Luana’s Naughty Bath Tub Ritual!

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Luana Pacheco of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil made her Frank’s TGirl World debut in January of 2015 as a brunette with blonde streaks. Her face and body look so different to me now that I didn’t recognize her.

I live in near the University of Florida and if I saw Luana walking across the campus, I’d most likely mistake her for an American coed. I’d peg her as a senior or a post-grad chick most likely. There’s something that would tip me off that she’s Brazilian however.

Luana has a dusting of light blonde hair on areas of her petite form that I don’t see on girls in my neck of the woods.

While I don’t have a thing for body hair, this doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I find it interesting because it’s in line with the way Luana maintains her grooming all over.

I love her swimsuit but I’ve neglected to show much of in these preview photos because her naked body is so fabulous. Luana spends a considerable amount of time in the swimsuit with frontal and rear posing, spanking her ass and fondling her large breasts.

She reveals her boobs and flicks her nipples within the first two minutes. The garment is off in less than three minutes with Luana giving a more explicit butt show. At about three and a half minutes, Luana’s raging hard cock is straining toward the ceiling of the tiny sauna bath area.

Her masturbation sequence evolves from slow and steady to frantic! It might inspire you to go back to her debut set for an erotic compare and contrast project.

Frank’s Tgirl World – Meet Well Hung Tgirl Nan!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Nan happens to possess one of my favorite body types. It’s almost the opposite of mine and I love contrast. I was so impressed with this “Meet Well Hung Tgirl Nan!” photo and video set on Frank’s Tgirl World that I also grabbed two of her Ladyboy.XXX shoots. In her video on that accompanies these images. I’ve only been with a girl with a cock this big once in my life. It belonged to my former escort roommate at the time who trained me to bottom before I became primarily a top. Getting fucked by a dick so massive made me feel like a virgin all over again every single time. Although I loved sucking it and getting railed by my then girlfriend’s enormous tool, it was more cock than I really needed, to be truthful. A lot of trans girls I know absolutely love getting railed by really big dicks. My preference is actually small to medium since I’m usually the one doing the fucking. My fascination to huge members is pretty much limited to porn. This Chili Bar Thai model on looks adorable standing in a doorway. She appears to be so innocent and sweet, but there’s an outline of a big boner straining against her tight little pants. Nan understands Frank’s English well and the 18 year old says she’s been working at the bar for two months. She confesses that she loves fucking for long periods of time, but admits that she’s very shy. She actually blushes. While rubbing her obvious erection through her pants, she states her height of 180 cm. She then poses in profile and looks incredible – a bit skinny, but I love her type of frame. Nan’s hidden cock is fully erect the whole time and also when she lowers the waistband of her pants. The big head is glistening with pre-cum. With her lithe frame in profile, a look of extreme lust crosses Nana’s pretty face as she strokes her long shaft. She plays with her cute little ass next and then Frank captures closeups of her massive member from floor level. Then it’s a full frontal assault on the senses of Nan just letting her throbbing hardon hang there to lust after. Nan sits on a table and works the tight pants off of her slender legs and high-arched bare feet. Franks zooms in on her pretty peds to drive foot lover nuts and draws his lens back again to focus on her masturbating. I could care less that she has a totally flat chest. Her nipples look so tight and suckable. Nana then drops her long legs and stands with her big boner squeezed tightly between her thighs as she gives an explicit view of her tender rosebud. Nan looks a bit fragile, but I’m pretty sure she can handle a good, hard fucking. Don’t forget that you can also find this hung beauty stroking and cumming on Ladyboy.XXX.

Franks’ TGirl World: Serviced By Maid Angie

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

This gorgeous Frank’s TGirl World model Angie works at the Check In bar located in Soi 7, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. It’s located in a small alleyway running between Soi 7 and Soi 5. There is a large purple sign pointing you down the alleyway. From small beginnings it has become one of the best known trans bars in Bangkok due almost entirely to an aggressive, and successful, Facebook marketing campaign. Angie plays up the French maid theme from the very beginning of her video, cleaning with a towel in the kitchen. She’s not wearing panties and the head of her cock is peeking out beneath the hem of her uniform. Her under-the-muscle boob job is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The 22 year old who was only working at the bar for three months also performs one of the best cock teasing performances in my recent memory. Once Angie has developed an erection, she shifts it around in the silky black fabric and white lace edges and makes it dance. She strokes it for a few moments and allows it to tent the uniform lewdly. Frank’s full-frontal and floor level shooting is mesmerizing and Angie also reveals that her big tits are lactating. Also she releases her powerful cock like she wants to be serviced, there’s also a strongly submissive element to her performance. I wouldn’t suggest wearing an outfit like this if you’re not willing, ready and able to back up everything it suggests. It will give the person who sees you in it the idea that you’re totally into service. I mean as in getting on your knees and servicing cock at someone’s whim. It’s not the sort of roleplay intended for just messing around unless it’s a Halloween gag. I’ve worn one once an it put me in a rare submissive headspace, or subspace, if you will. I’m more of a top and it turns me on more to have a male, cis female or trans partner wearing one. And if they do, they can expect to be controlled and dominated. I take it as an invitation for forced cock sucking and fucking with no resistance whatsoever.

Frank's TGirl World
Frank’s TGirl World

Enjoy on Frank’s TGirl World



There are a few complaints, very few thankfully, that this Frank’s TGirl World model is too thin and/or that her hair and color contact lenses are unnatural. Well I’ve been following her career for about seven months and she’s absolutely exquisite completely natural and with enhancements. I wonder if those complainers who say that she seems artificial have actually seen her new video or her cosplay and casual wear sets on two other sites as a natural brunette. Frank films her in front of a mirror and the Charade Bar dancer is Rated-G in the front. Her reflection reveals an unusually low-slung set of balls hangs below Enjoy’s sexy bare ass. She gets so excited playing with it that she develops an erection you’ll only get a peek at for a moment. A blu-ish pink cockhead shines as smooth as glass as the ultimate tease. Enjoy smiles and shifts her hips to make it jiggle and then Frank gives us a dazzling upskirt view. She uses the power of her hardon to make the hem of her elaborate dress dance. Then she rubs one pink nipple that resembles a pencil eraser, then the other. Do you want to see Enjoy stroking her stiff dick? She’ll do that for you, but first you’ll just have to watch it hanging there for a moment with the foreskin drawn back from the glossy head. Do you want a full-frontal view of Enjoy playing wiht her little wrinkled rosebud? Enjoy this! See her in separate videos and photo sets on Frank’s TGirl World, Ladyboy-Ladyboy and also on Ladyboy.XXX!

Pond – Frank’s TGirl World





The artist currently known as Frank presents Pond aka Abbey, dancer #15 at Charade Bar in Bangkok, Thailand. She speaks English well and states that she’s 23 years old and talks a little about her work. While posing in he dress and heels, she never misses a beat giving seductive glances. They’re not the “Look at me, I’m so sexy,” type  of gazes either. Pond just plain sizzles no matter how she’s looking at you. When she starts playing with herself, it begins soft caresses inside her dress to feel her boobs. Then she starts cupping and squeezing her bulge, giving a peek at the hairless balls falling out of her panties. The length of her cock protrudes against her dress. This new Frank’s TGirl World beauty takes her time exposing her naughty bits because this is a 25 minute video and Frank must have told her this would be a long solo shoot. Pond’s cock is quite thick and its foreskin covers most of the bulbous head, even when she’s stroking it. This is not entirely a solo shoot, considering that Frank’s thumb makes a special cameo appearance. Can you guess where it ends up? Watching Pond diddle one of her nipples with one hand and stroking her cock with the other is so mesmerizing, we get an instant replay of her big, creamy white cumshot. When she gets up to walk away, you might actually be sad to see her go. Don’t miss the debut of Pond on Frank’s TGirl World. If you’d like to see what Pond looked like two years ago, you can also see her on Ladyboy.XXX.

Lotus on Frank’s TGirl World



Click on this beauty to see her sample photo gallery. I’m not sure what happened before Frank shot his video with Lotus, but it looks as though he’d just finished fucking her Lotus for hours. Her rosebud is so puckered, it almost looks like a pussy. But she says she’s a top! Perhaps she’s a versatile top? Lotus is 26 year old dancer #52 at DC-10, a Go Go bar located at Nana plaza in Bangkok, Thailand. She’s from Chang Mai and looks exquisite in the full clarity of Frank’s HD shoot. Her kitchen striptease is tortuously slow, but then this is a 23 minute Frank’s TGirl World scene. So sit back and enjoy it. With one hand massaging her full breasts under her shirt, she uses the other to stiffen her curved, uncut cock. The head is covered with so much foreskin, I’m not sure how far one could draw it back orally. But Lotus does that for you with her finger while jacking off. There are 170+ hi-res images in the photo set of Lotus on Frank’s TGirl World.

Dream on Frank’s TGirl World

When 18 year old Cascade Bar dancer #139 Dream tells Frank she’s a virgin, I think she’s pulling my leg. But what do I know? I think most admirers might tell her something like, “Honey, you can be whatever you want to be.” Dream’s debut video on Frank’s TGirl World is 21 minutes long and her striptease is nice and slow. She pulls up her long t-shirt to give a teasing view of the stiffening cock inside her panties. Then she rubs her hard nipples before letting her cockhead peek out of the top of her undies. The t-shirt comes off leaving Dream in just her panties and sandals and she perches herself on the counter top of the kitchen. Her erection points up toward the ceiling and she starts jerking off. Next, she opens her long legs widely and begins playing with her rosebud. From what I see, maybe she really is a virgin. Sorry for my cynicism. Dream then starts fucking herself with a dildo designed after anal beads, but bigger. Finally, Dream sits on the floor to stroke her hardon until she blasts a nice cumshot on her tummy. There’s an instant replay closeup and 250 hi-res images compliment Dream’s Frank’s TGirl World video.



Whiskey on Frank’s TGirl World

Whiskey from Bangkok, Thailand understands Frank’s English perfectly well and answers affirmatively when he asks if she likes to fuck. Her innocent smile and braces would have fooled me about how wickedly horny she is if I hadn’t seen her in such a slutty outfit. Early into her debut solo video, she raises the hem of her dress to reveal that the garter belt and fishnet stockings she’s wearing aren’t framing panties. Therefore, she has easy access to play with her cock and balls. Then she spreads the cheeks of her cute little ass in an open invitation to do what you will with her wrinkled rosebud. Soon, her dick is as hard as it can possibly get, which is very hard. You’ll notice how impossibly long her pretty legs are when she sits down to continue her Frank’s TGirl World masturbatory session. Whiskey’s gaze is mesmerizing as she strokes her more sensitive nipples and her erection. She starts moaning softly while fingering herself with one digit, then another. Once the posing and soft masturbation session ends, the video is kicked up a notch with Whiskey watching porn and jerking off furiously. There’s an instant replay of the creamy white cum Whiskey squeezes out of her stiff cock. Her explosive video is complimented by over 200 hi-res photos in the “Frisky with Whiskey” set.


Nuk on Frank’s TGirl World

Have you seen the full photo set and video of Bangkok’s Charade Bar dancer Nuk on Frank’s TGirl World? The set went live on March 19th, 2015 and it’s incredible. If you haven’t watched it, the action plays out in the beginning pretty much the same way these teaser photos do. She’s not dancing however, and there’s no music. Nuk plays with her sexy ass, gives an upskirt show and plays with her big pretty boobs to get things started. She has a way of swinging her traditional Thai silk dress to the back and that’s all she’s got on while masturbating of the bed. I’m guessing she’s in her low 20’s, but her braces are misleading at first. Looking closely, I think her blue-grey eyes are genetic, not contact lenses. They’re as clear as the toy she fucks herself with. At the end, there’s an instant replay of Nuk’s cumshot. What a knockout! Take a look at the week’s Frank’s TGirl World full lineup.





Cartoon Returns To Frank’s T-Girl World

The lovely Charade Bar dancer Cartoon การ์ตูน การ์ตูน was also on Frank’s TGirl World in mid-December 2014. Her new video begins in a posh Bangkok boudoir with a great skyline view. But the sight of Cartoon in a to-die-for lingerie set might distract you from her surroundings.


If you like gaping, you’re gonna love this one. Cartoon also manipulates her big thick dick in ways I’ve never seen in TS porn before. Then she fucks herself with a big black dildo. At the end of the 22 minute scene, there’s an instant replay of her tremendous cumshot. The 225+ image photo set is also a collector’s dream.