS Maliyah Loren Live Webcam Broadcast

Last week, I saw Hollywood, California dominatrix Maliyah Loren on for the first time. She’s stunningly gorgeous with a high-pitched, sweet voice. But don’t let that audible sweetness fool you. Mistress Maliyah is supremely dominant and if you can’t one of her live broadcasts, you can expect to be humiliated. Even if that’s not your thing, she’s mesmerizing to watch. Maliyah doesn’t lie about the size of her 9″ cock. I’ve seen equally hung trans girls boasting eleven inches of dick and if Maliyah said hers was that long, I might fall for it. That’s because its thickness makes it look that massive during her broadcasts. I don’t know how long she’d been online, but about 34 minutes from the time I logged in and saw her stroking her massive member, she had a convulsive climax. Maliyah’s creamy white cumshot blasted across her black corset and across the curtain beside her. Maliyah Loren is on LIVE now on TS Dreamland Cams in room in room maliyaloren!

TS Pussy Hunters: Daisy Ducati & Salina Samone

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Daisy Ducati wants to having the world’s most coveted designer make her a dress for a big red carpet event. Salina Samone doesn’t have time for just anybody, but if someone has cute enough feet, she will make time for her. Daisy Ducati always gets what she wants and she wants a dress so she must her her hands, mouth, ass and feet to get it. Daisy gives Salina Samone a foot job a blow job, gets fucked in her pussy and in her ass. That’s the official set-up for this sizzling hot TS Pussy Hunters video. No synopsis could have successfully conveyed how much I’d love it, even my own. I don’t think there’s a Kink network website cisgender superstar hasn’t been on since her first performance back in April of 2015. She’d also been on this site twice before meeting the gorgeous new trans sensation Salina Samone who you may have seen here before or on TS Seduction. This is actually Salina’s first Kink shoot, however. Keep in mind that if you’re a kinkster who loves all sorts of D/s and BDSM regardless of gender or niche, it’s probably a better idea to subscribe to But if you’re a TS/GG aficionado who can’t live without this site, you already know it begins with an Ariel X opening interview. Incidentally, I learned that Salina was more interested in giving head than receiving. She’s like a sexual holiday gift, but so is Daisy who goes into detail about her hot spots and likes. Skipping to the footage, it actually is footage in the beginning. If you happen to have a thing for sexy peds and haven’t seen Daisy in action before, be prepared to have your mind blown. As if I’m some kind of a novice to eating pussy, I think I may have learned some new techniques from Salina. The same goes for Daisy’s tremendous cock sucking skills. About the bareback fucking, Salina rails Daisy in every orifice with her 9″ cock until she can’t help but to release a big, creamy white cumshot. That about wraps up my mini-review of Daisy Ducati and Salina Samone on TS Pussy Hunters! For more information about Salina, she broadcasts LIVE frequently on Chaturbate in room salinasamone so you can interact with her.

Chanel Santini BTS on Bob’s Tgirls

Before the behind-the-scenes set was released on Bob’s Tgirls came the Chanel Santini debut entitled Playing with all the Balls. Watching it is like getting into a car while it’s already speeding down the road. This stunning Las Vegas teen introduces herself saying, “I’m really in the mood. My dick is really hard right now,” and whips her erection out from her wrap skirt in the first few moments of the scene. She starts stroking it and it points to the ceiling when she lets it go. Then she asks if you want to play some pool, but she’s clearly joking around. The only game she plays is The Masturbation Game until she cums. That’s if you don’t include the glass toy fucking she gives herself while stroking her big lube-up cock. You’ve got to see Chanel’s pretty legs kicking and flexing as she brings herself to an almost violent climax. If you’re a creamy white cum shot lover, you’re probably going to play Chanel’s orgasm over and over a few times. But this video, complimented by an incredible photo set, is so damn sexy I don’t think you’ll get there the first time around. The new behind-the-scenes Workout In Pink set is more geared to those who are interested in production, plus Chanel of course. Bob Maverick shows us an example of how he directs a model while taking stills while his video camera films her. Chanel slowly strips while half working out and develops an erection simply from posing. She doesn’t even touch her cock until about five minutes into the video. She doesn’t cum either like in her mesmerizing debut, yet it’s magnificent to watch, or download as in my case. Bob’s Tgirls is the first adult website I’ve ever joined and that was years ago. Chanel Santini on Bob Maverick’s top shelf website reminds me of why this site was an instant hit when it first launched 707 models ago. I’ve launched my own niche specific sub domain for my favorite webcam site Chaturbate and named it TS Dreamland Cams. If you’d like to see this fox performing live, follow her on

Chanel Santini on YouTube

This gorgeous trans girl, who recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada from Texas takes things to a whole new level of naughtiness with the latest update on the Chanel Santini YouTube channel. I first learned about her when she entered the adult industry at 18 years old last year. I predict that she’s going to clean up with award nominations this coming Fall and her performances are remarkable as well on and on

Mrs Kelly Pierce Nominated for Chaturbate Live Cam Award


My favorite webcam channel Chaturbate has nominated broadcaster Mrs Kelly Pierce in their Transsexual Category for the Live Cam Awards. The ceremony will take place in Barcelona, Spain on March 1, 2016. The last time I logged into Chaturbate and saw prolific Kelly Pierce (room=mrskellypierce) in a broadcast, she was stroking her big cock frantically while barely wearing an animal print teddy. She was multi-tasking with a leg up to show off her barefoot to a fan without pausing from masturbating. For the first time I heard how much of a cut the site takes from models. They really do earn those tips, so be generous. At any rate, Kelly look as gorgeous as ever and this is coming from a fan from many moons ago. You may have read my interview with her (as Kelly Shore before her marriage) on Caramel’s TGirl way back in 2010. Back to her performance skills, Kelly makes answering questions, talking dirty and making her bit tits jiggle wildly while beating off look easy. She was in a particularly dominant mood the other night which was perfect for the fan who craved sucking and getting fucked by her large, throbbing cock. For those fantasizing about fucking Kelly, they got to see her riding a huge black dildo with her erection bobbing and swaying all over the place. She had a boob lover log in and simulated tittie-fucking for him before satisfying the foot guy again. Then she raised both legs in the air for a more explicit bare ass display. Kelly can go on like this literally for hours. She only took short breaks and stayed hard for well over an hour. Best of all, her fan interaction was exemplary. During a break, she got into a brief discussion about an uniformed person who thought that trans men and women were born that way and that gays were just perverts. She was offended of course, and this example of her discourse reminded me of why so many people love watching her for hours on Chaturbate. What’s between her ears is part of what makes her so sexy. As of this post, Kelly was on Chaturbate live, 7 hours ago on Also, Kelly’s book, “Stop Chasing…Start Dating – Real Advice from an Actual Trans-Woman” is coming soon.

Kylie Boudoir on Chaturbate

“Please tell me you’re gonna stay online even though you came.” is what a fan asked of California’s stunning kylieboudoir on Chaturbate late last night. She did for quit some time as one tip after another chimed in. Kylie is extremely polite and if you happen to jump in when one of her shows begins, you’ll see how she gets you worked up gradually. But she doesn’t tease too much. In other words, you won’t be waiting forever for Kylie to get naughty. Sometimes she’ll show what her blowjob skills are like by sucking on a huge dildo. Even when she’s not moving around much, just watching her typing while shaking her legs and thrusting her hips is mesmerizing. Kylie has what I’d describe as a unique method of developing an erection sometimes. Kylie switches her fingers across her hard shaft a lot and well, you’ll see what I mean. She might start smacking her ass hard or lubing up a little sex toy to fuck herself with. Kylie looks exquisite completely nude, thanking fans while moaning softly and penetrating her bottom. You might see Kylie fucking a Fleshlight. She might satisfy foot loving fans while stroking her big dick. In the first show I saw, Kylie announced exactly when she was going to cum and when she did, her climax was intense and she showed a closeup of the cum on her delicate hand. I wondered what someone who’d never seen a transsexual webcam performance before would be experiencing if their first time was watching I quickly decided they’d be hooked.

Sarina Valentina and Ashton Abrahms









Sarina Valentina is breathtaking in hardcore bareback action with pretty boy Ashton Abrahms who starred with her in his first official porn scene. I’ve seen him on YouTube with Sarina and also on Chaturbate (room=ashtonabrahms). He’s only 18 years old (July 8, 1996) and at the top of the transsexual porn food chain already with just one scene, “The Sweet Taste of Cum.” Can you imagine what it must be like to be in your 1st TS porn feature with Sarina as your co-star? “The Sweet Taste of Cum” title of their scene must have been chosen after it was shot because during the shooting. Sarina asked for it on her ass and inside her before Ashton blasted his spunk across her face and in her mouth. This bareback hardcore scene is one of the hardest poundings I’ve seen Sarina take! That’s what she gets for losing a game of checkers? What would have happened if she’d won? Sarina Valentina happens to be in my top ten favorite transsexual porn stars of all time. She’s done it all including sex with all genders, fetish, interracial, BDSM, etc. All this and she looks as incredible as she did when she first entered the adult entertainment world as Alexis. Join for her amazing archive of content.

The Return of Domino Presley

I don’t know why on God’s earth one of the prettiest performers on the planet hasn’t worked in the adult industry for so long. I actually looked for reasons while watching the new Domino Presley video on Shemale Yum. She reminds us that it’s been about a year since we’ve seen her this way. I looked for a wedding ring. No, that’s not it. She looks as flawless and ravishing from head to toe as ever. No problems there. The official TS-DominoPresley website is still open and ready for business. Her latest performance is as naughty as any other of her solos I’ve ever seen. In less than 6 minutes into “The Return of Domino Presley,” she’s masturbating her way to a throbbing erection. I don’t know why she’s been away for so long, but it’s great to see she’s back. Veteran photographer Buddy Wood gave us over 100 hi-res photos to go with Domino’s brand spanking new Shemale Yum video. You can also watch her LIVE on