Femme Fatale Films Presents “My Feminised Slave”

My Feminised Slave” features Mistress Eleise de Lacy who once said in an interview, “I think Femme Fatale is very different from most Femdom sites in that it is not only female owned, but it is also female driven. Most Femdom sites pander to the common male viewer of pornography. There is constant sex and nudity, purely to satisfy the male gaze. I have no interest in this as it runs directly in conflict with my philosophy of female dominance. The only sex you will see on Femme Fatale is done at the Mistress’s command and with her personal slaves when she desires it, not because a producer told her to do it with some strange guy. We only film with real Dominas, not models. The cultured submissive male senses this difference immediately – a fact proven out by the excellent letters I receive from my viewers, who consistently show themselves to be far more courteous and intelligent than the average man. We only accept amateur, genuine submissives, never actors, and the gentlemen are never paid. The submissive male should be there out of a wish to serve and learn. The fact that he will be trained and used by one or more of the most beautiful and accomplished Mistresses in the world, as all our Dommes are, is also a great reward.”


An excerpt of dialogue from the diary of Mistress Eleise de Lacy reads, “Jonathan is a woman, now, stroking my cheek gently before the room of her friends, looking me in the eye, without any trace of warmth, or coldness, in her beautiful and enigmatic eyes – eyes which conveyed a calm confidence, and no compassion.  And while he is always being conditioned further, being a woman is an acceptable start. On certain days, I seal Jonathan’s mouth, in one way or another, simply as a matter of aesthetics, because I find it pleasing, in its appearance.  Other days, and many days, it is sealed to reinforce the point that, aside from his prayers to me, Jonathan has nothing interesting to say, in the conventional sense – his being is a more eloquent and important expression, of something very powerful – his being says something true and profound about me, his Mistress – and the spoken word would only dilute the beautiful and poetic expression I have made of his body, his consciousness and his life.  Today, however, his mouth is sealed as a reminder that it will be taking my strap-on this evening, and that his mouth belongs to my strap-on, literally, so his mouth is in effect suspended from any other function or consideration as it waits to be filled with my divine phallus.  Fellatio, like any other act, is often improvised and spontaneous, as many of you can attest, having seen me take Jonathan with my cock in various ways at unexpected times, but tonight it will be, as it often is, ritualistic and ceremonial – as Johnathan pays loving and spiritual tribute to me, to my cock, which he craves and adores, as an extension of me. I invite you all to look into Jonathan’s eyes as I share this, and judge for yourselves whether what I am describing is reality or fantasy.”