Mrs Kelly Pierce Nominated for Chaturbate Live Cam Award


My favorite webcam channel Chaturbate has nominated broadcaster Mrs Kelly Pierce in their Transsexual Category for the Live Cam Awards. The ceremony will take place in Barcelona, Spain on March 1, 2016. The last time I logged into Chaturbate and saw prolific Kelly Pierce (room=mrskellypierce) in a broadcast, she was stroking her big cock frantically while barely wearing an animal print teddy. She was multi-tasking with a leg up to show off her barefoot to a fan without pausing from masturbating. For the first time I heard how much of a cut the site takes from models. They really do earn those tips, so be generous. At any rate, Kelly look as gorgeous as ever and this is coming from a fan from many moons ago. You may have read my interview with her (as Kelly Shore before her marriage) on Caramel’s TGirl way back in 2010. Back to her performance skills, Kelly makes answering questions, talking dirty and making her bit tits jiggle wildly while beating off look easy. She was in a particularly dominant mood the other night which was perfect for the fan who craved sucking and getting fucked by her large, throbbing cock. For those fantasizing about fucking Kelly, they got to see her riding a huge black dildo with her erection bobbing and swaying all over the place. She had a boob lover log in and simulated tittie-fucking for him before satisfying the foot guy again. Then she raised both legs in the air for a more explicit bare ass display. Kelly can go on like this literally for hours. She only took short breaks and stayed hard for well over an hour. Best of all, her fan interaction was exemplary. During a break, she got into a brief discussion about an uniformed person who thought that trans men and women were born that way and that gays were just perverts. She was offended of course, and this example of her discourse reminded me of why so many people love watching her for hours on Chaturbate. What’s between her ears is part of what makes her so sexy. As of this post, Kelly was on Chaturbate live, 7 hours ago on Also, Kelly’s book, “Stop Chasing…Start Dating – Real Advice from an Actual Trans-Woman” is coming soon.

Kylie Boudoir on Chaturbate

“Please tell me you’re gonna stay online even though you came.” is what a fan asked of California’s stunning kylieboudoir on Chaturbate late last night. She did for quit some time as one tip after another chimed in. Kylie is extremely polite and if you happen to jump in when one of her shows begins, you’ll see how she gets you worked up gradually. But she doesn’t tease too much. In other words, you won’t be waiting forever for Kylie to get naughty. Sometimes she’ll show what her blowjob skills are like by sucking on a huge dildo. Even when she’s not moving around much, just watching her typing while shaking her legs and thrusting her hips is mesmerizing. Kylie has what I’d describe as a unique method of developing an erection sometimes. Kylie switches her fingers across her hard shaft a lot and well, you’ll see what I mean. She might start smacking her ass hard or lubing up a little sex toy to fuck herself with. Kylie looks exquisite completely nude, thanking fans while moaning softly and penetrating her bottom. You might see Kylie fucking a Fleshlight. She might satisfy foot loving fans while stroking her big dick. In the first show I saw, Kylie announced exactly when she was going to cum and when she did, her climax was intense and she showed a closeup of the cum on her delicate hand. I wondered what someone who’d never seen a transsexual webcam performance before would be experiencing if their first time was watching I quickly decided they’d be hooked.

Melody Lane on Chaturbate


I think you’ll love watching 24 year old Melody Lane in the amandalyn Chaturbate Transsexuals room having sex with her blonde cisgender girlfriend, Lailas. The svelte redhead describes herself as a kinky, polyamorous submissive chick. She loves having her toes sucked while stroking her stiff cock. She went absolutely nuts when her girlfriend fingered her while sucking her joint. Melody’s stats are 5’9″, 130 lbs (59 kg), 37A-30-39 (94-76-99cm). Some of Melody’s turn ons include humor, intelligence, pretty girls, hot guys, dominance, being dominated, gangbangs, cum, nice cocks, blowjobs, legs, girls with cocks, girls without cocks, bondage, bdsm and rope. “I love playing with my lady cock and fucking myself,” Melody adds about her shows. “I have a lot of heels and stockings and cute outfits.” I can verify that after what I’ve seen. Did I mention how hot she look while fucking herself with a big dildo until she cums explosively? Watch amandalyn in the Chaturbate Transsexuals section.

TS Shauna on Chaturbate





Shauna is a gorgeous and amazing 19 year old webcam performer to follow under the transsexual section under freshcd_18 room on Chaturbate. She loves bondage (both giving and receiving), cosplay and a BDSM test reveals that she’s 80% switch, 66% submissive and only 16% into vanilla sex. I first saw her on FetLife (you must be a free subscriber to see her users/408942 profile). I watched her videos there first and the solo masturbation and toy fucking blew me away. There’s also a video in which Shauna sucked off a roughneck’s big black cock I really liked. At the end of one of the scenes, Shauna pulled down her pants, but the footage stopped right before he was about to fuck her. It wasn’t in a private place, either. I saw her link to her Chaturbate profile and after seeing her performing live, I had to share something about this Jackson, Michigan stunner with you. If Shauna isn’t on when you get there, just follow her so you won’t miss her next show. If you’re on FetLife, follow her there, too!

Sarina Valentina and Ashton Abrahms









Sarina Valentina is breathtaking in hardcore bareback action with pretty boy Ashton Abrahms who starred with her in his first official porn scene. I’ve seen him on YouTube with Sarina and also on Chaturbate (room=ashtonabrahms). He’s only 18 years old (July 8, 1996) and at the top of the transsexual porn food chain already with just one scene, “The Sweet Taste of Cum.” Can you imagine what it must be like to be in your 1st TS porn feature with Sarina as your co-star? “The Sweet Taste of Cum” title of their scene must have been chosen after it was shot because during the shooting. Sarina asked for it on her ass and inside her before Ashton blasted his spunk across her face and in her mouth. This bareback hardcore scene is one of the hardest poundings I’ve seen Sarina take! That’s what she gets for losing a game of checkers? What would have happened if she’d won? Sarina Valentina happens to be in my top ten favorite transsexual porn stars of all time. She’s done it all including sex with all genders, fetish, interracial, BDSM, etc. All this and she looks as incredible as she did when she first entered the adult entertainment world as Alexis. Join for her amazing archive of content.

Natalie Mars on Chaturbate



I can’t remember how long ago it was when I first saw Natalie Mars on the Net. But I do remember that when I did, I knew she was destined for porn stardom. Natalie started HRT on November 5th, 2014 and it seemed to me like she was literally popping up everywhere in 2015. The next thing I knew, I saw her on my favorite webcam site under natalielovescum on Chaturbate. She’s an amazing performer and today, I saw her video with Bailey Jay. Don’t worry if you’re thinking that Natalie is only into other gorgeous transsexuals, guys. Anyway, let me tell you a little about the scene that’s live on TS-BaileyJay right now with Natalie. It’s called “Crashpad Cock Slut” and these gorgeous ladies waste no time with passionate kissing and mutual breast admiration. Bailey Jay’s big cock is already almost fully erect when Natalie gets her thighs open. “I can’t get over your ass,” she tells Natalie and you’ll see exactly why. Natalie has a big dick herself that grows fully erect while her porn and mainstream media icon friend strokes and sucks on it. The end of the video showed me why Natalie’s Chaturbate room is so appropriately named. If Natalie isn’t online when you log in, just follow her to be notified of her next show.

The Return of Domino Presley

I don’t know why on God’s earth one of the prettiest performers on the planet hasn’t worked in the adult industry for so long. I actually looked for reasons while watching the new Domino Presley video on Shemale Yum. She reminds us that it’s been about a year since we’ve seen her this way. I looked for a wedding ring. No, that’s not it. She looks as flawless and ravishing from head to toe as ever. No problems there. The official TS-DominoPresley website is still open and ready for business. Her latest performance is as naughty as any other of her solos I’ve ever seen. In less than 6 minutes into “The Return of Domino Presley,” she’s masturbating her way to a throbbing erection. I don’t know why she’s been away for so long, but it’s great to see she’s back. Veteran photographer Buddy Wood gave us over 100 hi-res photos to go with Domino’s brand spanking new Shemale Yum video. You can also watch her LIVE on



Shyvie Summers on Chaturbate

Whenever I make a post, I scroll down to the bottom of this blog where I have a running live webcam banner running. I just saw that the popular Shemale Yum model Shyvie Summers is on cam. “yvaeul” is Shyvie’s screen name on Chaturbate.


If you don’t catch Shyvie now on Chaturbate, check out some the other gorgeous cam girls on live.

Kelly Pierce on TS Playground


I learned a few months ago that the beauty with the maiden name Kelly Shore, came out of retirement from making hardcore movies and had a TS Playground film on the way with her husband Mason Pierce and a genetically born female major star named Roxy Raye. The celebrated director Jay Sin has just released it and naturally, I downloaded it after having been in anticipation for quite some time. Kelly has been very supportive of my work over the years and although I haven’t met her in person yet, I feel that we’re a close as online giving gal pals can be. I’m extremely excited about leading you to a preview of some of her finest work to date and how to find her live shows on iFriends and on

kellypierceWelcome back, Kelly and thanks for the hot new work and play! xoxo Caramel

Kelly and Mason Pierce

I’ve just downloaded the first installment of Transsexual Cheerleaders #8 film and I’m glad I did it. I found myself thinking not only about the movie, but the dynamics of Kelly Pierce aka Kelly Shore returning to adult entertainment and that she might not have made this comeback without the support of her husband, Mason. I’ve seen movies with many of the biggest TS stars with their boyfriends and boy toys, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a huge production from a husband and wife team. I’ve got to give it to handsome Mason who is so obviously proud and supportive of his lovely wife. From what I know, he never intended to jump into porn with her and that took a lot of courage.

MP4 Tralier
MP4 Trailer
Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery
Flash Video Preview
Flash Video Preview

I’ll keep you updated on further releases from this series with Brittany St. Jordan, Ryder Monroe and Morgan Bailey. This looks like a major hit to me.              

Watch All Trailers
Watch All Trailers

I’m looking forward to adding the entire movie to my personal mega terabyte DVD library. Click here to check out all of the previews and if you’re a serious Kelly Pierce live shows fan, be sure to check out her cam shows on