Franks-TGirlWorld Review: Cum Shooting Pan

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Description: Miss Pan is sexy as hell in her black nightwear mesh dress without any panties. She’s on the chair showing off her cute budding tits, nice ass and cock. Watch her get naked and fuck her ass with her toy and strokes her cock nice and hard. Pan loves cumming!

Bio: Pan is a petite girl with sexy cock, she loves rock and roll and sex. Pan is 24 years old. She comes from Isan.
She speaks very little English.
She has a lovely little ass.
Height: 173
Shoe: 42

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Review: “Cum Shooting Pan” on begins with this gorgeous young model rubbing one leg against the other and they’re both as fine as frog’s hair. Her bosom is not large. When she rubs her chest with one hand, it’s apparent that she’s got sensitive nipples. There’s full frontal close-up footage of Pan’s lightly oiled bare legs and feet, and when she parts her thighs, it seems like there’s something hardening beneath her nightie.

Pan begins stroking that object through the silky black fabric and it slowly becomes more obvious that she’s arousing an erection. When she raises the hem above her flat tummy, Pan’s raging hard cock head is pointing up towards the ceiling. She strikes a variety of sexy poses and some are less lewd that her cock stroking footage, just barely showing any nudity at all.

But then she reheats the situation by stripping completely nude! A little butt play leads to more masturbation of her hardon and stiff nipples. She moans softly while penetrating her lovely bottom. Then she concentrates on jacking off furiously until creamy white jets of cum flow from the tip of her solid rod.

Then comes instant replay footage of Pan’s tremendous cumshot in this masterful update! An enormous hi-res 204 image photo set comes with the 15:59 minute HD video.

Lolita Juices Her Cock!

Imagine waking up to a Thai beauty like 21 year old Lolita. This gorgeous Frank’s TGirl World model is new and I don’t have a lot of background information about her. Believe me, I’d share it if I had it. All I know is that producer Frank says she’s a great makeup artist and that she’s worked in Pattaya before but likes Bangkok more. She also wants to be known as Rola and Bee and she’s 178cm height and 58 kilogram in weight. When I do reviews and interviews, I try to get to know as much about the model as possible, especially if she’s just entering the industry.

“Lolita Juices Her Cock!” is the follow-up video to her “Hot Blonde Cheerleader Lolita!” debut on But she went under the name Bee in 4 scenes on Ladyboy.XXX and in 4 other scenes as Rola on! This video consists of Lolita waking up horny and showing of her cute little ass and long, uncut cock.

Lolita doesn’t just get off laying down however. She kneels while pinching one nipple and stroking her erection with her other hand. She makes her rosebud wink while on all fours and finger bangs herself. Lolita also ass fucks herself with a tremendous red dildo! Then she’s laying back down the way we first saw her. Only this time, she’s jerking off rapidly. The tip of her sheathed rob is so tiny but large droplets of creamy white cum manage to escape in this super erotic update!

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Bangkok Thailand: Chili Bar Dancer #79.

This MP4 video preview goes by in a flash. But it enhances her beauty fully dressed and nude with a hardon exposing the prime real estate of her exquisite bottom.

Titi (who earlier called herself Ness) is a sexy young Cambodian girl, she just turned 18 years old a few days prior to her debut shoot in 2014 on She welcomes us a Happy New Year in English and she has a brief conversation with her producer.

Tit smacks her ass hard both fully dressed and naked. Take that for whatever you want it to mean. She also slips into a state of extreme arousal before removing her dress. As you can see in one of the enclosed photos, her hard cock emerges through the fringed hem. She’s clearly extremely horny when she takes hold of her glossy headed boner for the first time.

Titi begins to jerk off with labored breathing and breast caressing through her dress. Titi also presents a magnificent view of her bottom by raising the hem of her dress high. Then the rest of the video takes us through Titi dropping her dress to full nudity except for her tall mules.

She lays back and jerks off furiously while looking directly at you and moans, “I cum,” before shooting a big load of creamy white cum across her tummy, on and above her boobs.

Her cum shot is repeated from another angel in this torrid update. Titi then says goodbye and wishes us a Happy New Year again. This is one classy, amazing looking girl and it’s always a great pleasure when she returns.

Franks-TGirl World: Meet The Super Hot Alice!

MP4 Scene Trailer

The description reads: Alice is having a great show in her debut scene today. Sexy, smooth skin, sparkling eyes and a charming smile, she is the kind of chick you would never be able to resist. Watch this hot-looking girl from Issan plays her cock on the couch.

Freelance Solo Bar Dancer Alice is super hot indeed! She’s posing on a picture perfect balcony fully dressed but incredibly sexy with her crop top riding up the bottoms of her big boobs. She wears braces but doesn’t appear below 20 years of age. I could be wrong but Alice appears to be about 22 to me. She begins exposing and playing with her tits and she parts her thighs with some of her goodies spilling from her denim shorts. There’s a glam fan blowing and I’m not sure if Alice is wearing color contact lenses but her eyes are mesmerizing. There’s just something about her gaze that’s sexy and seemingly unintentional or at least unforced.

Alice is filmed from ground level massaging her breasts and nipples before Frank moves the action indoors. There’s more breast play and then Alice begins rubbing the bulge between her legs. She rises from the sofa and proceeds to lower her shorts and present her ass in a manner that could in no way be more explicit!

When Alice turns to face you, her cock is already stiffening above her smooth shaven ball sack. She takes a seat again and resumes masturbating and achieves a nice big erection. Alice is quiet as a church mouse but of all the 1,400+ models on I don’t think I’ve ever seen a model more stunning.

Mini_j’s Sticky FTGW Debut!

Isan, North-East Thailand is where Mini_j is originally where this new model is from, but I think that she currently resides in Thailand. Her contact information is on FTGW.

Frank says she was late arriving to her shoot which might explain how much catching up to do in terms of production. In other words, it seems like one debut shoot is for stripping, stroking and the encore is for both two plus a traditional cum shot.

This horny young freelancer was obviously willing to make up for her tardiness with her cum! While listening to Mini_J introduce herself in her high-pitched voice, I see a glam fan gently breezing her diaphanous robe about.

Upon closer look I see that her cock head it visible between the thin folds. Mini_j is pleased that Frank is impressed with her English, but the 23 year old knows she’s got it down pretty good. It seems that she’s totally vers by the way she responds to Frank’s questions.

I’m glad he asked Just because her cock easily gets raging hard, that doesn’t necessarily mean she likes to use it. But apparently she does and it’s pretty easily to visualize Mini_j penetrating an orifice with that hard spike.

What I like most about her style of modeling aside from her cock stroking, love button rubbing and natural beauty is her confidence. Mini_j is a total seductress aware of every motion she makes and every flirtatious look.

After fucking herself with that big silver bullet, it’s on. Mini_j has done her thing to turn you on and now it’s time to treat herself to a big climax. You’ll hear the autoflash clicking away as Mini_j pulls furiously at her cock and she sends spurt after spurt of creamy white cum into the air. Look at how that spunt flies so high in the closeup replay on!

Frank’s TGirl World – Leticia Jerks And Cums On Bed!

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São Paulo, Brazil model Leticia Melo makes her big cock blast cum in her Frank’s TGirl World debut! I think that most models that end up having big climax scenes in their follow-up videos could do this the first time around. But producers often like to show some restraint and create a little build-up for new models. That’s not the case this time!

This hung horny babe is just too worked up not to explode the first time. Leticia has a fresh and young look and she’s what I’d describe as an atypical trans porn model. Her cute face and slender figure entices fans to crave seeing her shed her clothing. But what they’ll see when she does might surprise many of them.

Leticia has a flat tummy which you’d suspect because she’s visibly slender even in baggy clothing. She has long lovely legs also. Once she bares her breasts, they’ve virtually perfect hormone boobs with puffy nipples. Her ass isn’t huge but it’s just right. Leticia’s cock is huge! I don’t know if Leticia is a bottom, a top or a switch.

This isn’t something I can determine looking at the photo set so I jump to her video. Leticia’s striptease looks the same way on video as I imagined from her photos. It’s mesmerizing and her cock is expanding by the time she’s totally naked. She strokes her cock and presents and explicit view of her sexy ass. Her complexion is virtually flawless too.

Leticia often holds one breast firmly while beating off and it looks like the nipple is sensitive too. But the rear view of Leticia jacking off while simulation getting fucked is really spellbinding.

It’s at this point that I begin to wonder if this hugely hung babe has modeled somewhere before. She’s just too good at this to be an absolute beginner. But I’ll check on that later because I want to see Leticia’s climax.

After watching Leticia’s enormous dick spurt a load of creamy white cum across her flat tummy, I searched online for more of her. I found that back in mid-April there’s a debut by producer Khan of the same model on the 3 sites for 1 website. How did I miss that? I love that website too! I still don’t know what her status is when it comes to topping of bottoming so let’s hope that she’ll do a hardcore scene to give us a clue someday.