GroobyGirls: Scout London Gets Naughty!

Description: Scout London is back! One of our hottest Femout.XXX graduates of 2017 returns for her third solo scene and her first 2018 appearance looking hotter than ever and ready to have fun! Looking sexy as hell in her black dress, this horny North Carolina doll can’t wait to strip down and show it all to you again! Watch her posing, spreading her sexy ass and stroking her cock just for you!

This is a remarkable job by both beautiful Scout and her talented producer Omar Wax. I reviewed the last two presentations of Scout London on and it just keeps getting better and better.

Scout is standing barefoot in a black mini dress by a window when this update begins. She greets you as if you just walked in and she’s been expecting you. She takes a seat, crosses her lovely legs and asks if you’ve had a good day. She also asks how you’re feeling while cupping one of her breasts through her dress. Scout says she’s feeling a little feisty and asks if you’d like to watch. This build-up gives your cock enough time to stiffen fully before Scout even begins stripping.

Don’t expect an experienced model like Scout to just rip her clothes off. You only get to see something new a little bit at a time. In fact, it’s almost tortuous! Scout makes use of her chair by posing in full and rear positions before laying back to give you a peek at her expanding cock.

You get to see Scout’s gorgeous breasts and pointy nipples exposed before she fully exposes what’s going on downstairs. She finger bangs her fun spot and then all the sudden she reveals her big, stiff boner!

It’s astounding to see how this scene moves into hyper speed at this point. Scout renders herself completely naked and one of the most erotic sequences ever on is watching Scout moving across the room with her large erection leading the way as it protrudes straight out from her curvaceous thighs.

Ally Sparkles Cums For You!

Description: Gorgeous Ally Sparkles, our February 2018 “Model of the Month”, returns for her second solo scene, following her amazing hardcore debut last week in a smashing TGirls.Porn scene with Camila Dolly! This time, she brings out the glasses to give a really sexy look with her dress, black stockings and black heels! Ally is stunning! Watch this beautiful redhead as she gets on the bed and fucks herself with her dildo until she cums! We can’t wait to see more from her!

When Ally Sparkles introduces herself sitting on a bed, and Radius Dark pans down her long legs, you can see how gorgeous they are even though she’s wearing opaque black stockings. An old saying used to go, “Girls who wear glasses get no passes.” I guess they haven’t seen Ally in specs. She makes it no secret that she’s going to remove her dress very early in this production. But she goes about it slowly, building up the sexual tension. Wait until Ally’s colorful lingerie and undergarment choices hit you. What a sumptuous way to adorn a hot body. And how much do you love the sight of a girl removing her tall sandals with her cock hanging out? This is what happens and moments later, she’s perched on the bed jerking off.

Ally does a bit of breast fondling and has her glasses off as she masturbates while stretched out on her back. She gives us an explicit butt show after removing her panties and then she bares her pretty legs and sexy feet. Then she shows us her colorful dildo and lubes it up. Ally is totally animated, playful and laughing as she prepares to fuck herself with her sex toy. She gets that puppy in deep and doesn’t forget to keep on stripping until she’s gloriously nude.

I just realized she’s a lefty like me watching her stroking her erection furiously. I can also tell that she’s going to explode in a powerful orgasm in this exquisite update! “Ally Sparkles Cums For You!” is the title of this scene but you can also see her cumming in “Ally Sparkles & Camila Dolly”on TGirls.Porn, an incredible trans lesbian hardcore scene! You can also see Ally performing LIVE on Chaturbate! Register FREE and follow

Milani Fucked Hard By Soldier Boi

Milani’s January 2018 description at the time of her debut reads: Just discovered by Omar Wax, this young cutie has an amazing curvy body! Her yummy juicy booty is, in her own words, “made for hard pounding”. She is versatile bottom and she LOVES sex! Watch this gorgeous Latina stripping and stroking for you in her first scene ever!

“Milani Fucked Hard By Soldier Boi” proves all of the above. Soldier Boi approaches Milani putting the finishing touches on her makeup and decided maybe they out to stay in instead of going out. As she leans back against the sink, He kisses her and removes her top while they’re making out. Soldier Boi exposes Milani’s beautiful pear shaped hormone breasts and fondles them lovingly.

After devouring her puffy tits orally, the stud turns Milani around and spanks her big ass hard. He removes her panties and gives her a rim job and another hard slap before encouraging her to take a seat.

He has to get her out of her thigh high latex boots. Milani has lovely legs and sexy feet and once she’s totally nude, you can feel the vibes of their arousal.

Soldier Boi gets his cock sucked solid and Milani says she’s ready for his dick when he suggests getting it inside her. Milani then bends over for a tumultuous bareback fucking! Milani loves that D and getting a creampie from Soldier Boi in this torrid hardcore update! This is Milani’s third performance on the site.

Try Out Tuesday: Kaelyn Jaye

Description: Another Tuesday is here and once again we have an immense pleasure to introduce another new girl and give her a chance to present herself to you! Meet sexy Kaelyn Jaye in her Grooby Girls’ debut scene brought to you by Amy Space Kitten! Kaelyn is a pretty girl with a hot body, sexy tattoos and amazing big boobs! She’s also a professional tattoo artist of 7 years, graphic designer and digital artist. Kaelyn was excited to shoot her professional porn debut. Enjoy watching gorgeous Kaelyn stripping, showing off her body, fucking her tight ass with a huge dildo and stroking her cock just for you!

I’m glad that the official write-up on Kaelyn Jaye includes her professional background because she’s very talented. I love getting as much insight about new models as possible and from my personal perspective, I keep hearing great things about her. A great personality goes a long way.

Model/Producer Amy Space Kitten does a great job of presenting Kaelyn in her highly anticipated major studio debut. It quickly transforms from a casual testimonial to a seductive striptease with her pierced-nipple big knockers practically screaming, “Come and get me!”

Kaelyn moves into a spread eagle position once out of her panties for a lengthy finger banging and cock stroking session. Then she busts out a huge dildo that she fucks her tight ass deeply with.

It’s up to you to decide how you like to see Kaelyn playing with her big toy. At first I think it’s best in full frontal. But then I see her riding the big dildo from the rear. Then her big boner is back as she pumps it firmly. Check out the debut of Kaelyn Jaye and decide for yourself.

Cumshot Monday: Courtni Demilune!

Description: Let’s kick off another week of amazing updates and as usual – we are going to start this week with a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Mondays” series! Today, we are going to Canada: gorgeous Courtni Demilune is about to make her Grooby Girls debut! Discovered last year by Vito, this cutie shot a few hot solo scenes for Courtni has amazing long legs, beautiful blue eyes and a perfect firm booty! She brought her dildo with her and she’s about to give that tight hole of hers some nice pounding! Watch her playing with her toy and stroking her cock until she cums just for you!

That description sums things up perfectly. I just want to add a few words. I usually don’t add a category for a model without her own website. Most of the time I just use tags for individual models. But I had a feeling early on that Courtni would really blossom into a very well-known and diverse performer. Moving around to different websites doesn’t hurt with her growing popularity.

Courtni is eye candy in this scene that literally reminds me of candy. She’s colorful and looks so sweet. Even when she’s engaged in torrid masturbation, Courtni seems so innocently fun.

This is crazy because her jerking off, finger banging and dildo play is so lewd! She’s quite vocal and the variety of positions she poses in during this intense fap session is all encompassing.

Courtni Demuline brings to mind “sex kitten” from her refreshing good looks to her mischievous giggles.

Take a look at Courtni’s scene trailer on!

Click here for Courtni Demilune’s previous reviews. 

Valentina Mia’s Perfect Booty!

Watch The Free Scene Trailer

Valentina Mia had an amazing 2017! She graduated from Femout.XXX in January to release a lot of amazing solo and hardcore scenes all over the year. To mark a year since her graduation, Valentina returns today with another hot solo scene! Looking sexy as hell, she can’t wait to show you her hot body, long legs and a perfect firm ass again! It’s clear why was Valentina one of our most popular models last year! She’s amazing!

Her profile on Grooby Girls and on Femout.XXX where she made her debut reads: Texas Sweetheart and multi-racial Goddess, Valentina Mia is the epitome of grace and charm, but let her body do the talking. Standing in at 5’5″ and 115lbs, Valentina is “fun-sized”, but don’t let her petite physique fool you; her uncut glory stand true to the adage: “everything’s bigger in Texas”. 110% versatile and switch. Loves to dominate and be dominated.

Her submissive slaves are loyal and can attest to the power of her gaze. Her “Valentines”, call her Valentina Mia to demonstrate loyalty and mutual respect. Respect her, and you will be showered by her sensual glory. Trust, after you get a taste her passion or sink your tongue deep inside her tight, smooth hole, you won’t be able to resist calling her “Mia” and becoming a devoted follower of Valentina’s cult.

This is Valentina’s 8th blazing hot scene. Two of them were hardcore – Valentina getting fucked! We’re watching this incredible beauty in a cumtastic solo performance this time around. She gets the magical Omar Wax treatment posing at bedside in a pretty dress. About two minutes into her scene she’s on the bed and the dress is gone. Her exquisite form is clad in only a tiny red thong and tall black sandals, all of which will be removed in time. But first Valentina moves through a series of poses showcasing her incredible bottom and when she slaps it, she does it hard! Is there something I didn’t explore when she honored me with an interview here on Caramel’s TGirls? Nope, we went there. 🙂

Valentina is such a tease with that thong, making her cock stiffen by rubbing her bulge, yet not removing the garment for a long time. There’s a segment devoted to bare foot lovers included before Valentina settles into her intense fap session. This is the first time I believe I’ve ever seen Valentina stroking her schlong with a cock ring that also encircles her smooth hairless balls! Valentina Mia is one of the webcam models on Chaturbate Trans. Be sure to catch her LIVE on and you can also see (and download her) in hardcore trans lesbian action on TGirls.Porn!

Grooby Girls Xmas Special: Nikki Kittens!

I’m breaking a promise to myself with this post but I guess I’ll eventually get over it. I previously stated I wasn’t going to go nuts with Christmas posts simply because I don’t replay holiday porn. I cherish the holiday as much as anyone but can you imagine watching Christmas porn in Florida in July or August in the Sunshine State? It’s not gonna happen with me.

But seeing gorgeous, ultra feminine Nikki Kittens might cause one to consider doing just that or to circle back to her previous photo and sets presented by Vito. As a matter of fact, I just dug up two of her scenes I somehow neglected to rave about. I’ll do that and just backdate those posts and hopefully no one will notice how late I am with that. *wink*

But wait a second. Nikki’s Christmas shoot isn’t on the Canadian site. Vito shot this for her debut on! Is it as good as her four shoots on Let’s explore. First you have to imagine coming home and spotting a big beautifully wrapped gift box. Just while you’re wondering what’s inside, Nikki bursts out of the box, dressed like a horny Mrs. Claus.

This is Nikki in her finest and most polished form yet. She’s stunning in more casual modes, but this is her most formal scene. If I’m mistaken, it’s also her most vocal performance and it gets pretty naughty. I love her sexy French Canadian accent and it’s quite evident here.

Her lithe form in various stages of undressing is as enticing as ever. Nikki’s masturbation sequences evolve from playful and charming to nothing but deeply sexual. You might not even sense the change coming. All the sudden you might find yourself intensely aroused by what she’s doing and saying in English and in French.

The crazy part is that Nikki is cumtastically sexy while still wearing her black undies at the midway point of this update. The second half is spent stroking her rock hard cock and contorting her flexible form in several compromising positions while gloriously nude.

Nikki’s jerking off at the end results in her most outrageous filmed cum-splattering climaxes to date! Watch sweet Nikki’s trailer to get a better idea of what the full-length video is like.

Kodama Grey : A Star Is Born

“Hi, I’m gonna go fuck myself with a dildo,” is about as direct of a statement that a model can make on These naughty words are pouring from the supremely kissable lips of Kodama Grey in her encore performance presented by Radius Dark.

The December 2017 “Model of the Month is fully dressed but she begins stripping immediately. Her boots come off first and then her dress is discarded. Next goes her brassiere with careful attention focused on her sensitive breasts and nipples.

Kodama is left wearing textured stockings over her panties. She begins rubbing herself and there’s a big difference between this encore shoot and Kodama’s debut. The first set was charming and this one is simply more sensual and downright horny. She’s whimpering with need and you can see it in her eyes. Kodama wants to cum! Her cock stiffens from all that rubbing before she even gets her hosiery and panties off.

Right at the midway point of this scene, Kodama is naked while jerking off and finger banging her fun spot. It’s a glorious sight. Not only that but there’s something special about the way she does it – with her exquisite legs spread widely and up in the air. She then closes her legs, smashing her erection within them and continuing to beat off.

An explicit butt show follows in which it’s impossible not ot imaging doggystyle sex with Kodama. Then comes a torrid round of dildo fucking! Her solo sex reminds of us how important masturbation is and how beautiful it can be to look at.

Grooby Girls: Cochina’s Climax!

The description reads: Gorgeous Cochina is back in front of Omar’s camera once again looking sexy as hell! This is her fourth solo scene since Omar discovered her and introduced her to the world this summer. Her body and legs look amazing in that tight dress! Watch her as she strips and strokes her cock to orgasm!

“If you’re looking for a girl to be your total submissive slut look no further, says beautiful Cochina. “I get off on being used for my King’s pleasure,” she adds. “That’s right I serve my King! I’m naturally feminine with smooth, soft skin. My best physical assets are my eyes and my slender toned body. Can be versatile with the right person. Once we connect there are no limits to the amount of pleasure that I’m willing to give.”

It seems as if this gorgeous Latinx babe is finding her dominant voice also. After explaining that other girls are jealous of her and that she gets all the boys because she’s such a slut, Cochina proceeds to feel herself up. Like her amazing legs and sexy feet, her curvy as is in full view when she turns her dress into a makeshift t-shirt. It’s shaped like an upside down heart and she makes no bones about spanking it hard!

Conchita gyrates on the floor to simulate getting fucked next. Then she bares and manipulates her pretty boobs firmly. She continuously wants to be reminded that she’s your favorite. I’m sure she’s the favorite girl you’ll be cumming with soon. She’s soon jerking off and telling you to look at how pretty her raging hardon is. She makes a point of how it’s head is turning from pink to purple.

Then her new brand of dominance enters. She actually talks like an experienced dominatrix! I don’t know who taught Cochina how to transform herself this way before she cums at the end of this torrid update. But they definitely taught her well!

Candi McBride Cums!

The description reads: After a few years long hiatus, gorgeous Candi McBride made her comeback two weeks ago with an amazing solo scene shot by Amy Space Kitten! It’s time for the follow-up and Candi is back horny and ready to play! She loves playing with her toys, so once again she pulls out a dildo ready to give that sexy ass of hers some nice fucking! Watch her fucking her tight hole and stroking her cock until she cums just for you! We are happy to have Candi back!

Amy Space Kitten captures Candi amazingly in this encore performance that comes with a cum at the end! We’re in the bedroom with Candi looking pretty as a picture while opening up the discussion of anal training. She lets her hair down in profile and tilts her cute ass but saying how she can’t wait to get a butt plug inside her. We’re all probably thinking of getting something of our own all up inside her but the sexy toy will have to do for now.

Candi bends all the way over and Amy swings right around to capture the view. Did I say her ass is cute? Major understatement. All I’m thinking of is smash. If you’re a top the same will most likely go for you. After rubbing herself from behind, Candi sits up and bares her breasts and those famous faint pink nipples that are just begging to be sucked on.

Her curvy legs and dainty feet are bare and the crotch panel of her little panties is sheer. She loses her top and still has on a teasng lace bra underneath as she draws our attention between her legs. Then she’s soon topless with her pretty dick held upward against the fabric of her undies. Candi then lays back to withdraw her cock and smooth shaven balls completely from the front panel.

Candi moans softly as she begins to masturbate, tugging at the foreskin surrounding her bulbous pink cock head. Amy gets more closeup shots to confuse you as to whether you’d like to give her a kiss or a blowjob.

It’s time for another tantalizing butt show and for Candi to flip over and get her anal training process underway. She busts out a jar of lube and works some of it into her fun spot.

I swear the sucking sounds she makes will leave no doubt what it would sound like if you were thrusting your erection in and out of her!

Watch The Free Trailer

At the midway point of this blazing hot is when the deep anal training with the big sex toy begins. Yes, we’re only at the midway point and Candi’s hard cock fires a big cum shot at the end!