Shathara on Chaturbate

Last week, I saw Canadian Shathara aka Shay and her cis female friend Bella on Chaturbate for the first time. Their webcam performance was incredible! Shay is only 18 yet she handles webcam like a seasoned professional. When I was watching she was sitting at a computer table wearing a checkered red and white top with short-shorts and red and black knee socks. Bella was dancing beside her also in short-shorts and she lowered her bra to make her boobs dance along with the rest of her. Bella was as turned on as the rest of us and unzipped her shorts to release her cock. Shay rose from her seat to give viewers a closer look at her lovely uncut cock which was stiffening by the second. Her smooth, hairless ball sack was suspended by her shorts and white panties as she swung her cock around and then began stroking it. When she sat back down, Bella leaned in for a kiss – a very passionate one. Bella provided a clear view of her magnificent butt while straddling Shay’s hips and when Shay stood up again, she showed her’s off also. By this time, she’d stuffed her erection back inside her panties, and her bulge was so erotic to look at. When she turned around, Bella playfully spanked her ass and a dual butt show came next. Shay revealed her gorgeous hormone boobs next and jacked off while interacting with fans and with Bella. A bit later, Bella sat in Shay’s lap and buzzed her pretty pussy with a Hitachi magic wand vibe. I followed to catch their next show, but unexpected events made me miss it! I’m still kicking myself in the head over that. But Shay and Bella are now two of my all-time favorite Chaturbate cam girls, so I’ll be looking for my notifications to catch them next time. When you follow, you’ll get an email (with no spam) to let you know when they go live again.

Chanel Santini Creampies Jasmeen Lefleur

TransErotica is soon to announce the launch of the official Chanel Santini XXX website! Meanwhile, there are two blazing hot video and photo sets of Chanel with Jasmeen Lefleur on TransErotica to whet your whistle. Here are some pics from the latest photo and video set:

I just raved about “Chanel Santini In Kinky Hardcore With Jasmeen” on TS Dreamland here today. Now it’s time to talk about ” Chanel Santini Creampies Jasmeen” which opens with Chanel about to send selfies to Jasmeen. There’s no need for that however when Jasmeen shows up to see Chanel in person. They look insanely gorgeous French kissing before Jasmeen even has the chance to sit down. Soon they’re both down to just bras, panties and Louboutin’s Jasmeen’s undies are shed next and Chanel feasts on her bountiful breasts. Chanel’s cock is already raging hard when Jasmeen helps her out of her panties. The sight of Chanel driving her sweet dick in and out of Jasmeen’s delectable pussy was the second time today, which was my first time ever. It’s mind-blowing! There’s so much coveted cock sucking, muff diving, jerking off and glorious nudity in this scene, I don’t know how anyone could stand to miss it. For one thing, I’m a huge an of and all of Chanel’s previous solo and hardcore studio work and LIVE on Chaturbate. Her broadcast channel is “To have my official site built and launched on the TransErotica network is thrilling, said Chanel earlier this year. A TransErotica representative said that Santini “is proving to be quite a fan favorite” and that Scout, since launching her career just over a year ago, “has also carved out a name for herself amongst the TS niche.” I couldn’t agree more.

Emma Escapes on Chaturbate

When I checked in on what was going on with the 24/7 Chaturbate webcam shows, the baddest trans chick broadcasting was She’s from Michigan and that’s about all I know about her background. She was already in progress and topless, pressing her full breasts together and chatting charmingly. I don’t know who else notices the surroundings the girls are in while broadcasting, but I couldn’t help notice how tastefully decorated Emma’s apartment is. Her camera was adjusted so that you got the feeling she didn’t have anything on below the waist and that there was more fun to come. Some tips flooded in and that fun came fast! Emma sat up in her chair, showing of her amazing ass and slapping it hard! Obviously she’d been doing this before I’d logged in because her pretty butt was already bruised. She began simulating being fucked next, kind of humping the seat beneath her next. When she stepped into another room with her tits, ass, cock and balls jiggling gloriously, Emma found the dildo she was looking for and wasted no time using it. It was a glass toy that she really got into fucking herself with. Emma moans in a way that could make you cum if you’re not even watching her. At times she’s just leave the dildo embedded in her fun spot and make her ass clap. Both cheeks were also equally red eventually, too. Emma really knows how to work the camera, moving in for closeups on her super pretty face, then sitting back for wide angle viewing. She went spread eagle to show off her ass and bare legs and feet off to please whatever sort of lust the viewer might have. Emma eventually concentrated on stroking her cock to reach climax. When she did, her orgasm was convulsive! She had her feet on the desk with her dick pointed to her face and tits and splattered her gorgeous boobs with her cum! Emma didn’t just sign right out either for several minutes. I’ve never seen a hotter or finer broadcaster before on Chaturbate. You should follow to catch her next show and she’s also an independent producer! Check out her website.

TwoTGirls – Beth Bell & Shiri in A Biology Lesson

Click here for the MP4 Trailer
Click here for the MP4 Trailer

I’ve been a serious Shiri fan since long before she became an official adult industry star. It was through social media and amateur porn I always thought was way too good to last long for free. Before this killer Two Tgirls performance, she thrilled thousands with her live performances. This redhead is one of the stunning performers I’ve ever seen with an intense brand of intelligence that always shines through in her work. This is why I find it so appropriate that she portrays a teacher in her Two Tgirls tryst with gorgeous Vegas-based Beth Bell! I especially love it when Shiri swats Beth’s sexy bare ass with her ruler after the two foxes exchange blowjobs. I also love the position changes and I think my favorite it the second doggy style railing in which Shiri’s tight ass is captured through Mayumi Sparkle’s lens. But then there’s also aerial and side footage of Shiri’s bare cock thrusting in of Beth’s derriere to oogle over, too. An wait until Beth looks at you with her pretty brown eyes right before a blast of creamy white cum spurts from her swollen pink cockhead and splashes across Beth’s face and hair! Shiri rubs every last drop of spunk from her lovely cock while Beth takes the head in and out of her sweet mouth. There are four options for download including 4k and look at the magnificent job Mayumi has done with the landing page of Two Tgirls.

Take The Two Tgirls Tour
Take The Two Tgirls Tour

Mrs Kelly Pierce Wins Chaturbate Award!

Chaturbate: mrskellypierce
Chaturbate: mrskellypierce

Congratulations to Mrs Kelly Pierce of Chicago, Illinois on her TS Model of the Year award! Her win was announced yesterday by her sponsor Chaturbate that received “Most Innovative Camsite” at the 2016 AWA Awards in Romania. The AW Summit is the most important meeting in the world for chat hosts, studios and cam sites from all over the world. 5′ 6″ Kelly, who worked as a dancer for 12 years and had her own SMC Productions TGirl Network website, says her idols are Jenna Jameson, Jesse Jane, and Jenny McCarthy. Supported by her late mom, Kelly started living full-time as a girl from the age of 12. She describes her mom as her greatest hero. “She was so full of life and believed in looking for the good in everything, which I try to do too. I hope to affect as many lives as she did in life. I miss her so much everyday.” I highly recommend that you follow Kelly to catch at least one of her live performances on Chaturbate Trans.

Caramel’s Interview with Lana Solaire


If you haven’t seen Lana Solaire yet on Femout.XXX or broadcasting LIVE on, you’re in for a somewhat naughty and delectable treat. I had the opportunity to interview this bright light this week and I think you’ll enjoy finding out a few things about what makes her tick. If you think she’s probably as sweet as she looks, you’re right! Click here to read my interview with Lana and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Valentina Mia on Femout.XXX

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

This is exactly how Femout.XXX introduces gorgeous Valentina Mia: Texas Sweetheart & multi-racial Goddess, Valentina Mia is the epitome of grace & charm, but let her body do the talking. Standing 5’5″ 115lbs, Valentina is “fun-sized”, but don’t let her petite physique fool you; her uncut glory stand true to the adage: “everything’s bigger in Texas”. 110% versatile Her submissive slaves are loyal & can attest to the power of her gaze. Trust, after you get a taste her passion or sink your tongue deep inside her tight, smooth hole, you won’t be able to resist calling her “Mia” and becoming a devoted follower of Valentina’s cult. I just raved about hereon May 30th here when she took Reddit by storm with #transpassing. I knew that her Femout.XXX debut would be incredible because I’ve seen her performing LIVE several times before on Chaturbate. Her webcam room and that’s how her video on Femout.XXX filmed by Omar Wax opens. There’s no nudity until after about 2 1/2 minutes when Valentina reveals her pretty hormone boobs. There’s something so erotic about her slow striptease as she moves around gracefully on the bed. She shows us her lovely bottom and gives explicit views of her fun spot. Valentina’s big uncut cock is revealed about 7 minutes into her debut. I don’t know what you’ll find more arousing between the way she strokes it to a full erection or the sight of Valentina from behind completely nude almost doing a full split! Did I say almost? It doesn’t stop there with the debut of Valentina Mia on Femout.XXX.


Valentina Mia #transpassing on Reddit

Valentina Mia on Reddit
Valentina Mia on Reddit

Sometimes you just never know where your favorite adult entertainers will turn up next. I just found out that Valentina Mia aka sfoucaultt on Chaturbate is in the top post in #transpassing on Reddit. It’s an interesting and thought provoking thread. In other news, Femout.XXX will be presenting Valentina’s studio debut. Now don’t go rushing to Femout.XXX looking for Valentina Mia there just yet, but I’ve seen some of the photos photos and she looks smoking hot! Valentina looks a little different than she does LIVE of course, but she’s still got those pretty doe eyes, soft, luscious and tender hormone breasts and big uncircumcised cock many of us have grown quite familiar with. Oh, she has a killer sets of legs and a cute bubble butt, too. You’ll see her in formal wear, a summer dress and completely nude, stroking her long schlong soon on Femout.XXX but she was just on Chaturbate two days ago.

Chaturbate |TS Dreamland Cams sfoucaultt
Chaturbate: sfoucaultt

Melody Monae on Chaturbate


Click on this fox for a more explicit MP4 preview. 23 year old Black and Italian Michigan native Melody Monae is one of the best Chaturbate webcam broadcasters I’ve ever seen. She absolutely killed it last night. I’m thinking she might be on again tonight. If not, keep your eye out for Melody. She’s risen quickly to the top of the lineup. She tends to do this whenever she’s on LIVE on Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!