Holly Harlow The Spoiled Brat





“The Spoiled Brat” is the name of this sample photo gallery. That’s also the theme of her new “Jacking Off in a Corset” solo video performance. Holly is on the phone telling her daddy she needs a brand new car while at boarding school. This is a follow-up to her hardcore scene with Sex Change Girl icon Danielle Foxxx I described recently. I’m hoping you saw Holly fucking her stepmother. If not, Holly is blackmailing her cheating father. Also, what he doesn’t know is that Holly is a dirty little princess. She proceeds to show us just how dirty she can get when she’s horny in bed. Holly continues to talk dirty as she spreds her legs and begins to make her cock stiff. She rubs her precum around the swollen head and sits up on the bed to make her erection swing back and forth and up and down. Holly’s body is much slimmer than before, not that she was ever overweight. She’s clearly wearing the corset because it’s sexy, not because she has anything to hide. She jacks off kneeling next and caresses her big boobs while stroking away. About 9 minutes into this 15 minute scene, Holly is masturbating while laying on her back again. I was thnking that she was going to end up with cum splattered all over her corset. But her stiff cock arcs downward in her stroking fist. When the cum bursts out of her cockhead, most of it flies past her balls to the sheets and on the back of her hand. If you’re wondering why I paid so much attention to detail, you haven’t seen Holly Harlow of Malta in action yet.

Danielle Foxxx and Holly Harlow

Holly Harlow gets a visit from her father’s accountant, Danielle Foxxx. Holly has gone overboard with Daddy’s credit card and Danielle makes her an offer she can’t refuse. Danielle is also Holly’s father’s mistress and her silence can be bought with sex. First, she wants her pussy eaten by Holly the same way her father does it. Holly’s cunnilingus might earn Holly a black credit card if it’s good enough. Enough about the rest of the plot because I don’t want to spoil it for you. Also, the following dialogue is too kinky for a shy person like myself to repeat. Chances are, since Danielle Foxxx of www.sexchangegirl.com is an adult industry icon, you’ve already seen at least one of her amazing blowjobs. The gorgeous transwoman from Malta gives the Southern California post-op beauty a doggie-style railing first. She really means business it comes to fucking. Holly goes in and out of Danielle’s pussy like a bunny rabbit on speed. There are more than a few position changes in this 29:53 minute XXX scene that culminates in a big, creamy white cumshot. Holly earned a new Bentley for the incredible sex. Over 450 hi-res photos compliment the video on www.sexchangegirl.com and on www.holly-harlow.com. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve missed these ladies. Here’s a sample photo gallery.


TS Foxxy In A New Shoot by Danielle Foxxx

The braces are off and gorgeous TS Foxxy bares her pearly whites (and a whole lot more)! This amazing gallery was shot by Danielle Foxxx of Sex Change Girl!


The beautiful and talented Danielle also did Foxxy’s hair and makeup for the hi-res 90 image set. It reminds me of the bodystocking set they did in 2009 together! Click here for that delicious gallery! Check out all the new updates on both sites!



Danielle Foxxx Presents Reesa Noi

I’m using every fiber of my being not to refer to Danielle Foxxx of Sex Change Girl as an icon while talking about her new set featuring her gal pal Reesa Noi. The modest Danielle Foxx also runs the hottest monthly event in Florida called Trysexual at Revolution in Orlando, Florida. Her next party happens to land on the same day as my birthday (hint) August 28th. But I digress. Just check out Ressa and you might just want to bookmark her amazing website for a multitude of reasons.

Domino Presley Hardcore on TGirl Pinups

Domino Presley is driven by her friend Danielle Foxxx to her new friends John Magnum’s house. She was invited over for a swim, but soon she finds out the pool was only a trick so he could make out with her. Fortunately she loves every inch of his fat cock.  Enjoy the trailer!


Watch John Magnum fuck Domino Presley on T-Girl Pinups!