Tasty Crona – A Conversation With Crona Valentine

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Caramel’s Transformation Magazine Interview With Crona Valentine

Transformation Magazine Issue #90 – The 2nd Annual Sexy Swim edition is out!


My interview with Crona Valentine is in this one. You can grab a copy from newsstands or go to www.wheresmymagazine.com.


I’d like to express my tremendous gratitude to Crona Valentine for an interview that was a pleasure to create from start to finish and to the amazing Editor and Publisher Hanna Rodgers for printing it! Keep up with all that’s happening with this great publication online by visiting Transformation-Magazine on Facebook, and @transpubinc on Twitter. Crona Valentine’s Twitter is @CronaCookie.

Crona Valentine Returns To Black TGirls


6th Annual Tranny Awards nominee Crona Valentine is on Black Tgirls again. Her new video is shot by the amazing former porn star and director Lucia Matthews. Lucia immediately noticed how much Crona’s boobs have grown since they’re last set. They’re super-sensitive to her vibrator. So is her cock which stiffens so fast, this video almost seems like you’re watching it at high speed.


Crona Valentine is as sweet and bright as she is hot. Learn more about her at Crona Cookie on Twitter and don’t miss her photo sets and movies on Black TGirls!