Shemale.XXX – Introducing Kellie Shaw!

On a hot website with a proper name change on the way, Radius Dark presents the delicious eye candy of new model Kellie Shaw from Phoenix, Arizona and writes, “Lovely Kellie Shaw made it clear. She’s a butt slut. She loves to be fucked doggystyle and missionary and prefers to only bottom.

She said her big, 7.5″ cock hadn’t seen this much action in three years. She was very professional and prompt. The shoot took far less time than usual with a new model.

She’d done some modeling in the past, but when I directed her, she just executed. She’s another one of those ‘Tall Goddesses’ standing 6’3″. She’s got crazy long, muscular legs that are probably my favorite physical trait about her.”

While watching Kellie’s debut, I was wondering if I’d find her legs the most prime real estate of her body also. She’s wearing short shorts and gladiator sandals while seated at first so it’ll be easier to judge once she stands up.

The things I love most about her opening interview are that she loves reading and cooking. She’s had lots of public sex and doesn’t have a type. She’s open to gender and she’s addicted to anal sex. I wouldn’t have guessed by her super cute girl-next-door attire but she’s also into BDSM, specifically rope work. I’m almost too turned on to continue right now!

But moving forward, Kellie goes into detail about a time she had sex on a bus. I’ll let you hear it from Kellie’s own pretty lips. Her breasts are all natural and one of the first results of her HRT. Kellie loves her super sensitive and super perky boobs and they’re perfection in my eyes. I wouldn’t change a thing about her boobs or her slenderness. Any chick who’s tummy looks cute while she’s sitting it on the right side of physical fitness.

I could go on and on about the Kellie Shaw Shemale.XXX debut but this is a gem I really want you to see and hear for yourself. Lastly, my favorite physical traits about her are currently undecided.

I’m leaning toward that shapely ass for fucking and big cock for sucking but that’s when I’m not looking at her strong, lovely legs.

Christina Skyye And Leandro!

MP4 Scene Trailer

With this update I get the chance to thank everyone who read and commented on my Interview with Christina Skyye here and on social media. My gorgeous Floridian neighbor is back at it again with another killer hardcore scene and it’s presented by South Florida producer Jack Flash. Christina is a raver and that passion of hers makes it into the opening of her scene with Latinx stud Leandro. The premise is that they can’t keep each other’s hands off one another after meeting at a rave. Christina is scantily clad in a blaze of color and her partner is very easy on the eye (thank’s for that too, Mr. Flash). Leandro helps his date slip out of her bikini top and as soon as the bottom is low enough, he dives in between her sexy ass face first. He also helps Christina get completely naked and tosses her salad again while jerking off. She then sucks his cock and there’s great footage of her straddled above Leandro in the 69 position. There’s also profile and full frontal fellatio with Christina loving her man’s big dusky dick until she’s ready to get fucked. While she’s on her hands and knees on the bed, he gives her yet another rim job and then eases his erection inside her tight ass bareback! Christina is very vocal while getting railed and it looks like the fucking of a lifetime! There’s a magnificent rear sequence of this powerful bareback banging and doggy style progresses to pile driver pummeling. At one point, Leandro fucks Christina so hard, she’s pinned down to the mattress wailing out her pleasure and all she can do other than that is bounce! You can really see how much she loves it when Leandro flips her over on her back. Her own big cock is hard as he penetrates her tight bottom in the missionary position! The action doesn’t end here by a longs hot. See how it comes to a climactic finish on Shemale.XXX and I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Christina Skyye if you haven’t read it yet.

Interview with Christina Skyye


As much as I’d like to say that this interview was an attempt to focus on a Floridian trans adult entertainment model, it wouldn’t be entirely true. It just happens that I live in close proximity to Christina Skyye. I requested this Q&A because I was so impressed with her incredible work. She’s rising to the top of the porn chain and once I learned how sweet and bright Christina is, that was the icing on the cake! That said, she only enhances my pride of the Sunshine State and the strong and thriving LGBTQ community within. I hope you’ll enjoy my exclusive interview with Christina Skyye. is celebrating 9 years online as the original Transpinay website featuring the hottest trans girls of the Philippines – 191 models in all, in 588 galleries, over 55,000 photos and 190+ videos.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Meet the lovely, luscious, and charming Khei Young! Khei was Miss Gay Philippines in 2008 and is a stage performer in Manila. She stands 5’10” yet weighs just 100 lbs, with a curvaceous 38-24-38 figure. She was just 24 years old when she first appeared on back in 2008. She loves to entertain gentlemen friends. If there were a contest for the finest breasts in the Philippines, Khei would definitely be a finalist.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Jane Sevillia, a very sexy, slender and supple young trans girl, just 20 years old yet with a lot of erotic experience making her a great lover, just as her charm and intelligence makes her a great companion. Call her or email her, meet her in person when you visit the Philippines, and she will make your visit unforgettable.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery first introduced Tyra as a very sexy young trans girl with a big cock who loves sex and romance back in 2008. Flaccid, it’s still 4″, and aroused she seems to easily get to 8″ with room to grow! How big is she when fully aroused? Well, you’ll have to find out for yourself! When asked about herself, she said, “Hi I’m Tyra and I’ve got pretty face, sexy body, sexy tits, sexy hips and monster cock in one package! I love sucking cock and I love cumming with someone in me.”

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Lulay Abbi is a very sensuous, all-natural girl. This 22 year old hottie stands at 5 foot 6 inches with a 6 inch cock and enjoys both top and bottom and ideal guy is tall and handsome.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

23-year-old Nomee was born in Rayong, Thailand, southeast of Pattaya near the Cambodian border. Nomee is a fun-loving girl who values smart men who can laugh and enjoy a good time. She is a sexy girl with long, dark brown hair, 34C breasts and a thick 6″ cock. Her dream vacation is to visit Europe.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Betty is jaw-droppingly beautiful, a sensual woman any man would be proud to be seen with. She has long black hair falling halfway to her waist, a great figure, an enchanting smile, and beautiful eyes you can get lost in.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Last but not least, Mitchie (who also appears with a genetic girl in another hot set) is here has a steaming hot time with another lovely model, Michelle! features Asia’s most beautiful transpinay girls and femboy in cosplay, deep anal, transbian sex, ladyboy on male sets, solo action, toys and more.

Nadia Vixen on Shemale.XXX


The beautiful hostess of has been a webcam host on since November 2005 and she’s been in the site’s “Hall of Fame” every month for five years straight. She represented and their sister site at the 2014 Transgender Erotic Awards ceremony in Glendale, California in February 2014. Her new Shemale.XXX video, filmed by Blackula, will give you an idea of how incredible her live webcam performances are. If you can manage to close your eyes and just listen to her voice for a moment while playing her video, you’ll fully understand that her exquisite looks are all she has going for her. Nadia Vixen is pure sex on two incredibly hot legs. The detail she goes into while masturbating and dildo riding is so original, creative and gripping, it almost made me blush. The Shemale.XXX photo set that comes with it is killer, too!

Wet & Wild Morgan Bailey on Shemale.XXX



Morgan Bailey tells us she’s just finished a hot scene while topless on the bathtub. That warehouse scene shot for Shemale.XXX left her all sticky with cum. Her low-hanging balls are bursting out of her black panties and she turns herself on while turning us on. Morgan shares a valuable tip with us. Baby oil is great for not just making the skin soft, but also for getting cum off. I made a mental note of that while watching her tell us what she wants a man to do to her and apply baby oil to her killers legs and pretty feet. Her large tits get a generous coating and deep caresses. Then she moves the crotch of her panties to the side to make her big stiff cock. Morgan reminds us that a cock like this is for veteran asses. I can’t imagine that anyone would think of that monster as a “starter dick” when I think about it. After taking time to jack off while oiled up, Morgan the water running in the tub. She lets her raven hair down and gets her amazing physique all soapy next. I think this is the perfect place to stop. I wouldn’t want you to get too worked up. For more of this ravishing megastar, visit and watch her LIVE on chaturbate.comrealmorganbailey.

Miran Tops a Submissive on Shemale Japan





Miran doesn’t need a dungeon to dominate a submissive male. In the living room area of a nice hotel, she uses her collared sub as a chair and then stands up to smother his face with th big bulge in her panties. His cock is hard enough to drive nails with and so is hers when she forces a him to suck it. She sits back down to jack him off during the skull fuck, scissoring her legs around him and making him gag. Then it’s off to the bedroom with Miran’s erection leading the way. She forces another sucking, then fucks her victim in the missionary position. She applies handcuffs to his wrists next and begins fucking him while sitting down on the bed with the guy’s ankles on her shoulders. What?! There are more position changes and the subbie’s dick stays hard the whole time he’s getting railed. Miran manages to jerk his dick until it spurts while fucking him silly. I’m not telling you how it ends but it’s fantastic. Watch the full video on Shemale Japan. I also love her most recent solo performances, especially the one with the black mesh dress and pink pumps. All her clothes are removed when she heads to the bath in just under 5 minutes. That big, creamy white cumshot at the end is magnificent.

Savannah Thorne Rides Eli Hunter



Eli Hunter is lamenting getting dragged to his girlfriend’s mom’s house for dinner. She’s so difficult to deal with. If you like porn with a warm-up story and good acting, you’ll get it with Eli’s hardcore performance with Savannah Thorne. I already knew that Eli could act because I’ve seen him a gazillion times before. What I don’t see every day is a new talent that’s makes it look so easy. The sex is as incredible as I thought it would be. What I couldn’t possibly detect from the Shemale.XXX photo set was the chemistry between these actors. Savannah has a way of looking at the camera throughout the scene as if Eli doesn’t know there’s a hidden camera in the room. Blackula’s photography is top drawer as usual. But this video isn’t “the usual” TS porn fare. It’s extraordinary. There are multiple position changes and two great cumshots before this relentless pounding scene ends. There’s no possible way in my mind that this video could have been any better. Bostonian Savannah Thorne who was born in Goiânia, Brazil is absolutely incredible.

Ren Rika on Shemale Yum



Beautiful Ren Rika is vaping in Buddy Wood’s photo set, but when her new Shemale Yum video begins, she’s got the hem of her dress up and the waistband of her panties pulled down. She’s already stiff and stroking away while sitting on the sofa. Ren pulls her panties down and when she stands up, her sizable cock stands up at a 45 degree angle. She covers it briefly with her dress as she moves toward the window. Then Buddy gives us a view from floor level of Ren beating off, plus her long, smooth legs. Ren shows off her magnificent ass next and soon she’s back on the sofa masturbating again. Buddy zooms in for a closer inspection of her naughty smoothly shaven bits, then pulls back for a wide angle view. Ren switches through a variety of tantalizing poses like the experienced, yet young model she is. Then she takes her dress off to expose her lovely breasts about three quarters into her solo play. She makes eye contact when she’s not doing everything it takes to make herself cum. Ren’s right hand flies up and down the shaft of her erection and her boobs jiggle gently as she climaxes. That’s pretty much what happened with gorgeous Ren Rika in last Friday’s spectacular Shemale Yum weekly update.

Brazilian Transbian Threesome on Shemale.Porn



Fernanda Cristine, Gabriela Ferrari, and Mariana de Castro made a porno – a mind blowing hardcore threesome porno. I knew before I saw it which babe would most likely be the most aggressive fucker. All three of these ladies are hung and fully functional, so anyone of them could have been the standout in this scene. But since I’ve seen so many of Fernanda’s performances, I had a pretty good feeling that she’d do most of the penetration in this Shemale.Porn video. That doesn’t make her the best of the three performers, but it’s pretty clear who’s running the show here. Mariana, the brunette in pink and Gabriella, the frosted blonde, are kissing and feeling each other up when Fernanda joins them by following her raging erection. Fernanda’s big dick gets most of the attention orally, not that the other two don’t get any. Mariana gets sucked off by Gabriela she gets railed by Fernanda. Mariana returns the favor when Fernanda gives her a doggystyle pounding and then takes her in the missionary position. But toward the end, Gaby takes charge and fucks the hell out of Mariana. Fernanda, whose huge cock is still diamond hard, jerks off across from Gabriela and above Mariana who cums first and then gets doused in cream from her wonderful friends. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary threesome on Shemale.Porn.