TSPOV: Big Dick Teen TS Fucks You Until You Cum

Big dick teen TS Jenna Gargles is a bad girl. This gorgeous misfit has been around the block already and has picked up a few tricks. She knows just how to get you off…by jerking your cock while fucking your ass with her massive tool until you explode in her hand. That’s the official synopsis of Christian’s new scene on TSPOV.com with Chaturbate and former Pure-TS.com model/performer Jenna!

I loved seeing Jenna bottoming for Christian previously and watching her on my favorite webcam site Chaturbate, but this is what I think is her best performance. The model talks one-on-one with you and Christian uses his huge cock as the co-star on TSPOV.com.

There’s a big difference from this and other video formats. Jenna lies on the bed barefoot in lingerie teasing you with her perky bare ass in this production. She’s still sore from the last time you fucked her. She turns around and sits up to withdraw the thing that’s creating the bulge in her panties. I case you didn’t read my last review of Jenna Gargles, she’s got a massive cock when it’s fully erect. If you’re touching and stroking your own cock, you’ll feel almost exactly what she’s feeling.

Jenna likes it so much when you watch her jacking off her big veiny cock. But she can’t wait to go down on you so she does. After the midway point of this scene, Jenna teases you by rubbing her sex bare ass on your erection. You jerk off together and before long she’s ready to fuck your ass! She tells you how tight you are after easing her large dick inside you.

Even better yet, Jenna milks the cream out of your hardon while she’s humping you! She also tastes your big load in this incredible TSPOV.com update. If you haven’t already, you can check out my review of Jenna Gargles on Pure-TS.com. Don’t forget you can also cum with her LIVE on chaturbate.com/jennagargles!

Femout.XXX: Fiery Sophie Loves To Cum!

Omar Wax presents a gorgeous new studio model who’s not exactly new to the adult industry. It’s great to see a webcam performer crossover into major studio porn and broaden their horizons. She loves comics which is obvious from her familiar yet non-copyright infringing surname and she loves retro video games. She’s also pretty good at skateboarding.

When it comes to porn she likes the fetish niche and would like to someday do trans-friendly fetish porn. that statement made me question if all trans fetish porn is trans-friendly. I love that she makes me think (I mean not just about having sex). In her Femout.XXX debut, Sophie speaks directly and poses like she’s done this several times before.

There’s no sense of nervousness that I can detect and her method of stripping is artistic and truly teasing. Sophie draws attention to her curves – her hips and her sensitive breasts and brings to mind the miracle of hormones. That comes a few moments before she grasps her stiffening cock and asks if we like it.


Sophie has several breathtaking moments and one of the first is when she turns her butt to the camera and asks, “Do you wanna grab it spank it, fuck it?” She adds a little foot fetish exposure and commentary before immersing herself more deeply into her masturbation sequence. She understands the power of pre-cum just as Mr. Wax knows the power of a great close-up. If you’re dominant, another one of Sophie’s special moments you’ll love is when she’s explicitly exposing her ass and asking if you want to own it.

I’ve never seen a finer Femout debut and this is one that comes from experience in another medium. There are no stockings or shoes on Sophie in her follow-up scene on Femout.XXX. Sophie looks sweet and innocent laying on the bed in a lacy blue dress until she draws up the hem to show her panties and spanks her ass hard.

She asks if you like her thighs and if you’d like to bite them and have them wrapped around your head. Sophie then rises from the bed and stands with the dress acting as more of a blouse with her bulging panties showing again. Her small waist accentuates her wide hips and ass as she lowers her undies and swats her butt again.

She teases with a bit more flesh bit by bit in the back and then in front. “Do you like my stomach,” she asks followed by, “Do you wanna kiss it?” It’s nice and flat and if you let your eyes drift a bit lower, you’ll see Sophie expose her cock fully. Finally. If you’re a top viewing the photo set, about 90 images in there are some exquisite shots of Sophie laying on her back. You might find yourself wishing you could just jump through the monitor and sink your cock deep inside her tight ass.

Or perhaps you’ll wish she were fucking you once you see her gorgeous dick fully erect. One of you favorite parts could be her glorious cum shot! Visit chaturbate.com/deadpuddle to watch Sophie performing LIVE.

Erica/Erica aka etertaycb on Chaturbate


“I’m a gender-fluid person which means I like to change from boy to girl pretty frequently,” reads thee profile of a YouTuber whose vlogs led me to her Chaturbate site. “Most of the time on here I’m in girl form,” it continues. “I like nerdy stuff like video games / anime and I might wanna be a pornstar or maybe a sugar baby. I dunno yet.” This is the first time I’ve seen a webcam model in action on my favorite cam site that identifies as gender fluid. I don’t have a thing about labels, especially when I’m horny. I just knew from G-rated YouTube blogs that this vlogger was cute in male mode and in my opinion even more attractive as Erica. So the first time I caught her live on Chaturbate in the Trans section, she was wearing a red and black plaid top, a black skirt and black stay-up stockings. She’s very particular about makeup and hair and I’ve seen her vlogs on how she puts herself together. Erica also uses silicone breast forms and keeps it classy except for one thing. She has a really big dick and it was fully exposed when I logged in. Erica has a pleasant, sweet smile while performing for a majority of the time. It remains just up to the point of concentration when she’s about to nut. She types with her fans instead of talking I’d imagine because she’s not feeling quite comfortable yet with her voice training. But this does not spoil her performances. In fact it enhances her work to me. I wanted to see someone new to dressing up jerking her big cock furiously and shooting a heavy load of cum. That’s exactly what I got after a whole lot of edging on chaturbate.com/etertaycb! But get this: Erica/Erica was a blonde the next time I saw her. Her green v-neck blouse with a different hair made her a totally different girl! I don’t know a whole lot about gender-fluidity but I know what turns me on. This webcammer is absolutely gorgeous, especially when she’s cumming. 


Pure-TS: Jenna Gargles

“Tall, thin, and extremely beautiful, Jenna Gargles is a cam model that wants to make the leap to being a big porn star. She definitely has the looks and after Christian pounds her tight ass bareback and makes her swallow his load, she also has the skills and abilities needed. Trust me, you will be seeing more of this amazingly flexible model and her big hard dick.” Christian, who quotes for his Pure-TS.com website is sitting on the bed before going to the gym when gorgeous Jenna Gargles crawls up behind him.

She’s horny and requests that he gives her a workout instead of going out for one. He’s really committed to going to exercise but the way she strokes his stiffening cock through his shorts makes it so hard to leave. Between kissing, Jenna offers to give him a blowjob. Christian gives in and pulls down her pink brassiere to devour one of her small and tight nipples. When Jenna says she’s horny, it’s not just an act. Before Christian swings her into his lap, you can see Jenna’s bulbous dick head protruding from the waistband of her undies, begging for attention.

Surely she’s rubbing it against Christian’s waist as he spanks her ass hard. She asks him to spank her harder yet and after he complies, Christian lowers Jenna’s panties. He’s exposing the future target of his massive cock fully before Jenna slides to the floor to give him head. Jenna possesses one of my favorite body types in creation – svelte and slender with a flat chest and legs that seem to go on forever.

I love busty babes too, especially unique boobs, but sometimes I like firm physiques with barely any breast tissue at all. Jenna’s frame looks fantastic as she sucks Christian’s enormous schlong topless with her own big cock trying to escape its panty prison.

Naturally, Jenna jerks off while swallowing several thick inches of prick. Then she no longer has to when Christian begins sucking her off! Christian’s massive cock doesn’t disguise how well hung petite Jenna is especially when it’s not in the frame. I absolutely love Jenna’s LIVE webcam shows.

Be sure to check her out chaturbate.com/jennagargles. If she’s not on at the moment, give her a follow and see what else is going on in the Trans area.

Mila Swift on Chaturbate

Adorable little Mila Swift is squeezing pre-cum out of her massive hardon when I log in to Chaturbate. She’s been on for more than a half second so naturally she’s moving rapidly up to the top rank. The blue-eyed blonde with the extremely high-pitched voice sits down to stroke her big boner firmly, dedicating her masturbation to Kiki and then Angie. There are a lot of other chicks watching her like me tonight and she’s apparently as excited about that as having men watching her.

Mila’s red lipstick is in stark contrast with the minimal colors of her chat room and her skin. She wears a brassiere tonight as she most often does. I’ve checking out the fan comments again and no one yet seems to be concerned about her breasts and nipples. Mila is the consummate performer while can masturbate to hundreds of Chaturbate viewers because she makes it seem almost like it’s just one on one. Her huge cock doesn’t seem to make sense in proportion to her petite frame, but that’s one of the things that make Mila so fascinating to watch. Eventually a fan does ask Mila to show her breasts and she’s not shy about exposing them. There’s not much breast growth but she’s got the most succulent sets of small pink nipples. When her long thick phallus is fully erect, Mila goes from stroking it furiously to an edge and then allowing herself to calm back down before cumming.

If you had as many tippers helping you out as the chaturbate.com/milaswift page does on a regular basis, you’d want to hold off from shooting your load as long as possible too! One fan want to see Mila finger bang her tight little ass. Another wants her to bare her tiny feet and wiggle her painted toes. The tips are deafening if you’ve got the volume on your headphones turned too high.

Pure-TS: Sexy Trap Liana Ames Gets Dicked Down

I raved about “Liana Ames Is A Submissive CD Slut” a day after it was released in early June 2017. The post only received one comment, from one of my favorite writers, but looking at my stats it was a wildly popular update. I’m betting Christian XXX who fucked her silly saw the same results and now she’s back for an encore.

I went back to read my review of their original bareback hardcore scene and realized I neglected to say how I knew about Liana already. She’s an awesome webcam performer on my favorite life model performance website.

I’ll leave the link right after this little write-up about “Sexy Trap Liana Ames Gets Dicked Down” on Pure-TS.com. Liana’s bedmate Christian is sound asleep but she’s sitting up in the bed wearing lingerie and she’s obviously horny. She rubs his cock through the sheets to an immense erection and gives him a sweet morning kiss when he awakens.

Then she pulls back the sheet to expose his big hardone and leans down to take it’s head and the first few inches on the shaft inside her mouth. Liana then manages to do something that’s pretty rare. She takes Christian’s huge cock all the way down to the base! Does Liana have a gag reflex at all?

In under six minutes, she straddles the huge prick beneath her tender bottom and sinks herself down slowly. I think you’re going to love hearing Liana’s gasps and moans as Christian jacks his hips up and down driving his member in and out of the cute ass he’s holding.

The petite cutie pie then takes a railing on her back and although I know she can switch, I think she might prefer bottoming more. She barely beats of while getting fucked and that’s what brings me to that conclusion. Liana actually begins to fap more while getting dicked down in the side saddle position.

My favorite sequence is seeing Liana getting smashed face down on the mattress. Her entire body isn’t in full view as in other positions but I know that she’s getting fucked so good! To catch her online chatting LIVE, go to chaturbate.com/xlianaamesx.


Pure-TS: Black Barbie Bambie Is Back For More Cock

Did I really say that interracial scenes don’t do anything special for me? If so, I take that back. The contrast between the actors must not have been this distinctive whenever I made that comment. One former comment I’ve made remains true – people either lighter or darker than I am turn me on incredibly. I fit in between Christian XXX and Barbie Prescott in complexion and in my fantasy life. We haven’t seen Bambi on Pure-TS.com since late 2013 and it’s good to see that she’s back in studio and webcam action. She was also known as Eclaire back in the day and if you look at the Bambi Prescott Black TGirls profile, you’ll find her hardcore scene with Christian from March of 2012. They’re kissing while standing in the bedroom for this reunion. Christian bares one of Bambi’s firm breasts and big nipples during their makeout session and you can see the excitement building inside her lacy panties. Christian is still dressed but as he presses his crotch against her plump ass, we know she’s feeling a hard bulge. He withdraws Bambi’s stiff cock from her panties and begins stroking it. He turns her to face him asking, You know what I want, right?” She answers affirmatively and allows him to push down her panties and play with her bottom.

Bambi makes eye contact with us when Christian sinks down and begins sucking her rock hard tool. He then moves upward to kiss and suck each big nipple. Bambi is hung so her prick isn’t dwarfed by his, but it’s grown massive at the point where his jeans are lowered. They switch positions and Bambi takes down as much of his thick shaft as she can into her mouth. She’s on the bed with one curvy leg raised high when Christian plunges his big bare cock deep inside Bambi’s tight ass! I don’t know how she manages to keep her tall wedge sandals on the whole time she gets pummeled, but I know how she couldn’t help shooting her load before this Pure-TS.com update comes to an end!

Don’t miss it and also be sure to get registered for free to catch this returning superstar on chaturbate.com/bambi_prescott.  

Two Tgirls – Skate or Fuck

Scene Trailer

When Kayleigh Coxx is minding her own business walking down the sidewalk in front of her favorite store, skater girl Korra Del Rio accidentally runs into her! Intrigued by skating, Kayleigh asks Korra if she could teach her to skate. Korra invites Kayleigh back to her place where she has a spare dick… er… deck for her to ride! Okay, this is one beautiful and contrastingly gorgeous pairing, but what actually happens? The flirtation in the opening includes some trademark TwoTgirls.com humor and it’s followed by Korra’s skating instructions at her home. There’s a whole lot of sizzling cut-off shorts butt action from both girls. Korra just happens to be the more aggressive one when Kayleigh is bent over.

Videos Page

It’s obvious that Korra and Kayleigh are attracted to one another, but it’s so arousing and interesting to watch them move from seduction to foreplay. I’ve seen Korra fucking and getting fucked more times than I can remember. Although I’m astounded, I’m not surprised by the way she fucks Kayleigh. Her strokes are hard, fast and thorough. She could do this all day or night long. I’ve seen Kayleigh as a bottom elsewhere but here on TwoTgirls.com this is the first time time I’ve seen her laying pipe. I didn’t know she could fuck like that! But there she is with her big tits jiggling and sexy hips thrusting away like lightning. One of the Two Tgirls boning the other in an update is enough for me but when they take turns, it’s almost like a bonus to me.

I highly recommend that you check out one of the most wildly successful ModelCentro trans sites on the Net – KorraDelRio.xxx and register free to catch Kayleigh’s spectacular LIVE performances on chaturbate.com/kaleighcoxx84!

TGirls.Porn: Elise Luxx & Lilith Lovett

Watch The Teaser Trailer on TGirls.Porn

Elise Luxxx and Lilith Lovett’s producer for this killer scene Radius Dark says, “These two’s mannerisms and voices are so much alike that I figured I’d shoot them together.” Can you imagine having shot so many hot models that you start finding some with distinctively similar qualities? I can see exactly what he’s talking about from not so much the photos, but definitely with the video!

About the main event, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a video open like this – two gorgeous trans girls sitting beside each other beating off. Their cocks are raging hard and we’re just getting started! Each girl stands up with their gravity defying boners bobbing and swaying and remove their panties.

Which super horny fox is going to get her stiff cock sucked first? It looks like it’s going to be Lilith getting the first mouthful of dick. The previously mentioned similarities begin right about here. If you’ve seen and heard Lilith Lovett before on TGirls.Porn or on shemaleyum.com, and hear Elise moaning and gasping from the sensations Lilith’s deep blowjob produces, you’ll get it.

In other words, they both have sweet high-pitched voices. But as far as I’m concerned, the similarities end there. Each model is distinctly different. As we proceed, Elise reacts to fellatio as if almost feels too good. She shudders and winces like she’s going to shoot her load too early.

Lilith doesn’t help matters by eventually sucking Elise’s big cock down balls deep. But then it’s time for Lilith to receive a POV blowjob. I’m studying both girl’s techniques to recall when my next cock sucking opportunity presents itself.

Lilith: “Elise is a very nice person, considerate, and very soft. I liked being on top of her and being in control. I like her hips a lot. She has very… wide hips. Her asshole is so cute and inviting and I’m jealous!”

Elise: “I love girls. They’re way more soft than guys. They’re also warmer and tend to be a lot easier to turn on. The best time was when I was in doggy style and Lilith was right on top of me. That cumshot is so much, I felt like I was flooded. I love her tits. The tip of her nipples are so great.”

Let me tell you why this scene checks all boxes for me. One model could have just fucked the other. Both Elise take turns fucking each other. The intimacy is tight from the erotic sword fighting to the passionate kissing. Lastly, this climactic TGirls.Porn update ends with two fierce cumshots! Are there any boxes left to check? None that I see.

To see Elise performing LIVE, get your free registration on chaturbate.com/elise_luxxx. For Lilith, go to chaturbate.com/lilithlovett!


TSPOV: Jadyn Evergreen

There’s no doubt in my mind why Jadyn Evergreen’s direct dialogue begins with the model laying in bed with a focus on her bare legs. They’re incredibly shapely and she’s a big favorite amongst foot lovers also. I’ve seen fans go absolutely nuts over her on Chaturbate. TSPOV and Pure-TS founder and operator says, “Jadyn Evergreen is a very popular cam model with a tight and toned figure. She enjoys pleasing men especially when she can get tokens at the same time. Watch her jerk off this lucky cock with gusto!” This reality-based scene continues with you and your cock as the object of Jadyn’s desire – not Christian. He absolutely stars on Pure-TS.com but on TSPOV.com, you’re in the driver’s seat with the model. Raven begins stripping out of her exquisite bra and panties with seductive dialogue, the kind of dirty talk she uses while performing live. After exposing and squeezing her natural hormone breasts, Jadyn turns around and backs her curvy ass for you for another kind of show. This show involves the dropping of her panties. Jadyn then sinks her lovely naked form upon the floor between your thighs. Of course what she finds is your throbbing hard cock! You’re the co-star in her latest cam show. Well, not really but your stiff cock is Jadyn’s co-star. How long do you think you could last after Jadyn double-fists your erection and then places it against her heart-shaped butt cheeks? She lets you finger her tight ass while stroking your hardon. I believe that she’s going to withdraw every ounce of cum from you and even taste it! You can watch her LIVE on chaturbate.com/jadynevergreen to find out the many other torrid things Jadyn likes to do. But don’t forget to have fun with this incredibly hot update on TSPOV.com.