Christina Skyye And Leandro!

MP4 Scene Trailer

With this update I get the chance to thank everyone who read and commented on my Interview with Christina Skyye here and on social media. My gorgeous Floridian neighbor is back at it again with another killer hardcore scene and it’s presented by South Florida producer Jack Flash. Christina is a raver and that passion of hers makes it into the opening of her scene with Latinx stud Leandro. The premise is that they can’t keep each other’s hands off one another after meeting at a rave. Christina is scantily clad in a blaze of color and her partner is very easy on the eye (thank’s for that too, Mr. Flash). Leandro helps his date slip out of her bikini top and as soon as the bottom is low enough, he dives in between her sexy ass face first. He also helps Christina get completely naked and tosses her salad again while jerking off. She then sucks his cock and there’s great footage of her straddled above Leandro in the 69 position. There’s also profile and full frontal fellatio with Christina loving her man’s big dusky dick until she’s ready to get fucked. While she’s on her hands and knees on the bed, he gives her yet another rim job and then eases his erection inside her tight ass bareback! Christina is very vocal while getting railed and it looks like the fucking of a lifetime! There’s a magnificent rear sequence of this powerful bareback banging and doggy style progresses to pile driver pummeling. At one point, Leandro fucks Christina so hard, she’s pinned down to the mattress wailing out her pleasure and all she can do other than that is bounce! You can really see how much she loves it when Leandro flips her over on her back. Her own big cock is hard as he penetrates her tight bottom in the missionary position! The action doesn’t end here by a longs hot. See how it comes to a climactic finish on Shemale.XXX and I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Christina Skyye if you haven’t read it yet.

Interview with Christina Skyye


As much as I’d like to say that this interview was an attempt to focus on a Floridian trans adult entertainment model, it wouldn’t be entirely true. It just happens that I live in close proximity to Christina Skyye. I requested this Q&A because I was so impressed with her incredible work. She’s rising to the top of the porn chain and once I learned how sweet and bright Christina is, that was the icing on the cake! That said, she only enhances my pride of the Sunshine State and the strong and thriving LGBTQ community within. I hope you’ll enjoy my exclusive interview with Christina Skyye.

Pure-TS: Christina Skyye – Gorgeous Sex Slave Pleases Her Master


Beautiful sex slave Christina Skyye enjoys her life as Master Christian’s pet. When he is horny, she is there to make him happy and give him her entire body to do with as he chooses. This hot scene finishes with her swallowing his load like a good girl. That’s the official Pure-TS synopsis and Sunshine State represent! Gorgeous Christina is from Florida, my current home state, and she makes her killer hardcore debut in Las Vegas with the porn king for his phenomenal Pure-TS website.


If Christina was at all nervous during this set, I couldn’t tell at all. Even though she’s locked in a cage with her intimidating Dom gazing at her from his throne, I can tell the difference between stage fright and genuine BDSM roleplay. You’ll see it also while you’re watching.


As a lifestyle kinkster, this is my favorite porn niche, so it doesn’t bother me to see this beauty having her hair pulled and ass spanked hard while she’s crouching in her cage. The only things I’m thinking are that Christina looks absolutely incredible and that I wish I had a cage for my pets. But I digress.


Christina’s bondage outfit leaves very little to the imagination and she wisely addresses her Master as “Sir” as he attaches a leash to her collar and pulls her out of the cage. Christina is reminded to do what ever her Dom pleases and that includes keeping her amazing bottom wide when her exposes her ass explicitly and spanks it so hard that it ripples, as firm as it is.


How many things turn me on more than a fine as frog’s hair submissive whose only duty is to serve? Not many, especially when she’s busty and hung like this. After being “forced” to give Christian’s massive cock a deep sucking, she’s made to climb upon a padded foot locker which is the only thoughtful thing that’s happened to her so far.


“Please may I have it,” is what she begs like a good sub should before her tight ass is about to be stuffed with cock. Thoughtful act #2 comes in the form of being penetrated bareback while she’s on her hands and knees.


The harder Christina is fucked, the harder her cock grows. It’s swollen fully erect when she takes a pounding while on her back. Christian manages to stroke her big dick while drilling away in the missionary position. She’s allowed to masturbate as well and when she’s not, her hardon bobs and sways with her Master’s powerful thrusts. Her incredible ass is captured magnificently during the cowgirl ride. You might even like the reverse cowgirl pummeling even better with Christina’s big boner bouncing up and down and swinging around in circles.


Christina almost seems to be insatiable! Her large member is fully erect when she takes a side saddle banging also! I love the way this torrid bareback scene ends and I’m absolutely certain that Christina Skyye will become a major porn star. Pure-TS is where I saw her first.