GroobyGirls: Sensational Kendall Vuitton Review

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Description: You know that time it is! It’s the first of the month and it’s time for us to introduce our Model of the Month for November! Everybody, meet Kendall Vuitton! Just introduced to us by Omar Wax, this stunning Chicago girl has an amazing body, long legs and a perfect ass! Kendall was excited to make her Grooby Girls debut and we are delighted to have her with us! We didn’t have choice but to make her our Model of the Month! Enjoy watching her having fun in her first Grooby scene and expect a lot more from this beauty soon!

Kendall gives her social media links when her debut opens. She does a little bedside breast squeezing and leg rubbing before allowing a nip slip from her sexy lingerie. Surrounded by a plush setting, Kendall rises from the bed and caresses her lithe form without what I’d classify as full on masturbation. She’s now just teasing and she’ll get down to that later.

We’re about 6 minutes into Kendall’s scene until she’s practically naked and squeezing her cock lustfully. The last articles of clothing she removes are her tall sandals and a little foot fetish content is explored during this sequence.

At about 8 and a half minutes, Kendall’s cock is fully erect and she’s stroking it wildly. You knew this moment was coming, didn’t you? Speaking of coming, watching this gorgeous new model on may have you doing just that!

GroobyGirls Review: Introducing Kasey Kei

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Description: What a way to end another amazing week here on! This Saturday we have an immense pleasure to introduce one gorgeous Grooby Newbie! Meet Kasey Kei! Just discovered by Jack Flash, this cutie is of Japanese and American descent and she hails from central Florida. Her skin is flawless silky smooth and she has an amazing body with a perfect booty! Kasey is absolutely stunning! Watch her stripping, posing, stroking her cock and having fun in her first scene ever! South Florida producer Jack Flash says, “Kasey Kei is from Japanese and American descent. She hails from central Florida. When Kasey walked through the door she knocked my socks off. Kasey has flawless silky smooth skin and a nice uncut cock. She is a natural in front of the camera and finished with a nice load of cum in her 2nd set.”

Review: As I’m watching Kasey’s interview with Mr. Flash, I can see her Asian heritage now, but I only saw the Caucasian side of her first. I wonder if she gets a lot of “exotic” comments on her looks.

If so, I wonder if it’s annoying to her. I just see beautiful and it’s totally understandable why Mr. Flash was blown away upon seeing her in person for the first time.

I live in Florida and I don’t see chicks looking this good everyday here either, and believe me, they look pretty damn good here! Some smiles are mysterious and some are friendly.

Kasey’s smile has an intelligence behind it – my favorite kind of smile. Her body is virtually flawless and her speech pattern is the type you could listen to all day.

Kasey talks about the types of men she likes and what she likes them to d with her. She has a specific naughty fantasy that involves getting fucked nice and hard in her tight ass. She withdraws her cock from her panties and begins stroking it while talking about sucking yours. Then she exposes a remarkable set of hormone breasts before it’s back to playing with her thickening panty bulge.

Kasey doesn’t miss a trick in her debut to get your cock raging hard. She peppers her scene with blazing hot dialogue, incredible butt shows, foot fetish content and mesmerizing toy fucking!

I’m so curious to see how far Kasey will take her porn career. She could go straight to the top if she wants to. Don’t miss her spectacular debut on the world’s longest running adult transsexual website –!

GroobyGirls: Stunning Gia Staxxx!

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What’s the difference between the Gia Staxxx from October 2018 in “Stunning Gia Staxxx!” on and “Meet Stunning Gia Staxxx” debut that I raved about in July from Buddy Wood’s TS-Casting Couch? More voluminous breasts but same beautiful face. And there’s one more thing and that would be experience.

If there were any first time modeling jitters before, they seem to be all gone now. This Denver beauty had fun spot rubbed and her stiff cock pumped by her producer on the casting couch. Those were moments I wouldn’t soon forget.

In this update, Mr. Wood opens with a brief interview reminding us where we say Gia first. She’s out by the pool in a bikini looking ravishing as ever. Gia loves sucking cock, getting hers sucked and getting fucked. She has her cock out in the open a moment after this confession.

Gia exposes her breasts with tan lines and begins jerking off not long after that! If you were watching this update with me now I’d ask you, “Don’t you just love the fleshy hood of Gia’s foreskin. Wouldn’t you love to run your tongue beneath it and flick it across the head?”

Gia first masturbates while seated and continues stroking her boner completely naked while standing. She shows off the lovely curves of her bottom and the way her slightly curved erection stands at attention is incredibly enticing!

Mr. Wood grabs Gia’s wood again like he did the first time he shot her. Talk about a dream job! Later, Gia lays across a beach towel with her ass and cock the focus from the back. Then she changes positions so many times in this update that I lose count. Don’t forget that you can also watch Gia on!

GroobyGirls: Cumshot Monday: Allysa Etain!

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Scene Description: Allysa Etain returns on Grooby Girls right on time to star in a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Monday” series! This scene, shot by Buddy Wood, is another one shot during the big Las Vegas photo session a few weeks ago. Allysa, one of the hottest Femout.XXX / graduates in 2018, returns horny and ready to have fun! Watch her stroking her cock for you until she cums!

Bio: Allysa Etain is a sexy and unique new model already making a big splash on the scene here in LA. She’s tall and statuesque with striking features from head to toe. Long legs leading up to a perky ass and a sweet, hard cock that just begs to be sucked. She’s lots of fun to hang out with too. A hot new model with an insatiable sexual appetite that we will definitely be seeing more from in the future.

Just about everyone can identify certain porn stars and it may have nothing to do with looks. Sometimes you just feel like you could connect with an adult performer if you ever got the chance to meet them (in a totally non-stalker way). I don’t know why I feel that I could have great conversations with gorgeous Allysa Etain, but I do. I think she’s one of the most thrilling adult trans models of our time because of her physical beauty combined with her obvious intelligence. And a girl that stimulates me between the ears and through my loins is my favorite kind.

When the scene opens, the background doesn’t inform you immediately that it’s filmed by Buddy Wood. The background is different and not like the Southern California trappings of his home studio.

It looks like Allysa is wearing a black jumpsuit at first, but it’s revealed to be shorts and a leotard when she lowers the bottom. She then bares her lovely breasts and exposes semi-sheer black panties. She’s quite vocal throughout this striptease and she shows her magnificent ass before giving us views of her amazing cock. It’s flaccid at first, but she promises to make it hard, and she does it so fast!

I’ve lost count of how many poses Allysa moves through gracefully before settling down into making herself cum. Her violent left-handed fap session is rubbed out at the end of this torrid update!

GroobyGirls: Aeva Rhone’s Climax!

MP4 Scene Trailer

I couldn’t resist raving about the debut of gorgeous Aeva Rhone here on Caramel’s TGirls on August 7, 2018. It’s even harder to suppress my excited about “Aeva Rhone’s Climax!” on and you’re about to find out why, in addition to the obvious.

Producer Omar Wax perfectly showcases this sexy cam and studio vixen’s modeling talents beginning with Aeva on a large bed almost fully dressed. She has on garters and stocking – no heels. An undoubted expression of lust is on her pretty face and she begins squeezing her breasts firmly. Then we hear her trademark heavy breathing. I wonder if she even know how hard that alone makes her fans.

The black dress she wears accentuates her trim waist and flaring hips. Aeva rises from the bed and stands in a way that hints it won’t be long before we’re seeing a lot more of her. And it’s true, but from behind and then in profile when she fully bares her boobs.

Aeva’s dress drops once she on the bed again laying on her back. She removes her stockings to reveal the prettiness of her long, slender legs. Then it’s off with her little black panties. Then she lies in profile with her bare cock jutting from her creamy thighs. Here at the midway point of this scene, it might be hard not to lose your cum even before Aeva starts stroking her lubricated cock to erection.

When it’s time for a money shot, Aeva isn’t about to let it sneak up on you. Her moans deepen and she jerks her cock furiously while laying back on the bed. Aeva makes her cock explode and the last thing you’ll see is it pulsating at the end of this super erotic update. To watch Aeva performing LIVE, register FREE on my favorite cam site and follow

GroobyGirls: Say Hello To Aeva Rhone

Description: Aeva Rhone rocked our boat the minute we saw her and we’re happy to have her here on Grooby Girls. This smoking hot tgirl has a sexy sultry look, a superb body and a hungry ass! Watch Aeva fucking herself in the shower with her dildo!

Biography: Texan gal originally, moved to Mississippi back in 2017 for personal reasons. I love cooking for my friends, playing video games, blaring music, reading all kinds of books, and collecting stuffed animals. Tattoos are a wonderful thing in my opinion; I love decorating my body with new ink or a new piercing. There are quite a few kinks I’m Into, but I’ll let you figure out which ones.

You may have seen this gorgeous new model on TGirls.Porn and even my raves about her performance with the sensational Ashley Vega. Click here for a video preview of that instant trans lesbian production if you haven’t grabbed the scene yet. In this Grooby Girls update, expertly shot by producer Omar Wax, Aeva has a lustful look on her face as she places a hand on the crotch of her unbuttoned short-shorts. She looks like a punk princess with her combat boots, thought-provoking ink, the contrast of a pretty bow in her hair, and a black halter top hiding what’s beneath her white tank top.

Ava steps into the shower and begins removing her clothing, starting with her boots. In this barefoot sequence, I imagine she’s driving foot lovers into a frenzy before losing her tank top and exposing her flat, pierced tummy. Be warned that although this video is a long one, Aeva teases mercilessly with a slow striptease. The glorious moment when Aeva removes her panties comes about 5 minutes into this production. Moments later, she reveals her amazing hormone boobs. This is not an ordinary striptease. For example, Aeva handles herself roughly and you may feel a charge of lust through your naughty bits when she yelps from the feeling of squeezing her breasts hard. After simulating fellatio with a dildo, she lubes it up and penetrates her tight ass deeply with it. Aeva then fucks the toy while on all fours and rides it like rapidly until her climax hits (and hopefully yours too)!

GroobyGirls: Candy Marie Cums For Us!

Description: Lovely perky Candy Marie returns for her cumshot scene! This sexy tgirl loves sex in all it’s forms and always has a big smile for you! This hot tgirl has a superb body, big firm tits with pierced nipples and a rock hard cock. Watch Candy Marie cumming for you!

Biography: Candy Marie stands 5’8″ with an extremely sexy figure and a very cute face. Her cock, when fully erect, looks huge on her. She likes to have sex with both men and women. She made it a point to let us know she really enjoyed having sex with another trans woman. She can have multiple orgasms and is in tremendous sexual shape. She loves light spanking and light choking, but I’m not sure what her idea of “light” is, because she wants to be choked to verge of passing out! She loves sex and doesn’t want to be tied down in a relationship. She was very friendly and sweet. More about her in her own words…

“My hobbies are reading a great novel and studying the male and female anatomy. Movies tend to be a great hobby for me as winter gives you less to do and cuddle time tends to increase, but I want to put my skills into work instead of sitting there and trying to find something to occupy my time.”

June 2017 Model of The Month Candy Marie returns to with her 6th erotic performance and it’s an instant cumtastic classic! Actually, it’s her third special climax scene if you include her hardcore scene getting railed by Mike Panic. Producer Radius Dark presents Candy on a sofa talking sexy about herself and she begins with the skimpy shorts she’s wearing. Candy bares her midriff for a split second and this glimpse is all it takes to also judge that she’s got a hidden secret in her short shorts. Candy knows by the bulge that you can tell she’s hung. She stands up and rubs it in close up and a few deft hand movements reveal that she’s been tucking the whole time! She allows her bigger than average cock shaft and head to slip out of one of the legs of her denim shorts. Then she pushes the shorts down and begins masturbating in her lacy white panties.

A few accessories like her eyeglasses and deck shoes give her such a sweet and wholesome look. They seem to be in stark contrast with the down-to-earth girl with the big dick jerking off for us if you’re accustomed to old school trans porn. Back in the day, it was all about the slutty look. Now there are vast images that models take on to dispel old stereotypes. Candy pulls it off masterfully. She kicks off her deck shoes to intentionally give bare foot lovers what they need to see and exposes her lovely tits and pierced nipples to drive breast lovers nuts. Mr. Dark catches Candy in a dazzling array of poses completely naked so early on in this update! Her bare ass footage is incredible and she also shoots a copious amount of cum! Candy then makes a grand production of squeezing the last drops of jizz from her big cock before it sadly comes to an end.

GroobyGirls: Ivory

Hi, from Caramel @tscaramel on Twitter. I’m going to compile Ivory’s debut and encore reviews into one review. First off, producer Ellis of New York hits the ground running as a relatively new Grooby lensman.

It will be interesting to see what he does in the future with more talents from the metro Big Apple, especially after seeing what he does with presenting beauty expert and model Ivory.

Ivory’s debut video begins with her self-introduction telling where she’s from and where she is now. There’s breast exposure within one minute as the bare-legged babe starts removing her robe in the bed. Her sparkly panties are revealed and they’re off early in the video too!

A fantastic butt show comes in three minutes with Ivory completely nude. The rest of the scene consists of Ivory beating off in a variety of poses and camera angles. The encore scene comes with a bit of acting. Ivory is sitting in a hotel room casually dressed, yet with her jeans unbuttoned, calling a girlfriend. She tells her friend she’ll meet her in about an hour after handling some business. As she rises from her seat and removes her jacket, exposing her braless bosom, it’s pretty obvious that she must get down to the business of masturbating.

Ivory plays with herself in a bold manner, knowing you’re there and doing it for you, as opposed to presenting you with a voyeur POV. She does a quick striptease to butt naked and then begins stroking her cock back in the chair.

Ivory also jerks off while standing. Is this the most original shoot ever? No, but the model is absolutely mesmerizing. Sometimes that’s all you need.

I’m thinking Ivory is gong to shoot her load while standing A black cock ring encircles her shaft and balls and her breathing is labored. It’s no huge blast of jizz but just enough and the erection wagging from side to side brings Ivory’s second shoot to a close. There is so much potential for this gorgeous new model!

Watch Ivory’s Free Scene Trailers!

Grooby Girls: Cardi A Falcone

Description: Once again, we have a pleasure to give one gorgeous new girl her chance to introduce herself to you in another episode of our “Try Out Tuesday” series! Meet Cardi A Falcone! This hottie is from Colombia, but moved to Florida when she was in her teens. She’s got a huge, thick uncut cock that she loves to top other tgirls with, but she’s versatile. She loves to ride cock when she’s rock hard, because it feels like she’s cumming the entire time! Cardi loves to do outdoorsy type things, she loves kayaking, which she’s been doing for over twenty years. She even rode a wild manatee once! Watch her stripping, posing, spreading and fingering her ass and stroking her cock. is responsible for that detailed description and it’s excellent. The only thing missing is getting to watch Cardi talk about these things herself during producer Radius Dark’s comprehensive opening interview. Cardi puts some finishing touches on her makeup in the powder room, the enters the living room area to take a seat on a white sofa that contrasts with her deep tan. Then she delivers her introduction articulately. She makes me think she can ace job interviews. It’s incredibly interesting to hear about Cardi’s lifestyle, but eventually we want the chat to turn to sex. Cardi is a bit of a health nut but she doesn’t overdo it. She loves trans lesbian experience, especially topping them. Do you see those star tattoos on her clavicles? Those are for the soles of other tgirls feet. Need I say more? Yes, I do! She ‘s verse and loves to bottom to and she loves sucking dick! She can deep throat with no gag reflex.

Mr. Dark brings two trans girls from Florida who are friends of mine into the conversation who Cardi knows also. Cardi says they’re basically great girls and very attractive models. She’s absolutely right but I’m not going to name names. I get distracted from that conversation quickly when Cardi turns over and knees on the couch with her curvy butt turned up. Cardi removes her clunky sandals next to bare her perfectly pedicured feet. Then she rises to her feet to remove her dress, leaving her in just a bra and panties. She shows off a pair of dark pierced nipples once her brassiere is gone. Her panties come off next and I’m so delighted by what I see! I’ll go into further detail once Cardi A Falcone’s encore presentation on is released.

Watch Cardi’s Free Scene Trailer!

Try Out Tuesday: Olivia Heart!

“Hey all! The name’s Olivia Heart. I’m so excited to to have the opportunity to debut my first ever porn shoot for you to see! A little about me; I am a 21 year old college student, biology major, who has been socially transitioning for about three years now. I have only been on the hormones for about a year, but i’m thoroughly in love with the progress I’ve had so far! 95% of my time is spent doing school work, but I have been trying to fit in some hobbies during my spare time.”

Scene Description: It’s Tuesday and as usual, another sexy Grooby Newbie will get her chance to introduce herself to the members! Actually, she’s not really a newbie… Beautiful Olivia Heart is an already known face – she was introduced to the world on Femout.XXX a few months ago by Omar Wax (Olivia Heart on Femout.XXX). So at the same time this scene serves as her graduation scene! Enjoy watching beautiful Olivia posing, stripping and stroking her instantly rock-hard cock!

It’s such a pleasure to watch a trans girl progress in her transition. Olivia’s performances from Femout to Grooby Girls illustrates that joy in the most erotic way possible! Some of us have seen Olivia’s debut in March and have seen her cumming in her encore scene the following month. I think all those fans will agree that Olivia is developing into an adult entertainer who’ll definitely be able to finance her education. Let me educate you more about Olivia’s debut.

Don’t be surprised if you’re close to cumming just watching Olivia posing in a t-shirt, jean shorts and sandals. She looks incredibly sexy long before she displays any nudity. Then she bares her back, slowly turns around, and releases her bare boobs. You should go back to her Femout.XXX shoots to see how they’ve grown. She begins discussing that about 3 minutes into this update. Olivia’s cock is already swelling to its greatest proportions when she withdraws it from her shorts. There are moments when I almost think that gravity has no effect on her full erection. Look at the way her sex organ stands up without help from her hands. When she’s not jerking off, of course.