Scout London’s Graduation!

Scout London is a sexy North Carolina girl who made her debut on Femout.XXX a few months ago… Now the time has come for her to introduce herself to Grooby Girls audience! Damn, Scout looks smoking hot in that tight red dress! Watch her as she strips down, shows off her sexy body and strokes her cock all in her debut scene brought to you by Omar Wax! Scout looks like a gorgeous cross between a kinkster and a pin-up queen in her Grooby Girls debut. I don’t really understand the popular belief that Femout.XXX models need elevating but I’m willing to go with the excitement in this case and congratulations to Scout! Has this babe from Winston Salem, North Carolina become hotter since her last Femout.XXX performance. That’s subjective. As far as I’m concerned she was smoking hot enough at the time of her adult industry debut.

Although it’s been over two months since I’ve seen Scout jerking off and cumming LIVE on I think her webcam shows helped develop the skills she displays in this update. Practice makes perfect! She kicks off one of her fetish heels for a torn stocking foot tease and proceeds to rise to her feet and pull up the hem of her dress. Scout gives a killer panty tease from the back and then the front. She then hops back on the couch and stretches out for a dazzling leg tease and then begins rubbing the bulge in the front of her panties. After exposing more of her big sexy ass, she seems to be right about to show off her cock but then utters, “Not that yet.” Of course Scout eventually exposes her cock and jerks off with her unconventional method of masturbating. While getting a bit lost in pleasure, Scout exposes one of the prettiest sets of boobs ever. Her puffy nipples are just everything. Did I mention how hot and explicit her first butt show is? If you’d like to keep up with this stunning model where she performs most frequently, go to  

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Kami Fucks Herself Until She Cums!

“Gorgeous blonde Kami returns horny and eager to have some fun! We are glad to see that you loved her debut scene two weeks ago, so we are sure you were waiting for the follow-up! For her second solo scene Kami bring her glass dildo with her and she’s ready to give that tight ass of hers some nice fucking!

She enjoyed it so much that she couldn’t help it but to cum while fucking herself hard! Amazing!” That’s how the profile of Kami describes the cumtastic encore performance of beautiful presented by Jack Flash! After having spent the last two days trying the boost the self esteem of a beautiful local Floridian trans girlfriend, it’s refreshing to see a model with a high level of confidence.

Kami isn’t conceited but secure. I don’t think she just fall into the adult industry by accident. She knows who she is and what she’s got. In her encore video on, Kami is seated and removing her sandals teasing in a way I should be careful to word correctly. She’s talking about her cute friend Crystal but that turns out to be a sex toy.

She removes her leggings, flashes some deep cleavage and then she exposes her gorgeous breasts. Kami then lowers her panties. Man, she gets nude so fast! Kami begins masturbating and develops a mouth-watering erection next. As her beautiful cock juts straight out from her luscious thighs, Kami introduces us to her playfully named girlfriend Crystal – a clear black ribbed sexy phallus.

Up goes one pretty leg as Kami leans to the side in her seat. Then up goes the sex toy inside her curvy round ass! Kami was hot and horny in her debut scene but now she’s just beside herself with lust, talking dirty, squeezing her boobs, and stroking her stiff cock faster and faster! If you didn’t already know that Kami was going to shoot her cum in the update, you’d have certainly figured that out by now.

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Beautiful Kami from Orlando, Florida is presented by South Florida producer Jack Flash for I’m Florida resident living further up north and I’m just glad that things didn’t get worse. The destruction that occurred in the nearby islands off the coast is beyond my comprehension and I’ve been praying for everyone affected by the storms and recent earthquakes. Good news for me is I’m back almost a full week of no Internet to doing my reviews! You know I love this especially when I see someone stunning with a seemingly great personality hit the scene.

“Meet Sexy Kami!” introduces us to this super sexy blonde in a black dress and sandals saying she’s basically horny. Extremely horny. Kami is wearing a colorful pair of panties beneath her frock and it’s not long before she’s exposing and stroking her cock while seated. But that’s just a teaser for what’s yet to come. Kami removes her dress and we can see that she tans frequently even though her brassiere is still on. She says she loves having her nipples sucked and then she reveals them. One is pierced and I wonder if she has a preference when it comes to which one she likes having devoured. Kami says having them sucked makes her hard so I think it would be wise to please both of them if you had the chance to. Once Kami loses her undies and stands up to pose, she moves with the sort of grace and elegance of someone with dance experience. Couple that with her masturbation technique and you’ve got one hot little scenario before you. She says she has a bubble butt early in the scene but you really get a great view of it while she’s jerking off and gyrating with her back facing you.

As to whether or not Kami is a bottom, I’m intrigued by the way she seems passive at first, then gets progressively dominant. Toward the end of Kami’s debut, she’s basically telling you that you’d be putty in her hands. She makes it sound totally convincing and there’s no BDSM props and gear but a raging hardon between her legs to back it up.

Grooby Girls: Introducing Kylie Cannon!

“My name is Kylie Cannon, I am a 6’1”, 175 pounds sexy trans girl. I just did my first GG set with Amy Space Kitten. I have red hair with light eyes. I am extremely shy and submissive. I love to be told what to do. I love to model and show off my long legs. My favorite hobbies consist of playing video games as well as listening to music.

I am also big into watching movies of all genres. As well as makeup. I love to watch anime as well, a big fan of Death Note. I love to watch porn as well, my inspirations are Kylie Maria, as well as Sarina Valentina, Bailey Jay.” The cool part about Kylie being reserved is that she wastes no time with and preliminaries and gets down to business quickly. Or perhaps I should say she gets naked pretty fast.

She gazes into producer Amy Space Kitten’s lenses with a sultry look that seems like she’s consciously doing a sexy eye thing until you realize it’s completely natural. She proceeds with an explicit butt show within the first two minutes of this debut. Kylie caresses one of her firm breasts as she finger bangs herself. When she says, “I love my ass,” it’s not out of conceit but because of the way penetration feels. We’ve developed our own reasons for loving it. Her fap session is intense and honest and it’s followed up with sex toy play.

If I had to guess what her masturbation style is off-camera, I’d say it’s often with penile and anal pleasuring with emphasis on the anal. But the remainder of beautiful Kylie’s debut is devoted to simply stroking her hardening cock so I’m not sure about that. I think we may find out eventually. I think she’s fortunately here to stay. Watch Kylie’s Free Trailer on

Patrice Hepburn & Kai Donec Fuck Hard!

19 year old Patrice Hepburn’s adult industry star has been rising rapidly and continues to soar so fast! The storyline for “Patrice Hepburn & Kai Donec Fuck Hard!” reads: Potential Nanny Patrice Hepburn is up for the job and has exceptional references. However, she’s got some more talents that she’d like to show Mr. Donec! Enjoy gorgeous Patrice Hepburn’s hardcore debut  (and her third scene) brought to you by Radius Dark! We know you were waiting for this! Actually, no I wasn’t waiting because I had no idea that this petite fox would be moving into hardcore scenes.

I’ve been raving about her since she made her Femout.XXX debut and through her graduation to and you can just click here for my reviews of her previous scenes. Seeing her with super handsome Kai Donec is extremely pleasurable and I’ll tell you why. I’m already used to seeing Kai acting as an employer and it’s convincing. I’d imagine he has girls lining up to “work” for him all over the place. Patrice makes it clear quickly that she’s up for more than just the job by rubbing his thigh and making it obvious that she’s ready to be kissed.

She’s soon kissing not only his lips but his big dick. In fact she’s deep throating voraciously! I have no words for how sexy Patrice looks kneeling in bra and panties giving a blowjob. Mr. Dark also provides POV footage when they move to the bed. I really appreciate the full nudity and full body sequences as well as Kai giving Patrice a cock sucking in return! Hung Patrice has a full and large erection by the time Kai plunges his bare pecker inside her in the missionary position.

Whether you’re already a Patrice Hepburn fan who’s fantasized fucking her or a brand new one, I think you’ll find seeing her getting railed electrifying. Don’t wait. Get to!

Grooby Girls: Triniti York Cums!

Omar Wax brings back the “Model of the Month” September 2017. 24 year old Oklahoma beauty Triniti York is a Pisces who loves all things artsy, riding horses, makeup and she has a chihuahua named Princeton.

We know all that good stuff and more, but don’t expect the petite 5’3″ fox to go into all that in her encore video. She’s clearly way too aroused once her scene begins rolling. It quickly becomes a waiting game to see Trinity slipping out of her cotton jersey, black panties and sparkly open toe heels.

The pumps come off first and then the top. “Do you wanna see more,” Triniti asks. But she’s wearing a brassiere beneath her top. This is one hot yet tortuously slow striptease!

Trinity rubs circles around one of her bare breasts one her bra is removed and she also rubs the bulge in her short shorts. Her patterned bra matches the primary color of her bra as one would suspect because Trinity obviously has great fashion sense. But let’s not pretend that’s what we’re here to learn about Miss York.

I’m pretty sure that most of us are waiting to see Triniti rolling her panties down her curvy legs rendering her completely nude. It’s Closeup City along her precious form and then a wide angle sequence captures Triniti stroking her stiff cock!

The rest of this smoldering update is devoted to gorgeous Triniti laying back on the best doing everything she needs to do to achieve orgasm. She jerks off furiously until creamy white puddles of cum land on her flat tummy and long slender fingers.

GroobyGirls: Hummingbird Cums!

The thought of going out clubbing and getting hit on is getting gorgeous Hummingbird excited. She asks if you’re excited also as she sits in a gray dress and black platforms on the ottoman at the end of a plush bed. It’s revealed that she’s wearing lacy black panties when she stands up and raises the hem of her dress. Is that gold leaf I see in various places on her svelte torso? I do believe it is and it’s fitting if so. Hummingbird is soon topless and soon to be bottomless. Her dark nipples look succulent. So does the curvy bare ass she teases us with.

Hummingbird isn’t quite ready to show us what’s in front just yet. We get a few peeks as she sits back down to remove her high heels. Then she’s sitting back on the ottoman with her legs spread wide and she’s naked except for her jewelry. If Hummingbird used lube at the beginning of her fap session, I must have missed it. I can’t tell if there’s oil on her cock or if all that wetness is pre-cum!

Omar Wax who produced this update zooms in and Hummingbird asks if we like her nice wet cock. I’ll confess that I really do like it and the way it’s quickly expanding. Once she’s laying back on the bed with an unbridled view of her lovely ass, it’s kind of hard not to imagine fucking Humminbird deeply.

If you can’t imagine her erection pressing up against you as you pump in and out of her in the missionary position, perhaps you’ll prefer when she’s face down. Wait until you see Hummingbird pumping her stiff cock while resting in the doggystyle position!

The pièce de résistance comes when after gazing directly at you for an extended period of time while jerking off, Hummingbird’s stiff cock releases it’s big cumshot! If you like this picture perfect update, you’ll most likely love all of her performances.

There’s also her hardcore scene with Soldier Boi and I also raved about the TGirls.Porn: Alisia Rae & Hummingbird masterpiece on TS Dreamland! Click on the link to see the trailer! 

Lily Demure’s Sticky Load!

It’s so fun watching the adult industry career of this Phoenix, Arizona native blow up so fast. Lily Demure was a high ranking amateur porn princess and her star is soaring to new levels these days. In her second Grooby Girls set presented by Radius Dark, Lily lays back on the bed playing with herself intently. She finger bangs herself like she needs to be fucked so badly while she firmly strokes her cock. Lily develops and erection while telling us how much her outfit makes her feel like a woman. If that doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what will.

She proceeds to say how she loves feeling feminine – taking big cocks down her throat. What she really wants at the moment is to be bent over on her hands and knees with her hands tied behind her back. Lily wants to be fucked by a really big cock. Not just fucked but deeply fucked.

She then asks if you like her cock once it’s stiff. It’s pretty astounding how much she gets done in the first four minutes which is about the time she busts the sex toys out. She inserts the black cock replica deeply inside herself while pumping her lube-slickened hardon. Lily gets completely naked in less that ten minutes and what a cute frame she has. Her rosy nipples seem to be as stiff as her cock and that’s really, really stiff!

The remainder of this 16:22 minute update displays gorgeous Lily doing everything she needs to do to climax. Some brilliant editing tricks are employed to allow you to see her stick blast of jizzz at the end of this update. Also released with this incredible star this week is Cassidy Quinn & Lily Demure on TGirls.Porn!

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Grooby Girls: Patrice Hepburn’s Big Cumshot!

I’ve already raved about all of Patrice Hepburn’s previous performances. It all started for her on Femout.XXX and later on the renamed with another two sets with her original producer, Radius Dark.

You can flip back on those reviews with

She looks all kinds of cute in her orange top, long socks and grey panties. The cuteness ends quickly when Patrice withdraws her big dick from her panties. Some trans porn newbies will naturally be stunned by a fox like this possessing a set of cock and balls. If you’ve been to the rodeo a few times before, the only thing to stun you in this department is just how well endowed she is. Patrice is a grower with a non-threatening flaccid penis that enlarges to a huge boner once she’s aroused. She stands up from her seat and applies lube to her junk for a full frontal fap session.

When her delicious looking sex organ swells to greater proportions she moves to the red futon. Patrice uses both hands and switches hands, constantly adding more lube to her expanding hardon. “This really makes me want to have a hot boy playing with me right now,” she purrs. If you’re hoping to see more of her fuckable ass – they’ve got that covered.

Patrice is well-known for bare leg admirer and foot lovers posing and those fans of hers won’t be disappointed either. Eventually she stands up to remove and toss her top away to reveal her tight, suckable nipples. She engages with intense naughty talk all throughout this update.

There’s an instant replay of her big cumshot at the end! Her profile reads: We were excited to see all the amazing feedback Patrice Hepburn’s Grooby Girls debut scene got two weeks ago! Well deserved, Patrice is indeed GORGEOUS! This cute redhead Femout.XXX graduate returns today with a follow-up scene!

She gets rock hard quickly and she is to have fun! Watch her stroking her hard cock until she shoots a huge load of sticky cum! Keep an eye on this beautiful petite girl, more coming soon!

Grooby Rebrands as

LOS ANGELES— – the flagship site for Grooby – has been rebranded as

“Change is good, and we’ve changed our company and sites constantly over the past 20 years,” said Steven Grooby. “Simply renaming a brand that has as much worth as ‘ShemaleYum’ wasn’t something that could be done overnight and without having a proper plan in place, and that plan was to build ‘Grooby’ and ‘GroobyGirls’ brands, which we’ve spent a number of years doing. We’re now in the position where they can replace the original website name.” launched in 1996 and is considered the world’s longest running trans adult website, featuring a mix of newcomers and top stars annually. launched in 2011 as a promotional site for Grooby models. Each year a limited number of T-shirts are released to the models and fans. Other GroobyGirls merchandise has included calendars, playing cards, towels, stickers and tattoos. The company currently operates more than 30 membership sites and produces approximately 50 DVDs a year. Visit the new site at is the biggest and most important of our sites, and this site had to be first otherwise we’d look hypocritical,” Grooby said of the change. “We’d also look hypocritical if we didn’t re-brand the other sites and we have plans for all of them; we just ask people to be patient. Most of our sites already use ‘tgirls’ (a word which we helped define) or ‘transsexuals’ but for the rest we’ll change; we’ve an amazing domain for Shemale.XXX so watch for that.”

Grooby’s Marketing and Editorial Director Kristel Penn added, “Grooby has been a longstanding ally of the LGBTQ community and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. I’m really excited for this rebrand, especially for our community. Whether you know our company personally or not, I believe people will see this change is a more accurate reflection of our company ethos.”