Jordahn Sux Debut on Shemale Yum

21 years old year old Jordahn Sux is a 5’4″, 130lbs Native American (Cherokee, Navajo and Apache) transsexual from Denver, Colorado. She’s a bottom but she could obviously could top if she wanted to. In other words, she has absolutely no problem getting hard. Jordahn describes her tattoos and tells us a bit about what turns her on.

My first impression from seeing Jordahn’s photos was attitude and I mean that in a good way. I sense that she’s in control without having to be bitchy about it. Her photographer, Radius Dark says she’s really nice and that comes through in her video. Jordahn is often told that her legs are very sexy. They are indeed. In fact, her entire petite form is fantastic. I like the name, which hinted to me that she likes listening to hardcore.

Jordahn understands there are lots of foot fetishists out there and shows off her cute little peds to please foot fans. She has a really nice, sweet voice, by the way.

The way Jordahn looks into the camera is naturally hot without that, “Look at me. Aren’t I hot?” vibe. The masturbation footage wraps up an excellent Shemale Yum debut!  


Stefani Special on Shemale Yum

The correct pronunciation of Stefani is, “STEFF – a – nee” and Stefani Special is amazing in her solo and hardcore Shemale Yum performances. She’s from a small town in north Texas called Wichita Falls and resides in Dallas. She was discovered by the fantastic Grooby photographer, Omar Wax who did a great job of helping Stefani realize one of her professional goals – she gets off on others getting off on her. Stefani loves BDSM and she’s a bottom. Click on each photo if you’d like to zoom in.

TS Jamie French filmed Stefani with a grey-haired guy named Rick and it’s one of the most torrid Shemale Yum videos I’ve ever seen.

Like me, she’s pansexual. Yay! “The sex, gender or lack there of who I choose to fuck, bears no relevance to me,” says Stefani. “I am Pansexual. This means I am capable to be emotionally &/or physically attracted to a man, a woman, another MTF or a FTM. Whoever knows how to treat me right, that’s who I want to be with. I’m also a dirty little nympho slut though and if you turn me on you will be more than likely to get me however you want me, within reason.”   

Sienna Grace on Shemale Yum

TS Sienna Grace is a fresh-faced young transsexual who knows exactly what she’s doing with her adult entertainment career and her rapid rise to stardom is no fluke. My advice to any newbies looking to break into the industry  is to keep your eye on this girl and follow her lead. The competition is fierce! Take notes. Mimic her poses and actions if you can, ladies. Even Picasso admitted that stealing was the foundation of his best creations. Watch her live on!  


As much as today’s devoted TS porn fans love solo photo sets and movies, many of them want to see new models jumping right into hardcore. Sienna Grace has already answered that call on the Shemale Pornstar multi-site. More on that later. Here’s a preview gallery from the photos and 21 minute exquisite solo performance shot by Radius Dark. I see a gazillion nominations in the category of “Best New Face” coming Sienna’s way this Fall. This is one aggressive chick who clearly wants to go straight to the top. I see nothing stopping her. 



TS Paris Brawner

I love it when a tgirl I’ve seen on a family social media video website makes the jump to a pro site like Shemale Yum and that’s exactly what Paris Brawner did. She’s early in her transition at 5’7″ with a 32A cup size. She just turned 18 this Fall and says, “You’ll have 8 reasons to love me.”


I think this hot all-natural newbie from Dallas, Texas has a lot more to offer mentally and also for what’s between her legs. Check her out on Shemale Yum


See Paris Brawner on YouTube and Shemale Yum!


TS Vanessa Slaughter – Shemale Yum

Photographer Radius Dark introduces California’s Vanessa Slaughter. Dark says that when he was driving to pick her up for this debut shoot, he almost passed her thinking she was some hot genetically born female. I believe it and I think that even the most jaded cynic wouldn’t catch on that she wasn’t born a girl until they saw her Shemale Yum mini-interview, 13 minute video and 109 image photo set. She’s a pro makeup artist and also a writer working on her manuscript and she writes passionate poetry. You gotta love a fresh new fox with a beautiful mind.

If you haven’t subscribed to Shemale Yum yet in 2013, NOW IS THE TIME. The current statistics as of this week are 1,542 Models, 500,154 Photos, 3,585 Videos and more of the gorgeous new model Vanessa Slaughter.


TS Serenity Sora


Photographer Radius Dark knows that his 107 image photo set and 1st video with San Francisco’s Serenity Sora is amongst his best work to date. I’d like to add that she’s one of the hottest Shemale Yum models I’ve ever seen. She won the vote for January’s Model of The Month and I’m in good company thinking she deserved something special. You should find out about all the special things she has in store for you. By the way, Friday is the weekly update day for Shemale Yum. Check out the new and returning models!


TS Valerie Daniels

I really need to stop using the term “It Girl” when so many ravishing transsexual beauties are turning up these days with amazing XXXplicit material to savor. It looks to me like Valerie Daniels has all the potential to go straight to the top of the adult industry judging from what I’ve seen of her at Shemale Yum. I absolutely adore tgirls who are “non-passable”. This Chula Vista chick just happens to be 100% “unclockable”. After all these years of seeing transsexual beauties, Valerie could walk straight up to me and I wouldn’t know she wasn’t a genetically born female. So I’ll just describe Valerie Daniels as another rising star.