Evie Eliot & Freya Wynn on TGirls.Porn

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

The Evie Eliot and Freya Wynn trailer on TGirls.Porn runs over a minute! Photographer Radius Dark asked Evie what she liked about other girls first. “Sometimes it’s easier to know what the other person wants and have a sense that they know what you want, which makes things easier sometimes.” Dark asked, “So, what makes sex different with other transgirls opposed to sex with men?” Evie replied “Transgirl’s penises are different from guy’s penises. Girl dick is not the same as guy dick.” Then, “Oh yea,” stated Freya, “you have to treat it differently.” Freya also thinks that women are way more creative sexually than men and Evie agrees. With women, Freya says, “you never really find a partner that says ‘let’s just fuck’ and that’s it.” Evie exclaimed, “Guys who are creative in bed are solid fucking gold,” When it comes to foreplay, Freya likes quite a bit. “It’s like the starter button on a lawnmower.” When Dark asked Evie if she too had a starter button, before saying yes, the artistic lady took about 45 seconds to explain that the idea of foreplay is absurd. “Ok… so… Fuck the notion of foreplay, like, that’s like… an insane kind of concept.” Sarcastically, “we’re going to go through this little bit at the start and then we’re going to get on to the sex.” She added, “No, it should be the whole fucking time,” she’s passionate about her sex I guess, “like, you don’t stop. There is no foreplay, there’s good sex and that starts from the beginning all the way through the end.” This witty dialogue occurs after the masterpiece kinky sex session on TGirls.Porn.


2015 Feminist Porn Award Winners

The 10th Annual Feminist Porn Awards took place on Friday April 17, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario. Focusing on films which expand conventional ideas about desire and beauty standards. Some of the 2015 Feminist Porn Winners films available to rent and stream on PinkLabel.tv where proceeds directly support the studios. “Best Boygasm” went to Heavenly Spire Volume 1 from Shine Louise Houston / Pink & White Productions. “Heavenly Spire is a personal project for me,” said Houston. Accepting my own masculinity has allowed me to feel okay about my desire for masculine people, and exploring it in film lets me look at male bodies the way I want to. There’s more ways to be masculine than society allows us to be.” The “Sexiest Star Feature” went to JL+DD: Jiz Lee and Danni Daniels by Danni Daniels/Jiz Lee, an hour of connected, high-chemistry sex in a marathon of fun, athletic positions from trans woman superstar Danni Daniels and genderqueer porn star Jiz Lee. “Best New Comer” is Evie Eliot with her debut film, TWITTERBATING. Twitterbating is Evie Eliot’s directorial debut, and the first release for Clever Girl Pictures. Come join Evie Eliot (She/Her), Krys Noir (He/Him) and Jenny Minx (She/Her) as they spend a lazy summer day in bed together. The winner of the “Tantalizing Trans Film” award is BIODILDO 2.0 from Christian Slaughter. Following the story from BIODILDO, Bettie wants to bring their sex life to another level but husband Barney is worried. Signing up for a swingers website turns out to be a night they’ll never forget. “Hottest Lesbian Vignette” went to Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls and Strap-ons from Courtney Trouble/TROUBLEfilms. Soft Girls & Strap-ons takes us back into the powerful, playful world of plus size lesbian sex that is the award-winning Lesbian Curves series, with five scenes feature gorgeous fat femmes, juicy tomboy switches, and deliciously hard and huge strap-on dicks. The “Hottest Trans Vignette” is Courtney Trouble’s Trans Lesbians from Courtney Trouble/TROUBLEfilms. Courtney Trouble’s Trans Lesbians is a chemistry-driven hardcore feature that follows Bailey Jay, Chelsea Poe, and Drew DeVeaux through a lusty web of lesbian sex. The five scenes in Trans Lesbians are shot in Trouble’s artistic hardcore style. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners! Here are some video previews from these outstanding films:









Evie Eliot on Shemale Strokers

When I first saw Evie Eliot’s Tumblr blog and read about her on Twitter, I knew she had the potential to be a top porn star and director if she decided to get into the adult industry. But that doesn’t make me special because everyone else was probably thinking the same thing. I asked her to do an interview with me, she graciously accepted, and now it’s in Issue #91 in Transformation Magazine (visit www.transformationonline.com to find out how to order).

In Evie’s debut performance on Shemale Strokers, she tells a lot about herself and proceeds to get down to more of what we’re all there to see. She’s so incredible that I’d describe it as a three climax video. What that means is you might want to cum in the first part of the 35 minute scene, do it again past the middle, and repeat when Evie releases her big cumshot! Actually, if you’re a collector, you ought to archive this one. This might be Evie’s final “porn” performance. She’s made a magnificent little bunch of Shemale.XXX videos too, but now she’s working on a project that explores the boundary between art and pornography. You can read about Evie Eliot creating Queer Feminist Art, Film and Erotica here on Patreon.

Evie Eliot and Clever Girl Pictures presents Twitterbating

Check out the deliciously sensual trailer of Twitterbating!


Pink & White Productions is a groundbreaking VOD hub for indie and emerging adult filmmakers, PinkLabel.tv has an amazing, growing collection of curated, independent feminist and queer porn from four studios. Twitterbating is Evie Eliot’s directorial debut, and the first release for Clever Girl Pictures. Come join Evie Eliot (She/Her), Krys Noir (He/Him) and Jenny Minx (She/Her) as they spend a lazy summer day in bed together. No plot… just three friends having beautiful, indulgent sex with lots of oral, POV, anal, pegging and magic wands, oh, and something to do with Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, follow @Evie_Eliot!

Evie Eliot Fucks Cat Taylor

I had over 200 photos to choose from to write about the best transbian BDSM scene I’ve ever watched on Shemale.XXX. Evie Eliot is magnificent as a Domme and Cat Taylor is deliciously submissive in a Radius Dark video for especially real kinksters and D/s aficionados. It runs just a hair under 35 minutes! You don’t have to be into the lifestyle to love it, however. Just bring your love for some hot hardcore sex between two beautiful transwomen. If this is all new to you, I’m pretty sure you’re going to learn something new.

I was the honored to have my interview with Evie Eliot published in Issue #91 of Transformation Magazine. Visit transformationmagazineonline.com to learn more. And don’t forget to watch this groundbreaking video on Shemale.XXX!

Evie Eliot on Shemale.XXX

Gorgeous Evie Eliot of Seattle, Washington made her mark in the fashion industry as designer and she loves Steampunk, Cyberpunk, the 1920′s (especially the work of Erté), cooking, plays bass and speaks both English and Welsh fluently. She generally tells people that she’s Bi, or Sapiosexual. Evie is attracted to intelligent people whatever their orientation / presentation. Her Shemale.XXX video runs just under 25 minutes and comes with 125 photos!

You may have seen Evie Eliot in Trans: A Photo and Video Project by Dave Naz before she officially began an adult industry performer and you should definitely see her on Shemale.XXX!