Pure-TS: Mysterious Beauty Enters a Hotel Room for Sex

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Christian meets a tall blonde and stunning blonde in the casino and next thing you know they are getting after it in his hotel room. She is an amazing sexual athlete and he has to work hard to keep up. She begs for his big dick and he gives it to her in every conceivable position before finally cumming deep in her ass just like she wanted. 

In the Las Vegas, interview with Kellie Shaw, she revealed to Christian when she got her first dick in the ass. The details are astounding as is the fact that this interview takes place in a car parked in a mall or casino parking lot. Kellie flashes her large and lovely breasts in the car after pointing out that the transition of a trans woman really never ends. The cosmetic part of Kellie’s transition is virtually flawless so far. She’s such a statuesque beauty. That basically sums up a fantastically sexy interview that runs almost 15 minutes long. “Frustrated TS Girlfriend Gets Some Stress Relief” is the bareback hardcore scene released on Pure-TS.com at the time the interview was shot. 388 photos come with this 28 minute debut. And now we have Kellie’s return to Christian’s website in “Mysterious Beauty Enters a Hotel Room for Sex.” Christian is on the phone describing the mysterious girl to a friend moments before she arrives at his Vegas hotel room for a date. Kellie explains that the reason for her being so mysterious was because she doesn’t like PDAs. She also reveals that she’s got another secret. That secret is between her stocking clad thighs and Christian reaches under her mini dress to grasp it before they start kissing.

Kellie is taller than Christian when wearing heels and that’s what I mean by statuesque. I also think she’s one of if not the most beautiful trans star on Pure-TS.com. After the reciprocal oral exchanges, the bareback fucking begins with Christian fucking Kellie as she leans against the wall for support. Their standing doggy style humping sinks to the floor and evolves into a missionary position railing. As far as position changes go, they’re just getting started!

Is the latest Pure-TS.com scene co-starring beautiful Kellie Shaw better than the last one? I’ll leave that for you to decide. Meanwhile you can find Kellie performing LIVE quite frequently on my favorite webcam platform where you can also register for FREE! If she’s not online at the moment, follow her on Chaturbate.com/Kellieshaw!

BecomingFemme: Redhead CD Babe Slurps The Cum Out Of Your Cock

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: 14 minute(s), 10 second(s) | 2018-09-26

Erica Cherry is a gorgeous Chaturbate cam model that really knows how to tempt and tease your cock. She has lots of practice being slutty, so this beautiful CD swallows your big cock with ease. It’s only a matter of time before your cum is flowing down the back of her throat.

BecomingFemme.com is the latest project from Christian XXX, the creator of Pure-TS.com and TSPOV.com. This is the crossdresser/transvestite version of his full-time trans woman POV site.

This is the THIRD update on BecomingFemme.com featuring beautiful Erica Cherry. If you think you’ve seen this babe on YouTube, you’re right. She’s a fast-rising creator. I was pretty shocked when I saw Erica performing LIVE on trans Chaturbate.com but entirely pleasantly surprised.


The first time I caught one of her shows, she came twice in a row and managed to suck her own big cock! Chaturbate.com/Etertaycb is where you need to be to catch a show. Register free and follow Erica.

Studio performances of gorgeous Erica Cherry on BecomingFemme.com are the other alternative you have to cum together. What I like most about this scene is seeing Erica shooting cum from her big dick before taking Christian’s spunk into her warm, wet mouth. I don’t expect to see full-time girls shooting jizz all over the place. But if it’s a part-time girl who is not on hormones, I wanna see these chicks blasting loads of creamy white cum!

I love watching Erica confess how horny she is. This 24 year old Salt Lake City cutie pie is extremely vocal and her opening striptease and masturbation sequence is incredibly hot! I almost thought she was about to cum before sinking to her knees before Christian’s massive boner. But she continues jerking off instead while sucking cock. Erica makes her own big dick spurt from the sheer act of stroking while sucking in this torrid BecomingFemme.com update!

BecomingFemme: Druslan in Secret CD Lover Gets Fucked

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Christian and his submissive sissy CD Druslan have been fucking in secret for years. She loves pleasing him and he loves fucking her bareback with his big dick. These two lovers will really blow you away with their passion and energy!

I had so much fun watching the BecomingFemme.com creator Christian’s new hardcore scene with Druslan, I can’t wait to see them together again! I know of this super cute model from Chaturbate.com.

This 30 year old webcammer is a self described pansexual femboy and bit of a sissy who likes cute girls, fit men and anyone in between. Druslan is a gamer and movie buff who also loves Sci-Fi, nature and reading.


Sexually, Druslan is a tall drink of water fond of pantyhose, stockings, hentai, anime, petite girls and hung hunks like the one starring with Druslan in this hot scene. If you’re more into trans models and performers, my TSDreamland.com blog features TS’s exclusively.

Caramel’s TGirls has always featured both veteran trans performers and the latest part-time girl sensations. What I like about Druslan is that she doesn’t worry about convincing us that she’s not a full-time trans woman. If you’ve seen her BecomingFemme.com debut in August, or you’ve seen her “Secret CD Lover Gets Fucked” encore performance, you already know what I mean.

The premise of this update is that Christian is a married businessman who misses his CD slut and needs to get his fill of her. His subby girl is waiting for him on her knees when they finally get together again. She can’t wait to get his massive cock out of his suit pants and into her mouth. Druslin is so horny, she can’t help jerking off while she sucks the big man’s huge dick.

The svelte sissy gets her cock sucked as well and it’s pretty damn big, too! I think you’ll love watching it spin and bounce as she rides Christian’s schlong in this fantastic update on BecomingFemme.com. You can register free on my favorite webcam site to see her performing LIVE on Chaturbate.com/Druslan!

Sasha de Sade: BTS My Daily Bathtub BBC Training

MP4 Scene Trailer

Beautiful Sasha of SashaDeSade.XXX says, “High quality full-length porn video coming tomorrow, just posting a bonus update tonight 😉 Mistress says I have to practice sucking my BBC dildo every time I have a bath, and I can’t fill the tub till I’ve sucked the long black cock all the way down my throat… I filmed my cocksucking practice on my phone earlier today for you to watch me train my throat for my future as a BBC gangbang slut 😀 When I can use my throat as a fucksleeve without gagging or choking Mistress will start renting me out to groups, I’m kinda scared but also excited! xx” So, after watching the full video, I’m not saying you have to have a BBC to enjoy this, but it sure doesn’t hurt! I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a special turn on for me. I think it’s equally sexy t anyone who loves interacial oral. There’s even more to it, however. Toward the end, Sasha’s Mistress films her in close up so tightly as she jerking off, her cock looks enormous – directly in front of your face. She’s stroking her erection frantically in the tub naked except for the red lingerie pushed down her thighs. The big black cock replica hangs in the air moments after she stops sucking it to make her lovely pink cock spurt its cum. You can easily imagine swallowing Sasha’s spunk (I know I did). She sticks her tongue out at the end of this clip and…. Is anyone else thinking cummy kisses? Whether it’s yes or no, pay a visit to SashaDeSade.XXX. Sasha just happens to be jerking off LIVE right now on Chaturbate.com/sasha_de_sade! Say hi and tell her Caramel sent you.

GroobyGirls: Aeva Rhone’s Climax!

MP4 Scene Trailer

I couldn’t resist raving about the debut of gorgeous Aeva Rhone here on Caramel’s TGirls on August 7, 2018. It’s even harder to suppress my excited about “Aeva Rhone’s Climax!” on GroobyGirls.com and you’re about to find out why, in addition to the obvious.

Producer Omar Wax perfectly showcases this sexy cam and studio vixen’s modeling talents beginning with Aeva on a large bed almost fully dressed. She has on garters and stocking – no heels. An undoubted expression of lust is on her pretty face and she begins squeezing her breasts firmly. Then we hear her trademark heavy breathing. I wonder if she even know how hard that alone makes her fans.

The black dress she wears accentuates her trim waist and flaring hips. Aeva rises from the bed and stands in a way that hints it won’t be long before we’re seeing a lot more of her. And it’s true, but from behind and then in profile when she fully bares her boobs.

Aeva’s dress drops once she on the bed again laying on her back. She removes her stockings to reveal the prettiness of her long, slender legs. Then it’s off with her little black panties. Then she lies in profile with her bare cock jutting from her creamy thighs. Here at the midway point of this scene, it might be hard not to lose your cum even before Aeva starts stroking her lubricated cock to erection.

When it’s time for a money shot, Aeva isn’t about to let it sneak up on you. Her moans deepen and she jerks her cock furiously while laying back on the bed. Aeva makes her cock explode and the last thing you’ll see is it pulsating at the end of this super erotic GroobyGirls.com update. To watch Aeva performing LIVE, register FREE on my favorite cam site and follow Chaturbate.com/Aevarhone

BecomingFemme $10.99 Special Offer

BecomingFemme.com $10.99 Special Offer

I’m excited about presenting Becoming Femme from Christian XXXX for $10.99 USD recurring at $19.99 USD for 30 days! Erica Cherry in Waking Up Her Man For Some Butt Sex features an incredible real life YouTuber and cam girl.

Description: Beautiful cam model Erica Cherry is one horny CD girl. She wakes up poor Christian while he is trying to sleep and attacks his cock with her mouth. She implores him to fuck her tight hole and he happily obliges by filling her up in every position. This stunning crossdresser knows that at the end of him fucking her, he is gonna give her a nice load for her to swallow as well.

Leading male porn star, Christian XXX, sums up this scene concisely. So there’s not much reason to go into a lot of detail, especially with the brief video scene preview. It’s crystal clear that this site is the a fresh and vibrant new destination from the creator of Pure-TS.com and TSPOV.com!

The 24 year old Salt Lake City YouTube creator makes such a successful transition to a seriously talented porn vixen. The beautiful, bright-eyed actress is quite hung and she has a powerful cum shot while riding Christian’s huge cock! It’s the type of climax that requires a second look, and a third, and a fourth…

Watch Erica Cherry LIVE by registering FREE to chaturbate.com/etertaycb.

And take advantage of the LIMITED TIME OFFER of BecomingFemme.com and $10.99!

TGirls.Porn: Bexy Lynne & Jean Jezebel

MP4 Scene Trailer

Seattle’s Bexy Lynne has been featured in a killer trans lesbian tryst with Asian beauty Alina Grace on TGirls.Porn. That’s how I learned that Bexy could fuck the living daylights out of another girl! Her star began rising with her appearances on Femout.XXX. That’s where Jean Jezebel also got her studio porn start. Jean, also from Seattle, is a frequent webcam performer on Chaturbate.com/Jeanjezebel as is Bexy on Chaturbate.com/TgirlB. Perhaps you’ve read my Interview with Jean Jezebel. It’s one of my faves!

Bexy and Jean are first seen in this TGirls.Porn update in bra and panties kneeling across from each other. They’re kissing on their bed like real girlfriends. I’m not sure how convincing they are as real lovers, but it’s obvious that they’re super horny for one another. It doesn’t take long for Bexy to suck Jean’s cock to an erection after all the oral, mutual breast admiration occurs. And that quick arousal works rapidly with Bexy’s sex organ too!

There’s more oral switching and Jean gets her salad tossed before getting Bexy’s hardon plunged within her tight ass. It begins with a powerful doggy style railing followed by Jean riding Bexy’s tool in the reverse cowgirl position. Jean’s boner bounces lasciviously before her ankles are grasped in a tremendous missionary position pounding!

Jean is then drilled prone on the mattress and another doggy style fucking comes next. Jean’s climax comes in the form of a mutual jerk off session with Bexy hovering above her.

After the jizz flows from Jean’s bulbous red cock head, Bexy adds her cum to the mix! Then this torrid TGirls.Porn hardcore update ends with a sweet French kiss.

TransationalFantasies: Chelsea Poe 3

Queer femme trans porn star Chelsea Poe is super horny and wants to masturbate for you. Get comfortable while this red headed free spirit jerks her cock and finger bangs her ass. Her trans girl pussy gets wet and messy as her long clit drips pre-cum. Next, she spreads herself wide open for you and plays with her steel butt plug. She massages her pierced, all natural titties while sliding it in and out of her oiled up ass. Then, the tattooed hottie plugs her asshole and strokes herself. She keeps edging herself, while gently squeezing her girly balls. At last she gives in to her carnal desires and huge shots of creamy lady jizz all over her breasts and stomach. The Chelsea Poe Series continues with the third spectacular update on TransationalFantasies.com! If you were around prior to the name change of this great site like me, but need a brief refresher on Chelsea’s past performance, here are the previous updates:

Chelsea Poe 1: Sassy and sultry redhead TS Chelsea Poe is at work stuck doing some filing while everyone else is off having fun. Her boyfriend is in the same boat. Stuck at work. That sucks for Chelsea because she is super horny. Her surprise is in desperate need of some relief. She calls him and says she can’t wait, she needs to watch some porn and play with her delicious meat stick. She is in the throes of self-pleasure and in walks the janitor. He wants a show and she gives it to him. She spreads her round rump open and gives him an excellent view of that awesome anus. She plays with her ass and then switches the focus to her cock again and this time she is going to cum. She shoots her goo all over the desk and then starts playing with it and rubbing it around like a very naughty trans girl. Good thing the janitor is still there to help her clean it all the way up!

Chelsea Poe 2: Hot redhead Chelsea Poe lost her keys in the alley and begs you to help her find it. You do! She is so thankful and since she can tell you think she is hot, she invites you upstairs for a little strip tease. She strips down to her delicate panties and plays with her little natural t-girl titties. She has you worked up to see her remove her little panties. She finally does and you see her surprise. She is packing some heat down there and you gotta see more. Chelsea does not disappoint. She whips out a butt plug, making her big pole even harder and starts stroking that glorious love stick. You are going to be grateful you found that key for her because she is going to share her amazing cum shot with you.

She spurts her white cum fast and loose all over a mirror just for you if you want to lap it all up! If there’s any confusion as to why Chelsea took so long to return, it’s most likely because she shunned trans slurs in the adult industry. As a matter of fact, she’s a leader in the movement that enforced the change. If you don’t care about all that and just want to see Chelsea in action, you can preview all three video trailers on TransationalFantasies.com. To catch her performing LIVE on webcam, register for free on chaturbate.com/laceylust666.

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Femout.XXX: Lacie Wonder Pops Her Load!

Watch Lacie’s Free Scene Trailer!

Description: Sexy redhead Lacie Wonders, who was introduced to the world two weeks ago by Radius Dark, returns for her second solo scene! Looking smoking hot in her dark outfit, Lacie is ready to strip down and have fun! Watch her stroking her cock until she cums for you! “I’ve been talking to Lacie Wonders about shooting since I began shooting as she reminded me (Radius). Lacie seemed extremely shy and nervous, but I’m told by her friends that this is how she is when she first meets people. She’s got a great ass and legs on her 5’8″ frame. Lacie loves the outdoors of Oregon. The forests are peaceful and the waterfalls are magical. She also likes video games based on anime.”

You may have caught my review about the debut of Lacie Wonders here. I couldn’t resist doing it again with Lacie’s encore performance because it’s so incredibly sexy! The spread eagle video shots of Lacie and the stills are so well matched and so orgasm-inducing. So are the doggy style simulation angles.


This Femout.XXX update begins with some ass lover footage and then some foot fetish content when Lacie seductively removes her boots. She then exposes her rosy nipples and bares that amazing ass of hers. Lacie then removes her fishnet pantyhose and it’s revealed that a big boner is reaching toward her tummy! She’s seated as she curls her fingers arund the stiff shaft and begins jerking off.

Lacie is a vision stroking her erection with both feet high in the air and she’s totally naked! She does it while perched over the chair also and it will be hard not to imagine her getting fucked doggy style. Would you like to do the honors or are you more interested in what she could do to you with that deep red erection?

You’ll get more close-ups of Lacie’s hard pecker as the video comes to a close. Lacie doesn’t need any toys – just a fast moving right wrist to send jets of cum under her tits and in puddles upon her flat tummy. To see Lacie performing LIVE, go to Chaturbate.com/Steambunny where registration is FREE!

Femout.XXX: Introducing Lacie Wonders!

Description: Meet Lacie Wonders! This sexy girl was just discovered by Radius Dark and she is coming from Oregon! Lacie seemed extremely shy and nervous, but this is just how she is when she first meets people. She’s got a great ass and legs on her 5’8″ frame! Lacie loves the outdoors of Oregon. The forests are peaceful and the waterfalls are magical. She also likes video games based on anime! Watch her as she introduces herself, shows off her sexy body and an amazing ass and plays with her cock!

“I’ve been talking to Lacie Wonders about shooting since I began shooting as she reminded me (Radius). Lacie seemed extremely shy and nervous, but I’m told by her friends that this is how she is when she first meets people.”

“She’s got a great ass and legs on her 5’8″ frame. Lacie loves the outdoors of Oregon. The forests are peaceful and the waterfalls are magical. She also likes video games based on anime.” 

This is Caramel writing now and I have a few words about Lacie too. I’ve been a fan of hers for about a year prior to her blazing hot Femout.XXX debut as a Chaturbate webcam model. I’ve seen her solo performances mainly, dildo fucking herself and sometimes shooting cum across her own pretty face!

I understand that Lacie looks just barely old enough to drink, but she’s deceptively past her 20’s. Mr. Dark does a wonderful job extracting her hobbies from her as well as her sexual preferences. She’s so wonderfully versatile, but you’ll learn more about that when you see her Femout.XXX debut. My favorite initial part is when she talks about how she likes light touches on her inner thigh. Watching her open her legs and show her sheer panty bulge should really have you on your way to rampant horniness.

Lacie has a virtually flawless ass that resembles an upside down heart. Her legs, one of them tentacle -inked to hint at a sexual thrill, are simply phenomenal. I love her small hormone boobs and tight nipples. I also like the way her cock expands when she strokes it before us while both sitting and standing. Her debut is fabulous and if you can’t wait for her encore performance to see her climax, check her out LIVE on Chaturbate.com/Steambunny.