Candy in TS Factor #08

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Tennessee-based starlet Candy’s fans have been waiting for this scene to be released for such a long time and it’s so well worth the wait. Cosplay sex kitten is the theme but there’s no need for a plot in this TS Factor #08 sizzler.

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In Scene #01, she’s stripping and deliciously topless by the time we hear famed director Joey Silvera’s voice asking her name for viewers. The primary focus is on her lovely hormone breasts, her killer ass even more so, and she reveals her beautiful cock within the first three minutes. It’s semi-erect when she lowers her panties and rapidly swelling as she teases verbally.

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Candy makes her big dick dance as it swells harder and fully exposes her perfectly rounded bottom before playing hide and seek with her cock and the panties that haven’t been totally removed yet. While seated however, Candy reveals it again and now it’s raging hard. She makes it bob and swing all over the place and her undies soon disappear. Then she’s kneeling, tempting you mercilessly with her love stick and her beauty in general. I can’t go into lurid detail about this scene like I do with most models because it’s like lusting after a close friend or relative. My Interview with Candy Liscious has put me in the friend zone and there’s absolutely nothing to regret about that! I’m so proud of her and on top of her exquisite looks, Candy is as sweet as they come. I’m suggesting that you bypass my obvious personal bias and trust me – it’s a phenomenal must-see solo scene. It comes with a short yet pretty in-depth discussion with Silvera after her massive cumshot too!

The official synopsis reads: Sporting fishnets, cat ears and a thick, alluring bulge inside her lacy panties, gorgeous American Latina T-girl Candy wants to show us how she gets off. Flexing her taut ass cheeks and stroking her sensitive nipples with long fingernails, she peels down her undies and releases her huge, rigid schlong. The TS cutie lubes her fat dick and pumps her stiff she-boner, moaning in pleasure. Hand moving faster along the curved shaft, Candy climaxes, milking out a creamy load of hot sperm.

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Chanel Santini & Sophia Grace in Trans-Visions #09

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TS Chanel Seduces Bio Girl directed by Joey Silvera features Chanel Santini and Sophia Grace in Trans-Visions #09 on The official synopsis reads: Pale, dark-haired, femme TS Chanel Santini’s lacy panties can’t conceal her secret bonus. She and hot biological girl Sophia Grace are dressed seductively for a night on the town, but they get turned on and decide to play first. The girls kiss wetly and make out. Sophia blows Chanel’s girl boner and Chanel eats Sophia’s bald gash. Chanel fucks Sophia’s twat doggie-style; Sophia sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. Sophia’s curvy ass looks hot as she rides she-cock. Sophia gives a deep rim job and fucks Chanel’s butthole with a popsicle toy. And Sophia sits on Chanel’s face. Chanel jerks out a thick load of jism.

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That’s a concise description I can’t top, so allow me to just add a few thoughts. First off, I love the way Sophia walks around the room in the form-fitting dress Chanel bought her. These beauties are lesbians in real life, but the scene is convincingly realistic. That’s because it’s light, flirtatious and playful. Chanel is more interested in what’s going on beneath the gift she bought her girlfriend and one of those things is the ass Sophia wiggles like the best of the best strippers.

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The story here reveals that Chanel has a boyfriend. Sophia doesn’t care about that, especially not when Chanel sit lifting the hem of her dress exposing the outline of the cock in her panties. They’re both horny as hell and end up in bed before going out on the town. After all the foreplay and fucking that follows, I don’t think I’d want to go anywhere after all this activity! The bareback fucking leads to a delicious looking 69. It’s followed by one the of the biggest cumshot’s of Chanel’s porn career and a brief recap with Silvera.

Trans-Visions #09 

Southern Belle Sophia Grace deserves her own official website. As for Chanel, she’s got and she’s an amazing and prolific performer LIVE on!

Evil Angel: Brazilian TS Jacks Uncut, Huge Boner – Trans-Visions #09

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When I first saw the words TS Tatoo Trans in the “Brazilian TS Jacks Uncut, Huge Boner” preview for Trans-Visions #09 , I thought the company made a typo. Tatoo Trans is this stunning model’s actual name. As the camera pans up and down her exquisite form, I notice that she’s got a lot of tiny blonde hair on her thighs. I don’t have a hirsute fetish, but this doesn’t bother me either. Besides, when you see the big dark bulge slightly escaping her tiny shorts, it’s such a distraction, you might forget about it altogether.

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Tatoo’s body is slightly oiled, especially around her bustline and pierced belly button. As more of her erection emerges, I notice that her cock is as dark as most black girl dicks, yet the rest of her complexion is what I’d describe as deeply tanned. That’s one of the things I love most about Brazilian porn models – so much diversity in each hot performer is a common trait. Tatoo’s big cock is in your face just below eye level and it points toward the ceiling on its own when she’s not stroking it firmly. Her smoothly shaven ball sack is fully bloated as it’s suspended by the pouch of her short shorts. Her top is removed and discarded as her shorts are thrust lower and when she turns to the side, her butt looks incredible! It’s all natural and looks like the result of lots of squats or cycling. When she bends over to show you the center of her ass, her tiny opening looks virginal and vice tight.

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Tatoo’s big dick remains fully erect when she lays on her side to finger bang her bottom with a couple of fingers. She stays in this position for quite some time, but Joey Silvera’s camera captures her masturbation sequence with a variety of angles. Tatoo squeezes a nipple firmly while beating off furiously with her other hand. She grimaces hard while squeezing her thighs together as her orgasm approaches. Suddenly, big gobs of creamy white and syrupy cum pour out of her swollen cock head.

Eva Paradis in TS Playground #25

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“Busty T-Girl Dates Anal Boy-Toy” on features the gorgeous Italian hostess of with super stud Spencer Fox. In this 29:21 minute bareback blowout, Eva is presented jerking off on the balcony of an expansive loft wearing an outfit that only an exquisite body can be showcased in at its best. Moments later, she’s perched on top of a leather sofa with seated Spencer’s handsome face just inches from her hard cock and smoothly shaven ball sack. He gives her nuts the tea bag treatment while stroking his big boner. He helps her turn around for a brief rim job and a hard ass smack. Then she swirls around on the couch and gives his erection a good long sucking. She lays back to expose her firm bare breasts as she jacks her big stiff cock. Then she gives Spencer head while he’s standing. Spencer beats his meat while sucking Eva’s swollen cock and then she straddles his hips for a rampant cowgirl ride. Her fine ass looks incredible and when she turns in reverse, her hardon bounces up and down and spins like a horny propeller as she rides away. Spencer then gives Eva a doggy style ramming before hitting it side saddle. He gives Eva another blowjob in preparation for what’s to come next. While Spencer arranges himself on his hands and knees.

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Eva scoots up behind him jerking her stiff cock. She then penetrates him and tears his ass up in the doggy style position! She also rails him while he’s on his back, gives him a toe sucking while banging away and then she pile drives his tight bubble butt. I could go on with this description to the point where both Spencer and Eva shoot big, creamy white cumshots, but I’d rather you see all that for yourself and all the other incredible scenes from Jay Sin’s TS Playground #25!

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Kylie Maria in The Trans X-Perience #5!

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The official synopsis of “Buxom TS Seduces Stud For Butt Fuck” from The Trans X-Perience #05 reads: Busty, fabulously femme TS Kylie Maria’s low-cut top shows cleavage and side boob. She caresses her fantastic tits and the bulge forming in studly Gabriel’s pants. Kylie spreads her asshole for a rim job; Gabriel grips her head for a spit-drenched face fuck. He sucks her hard dick and bouncy bosoms. The pretty brunette rides the muscular dude’s cock, skin slamming. He porks her asshole on her back as she jacks off, and Kylie sucks dick ass-to-mouth. She licks Gabriel’s balls as he unloads jism on her face.

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Gabriel D’Alessandra is the male actor in The Trans X-Perience #5 on He’s been doing this for years and considered one of the luckiest of men in trans porn. is the official website of this mega-star posing in a sports jersey that barely stays on an incredible body and seems to be suspended by her pendulous breasts. Kylie wears black lace panties beneath the lime green and gray top and her shapely legs and dainty feet are bare. She takes a seat and fully exposes her big tits and large nipples. After fondling her boobs for a few moments, Kylie perches herself on the seat on her knees. When Joey Silvera zooms out, Gabriel appears in the frame shirtless with an erection in his pants that would get him arrested in public.

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Kylie rubs Gabriel’s lightly-oiled, tight abs and his big bulge and her caresses her lovely boobs. Her ass which is almost fully exposed around her thong is also lightly-oiled and her legs are too. Gabriel sinks to his knees to devour Kylie’s breasts and he helps her give and explicit view of her fun spot. You can hear how turned on they are and the and director’s arousal as well. After giving Kylie a rim job, she strokes her cock while giving her handsome partner head. When she releases her grip on her hardon, it jerks up and down on its own and Gabriel uses both hands to guide Kylie’s blowjob. The stunning pair kiss and then Gabriel kneels down to suck on Kylie’s turgid erection. Before the midway point of the scene, Kylie as above Gabriel in the cowgirl position riding Gabriel’s stiff rod bareback! With the exception of her sparkly bondage collar, Kylie is completely, gloriously nude throughout the following positions they fuck in.

Kylie Maria’s Evil Angel Filmography 

Kylie’s beautiful face is covered with cum at the end of the scene, but she tells Silvera she swallowed most of it. I can’t argue with that. She proceeds to suck Gabriel’s cock clean and tells Silvera that she’s just moved to Las Vegas. There’s so much more to learn about her on and you should also check out her Evil Angel Filmography to catch up on what you may have missed.

The Trans X-Perience #05 – Jessica Foxx & Sophia Grace

MP4 Scene Trailer

‘Ex-Cheerleader Dates Femme TS’ suggests that there’s some sort of storyline to this scene in The Trans X-Perience #5 but if you’re not into plots in porn, don’t worry about it. This is the real life dynamic between TS Jessica Foxx aka Jessica Fox and Sophia Grace who has started cheering at 17 years old. That’s what acclaimed director and former porn star Joey Silvera draws out of her in the scantily clad opening interview with both girls.

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Sophia’s been all about rel life team spirit for 11 years. Sophia is described as All-American and since Jessica is Native American, they’re both All-American 100% and strikingly beautiful. After some hand holding and feeling each other up, the way Jessica spreads Sophia’s full butt cheeks hints that Jessica is going to tear that pretty thing up. Sophia’s stripping and admiration of Jessica’s breasts gets the primarily dominant trans girl’s cock raging hard before she even begins sucking it.

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If you’ve read some of my Jessica Fox scene reviews before, you already know how verse she is sexually and that she’s crazy about pussy and cock! So she devours Sophia’s prettily shaven quim like nobody’s business. Then Jessica begins pumping her erection in and out of Sophia’s pussy bareback in the side saddle position. A buzzing vibrator adds extra stimulation to Sophia’s clit and Jessica’s cock shaft while they fuck!

Sophia gets a tremendous drilling in a variety of positions before sucking Jessica’s turgid erection again and fucking her tight ass with a sex toy that looks like a pink popsicle. Jessica jacks a huge streak of jism onto Sophia’s face! Sophia licks up the last of her partner’s cum and the girls kiss and wave goodbye.

You can stream or download this incredible presentation now on the massive multi-genre network

Rogue Adventures #45: Barbara Perez & Nina Luna

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In “Rogue Adventures 45,” porn pioneer Joey Silvera showcases an array of kinky transsexual trysts – including hot solo sessions, trans-girls with muscular studs and a gender-warped T-girl-on-biological girl bout! Sassy trans-babe Casey Kisses and male admirer Gabriel enjoy a mutual butt fuck with filthy ass-to-mouth cocksucking. Their passionate lovemaking climaxes with a spray of Barbara’s she-sperm. Heavily hung Nanda Molinari’s solitary masturbation features dildo diddling and streams of spunky semen. Voluptuous T-queen Polly exchanges blow jobs with muscular stud Alex Victor. She jerks off as he porks her up the ass, and Alex empties his balls over her face. Tiny Thai babe Pooh administers savage sodomy to male stud Johnny UK. Busty TS Camilla Carvalho smothers Tony Lee’s face with her plump ass in a sweaty 69. He blasts her bunghole and she tastes sloppy A2M flavor. Tall, glamorous Fernanda Khelher performs a scorching solo scene, pumping her anus with a dildo until her cream explodes.

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Today’s focus is on curvy genetic female Nina Luna taking a serious slamming from busty Barbara Perez. ‘T-Girl Cock Stuffs Biological Girl’ opens with scantily clad Nina doing a pole dance, but we’re suddenly transported to Nina and Barbara playing with each other’s bare breasts and tongue kissing in bed. Barbara rubs her dick through her black lace panties and withdraws it, stroking her cock to a full erection while Nina admires her boobs. Then Nina takes over and begins sucking her partner’s big cock after jacking it off for a few moments.

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The bareback fucking sequence begins with Nina riding Barb’s turgid organ in the cowgirl position. Nina’s ass is to die for, but then so is Barbara’s when she drills away at Nina’s pretty pussy during the side saddle position railing. When I’m watching a cis female with a trans girl, not knowing if the genetically born female has ever had trans sex before, I’m always hoping she’s get fucked silly. With Barbara Perez, I think she’d be hard pressed to get more of a fierce pounding from anyone. You might remember the way Barbara fucked the hell out of male veteran star Alex Victor in her last Evil Angel scene! I love the way Nina waits patiently for Barbara to make her big cock explode, then moves in to taste some of her cum. There’s not a thing I’d change about this beautiful to watch scene available for streaming or download on

Chanel Santini in The Trans X-Perience #5!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

I promised some actual reviews of scenes from The Trans X-Perience #5 on back on December 12th and I’m here today to start delivering the goods.

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I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than with trailblazing Chanel Santini who will look a lot different in her 2017 studio scenes, on and on She’s always going to be one of my top favorites I’m sure no matter what she does. Her bareback hardcore scene with veteran star Gabriel D’Alessandro only solidifies that faith.

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Her naughty schoolgirl pole dance routine includes a little butt slapping and nipple tweaking before her partner shows up. It also includes some finger banging and big dick stroking. Acclaimed director Joey Silvera has a horny little chat with the then 18 year old and then Latinx Mr. D’s raging hardon enters the frame waiting to be sucked on. Chanel gets her large organ sucked, her salad tossed and her sexy bare feet worshipped. Her top is drawn back while she’s otherwise naked with Gabriel giving her a masterful bareback fucking.

The Trans X-Perience #5 

Chanel’s vocal responses are wickedly torrid and when they’re about to switch from missionary to doggy style banging, Chanel’s big cock oozes a legendary stream of pre-cum. She stays hard and jacks off while riding Gabe in the cowgirl position and then she gives Gabe a rim job. He strokes his boner while she lubes her stiff dick in preparation to give him a powerful drilling. There’s still a lot more to come but I’ll close by stating that this The Trans X-Perience #5 is in competition with my other top favorites filmed in 2016. Happy New Year 2017! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings.

TS Factor #07: Carol Penelope

MP4 Trailer 

Carol Penelope stands between a window with a city view and a plush bed sucking her finger and gyrating her hips. She licks her lips, cups and squeezes her large breasts through her brassiere and proceeds to bare and fondle her soft boobs. Carol allows her swelling uncut cock to escape her sheer blue panties and soon its glossy head and shaft arc upward.

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She continues to stroke her raging hardon while sitting on the bed with her legs spread wide open. Carol is lactating and she squeezes a nipple firmly to pour out some of her fresh milk. She repeats the process with her other milk-filled tit and moans softly. She wears tall sandals on her little feet and wiggles her pedicured toes while stroking her cock rapidly. About three-quarters into the video, Carol is sitting on the bed masturbating furiously, doing what she needs to do to reach her climax. Immense spurts of clear and white cum blast out of her swollen cock head. With her hard, yet spent cock pointing up toward her tummy, Carol tastes some of her own cum.

Flash Trailer 

This is probably the wettest solo scene I’ve ever seen Carol Penelope in. Acclaimed director Joey Silvera is so impressed and he exchanges a few words in Portuguese with the voluptuous blue-eyed fox who grins from ear to ear. She says she loves having her cock sucked and when asked if she’s active or passive, Carol says she’s both. Joey gets her to say, “Suck my cock,” in English which is appropriate because even though she just had a massive orgasm, her powerful dick doesn’t seem finished just yet. “Brazilian TS Lactates and Ejaculates is the final scene of TS Factor #07 and you can watch ALL the trailers.

The Trans X-Perience #5 on Evil Angel

Transsexual video pioneer Joey Silvera presents fabulously feminine, powerfully functional All-American beauties in ‘The Trans X-Perience #5.’ Three T-dolls seduce a hard stud for cock-worshiping adventure, and two more trans-divas date wild biological girls for freaky, girly thrills! Blue-eyed blonde TS Tarynxo and muscular genetic female Cheyenne Jewel display and caress femme bodies, scissoring, seeing who’s stronger. Cheyenne’s big rear bounces through a butt fuck, and she sucks she-dick ass-to-mouth. Pretty Chanel Santini trades blow jobs with studly Gabriel. His meat stuffs her backdoor as she jacks off; she makes love to his asshole with her mouth and sodomizes him. Gabriel deep-throats athletic Nikki Vicious and reams her rectum. Nikki rides Gabriel’s erection, her own boner pointing straight up, and with his prick plowing her sphincter, she cums. Sophia Grace was a cheerleader for 11 years, and now she’s dating hot T-girl Jessica Fox! Busty, fabulous TS Kylie Maria’s low-cut top shows cleavage and side boob. She spreads her crack for a rim job, and Gabriel grips her head for a slobbery face fuck. He porks her bunghole and spunks her face. The Trans X-Perience #05 on Evil Angel stars Chanel Santini, Cheyenne Jewel, Jessica Fox, Kylie Maria, Nikki Vicious, Sophia Grace, TS Tarynxo alphabetically. I’ll be reviewing individual scenes shortly.